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DLS is prob disappointe.d he seems to WANT ww3, just against china. text book chicken hawk playing master strategist from his fuhrerbunker in sunshine or where-ever the hell he lives.



He’d get skin rush each time someone quoted or linked towards Caitlin.

“The purge of RT and other Russian media outlets in the US and Europe is 100% censorship,” tweets journalist Michael Tracey. “Go ahead and argue it’s justified, but at least don’t be a coward and admit you are advocating censorship.”

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bit of a stretch calling michael tracey a “journalist”

Professional twitter shit-poster would be more accurate

DLS is closer to a journalist


Labelled as “twatter journo” and a “roving reporter” (must be one of those Aussie tertiary diploma stuff)

Yeah, lets presume Tracey is whatever you want to paint him (I really have no clue anyway), does that make his statement as quoted above incorrect?


Well sure, but all state and corporate media is propaganda

and why would a nation allow a hostile foreign power to broadcast its own propaganda ?

russia doesn’t allow “fake news”

China certainly controls who can broadcast propaganda in its borders


Because “democracy” sheet has no allowance for censorship?

Do we want to be no different from ruskies and chinks, using their own methods or do we aspire to be a democracy?


we have never been a democracy

We have an elected group of parliamentarians
(who are ultimately beholden to the governor general and the queen)

There hasn’t been a democratic country for many thousands of years. Switzerland gets closest

I’m not sure that australians have the intellectual capacity to function as a democracy, so no I don’t think we should aspire to it


If I understand correctly, your argument is that this place is authoritarian and no different from chinks and ruskies hence…?
From that perspective, then, I will agree.

All of which makes the local cry of censorship in other countries a bigotry and hypocrisy…

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yes, and , frankly, we need it to be

But we need a better kind of dictator


I see where you’re going with this but you’re speaking in figurative terms. We literally are a democracy, a representative democracy, however it’s just ineffective at representing the people it’s supposed to due to agency theory, which at this point one could argue is by design.

Direct democracy doesn’t exist anywhere more or less to my understanding. Even if it did would it actually lead to better outcomes though, to your closing sentence.


aren’t you the one speaking in figurative terms? not sure

The Flux party has a model for direct democracy via australian parliamentary system
And I vote for them as a bit of a humorous protest

But as I said if we consider the level of astroturfing, propaganda and censorship that goes on now when the people’s wishes are just going to get over-ridden anyway by parliamentarians (immigration, covid, war etc etc)

One can only imagine the levels of it if we somehow became a DD

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Hadn’t heard of the party. Interesting concept and a hybrid of sorts to me as you still require politicians, they are just acting as agents on behalf of voters to plug into an otherwise representative democratic system.

I’d be more worried about hacking of the app before any of the issues you mentioned.


We literally are a democracy

In the sense that the british applied it to their system for propaganda value, not in the sense of it’s original meaning.

Gruppenführer Mark

DLS is just regurgitating talking points from the MSM, along with assertions of boycotts from a substantial portion of the international community. Last I checked, the international community was rather limited to the North America, Australia, NZ and the EU. Most of Asia, Latin America and Africa haven’t joined.

And then there is this BRICS thing.


If Sydney has a nuke dropped on it will house prices fall or rise?


rise. even following the heat death of the universe house prices in birrong will be up 10% YoY.


That is a very negative outlook. The wealthy will either be incinerated or would not want to live in on radioactive land. That opens up the possibility of a blanket highrise rezoning. The jimmy grants will be prepared to live on radioactive land if a citizenship is part of the deal.

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10% too low. NIRP, 100 year mortgages, unlimited immigration, hastily built buildings. Boom times literally.

Sydney survivors would want to live away from Sydney. Rents in Dubbo will go up 500% and Stagmal will be kicked onto the streets.


Buy now or miss out forever!

Agent 47

I expect some of these flooded sites to be marketed as having waterfront views.

Gruppenführer Mark

It will literally send the house prices into stratosphere! Talk about decimation of supply. We got the demand bit covered.


They’d fall as only the poor could afford to live in the radiation zone.

On the other hand, Brisbane and Melbourne would boom.


So who would Scotty be?


Doesn’t Davo’s entire thesis rest on the assumption also that China is as insignificant as Russia in economic terms?

Yes Russie has oil and gas but not a great deal else.

China’s economy is far more globally linked as a a global manufacturing powerhouse and any damage caused via sanctions would have substantially more 2nd order blowback impacts to the countries threatening the sanctions I would have thought?


Morality has no place in forecasting

Maybe that’s why he is frequently wrong

To your point made some time ago confusing what is likely versus what ‘ought’ to happen is a strength of his.

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DLS is caught up on the so called Western enlightenment, yet he doesn’t realise that it has been carpet bagged by a tribe of professional thieves with over 4,000 years of experience at stealing civilizations.

Midwits think the long game is 5-10 years, as opposed to 5-10 generations. The same families who ruled Florence 500 years ago are the same ones who dominate it today. The ‘Enlightenment’ under ‘progressives’ has been distorted, it is no longer about the pursuit of truth, but the pursuit of justice. Consequently fools like DLS, who have forgotten truth in favour of moral justice, have within 2 generations given away what took centuries to build.

The future belongs to those who show up for it, yet every aspect of the enlightenment he champions leads to the sort of nihlism that is consuming young people today and genociding our society and culture just slow enough that midwits won’t ever recognise it is happening.

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” If there really was a game plan of some sort by a hostile (Jewish, I infer?) elite to capture and subvert civilisation, as is alluded to, “

Doesn’t need to be a game plan if the behavioural outcomes are hard baked into your cultural values.

Do you think Wood Ants actively think they are going to take over a Field Ant nest?

As to the moves an machinations – do you expect them to play out so fast the average person can detect them?

What do you think the LGBT movement is about – essentially promoting terminator cultural values, that instead of allowing people to get angry about the life opportunities that are being denied them, like the hard work of having a family, they can celebrate, receive better employment opportunities and be praised for boofing each other up the arse into extinction.

Exactly what books did you think the Nazi’s burned during their book burning phase? Anne of Greengables? lol

How about economics, and separating decision making in terms of solving our common problems from social and cultural values to purely applying an economic lens? Neoliberalism was called Neoliberalism, because Newliberalism is simply too close to the truth – likewise with NeoConservative. If you look at where the majority of the intellectual leadership comes from in those groups it will get you to the answer pretty quick.

Mass migration, MultiCult, “Diversity makes us stronger and more united”…. you should really look into cultural values built around ‘Double Think’ even George Orwell picked up on that theme, and consider where you see them promoted in society and who does the promoting.

Using “Culture” as a mind model for explaining the world, pretty much explains everything.

