Wake up fake left…. Biden is going to save workers

The only thing that amazes me more often than some chardonay sipping lefty promoting their anti-racist virtue, while sitting at a cafe being waited on hand and foot by imported, wage crushing slaves, is the faith that supposed ‘centrists’ have in that the parties of the left will come to their senses, awake from their slumber and recommence fighting the class war.

The are forgetting that the Parties of the “Left” no longer belong to the workers, they have been completely captured by the Corporatocracy and their function and purpose today is to operate as the controlled opposition to the equally captured globalist right, and maybe get a go at ‘running things’ once in every three or four elections, so as to maintain the illusion of democracy.

Nothing highlights this more to me than the faith ‘centerists’ have that the most radical woke, leftist party to have ever occupied the US White House will somehow deliver wage growth to US workers, while simultaneously flooding the US employment market with a flood of brown workers designed to combat ‘whiteness’ and make America a rainbow coloured ethnic Utopia, where colours are separated into distinct identities and rules, laws and regulations are specifically tailored to each and every category in order to achieve “Equity”.

“Next, we saw the election of the Biden Administration in the US, a much more traditional left outfit with an explicit goal of doubling minimum wages, as well using tax and spend (or print and spend) to push for full employment.”

– some avowed ‘Centrist’

So let’s do a little stock take on how the impossible goal of wage growth and mass migration is going in the US:

February’s employment data based on the US Payroll survey released last Friday showed the US economy adding 379,000 jobs, which was double the official estimates, and was universally celebrated by the MSM as evidence that Biden is getting American’s back to work.

Curiously though another useful employment survey, the US household employment survey, also released in February only showed job gains of 208,000. Which was a mere 0.14% increase over January’s result.

The difference between these two employment surveys has to do with a number of differences in the concepts over what they are measuring. First, the payroll survey counts the number of jobs, while the household survey counts the number of employed individuals. Therefore, a person with multiple jobs will be counted several times in the payroll survey but only once in the household survey. Second, their scopes are different; while the payroll survey covers only wage and salary workers on nonfarm payrolls, the household survey covers those individuals as well as agricultural workers, the self-employed, workers in private households, unpaid family workers, and workers on unpaid leaves. Finally, payroll employment includes wage and salary workers under the age of 16, while the household survey does not.

However the most important distinction between the two surveys, is that the household survey is updated to incorporate new information from things like the censuses and known movements in immigration.

So what does analysis of the February Household survey show?

* Total employment rose by 208,000, a 0.14% increase from January.

* Immigrants (legal and illegal) gained a whopping 387,000 jobs, up 1.51% from January.

* Native-born Americans LOST 179,000 positions, a 0.14% drop from January.

VDare have a nice chart that illustrates this quite clearly:

Now in fairness the chart shows that for much of Trump’s presidency the ratio of foreign born workers to US born workers was much the same as the prior peak under Obama. However, if Trump had maintained the trend established under the US’s “Worker Party” then the peak in March 2018 under Trump would have been well above 2.5m and probably closer to 3m.

The discerning centerist would then say, well Trump achieved his reduction thanks to Covid and borders being closed, to an extent that is probably true in terms of the depth of the pull back, but the thing is Trump managed to reverse that trend well before Wu Flu actually appeared. The trend had completely flipped by Feb 2020, well before Wu Flu reared its ugly head.

Biden and the Corporatocracy are back in power and they will be working damn hard to make up for lost time and catch up to the trend line established under Biden but lost under Trump.

Betting or believing that Biden is going to deliver higher real wage growth to the US, while simultaneously flooding the American labour force with cheap imported labour is a pipe dream, which centerists should put in their bong and smoke.

Most of this commentary has been lifted from VDare, which I encourage anyone whose found what I’ve written above to be interesting, to go and read in full:


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the only thing i don’t buy is that trump wasn’t part of the “corportocracy” – he had four years in office and in that time he achieved almost nothing except handouts to rich people and tax cuts. he railed against big tech but didn’t lift a finger against them, while aggressively clinging to their platforms. he was hailed as the peace president – and while he certainly did better on this front than almost any other american president before him – his boomer-thought addled philosemetic brain still led him down the path of middle east interventionism and further estranging the iranians, who by all accounts should be our friends in the war against globohomo . he allowed his airhead converso daughter and her reprenshible bugman husband to influence him at every turn, which alienated all of those that allowed him to win by the hair he did in in 2016. by all accounts he did not deserve to win again.

that being said, he was worth voting for because under his rule immigration was cut – a bit, but not by much. instead of doubling down on the populist and implicitly pro-white ideas that got him into office in the first place. he tried to pursue trendy and popular “demsaretherealracists” lamestream conservative bullshit through the sisyphean strategy of courting black voters, which. among other things, caused him to lose the election. he has learned nothing from any of this, and i suspect if he goes on to run again in 2024 he will lose for the same reasons he lost in 2020.

