Woke Nation: One Nation supports Indian nationalism as Indians fight each other in Melbourne CBD

Multiculturalism working as intended down in Melbourne as Pajeets fight each other:

Whole bunch of imports fighting in a first world country over a third world country they both have no intention of returning to or living in. Fantastic. We saw this same shit in Canada a couple of months back.

The multicult Age reported it as a ‘small scuffle’ and then disappeared it from the front page.

The confrontation also looked planned. Cops outnumbered, no-one doing shit about it. That bullshit meme about Sikh’s being peaceful should be well and truly dispelled by now. They’re also one of the worst offenders for distribution of child exploitation material, according to my brother-in-law who has over 20 years in the IT security game. Some major IT firms (all four of them) in Australia have had some major issues of this shit being found on their servers over the years due to the sheer number of pajeets working at them.

Meanwhile, One Nation are endorsing another Indian candidate in the NSW election:

Whose nationalism Mark? Clearly not ours. All we’ll get is more chain migration and institutional dysfunction as Indians invade through the front door and destroy what’s left of our social capital and cultural fabric, like they have done with most industries they have infested in Australia. The Indian Free Trade Agreement will see to that.

Regular EZFKA cynics aside, this should also put to bed for filthy casuals that One Nation are nothing more than a steam valve for disenfranchised white Australians trying to retain their country and aren’t genuinely interested in doing anything about it.

Every time a genuine Australian nationalist appears, the media wheel out Pauline to misdirect them, demoralise them and waste their time.

Someone posited the question earlier about what One Nation used to be in the 90’s, and as someone who witnessed it I’ll give my 2 cents. They were initially a genuine protest against the two majors at the 1998 federal election that sprung up on the other side of the 1996 gun grab, centred mainly in Queensland. They singlehandedly wiped out the National Party in Queensland who then had to merge with the Qld Liberals to maintain any form of relevancy.

The ruling class were genuinely scared of a nationalist element arising out of that, as the neoliberal economic zone project was well underway by that time and this could have put an end to it. So, they put a lot of time and effort into undermining and curtailing the party as best they could, culminating with Pauline being thrown in jail on spurious charges – message sent. There was even a book written that doxed the membership as an act of political intimidation, trying to smear them as white  supremacists.

She’s now nothing more than controlled opposition. The last genuine nationalist we had was Fraser Anning, like him or loathe him, and she kicked him out of the party for pulling back the veil on immigration and multiculturalism, as did Bob Kucker.

They also have a Jewish MLC in South Australia called Sarah Game, who has publicly supported refugees and diversity, lol. So, there’s that.

I know I supported them at the last election on the basis of having the least worst immigration policy but yeh, they’re a joke and a roadblock to any kind of meaningful change.

If the African gangs and Chinese raising flags above Police stations weren’t bad enough, Pajeets attacking each other over domestic politics in India smack bang in Sally Capp’s utopia is just the icing on the cake.

I did enjoy this tweet:

But how good are the restaurants?

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Thanks for the history of this mysterious Boomer-Bogan party


Pauline Hanson really copped some shit back in the day after her ‘swamped by asians’ speech.
I remember a musician from Mental as Anything band poured a glass of wine over her head one time.
Then there were the dodgy charges for prison.
She is a tough lady.


please explain


Not an effective one though.


Probably the first person in Australia to realise that the government can just print money

Agent 47

My cynical mind is that she was bought back a few years ago as an attempt to diffuse growing anti government sentiment.

Doing a good job so far.


great post timbo

and yep one nation are absolutely useless cunts, theyre grifter supremes who stand for nothing and will achieve nothing if theyre in power, theyll just be another LNP if they were more mainstream. lnp with some flavouring for bogans stuck in 2004 who really don’t like muslims and that’s about it

Last edited 1 month ago by stagmal

i don’t particularly care for fraser anning either, he caters to this small subset of people who really have this weird selective hate hard on for muslims and think muslims are gonna take over australia like what. go outside, go look at the demographics of ppl who are swamping aus theyre mostly not muslim at all and havent been in forever if they ever have been.

i think youll find a lot of these so called true blue aussie ocker bogan one nation supporter cunts have asian mail order brides too

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Agent 47

He was a shit orator but he was literally just a working class guy from rural Qld. The same demographic ALP are supposed to represent but shit on.

My favourite part about his whole thing though was when he was calling out Muslim migration as introducing unnecessary cultural conflict and violence, he got called racist, then two Lebo muslims showed up to Melbourne Airport and tried to assault him to prove him wrong.



im just so cynical though of all the offerings we have for immigration reductionism in australia, they’re all so lack lustre

there’s no hero on a white horse riding to save the day

we will go quietly into the night

Agent 47

We need to save ourselves.


