Albanese confident he can beat Kevin Rudd’s record for ‘highest number of migrants to keep wages down and rents up’

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has stated that he remains confident that he can beat Kevin Rudd’s record of 315,000 migrants in a single year to keep the country afloat.

Albanese admits he had a friendly wager with Rudd as to how many migrants he can bring in, and stated he remains committed to the Great Replacement at all costs.

‘If it means I have to fly directly over Sri Lanka and India and air drop Australian passports then I will do it by whatever means necessary,” Albanese said.

“We haven’t got any other fuckin economic ideas other than keep property developers and landlords happy. Productive economies and producing things are for hard workers, we don’t do that in Australia mate. Just buy a fuckin’ house.”

Albanese also remained confident that the health care systems could cope with another 200,000 migrants a year and is looking at ways to get Indian grandmothers straight on to the public health system.

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rudd is lookin like shit these days


I guess being an angry and bitter man hastens ageing


Must be hard carrying a 91 year old man on your back and a massive chip on both shoulders..


One of the all time great sleazebag grifters.

Rudd’s wife is worth squillions, all despite being a lowly ‘rehabilitation counsellor’. Government contract after government contract, no connection with little Kevvie of course.
She shifted the company in 2007 to the UK to prevent claims of conflict in Australia (funny that), then miraculously won a huge contract with the UK government in 2011 (the Minister who gave the contract denied impropriety), Kevvie and his wife sold the business for $160m a few years later.
Not one journo has ever looked into this or asked a question.


i thought she was involved in the jobactive system


it was whatever happened after the CES was privatized from memory.

but yeah, its no coincidence she picked up heaps of these contracts while rudd was climbing the ranks at qld labor.


Amazing what can be achieved post politics it seems

Roger Dodger

Sounds like a job for Michael West.


Rudd sees himself as Australia’s greatest intellectual of the 21st Century.

Probably the best thing that Malcolm Turnbull did as PM was not to endorse KRudd for a UN role.


Imagine those two in the same room, the vacuum from the combined self-inflated egos would create a galactic black hole…


one of the most infuriating articles I’ve ever read

why didn’t they also mention what small percentage of tax breaks went to refugees and trans and aboriginals ?

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based DLS

drsmithy MEMBER
August 19, 2022 at 9:34 am
Perhaps the Coalition was right about Albo’s economic inexperience. That is, he means well but is the useful idiot of capital, as woke thought so often is.
The basis of the perennial Liberal “Labor’s economic inexperience” attack is that they don’t do what capitalists want them to do.
Well, here Labor are doing what capitalists want them to do. Let the markets run free and supply-side will fix teh things.
The only thing the Coalition would be doing differently is chopping welfare alongside the immigration to “encourage” people into work and trying to get rid of minimum wage and other worker protections.


also based DLS…

sell BHP with both hands..



He’s been good lately


Professor Smith almost came out with “Culture Matters” the other day in regards to what is wrong with our Democracy:

Have to disagree on that. The system should have as much built-in protection from malicious actors as possible. Ours relies pretty much entirely on conventions, rather than actual rules, and this is a problem that needs to be addressed.

I found it most disorientating reading that from the Smiturd and momentarily lost my sense of direction, up and down, it was most confusing….

Then I reread it a little more carefully today and it is apparent that he see’s the fact that our reliance of convention and culture in the past for a relatively well functioning Democracy, as being problematic. The fact that Democracy doesn’t work in the MultiCult Utopia we are pursuing, means that for the DrSmithy’s it is our OLD values that are the problem, and not the pursuit of an idolized intellectual that threaten radical an irreversable change upon our nations, that is undermining our “Democracy”.

With his the “and this is a problem that needs to be addressed.” suggests he believes we need to change our values and Democratic system. We need to change the rules around our “Democracy” to accommodate the different people and cultures, that we were warned would make our democracy and societies less functional.

Inside every progressive is a genocidal dictator ready to remake society according to their untried, untested utopic vision. It won’t be long until he completes his journey by realising that the only way we can peacefully exist within a MultiCult society, where people are forced to live alongside others who share different values, is under an oppressive police state.


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yeah nah he’s just talking about trump etc


Soz edited my above comment without realising you’d replied in the meantime. I don’t intentionally do that after someone has replied. Basically I re-read DrSmithy’s comment from the other day and saw a darker interpretation to it, which is what the additional to my comment was. I started out far softer on DrSmiturd.

BTW – who do you think is talking about Trump? Prof or DLS? I thought they were talking about Albo?


smithy is:

As we’re witnessing in the US, even a well-designed system with multiple real checks and balances is vulnerable to long-term, co-ordinated destruction from within.”


Ah, there were multiple links to his comments. Normally I find just one of his comments uses up all my ability to deal with smug, self serving progessive wankers for the day.

He went on quite the little rant didn’t he – his borguois hatred of the working class and any financial success they reap above his deserved professional learnings, really shines through:

Just keep in mind Ermo’s idea of “the professional class” in these sorts of self-serving rants is basically anyone that works in an office / could feasibly work from home.

So your accountants, IT support, secretaries/PAs, drafters, etc, making average wages /- 10% all count as the bourgeois, while the tradies pulling in >$100k with an investment property or two are Howard’s Battlers “working class”.

It’s his intellectual snobbery and certainty that he holds the high moral ground that fuels the obvious resentment he feels against those working class plebs who make good.

The politics of envy and maintaining a social hierarchy, which he feels he should be higher up and relatively more financially rewarded for, compared to those well to do plebs, explains much of his support for equity politics.


there is probably an element of tradies getting laid more than he does too.

classic gamma for sure. wouldn’t be surprised if he is into some weird kinds of pron too, anime girls or something.


