Weekened Links since last time to 26/6/22

I’ve been accumulating these for a while to share…some might be a little dated, but some good reading to be had.


Overall deaths in Australia – where nearly everyone is vaccinated – are spiking.

Fertilizer Australia > Fertilizer Industry > Australian Fertilizer Market


From Court-Packing To Leaking To Doxxing: White House Yields To National Rage Addiction | ZeroHedge

‘We are now living in a totally new era’: Kissinger

Victor Davis Hanson: A Cabinency Of Dunces| ZeroHedge

Law-Abiding West Virginian Woman With Concealed Firearm Stops A Mass Shooting | ZeroHedge


Sinn Féin won the demographic war – UnHerd

They’re making your kids eat bugs. – YouTube

What Happened to This Small Village Told to Accept 1500 ‘Refugees’? – YouTube

How students corrupted our universities

Finance and Econ

Why diesel prices are rising above crude, gasoline – FreightWaves

Bill Ackman backed anti-woke fund Strive to hit back at ‘ideological cartel’ of BlackRock and Vanguard

Tsunami towers over Japan’s bond market

MacroVoices #329 Darius Dale: A Recession Is The Bull Case


The Anti-Christ now rules us all – UnHerd

How cities killed desire – UnHerd


India’s exams are plagued by cheating | The Economist

Doctors baffled by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in healthy young people – Euro Weekly News

Annual attack on italian town gets more violent – PJR youtube

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Aussie Soy Boy

Germany talking about using nukes.

Do you feel lucky punk? Do ya?

I think we get a few hundred million dead in the US and Europe before this is resolved the US and their dumb vassal states in Europe seem intent on lengthening this war at any cost.

And if we cop it in Australia and god knows we deserve as a puppet state that has followed the yanks into every illegitimate, then so be it. It will be worth it to see nukes rain down on Washington DC and New York.

A fly in your ointment

I doubt there will be international television preceding the Duke Nuk’em event.

Internet comms and satellites are the first thing in the crosshairs immineny preceding a nuke attack by any superpower.

I wish I can see mob like gates at cie burn instead of nukes. Common Yanks are too daft to be malicious and worthy of a roasting.

Aussie Soy Boy

That’s true. It will be probably scavenging for food if it gets to that point, but even if it takes 2-3 months for the news to reach us, it will fill me with joy to know New York and Washington DC was obliterated as I eat my last can of baked beans and ham over the camp fire.


It is insane that NATO has urged Lithuania to block the land rail line to Kaliningrad. It is so obvious that they are trying to accelerate the conflict and there has been absolute crickets in the Western media on this and the implications that it gives rise to…. even ordinary Lithuanians who are outraged by Russia’s actions are totally freaked out in terms of disapproving of this course of action their Govt has taken.


They have to move it along, Russia slow grind is winning. But even more importantly (not mentioned in MSM) they know that the following must be stopped.

Vladimir Putin’s mention of a new international reserve currency in his Greeting to the BRICS Business Forum yesterday adds a new dimension to the global discussion about a new monetary system. Although several Russian officials had raised the issue, especially in the aftermath of the Western sanctions, it is the first time that the President of Russia has addressed the issue and endorsed it officially. It did not go unnoticed by Indian media such as Swarajya, in reporting that “Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday (22 June) said that the BRICS countries are working on reliable alternative payment mechanisms for international settlements…. Further, he said that creation of an international reserve currency based on the basket of the BRICS currencies is also being considered.”
The relevant section of his Greeting to the Business Forum, the entirety of which is published on the Kremlin website, reads: “Together with BRICS partners, we are developing reliable alternative mechanisms for international settlements. The Russian Financial Messaging System is open for connection with the banks of the BRICS countries. The Russian MIR payment system is expanding its presence. We are exploring the possibility of creating an international reserve currency based on the basket of BRICS currencies.”


The easiest solution for Putin, in terms of allowing the problem to be put off for another day is imho allowing Kaliningrad to declare independence, in the same way was Ukraine and Belarus have. Then NATO would simply be blockading an independent nation that might simply want to remain neutral in the whole affair.

I doubt that this is feasible from a political perspective though, as it would be taken as a great loss to Putin, even though it would be a significant strategic victory.

Gruppenführer Mark

In the last couple of days, some interesting observations popped up on two separate platforms that bring into question the ability of US/EU (NATO) to continue supplying munitions to the Ukraine in sufficient quantities, while Russia seems to have no problem pumping out various materiel to continue the slow grind.



In addition, there are reports and videos of the Ukrainian soldiers not able to use the western arms due to lack of training or instructions available in Ukrainian (or Russian). Plus lots of western arms are being left behind by retreating Ukrainian forces and are being used against them, mainly by the DNR and LNR forces.

This may very well be a reason for the sudden change in the attitude of EU members urging the Ukraine to go back to negotiating table.

Dmitro Kuleba, the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, has recently confirmed Ukraine’s desire to discuss peace with Russia based on the 24 February borders (meaning the Crimea, and portions of the DNR and LNR that were not controlled by the Ukraine are off the table).

Sergei Lavrov, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated that the Ukrainian side have not held any peace negotiations since 15 April, and any negotiations going forward would take into consideration the situation on the ground (meaning more territory losses for Ukraine that occurred since 24 February).

The EU leadership, at least, have realised that a prolonged war is not in their best interest, is creating angst at home, and cannot be sustained without converting some manufacturing capacity to war footing, the capacity that has been lost over decades.

I also found this tidbit from the Zerohedge link very telling:in Iraq and Afghanistan, it took the US troops 250,000 rounds of ammo to kill one insurgent.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gruppenführer Mark

Russia should just go ham on cyberattacks against Lith, see if they can get China on-board as well as they have a diplomatic dispute with Lith as well. Things will rapidly become very miserable for the people of Lith, but not as much as it is for Ukrainians as a result of their similarly puppeted government.

