Why NATO is doomed.

Everything is fine.

There was a great video put out by Scott Ritter about why Sweden and Finland joining NATO is a terrible idea. In fact, short of starting a war with China over Taiwan, Finland joining NATO will probably tip us all into WW3. Amusingly, and not covered in this post, is also the fact that Victor … Read more

I am done!

La comedia el finita! Not to reveal too much, I will try to give you all a glimpse of a life of an average Joe. But first, an always awesome Denis Leary song! Now, I am mid-40’s. Professional, lived in Europe, US and Australia. I am a normal, every day person that you see on … Read more

Shortages, inflation and narrative.

The narratives I’ve heard about the shortages say they are driven by: Lockdowns (now only in China) People taking time off sick post lockdown, exaggerated by isolation requirements Some people banned from working due to vaccine mandates Limited immigration (not enough low paid workers to get low skills but essential jobs done) Spending during the … Read more

What’s Happening in Ukraine?

If anybody remembers, it has been nearly three months since my initial post signaling the beginning of the Russia – Ukraine conflict. I correctly predicted the war’s outbreak, and looking back on my predictions of how it would take place, I can say I am both satisified and not. We’ve all been hearing a lot … Read more

Weekend links 6/5/22-8/5/22

The non-nation New Data Shows The Mass Exodus Of People From Australia Continues Dear RBA, DO NOT HIKE INTEREST RATES – MacroBusiness Mark McGowan is impinging on human rights: human rights commission Solomon Islands-China deal: Australia won’t send defence, police personnel to work alongside Chinese forces Showdown on the Corral Sea, with Australia adrift in … Read more

Exciting Times Ahead…

Do you ever wonder what it going on? Well, you probably do if you are here. This is going to be a bit of a take it with a pinch post, but here goes anyways. On May 4th, US SF Command at Fort Bragg posted this tweet. Link: (20) 1st Special Forces Command on Twitter: … Read more

Why bad philosophy leads to worse maths

Mark Latham commented on NSW maths results on Sky News arguing that the introduction of wokeness into the curriculum and the lack of specialised teachers lay behind the accellerating declines in performance https://www.facebook.com/MarkLathamsOutsiders/posts/7343436572364285 Many people will disagree reflexively with Mr Latham perhaps because he’s appearing on Sky News and represents One Nation, but there is … Read more

Weekend Links 23/4/22-25/4/22

So this weekend links is very similar to last week’s, mainly because I haven’t been reading as much and because lasts week’s were really earlier this week’s and got mostly ignored due to other posts being funnier and pithier. The non-nation: How philosophy gave up on the truth – UnHerd Alan Kohler: Soaring house prices … Read more

Some recently miscellanous collected links

Since the long weekend is nearly over, I am not calling it weekend links. I’ve been saving these up to share with you for a while. What an honest leaving-do speech would sound like | The Economist Coalition senator blasts Liberal Party’s ‘mean girls’ Alan Kohler: Soaring house prices have changed society for the worse … Read more

ABS excess mortality statistics for 2021

ABS recently released the mortality statistics for 2021 https://www.abs.gov.au/articles/measuring-australias-excess-mortality-during-covid-19-pandemic In summary, the overall excess mortality in Australia for 2021 was 3.5% above expected levels The ABS concludes that this is consistent with effects of the pandemic However, if you look at the state data there is something very fucking odd going on NSW excess mortality … Read more

All about us

We need to have a discussion about how we’re going to host and run this site. Key questions: Why is the current server falling over? What are the specs needed? Bandwidth (peak MB per day?) Processing speed/time Memory Storage Who is willing to pay and by what means? Many have expressed reservations about paying with … Read more