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But it is – Late Roman empire (after Pompeii brought 80,000 slaves back from Jerusalem) became obsessed with Transgenderism. Most young men (or women) had no higher aspiration than becoming a consort.

Further back in the bible it constantly tells the stories of how the Israelites fell out of God’s favour by pursuing self interest (e.g. Sodom and Gomorrah is but one example) – they have known about behavioural sinks, long before some scientist set up an experiment in Moustopia, to come up with a fancy scientific name for the behaviours.

“That said, in practice I would be very sceptical of any supposed plan that lasts more than about 2-3 generations (50-70 years).”

Peachy, that is what culture is.

It is about perpetuating your values, yourself, not as an individual, but as a collective family group. It is designed to give you a short cut to finding the answer to the problems we collectively face.

Competition from rival groups is one such collective problem different groups face.

There are a number of strategies to solve it, outright aggression for example. But if you are inferior in number then aggression will get you no where, and it is best to consider using other more subtle techniques in order to take control.

Why fight a war, when simply passive aggressively asserting your values in society, such that over time YOUR values come to dominate the values of the society you reside in? Encourage them to adopt behavioural sinks and sit back and let your competitors do the hard work of erasing themselves.

The West are a colony of field ants, gradually being taken over and having their cultural values replaced.

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And yet the culture of Rome changed from one of civic duty, to one of rights.

Within a generation of arriving a special law was passed that said they did not have to contribute the civic duty of serving in the army.

Significantly improves your survivors bias if your sons don’t get sent to war and have the opportunity of buying up business and land of the deceased sons who never come back.

Culture matters.


And yet the culture of Rome changed from one of civic duty, to one of rights.

I think you are misattributing cause here.
This is the very embodiment of the “hard men bring good times, breed soft men, bring bad times, breed hard men” cycle.
Duty is required in hard times, leads to good times when no one wants to do the duty, rights become the priority, leading to future hard times.


A good read although it is now locked behind a paywall, but it shows a significant genetic divergence in Rome’s population from the found, which approximated that of modern mediterranean populations, to the Imperial period starting with Caesar, that showed a growing genetic contribution from the near East.

The cycle you speak of probably also played a part, but genes are also part of the feedback loop. Many say Rome ceased being Rome, because the Romans ceased being Roman.



Many say Rome ceased being Rome, because the Romans ceased being Roman.

There is a circular but undeniable truth to that statement… 🙂

but i know what you mean.


“To say that this is all that there is is an oversimplification. Obv. Gay people don’t disappear due to non-breeding, cause if they did – there wouldn’t be any.”

That is the idea. Encourage your competitors to accept values that will erase themselves.

Some of the LBGT people are nature, its in their genes or a result of the mixture and expression of genes that they inherited from their parents.

Some LGBT people are a result of choice – if you have been taught (as a cultural value) to be agnostic to the concept of sex and where it is coming from, then some people will chose the easiest path that gets them the most bang for their buck.

The enormous increase in those identifying as such, would lend credence to my assertion that for some people, being LGBT is a choice.


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Just a family of people pursuing their cultural values and spreading it to the rest of the world:


or how about:

These include but are not limited to Jennifer Pritzker (a male who identifies as transgender); George SorosMartine Rothblatt (a male who identifies as transgender and transhumanist); Tim Gill (a gay man); Drummond PikeWarren and Peter Buffett; Jon Stryker (a gay man); Mark Bonham (a gay man); and Ric Weiland (a deceased gay man whose philanthropy is still LGBT-oriented). 


For supposedly less than 2% of the population, a certain group is vastly over-represented in that list…

No machinations, just wealthy powerful people doing what they think is right and just.

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it doesn’t seem to be an accident that in miserable parts of, say, Africa very few people are lgbtetc or fat.

The closer to a subsistence economy, the greater the moral crime to steal resources away from the needs of society to perpetuate itself.

If you aren’t going to work to perpetuate yourself, then you are a threat to society and its limited resources.

This fundamental economic truth is the ENTIRE moral basis for most religious having what are deemed to be harsh views towards LGBT behaviour.

Again, society as a gestalt entity seeking to perpetuate itself.

Last edited 6 months ago by Stewie

Long rants are my specialty 😘 😉

i was actually going to comment about the apparent correlation of lgbt/fat/etc prevalence in locations of economic abundance, but didn’t want

Actually, as a rule what you said is probably more true than what I said in regards to it never being present or encouraged in substance cultures.

I pointed the other day, some subsistence societies have a high degree of it culturally enforced LGB that this arose from cultural values that promoted elite polygamy, ie alpha males and warrior societies, like often found in highland PNG and men’s houses.

No one doubts that the PNG highlands are a subsistence society, but the resource availability ie food, would be significantly more abundant than in the Saudi desert – thus with no risk of starving it might make more sense for leaders to promote their own genes rather than lowly competitors.

Thus I think resource allocation is a bigger factor than subsidence levels of the culture.

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Chad thundercock

 being LGBT is a choice”

Speaking from personal experience I assume?


Chaddles! You are back!! I have missed you.

What have you been up to? Engaging in a bit of Frotterage on the train system? Super gluing your hair to your scalp? Have you birthed a love child with W@ffle yet?

Chad thundercock

Im sure u have 😘



What do you think the LGBT movement is about – essentially promoting terminator cultural values, that instead of allowing people to get angry about the life opportunities that are being denied them, like the hard work of having a family, they can celebrate, receive better employment opportunities and be praised for boofing each other up the arse into extinction.”

I don’t think the 1.2% of people or thereabouts who are gay or lesbian in Australia at least will be the extinction of western society (lets just say Australia for now) like you think it might be.

I think the LGBTI movement is no different to any other identity politics sideshow; a mechanism to satiate vocal minorities whilst enabling the screwing of masses in the main game to continue unnoticed (being the entire financial system is set up to benefit and perpetuate the power of the wealthy).

Reus's Large MEMBER

The only problem for the alphabet crew is that our soon to be CCP overlords will shut it down and they will have a zero social credit score to start with.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Just a bit of re-education camp for them, they have had to do it already so that they have an army that does not break down and cry and seek their safe space at the first sign of conflict.


What! You enjoy violent anal?

‘Boofing each the arse’ is a turn of phrase that is more poetically descriptive than the pc ‘engaging in homosexual activity’. Plus if there is a PC way to something, than I prefer to say the opposite.

Last edited 6 months ago by Stewie

I don’t have an issue with gays, or even some trans people – as I mentioned somewhere above I believe some people are born that way.

But I also believe some people are agnostic to sex and where they get it from, and believe the constant promotion and celebration of ‘gayness’ is influencing large numbers of young people to choose to pursue, what ultimately imho, is a nihilistic lifestyle from the point of view of our society and culture as a gestalt entity – it is a terminator behaviour.