A fly in your ointment

as muchbas this is one possible scenario, my take is that the Ruskies want to avoid punishment of ordinary citizens directly. Indirect effects are probably at the bottom of importance list. In my view, internet nuking is not clean and it is not a good PR stunt, though in absence of better option, I would not exclude it.

given that the latest development is that the EU will make an exemption for Lithuania in what could’ve been done in the first place knowing that Ruskies would respond my take is that the whole “incident” is a “squirrel there!” event, not only to mask the liberation of Sievernodonetsk and mass capture of Zelenski’s forces but something even more sinister. Cue in the Roe and Wade mob and I wonder what is so bad that needs a cloak behond/from 2 major events.


Only way Europeans are going to wake up to their governments’ absurd policies is by effects on their own lives. I have no idea what Lithuanian citizens are supposed to gain from this policy, therefore, they won’t have much of a tolerance for pain resulting from it.

Assuming kinetic military actions are out of the question, about all Russia can do is actions to harm the Lith economy, I assume they are ready for energy and trade related reprisals, massive cyberattacks may come as a slight surprise.


German is nearly passed the nuke stage….there going straight to the sticks and stones stage.

German Economics and Climate Action Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) yesterday invoked the second alert level concerning the national supply of natural gas. He put the blame for it on Russia, claiming that “we mustn’t kid ourselves, this is the consequence of an external economic attack by Putin.”
The second alert level is the last stage before national emergency management of gas supplies, involving the rationing of gas, and—even more vicious—the drastic rise of gas prices determined by the speculative free markets (they are to blame) which can be unlimited, as there are no regulations involving a cap on prices. Already now, an average household must face an increase in its energy bill for heating with gas, in the range of €1,000-€2,000 in the coming late autumn/winter season. That is the equivalent of an average monthly income for families, which is most of the population.


Highly likely that we will be rationing gas next winter. If our oligarchs can sell gas for a better price elsewhere they will do it. Same goes for grain and other foodstuffs.

A fly in your ointment


Above video reminds me of EZFKA 23 years ago (when I was invited to apply for skilled visa 126 to migrate to EZFKA) in comparison with today.


An exposé on Žižek, a thick yellow snot, of whom i always had little respect for his omnipresent hypocrisies.


I liked the short film – we’re very much headed in that direction.

A fly in your ointment

Western culture in one pic?
(From Tlgrm)


WTF is this supposed to be?


The endgame of tolerance and diversity.

Aussie Soy Boy

It’s disgusting. These people are sex addicts who want to impose their fetish on others and define themselves by their silly little fetish.

It is not what these people are, it is what they do to a child and what parents do too. Oh, and what ,gov does too.


Yes, so long as they keep their kink to themselves I am prepared to tolerate it within a tolerant society. It is the influence that it has on the development of children and their attitude and desensitization to sexual imagery that most concerns me. Childhood innocence depends on adult concepts staying with adults.


Can we just hurry up and have the purge already?


I urge you to make it your number one priority when you become dictator.


I guess 75% of the world is looking at this and saying this is what American democracy gives you. Sign us up with the BRICS.





Thanks – I find the limited opportunity to read Putin’s speeches to be an interesting opportunity to get an insight into their view of the world. Although it reads like a budget night speech given in an election year he does make some very good points:

Of course, inflation in Russia is also in the double digits so far. However, we have adjusted social benefits and pensions to inflation, and increased the minimum and subsistence wages, thereby protecting the most vulnerable groups of the population. At the same time, high interest rates have helped people keep their savings in the Russian banking system….

This is our main difference from the EU countries, where rising inflation is directly reducing the real incomes of the people and eating up their savings, and the current manifestations of the crisis are affecting, above all, low-income groups.

I’ve actually reversed most of the bold highlighting in the above quote vs the original, but I think it is a very important thing to point out.

The people paying for Biden’s War are very much the poorer people in our society who are being one-two punched by inflation every day, and thanks to the neoliberal “reforms” carried out in the West by our “Neo” elite over the past three to four decade, it is the poorer people in the West who are bearing most of the costs.

The contempt that the Biden administration has over this reality is palpable – $5 a gallon gas, for an entirely needless war that was basically green lighted by the US, the impact of which is mainly being born by the poor with zero sacrifice by the wealthy, is fine because it was ‘the right thing to do’.

I remember publicly rueing Binden’s election at MB, not because I had any particular fondness for Trump, but because to me it was as plain as the nose on your face that within short order the world would return to one being where Eastasia was once again our friend, and we always at war with Eurasia, i.e. China was once again our friend and we were again at war with Russia. It was one of the few occasions DLS actually interacted with me, mocking me on that occasion while spunking over the future Biden boom that was supposedly going to be achieved by taxing the rich and offshore corporate profits.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Interesting to consider
colonialism by merchantilist, here’s a mirror we’ll have that land and you work for us now

colonialism by debt, here’s your house paid for in reserve fantasy money (globalist) and you work for us now

breaking globalist order by commodity reality, we’re for mutual benefit (nationalist) because you can’t print food


Hence the importance of the destruction of the social national state as a cohesive entity – Russia for example. The pressure on Hungry or Japan are others, China is another (although I believe they genuinely bring a lot of enmity on themselves).

This is because the national social state is the one entity that is capable of resisting the enslaving forces of debt based globalism/colonialism, through national repudiation and independent sovereignty.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

This is what Democrats and abortion rights activists are losing their shit over:

 that “[e]xcept in a medical emergency or in the case of a severe fetal abnormality, a person shall not intentionally or knowingly perform . . . or induce an abortion of an unborn human being if the probable gestational age of the unborn human being has been determined to be greater than fifteen (15) weeks.” 

Carrying on as though it was some objectionable interference with human rights, when abortion after the 1st trimester is generally prohibited in most of the rest of the world is literally siding with the Devil. The fact is some states under progressive Democratic control allow it in the 3rd trimester – which is where most fetuses, if born and provided with medical care, could be expected to survive….. Moloch at work.

This abortion rights debate is imho also a good example of the culture war, between the primary but now legacy Christian values of the West and those of our “neo” progressive elites and the values that they like to see in their cattle or competitors.

The progressives claim that any impingement on their right to murder viable humans is a infringement on their personal rights…. once again we have a moral question that defines rights of the individual always and everywhere being in primacy to the rights of society. The ultimate expression of self over society – your right to enjoy guilt & consequence free sex by murdering future humans.

When you actually dig in to see who these pro-abortionists are and those leading the charge on the rights of mothers to kill their children (even arguing in post birth abortions) it is surprising just how many people of a particular cultural origin are involved.