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Agent 47

Trump’s problems were Kushner and Adelson. I will give him the no new wars thing but also notice every time he tried to pull troops out, some scandal would come out of nowhere? The (((MIC))) needs it’s wars.

Kushner was the rat, of course he was. Trump didn’t have the stones for that fight or maybe he did and lost it early on.

Anyways my two cents is that the southern border will continue to be chaos and is a deliberate destabilization attempt. At least Texas sent the national guard in. The other three border states are blue and provide plenty of entry points for Julio and Javier.

Too bad the cartels aren’t listed on the stock exchange, human trafficking to the moon.

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i think his problem is also that he’s a (let’s face it) way too old guy with narcissistic and impressionable tendencies who doesn’t read much and is too suspetible to being influenced by ppl who flatter him, whether that’s kim jong un or his son in law. even though he had many righteous moments he was never the hero many were holding out for.

Agent 47


He pulled the veil right off at how corrupt absolutely everything is for a lot of normies, and opened the door for others.

We’re in Wiemar America atm. Harris will tip it over when Joe gets pulled in a few months. Who comes after that is the key.


This is what I was alluding to in the forums. The only way you are going to get sustained inflation is via wage inflation which is not going to happen any time soon. The powers of status quo are too great.

We may get some short term price inflation due to stimulus payments and lack of supply but that is where it will end.


dls has a weird comprehension of whatever the hell left and right are supposed to be, he’s still stuck in the old labor union days of the late 19th century where “the left” was the working class and the “right” are the bourgeoise. it’s some weird outdated marxist classification system that ignores the fact that there is almost no ‘working class’ as marx understood them in the western world anymore. tradies are now making more $$$ than white collars, factories are all but gone, nobody produces anything, etc.

if your conceptual framework has no bearing on what anybody else conceives ‘left’ and ‘right’ to be today its time to abandon that framework, rather than just rant and rave and accuse ppl of being ‘fake left’.

soviet stalin disgusted by modern leftism.jpg

Interesting article, Stewie. I don’t follow US politics, so I’ll keep my comment at that…

I do have a question though – have you got migration (legal + illegal) figures handy for the US over the period up to and through the pandemic?

I recall predicting that Mexicans (well, illegal immigrants of all stripes, really) won’t really leave the US in an economic recession (whereas other blokes said that migrants would of course be on the first plane out). Would be good to test this by seeing what happened during the recent downturn.


lol i had a tussle with DLS on this one – imagine believing that the third world unwashed are going to want to go home to toiletistan because GDP went backwards 1.5% in the financial year lmao


not sure, sometimes i feel like malaysia/thailand etc would be better if you had $$ than here. my friend moved to vietnam from california and never wants to go back, but generally this is the truth. most of these migrants would take a share mattress in a rental house at the back of blacktown or sunshine over a karachi slum.


he is my age, late 20s

vietnam or w/e is way better for a young westerner with a bit of $$ over australia any day of the week now imo

the way i currently live is probably worse than how a lot of third worlders do


Spot on Stewie. I know of a some people that have come back from their dream o/s retirement after they realise how much better the Australian medical system is.

It is also a common for retirees that have gone for the sea-change up or down the coast to move back to a major city. The weekly 6-hour round trips to see the specialist become draining.


what an insightful reply from the site owner.

If you have spent any time overseas, or travelled to any of these places, you’d have a pretty good idea of just exactly how good Australians have it, relatively speaking, even if there is a recession.

Chinese Astroturfer

These countries are great, but a lot of people live in them without adequate insurance, retire over there without nearly enough money.

If you have your house paid for Australia isn’t really anymore expensive than countries like Malaysia and Thailand.


So I’m going to have to find my own stats, is that what you blokes are saying?

Because that’s what it seems like you’re saying!


Funny why that guy isn’t president. I wonder!

Gets me thinking, perhaps there needs to be a EZFKUSA.com set up….