I think the stunning increase of people who identify as such supports my assertion or at least makes it a reasonable proposition (endocrine changes from pseudo-estrogen compounds in plastics might also be a factor) :


To any gays out there, I don’t hate you, I just believe the promotion of ‘Ultra tolerance’ in society has reached the point that it is moving to celebration or promotion, which is imho negatively influencing society in other ways…. Few people are disagreeable enough or brave enough to even contemplate the possibility, let alone mention it.

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“I really don’t agree with this civilisation stealing stuff. I think it is misguided.”

Ancient Egypt, Ancient Babylon, Ancient Rome, Spanish Inquisition, Nazi Germany, countless other examples…

At what point does survivor bias become something else?

Chad thundercock

Well we all know stewie loves whipping boys….just look at his avatar. The dirty old cuck!

Agent 47

Ukraine is the old Khazaria (or most of it anyway)

So in my view it explains the media anti-russia sperg out.



no one has really explained the Jewish angle to me

zelensky is Jewish, but Russia accuses Ukraine of harbouring “nazis”


Maybe Putin is literally telling you what the fuck is going on and using the word correctly. Ashkenazi. Look up the balfour declaration.


This sounds like a q drop

can you expand a bit for the uninitiated


ok. bit of a touchy subject and I am not anti semantic in any way….
Basically the zionists in russia made an agreement with the british that they would use their powers of influence to get russia to side with the allies in return for the nation state of israel during ww2. The british made that deal and also had a deal with the palestinians at the time. Long story short, the zionists got israel, palestinians got fucked and russia didnt side with the allies. The word nazi is short for ashkenazi from my limited understanding, ie the zionists. Unfortunately whomever wins gets to write history and you will get kicked out of q and a if you challenge the narrative.


Cheers – interesting example of double think.

The basis of the Haavara agreement was that the Nazi’s would support the formation of Israel (against the UK’s interests) and the support of Jewish leaders in the US.

Playing both sides, duplicity, is a cultural trait that is generally frowned on in Anglo society, but praised in other societies when it leads to a beneficial outcome for the in-group.


Playing both sides, duplicity, is a cultural trait that is generally frowned on in Anglo society, but praised in other societies

That was funny.


Culturally it is treat your fellow man as you would have them treat yourself, as opposed to treating your fellow tribe member as you would have them treat yourself.

Of course our history is obviously filled with duplicitous people who achieve great success, but as a cultural trait there is nothing in the texts of most Anglo religions that celebrate or justify duplicitousness as a moral strategy.

Machiavelli’s “The Prince” is a fine example. It preaches duplicitousness, but it will never be held up as a moral standard that people should aspire to by anyone in a pulpit.

Last edited 6 months ago by Stewie

It was funny what you said of Anglo frowning upon duplicity and I sheet you not that southern and eastern Europe has a saying for sleazy duplicity that literally translates to “being an englishman” or “pretending to be a pom” and that is across cultures. Churchill’s duplicity is a school example.


Are they duplicitous with each other though ?

or are they just duplicitous with goy because they see them as less than

it’s the strong cultural identity that we don’t have


Judaism is a very proscriptive religion.

I have commented before on how large and volumous their religious texts are, controlling all facets of Jewish life especially in comparison to the Christian Bible, which is essentially a short series of parables explaining where we came from, and the new testament which TLDR rules essentially boil down to “Treat others how you would have them treat yourself”.

If you spend the time reading the Mishnah or Gemara, you will find that the level of instructions on aspects of every day life touched on in these texts to be amazingly detailed, from everything from the preparation of food, to rules and regulations for around the Niddah – menstruations:

“I Had to Take My Dirty Panties to a Rabbi, and So Has Every Orthodox Jewish Woman”

Thus I find it almost inconceivable that Jewish Texts do not have rules in them as to how Jews should behave or treat gentiles, as they come across them in every day life.

Anyone who says that they don’t have such rules or prejudices against gentiles, or that these are antisemetic conspiracies, is either lying or ignorant.

It is inconceivable to me, when I build a mind model of the past, that the mutual prejudices between Christianity and Judaism, was purely one sided, and likewise the possibility that Jews had no rules in regards to treatment of gentiles, when they have a rule for literally EVERY other aspect of day to day life.

One of the principal rules of the Torah is that any Jew who shares it with a gentile should be put to death, along with the gentile they showed it to.

Consequently there isn’t a huge amount of information on the subject, and what texts are available have now been rendered Taboo by claims that ‘claims of Jewish bias against gentiles’ is in fact antisemetic.

If you are interested in reading some of the criticism, through hard work and risking a permanent file on my Google search history, I have managed to located a couple:

i) Martin Luther’s (the founder of Protestantism) letter “The Jews and Their Lies”

ii) The Talmud Unmasked

Obviously the msm and wikepedias will say they are both works of fiction, but having read both and compared to other proscriptive rules that I have read of in the Torah, I don’t find either of them to be particularly outlandish…. and if they are unrealistic or fake, then were are the proscriptive rules on the treatment of Gentiles elsewhere in the Torah?

They have a rule to take your dirty panties to the Rabbi to check your menstrual health, but no rules on how to deal with Gentiles?

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Follow the money


Um, I’m pretty sure the history of the balfour declaration is well documented. Probably one of the most pivotal points of modern history. Fuck, these planes are getting old, lets sell them on the second hand plane market. Israel will buy them….”arent these planes only a year old?”


I know its as crazy as saying Hitler had a jew as his personal physician.


Or that more than 100,000 Jews FOUGHT for the Germans in WW2.


There is a difference between Jws and Zionists.


In some ways yes. Basically the global bankers needed a nation state to get a vote in the UN


Peachy are you actually a girl? On this eve of equality it doesnt really matter, but if you are its hot. Hot economics girl. Fuck yeah. (I’m assuming you are a sweaty bloke called dave)


I don’t actually sound like Stewie Griffin when I speak either – sorry if that has ruined the mind model you may have of me delivering my pontifications.

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im ok with that, just seems like a bit of a sausage party going on here. confirmation bias etc. would take some balls to hang out here as a girl


Google Haavara agreement…. preferably using DuckDuckGo

BTW – Adolf based Nazism on Zionism.

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As Bananaman said – Ashkenazi


Laugh if you will, that is what the msm want you to do.

They don’t want you to recognise that serious people, with lots of money, who happen to be living in these places are actually seriously working towards achieving their goals.

They want you to think it is a joke and that there is no explanation for the machinations going on in the Ukraine other than “Putin = Bad”


Its your and mine favourite furer , off his head on meth 1:49 🙂


Don’t worry its medically prescribed.


He was beloved by the majority of Germans:

Ended the depraved Weimar republic culture that saw the rise of Transgenderism and LGBT culture, best expressed as their Cabaret clubs/culture.

