Avi Yemeni promises latest ‘Banned from NZ’ grift is as legitimate as his previous grifts

3-time Grifter of the Year Avi Yemeni has launched another legal fund, this time to overturn being denied entry to New Zealand which he claims is based on politics and vaccine status, but is most likely because of his previous domestic violence convictions.

Yemeni, who previously supported lockdowns with Real Rukshan until he discovered there was money in opposing them, was denied check-in at Melbourne Airport along with Rukshan this morning, in his latest appeal for cash. Yemeni has threatened to call the ADL and get a grovelling apology like he got from Victoria Police, if he is not let in to New Zealand.

‘Please send shekels generously to my latest grift, er, legal fight,” Yemeni stated in a video outside Melbourne Airport.

‘I hope you all forgot about the PRGuy thing which went nowhere and revealed nothing of nature but hey, I got paid and that’s all there is to it. It should have been obvious I was vaccinated when I went to the UAP/LDP freedom ball grift in NSW during lockdowns.”

Yemeni stated that he didn’t have time to organise a fake arrest at the airport as per Rebel News policy, but appealed for further funds to do so in future.

Yemeni declined to provide his vaccine status and has threatened to sue anyone who questions his motives for defamation.

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Agent 47

Lol 10/10

This guy is just getting more and more shameless and that’s saying something.

Really dispelling the myth of the covetous, eternal victim new shaking down the gentiles for money.

Roger Dickings

The man thrives on conflict, like a lot of people of his ethno religious background.
If you wanted to give him the shits you’d ignore him, but that’s not going to happen


Somebody unpack this for me, please. I’ve not been keeping up with events!


It’s as Timbo says – there’s actual footage of Avi and Rukshan circulating where they are supporting mandates and lockdowns, but at some point they change their mind when they realise they can make some cash out of it.

For a long time Rebel News’ business model has been to sue, accuse others of defamation and fundraise of the back of their audience. To travel interstate and overseas one has to be vaccinated, so this latest outcome is entirely predictable. Just as when Avi was previously arrested, the donations page was set up days in advance and the same has likely occurred – how very convenient!

Avi raised funds to expose twitter user “PRGuy” and take him to court for defamation, but after the latter outed himself nothing has happened so people are right to question where the money has gone. It’s kinda like the legal action was never going to happen anyway, so people who remember this would assume they already have the funds to take legal action.

Of course, going to NZ is a bit of a dumb move. I don’t think anyone in EZFKA really cares about what happens across the ditch, otherwise we’d all be at embee reading and commenting Hugh Pavletich links – which no-one actually does. If Avi really wanted to make a stand and generate genuine interest he could go and protests lockdowns in China… but then he’d probably get locked up for good.



A fly in your ointment

there’s actual footage of Avi and Rukshan

Dont get me wrong, i tried… (for Avi), perhaps I did not want to find it or its existence is dubious or perhaps it is out of context.

To dispell any bias, perhaps it is best to actually point to a questionable footage rather than going the meme way.

Not that I think that Avi et cie are anything less than a loathsome bunch, they are fringe trivial characters in the Oi-Oi medicodictatorship dystopia that dwarf anything else seen in the world (excluding Canucks). Focus on this bunch is a distraction from the pseudomedical terrorism of the last 2 years and if anything, the inglorious bunch grift has assisted many to endure through the twilight zone. Not that we are out as yet…

Does anyone loath the Lord Count of VICula, Cherry Cunt, imPale-a-chook, that qld health figure that said he was going to make the life miserable and impossible to earn for unjabbed?


Here’s the Rukshan one – pro lockdown just doesn’t pay the bills.


A fly in your ointment

thank you for not taking this other way than a constructive critic.
I opened the link and it has no actual footing of Ru-kushan. He is actually mentioned only in the twat title, nowhere else.

I looked up some stuff on A-vi Yeah-meni on U-Toob and I found one where he interviewed some people on the street and questioned their lack of adherence to mask and lockdowns but it is clearly not in support of it but rather to polarise people to at least a response if not a strong opinion or a rant. It is actually quite skilfully done, the polarisation to induce response.

I am still open to a possibility of evidence that he is indeed a backflipper but then which “influencer” is Not that type of a person?

