EZFKA’s luminary ruling class

Good news for EZFKA Native homebuyers pod-dwellers

Crap renter’s rights in the EZFKA (may have improved since)

Decentralization is still bullshit

Has the situation changed post-Covid? Everybody wants to study in EZFKA, but not because the schools are any good

De-wog and De-whitification continues at a rapid pace

Zoning and drip-feed supply markets in EZFKA contribute to sky-high land prices

Move to the regions, they said

Gender & Sex (or lack thereof) Issues for Millennials, Zoomers & Beyond

Particularly for women

In the Tinder age, only Chad gets laid

A book by it’s cover

What is a friend

Sausagefests vs Babefests — time to relocate to Eastern Europe?

Human biological diversity

Born different

Despite systemic white privilege and supremacy, Black people present generally superior mental health profiles

A three-way gradient of racial difference

IQ scores compared against socioeconomic status

Become a genius by memorising the definitions of these words before taking an IQ test

Where the poor people are


Chick-Fil-A supremacy

Priorities in order

Sugar – where it grows (and where it goes)

Who hates who

Eat the bugs soy-man

I hope you enjoyed!!!

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Hi Peachy,
What is the meaning of the line just below the avatar?
It’s either green, grey or missing.
I tried to DuckDuckGo it but no success.

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Don’t know, bud. Online/offline?


Yah, that must be it.


Good chart feast!


Old salty Swedish sea dog Inspector Clouseau, I mean Chief Inspector Clouseau:
This has me in stitches every time.

Another one of my favourites, Guy Gadbois:
When he turns around at the bar I’m already ROFL


Brazil and Mexico are less corrupted than Oz? I dunno man..

Nice chart pack!


Nah, the billionaires just earn their money the good old fashioned way through black market drugs and such rather than political connections.


The sausage fest problem is easily resolved.
Just need another world war to sort that out and wipe out 40% of adult males as looks like happened in the USSR by those stats.

A fly in your ointment

It would be interesting to see what it was the ratio before the Greta War.

It also tells us whom paid the dearest price so that we all do not speak German as our second language and push daises.


pretty close to 1:1 i’d imagine, the same as all the states are now.
I see 97-108 males per 100 females in the 2017 graph and most of that difference is probably immigration driven.
Give the USSR an absolute worst case 90 and they still lost huge numbers of men to get to the 60’s per 100

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C’mon man!
Who doesn’t want a Schnauzer with their Wiener schnitzel?
German Lessons:


Steve’s missus at it again.


Also LOL at scomo the peacemaker, does he really think our friends are interested in secular rule? (such as it is).


Well done Stagmal. Great set of charts and tables


Thanks Staggie…very interesting.


Really nice set.

re the rental charts for Australia… I thought we were supposed to be heading off the rental cliff, especially for inner-city apartments.


Bitcoin fixes this.

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Asians’ views of each other yep. Can confirm a couple of close Japanese friends fucking hate the Chinese lol. Also Japanese are way more racist than us and have no qualms about it.


But why?

I understand why the Chinese would hate the Japanese, but why the other way around?


My understanding is it goes way back hundreds of years…

FWIW the war is largely not talked about or acknowledged in Japan. Certainly not the atrocities they did. The history is not taught in schools like Australia/US.


That article has no detail on anything older than just pre-WWII.

prior to that it seems to be described as generalised sneering/condescension towards outsiders – which included China as well as others… or am I misunderstanding?


It goes back way before WWII. I’ve never bothered to ask my friend and his wife, partly because I know the Japanese well enough to know I’d never get an honest answer.

Maybe they don’t know themselves or maybe it’s a cultural border thing, like the arabs? The Jordanians hate every other country around them but tolerate them if they’re left alone.


thousands of years right?
didn’t the word “kamekazi” come from the term “holy wind” – the wind that sunk the Chinese armada that was coming to attack them?

and yes… Westerners who haven’t lived in Asia wouldn’t understand it, but they all hate each other. not just Chinese-Japanese.


For those with Netflix I recommend “Age of Samurai: Battle for Japan” Good lightweight documentary of Japan’s civil war era and context to some of the mutual East Asian animosity.

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Chart to keep in the thread theme 🙂


I can confirm from experience on the ground that the South Koreans hate the Japanese with a passion.

Ha, who could’ve known that charts can be informative and interesting???



P.S. Fuckin Dubbo lol


A lot of red pills getting dropped in here staggy

someone link drsmithy to this so we can watch the shitshow unfold

we know that racial IQ differences are racist lies though

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A fly in your ointment

Drsmithy will not post here.

She needs “safe protected environment” with half a dozen of interjectors to derail meaningful conversation then “unpack” and atomise the conversation into oblivious insignificant details.

If she does post, it will be short lived.