IMHO a unconscious cultural value of double think is wrapped up in this fight. If your group believe that the world was given to them, than everyone else who exists in it is a threat to their ownership – under such a set of cultural values anything that harms another groups opportunity of perpetuating itself is “Good” while everything that works to limit their ability to do so is “Bad”.

But the problem from a gestalt cultural entities point of view is how to frame this so that the people advocating for this outcome don’t seem like monsters. If it was framed as a form of cultural genocide, how would you even get your most ardent spruikers of abortion rights today (young women) to support your cause? It is done so by flipping the focus of the debate away from society to self. Make it an issue of oppression and individual rights.

Encouraging the adoption of terminator social values, like pro-abortion, LGBT as an aspirational lifestyle, etc is always going to be “Good” if the gestalt entity that that your cultural group manifests wants to dominate and push out the gestalt social entity that rival groups manifest. Rival groups simply won’t exist in the future as they fail to reproduce.

People are well aware of population sink behaviors, we have been around for a long time. The Bible is full of stories of how God punished the Israelis and smoting the because they turned away from his rules. So if your people bothered reflecting on why their societies collapsed, and were able to jot down pointers on behaviors that had lead to it, then it would be a very handy way to help prevent it reoccurring. Furthermore, knowledge of those outcomes could just as easily be weaponised, simply by nudging your more naive competitors into adopting them.

Western Christian society had very clear rules on human life, gender, the role of women and the family, and it is no surprise that they have been ground zero for the culture war. These cultural values clearly impinged on the rights of individuals, yet they also clearly benefited our society in terms of ensuring that it was capable of projecting itself into the future.

But back to the abortion question and the hotter parts of the cultural war, I think it will only lead to more civil unrest in the US, more division. But ironically I also think it will lead to more opposition to progressive liberals, as their bad behaviour drives public opinion even further away.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

Thanks that was an interesting article.

For me my interest in Religion is entirely bound by how the collective values that a particular creed or religion may promulgate, manifests itself as a sort of gestalt entity e.g. an Egregore. There is pretty much zero spirituality or mystery in it for me.

This Egregor, a distributed entity shapes our respective societies in the same way that slight differences in behavior, environment and pheromones results in radically differently constructed ants nests and communities.

But make no mistake, although ethereal these Egregore’s are very real in that they seek to dominate each other, and cumulatively shape the world around us, through us, in order to achieve it, in the same way different ant colonies are in competition with each other.

So Religion becomes important in my model because it is the values that the religion imparts by way of ‘rights of women’ the role of the family, notions of fairness, ideas around forgiveness, how we treat others, etc, that will determine the type of society and therefore the type of God we literally manifest for ourselves to live under.

Do you want a happy good or an angry god?

Quite simply if your God constantly emphasizes self over society, through for example ideas around the rights of the individual, and individual identity, then you will in a very short space of time, end up living in a very selfish, dysfunctional society… it would be an evil place to live.

Thus in terms of notions of good or evil, when we examine them they all too often come down to issues where the individual places their selfish desires and wants, above the collective needs of society.

Topically for example, abortion is traditionally viewed as Evil or taboo by most societies (tied up culture and doctrine) because it reduces societies ability to perpetuate itself. Likewise LGBT lifestyles are evil because again they drain economic resources away from the hard work of a societies ability to perpetuate itself through raising the next generation, and instead spent on what essentially amounts to temporary individual hedonism.

Coming back to the article, I do believe we are living in an age of the anti-Christ or an age of Satan, because of a culture war that has elevated the rights of the individual above the needs of society.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

overturning rowe means states make there own abortion laws

so abortion can & in some states will soon be totally or nearly totally banned.

as will travelling to other states for an abortion or helping someone have one

so for millions of american women getting a legal abortion is about to become impossible

doesnt matter if its rape, incest, contraceptive failure, fucked-up fetus that won’t make term, downs or other disabilities, risk to the mother, anything

just like those shithole countries

everyone involved knows a lot of – especially poor and middle-class women are going to end up harmed if not dead because of it

THAT is what ‘democrats and abortion rights activists are losing their shit over’ and what mysogynist right-wingers will be rubbing themselves raw about

Last edited 1 year ago by tamixek134

Need a source for this

as will travelling to other states for an abortion 

My understanding is that free movement between states is enshrined in the constitution


“overturning rowe means states make there own abortion laws”

That is correct and true and the closest expression of representational politics and democracy. Decisions of law affecting the lives of individuals in a society, should be made by the polity as close as possible to the people over which they will impact, in this case the States.

If a state choses to ban abortion or limit it to under 15 weeks, as Mississippi had very reasonably attempted to do, then that expresses the will of the people in terms of how they want to live. This is what this case was all about. Mississippi wanted to reflect the values of its majority by limiting abortion access, to under 15 weeks.

The claimant was wanting the right to abort beyond that limit, based around different ideas of fetus ‘viability’ theoretically going up to and including the day before birth – the high court very reasonably ruled that Roe & Wade was wrong, as their was no constitution right to abortion, and such laws and rules are best left for PEOPLE to DEMOCRATICALLY decide for themselves.

Want to live under a different set of rules? Move to a different state.

The SCOTUS ruling puts an end to ‘Constitutional Protections for the right to abortion’, because quite simply there was no constitutional right to an abortion in the constitution. It was judicial adventurerism, that imho was in no small part due to Justices like RBJ exercising their cultural values of the supremacy of individual rights, in all instances, over the state or society.

It is imho a very long overdue writeback against judicial over-reach through the use of ‘substantive due process’ to expand the concept of Constitutional Rights through subjective judicial interpretation.

To be clear SCOTUS has simply ruled the right to murder unborn children is not a constitutional right, but rather a social and custom i.e. cultural driven value that must be decided at the community level.

Put that down for a win for Society over the rights of the Self, which I have discussed elsewhere…. the world is just a little bit less Satanic than it was yesterday.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

At the very least this should be good for a few riots.


They might have to think outside the square.


people will get bored of this in a few weeks. all it means is if you want an abortio y ou have to take a bus to another state to get one. big deal. it’s literally a few more hours and the cost of transport tacked onto the process.