Agent 47
A fly in your ointment

There is no date when this was broadcast. If this was done in the 2020 and perhaps up to Q1 of 2021, the call to stay home and prevent the spread would be a normal reaction. It was my reaction too and I supported it as little was known about the plandemic and the pathology/cure. From that perspective I could be labelled as a backflipper as I shifted to the ‘dark’ side when they named HCQ a horse dewormer and the alleged cure became mandated. Hark, I even had my sleeve rolled up in the expectation that an actual vaccine was developed…

He is still a lowlife but i dont think he ever called for mass jabbadabba, unlike this guy whom held some power over our lives:

Interestingly, this article came today on Speculator dot com:


Might need to register an account if you didn’t see the video clip.

This is a screenshot of what you should have seen – it’s definitely Rukshan.


A fly in your ointment

I saw that video but it is a 22 second video and nuttin in it other that a general thought.


Plus following the playbook of the original grifter Ezra it is important to yell anti-Semaphore at the faintist whiff of any criticism.

They still have a function as useful idiots.


In Alberta the leading cause of death is unknown cause.



The bad cat has posted arricles about studies indicating that in many cases long covid is psychosomatic. There were many cases of “long covid” in people who hadn’t actually had covid for example. So it would appear that often (but not always) its a grift.

This is not to deny that viral respiratory diseases can have long term sequelae, but it indicates that a substantial number of the long covid crowd are just your usual neurotic nutters jumping on the latest bandwagon.


They never say whether these people with LoNg CoViD have had the jab either…

A fly in your ointment

I was about to reply on the same premise… anything “long” (in illness) may very well be attributed to the jabbadabba-do. Absence of analysis of that factor is indicative of many a things pointing in the direction one shall not dare pointing ever.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s just a made up illness like anxiety or depression.

A lot of the symptoms seem like what you get from sitting on the couch for nearly three years working from home, sitting on the couch, getting everything delivered, not to mention the psychologically weak having their heads bashed in with COVID by the media day in day out for approaching three years.

A fly in your ointment

As a survivor* I can tell you it is not a bull, it makes one feel exhausted easily for months.

* = 😉


Ok…you’re saying anxiety and depression are made up. A weakness even.

This is a pretty huge breakthrough, I’d be keen to read this research and studies you’ve published.

Silly me having seen it first hand in my family member, all this time he’s been making it up. I never realised.

Aussie Soy Boy

A lot of people in Australia are unhappy, but they don’t have a disease.

They’re lives simply suck.

They’re lives suck because they make shitty decisions.

The cure to making shitty decisions is making sensible ones.


I could go to a doctor tomorrow, give him a list of self-reported symptoms, get referred to a shrink and presto get access to legal amphetamines for as long as I like. The shrink might make go to a bunch of $500 sessions before prescribing it because that’s how the scam works but yeah lifetime supply.

Anyone who believes in psychologists is an idiot.

Aussie Soy Boy


Before you get me on that lol



I would add to the psychosomatic the strong correlation of symptoms between “long covid” sufferers and those of people suffering from severe anxieties, perhaps as a result of being locked in your house for years and constantly told you’ll kill grandma if you dare step outside.


yes, definitely mostly grifters

much like the “vaccine injured” though


Yes, the idea of vaccine injury is just one great big grift, eh?

Spike in US, UK polio cases highlights rare mutation link to oral vaccines

Since 2017, there have been 396 cases of polio caused by the wild virus, versus more than 2,600 linked to the oral vaccine, according to figures from the World Health Organization.

“We are basically replacing the wild virus with the virus in the vaccine, which is now leading to new outbreaks,” Scott Barrett from Columbia University said.


Thankfully, nothing like this could ever happen with a new, experimental, genetics based vaccine that was given rushed emergency use authorisation…….could it.


yeah its mainly a grift

but real injuries can occur, just less common than grifting/mental weakness

you’re showing your cognitive bias by denying long covid but maintaining unshakeable belief in long vaccine

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

Thank you for your considered and informative response.


Yes this both as shit as each other.

Not denying potential vaccine effects but I do think so many grifters


I wonder if there was as much research into long symptoms of flu, cold, other common ailments, they would come up with similar stuff.

Look long enough or hard enough and you [think you] will have found something.

Last edited 1 year ago by ThePensum

Yes….they looked for it and, yes,they’ve found it.
‘Long Flu’ Also Exists But Is Less Common Than Long Covid, Study Suggests

A flu infection can cause lingering physical and psychiatric symptoms for months after infection like long Covid, according to a new study published in PLOS Medicine, though the research suggests Covid-19 patients are more likely to experience long-term symptoms.