Ended the intellectual classes obsession with blaming all the worlds ills on the bourgeoisie class (white working class people aka whiteness).

Ended the effects of the great depression 3 years before most other countries managed to turn it around.

Ended globalist bankers raping and pillaging German society (who knows what “Occupy Wallstreet” could have merged into if they didn’t nip that in the bud and replace it with a race war?)

Absolutely no parallels with Western society today…


Fuck bro what did all that bush doofing do to ya? Open your mind or something?



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I actually don’t know how to edit or delete the above post sorry admin.


Fixed it for you – I have special powers.

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If you thought I was merely being provocative when I said Hitler based Nazism on Zionism, the origins of my comment was partially reliant on this particular Rabbi’s honest opinion from the 1930s.

It took me a while to find the reference, but here is an extract from Rabbi Harry Watson and his book “A Program for Jews [Stewie: Machinations Peachy?] and an Answer to all AntiSemites”

The first 60 pages or so are interesting, although I’ve never finished the book.


This wasn’t a white nationalist writing this. It wasn’t a Nazi or neo-Nazi and it wasn’t an antisemite – it was a Rabbi, contemporously located in the past giving his honest opinion.

In general building a mind model to explain Nazism and its relationship to Jews for the past, is today wholly reliant on the mainstream starting proposition for what historically happened, and the relationship between the two groups. We generally build the mind models of the past, constructed through the lens we are handed today.

In order to build an accurate model of the past, to try and reconcile inconsistencies with the present you need to actually go back and read what many people were thinking, and not just be reliant on the narrative that some historian has selectively parsed down and handed to you.

Sometimes the results will surprise you.


Hard to disagree with this.

A fly in your ointment



The assessment of Davo Lewdo Smirk cannot get more accurate and laconic.

Rest assured, Davo is frequenting this place more often than not. At least 2 characters are likely to be hi aliases. “The Million dollar useless word man” is here too…. perhaps they should pay $1 for the first month membership?

That Guy From Macrobusiness

Don’t buy now!


Russia is basically a commodity exporting nation. Oil and gas gets the attention, but it exports coal, diamonds, titanium, wheat. Having a significant amount of the earth’s land mass you are bound to find some valuable commodity.

From what I understand the sanctions are financial in nature, but the commodities will still be sold. Most probably to China.

If China invade Taiwan, all we’ll see the UN say “we are very angry and we’ll send you a letter telling you how angry we are”. We’ll tariff a few products, but commodities will still make it to Chinese ports.

Gruppenführer Mark

I’m not sure, man! The sanctions are starting to pile up! Banking (except for energy payments), consumer products (except South Korea), sports – pretty much universal, seizing assets of Russian oligarchs (except Abramovich, and thay Brin dude from Google). Paralympics – nah, cancelled. Vodka removed from store shelves. And now this!


Gruppenführer Mark

Ony the hairy kind. the bald one are egyptian or some such, so ok.

That sounded like the golden age prawn filming industry parlance


True – but as a combined market Russia will have around 170m mainly Slav Russian Orthodox population with a median IQ of just under 100.

They have sufficient resources within their borders to be wholly self sufficient and self sustaining – as Australia’s recent experience with a closed employment market, there are can be redistributive benefits to closed markets and extreme protection – which in a way is what the sanctions could be looked at.

In fact the only other nation on earth that has or had a comparable population and an abundance of resources that it could effectively operate as its own market, cut off from the rest of the world, would be the USA.

It will be tougher than it would otherwise be, but rather than encourage division as could be expected in more diverse multicultural nations, like the West and what the US has become, it could have the opposite effect and drive both nationalism and patriotism.

The thing is you just can’t trust our msm, and the fact that they are so assured that Russia’s adventurism will trigger political opposition to Putin, gives me pause to think that the complete opposite might be the realistic outcome.

A fly in your ointment

There was an article on strategic culture or similar where it explained why Ruskies have a nuclear option for anything sanctions, actually quite more potent the more the sanctions are implemented.
It’s simple: abolish intellectual property coming from countries whom impose sanctions… disseminate, reverse engineer, copy paste. Unlike chinks, they will copy with industrial engineering quality and a good copy is often better than any average original (ask Japanese, they know it well).


Good read. Ties up with a lot in Freddy’s video too.


Hans Bwrix, awww noo!

Aussie Soy Boy

Sanctioning China would be suicidal for the west. You’d see hyperinflation, medicine, chemicals, anything electronic. China can roll through Taiwan without anyone doing shit.

I hope to live long enough to see China really turn the screws on the west and become the dominant power. Once they have the upper hand they will show zero mercy to the west.


Indeed my point also


I don’t think so.

Chinese culture is shit. It’s all about fuking everybody else for your own advantage. Being a dodgy bastard who scams other people is applauded as being smart and sharp.

That works on a small scale, but is ultimately self defeating. It’s why China has always been a pissweak shithole that has to steal stuff from other people, and it always ends in disaster.

I’d bet w@flles entire lifetime supply of the word “cunt” that China will devolve into chaos, famine and civil war in the next 30 gears.


You should have a read of Freddy’s link – good discussion first on Russia, then on China – China is way more screwed than Russia:


Gruppenführer Mark


Something else that has not been getting any air play, is the lead-up to this shitstorm. Ukrine resumed bombardments of the two republics since mid-Feb. Things really picked up round 18th, at which point the political play was launched – LNDR asked Russia to be recognised, they got recognised, Russia pledged protection. But I think this little tidbit is what really sealed the deal. Feb 19:


When Putin talked about demilitarisation on Feb 21, this was the reason – no nuclear weapons in Europe. This is what Russia was pushing against since that other little conflict – Cuban Missile Crisis, which forced the US to remove its missiles from Turkey.

Chinese Astroturfer

Warney must have got his booster!

Hope he had some fun in Thailand before the ticker blew out.


Shit eh.

I’d bet he was vaxxed and boosted.

There will be much more of this premature death among the famous and the unknown in the months to come. My partner and I know 6 people (all work contacts) between us who’ve died prematurely in the last 8 months…ages late 30s to late 50s.


He was triple jabbed for his work/travel


could have been coke too tbh


not sure one can OD on coke that easy, unless mixed.

Whatev’s, he got to see Liz Hurley naked in his own bedroom… my hero ever since.


Pure coke is super dangerous for the uninitiated, they stomp on it almost as a public service here. A match head of pure will make your heart almost jump out of your chest.


Warnie would be veteran then!

Nonetheless, i admired the guy for living a hedonistic life. True Aussie, not like the….