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

Nah – I think you’re wrong there. The msm have clearly shown they are on Moloch’s side. It is a clearly identifiable topic on which to divide the world into their “good guys” and the “bad guys” – only the people who will be burning down the cities, blowing up things and killing people, like in the BLM demonstrations, will be the “good guys” because of you know, individual rights to do whatever the fuck you want.

It might die down after AFTER the US mid-term elections in early Nov, but imho I would expect it to accelerate as a political and social wedge point, until it has been fully played out as a counter to the growing groundswell of opposition to the Biden regime i.e. after the elections.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

if covid and ukraine has taught us anything its that oversaturating the media with an issue causes people to eventually turn against it or completely tune out

i dont see this frankly very trivial (given abortions are still readily accessible to everyone in america) issue having much staying power beyond a few weeks


Again I would disagree (I’ve particularily disagreeable today).

if covid and ukraine has taught us anything its that oversaturating the media with an issue causes people to eventually turn against it or completely tune out

IMHO I think that is only true for a small subset. For the majority they become ever more drawn into the hypnotic dance that the media and our elites are performing.

It has reached the point with me, that if you even question the role of the West in fomenting the trouble in the Ukraine, than you are a deeply immoral person. Frankly the list of topics that I use to be able to freely discuss in a social context, is growing shorter by the day.


covid was a unique exception to this rule i agree

ukraine followed the trajectory though, people tired of it in a month or less, but covid somehow had exceptional staying power – probably because it concerned OH MY GOD MY PERSONAL HEALTH — and whenever an issue concentrates on that it brings out the inner self-absorbed narc in everyone

abortion is too abstract and distant (though obviously more so than say ukraine was) to be similar

Last edited 1 year ago by stagmal

I’m being particularly verbose and active today because I’m stuck inside recovering from a cold after my immune system has been destroyed, and it is now taking me a week to get over colds that I would have previously forgotten about after 3 days.


An interesting article on Justice Thomas and Roe & Wade. An educated and highly intelligent man like Thomas would be all to aware of who the biggest users of abortion services are and the impact it is having on the structure of future America.


Regardless of ‘popular opinion’ the patriarchy, in any group or culture, will always strive to do what is best for those it represents.


Like African Americans account for 50% of US murders, while only composing 13% of the population, African American women are disproportionally over represented as they account for nearly 1/3rd of all abortions despite only being 13% of the population.

A fly in your ointment

The outrage on msm is hilarious.
“The law change reduces Women to birthing species!”

Oh irony, now everyone is specialist in sex/gender (it is clear what a woman is) and no one is interested how do non-birthing females feel from being excluded by this legislation.




Arkansas gubernatorial candidate Sarah Huckabee Sanders vowed in a recent speech that she would “make sure” that a “kid” in the womb is as safe as those in a classroom.

Some of the worst mass shootings in American history have occurred in Sanders’ safety zone, including the 26 (20 of them first-graders) killed in 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, and the 17 killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida four years ago.

Guns are the leading cause of death of children and teens in the U.S. As of Sunday, at least 808 children and teens in the U.S. were killed by guns this year, with an additional 2,017 injured by firearms, according to the Gun Violence Archive.

Sanders is a major advocate for guns.


808 kids killed by firearms is a lot.

but I’m sure it’s about three orders of magnitude less than the number of kids aborted.

that’s just the numerical take, obviously.

Yet, while spending 9 months in a USA womb, one does seem to be have a much higher associated risk of suffering violence than spending 9 months in any USA classroom…

A fly in your ointment


Remember the “Big Quit”?

I am almost certain now that this is the lead in to justify immigration ramp up, world-wide, in countries where overlords seek to rip up the social fabric with excessive immigration.
What better way to justify import of workers then by subliminal brain rinse.
In the initial phase this appeared as a cover for jabbadabba layoffs but it seems that immigration was always behind it.


Given the increase in cost of living, businesses that rely on discretionary spending will struggle to survive. Give them six months and they’ll be pleading for government cash.


So bond yields have been crunched in the last week

seems like Aussie house prices have been saved again

the only people who are going to get rinsed are the poor saps who locked in their mortgages at 5% plus , after the rba and media told them interest rates were going to soar

never bet against EZFKA


its honestly eerie just how often this group is right, i’ve never met a collective brain trust that’s more on point than the assholes peachy has mustered together here

goes to show that cynicism-maxxing and understanding that catastrophising/extreme dooming are bullshit rationalistions in themselves that never come true leads to the most accurate predictions every time


a collective brain trust that’s more on point than the assholes peachy has mustered together here”

I did lol at this. Need to come up with a collective name for EZFKA’s


Coming is just on the other side of the trade, he’s got a massive mortgage (because nothing less will do for his precious wife and kids) and probably multiple properties. Hence he declares victory when bond yields return to the levels of a week ago. Inflation has only just started, Europe hasn’t even used up its stores of Russian gas yet.



the meek will inherit the earth any day now I’m sure


Just not being a slave to a status obsessed wife is a big enough win without the ponzi tipping over


youre hilariously fixated on my wife

do you know us ? Is this a stalker thing


I must be exactly bang on about how your wife drives you as a slave, if you think I’m stalking you


Pretty much all of the forecasts by the Fed Reserve and the Treasury secretary have been wrong. They are forecasting no recession or a shallow one which would benefit Americans.

I guess markets have priced in a US recession.


I like the picture of the Golf course – I have played on a few like that in my life.

Any idea of where it is?


Looks very similar to the Glen Iris Golf Course in Jandakot. Now the Ex Glen Iris Golf Course in Jandakot since a developer (Eastcourt) moved in with a shonky deal and has had the course rezoned to build even more shitbox apartments and dogboxes. This leaves the Cockburn Shire (fastest growing shire in WA) the only shire without a golf course. Not to mention the damage to the pristine Jandakot water mound … at a time when Perth is facing an acute water supply shortage. Progress uh?

Gruppenführer Mark

Yeah, City of Cockburn is the fastest growing by the number of dwellings being built, but I remember looking at some statistics a couple of years back, and it had a vacancy rate of 24%! Anticipate lots of dilapidated unkempt houses in the next 5 to 10 years, since they don’t build them solid anymore.


