Weekend Links March 13-14, 2021

Welcome to Weekend Links for March 13-14. We are very happy to have you here, and I hope you enjoy the selection of links.

One change is no more markets links. Folks are smart about that, and I’m hoping our commentators will add their own links on markets content.

The community seems to be keen on Politics and Governance links which bring unusual viewpoints out, and allow interesting disagreements, so trying to do more of that. Feedback welcome, please ping me so I can incorporate it in.

Welcome and happy links!

Politics and Governance

The goal here is not to suggest what is right, true or honorable. The goal is to bring you unconventional content which can spur valuable interactions with other wrong-thinkers.

  1. https://www.martingeddes.com/how-the-bidan-show-is-saving-america-and-the-world/
  2. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/03/barack_obama_has_now_been_president_longer_than_fdr.html
  3. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/a-new-zealanders-9-starter-steps-to-save-america-from-socialism_3718917.html?v=ul – A kiwi goes deep…
  4. https://libertyunyielding.com/2021/02/28/news-flash-democracy-has-already-been-undermined-by-the-lefts-behavior-since-2016/

Culture Wars

The major issue of our times is worldwide instability which we see in the form of culture wars. This is probably a natural phenomenon at specific times in human history. Read the below for odd outcomes, but again, make your own mind up and play the ball, not the man.

  1. https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/03/australian-abc-reporters-told-not-use-term-pedophile-describe-child-sex-abusers-not-pedophiles-molest-children/
  2. https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/was-bloodbath-liberal-journalists-outraged-after-huffington-post-fires-13rd-its-staff
  3. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2021/03/putins_former_chief_of_staff_calls_trump_a_champion_against_new_world_order.html
  4. https://accordingtohoyt.com/2021/03/08/i-dont-want-to-write-this-post/


Bloodknife is an interesting look at modern culture. What do you guys think? Also, clearly we need stuff about the Royal Family this week.

  1. https://bloodknife.com/everyone-beautiful-no-one-horny/
  2. https://www.ribbonfarm.com/2021/02/25/heres-why-we-dont-understand-what-electricity-is/#more-7413 – what is electricity? No really…
  3. https://victorygirlsblog.com/meghan-harry-oprah-and-the-misogynoir/
  4. https://www.irishtimes.com/culture/tv-radio-web/harry-and-meghan-the-union-of-two-great-houses-the-windsors-and-the-celebrities-is-complete-1.4504502 – particularly funny!


Less current defense, and more retrospectives.

  1. https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/the-thirty-tyrants
  2. https://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/2021/02/22/space-invaders-off-okinawa-1945-n1427501
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2021/mar/04/refugee-rescuers-charged-in-italy-with-complicity-in-people-smuggling – NGO’s making out like bandits from refugee crisis plays, possibly a national security issue?
  4. https://www.unz.com/gdurocher/muslims-in-france-some-data/ – what does the data tell us?


  1. Happy wolfdog likes belly rubs.
  2. Woman rescues fawn whose mom had been run over by a car; she sets it free, but it comes to visit her at her house every day.
  3. Very cute: Cat hugs howling dog to hush it up.
  4. Baby goats line up to be hugged.
  5. Guinea pig follows around the golden retriever it’s imprinted on.
  6. Baby goats, great Pyreneses, and chickens.

Sorry about the late start 🙂 Enjoy the weekend and may it be filled with courteous disagreements!

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Public service announcement, in the vein of watch what they do and not what they say:

Peachy be loading up btc onto an exchange to take some profits at these levels.


(fees are paltry by the way – transfer any amount for $9)

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy



Haw haw haw!

Speaking of that, the report from the finance department this week is that precisely $0 of donations have been received so far, for all that bluster.

So I’m going to ask the IT guys to take that bullshit “support EZFKA” page down.

The Traveling Wilbur

Please don’t. I looked into the available coin option. Too hard. Really (not just agreeing with Coming for LOLs).

I had been hoping the available options would grow. E.g. paypal, po box or dumb bank account number for an offline account.

Rough lot here tonight mate… can’t even give it away atm…

The Traveling Wilbur

Also, separately, why *that* coin? Why?

There are like seven exchanges for it and the one I *would* have chosen was shudown two days after I looked into them.

You should know I have this effect on restaurants too.

Maybe I could just buy you your next MB subscription?


