Weekend Links 6 March 2021

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Links! I’ve aimed for three articles which were interesting during the week in a few different topics. Would appreciate feedback and/or what people want to see. I’m thinking plan to get Weekend Links after 4:00 pm Friday evenings. About when folk stop doing work anyways. Also – are … Read more

Fiat has value because the government has guns

I’ve seen the statement that fiat is valuable because the government says you have to use it and has a monopoly on violence to enable them to require you to do so as well as requiring you to pay taxes with it repeated so many times it clearly must have been presented as one of the commandments of economics by one of the prophets.

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BTC is the Establishment

I was having a scroll through crypto twitter yesterday when I came across this meme and had a good laugh at it – then it occurred to me that most people would have no idea what it was about or the significant truth that lies behind it. While Cyberpunks like to celebrate its supposed anarchist … Read more

EZFKA to lockdown for a month after Hubble space telescope detects coronavirus near Alpha Centauri

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered EZFKA into lockdown for a month, after NASA stated the Hubble space telescope had detected what appeared to be coronavirus on Proxima Centauri. The planet, located within the Alpha Centauri star system, displayed what appeared to be COVID fragments, sparking serious concerns among National Cabinet. Morrison said that Australians … Read more