Victoria’s New Pandemic Laws Here is the amended pandemic bill which passed Victorian lower house yesterday (51 to 26) and has been getting talked about a lot in both MSM and independent media. Some of the main points: Giving the premier the power to declare a pandemic Allowing that pandemic status to be extended for up to three … Read more

Weekend Links, 30-31 October 2021!


Welcome to the weekend links everyone! Pleasure to have you here, and we hope you like the contents we have put up today. Lots of exciting things have been happening in the last week or so. So lets get into the excitement. Putin is now apparently a good guy, and headlines this week calling out … Read more

New Vaccine Resistant Strain Emerges?

According to commentator Alex Berenson on his substack, an article recently published in Nature has identified a new “heavily mutated” coronavirus variant that is capable of bypassing the vacccines. If so, that was faster than I anticipated! If this has legs, what’s the likely outcome? More lockdowns, or do you think people will finally accept … Read more

‘Your six months is up’: Daniel Andrews hints boosters will be needed to keep fully vaccinated freedoms

And so it begins… “Daniel Andrews suggested on Sunday that going forward, life for the vaccinated would “be about the maintenance of your vaccination status”. It’s truly bizarre to observe people who are actively pleased by this likely development. Their reflexive opposition to anti-vaxxers is so great, and their newfound vaccine identity politics is … Read more

COVID Spike Proteins and vaccine spike proteins

OK, so in response to Stewie’s concerns about the spike protein and my own, I did some reading. Here’s what I found. First, the spike protein can do damage on its own. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Degradation of Junctional Proteins That Maintain Endothelial Barrier Integrity SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage Spike Proteins … Read more

Beware of non-natural nucleotides

Since it looks as if I’m going to be forced to take the jab, I’ve been doing some reading about mRNA vaccines and came across this paper, published in March. It’s quite long and I can’t claim to understand all of it. I’ve clipped the section on safety below and noted in particular a … Read more

Weekend Links, 23-24 October 2021

Just Sat No!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Weekend Links for 23-24 October 2021. We are really glad you are here, and even though the news is exciting, and somewhat shite, its the weekend so… woo! For the header this weekend we have this amazing event which is only possible in EZFKA! Melbourne developer Barry Wang quizzed in … Read more

we should not let opposing lockdowns consume our lives so much as to forget how much ezfka sucked even before covid

i have been noticing an increasingly worrying trend in australia amongst the relatively small anti-lockdown community. the idea that lockdowns are so bad that the ezfka of pre-2020 by comparison was a fine and dandy and peachy perfect place, not the increasingly neo-feudal shithole that it actually was. to be sure, lockdowns, and covidism/vaccine-ism, in … Read more

Weekend Links, 16-17 October 2021!


Feeling a bit logie today, but this is normally what regime change looks like. Think of a cricket match. We know who the expected winners are, and who the losers are likely to be…. But sometimes, the expected winners have an off day. The losers happen to have a new gun player. That moment in … Read more

EZFKA Book club

Last week, Dictator Dave recommended A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic by Laura Dodsworth.

I thank Dictator Dave for the recommendation and now add Peachy Props to it!

Weekend Links, 9-10 October 2021!

IP Blocked

Hi everyone and welcome to another lovely weekend here in sunny Sydney! Everyone is excited about the fact we ditched one premier, and deputy premier… the consensus seems to be – I don’t want to know about that! – which is very EZFKA, so we approve! So in the spirit of EZFKA unity… I’m really … Read more

TIMBO Shoots, Timbo Scores…


This worked so well, it got nuked from orbit. As far as I can tell, someone stole the main bit from his satire earlier in the week, without attribution. This person – pretty sure its a bot – tagged CraigKellyMP and the AEC. Then this happened… I can’t find it anymore, so someone deleted it … Read more

Election Campaign: #putlaberallast

I’m with the MB commenter formerly known as Gunnamatta: the best way forward for us is to campaign to reduce the liberal and labor parties’ primary votes down. Their mutual connivance around property and migration has gone on so long and is now so deeply embedded it is now no longer unreasonable to suggest that … Read more

Woman dies after multiple jabs

After further investigations NSW Health announced that Premier Gladys Berejiklian has developed a terminal case of corruption, which has been attributed to being directly related to multiple Maguire jabs. It was revealed that Berejiklian was receiving these regularly over the last 5 years, and due to the severe nature of the corruption allegations, is now … Read more

Weekend Links, 2-3 October 2021!

Channel Tankman!

Well that escalated quickly. As we noted in these hallowed (hollow) pages, Clive Palmer was taking about the Pfizer lobbyist who forced Gladys to push the vaccine, or front up ICAC. Well, apparently that happened anyways. Live by the wet noodle, die by the wet noodle? State media explains for the normies below. But that … Read more

MB dolts come close to knowledge of house pricing; veer hard left to avoid encounter

Those bloody MB guys seem to never learn. As they stare at decades of obvious and well documented action-consequence situations. As they ignore everything written in even the most basic beginner-level finance books. Even as they personally pen the headlines that plainly paint the picture….they can’t quite make out the shape of things! The shape … Read more

COVID Love Letter Feat. Spartacus

Damn You To Hell, You Will Not Destroy America

This is the original text of the ‘Spartacus’ pdf that went viral, was deleted, and then the MSM saturated search engines with random Spartacus stuff, so I decided to put the text below. Might be worth pdf’ing the main medical bit and asking a doctor you trust – I have no idea if its correct. … Read more

Merkel Upset At Scomo, Comms Ensue…

Crazy bird lady

Something very amusing happened last week. So Scomo is in trouble for shafting the Europeans and going with AUUKUS. Can’t really blame him to be honest, as the French deal was probably a bit of a dud, but the French response was expected too. But then something very unusual happened. Ok – so what does … Read more

Weekend Links, 25-26 Sep, 2021!

Red October

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Weekend Links, for the 25 – 26 of September 2021. We are really happy to see you here and hopefully this will be a good weekend on links, argy bargy, and general hilarity. What are we leading with today? Well, there are many choices, but the winner … Read more

Public opinion

Wonder what we all make of this seems like the population is almost split down the middle on lockdowns now which is just great news for our future cohesion and progress as a society surprising that young people are equally in favour as oldies, but young Australians seem to enjoy voting against their own best … Read more

Porter keeps job, keeps cash

In a dark day for EZFKA, former Attorney General Christian Porter has resigned from Scott Morrison’s ministry after revealing he had accepted an anonymous donation to help cover his personal legal fees. Mr Porter’s future in federal parliament had been in doubt following revelations that a “blind trust” had paid for his discontinued defamation case … Read more