I’m far too old to know how to send cryptocurrency

I assume you need your real identity protected so there is no PayPal or bank account info available ?

if you’re that important, shouldn’t you be wealthy enough to fund this place yourself ?

it is a vanity project / “fuck you” to macro business after all (which I heartily support)


some responses:

  • this project doesn’t need any funding
  • the donation button was created in response to a request by some commenters
  • BitcoinMonero was chosen as it anonymises the sender. So people can post whatever shit they like, which is obviously more fun*.

*I always remember that d1847389373 d672c804897d dude from the other place. He had a lot to say, but couldn’t subscribe/participate fully because he was a medico or something.: https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2017/06/links-15-june-2017/#comment-2888468

(Like this also… https://www.macrobusiness.com.au/2020/03/sunday-supplement-29-march-2020/#comment-3761870)

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy



Nice “UP” button addition to the comments – thanks IT !!


Z-score finally get high enough?


I didn’t actually check with the oracle on the z-scores. I imagine they wouldn’t be too high, given the slow pace of the recent price rise – only 20% last week.

There are a few reasons for taking some profits now, but peachy don’t feel like penning a ‘pansive piece of prose.

Easiest one to point to is inner peace. By selling now I’ll be in a place where I am indifferent to whether it crashes 70% tomorrow, or rises another 100%.

I suppose Freddy would know a special risk management term for that 😉

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy

It is amazing how psychological this stuff is. System trading helps me keep my emotions out of it. Even then I had to drop my trade sizes to a point where I could actually get some sleep without feeling the need to check on US markets.

But for those who still trade discretionary. A word of advice from the first trading book I ever read. It was called something like “it is when you sell that it counts”. The gist of it was to emotionally detach yourself from your stocks by pretending you don’t own any, and regularly ask yourself whether you would buy that stock today. If the answer is no then sell.

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy

Even then I had to drop my trade sizes to a point where I could actually get some sleep without feeling the need to check on US markets.

yeah, that’s why I asked about holding period below (https://www.ezfka.com/2021/03/12/weekend-links-march-13-14-2021/#comment-1234)

If you’re in a number of markets, you can’t take positions that require constant monitoring. They have to be things that can run at least for a number of days.

otherwise you never get to sleep. And I like my beauty sleep.


Maybe I misled you. I don’t need to monitor my trades. Much like TTW I put trades on specific times. That would be the same with most trading systems. The fact I was monitoring overnight was to do with high stress levels and needing to know.


Yeah, that’s what I thought you were saying.

not sure if CAstroturfer does something similar or if he daytrades in US


Hitting that bid!



RBA has gone BULLET-PROOF on their yield curve control program.

By changing the repo borrowing cost for YCC bonds to 100bps vs 25bps normally, short selling just got incredibly expensive. 3-year closed below 0.1% for first time this year.

Checkmate. More on @TheTerminal


Oooh, this is new and quite unusual and therefore unexpected.

NOT! It was all foretold in the ancient prophecy. “Don’t fight the Fed!”

Still, I reckon the loosers are going to lose it over this one!

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy

I’ve said it before, the banks are like casinos and “the house always wins”.

Agent 47

They’re already cannabilising the big 4 by stealth. RBA will own everything and DLS will flip his lid.

Chinese Astroturfer

Beaten to the punch


what does everyone reckon about scomo’s new domestic tourism program? i don’t know anyone who is going to take up on his offer – there’s no way i’m going interstate given the nasty tendency of our premiers to lock borders whenever somebody is found with a sniffle.

there’s almost nowhere in australia i wanna go these days.


Scomo & Co. think the economy has been fixed and that it’s plain sailing from here… People are in for a rude shock when it becomes clear they are pretty much on their own from here on. No more stimulus or handouts.

$1.2bn Tourism stimulus will be rorted and misdirected like everything else thus far.

Agent 47

My cynical mind believe this has mainly been part of a huge UBI data gathering exercise. We’ll get the full time thing later in year.

Chinese Astroturfer

Too hard travelling interstate right now.


It’s a bit shit tbh. It’s mostly going to Liberal seats and marginal electorates so it seems like it’s the tourism equivalent of the sports rorts pork barrelling. Travelling in Australia is for chumps – might save a bit on airfares, but you’ll get done over in accommodation costs. 