There is no saving it at this point it’s a lost cause


Apart from these two indian groups blueing, there’s also the potential for muslim indians to fight with hindu indians.
Throw in the long standing india/china border fights and we could have a 4 way Aus monkey pod fight going on.

Agent 47

Nepalese are also a major problem in Sydney. NSW Police now have a unit to deal with them as they can get super violent when drunk.


All it means is that Vicpol are happy not being shown to be useless in the media, while they give free passes to the Lebanese drug cartels and African home invaders running rampant across Melbourne.

Vicpol are cowards who beat up on Cookers, while hiding from Bikies and these animals like the Africans and Lebo’s that they have given ground to. Vicpol are so pathetic there are now home invasions happening weekly in posh suburbs like Brighton.

6 way monkey pod fight more likely, just different types of animals.


Hanson’s partner is a property developer, so that might have changed her stance on immigration.


Agent 47

That could explain a lot


If you want to win the argument you need someone articulate, not a retard who thought it would be clever to sneak in the words “final solution” in a parliamentary speech.


it was pretty dumb but lets face it no matter what we do or say they’ll nail us anyway. SUSTAINABLE AUSTRALIA of all people legit get called nazis, ive heard lefties on twitter/fb call them that a bunch of times. if you support immigration reduction in any way shape or form for any reason no matter how measured your rhetoric is youre still a nazi whowantstokillsixmillionjews. it will make no difference


Dick Smith had a chance to make an example out of SBS for calling him racist. You either take that opportunity, or you go the other way like Trump and fling some shit back that you know would stick. Globalists are supporters of slavery regardless of whether they understand it to be true.

Last edited 1 month ago by Freddy
Agent 47

Agree with this strategy.

Never appease, always double down. It’s never enough anyway so it’s a pointless loser strategy.

My favourite part about the whole One Nation thing now is they are running a pajeet in western Sydney because it’s full of pajeets that won’t vote ON anyway.
Proving once again multiculturalism is just a racial head count.

Agent 47

I agree. Jewish lobby have as much grip on auspol as the US. They openly brag about it.

Look at the whole Perrottet thing. No one gives a fuck outside Caufield.

If people discovered how much people like Mark Leibler and Frank Lowy have interfered in our country then we’d be a lot further to solving a lot of problems.


Serious question : why would you not want an Indian running for one nation ?

let’s be realistic we are never going to deport / auschwitz the ones who are already here

redpill Indians and Asians might have more common sense and vote for policies to pull up the ladder and not let any more immigrants into the country now that that got theirs

I have more faith in them to act in their own rational self interest than I do white women

also less likely to tolerate this abo and trans bullshit

similar to how Hispanics lean republican in the USA


Why would you want to deport yourself?


fair query…the staunchest anti jimmy I know is indian and he’s racist as fk



Agent 47

Yeh nah, the whole Hispanics republican thing is a myth. They vote for ethnic preference and whoever promises them free shit.

Ditto here. We can kick a lot of them out, a lot will self deport if economic conditions get super bad. It just means the cost is higher or violence.

That’s already here as evidenced by Melbourne CBD.


Great article Tim, PHON has long since become controlled opposition, filled with just as many money grubbing politicians after their pays boosts from sitting on Govt boards as every other political party:

The ruling class were genuinely scared of a nationalist element arising out of that, as the neoliberal economic zone project was well underway by that time and this could have put an end to it. So, they put a lot of time and effort into undermining and curtailing the party as best they could, culminating with Pauline being thrown in jail on spurious charges – message sent. 

That whole episode replays as a mini-example of what they’ve tried to do with Trump, although Pauline was was less successful, it might have been another story if she had the charisma and wealth of an Australian Trump.

The grip by elites over ourselves is vice like, but it is not unbreakable. Like the game of mates, they choose to play by the law in order to confer legitimacy on their actions. Thus there always remains a slither of hope that someone can get through – AH did once, and then instantly changed the system to ensure they couldn’t steal it back, as was done to Trump.

Scomo wasted the perfect legal backdoor for an Aussie Trump to short circuit that process. Shame.


Who is AH?

Roger Dodger

A certain Austrian artist? Allegedly gifted orator?


FMD – I just saw a photo of the ‘guy'(?) who wrote it – Charlie Lewis.

The guy, if that is what he is, honestly looks like a Transman. I’d almost put money on Ellen Page beating him in a fistfight.


That’s it?

If that is the standard of ‘article’ at Crikey no wonder they are in massive trouble.

Did he text it in? Was he told to get 100 words in by 9am?

Typical though, cut and paste other’s work, then voila you’re a Journalist.