It’s Not Just COVID. There’s Also Long Flu and Pneumonia

The Epic findings, which the company published on the Epic Research website earlier this month but have not been reported in a peer-reviewed journal, found that “long flu” and “long viral pneumonia” may be more common than long Covid.


Incidence, co-occurrence, and evolution of long-COVID features: A 6-month retrospective cohort study of 273,618 survivors of COVID-19

Long-COVID clinical features occurred and co-occurred frequently and showed some specificity to COVID-19, though they were also observed after influenza. Different long-COVID clinical profiles were observed based on demographics and illness severity.



Is this true?

#throughGrapeVine…. *Some* banks are passing along the rate hikes by not changing the repayment amount but increasing the IR component and decreasing the principle component thereby automaically extending the loan out to extra years some already reaching 40’s.


Unlikely to be true as it would be a breach of contract. I recall a bank miscalculating repayments that meant the loan would exceed 30 years and they had to remediate this. Not sure how though.

It would only be done with customer consent whereby the customer would say I can’t pay and the only resolution is extending the loan term. However the bank has to agree.

A fly in your ointment

It would only be done with customer consent

that being the main reason for the aforementioned nominal repayment retention (NRR), is it likely that customer would not give the consent or actually object if the bank was to gently push it towards selected mortgagees?

Aussie Soy Boy

Love it. Hope they never pay the fucker off.


DNA collection and mrna production, peas and carrots.

Monash University, is offering secure, free DNA testing to identify risk of cancer and heart disease that can be prevented or treated early.


Monash University is delighted that Moderna will be joining other world-leading research and technology companies in the Monash Technology Precinct, under an agreement signed with the Victorian government.

Moderna will build its first mRNA production facility in the Southern Hemisphere at Clayton in Melbourne’s south-east, and is expected to produce up to 100 million vaccine doses each year in Australia, including COVID-19, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).


Reus's Large MEMBER

Seems like the perfect place to build it, a dictator in charge that will mandate any experimental vaccine in the name of “political science” and a compliant population that will line up to get it to keep their mega mortgages going.

A fly in your ointment

I agree with this assertion

(instead of a + which is not available to us the non-Member characters)


Maybe they are doing it here because in USA those who naively took advantage of “free DNA tests” were being denied health insurance claims on the basis of known pre-existing condition.

Last edited 1 year ago by Freddy
Aussie Soy Boy

Fuck me who under 80 actually gets a flu vaccine unless mandated for their job, let alone an MRNA flu jab lol.

A fly in your ointment

To answer the question…: you, 5-10 years from now when it becomes mandatory in order to be able to breathe in public space – that is outside the home you own outright (mortgagees and tenants excluded)


Who is going to use the 100 million waxine doses? Only 20% of adults in Victoria have had their fourth dose and I thought this was the home of the bedwetters. The only way they will use these doses is monthly boosters. I guess The Age readership will be lining up.


Good news. Cancer treatment via personalised mRNA vaccine seems like it has a lot of potential.

Roger Dodger

This was always one of the objective side-effects re fast-tracking of these new types of vaccines.


this is a great article – talks about how the mudbloods think.

Inside the mind of one of my very smart pro-vax friends (substack.com)

The comments are filled with people who saw the truth and are watching ex- friends and family have medical issues.


this definitely happened

stagmal lost his log in details

kirsh is trash imo one of the worst commentators

he’s in the bin category along with malone and that heart doctor guy

you can’t take anything they say at face value at all bc there’s so much b.s in there even if at least 50% of it is true or has some truth to it


Shit those cunts and shitcunts!


Punitive and not evidence based to the extreme

Even the ABC acknowledged as much from the interviews it sought


On the Offensive – 153



I tried watching one of these the other day, DD. I wasn’t sure what I was watching.

is there a background that I need to understand? Or is the whole point that it should wash over me just as I find it, with no explanation, prior expectations or commentary? Is it a kind of experiential art?


Cancer, Degeneracy, Hypocrisy, Cringe. It really is just blackpill viewing about how fucked western civilisation is as it’s consumed by wokeism.


Kinda like the Yorkshire bloke who laughs over the vids and goes I’ll be seeing you.