This is true. House price heat-soak has permeated all parts of the EZFKA so accommodation will cost you as will the food you buy from vendors who have fat juicy mortgages to pay.


yeah i’ve taken a blanket with me on trips and slept in my car

i’ve slept in a 24/7 mascot mcdonalds near the airport twice before lol

Agent 47

Social credit scores ahoy!

Anyone from the progressive side of politics want to jump in with the ‘private company’ argument?


A fly in your ointment

You’ve heard of no-flight ban?
Can happen for anything “they” choose.

Agent 47

Of course, but now it’s being expanded to everyone forever.


Is that what bcnich looks like?


nah its a catfish

animal morph animal cat shark.jpg
Agent 47

Just post a video of yourself starting a fight with randoms in the botanical gardens. Great to see Chris Becker enforcing standards as usual.



Hard to decide what’s more cringe, Mig or this sad wankfest here. I really need to get a life and stop creeping lurking…

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming2

why Fight it? Don’t you want to embrace the wanders?

The Traveling Wilbur

I think that’s the problem, not the solution (at least for what Mig was up to yesterday it was).


nah tbh its not really a wankfest and if it is it doesn’t have to be, we’re not gonna delete anything and everything goes


lol he’s off his meds…


Lmao Mig is off the fuckin chain i laughed at that so much

Chinese Astroturfer

I thought he just got messed up on meth at home but now he’s hassling people out in public.

Scary stuff.

I’ve told him before to take some of that bitcoin and get a couple hookers.


what am I watching here? is he taking the piss or something?


think this is probably mania/bipolar rather than schizophrenia

but interestingly , his Twitter posts currently also have quite a bit of ranting about “privileged white males”, black/aboriginal worship and rape culture

I have a theory about this kind of stuff as being on the mental illness spectrum

like a kind of shared delusion / schizophrenia

autistic 4chan user on one end

regular wokies in the middle

and frank schizophrenics on the other end


just shows that we don’t at all understand mental illness or the mind

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Cluster B personality disorder:

Antisocial personality disorder – check;
Borderline personality disorder – maybe
Histronic personality disorder – check
Narcissistic personality disorder – check

Neuroticism is thought to be a spandrel, which is a non-adaptive by product of some other characteristic, in this case of adaptive intelligence arising from intuition problem solving versus more standard sensory problem solving.

“This overblown anxiety thus needed to be buffered via intelligently creative, but largely fictitious and arbitrary notions of cultural meaning and personal value. Since highly religious or supernatural conceptions of the world provide “cosmic” personal significance and literal immortality, they are deemed to offer the most efficient buffers against death anxiety and neuroticism.”

As an avowed athiest that hates all forms of religion and the self modulating regulation buffers that help to regulate such thought processes, I’d speculate that he is increasingly unable to regulate his behaviour or control his neurosis.

Neuroticism is positively correlated with IQ in population groups, but not necessarily in individuals. He is undoubtably high IQ, probably high 140’s to 150’s maybe even low 160s (IQ becomes increasingly meaningless and hard to measure beyond 3 standard deviations), however this would present a further problem for him as again one of the modulating controls over behaviour is having someone capable to share issues with in order to “talk out” neurosis, ie a life partner.

In modern society mate selection is increasingly done on a peer basis. In older times men married dumb blondes (who were actually just homely, and often intelligent women, whose focus was on family), while smart women married dumber men in order to achieve their life goals through manipulating them and having them act as their proxies within the patriarchy.

Now-a-days peer marriage or assortive mating is much more the outcome, problem is in the shape of the IQ bell curve. So while on average male and female IQ is the same, the bell curve for men is much flatter, meaning there is a 5% – 15% variance in the standard deviation of IQ between the sexes. This may not sound like a lot but it makes a significant difference in terms of available mate selection on an assortive basis the further out the curve you go (in both directions) – i.e. finding someone you can relate to.

So while there is generally a 1:1 match at around 100, for an IQ of 115 there are 1.07 men for every woman, (same for an IQ of 85). As the cut off rises (or falls) the ratio becomes more extreme, at 125 the ration is around 1.2 men for 1 woman, at 145 there are 1.6 men to 1 woman, at higher again it is about 2 men for every woman.

So what is the mate selection opportunities for a highly Neurotic high intelligent male? Quite simply no intelligent woman is going to bother with him, even if they can relate to him they know that the lack of stability through his neurosis would be too extreme to qualify him as a potential mate.