‘It’ says it’s a he, I find that highly doubtful though.
But interesting point you bring up.
Maybe we could ask Peachy to add a feature on EZFKA where just below our handle it shows which pronouns we require to be addressed with.
*quickly hiding behind desk*

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You never know, he could “identify” as male…. that said I suspect he is male, but possibly with the smallest testicles yet measured.


There’s a whole breed of micro-testicular people who don’t menstruate.
Aahhhghghghg!!! The horror…

A fly in your ointment

if smithy is not menstruating, it is unlikely neither his ‘partner’.
I have a gut feeling that marsupial is somehow part of some equation.
But meh, whom cares, it’s a free wolrd and gossip is part of freedom of speech and offend.


“She needs “safe protected environment” with half a dozen of interjectors to derail meaningful conversation then “unpack” and atomise the conversation into oblivious insignificant details.”

Very apt description!

I always got frustrated replying to her.
I would write a comment and she would reply, and after a bit of back and forth she would punch out these massive ‘atomising’ missives.
I type with two fingers while she is probably an office chick doing 50 words per minute. Then feeling the frustration I would just start abusing her.
And then I lost, according to civilised discourse.
But the abuse was done with style and substance, so in the end I felt victorious anyway according to my own rules heh!


That chart is woefully poor science.
Higher,lower, no ranges, nothing to give it any semblance of anything other than propaganda.

EG, I guarantee the range of white cranial capacity extends far above the oriental average and far below the black average, not to mention that cranial capacity in and of itself isn’t all that meaningful…


I’ve got rocks in my head!

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If it is propaganda then how come we see the results reflected in the societies the subject groups have built for themselves?

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It is not science, if that’s the argument you are making.
I didn’t say it was necessarily not true, but it makes a very poor case for it’s argument.
But if you want to argue the point, the white europeans seem to have done a much better job overall than the “orientals” in advancing civilisation in the modern era, and the completely unlisted arabs were the birthplace of civilisation and farming in the fertile crescent millenia ago, along with the early advanced civilisations that left us the great pyramids of egypt. South american natives left similar giant structures from their civilisations from long ago as well.

I’d argue the climate and how it changes over time has as much effect as inate ability of the poeple within a location in determining outcomes, if not even more.
eg the middle east is a much less hospitable place now than it was a few thousand years ago…


It’s not making an argument but more stating results in an, admittedly, simple way to make it easy to understand I think.

And it could be science. Proper scientific research has to come with a disclaimer/note on how they did the testing and how they got the results.
Looks like it comes from a paper or book that is called ‘Race, Evolution and Behaviour’.
You would have to find out what the parameters were and then you can either agree or disagree with how the test results were achieved.

And yes, for sure the environment has a huge influence, and so have a lot of other imputs.
IQ is not the end all be all of outcomes. But it is a good indication for the ability of problem solving. For instance can you solve the issues of the environment you are in, and in doing so improve your lifestyle and thus be better equiped to survive as a species.
For instance Japan has no resources, none. But Japanese have done very well for themselves.
Africa has plenty resources, and yet there is a huge difference in outcome between Japanese and Africans.


Look how beautiful Salisbury, Rhodesia was in the 60s/70s.
Virtually indistinguishable from any Australian city in those days I guess,
I wasn’t around then because I’m an immigrant myself (bite me!).
We all know how that ended up.
By the way, the Rhodesians got shafted big time by the perfidious Albion.


And South Africa.
Johannesburg in the 1970s:

Joburg now in the ‘New South Africa’:
400 Hijacked buildings in Joburg in 2015.
(With a surprising twist on who one of the building owners is; I wasn’t intentionally looking for something like this, but I had to laugh.) 


And some more Joburg from 2014:


As for environment – places like Singapore, HK, wouldn’t be the office hubs they are without air-conditioning.Lee Kwan Yieu was on record about this. In that stifling heat it would be pretty hard to do any office-based work.


So you decide as a country you want to be an office hub, but the environment is not conductive for such.
Then you ponder this issue and adapt to the circumstances by using climate control, et voila! Solved.

Why can’t Africans mould their environment in the same way?

Whatever you need you can import if you have something to give in return. If you can’t find the knowledge inside your country then again, you get it somewhere else. If you want to be an agricultural hub then you get agricultural engineers to come over and show you how to do it. If you want to be a mining hub you get mining engineers to come over etc.

Why can’t they do it?

Additional to IQ, I think that culture has a big influence. These two are in my opinion the two biggest determinants in outcome for a society.
Africans, like Arabs, are very tribal people. Somehow they always end up fighting each other instead of pulling together and building something as a group.

In the US the blacks, or at least BLM, are now complaining that the ‘Orientals’ are too successful.
But then you look at some differences in culture:
Orientals have stable families, blacks unstable (lot of broken families, single mums).
Orientals value education, blacks not so much (if you do your best in school your brotha might call you too white).
Orientals work hard, blacks work less hard.
(Of course these are all generalisations so there are always exceptions, but if you want to talk about a people as a whole it is the only way to do it unfortunately).