Aussie Soy Boy

I watched the one posted the other week and enjoyed it.


If not him, then who?

Agent 47

Anyone non-jewish.


Sorry, but if these degenerates can’t keep it in their pants, I for one welcome the feeling of pissing shards of glass.



On the other hand…

Pfizer En.jpg

yeh. How about we lock those blokes in their houses for a few weeks to flatten the curve.

only allowed out of house for food shopping, and only if wearing a mask over the face and one of those Pfizer Stoppfers Pfitted down the other end.

Police deployed to check for compliance with Stoppfer Pfittment.

all the Covid-crazy Karens should think this is a great idea.

Aussie Soy Boy

It seems like gay culture is just built on rampant unprotected sex. These people aren’t gay as much as they are sex addicts.

How many are sex addicts turned gay since it’s not really possible for a straight man to have this sex with random women?


Does it come with batteries?

Asking for a friend.

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat
Roger Dickings

Hope it’s not made in Russia.


Lol. They also claimed the covid vaccines were 95% effective.

Every word and every product from Pfizer is a morass of lies and bullshit.

Gruppenführer Mark

I have learned something new today. I am deeply ashamed.


CNN proves that monkeypox is not an STD. Since CNN is a horn speaker of pure truth, I shall self-flagellate.

Please remember to wear purple tomorrow.


Strangest thing… Cannot post images unless I log out.


And they used they/them instead of he, which makes it even more ridiculous.

I urge all gay men to engage in vast amounts of promiscuous sex with other gay me. The more of this among these idiots, the better. Serves them right.

Aussie Soy Boy

The best is when they get their lesions all over their nose, lips and chin.

It’s almost like one of those chalk outlines at a crime scene, or using the blood splatter to piece together what happened.

Monkey sores lips and chin is like he ate some guys asshole for 15 minutes then took a big load on the chin which he forgot to wash off afterwards.


German monkeypox dude whose nose turned black and rotted off. Don’t click on the link while eating.



I don’t know why they blanked out his eyes – its not like you won’t be able to identify him with a fucking rotten clown nose like that.


I would be interested in your / the collective views on Alex Berenson (I am only a recent subscriber to his Substack) ?

On a similar vein, interesting to see Musk has had a Whistleblower complaint land in his lap for his Twitter case.

That same Whistleblower claims Twitter employed Indian government agents (after the Indian Government ordered account and protest message removals, threats of violence against employees etc.

A former Twitter Manager was convicted in the US this month of spying for Saudi Arabia, accessing private data on Twitter users that was critical of Saudi Kingdom’s government. That data included email addresses, phone numbers and IP addresses. In return the Twitter Manager was paid watches and cash by a middle man on behalf of the Saudi royal family.

Your ABC, The Age, Guardian etc. strangely all missed that snippet of news.

Twitter is a cesspit of Leftard meaningless shouting and virtue signals, but it’s funny how those same Leftards skip past the evil behaviour of their own media. Happy to whine with Rudd about Murdoch and his papers.

stagmal lost his log in details

berenson is one of the best non-scientfic / non-academic background vax critics

he has much more nuanced positions on the vaxxes then kirsch etc who just stray into nutter zone far too often

he was the first to call the warning shots on how they stop working really quick

most of the things he says tturn out to be true bc he never strays into the realm of claiming theyre gonna mass sterilise everyoen or shit like that that aint gunna happen

i also suspect he’s right about weed and the bullshit the pro-legalisation/marijiuana lobby churns out too but i havent looked into that as much

Generally I like what he does but weirdly he doesn’t believe IVM works even though he believes Paxlovid works which is a protease inhibitor which is what IVM is! They modelled Paxlovid on IVM (but changed it enough to patent it) which is why it was cynically called Pfizermectin by those in the know..


i think he’s right about IVM too honestly

another ‘silver bullet’ just like the covid vaxxes except as an anti-viral at least it is not effective at all

a lot of proper RCTs have finished up on it at the start of this year and from what i can gather it effectively does nothing

i’ll concede even if it does do something the effects are likely so insignificant and crap its not even worth thinking about, like verything else where you can show an “effect” in medical science

like all those garbage studies about how red wine reduces cancer rates etc etc etc

its all trash research that gets churned out by the truckload

no idea about paxlovid but it’s prob ineffective as well

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal
Aussie Soy Boy

Who cares about ivermectin COVID is a cough for 99.99% of people.