Firstly such a woman would have double the selection of available men as a woman with an IQ of 100. Secondly if she too were highly neurotic herself, then she’d know that she would be better off taking the old fashion approach and marry a dumber but more stable male who could provide the stability in her life compensate for her own in regards to starting a family. The best he could ever hope for is an equally broken low IQ ‘wine aunt’.

Quite simply he is broken, and as an increasingly fat, balding middle age goblin plagued with neurosis and defective personality disorders, is unlikely to ever successfully achieve one of the basic measurements of success in life – partner, kids, etc. Deep down he probably knows this, which is probably amplifying his neurosis as life passes him by eg “I just want to tell you I hate myself”.

Men high in neurosis generally tend to die earlier and alone in life, which would be a shame, because I hope that cunt lives a long, long time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

i doubt mig actually has any cluster b personality disorder, ive known someone who out and out had borderline (actual diagnosed) and they were fukn dangerous to be around, he might be bipolar or cyclothymic or whatever though.


As I said, I maybe borderline, but more likely not give the more obvious antisocial, histronic and narcissistic behaviours. Went out with a chick with borderline personality disorder – superficially charming, but yeah, they’re not nice people once you get to know them.

Edit: Should have stated Cluster B personality disorderS

Forgot the S, each is a separate personality disorder although they can occur concurrently.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie


you guys seem to be overanalysing & over projecting.

Simple explanation is usually best.

I perceive^ a smart guy who is sick of dealing with dickheads all week at the office and annoyed at having to observe social norms with them (and perhaps more generally). Hopped up and letting loose in the evening / weekend.

^based on not watching any of the video clips he shares. Watching them seems like a creepy thing to do.


i thought the video was hilarious lol, its worth watching

i love disrupting ppl in public too only prob is you cant get away with doing that in dubbo bc you’ll get recognised pretty fast


He’s either bipolar or he’s using ice

or both


he should come to wellington nsw they got the hook up there

A fly in your ointment

Perhaps just an incel, venting anger on mates and posting some angry music at times to project nonexisting power and romance music to pretend to be emotional (for opposite sex).
When (If) his pecker gets a log to peck, he’ll be all mellow and coherent.


i doubt he’s incel he sounds like guido hatzis


Chinese Astroturfer

He posted his daily rate it was something like $1,100 per day to work at home and probably two hours of actual work for someone with his expertise.

Who knows how many bitcoins he has. Probably bought them in 2012.

Take some of that bitcoin money and get a couple of really hot hookers for the weekend every so often it would change his life.

Chinese Astroturfer

Damn that was brutal. Brilliant.


it confirms what ive long thought about twitter is that its a site choccers full of mentally ill ppl, the more you use that shit the more likely youre totally nuts


I would put the video in the attention seeking/taking the piss category. Maybe a bit of cabin fever from lockdowns.

The other stuff I would put into the indoctrination category. It has long irked me that “we” (certain ideologies via education system or other means) teach children that they have no hope in life due to their race/religion, that white people are evil etc.

If a parent repeated told their children that they are losers, no hope, everyone hates you, DOCS would probably be at their door, and rightly so because it is child abuse. Do the same thing in the name of an ideology and it is all good.

And before a bloody leftie tells me that we have always had right wing christian indoctrination as well. That is true. But they don’t teach their children that the world is evil, everyone hates them, they have no hope. It is a positive reinforcement. Santa, Easter bunny, the world is wonderful.


Good post

Last edited 1 year ago by Peachy

“And before a bloody leftie tells me that we have always had right wing christian indoctrination as well. That is true. But they don’t teach their children that the world is evil, everyone hates them, they have no hope.”

it teaches them they were born into sin, but if they’re good little lapdogs and don’t disrupt the status quo then their reward will come in the afterlife

an equally insidious and manipulative ideology

The Traveling Wilbur

Rick Stein is so weekend watchable.


Original sin is the sin of knowledge, it is the mind theory that comes with intelligence that allows us to know we can cause evil in the world. Animals aren’t evil, dogs aren’t evil – they can be vicious and dangerous, because they’ve been bred that way or trained that way, but an animal isn’t capable of being evil.

Evil is the ability to know that your victim will suffer through your actions, because you understand suffering and that if it exists in your mind then it must exist in your victims, and then needlessly doing it anyway.

