Weekend Links, 16-17 October 2021!

Feeling a bit logie today, but this is normally what regime change looks like. Think of a cricket match. We know who the expected winners are, and who the losers are likely to be….

But sometimes, the expected winners have an off day. The losers happen to have a new gun player. That moment in the game, when the new gun dude starts to get breakthroughs to happen.

Also no AusPol this weekend. Looking into Perottet and his connections. Lots of exciting links to Opus Dei and the scum in the Society of Jesus, but in fairness, we are in NSW so its not unexpected.

That feeling, and its a very markets thing too, when the narrative regime starts to change. Right here…

So my guess is that Climate Change in Glasgow was the Plan B if the Covid plan did not work so well. And the Covid plan has not worked so well.

So the big kahuna is calling for a change in strategy. Like here – COP26 Glasgow summit: The Queen slams world leaders over climate summit no-shows (smh.com.au).

Relevant screenshot below – ask yourself, is it possible this was put in not on purpose?

Ok plebs. We need more ‘leaders‘ to start saying yes otherwise this plan will not work!

While US President Joe Biden will fly to Glasgow, Chinese President Xi Jinping, Russian President Vladimir Putin and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden will be notable no-shows.

COP26 Glasgow summit: The Queen slams world leaders over climate summit no-shows (smh.com.au)

But why? You know exactly why – Here is The Hidden $150 Trillion Agenda Behind The “Crusade” Against Climate Change | ZeroHedge – this is why.

They will tax you as much as they can, and monetize the rest to steal from you via inflation. Usual playbook.

So basically… you don’t even get a reach around, never mind lube. Natural World Order (NWO) peeps!

~~The Covid Wars: Beginning Of The End~~

Vanessa Gelman, Senior Director, R&D Comms at Pfizer doing a runner…

So all this Covid stuff is pretty clearly an information operation, with some pretty lethal effects on thousands of people so far. And its also pretty clearly about the money. Always, always, follow the money.

Basically they have turned your immune system into a SAAS business model. But this has only partially worked. So lets have some fun.

~Horrifying Facts About Pfizer’s Vaxx Origin~

So please read the whole thing here – Exclusive: Pfizer’s Nervousness About Its COVID Vaccine’s Origins Conceals a Horror Story (thegatewaypundit.com).

It’s Bad.
It’s Really Bad. Like Really Really Bad.
Fuck! Fucketty Fuck Fuck!!

Also read more – Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine (crisismagazine.com). Maybe you like nightmares?

The deliberate killing of an unwanted child (a little girl, in the case of HEK 293) took place in the tortuous manner it did precisely to obtain her organs for research. The harvest of her organs was the direct cause of her death, prior to which, she was a living child, outside the womb.

Catholic Conscience and the COVID-19 Vaccine (crisismagazine.com)

I’m going to go throw up a little now. Apologies for letting you know about this before the weekend. Not going to put in a meme at the end of this section, because at least one little girl died horribly here.

Mean while, the blue check marks…

Things are coming to a head!

P.S. I’m going to be spending a bunch a time into looking into medicine. My understanding of the information warfare space should be useful here. Expect to see more in the coming weeks.

~~Journalists Looking Stupider Than Usual~~

Yes. They are pieces of shit.

~~Florida Man Makes A Return~~

Dog In A Tucker Box Gator In a Garbage Bin

~~PSA: Bleeding Levels~~

From the chans – Ladies please take care and listen to your bodies!

~~Culture Wars~~

They never saw it coming!


No GoFundMe For You!
Giga Chad Is In Play!


I swear to god they are real. And amazing!

~~White House Whistle Blower~~


~~Have A Good Weekend~~

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This is dope.


Aussie Cossack and FriendlyJordies catch up outside the courts.

While they may differ on their political views, you can see they’re able to have a laugh with each other. Sounds a bit too Australian, might have to deport them both from EZFKA!

klarse holl

Don’t know about the Cossack, he does have a backer, and intent.

OK, I know these comes from the ABC’s 4 Corners program, but there is more to Cossack bloke.

Double Headed Eagle Society

In militant attire, look a bit further, his intent. OK, granted, it is 4 Corners

(Off topic) Arsehead thinks he’ll shirt front Putin.

The Ukraine Question

And here’s the Cossack lecturing Ukrainian Orthodox

I think he (claims to) back Aussies, to ultimately back Russia.

A fly in your ointment

none of that is different from usual and quite palatable NGO’s “influencing” the plebs in countries at the not-so-compliant-to-US end of spectrum.

Some could call it influence peddling, either way, both are only different in the side they serve, so there can not be one that is good and other that is bad.

klarse holl

Yes AFIYO that is a good way of seeing things too. It’s becoming so much harder to have nothing to do with anything, from any side. There was a time you could just say to anyone, on about anything, yep! alright, I guess so, and that was as far as it went, whether you agreed or not, or even better, weren’t bothered by any of it.

This vax-unvax is somewhat different. Whether you are or not, care or not, the “others” will put you in a side. I hope that doesn’t lead too big cities becoming dangerous places, in the sense of walking somewhere, for your own business, then some group of people having a go at you cause they idenitify you, or think they do, as someone they don’t like.