Lionel Tiger

not sure one can OD on coke that easy

Cocaine or speed /meth can fuck your heart at any age. You dont ‘Od’ on it – it causes heart attacks.
If you’re fiddy years old and doing cocaine? good luck


fitness is miraculous.
I heard Warne was quit fit.

what some men i knew drank would’ve killed all common aussie binge drinkers twice over. One of them died at young age of 55, from being ran over by a speeding car driven by a gen-Z’er high on meth – on a ped-crossing. People used to ask him (not the real name) “Hey Mick, how long would it take you to get to 0.5%o alcohol in your blood?” his answer being “5 days of no drinks!”

RIP Warne, the world has lost a person that lived a life like there’s no tomorrow on this Earth.

Chinese Astroturfer

He would be brave to buying cocaine in south-east Asia


Could be both – part of that 40% unexplained increase in deaths for the 18-54yrs. The high risk behaviour combined with possible vax toxicity, would be a potent combination… if it is eventually accepted that it raise the risk profile of those taking it from various side effects.

Chad thundercock

lol i immediately thought that too


Those that say there’s no good way to die have obviously never heard of a drug fuelled sex heart attack.
Personally, I’d like to go out like my grandfather; peacefully asleep; not like all the other screaming fuckers in his car.


A lot more than your average male would love to have banged Liz Hurley and Pamela Anderson.


Read that he had just flown in the night before, so did wonder about the possibility of him developing a deep vein thrombosis. The obvious coke/hookers angle seems likely too.

But Shane never struck me as the fittest sportsperson around, and heart attacks in that 50-60 age range aren’t uncommon.


operation shred got him [tweet]


i didnt think of that

good chance he was using clenbuterol or other b2 agonists, amphetamines etc

That’s possibly why he went to thailand since you can get them over the counter there

very good chance this is the answer


yep… and dopy 50 yr old bastards dropping off at the gym is a thing anyhow…
should be getting an exhaustive cardio exam before starting any of that gym shit

Chinese Astroturfer

There is a correlation between heart inflammation and people who have had COVID previously receiving one of the vaccines.

He could have any number of reasons why he had a heart attack at 52 anyway. Might even have an undetected congenital problem.


Russian kid has a different opinion to the woke narrative.


I don’t agree or disagree, but, fk, surely all opinions should be heard?

Defund the ABC


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Feels like a setup – surely they vet all the questions on shows like this before running with them.


If it’s a set up it’s even worse, that ABC would devolve to this sort of pantomime ideological head on a pike stuff


he asked a non-vetted question.


Don’t question the narrative.


He debunked the non-vetted Q stating that he veered off by a few words which is normal…


He should have somehow intertwined it with religion to enable freedom of religious expression, as the freedom of speech card otherwise seems to get you nowhere in this place.


Read the pinned comment by the Russian kid.

Another comment suggests a crowd funding against the filthy ABC. I’d donate to that.



It’s a complex topic clearly, I won’t proclaim to know the ins and outs but he did himself no favours in the manner he presented his question. But I agree the question is valid and Stan’s approach is pretty poor.

Why are the questions even vetted in the first place in that show, what the heck is that? Obviously to ensure the semblance of debate is within allowable constructs, leading the program to be a sham.

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You seem surprised by this? Everything you see has been vetted by someone, especially on TV/MSM.


Hehehe, was just thinking that the best thing about the plandemic was the Gay mardi gras at the scg. All those folk walking around in circles. I think they should do it there every year.


As some of you know I’ve got an interest in hate facts – one of the biggest hate facts out there has to do with IQ, as a hardwired phenomenon that is perhaps the biggest explanatory factor out there for inequality, and is thus the biggest counter to the oppression/injustice narrative that our hostile elites would rather have us rally around.

Anyhow, for I thought IQ was mainly a matter of processing speed. Everyone could think the same things, just that they were slower at doing so, however a while back I stumbled across an interesting Reddit blog by some supposed Research Graduate Student who studied IQ** which informed me I was radically missinformed.

(**interesting, in most medical and Psyschological courses, there is virtually no compulsory courses on IQ – which means these facts are really not very well known, even in professions that you would assume to be well over them.)

Here is the link:


Subsequent investigation by myself, on other scholarly articles that I read, would suggest that the Reddit link is quite accurate.

Since it is the most accessible in terms of constructing an model in our own heads to understand it, I will repost it below (I’ve done a little editing for clarity purposes only).

Most people (95%+) with less than 90 IQ can’t understand conditional hypotheticals.

>How would you have felt if you didn’t eat lunch?

>What do you mean? I did

>Yes, but if you didn’t, how would you feel?

>Why are you saying I didn’t? I told you I did

>Imagine you hadn’t, though. How would you have felt?

>I don’t understand.

50% of convicts respond like this.

Another interesting phenomenon around IQ involves recursion.


>Write a story with 2 named characters, each with one line of dialogue.

Most literate people can manage this, especially once you give them an example

>Write a story with 2 named characters, each with one line of dialogue. In this story, one of the characters must be describing a story with at least 2 named characters, each of whom have at least one line of dialogue

If you have less than 90 IQ, this second exercise is basically impossible

>Add a third level (‘frame’) to the story.

Even 100 IQs start to get mixed up with the names of who’s talking.

Turns out Scheherazade is an IQ test

Time is daunting to understand for sub 80s. They exist only in the present, can barely reflect on the past, can’t plan for the future at all

Sub 90s struggle with anachronism. For example, the 80-85s stumble on logic problems that involved common sense anachronism stuff

For instance:

>Why do you think military generals in WW II didn’t use computers to develop strategies?

>I guess they didn’t want to get hacked by nazis?

Admittedly you could argue this is a history knowledge question, not quite a logic sequencing question, but you get the idea.

Sequencing is difficult for them to track, but most 100+ have no problem with it, although a movie like Memento can strain them.

Recursion is definitely the killer, though

Recursive thinking and recursive knowledge seems genuinely hard for people of average intelligence.

[Stewie: What is recursion? It is basically building a mind model that has allows for the mind model of how someone else see’s the world built into it. Inception had 6 levels of recursion in it as they drilled into the man’s subconscious.]

It’s the main reason why so many sub 90 IQs are sociopaths or psychopaths. They don’t have the mental computing power to model other people’s thoughts and feelings. Ask any prison psychologist.

>How do you think that man felt when you beat him?


>How do you think his mother felt when she heard that her son was dead?


They don’t have the brainpower to build even a crude model of someone else’s mind, let alone populate it with events from the past.

What is most curious to me ‘mapping’, which in abstract reasoning is expressing one thing in terms of another

For example:

>imagine a picture of an arrow, colored in a gradient from yellow to green. following the direction of the arrow

>Imagine a one-way street, with ascending house numbers, lowest at the entrance and highest at the exit

>If you mapped the arrow onto the street, what color would house #1 be?

This isn’t tricky for most 100+s. It has some minor ambiguities, but anyone of normal intelligence can do the ‘mapping’, that is, the expression of one thing in term(s) of another

However, for sub 90s, its very difficult. They struggle, and sub 80s just can’t do it at all.

