Daniel Andrews announces free tents to alleviate Victoria’s hopsital crisis

Daniel Andrews has announced all Victorians will receive a free tent in order to alleviate wait times at hospitals and for Ambulances, as part of a re-election bid.

The full details of the announcement indicated tents would be made free to all Victorians to combat the crisis in the hospital system, after extraordinary scenes of patients waiting at Box Hill hospital sparked the call to action.

“I would like to thank all the health care workers who will also get a free tent to sleep in at the hospital between shifts,” Andrews said.

“No-one had the ALP destroying Medicare and public health on their bingo cards for 2022 but I’m not surprised. We’re all ready for another 200,000 migrants a year!”

Meanwhile, Matthew Guy has also announced that all Victorians will receive free tents but next year as a counter offer, in line with the six-month lag time for conservatives adopting progressive positions policy.

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Agent 47

Banana republic.


See previous post on the worst Covid Grifters, the Dictator really found his niche as a once bullied jug eared loser without ever having a real job, to being outright ruler of all the lands he could see.
Grifting requires some smarts, rat cunning, which he has tons of. Starting with bolstering his support base by increasing the amount of lazy public servants to a now record wages bill of $53 billion per annum. Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas and those thousands of deadshits won’t vote to lose their jobs.
Then he wipes all semblance of the Westminster system and traditional Aussie separation of political parties and the administration of government by hosting a Red Wedding and installing his party flunkeys in senior positions. They reward him by wiping out IBAC funding, supporting his criminal activities, etc.
He even had the chutzpah to create a Behavioural Insights Department, reporting directly to him. In full view, this dodgy bunch of Psycho’s work out ways to ‘nudge’ (ie. lie and spin) the messages from Dictator Dan. Oh, did I mention he spends more tax payer money on his advertising dollars than Coca Cola, Woolworths, Coles, McDonalds. No wonder the fellow Covid Grifters in the MMS pump his narrative when he pays them like that.

Roger Dickings

So you’re saying that the weird PrGuy Twitter account isnt just some autistic Spaz with a hard-on for no-neck Dan?


Oh no, he’s a Spaz. No one seems willing to check the theory that it was Dan’s staffer and this guy has taken the fall for them. Yemeni looked silly trying to run that rat into its hole, for what?
Harriet Shing has to be the classic example of Victorian Labor. A lezo married to Dan’s Chief of Staff with no experience or skills, yet just made a Minister by the Dictator with one less portfolio than Scomo – how’s this for 3 non related portfolios Equality, Regional Development and Water. Cool make the inner city diversity pick head of farmy type stuff. She wangled her way to be Head of a Parliamentary Committee into “treatment of witnesses in anti-corruption hearings”, Fark Dan must have been giggling on that one. As if putting the Gestapo in charge of the Synagogue wasn’t funny enough, she “pulled the feed” on the IBAC Commissioner himself because someone asked ‘why was Dan Andrews allowed to be interviewed in private, not publicly like every other person?’ Mainstream media still refuse to ask who made that call, or why it was allowed.


When I am driving and listening to the radio, in every block of ads, there is a least one ad for the Victorian government. I guess they are keeping media companies afloat with all this advertising spend. But poor value for money for taxpayers.


$80 million in the past year alone.


It’s not just shovelling money to the media via advertising, he even hands ‘grants’ over to the press. No conflicts there whatsoever.



A sure fire way of ensuring AAP never writes a critical article about you.


Could be a change in the weather in 97 days time:

One hundred days out, the state election is Labor’s to lose

The Andrews government retains an election-winning lead over the Coalition, but there remains a real risk Labor will be unable to govern in its own right after polling day.


For a bloke who continually cited his concern for the health and welfare of Victorians as justification for the devastating lockdowns, the “Tents R Us” hospitals are definitely not a good look.

Eventually, all teflon coatings wear off.

Mind you, if he lost, the Victorians would just be swapping one shit sandwich for another with less bread and more filling.


Good point, but I can see an even worse situation – the State will be squabbled over by the Climate Karens funded by little rich boy Two Dads. Holmes a Court, looking to guarantee more funding for his Solar projects (which are doing so well he’s sacked 55 staff a couple of months ago) backs these middle class Chardonnay Socialists into parliament via his Teal party. They don’t care about fellow Australians, they hate average Aussies. Anaconda can have the contract to build more hospitals in Victoria.