Original sin is knowledge of the awareness to commit evil. It is about recognising the potential within each of us to be evil and the various behaviours, traits and values that Christianity is supposed to teach in order to help us conquer that.

Because Christianity is the only religion that recognises original sin. It isn’t about being a lap dog, which many organised religions have been specifically tailored to achieve, (although I would agree that it has been used in the past by more organised Christian religions such the Catholic church, as is the tendency for all more organised religions).

Life in the past use to be far shorter, more brutal and violent, and the concept of ‘Original Sin’ was a foundational stone upon which it was thought Christians beliefs, values and behaviours would achieve more peaceful and harmonious societies (i.e. heaven on earth).

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Stewie this isn’t me having a go at you, because I very much enjoy your posts

but you being religious goes hand in hand with your cryptocurrency beliefs

both of them are just so absurd to me that I can’t ever sympathise

still that doesn’t mean that you’re wrong and I’m right; there’s plenty who agree with you about both

it’s just that one of us is missing a piece of the brain that is responsible for this kind of thinking and coherence

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

LOL no offence taken, That is a very common miss-understanding, I’m not actually ‘religious’ – I don’t believe in a sky fairy, heaven or ‘spirits’.

My sole interest in religion is how it is designed to influence behaviours and the effect it produces on society. I try to understand the point of religion, but I’m not really in the slightest bit religious or ‘spiritual’.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

I think you’re sole interest in religion is proving the superiority of the western ones to Islam 😉


Each religion has its own qualities and was brought about by different influences and environments. IMHO Christianity produced both stable and tolerant societies. There were other cultural checks which kept the worst excesses of tolerance and openness in check, but with their removal I believe most Christian societies are poorly equipped to deal with more expansionary and totalitarian religious beliefs, such as those found in Islam. Perhaps there will be a counter-reformation, which may revitalize it, but such an occurrence would only come after the fall.

It is interesting to note that the fastest growing Christian movement in the US is the Amish, who are establishing a new settlement every week and half. In about 150 years they will make up the majority of the white population in the United States.

Demographics is destiny.


I thought Stewie was saying that he is irreligious. But then I went back and read properly – he was applying the “avowed atheist” label to Migsy, not himself.

How embarrassing. 😭

That said – I think that you’re overgeneralising when you say that it’s one part of the brain that’s involved in religious and crypto thinking.

there a lots of irreligious crypto bugs and many religious nocoiners…


“but you being religious goes hand in hand with your cryptocurrency beliefs both of them are just so absurd to me that I can’t ever sympathise”

They are more a reflection of my disagreeable personality type then my brain. Even within both of those spheres of religion and crypto, my views are minority views.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie


i think you could be a coiner who sneers at religiosity

or a religious person who sneers at coiners

both are about the madness of crowds , and shared delusion

but you don’t have to subscribe to both
in fact maybe it’s a bit highlander there can be only one

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Madness of crowds can be highly profitable. If recognised and harnessed.

also it can be very personally comforting, if you participate in the madness…



but having known a few of these people I think you have to have some of the insanity in you to profit from it

people like me just can’t comprehend the behaviours of these people , so we miss out on exploiting it

whereas the sharks believe in it just a little bit, but not too much

same goes for kiddy fiddler priests, and wealthy evangelical charismatics

as the immortal George Constanza said : “it isn’t a lie, if you believe it”

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

https://accordingtohoyt.com/2021/03/08/i-dont-want-to-write-this-post/ <<<So this Hoyt lady seems pretty paranoid. A paranoid modern take on reds under the beds….


whod of thought somebody who founded a cinema chain could be so wacko


why are so many security guards, trolley pushers etc in aus indians. like wtf its utterly bizarre


Terrible pay/conditions I’d guess. No one else would do it. I heard a few years ago, trolley pushers get $5 an hour.

Agent 47

Usually working it as a side hustle on their student visas ie illegally. Indians have now managed to squeeze their way in to a lot of the supermarkets. Duopoly supporting Australian jobs as usual.




[cross posting on the HK section in the forum]

The authorities really going after the expat community, with a bunch of int’l schools closed. Finally it hits home to the expats, who have been impacted of course (they can’t go back to their homelands), but are more sheltered from the impact than most of the locals i.e. they still have their high salaries and helpers etc.