Anything under 90 will routinely make errors with even commonplace mapping (maps, time schedules, etc).

Sub 85s start to get into the territory where they can’t learn to read, as symbolic mapping of phonemes (or even morphemes) even with constant drilling, just too tricky

Sufficiently high IQ autists can emulate theory of mind, but they have to be smart enough to appreciate the utility of it. Any autist or narcissist over 120 can do this regularly, but they don’t have the ‘hardware’ for empathy.

Keep this in mind when interacting with others.

Now all of that I found interesting, but I didn’t really ponder the difference in thinking for people with IQs above 100 after that – again, I just thought at above 100 IQ only really meant a difference in processing speed or greater access to general knowledge i.e. being able to solve math problems faster or being really good at Trivial pursuit.

However over the past 18 months I’ve come to really understand that there are significant cognitive differences in terms of the range of processes available to people with IQs above 100. Some abilities are simply not accessible, and again recursion and sequencing is a factor.

IQ as an evolutionary trait is about the holistic aspect of taking in disparet information, processing speed in order to build a mind model that most accurately reflects the world, allowing the user of it to survive the problems it faces. “Is that a Cheetah in the bushes? Has it spotted me?”

In respect of understanding the world around I believe there is a significant inability of most people with IQs in the range of 100 – 115 to build accurate mind models to explain what is going on in the wider world around them.

Such individuals can function normally in respect of constructing the mind models to navigate everyday life, but for more complex situations that they are more removed from their every day life, eg national or global issues, they have less access, ability or inclination to seek out facts that would allow them to build an accurate model for themselves. Instead they rely on models that are presented to them in the media.

These models generally tend to be contemporaneously plausible when being viewed in isolation, and so are readily accepted if there happens to be any emotional ‘need’ for these individuals to understand what is going on.

However, often when these explanations are looked at in aggregate, many of the assumptions or facts that are required for these narratives to remain plausible, are revealed to be inconsistent when they are viewed in aggregate, and conflict with the assumptions and facts that other competing, yet accepted narratives, rest on.

Most people with IQs from around 115 – 130, who have a ‘need’ to understand events around them AND who posses sufficient disagreeableness with their personality, will generally be able to see these conflicting narratives and the inconsistencies. Such people will reject the msm narrative and go looking for answers themselves – to me that explains the existence of websites like Macrobusiness, Crikey, Pearls and Constipation, etc.

However, the ability of these groups to apply recursion into their models, so that they can explain the world not only now, but across different generations and the inconsistencies in the mainstream narrative to the facts that are available, is something that I think people in that IQ range really struggle with. The only narrative or truth, is the one they are immersed in at the moment.

Mind models that explain the world, both contemporaneously and on a recursive basis across time, are nearly impossible for most people to build. There is simply too many facts, too many competing narratives to order and make sense of for them to construct themselves. So again, the narrative that most people start with in terms of building the contemporaneous models, already rest on narratives that have been provided for them – they simply can’t recursively construct models across time for them themselves.

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I really enjoy your posts stewie

Interesting info about IQ

You can clearly see that this site has aggregated all the most disagreeable people from MB

Disagreeability is a personality trait that is at first glance not fit from an evolutionary perspective, but must obviously have been necessary and adaptive at various points in history

It has been nothing but a burden and a hindrance to me personally

Unfortunately, I can’t control myself when it would be more beneficial to feign agreeability
eg getting money, status, sex etc

Is this a sign of low IQ?
Why has this racial group been so good at feigning all sorts of things in order to further themselves – They must surely be high in disagreeability in order to have been so relentless in the first place


Glad I’m not speaking to a wall on this stuff – I should state that the last part was my own mental model of trying to understand why people have such an inability to stray from the narrative, like with COVID or Ukraine vs US foreign policy, when there are such obvious problems with it… maybe, it just isn’t possible for them to see it.

I would probably agree with you on disagreeability – on the sum it has probably been a negative on my life in culmination. I’m lucky I met and married someone who understood that my disagreeability is not born from hostility.

From an evolutionary perspective, I would speculate that the advantage in disagreeability is in resisting mass psychoses within society or fat tail events in general. Where the pay off for being right and in the minority, is so vast that statistically within the Monti carlo simulation that is life, there is some advantage for those traits enduring…. e.g.

“That rumbling mountain ain’t right, I think we should get the fuck away from here.”
“No you fool! It is just the God’s arguing, be quite with you and stop spreading disorder to the masses.”
“Yeah, okay – I’m out of here.”

As to the your final comment – when someone brings up that topic I always laugh and think of this story:



Is there really an advantage in resisting mass psychoses though ?

unless you can profit from them by playing along and exploiting them

what we do is just really fucking pointless – realising they exist , then jumping up and down trying to get other people to change their mind and agree with us
or jerking off with the other outsiders about how smart we are

Which goes back to my question about the Js – all financially successful or powerful people must be ultimately disagreeable

because the desire to obtain that is ultimately a manifestation of disagreeability
otherwise they’d be social workers or whatever

somehow they manage to channel it into a self serving use

while we flail about and hurt ourselves


“Is there really an advantage in resisting mass psychoses though?”

Mass psychosis comes in many forms – maybe the Clot shots will kill everyone whose had them within the next 10yrs…. sufficient disagreeability to resist getting them would really be a pay off then.

Being disagreeable can also have advantages when matched with competence – squeaky wheel gets the oil.

As to J’s – they are renowned for being disagreeable across many cultures and societies.

Yet if your goal is to try to preserve your own identity within a larger group, you are probably more likely to succeed if you are disagreeable than if you are agreeable.

People who tend to integrate and assimilate into the larger social groups tend to be higher in agreeableness, which will ultimately obliterate any cultural distinctiveness. This is perhaps why agreeableness, as a behavioural trait, is expressed at higher levels in women – historically if you were a disagreeable woman you were probably likely to meet the same fate at the hands of an invading tribe, as the men and boys.

Perhaps over hundreds of generations it ends up selectively breeding for disagreeableness, as more agreeable Js end up assimilating?

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Unless you’re just a group thinking middle manager on $300k and want to keep your job so you brown nose all and sundry in your organisation to survive

I’d argue that’s financially successful


No disagreement there.

Being agreeable can be a great strategy to prosper… that is of course until some fat tail event comes along – like a war and you have to go and live at your disagreeable cousin’s farm in the countryside and tend his pig pen.

In 90% of simulations Mr Agreeable wins, but in 10% of outcomes he looses so badly to Mr Disagreeable, that the set back takes generations to recover.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

So what about those of us in the 130+ category, do we get a honourable mention ….