Funny thing is that it’s meant to be condemning “Cookers” but does the exact opposite and gives lots of airtime to Yemeni and his gags about lard arse unhealthy Bill Gates.



ezfka strikes back

we called this
it’s only the first line of defence too

and what’s the bet it won’t be reversed when rates go back down

Agent 47

DLS next headline “Lunatic APRA adjusts mortgage buffer to combat house price falls”


Dr Karls’ Teeth Are Fucking Fucked
He’s a doctor with a high paying jerb.
Why do his teeth look like a picket fence going downhill?

dr karls fucking theeth.jpg

All the meth that keeps him bubbly and chirpy.

Agent 47

He’s also a small hat.

NFI why he still had a show when you could just punch it into Google.

Agent 47

Good read thanks.

As for PHON it was the Australian Jewish Association that doxxed the membership when Mark Leibler was President. He wrote the book.

I used to have the book and was gobsmacked how subversive it was before I learned certain truths about the kosher crowd.


where do I get this book?

Agent 47

Correction, it was the July 1998 edition of the Australia-Israel review which is published by AIJAC. Old man had a copy of it, that’s how old it is.

If I still had it I’d disseminate copies here for free. I reckon you could ask for a cheeky copy from AIJAC, they must catalogue everything.


It’s in the national library. I’ll make a copy of it when I am next there.

Found some interesting commentary here: http://www.gwb.com.au/aijac.htm

Last edited 1 month ago by robert2013

Wow. Mark Leibler…I happened to see that name the other day…at back of this 2012 document:


He is one of the people responsible for putting the voice together. Confirms my view that the primary purpose of the voice is to undermine what’s left of anglo australia.


They’ve had 4,000 years of experience at stealing other people’s nations. Leibler is pretty much using the same textbook that they played out on South Africa here.


I’m inclined to go along with this anti semitism….but I really need to see a more complete set of evidence before comitting to it. Being anti semitic in Australia is dangerous.

Agent 47



To the brains trust – is Josh Landis Jewish?


with that name and face I’d be shocked if he wasn’t


Chief Executive OfficerClubsNSW and Executive Director, Clubs Australia

  • May 2020 – Present2 years 9 months

Executive OfficerExecutive Council of Australian Jewry

  • 2003 – 20052 years
  • Sydney, Australia
Agent 47

Beat me to it. Yes he’s a small hat and likely the guy who started all the Perrottet Nazi shit.


Free pass to bash Christians and even more so Catholics, doubly so if you wear a small hat.

Louise Mulligan trotted out a hit piece last night on Four Corners, then hypes it up with a ‘story’ about threats but unable to name the supposed threatening person (saying “from a prominent family” should add more spice too, she’s good at this). Lots of form for her in this arena, taxpayers will always pay her legal bills and your ABC luvvies will always support her so she can say whatever she wants.

Being Catholic myself I see the irony of these Holier than thou types.

Won’t hold my breath for her doing the same stories on Islamic or Jewish schools either.


he’s just been sacked by clubs nsw

who knows what happened behind the scenes

maybe a truce has been arranged with perrotet in an attempt to save the election for the libs and keep clubs out of the crosshairs post-election


I would say excellent, but at the same time I think he is being made an example of.

Younger generations, like Landis recognise and see the power and influence they as a people weld – he thought he was in a sufficient position of strength and Catholicism sufficiently on the nose that he could get away with it.

Older Jews like Lowy and Lieber are far more circumspect. They grew up in a different time, when things hung much more in the balance and indeed, were even beginning to move against them. You don’t want people, eg Catholic Goyim, to suddenly start making the connection.

IMO the Kahal has spoken, and the elders have thrown Landis to the wolves, least he antagonise the Goyim further – which would not be in Jewish interests.


Buried right at the bottom of yesterday’s news articles on Landis:

Landis’ decision to cite Perrottet’s Catholic faith was also condemned by the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies and the Australian Jewish Association. The Board of Deputies welcomed both his apology and resignation.

Permission was given.


If you are a Catholic it is important to remember that the Jews broke their covenant with God in choosing to murder the Son of God:

When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!” And all the people answered, “His blood be on us and on our children!”

Matthew 27:24

The wishy washy post Vatican II council, should be ignored. There is good reasons why Christian societies should have never allowed the Jewish voice any power or prominence.

Jesus preached many things, but his most famous was his sermon on the mount. Which the TLDR translation was “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

In contrast the central precept of Judaism and their morality, the concept of ‘good’ is whether or not it benefits the Jewish people.

Their morality is relative – and indeed their entire philosophy, which now thanks to ‘post modernism’ is also our central philosophy as secular Goyim (this is the ideology that so confuses DLS into believing that he opposes it), is that everything is relative.

For all the criticisms that are possible to level against Christianity in terms of Christian morality towards sex before marriage, LGBT, drugs, pornography, gambling etc, the reality is those rules served purposes of countering behavioural population sinks that have destroyed societies in the past.

There is a reason why Jews have been historically associated with all of those vices. Whatever harms the Goyim is good for the Jew.