There is a whatsapp circulating, an email from an international school teacher, informing parents of a class that 8yo kids who might have possibly been exposed with 1% probability have to go into quarantine centers (with a parent). Quarantine centers in HK are not much better than prisons.



there you go… how f*** up can you get. and the world copied China’s reaction.


hong kong has sounded like a cyberpunk dystopia city for decades now


yeah… when I lived there and people asked me what it was like I would say: “have you seen Blade Runner?”


does anyone else find it really weird/creepy how the abc is currently flying air cover around the clock for meghan markle

does being just 1/8th black really qualify you for this kind of full-detail main-stream media bodyguard protection squad

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

What, she’s not even a quadroon? A mere octoroon?


oh maybe you’re right, she could b a quad not an octo but i’m not 100% sure of that

aboriginals three generations mixed.png

How does she feel?


probs better than me right now

my shoulder hurts

The Traveling Wilbur

Try opening the fridge door, first, next time?


but then i’ll let the cold air out 🙁

The Traveling Wilbur

Sorry, I don’t hold a Kelvinator fridge manual, mate. I just answer the questions.


The left are overwhelmingly anti royal, and Megan has damaged the Royals.

They’re all getting excited about the 62% polling for a republic, not realising it’s more of the same BS leading them to think Labor were going to win.

For a group so wound up about our constitution, you’d think they’d know how it works.


we are TIED fam


Alright, looks like we should launch a fund next week!

or maybe the week after, once Freddy has taught us risk management & Wilbur has taught us when to buy the ASX100 so we don’t lose money too often!


Maybe when I come up with a strategy that works with more than a few dollars worth of liquidity!


Don’t worry, we’ll workshop how to scale it up 😉

The Traveling Wilbur

You spelled FUM wrong… 😇



The Traveling Wilbur

So… given the massive public demand, sorry P e a c h y demand, I’ll attempt to post the following closer to when they happened in future. Freddy could do the same (mine will be boring, quickly, so it wouldn’t hurt).

This week:
ASX200 all in at the open on Thu.
ASX200 all out at the close on Fri.


I won’t be posting a regular log.

My volatility adjustment put me at 55% stake at the moment. I hope to find time to explain the reason I do this in more detail in an article. In summary, you don’t want to be all-in during a time like last year or the GFC. If there is 5 times more volatility then for short term swing trading it becomes like trading with 500% leverage. Example: imagine being long on a 10% down day, immediately followed by going short at the time the Fed comes to the rescue. Potentially 20%+ of your life savings gone in two short trades.

I know that was probably a bad example because stop losses. But easy to get stopped out multiple times in succession during those times even with a distant stop.

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy
The Traveling Wilbur

100% true all dat.

It’s why I never go short (anymore) ever.
It’s why I never buy in during increasing vol (e.g. that was a factor that encouraged me to exit on Friday).
And it’s why it’ll take me a long time to rack up 400 ‘trades’.

Oh, and it’s why I choose the ASX to buy into also.
(when I do, it’s always 100% though)

Last edited 1 year ago by The Traveling Wilbur

Volatility adjusting my trades has helped me cope with the stress of overnight short positions turning to shite after a Trump tweet. I still suspect my trades are much shorter timeframe than yours which also helps. 5 trades this week.

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy
Chinese Astroturfer

Open a US trading account I’ll post my positions.


whats your average holding period in the US market?

Chinese Astroturfer

Out when a stop or target is hit, or when a stock is boring me.

Trading wouldn’t work I suppose unless you’re a night owl.

I think genome stocks are ready to break out keep watching ARKG. Looking for Fluor to take out 30 in the coming weeks.

Last edited 1 year ago by Chinese Astroturfer

Ok, cool. Which brokers do you use/recommend for the type of trades that you place?


Aha, I knew it! Mexicans will keep coming even into the teeth of an awful recession



I called this ages ago (not really that hard to envisage). Still stand by the rest of my bold prediction – ALP fed….


Before the rape saga, federal Labor had about zero chance of winning a federal election. The party’s finished. Australia doesn’t trust their capability, their strength, or their resolve. Most Australians would prefer to ram a stick into their eye than be mansplained by Penny Wong on MSM every day.

LNP are in trouble, but that’s not going to help Labor IMO. Expect more and more independents with an LNP forming minority government.

Labor are hurting our country.

The Traveling Wilbur

To be fair, it would have to have been a sharp stick.