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes I want a “pony” I mean medal daddy … LOL

IP’s make you handsome not clever, did you get your proper education from Reus about IP’s and how they work in EZFKA

Which bit did you not understand with inception and I will endeavour to explain.


If you REALLY wanted to prove how smart you are you would explain all the logical inconsistencies in TENET...


It makes a great movie with some interesting concepts but ultimately the world is full of logical inconsistencies if you think about it hard enough.
It’s definitely far more complex than just a few layers of recursion.


Tenet actually annoyed and disappointed me in comparison to Memento and Inception, due to the logical inconsistencies that stared you in the face. It was imho the weakest of those three Christopher Nolan films (Memento, Inception and TeneT), although I did appreciate the palindrome title and theme.


Inception was a great concept and logically consistent.

Tenet was a collection of visually impressive concept scenes that he couldn’t manage to build into a coherent world, but apparently he thought the visuals were cool enough that it didn’t matter, or could be resolved with a cute palindrome or 2 to distract people watching.


I think +130’s have sufficient hardware to build reasonably recursive and sequentially accurate mind models for themselves on most things, that they can use to compare and contrast to the models that they are presented with in media and society, to assess the validity of what they are being told.

However, this is provided they also have an emotional ‘need’ to understand the world around them and high enough disagreeability levels to enable them to reject the mainstream narrative and consider facts or issues in their analysis that have socially constructed taboos around them.

You can have an IQ of +150, but if you lack the emotional ‘need’ to understand the world or lack the disagreeability to reject the status quo, then you’re views are never going to vary much beyond anyone else’s.

I will say that there is a risk that people building their own models accepting some fact or belief that causes a logic trap that sees them run off tangentially in the wrong direction. The problems of having social taboos on certain discussions, means they might settle on an explanation that were it to receive wider good faith discussion from other points of view, might result in the model builder coming to a different conclusion.

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“I will say that there is a risk that people building their own models accepting some fact or belief that causes a logic trap that sees them run off tangentially in the wrong direction.”

paging DLS


DLS mental model works such that the government doesn’t exist or if it does it’s naively to actually work towards some common good, it’s a recurring failure isn’t it lol


This place is a MB redpill for sure. Nice work.

Lionel Tiger

go into seclusion in a monastery

Hey everybody, our gracious host is a man named Peatschki Shekelgruber, and this site is a mossad honey-trap.
Be warned.


That’s why I always appreciate vigorous, honest discussion.
Being proven wrong means that I am now more right.

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Stan Grant certainly found it jarring!


A very interesting post.

There’s a few reasons why IQ isn’t emphasised in medicine/psychology.
It’s considered a relatively archaic metric, being too broad, and having less utility in being able to target identifying problems (and thus solutions).

The IQ test was popular in the past, but it would end up being repeated by different practitioners instead of the results being transferred. I.e. you see Dr A, get a result of 110; then you see Dr B, get a result of 120 due to familiarity etc.

There’s also negative stigma and cultural bias, which fits in with the growing wokeness of many academic institutions.

These days it still has a role to establish a baseline level of intelligence. This leads to the other issue – historically, intellectual disability has been taken over by the social work discipline, as opposed to medicine so exposure to that kind of patient population is already reduced.

The subsequent discussion on agreeableness makes me think that the big 5 personality factors/OCEAN model may be something you’d be interested in. 


Social work has a different practice framework compared to the medical model. For intellectual disability, part of this involvement is due to the law treating those with ID differently. Human rights and freedoms like voting, education, marriage and entering into contracts have been limited – hence more involvement from social workers.


I generally don’t as a rule try to build mind models of other people, unless forced to through conflict or misunderstanding. Using it for your advantage like with PUA types I find to be a bit immoral.

I understand OCEAN as a model, but I find it difficult to build models for trying to understand people on the fly. Although Gouda will laugh and tell me it is nonesense, I find the Myer-Briggs model accurate in terms of Personality Archatypes that I can them map OCEAN traits onto.

I think the MB theory is flawed, but never-the-less, the MB archetypes to be accurate and a reasonable heuristic short cut to the OCEAN model. eg ESFP’s being higher in openness, extraversion, agreeableness and slightly lower in Neuroticism and contentiousness.

As a Heuristic shortcut for a decision on the fly I find the MB archetypes to be helpful, as you can easily pick up the traits with a few quick questions or simple observations.

However for detailed psychological assessments in order to resolve serious issues or problems, then OCEAN would offer a far more accurate model. I use OCEAN when I try and model gestalt entities and group behaviour.

Last edited 6 months ago by Stewie

We also all have our biases – my background is more focused on diagnosing and managing personality disorders and other mental illnesses, so focusing on otherwise “normal” personality structures is less relevant. Hence Myers Briggs offers no utility to me in my professional capacity, and I don’t tend to use OCEAN as a framework either. But, if it’s for your own enjoyment or understanding I don’t see any harm.


When I wrote that part I was actually thinking more about Coming’s accurate observation re: ex-embee posters being more disagreeable in nature. Without naming names, we’ve had some who are quick to threaten others or demanding face to face meetings with an obvious desire for violence. But on many other forums we also see posters who repeat the same thing over and over again being seemingly immune to any alternative reasoning or counterpoint – this level of concreteness may well be reflective of some underlying frontal lobe deficiency, which is another complicating factor in the whole IQ discussion.

Also, I can’t say that words like neuroticism or openness really stand out as much as agreeability/disagreeabilty.


Glad you found it interesting and not a load of nonsense.

Yeah – I’m aware and agree with many of the criticisms you notice in terms of explaining why IQ isn’t emphasised in medicine/psychology. Outside of the growing wokeness as an explanation, I’d probably accept much of the criticism of IQ as valid.

I suppose the criticism I’m making is less about IQ or the testing of it, but more of simply understanding what “Intelligence” as opposed to IQ is, and raw data associated with it, such as Bell Curves, population group differences, etc.

While not the complete answer to social problems, or even the dominant or major component, the fact is however that intelligence is a contributory factor to most.

By ignoring it and controlling for other causes, my criticism is that where residual differences remain in outcomes the lack of knowledge around intelligence and the role it can play in outcomes, results in people instead defaulting to easy but questionable solutions, like racism.


Yep. In other words is IQ an overlooked input factor.

But remember too if the social sciences were to accept IQ as having a greater or any role to play it means that it is something innate and cannot be changed at the individual level, thereby putting them partially out of a job.

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It’s overall a hallmark of the nature versus nurture debate I guess, the left doesn’t want to hear the nature part of the story (and they are winning) the right doesn’t want to hear the nurture part (necessarily), and so on it goes.


Interesting discussion.

My IQ has tested st 140+, and I’d say I measure pretty high on the disagreeableness scale. Ever since I was a kid I’ve questioned the common narrative, and I’ve become more so as I get older. My fairly naive lefty partner made a sensible comment thing how some politicians high falutin’ gibberish was probably promoted by his profit motive, then looked at me and said that being with me had changed her. This is a good thing.