This crowd provides a “fact check” on the Ivermectin/Paxlovid discussion.

Good luck understanding it……here’s the wrap:

Bottom line

It is abundantly clear that the “Pfizermectin” myth is just that. PF-07321332 is a potent enzymatic inhibitor of Mpro with proven efficacy in clinical trials. Ivermectin has very poor potency in this same assay. Ivermectin, if it works at all, is certainly not functioning as a protease inhibitor.

Based on in vitro studies, Ivermectin is a weak inhibitor of viral replication in cultured cells.

But the antiviral inhibition of ivermectin is weak enough that even at high or multiple doses of the drug blood concentrations do not reach its cellular assay IC50 of 2µM. 

PF-07321332 is a potent inhibitor in both the enzymatic and call-based assays.

The drug reaches and remains at blood concentrations sufficient to inhibit 90% of viral replication in cells for one day and does so well below toxic levels.

How Does Pfizer’s Paxlovid Compare With Ivermectin?


Most of the recent studies on Ivermectin have been pretty negative…..will be interesting to see what the PRINCIPLE trial eventually comes up with……but things aren’t looking good at the moment.

Pity really……like so many others, I had hopes that it might be the simple answer we were all hoping for.

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

i think it really just speaks to medical science period, beware of anyone spruiking alleged miracle medicines bc it unfortunately never turns out the way they’re claiming

the covid vaccines were little different, oversold, overhyped crummy products rushed to market under govt pressure to end the pandemic hysteria


beware of anyone spruiking alleged miracle medicines……. 

Completely agree.

There was, however, a legitimate optimism about Ivermectin after the Australian research that showed IVMs’ ability to arrest viral growth in-vitro.

It was not an unreasonable hope, given that many other medications have been used effectively off-label for some time.

Even the infamous thalidomide has been used safely and effectively in the treatment of Leprosy and Multiple Myeloma,

Aspirin has been used for years now alleviating blood clotting after surgery and high blood pressure. There are even recent papers published linking Aspirin use to reduced Covid infection.

So, the hope for Ivermectin was not totally misplaced.

But, unfortunately, the snake oil salesmen got into the act before the legitimate research was complete.


Now this is how you grift. Come to Australia (presumably) as refugee, total coincidence that your daughter is disabled, bring elderly mother over who speaks no English, prepare lawsuit to fleece taxpayers when daughter dies:



Daughter had Turner’s syndrome – they get a tonne of cardiac complications, and aortic dissection kills a lot of them and it’s hard to pick clinically. Just bad luck, doubt much could have been done otherwise.


dont have to be a doctor to take one look at her and realise she isn’t the full chromosomal package

Of genetic diseases are often the problem with many of the people from that part of the world, due to consanguinity

as we discussed on one of the other recent articles

we aren’t getting the world’s best genetic stock that’s for sure, and it will have flow on effects to future generations of “australians”

Roger Dickings
Diggin' those bio-frontholes with the sacks on their heads, should be more of it

What’s your tip on how long Aldo will last? Will he even make the full term?

Labor don’t have a good recent history, Rudd was only 1-3 (won in ‘07 then Juliar backstabbed him in 2010, then he got it back again in 2013 but lost at the election to Abbott.

Shorten and his backstabbers will beat the jungle drums soon, when he gets home from wherever he is now. As soon as the Green wreckers get going and the economy stalls, he’ll be a goner.

Roger D

I dont follow politics so have no idea. Maybe others could give an opinion.


I wouldn’t bet the house on it, if I were you:

Australia PM Gets Record Approval Rating After Two Months in Job

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has recorded the highest approval rating of any incoming leader in the country in more than 35 years.

About 61% of Australians said they approved of Albanese’s performance in his first two months in office, according to survey by Newspoll published by The Australian on Sunday. That’s the highest of any incoming leader since the question was first asked by Newspoll in 1985. 


There’s a certain simplicity and sincerity about the bloke that a lot of people like.
Makes a refreshing change from the pack of smug, self-interested suits that have held the podium for the last decade.

There’s an understanding out there in punter-land that much of the bad stuff that is happening now started a long time ago, and is not just unique to Oz.

As far as Shorten making a move….you’re kidding, right?