From our high point in history as a society of plenty that has essentially cured needs and is now focused on wants, it leaves us acutely vulnerable to those who would preach “good” in the abandonment of those values that counter population sinks.

Those who would argue against these things, argue against the values that created our society, which coming back to my device of God as an Egregore, means arguing against our God. If you promote values that actively undermine our society, our God which has delivered everything to us, then you are evil.

This is one of the fundamental moral justifications towards questioning, calling out and opposing their values – it isn’t ‘tolerance’ it is literally anti-God, or anti-Christ. Christianity and Christians should be tolerant towards all, except those who would change the values we choose to live by in our societies.

Butt fucking and legalized marijuana isn’t progress, it is truly anti-social in terms of its long term outcomes, and thus anti-Christian. But Christianity, as Jesus emphasized, should also be tolerant of those who try and fail. Forgiveness is an important part of Christianity, one that isn’t a precondition in other religions.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stewie

Forgiveness happens after repentance. Not before.


For sins against the individual, I’d agree repentance must first be sought.

But for the ‘sins’ against society that I listed, drugs, porn, poofterism, etc, I’ll simply accept people publicly striving to be better. We are all human and give in to temptation or deal with adversity in different ways. Different story for those facilitating the behaviours.

Last edited 1 month ago by Stewie

Actually doing better is pennace, striving to do better isn’t enough. Repentance is a change from the inside out. It cannot be sought from others. Forgiveness should not be granted to the unrepentent. That is what battered women do over and over. It is both weakness embodied and its cause. The penitent do however deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Last edited 1 month ago by robert2013

Jewish animus (and hubris) clearly on display. Good.

Hopefully more people will start seeing where much of the animus towards Christians, is so called ‘secular society’ originates from.


To truly learn unz.com is terrific.
Ron Unz himself is one of them
He did a great article on how porn is run by them and how Ron Jeremy – one of the original up the butt ugly guys who everyone would wonder how he got there – was a chosen one who took great pleasure with dumb catholic girls trying to shock their parents.
An old saying says when the christians and muslims fight only the jew wins
We should take a leaf and stoke this indian/paki antagonist
Learn from them – they are the chosen – its easy to get these retards at each others throat



fucking hell this guy is a dopey fuckwit

look at him deep throating that ice cream the fat lazy fuck

makes me yearn for KRudd to come back


Reading DM comments always restore my faith in humanity and Australia

Heatseeker Al, Brisbane, Australia, 13 minutes ago

Albo’s entire life has been tax payer funded. Growing up in public housing, backbencher salary, frontbencher salary, minister & now PM loaded up with all the perks. He has been a professional grifter his whole life. The public are just working out now that he can’t manage the economy. Why would you be surprised? You voted for it!


Most of the Australian economy is grifting so he’s well equipped to navigate the hoards of rentiers and resource extractors

Agent 47

Pajeets trying to rip off locals with fake charges from Uber. Ah multiculturalism.


Aussie Soy Boy


Put this grub away. She’s about to learn the free ride she’s been on all her life doesn’t extend outside Australia’s borders. Outside Australia’s borders she’s merely an equal, and is held responsible for her choices.


I remember reading something about the Jap justice system. If you’re charged you’re assumed to be guilty and go to neatest tidiest prison cell on the planet.
You also get to eat the best cuts of tuna toro and whale meat.


for foreigners jap prison is apparently hell on earth. you get beaten if you’re caught in there speaking anything other than japanese.


Retirees repeatedly breaking the law because they are well looked after in prison.


Carlos Ghosn didn’t think so


That was an awesome escape – in a music equipment roadcase.
He knew those disgusting anime porn loving Nips were going to put him in prison for no reason.


Absolutely. It’s interesting because it appears their justice system presumes if you have been charged you’re 99% going to be found guilty.

So either their prosecution rates are relatively low meaning they only charge people who they are very certain are guilty, or the notion of burden of proof over there to find someone criminally guilty is pretty low…


japan is way more authoritirian than people think. it’s not a western country at all, it’s not really even a democratic country. they elect the same party over and over again, it’s similar to singapore. oriental east asian countries never took to whatever phony ‘democracy’ we call in our countries very much, they’re much better off for it really. why even bother trying to pretend.


retail sales down 3.9%

in NOMINAL terms

so its a collapse in real terms if inflation is really 8%

rates going down soon


just as it as always been



I wouldn’t read too much into a single monthly figured. YOY +7.5% and recall that December 2021 was when everyone was cashed up coming out of Covid.


Exactly. Meanwhile in comings brain this means rates will go down next Tuesday.


Predicted was -0.2%

Did they not take that into account ?

pretty huge miss


Except if inflation is 8% why would rates go down

At best they’ll hold at the current level for a while or slow their rate of increase until inflation starts moderating some more


Are you aware of the ambiguity that is implicit in the word “soon”?


18 months?


<12 months