I’m now steadfastly unvaccinated as one example, and I can see Putin’s point of view for another.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes I am pretty much in that same boat, I sought out the red pill at a very young age when I went looking for the german perspective of WW2 etc. And quite quickly discovered that even back then there was a narrative to uphold. One of the most interesting fact from that was that had the US not entered the war Europe would all be Russian now.


Did you ever play Red Alert? The premise of the game was close to what you are suggesting except that it was a world where Hitler never rose to power, enabling Stalin to steamroll across eastern Europe in presumably the 1960s or thereabouts.

Agent 47

“Vehicle reporting”


Don’t forget the bit that had the ruskies not entered the war, the Europe would all be speaking German now.


i disagree w/ this, hitler had no real desire to assimilate europe into some greater german culture. he would have left the nations of europe to themselves while ruling them as separate states. he didn’t even want to destroy the soviet union; his plan was to stop at the urals so (in his words) stalin could “continue his interesting socialist experiment”.


When are we having a Sydney meet up for drinks

I love this illicit WWII history stuff


perhaps include illicit Z-operation stuff?

Reus's Large MEMBER

I would be up for that


Your assessment is fundamentally not different from what I claim.
The second attempt at European Union trading as “the 3. Kingdom” would include all the western nations as its subjects in the same fashion as the 3. (contemporary) European Union treats its second and third tier members – left their own devices within the boundaries set for them and used as cheaper labour. Krauts wanted purity, not assimilation. Their way was to skim every litre of the European milk non aryans pruduce and to exterminate the eastern and southern ethnicities in faster or slower way until expelled them from the continent to be colonised by krauts.

Speaking German is more metaphorical, in a sense that speaking english is now quite common. Krautish lingo would be compulsory in schools so that one can communicate with ubernazion but still free to speak mother’s tongue between non-aryans


But the real question is, if Germany had won the war, would they have punished our nations and sought to obliterate our culture, by forcing mass migration and Multiculturalism upon us?


Ofcourse they would not.
They would let your nations do it to them selves whilst having buckets of popcorn. (I mean this literally).
Krauts wanted Lebensraum which stretched to the east, not the West. They just wanted western nations at bay.

For eastern and southern nations the WW2 was not a walk in the park like on the western front and as much as it is not politically correct to remember that Russians broke the spine of Wermacht (oh the irony, the name is carried over to Atlantic Pact) effectively deciding the war outcome in one single deadliest battle of the WW2, most will still remember that it was russians liberating them from the Putin’s pre-carnation.
When yanks came 1 year and 4 months later it was to prevent the Soviets from making Europe its own playground. Their contribution was mostly symbolic as krauts knew where they committed historically unparalleled war crimes and had channeled all their forces to prevent Soviets/Russians from obliterating Krauts as a nation until yanks arrive.


I think the use of the word Lebensraum has been deliberately misinterpreted in the West following WW2.

We now take Lebensraum as meaning ‘Living Space’ with the expectation that Germany was fighting to optain more space to live in.

My view of this has changed, I think Lebensraum was more about creating a space for German Culture to exist as German culture, which predominantely meant unifying the German people in Europe.

I don’t believe Hitler actually invaded Russia in order to create living space for German colonists to move into – that was a war between two mortal enemies, who knew that neither were going to be able to co-exist.

The inevitability that others have mentioned on Russia not stopping their advance until they hit the North Atlantic coast would have also been something that Hitler was aware of.

My view is that Lebensraum was about creating a space where German culture and people could continue to flourish and develop, without having the objectives of MultiCult forced on them – which when you examine many of the policies pursued during the Weimar republic phases, was where this push back arose from.


I think you missed the point.

In my view there is no chance they would allow 3rd party to add to population of Europe (ultimately they wanted it all) but if it would serve the purpose, they’d put all others abhoriginal europeans in a blender until it all looks like chicken nuget stuff from Mac – can’t see where it comes from on a chicken. Then probably release some sort of novel virus to depopulate the mish-mash and blame it on Soviets biolab leak and wax the population to induce a form of VAIDS… (i better stop here)

So the short answer is “no, but it would be irrelevant”.
As alaways, this is only a speculation of outcomes based on known data, butterfly effect applies.


Not sure the ruskies were given a choice in the matter…


Rip warnie 😔


Coming to a petrol station near you


I’d jump of joy if I could pay that much for fuel.


Yeah that’s $1.18 a litre

Slava Ukraini!

Wow! Where has all the Covid fear porn gone?

  1. Warne
  2. War – Slava Ukraini!
  3. Floods
  4. Covid
  5. Labors fault

Memory holed


Don’t worry, you still can’t fly overseas unless you are compliant. The expansion of powers via health directives aren’t going to be rescinded.


It’s a bombshell. No wonder the FDA fought to keep it hidden for decades.
Here is the quick takeaway:
By early 2021, Pfizer had already received more than 1,200 reports of death allegedly caused by the vaccine and tens of thousands of reported adverse events, including 23 cases of spontaneous abortions out of 270 pregnancies and more than 2,000 reports of cardiac disorders.

Bear in mind; this is Pfizer’s own data. Here’s the link: https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf


Bro, next you’ll be saying anastacia palachooks dad runs a dna genome sequencing company and they are data harvesting. Get a grip.


If this is the official release of the data is it part of the cause for the sudden disappearance of covid from the mainstream narrative?
quieten down and hope it is forgotten rather than have the revelations front and centre.


And as Schrodinger’s Sanctions —

Without even mentioning the recalcitrance of big players like Modi’s India in refusing to comply with the US and the EU’s “rules-based international order”™, in less than 3 days we have:-
* South Korea secured an exemption on selling passenger cars to Russia (to dissuade Russia from restarting trade with North Korea).
* UAE has announced that they will be accepting Russia’s MIR card (their homegrown VISA competitor), and will re-start tourist flights to Russia (the royal family is covering insurance)
*Cyprus is demanding their own exemption for tourism (i.e. offshore banking)
* Apple has re-started sales in Moscow
I’m sure there’s more.

I’m sure there is more examples


More likely the russians threatened to sell/supply arms to NK on top of the SK liking money…


India refusing to comply. Wasn’t DLS saying something about the Quad being a game changer?

Given that Russia is a major fertiliser exporter, it won’t be long before more exemptions are found in the sanctions. We got to grow crops.


Pakistan just made a deal for oil and food with “the Hitler reincarnation”



This absolute barrage about Shane Warne is a good example of the media-induced mass hysteria/psychosis era that we are living in

like, he was pretty amusing as a public figure but who really gives a fuck ?

it doesn’t affect my life at all if he’s dead or alive

not trying to be