After the colonial period ended and all the proxy wars between the US and the Soviet Union were done, Africa was mostly left alone. So much so that China has come in as the new colonial power.

Why now China?
Again, I’m repeating myself but why can’t they do it themselves?

The only plausible answer left is that there are differences between peoples.

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The only plausible answer left is that there are differences between peoples.

No, not in any way shape or form. There are vast educational and current societal developmental reasons, as well as rival competitive causes as well.

Why cant they do it themselves?

The same reason australia is rapidly approaching a point of not being able to do it ourselves in many areas.
It takes a long time and a lot of pre-existing knowledge, expertise and experience to do anything advanced.
So why can’t australia build anything anymore?


No, not in any way shape or form. There are vast educational and current societal developmental reasons, as well as rival competitive causes as well.”

Ok, another example.
Singapore was a sweltering shithole swamp after WWII. They got leaders with vision and people that were willing to work hard and smart and look how beautiful it is now.

India got independence in 1947. All they had to do was take over the existing infrastructure and develop further from there. While getting aid every year from the UK since then, half the population still takes a dump in the street.

What is the reason?

“The same reason australia is rapidly approaching a point of not being able to do it ourselves in many areas.”

But Australia WAS doing everything themselves starting after WWII. Everything was made local. The reason that has changed is that it was decided that they wanted an economy based on services based on real estate speculation and digging up dirt and shipping it overseas.
So at one point we had all the knowledge, it’s just that over time other knowledge was preferred. Whether you like that or not is a different matter.


Or Alternate reality.
Control of a country is held by a very few, and can be run to benefit the many, or the few.
Australia, which was previously being run to the benefit of the many is transitioning to being run for the benefit of the few.
Many of the examples you provide have always been run for the benefit of the few, hence the relatively poor outcomes for the many.

Sorry to disappoint you about the world not being all black and white and easy to justify your biases.


“Sorry to disappoint you about the world not being all black and white and easy to justify your biases.”

Hahaha! You pompous twat!

What about your own biases?

Hoe old are you? 8?

ALL countries have ALWAYS been run to benefit THE FEW.

Only the white and oriental leaders are intelligent enough to realise that if they skin their sheep slow and steady they can extract more money/energy/work/tax out of them over the long run, and in doing so build a bigger pile of wealth for themselves.


The varying IQ based on socioeconomic status gives it away. It reminds of the US left-wing propaganda that shows income “discrimination” against black people. When the income distribution is split by nationality it points to cultural rather than racial reasons for income differences.


‘my point exactly, if the range is 300 in a single “race” and the difference is 50 between them then it’s meaningless even if the figure matters.
The whole thing is presented with an agenda.


 I guarantee the range of white cranial capacity extends far above the oriental average and far below the black average,

I have read that there is significantly more variation in Caucasian populations, in the same fashion as the greater male variability hypothesis, than in other population groups. Cranial capacity is a good median indicator of intelligence at a population level, you are correct in that it is a poor indicator at an individual level, just like while many other traits can be accurately predicated at a population level, yet are not very meaningful at an individual level.

As the brain is a VERY expensive organ to operate, its size tends to be optimized, and while there are other mammals with larger brains than humans, there are none with higher brain to body ratio.

Interestingly though, other species appear to have ‘intelligence’ or ‘problem solving’ abilities that replicate the same function as the cerebral cortex in mammals, in separate regions of their brain. Corvids, i.e. crows, etc, lack a cerebral cortex, yet have a relatively large brain relative to their body size and still display impressive problem solving abilities. Fascinating stuff the brain.

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After reading your comment I went to YouTube to find problem solving of crow.
Causal understanding of water displacement by a crow:
Crow Solves An 8 Step Puzzle To Get Food:

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Octopi are another example of completely alien intelligence to mammals – they even have a somewhat distributed brain or central nervous system.


They are highly intelligent, regularily documented as escaping from aquariums and killing predators. One aquarium kept having all their sharks dying – turned out there was an octopus unhappy about their presence and kept luring them down, then clinging onto them until they drowned.


So smart!
Nature is amazingly beautiful and ferocious at the same time.


Nice charts!


Great charts, very thought provoking. The decline in popularity of Maccas in the US has probably surprised me the most.


I went looking for the source of the political connections and wealth chart and came across one that tells a different story:


Can you please link to the source of yours?


The above message got sent for moderation so I wrote another one below. Then it cleared moderation. Sorry for the duplicates. I assumed it was spambot and clearing moderation wasn’t actually possible!

Also I found the original chart on SMH.

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Can you please link to the source of your political connections and wealth chart? I could not find it. I did find one that tells a different story though.


Never mind found the original at SMH.