The Rudd-Gillard-Rudd fiasco has made Labor totally gun-shy about that sort of thing, and I think they now have rules that make a move on the leadership very difficult.

And the Libs have got alligators snapping at their arses from every direction as they wander aimlessly through the political wilderness.

I’d wager it will be quite a while before they move over to the other side of the house again.


esp w dutton he is fkn unelectable


That will be viewed by millions of Australian “aspirational voters” as something of an achievement to be emulated.

And don’t forget to mention the bit about Peter Duttons’ $5 million property portfolio in the same article.

“Aspiration” is not determined by ideology 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat

Some good points, I’m wondering why I even asked actually. Yes, the Libs really are two terms away from even a chance. Here’s me thinking The Project was utter unwatchable Woke shit, yet it’s still on TV. I guess I just don’t understand a certain portion of Australia.

Judging by the ‘standard’ of politics so far (and that includes the bin fire generated by Scomo) it’s time to get in on the ESD grift, there’s going to be heaps of taxpayers cash for shysters. If you can’t beat ‘em…


Queensland’s Education Department is docking the pay of 900 school staff who did not get the COVID vaccine, saying that ignoring the mandate put others at risk. Staff members including teachers, teacher aides, administration staff, cleaners and school officers will have a “small-scale temporary reduction of one increment of pay” for 18 weeks, the department said.
“Approximately $25-$90 per week gross, proportionate to the normal pay that a staff member receives,” a spokesperson from the department said. “The disciplinary penalty imposed on staff are individualised to each person’s circumstances.” The staff received a letter this week informing them about the decision, however a 20-week period had been flagged with them.
The letter stated the action was “appropriate” for the severity of the matter and hoped staff would follow future directions. A direction from the state’s Chief Health Officer required school staff to be vaccinated against COVID from November last year, but the decision was revoked in June and staff have since returned to the workplace.


This doesn’t “just happen”. The fact that this did happen, though, goes to underline that there are STILL a bunch of crazy zealots out there, fixated on Covid stuff when everyone else has long since moved on.

file them under the “Covid grifter” category, I think.

on the other hand, this places a monetary value on experimental shit refusal – 18×90=$1,620. Less after tax… about $1,000 maybe.

A fly in your ointment

they worked out that this is the only way they can score something from the position of power since the facing the overwhelming data of (un)safety, the pureblood thought is now cemented.
Since there is no mandate, the move may be illegal. As long as they don’t employ a Manchurian candidate lawyers like the ones in NSW last year, they may have a chance to overturn this. Dangers from difference in jabbadabba status are not even arbitrary, there are none, particularly in relation to danger to others.

Max Payne

Given what’s now known about the real world efficacy of the vaccines i.e they don’t stop you getting wuflu or transmitting it the justification the government has given for docking their pay is quite frankly pathetic. It smacks of both a face saving measure and being done out of spite to punish people who have the audacity to think for themselves instead of lining up to be waxed like an obedient NPC.

Aussie Soy Boy

As a pureblood (sorry cringe at this point I know) I don’t know how you actually catch this damn virus at this point. I’ve been constantly going out for the past month (normally go out less than the average person so surely my immunity is weaker if that theory is to be believed) and in the middle of winter can’t even get a sniffle or sore throat let alone this plague they talk about. In fact I’ve barely had a sniffle for three years. I barely changed my behaviour at all throughout the pandemic in fact.

It even makes me question germ theory.


My partner caught it a few weeks ago. We were together all the time she was at her most infectious including sleeping together, and I didn’t get it. She’s triple vaxxed and I’m a pure blood.

She told her work group the other day that if they mandate a 4th jab they can get fucked, and they’ll have to sack her. Given that 100% of her team of about 12 tripple jabbed people have had the plague, there was no disagreement.


Qld State Gov have slipped in a sneaky change to their Land Tax meanwhile…they are counting people’s non QLD residential assets, meaning your rate will increase (ie. $500k apartment on the Goldie gets lumped in with all other resi holdings and rated on that accumulated basis rather than a single holding basis).

An extra 20% in tax for them to splurge on new Covid camps, cool.


Anyone know what is going on in NZ? Apparently huge protests against the airhead of the south?

comment image


Would be well covered and evenly balanced on MSM surely.

A fly in your ointment
Max Payne

Could be the jab but then again given he was a cyclist he may have gone a bit too hard on the EPO.