Gonna guess it’s Alice Springs?


Looks like DLS has sold out to the Murdoch rag and is channelling Steve Keen level drops – why subscribe when you can get it for free?

Australia’s house prices could plunge 30 per cent as inflation soars and energy prices explode



Tarrick Brooker must have put a word in for him to get a “side gig” now that MB subs have dried up.


Nah – coming out and calling for Australia to bomb Honiara in order to kick the Chinese out, probably endeared him to Murdoch for life. Let the life time stipends flow!


That’s what passes for “journalism” nowadays hey? Just post the most offensive title to grab attention of the average bogan.


Not much difference between social media and mainstream media then.

A fly in your ointment

this is the second one in June to be published for him. Pot met the kettle and both agreed they’re black?

news.dot.dot is the bottom of the bottom of print, but somehow an achievement for Llewdo.


The place looks pretty deserted. A house price crash article only gets a few dozen comments.

Aussie Soy Boy

Their subs must be scratching their heads. Leitho is overmortgaged and in hysterics about a price correcting interest rate rise, and DLS wants rates lower because he only know how to make money in an equity bull market.


Did LVO admit to buying a place recently? That would certainly explain the hysterics regarding the recent interest rate rises if he got sucked in by Phil Lowe’s “no rate rises before 2024” but I doubt he’d ever be able to admit it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gouda

The bigger problem is that they were buying bonds


Woke fest circle jerk. There isn’t an alternative perspective anywhere on MB now.

It’s become a parody. Their social issues comment is beyond naïve.

These people are sheltered, monied progressives removed from the real dynamics of the plebs. Just like the Labor party.

Typical dialogue now is drsmithy, Gunna and that other idiot MrTezza.

Have subscriptions fallen? I guess the number of comments has, but that could be the number they’ve banned.


Yeah, I saw that…Something like “oh tote where are you”

I of course can’t reply because I was rebanned after 24 hours.

I wasn’t even over the top on this occasion, but as soon as the usual idiots piled on, bang, banned.

The site is a joke.


“What is behind male political radicalisation?”

I bet you have read that a lot in the media – most likely earnestly written by some young third wave feminist, most likely single with some colourful hair and nose piercings and who identifies somewhere in the LGBT+ identity set because she slept with her best friend while they were coming down of some Molly at Uni.

The reality is that it isn’t the political views of young men that have shifted, rather it is the political views of the people who are now forcibly injected into contributing and controlling our social narrative – young women.


(check out the graph beneath this comment)

Since the media commenced its focus on abortion laws with the leak that the SCOTUS was going to review Roe & Wade, there has been a significant uptick in the number of people who are dissatisfied with existing abortion laws, and want them to be less strict – EVEN though there has been no change in any laws until today.


Furthermore, when you drill into where that support for more liberal rights to murder future citizens comes from, it is nearly entirely driven by increased support for abortion by young women. This is actually the complete opposite of where support and opposition to abortion laws has traditionally lied. Up until now, if a referendum on the legality of abortion where only women were allowed to vote, then abortion would generally remain illegal in most nations.

Again – imho this recent, unnatural swing in the opinion of a particular demographic, is yet further accumulative evidence on why societies have traditionally sought to limit the role of women, particularly young women, in terms of controlling and shaping our social narrative.

The susceptibility of this group to identify with social causes and issues, pumped out by the media as forever problems and distractions, and being swept along and manipulated in social manias, is imho becoming increasingly apparent.

While I believe that cost of women in terms of women’s increased participation in our social narrative is worth bearing in order to maintain our democracy, I have significant concerns around misguided efforts to artificially boost female representation in shaping our social narrative, over and above where it naturally resides as a result of simple distribution of interests and abilities between male and female.

Gender quotas are destroying our social fabric, in the same way ethnic diversity quotas undermine our democracy.

Capture - Copy.JPG
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It is white suburban women who are the Democrats largest voting block (similar as the ALP in Australia).


then it shouldn’t be a problem for the states to make their own decisions to legalise it then?

Really don’t understand what the actual problem is here

I’m sure george soros will start charities to drive these homeless black women across state lines to give them free abortions


Indeed by the same token SCOTUS makes it clear that if a religious rightwing President ever came into power and tried to make abortion illegal throughout the US, they would have no authority to do so. The power to make those decisions is vested in the states, it is the definition of their Republic.

I think it is valid to be critical of states that are overly restrictive of access to abortion, and I am supportive of people who would want to change abortion laws to be more reasonable and humane. I personally think that 15 weeks is entirely reasonable, with only exceptional reasons permitting it beyond that date.

It is a compromise of some of my values and beliefs in the fundamental harm that allowing it causes to society, with the rights of individuals and questions as to the start of life. That is how civilization works, compromise. The leftist absolutists have been in control too long and grown too use to everything going their way.


Actually a really good point – it could have equally been framed as the court safeguarding states future rights to legalise abortion

just shows how easy it is to get these people to chimp out about literally anything


Really don’t understand what the actual problem is here


can’t believe you’re female, so you must be a soyboy

never seen you post about anything else here

has your singular interest in abortion laws got you any pussy ?


The chart shows that the majority of women believe abortion should either be illegal in all instances, or only legal under certain circumstances.

Those circumstances can range from term limits, through to only being available to the public in cases of incest, rape or life threatening medical conditions.

It is clear that the majority of women don’t believe in the right to abortion, as a right that exists under any circumstance. Thanks for the link, I was looking for those stats earlier.

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This is actually the complete opposite of where support and opposition to abortion laws has traditionally lied. Up until now, if a referendum on the legality of abortion where only women were allowed to vote, then abortion would generally remain illegal in most nations.”


Fair enough, my original statement was poorly phrased.

Most women support reductions in abortion limits and restrictions that would make it harder to get abortions in most instances:

“Polls consistently show … that women are more likely than men to support a reduction on the abortion limit. In the 2011 YouGov poll 28% of men supported a reduction, 46% of women did. In the 2012 YouGov poll 24% of men supported a reduction, 49% of women did. In the Angus Reid poll 35% of men supported a reduction in the limit, 59% of women did. In the ICM poll 45% of men supported a reduction to 20 weeks, 59% of women did.”