Agent 47

Disagree a lot more nuanced involved. WA Libs at the state level have been in decline since Barnett left in 2015. Kirkup basically conceded two weeks ago and then decided to go further to the left of the Greens. He was cannon fodder. Throw in state parochialism, border closures and McGowan was never going to lose.

People forget McGowan is just as much pro ponzi as Fed Libs so no real surprise. Some of the shit he has done with the planning laws at the local level is outright criminal but is standard for EZFKA. Real danger now is the CCP infiltration in WA is the worst in the country so who knows what will happen there.

Anyways the RBA will keep printing, Scomo and Josh will keep house prices high and Fed Libs will win again. And MB will get it wrong again..


 Some of the shit he has done with the planning laws at the local level is outright criminal “

what’s been the story with that? what has he done?

Agent 47

Essentially they’ve changed the planning laws so the state government can overrule the local councils objections to rezoning or any kind of development they reject. Similar to other states, plus there are other things in the works with regard to infrastructure. Rita Saffioti would make a fine EZFKA Minister for Real Estate.


I am not convinced. My parents believe it was Scomo that kept the borders closed to protect them. I tried explaining it was the states and not Scomo. They didn’t understand. They are working class voters that will vote Liberal for the first time in their lives.

The Traveling Wilbur

What the LNP got wrong before the last election, and still seem to be having a hard time believing, is that SCOMO *is* an acceptable face for the Libs as far as the electorate is concerned.

Ministers retired because they thought he wouldn’t be palatable to the point where even Shorten could get a run at PM.

They were wrong. And they were much embarrassments.

Nothing has changed.
Libs will win again.
And will keep winning until the ALP put someone in a Leadership position who can make SCOMO look like the dumb (literally) … he is.


In my view Labor can’t win again.

This pretty much explains why.


A fly in your ointment

Another prison break for the wuflu with a major lockout and libtards-nattards may be even less electable than the labtards


EZFKA ahead of the curve in terms of woke progressive’s culture war shifting towards the last largely unfettered bastion of masculinity and the patriarchy – the armed services:

“The US military has done more to discredit itself by attacking Fox News’ Tucker Carlson than twenty years of military failures in the Middle East.”


US Army now paying for gender reassignment surgery, new jumpsuit for pregnant women persons, diversity now making the Army fighting as many units instead of just one…. fighting – what has that got to do with being in the Army?

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Ah Stewie, very much the avant-garde (see what I did?) of issues before they acquire a convenient name and “go mainstream” 🙂


I stand on the edge and report, so others don’t have to!

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The Traveling Wilbur

Got any suggestions for what to do with “prodigy”?

Or “Cultural Affairs-Minister”?

Oh. Oops. Well you can still do “prodigy”. 😄

Agent 47

White knights a plenty on Twitter. Imagine being China and looking at the US right now. Demoralisation complete.

Agent 47

Worker thay had the vaccine tested positive for covid. Lol.




aussie is pussy central now, homos who are afraid of the flu

Agent 47

As I’ve said before, people have become so afraid of dying they have stopped living. They also want you to stop living due to said fear.

All life is risk. Australians are generally shit scared of risk so it’s no surprise that they are reacting this way.

A fly in your ointment

As I’ve said before, people have become so afraid of dying they have stopped living.

There is a level where fear is productive, much like the level where fear is counterproductive. wonky area, does not allow hard delineation.
Due to covid’s consistent gaol breaks, the fear factor is dying. Sure there are drongos that will obey and stay quiet but that’s nuttin to do with plandemic (these characters are servilent and obedient anyway, true lemmings)
I am almost sure that next lockout will not pan well for masses neither for polies. Labour may become electable after all…


Funnily enough my job is dealing with dying and often dying unexpectedly and young. I have the total opposite fear which “I call afraid of not dying.” The way I look at it is we are all dying and if I was hit by a truck tomorrow would I have lived a full and fulfilling life? I try to live a life without regret and being true to what truly means the most to me i.e. family, travel, all those cliche things 😉

But people still give me shit because I’m always traveling, seeing the world and often with my family. Rather than being a 30 year slave to a mega-mortgage.

Interesting read, at least for me, by Alastair Crooke

Thereby, climate policy becomes a powerful instrument for [America to] shape global investment patterns and financial flows



As I was reading I was concerned that the writer was going to completely miss the question of “who pays”.

Towards the end, he does get there, thankfully and goes on to juxtapose people against the financial and political machinery…