I used to love seeing the EmBee hate towards people like Nathan Birch. It just showed their resentment to someone who they felt was beneath them doing well. Yes, he took a lot of risk, but he knew that the government would implicitly back property prices. Something that the EmBee readership still fails to comprehend no matter how many times the government initiates a scheme to boost property prices.


 he took a lot of risk

Birch actually didn’t take that much risk. In one of his videos he warned viewers that negative gearing was a sign of being overleveraged, and that he has only ever been positively geared.

He also has a good understanding of property values, renovation costs, etc. He targeted properties that could be cheaply renovated and rented out at higher yields.


this is an interesting one

Media trying to herd people into fixed rate mortgages just as the rate cycle peaks

Roger Dickings

Why you thinking the rate cycle’s peaked?


The rate cycle is nowhere near peak, it’s just started.


Media is trying to lure the government into action to increase house prices and spur on housing activity.

Agent 47

This. They’re just shilling for govt intervention. Works most times.


Agree. IMHO there will be a deflationary bust in discretionary spending by mid next year. And RBA will be cutting again. Don’t fix now. I think the rba will be cutting into the wall of fixed mortgage expiries at the back half of next year. Of course, if they want to extend our depression and generate high unemployment, they can keep hiking 🤷‍♂️

Also, RBA futures are meaningless, no one serious trades them. Have a look at the volume traded for the M and Q contracts in 23…. doughnuts.

Also, also, all these people screaming about persistent inflation rates, most will be wrong (since when has the majority ever been right?). Even in the 70s, which in any event I think is the wrong analogous period, saw high inflation followed by a crash in the rate. The reason it didn’t go negative was the banking system had discovered eurodollar lending and were spraying money around like there was no tomorrow. In addition, the baby boomers were forming households and adding massively to demand. Two massive inflationary forces we don’t have now.


lol… man i never thought my jollies would come from diplomats acting like folks on 4chan. this is clearly clown world!

comment image

Aussie Soy Boy

I love that Chinaman. Funniest thing was when he posted that photo of the cowardly digger scum cutting a throat of an Afghan child. The truth hurts. Aussie diggers were notorious rapists and murderers in Afghanistan as the Ben Roberts-Smith case is proving.


Notorious rapists and murderers? By what measure?

Aussie Soy Boy

Notorious rapists. They’re getting hit up with 1000 rape claims per year at the moment.

Our scum soldiers killed for kicks throughout Afghanistan. Same with the British soldiers too. Ben Roberts-Smith just the tip of the iceberg.

Rapists, murderers and cowards.


Where are the rape claims? How do you know this? Similarly the ‘kill for kicks’, where can we read these reports?

Aussie Soy Boy

Google Ben Roberts-Smith. Same claims now being made against British troops. No doubt this is all tip of the iceberg stuff.

Then google rape ADF or whatever you want smart guy. Something like 1,000 rape claims a year.

Americans and Australians were notorious rapists and murderers in Vietnam nothing much has changed. Americans notorious cowards as well in WW2.

Let’s not forget Australian soliders are responsible for American soldier war crimes and vice versa.


Not being smart, just asking you to validate your claims. A link for example.

I Googled as you said, no evidence of 1,000 rapes a year of Australian soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan. Given Australia has been in theatres there for 10+ years that would have to be 10,000 by your measure. I can’t find one, please send a link. Yes there have been atrocities, the Bretton Report suggested 39 unlawful killings in the 10+ years.

There are individual cases (ie. within a specific naval base but not across the ADF) and examples of bad cultures however. Way way less than the society’s average however, which is obviously a way less stressful dangerous or crazy .

You should be aware that the Ben Roberts-Smith case is a civil one, for defamation against the media (Channel 9 and The Age). Claims have been made in that hearing, and in the media, which are not tested anywhere to the same degree as a criminal case (I remember Year 10 legal studies). Claims (not proven facts or actual criminal charges) made against BR-S do not include one rape by him, there are however assertions of atrocities within his team. Domestic violence against BR-S’ wife was a claim, which again was not a proven fact or charge, but one which I would be more inclined to believe due to the likely non-reporting generally in society in that area.

Not a single reference to rape in his defamation case, which lasted 110 days.

Getting away from your completely false and baseless claims…Ben R-S is an interesting one.

My view is we train and send these troops to do the shitty things we won’t. Tier 1 is not a game or something you can opt out of. It needs these special operatives. They face situations which require a special ‘attitude’, and (yes, it’s getting very grey here) do things which can’t be done by a Woke counsellor asking if everyone is ok with things. They are in Taliban he’s areas, where all people potentially could want to kill them. These are badlands where no one wears a uniform. Yes, there are rules of engagement, which says he’s not allowed to be a criminal, murder, etc. but I personally find it hard to place judgement too harshly on these guys. IMHO a Victoria Cross counts for something. In that, a large part of the ‘split’ in the ranks and innuendo fed to the media here comes from the wife of a SASR commando who wasn’t happy her hubby missed out on his, and chest poked BR-S at a function later.

Aussie Soy Boy

Australian troops like their American minders in Vietnam were notorious rapists.

ADF dealing with 1000 claims of rape per year. They rape each other, what do you think they’ve done in villages when no-one is looking.

The proof against the Australian nazis and British nazis in Afghanistan is compelling. Execution for war crimes is the only just punishment if Ben Roberts-Smith is found guilty. An old fashioned scalping then lynching. Death by firing squad would be too good for that nazi butcherer.


It’s a defamation case, we don’t have executions in Australia, he’s not killed any Nazis, and you’re clearly off your chops.