The impact of revoking Roe & Wade will lead to exactly that outcome. This case was triggered because Mississippi wanted to reduce term limits to 15 weeks versus the claimant who believed they had a constitutional right under Roe & Wade to get an abortion on any day they wanted up to and including going in labour.

So modifying my original assertion, historically most women support more restrictive abortion laws then most men, and if it were left up to a referendum where only women were allowed to vote, abortion laws would be more restrictive.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

It also shows that despite the fact until yesterday no abortion laws had been changed, that the support among women for absolutely no limits to abortions has jumped significantly in the past year or so, which was one of the main points that I was making.

Furthermore, when you drill into where that support for more liberal rights to murder future citizens comes from, it is nearly entirely driven by increased support for abortion by young women. This is actually the complete opposite of where support and opposition to abortion laws has traditionally lied. Up until now, if a referendum on the legality of abortion where only women were allowed to vote, then abortion would generally remain illegal in most nations. making access to abortions more restricted where only women were allowed to vote, then there would generally be more restrictions on abortion in most nations” ***

There, I’ve changed it. It serves me right for using so much hyperbole in making my point, instead of exactly clarifying the stats I was relying on.

Still my main point remains, much of this “groundswell of opinion” is a result of the media deciding to make access to abortion an issue.

Anyhow, tamixek is allowed to have there views as the issues she points out are valid and humane concerns. But the point is, the right to an abortion ISN’T a human right guarranteed by the US Constitution, but a law based on community values that must be settled at the community level.

That said, even though I believe abortion to be a moral issue and harmful to societies, on the basis of individual freedoms I believe that abortions should be allowed depending on certain criteria, and I fully support people democratically pursuing change in those areas where they are particularly punitive.

*** Actually that is still not exactly true, until yesterday most Western nations have abortion laws that are ALREADY more restrictive than those that existed for many States within the US, so there may not be a significant tightening of abortion laws in those nations beyond where they already reside.

Capture - Copy.JPG
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the right has been telegraphing its desire intent & strategies to strike rowe for years

20? states had anti-abortion laws on the books ready to go for years

the likelyhood of it happening massively increased when trump stacked the court with corrupt political appointees

obviously awareness & concern would be raised among people most likely to care about abortion rights


“the right has been telegraphing its desire intent & strategies to strike rowe for years”

The main thing motivating the “Right” is the main thing that motivated the repeal of Roe & Wade, that this was judicial over-reach that incorrectly used the constitution to establish ‘rights’ where these rights did not exist, with far reaching implications over the rights of the States and the people in those states to organise and chose the rules they wish to live by.

The US is a Republic, meaning it has come together in unity on the basis of agreed rights of communities, ie States, to determine the rules and customs that they want to live their lives by, while choosing to cede some powers, as defined by the constitution, to the Federal Govt, as a part of the Union. The purpose of SCOTUS is to interpret the laws of both State and Federal Govts in relation to that original agreement.

That is all this case is about, however all it has devolved into is:

“Something happened that I don’t like! – Waaaaah!”

“It happened for this reason, which basically amounted to judicial over-reach imagining rights where none existed.”


“People are still free to organise politically and change the rules they agree to live by.”

“No! It’s not fair! Waaaaaah!”

As for this:

the likelyhood of it happening massively increased when trump stacked the court with corrupt political appointees

If you want someone to blame, blame RBG for not retiring under Obama. People aren’t corrupt simply because you don’t agree with them politically – that isn’t how Democracy works.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

nobody believes jurisprudence is anything more than an excuse

corruption is lying about your intent like trumps two justices did

what this case is actually about is the deleterious affects on womens health and autonomy that bans or near bans on abortion will bring. because everyone involved knows what those outcomes will be – coathangers, women rendered sterile, deaths from ectopic pregnancies, economic hardship, suicides, etc etc etc

abortion restrictions dont stop abortions they just stop safe abortions – but thats the point really

Last edited 1 year ago by tamixek134

i said nobody thinks jurisprudence is anything more than an excuse


Yeah nah.


it shows that support for abortion amongst women has been basically the same for the last fifty years.

it shows the ‘unnatural’ ‘recent’ swing is the same as the ’90s

the only lines worth looking at are the green and the red because talking about the black is speculation

stewies arguments about womens attitudes are bullshit, projection, misdirection & mysogyny, just like his arguments about ‘damaging society’. all just clouds of obfuscation around his need to tell other people how to live there lives

Last edited 1 year ago by tamixek134

im right thanks

you focus on your selective pearl clutching


noun. outrage or dramatic protest, especially from a woman, caused by something the person perceives as morally wrong but that does not elicit a similarly strong reaction from most other people

fucking lol the irony


as will travelling to other states for an abortion or helping someone have one

so for millions of american women getting a legal abortion is about to become impossible

When are you going to start backing up some of your bullshit claims?

Also why are you on this fringe website, only to post about abortion laws in the USA?
Why do you care? And why do you care to express your opinions here of all places?

You are a fucking weirdo

Garry Hitler

comment image


It shows that support of Abortion under any circumstances is the highest it has EVER been, and that the swing back is a very recent phenonium despite no change in abortion laws until yesterday.

It shows that women consistently want certain conditions on abortion to be met, commonly term limits – which in much of the rest of the world is generally around 15 weeks, with reasonable exceptions around issues of rape, incest and life threatening issues.

As for the rest of your conclusions:

stewies arguments about womens attitudes are bullshit, projection, misdirection & mysogyny, just like his arguments about ‘damaging society’. all just clouds of obfuscation around his need to tell other people how to live there lives

They’re a bit lacking in substance and I would like some external references and deeper rebuttles, but then again since your a chick I suppose I should still give you an A+ for effort… I mean its expected nowadays.

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surely it isnt a female

the cadence isn’t right for a woman, and I refuse to believe a woman would post here

but the complete absence of any logical consistency is quite female so who knows


Don’t know, no longer give a fuck. I tried walking back the hyperbole a bit to present a more reasonable argument and give her/it/thing some leeway to make a reasonable argument, but get a bunch of name calling thrown in my face.

To bring it back to my original post on whose become more radicalised – it is the views of young women which have become radically more liberal in recent years.