It’ll all be all about handing over money for the great climate grift. Run the entire place into the ground in the name of middle class white guilt and imagined climate ‘disaster’.

Just like Spain who has legislated all shops are currently not allowed by law to have their air conditioning below 27 degrees…Fark


Climate change has turned into one of the most lucrative grifts going around. I got sucked into the climate change cult 15 years ago as I love nature. Got clean energy, carbon offset my flights and didn’t have a car. Then did a bit of digging and found that carbon offsets are a scam (not actually offsetting anything). My contribution as a useless eater was more than offset by the elite who flew around business class to events to say the useless eaters need to do more.
If you really wanted to do more about combating climate change, you would have double glazing, deciduous tree lined streets, white roofs, top to bottom insulation, work from home etc. The issue is that there is no money in this and especially no grifting, so we’ll continue funding these projects and increase immigration.
There is no way we can reach a 40% reduction in emissions by 2030 with a 10-15% population increase unless we destroy all manufacturing and reduce the living standards of middle class. At the same time, the elites will get their climate change related grifts.


Don’t know – unless there’s a major shift, it looks like Andrews will romp it in for yet another term passed on recent polling.


Not convinced Teals will have a big impact this time – 3 months before to the Federal election they had posters everywhere with thousands of volunteers doorknocking each weekend, but have seen absolutely nothing so far. Quality of candidates also lower – heard there is someone who runs a grocery and sells potatoes. This isn’t going to have quite the same pull as a a director of a neurology department.


Needs to be free tents for under 25s to match his recent handouts


I really wish Slug Gate would resurface, that drags the swamp with so many floating turds – Sutton, Andrews, Shane Patton, Albanese. Corruption on so many levels, plus Vic Pol trying to bury the case.


Andrews is scandal-proof at this point, unless you have evidence he’s a serial killer and rapist, Victorians will reelect the cvnt.

A fly in your ointment

the evidence is plentiful, it is just that saying it out loud can bring the wrath of Karens. Mention the number of dead from limitations on health care over the last two years, suicide of those that were forced out of employment and particularly those that died of the jab.

Vic may well change its name to Karenia or Karenistan
(with all due respect to countries that use suffix “-stan” in their name which duly means “a country of the aforementioned people”)


Victorians will elect him to a majority again no matter how corrupt he is. On the plus side, the state will be well and truly bankrupt by then and he will have to own it. Unless of course that John Holland board position opens up in 2024.


wtf happened there?
slug gate… ppoofff…. gone


I know.

Clearest evidence yet that Vic Pol is rotten to the core, completely corrupt and so far up the Dictator’s arse they won’t even investigate a crime even if it gets shoved down their throat.

I think there have been 5 different Detectives ‘handling’ the case. When I say handling, I mean of course going on leave with the file in their name while refusing to investigate anything.

For those who aren’t aware:

  • Albo gifts Dan Andrews millions of $’s to start Community Chef, an unnecessary business to supply food to hospitals and aged care, where the private sector already did that job well
  • naturally Community Chef was soon bust (paying public servants exorbitant salaries, undoubtedly also to internal ripoffs and fraud, so sold to Dandenong Council for $1
  • Dan Andrews changes the Vic Health Act to enable Councils to keep the fines it levies in Health (no other area is this allowed, ie police don’t keep speeding fines).
  • i Cook Foods is a privately run business, supplying food to hospitals and aged care, very successfully.
  • Dandenong Council (Labor heartland) carries out an absolute classic stitch up, plants a slug during an inspection. The business is shit down for a month. Council makes 96 different charges, every single one is dropped. Strangely an email starting ‘concerns’ about I Cook Foods goes to Sutton the day before the slug is planted.
  • A year later Brett Sutton as CHO jumps on a sad death (98 yr old woman weighing 35 kegs) from what looks like food poisoning, names and shames i Cook Foods. Mainstream news trumpets the story. Turns out Sutton was wrong, had made a huge error, but didn’t matter because he’s already caused the destruction of that business. Sutton subsequently lied in Parliamentary Committee hearings, even laughed while giving evidence, despite whistle blower saying Sutton had an email stating it was not the fault of I Cook Foods.!
  • Police Commissioner Shane Sutton has had direct oversight of the case, but of course can’t find any crime. He’s got his new weapons and new extensive police powers, and a covering up of the various examples of police violence during lockdowns.

But yes, no doubt Victoria will return Andrews to power in the elections…