A consequence of that is that you can implicitly assume that their views on abortion have become radically more liberal too.

There seems to be some indication this as an assertion or reasonable assumption when looking at recent movements in the stats, including the ones that Trixy has posted that shows a fall in those opposed to abortion in all instances and an increase to ATH of those who believe in no restrictions to abortion.

As for everything else ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Honestly, our entire society and culture is currently geared around telling women how great they are, how flawless their leadership skills are and how EVERY society in the world has oppressed them in some way shape or form, because of “misogyny”

Because questioning that narrative is like questioning the holocaust, there are practically ZERO people are out there asking whether those social and custom restrictions on female participation in shaping our social narrative, was in fact for legitimate reasons around social instability and their susceptibility to manias, and not in fact due to “bullshit, projection, misdirection & mysogyny”.

Capture - Copy.JPG
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38% vs 36% in 1990, 35% in 1993, 37% in 1994, 36% in 1995. has been regularly over 30% since then. 

its neither unique or ‘unnatural’ (◔_◔)

the graph is right there why keep bullshitting ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
already explained an obvious reason why its increased over the last few years despite ‘no changes’ to laws

speculation about what ‘limits’ might be captured by the black line is useless

in most developed countries the practical limits of on-demand are 14-24 weeks, usually with obvious end-runs like ‘hardship’ or ‘mental harm’ or ‘counselling’. nearly all abortions are performed within these limits

the clinic that triggered this case performed abortions to 16 weeks

your authoritarianism and contempt for women – especially young women – acting in society as much more than baby factories is clear from your posts

as is using ‘society’ as a stand-in for your beliefs

that graph getting you so triggered is % women self-identifying as liberal, doesnt say anything about ‘radical beliefs’

Last edited 1 year ago by tamixek134

your authoritarianism and contempt for women – especially young women – acting in society as much more than baby factories is clear from your posts

I believe that one of the greatest joys a person can experience is raising a child, something that is best done with two adult partners, preferably man and wife.

That said, I have gradually come to the view that gay couples who choose to raise a family, are also addressing their civic and social responsibility of helping society perpetuate itself, and so am now more tolerant and accepting of the idea.

As for my views on women, and young women in particular, at an individual level I treat women with no less respect than any man.

But the individual is not the group, and the existence of the individual does not negate the existence of the group and the existence of group behaviours, which are far more predictable than the behaviours of individuals.

I content that through gender diversity policies that are designed to increase female leadership and representation, we are in fact packing those who shape our social narrative and decision making super-structure, with people who are cumulatively higher in:

Openness: More susceptible to Govt and Corp propaganda;

Agreeableness: More prone to collective group think; and

Neuroticism: Have a hysterical over-reaction to perceived risk or injustice.

Consequently I see most of the major social panics and manias of the past few years, ranging from everything from BLM, Trans rights, the pre-occupation with Gender, COVID fear, the lockdowns and the vaccine, are all imho issues that have been made significantly worse or blown far more out of proportion, because of female neurosis jam packing our leadership superstructure, is distorting our decision making and ability to rationally discuss social issues.

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Just went to an auction in my local area to get an idea of how the market is. In a regional centre so prices have gone pretty silly from city slickers fleeing and thinking prices are cheap. Not a soul there to bid and the look on the REAs faces was worth the car drive alone. Not so smug now cunts. Hopefully more pain to come.


I wouldn’t speak too soon. Whilst it is pleasing to see agents have to be nice and actually work for their commission, their union (REIA) will be lobbying the government hard. I think the kitchen sinks were listed in a post the other day. We all expect it to happen.


Yep if there was one thing that I’d like to see from a housing crash it would be REA/property managers out of a job en-masse. Seeing those smug pricks having to do real work beyond their year 10 education. But as I typed that I thought to myself along the lines of “while I hope for a scorched earth outcome like btn and a few other uber bears think will happen… It won’t be anywhere near that.”

Aussie Soy Boy

Property managers are recession proof.

There is a better way.
In true buyers market REA will bend over backwards for an offer. Bait them, ask for sexual favours then back off.

We’re not there yet.






yeah i wish

no idea what the market sentiment is around here these days, might go to a few auctions? all the houses i see on realestate.com.au look like absolute shit dumps


Nah I just don’t want to dox myself with the likes of W@F lurking hey. I’d say average size regional centre, bigger than Dubbo. Maybe 30% lower class, 50-60% middle and the rest rich property developers and the like.


yeah i went to some open homes a while ago just to scope shit out and half of the other people there were from sydney looking to scoop some ips

Aussie Soy Boy

Could not give a fuck if yank sluts can kill foetuses or not. Less yank vermin on the planet can only be a good thing. Good chance the ones on the east coast get incinerated when the special peacekeeping operation is expanded.


Am I the only one that sees the irony in those who said STFU and get the jab are now screeching about their bodily autonomy?



Reus's Large MEMBER



Nek minit, you have to have an abortion if you want to work for us..


It’s amazing how all these people who menstrate that spent the last 2.5 years shouting “you’re not a doctor! #trustthescience” suddenly became experts in US Constitutional law overnight.


head on over to embee if you want to have a good laugh at the constitutional law experts like Dennis and smithy



the albanese landlord party strikes again

Aussie Soy Boy

Albo is just middle management isn’t he?


he barely looks like he’d cut the mustard serving as deputy treasurer of the goondiwindi rotary club

Movies for the next week:

The Extra Man (2010)
Only a trailer

Starring Kevin Kline and Paul Dano, this is an odd drama of the two gentlemen, one searching for himself and the second one well established and in need of friendship. They meet by a chance and adventures begin.
It feels though as if the movie should’ve been a mini series. It would be far more interesting with a deeper characters development but one can only stuff so much in 1:47 time which is already well past the usual attention span of a common commoner in the westworld.

Being Flynn (2013)

Another drama but this time with Dano in the leading role with De Niro in supporting as his strange but appealing father whom returns to Dano’s life at a interesting point in his life.

I begun to like Dano when he played a serial killer (at young age) whom assumes his victims identities in the movie Taking Lives (2004). For long I identified Dano with the role in that movie, where he was brilliant. The movie was not that good though, I mean that was obvious from the choice for the actor for policeman leading the chase.

For music, today I recommend Dizzy Gillespie

For end, a view I share with regards to coal powered vehicles (and no direct connection to James Watt).


Just watched Nobody (2021) – it’s been done before, but still a very satisfying and visceral action flick.

A post with 5 links is awaiting approval

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Tried – but only the article author is allowed to approve comments. Need to pester robert2013

I begun to like Dano when he played a serial killer (at young age) whom assumes his victims identities in the movie Taking Lives (2004). For long I identified Dano with the role in that movie,

…that’s dark man. I suddenly have no desire to meet up with any of youse guys ever for a beer.


Just realised you said “you identified Dano with the role in that movie“… I read it as “you identified with Dano’s role in that movie

A fly in your ointment

it came through (movies)




(start watching at 8 minutes)

for anybody who is interested in an alternate view of QE this is a decent introduction to the basic contrarian thesis

not saying I agree with him, but some parts are persuasive

In my opinion, its unfair to blame inflation on QE, when the blame should be placed squarely on the absolutely INSANE covid lockdowns

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lockdowns and the russia sanctions

lockdowns are deffo responsible though

Aussie Soy Boy

Inflation was 7.5% in the US in January, so Russia has very little to do with the hyperinflation there.

There was a troll article where Putin made a presidential order to increase prices of everything in the US…



fucking lol

these guys are the real comedians speaking truth to power

absolutely hilarious
these Rich white women cannot help but inflict their opinions on everyone

During the 12-minute, increasingly awkward video, the pranksters remark that Harry Potter’s lightning bolt forehead scar looks like a “Z,” which the Russian military has put on its tanks during its invasion of Ukraine and has become a symbol of support for the war among Russians. Rowling was asked if she would change the symbol to a Ukrainian trident. “I will look into that,” she assured. “It might be good for me to do something with that myself on social media because I think that will get into the newspapers.”

The pranksters said, “I want to clarify where you are sending the money that Lumos has collected. … We want to buy a lot of weapons and missiles with your money to destroy Russian troops, I hope you are all for that.” Rowling replied, “We’ll look after the kids, but I really want Ukraine to have all of the arms it needs.”


LOL, an underquoted property sold over the fake guide price. And the media just happened to be there, what a coincidence! Boom times ahead!


For the price I sold figured it’d be something decent, but it’s basically a cramped 3 bedder on a tiny block.


Dogs are great.

Capture - Copy.JPG

The Fauves said it best Dogs are the best people!


Engdal as brilliant as always.
it is not a sign that I agree with everything he says, it is that his work is well laid out, supported and quite often profoundly accurate. Reading him is good for shaping own views.



When words just don’t get the job done any more

A fly in your ointment

I am always cynical about pieces peddling the narrative which benefits MIC interests (or any other unelected power), irrespective of it being interspersed with accurate or counter-msm data.
The military West (the 5 countries, the majors in EU and a handful of minions) do not need more ammo or weapons. They need more diplomacy and less free lunch.

Aussie Soy Boy

Should the Russian peacekeepers launch a ground offensive in order to liberate Lithuania or should they launch a Hiroshima style nuclear event on Vilnius to save millions of lives by forcing the nazis to surrender?


Just seen a ‘talking head’ on BBC claim that Russia is getting closer to losing every time they make advances,as they have to commit more resources to hold that territory.

Can’t wait for someone to bring out the rope-a-dope to explain it all away.


Lol. I saw some idiot on another site using the ripe a dope analogy a couple of days ago. Apparently, losing 100 KIA to artillery fire every day while also ceding ground is a smart and agile tactic for winning, akin to how Muhammed Ali fought.


Do they realise how Mr.Clay end up….one bloke who you wouldn’t ask to hold your beer.


Drat – posted in the wrong article/post.

Hey Peachy – remember that conversation from the other day that was triggered by Coming’s Post?

Congress just passed a bill that would give the Fed a 3rd mandate: use monetary policy to discriminate on basis of race until they achieve equality of outcome.

What goes down in the Biden regime soon follows suite in its client states, maybe a milder dose for us at first, but it will come hard and fast soon enough:

Treasurer Jim Chalmers has indicated that the size and composition of the RBA’s board are among the issues that will be considered. He also says the government wants the board to be comprised of people representing all parts of Australia and all parts of the economy.


It starts with diversity but always ends up with the pursuit of “Equity”…. usually native born residents’ equity.

Can anyone see the rest of the article? On the one hand it superficially sounds like a good idea to me IF the diversity they add is on the basis of class, but all too often the only diversity they are after is ethnic diversity.

I would much prefer to have a Plumber of Ermo’s ilk sitting on the RBA Board than a literal Brahman Indian immigrant University, lecturer representing Australia’s Brahman class of intellectuals.

PS: LOL’s at Levo for actually writing an article on RBA board representation without apparently mentioning one word on proposed changes to the Fed in the pursuit of diversity.

FFS one of the biggest drivers of the GFC in 2008 was Clinton and the Democrat’s policy to expand home owner equity and ownership that directly lowered the credit criteria for lending back at the end of the 90s. It triggered a gigantic bubble…. hell you don’t even have to be an economics nerd to know that fact, all you have to be is a big enough movie buff to have watched the Big Short.

This policy change by the Fed will be just as big a fuck up, only it will be based around race, which is why imho when the next bubble bursts and the race based lending institutes that will subsequently proliferate that will needing bailing out, they will get to keep their homes, in order to avoid accusations of racism and of course “equity”.

Once again EZFKA unearths a economic/political news factoid that more mainstream sites trip over themselves to avoid, no matter how relevant, because they’ve been mindfucked into believing that noticing the manner extreme leftist progressive ideology is infiltrating our Institutions & Corporations, i.e. Woke Capital, is some sort of impolite, socially unacceptable far-right crime against decency.

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Treasurer Jim Chalmers has indicated that the size and composition of the RBA’s board are among the issues that will be considered. He also says the government wants the board to be comprised of people representing all parts of Australia and all parts of the econom

This just sounds like making excuses for the usual mass replacement with people more favourable to our government that always happens post change of government.
The rhetoric and propaganda from the RBA certainly seems to have undergone a significant shift in tone post election so the current board doesn’t seem very labor friendly.