Like standing in front of a Ukrainian Orthodox, and some Russian Cossacks coming up to you to pick a bone. Or BLM, or AntiFa insisting you raise a fisted arm in support of something, or else.

There once was a centre right, a centre left. Now, someone will want to kick your head in, if you’re right wing that advocates for a state health care system, or you’re left wing that argues a case for private business, same outcome.

Actually, I’ll stop ranting like the old fart I am. Man, this world has gone screwed. It’s always been mad, it’s just that the heat has been turned right up.

A fly in your ointment

polarised are susceptible to manipulation… check the EmBee pond comments as a good example. LambKing/Rever2Mean, Swampy, Smithy… to name a few ranging from idiot to smart (in listed order)


And then the FED said this…

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic said Tuesday that inflation is likely to last longer than expected and should no longer be called “transitory.”
Bostic is the first Fed official to so clearly break from the central bank’s leadership on inflation. Fed chair Jerome Powell has insisted for months on describing inflation as transitory, although he recently admitted that it could last into next year. The Biden administration has also repeatedly claimed, without evidence, that inflation would only be transitory.
Bostic argued that the word “episodic” better describes pandemic-induced price swings than “transitory.” He said he still believes that the price hikes are tied to the supply chain disruptions stemming from the pandemic and will eventually unwind as the global economy adjusts. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the intense and widespread supply chain disruptions will not be brief, Bostic said.

What word comes after ‘episodic’🤔

Chinese Astroturfer

Chalk up another wrong prediction for DLS


Yeah DLS is dead wrong on this
Its not gonna be transitory, i work in upstream oil and gas, new development fell off a cliff in 2014 after the last oil price crash. Its been well below replacement levels for 7 fckn years. Aside from shale the lead in time for these projects to new supply online is measured in years.
Shale is in trouble cos of there red queen drilling strategies when oil was 50 bucks a barrel and a lot of investors got there fingers burnt. Also present administration is actively opposed on environmental grounds.
Im pretty sure the situation with coal is worse.
High energy prices = inflation in all products as sure as night follows day




EZFKA Book club –

The Machine Stops – E. M. Forster (1909)

Free book this week, a short story ahead of its time. We can see some of its prophecies already coming true in 2021. Especially during Covid-19, when the entire world confines to their homes, it prohibits people to touch each other and we become dependent on the internet and technology. We are working online, doing business, earning, taking online classes and communicating only through FaceTime.


Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

Thanks, DD. I quite enjoyed that.

apart from the impressive imagination/predictive power for someone writing so long ago, I quite enjoyed the sharp observations about how few steps are needed for complete reversals (eg from the machine serving the people to people serving the machine; from the machine being the forefront of science and rationality, to the machine becoming the object of religious devotion and worship)… and how small each of those steps are.


I think you’re the only book club subscriber but the past three have never been more relevant.


Can’t wait til next week 😉

Chinese Astroturfer

Cases in the UK have picked up a lot of momentum up to 45k per day up from 26k per day one month ago.

Deaths seem to have picked up a little momentum again which is all very exciting.

Such a fabulous experiment the UK are conducting for the rest of the world. I’m really hoping they discover massive health issues from these vaccines, millions in the UK severely affected, tens of thousands of vaccine related deaths and cancers it’s the only way out of these vaccine mandates if you think about it.

Chinese Astroturfer

No way it will be great. Millions dying and getting cancers from the vaccines is far better than me having a poorly tested medical treatment injected into me against my will.

Chinese Astroturfer

They want to hurt the unvaccinated as much as possible.


IF the vax has bad consequences the already vaxed will be more determined that it must be for the common good and will want you to be forced to have it even more. The alternative is admit they did something bad and irreversible for no benefit.

Agent 47


Also the whole misery loves company thing. They’ll want to drag as many people down with them.

klarse holl

Over 48,000 cases on the 11th October, and that day’s numbers still aren’t finalised. Deaths are hovering around the over 80, to over 90 mark. Not looking good UK way, wonder what autumn/winter 2022 will bring here, besides a small smorgas board of vaccines, and antivirals. Not liking the new world coming so far.


predictable outcome from the nsw supreme court today on vax mandates, saw it coming a mile away

the justice was eye-rolling the plaintiffs during the whole hearing

absolute dog shit


Vax mandates are legal.
Not a huge surprise though, since the pollies make the laws.


They are NOT legal. Hazzard’s barrister acknowledged that the mandate cannot be legally enforced, but that the Health minister had authority to apply restrictions on the unvaxxed in the interest of public health. ie – so while Hazzard cannot force you to take a vaccine, he can make life very very difficult for you.
This case did not test the limits of what the minister can reasonably demand of people, short of a vaccine, in the interest of public health

“Instead the court’s only function is to determine the legal validity of the impugned orders, which includes considering whether it has been shown that no minister acting reasonably could have considered them necessary to deal with the identified risk to public health and its possible consequences.”

In the case of Kassam/Henry et al vs Hazzard, the vaccine order was essentially a movement order. I do think movement orders can be negated, if there were so restrictive that they posed a threat to your safety and life. The question is what would such movement orders look like – inability to travel for work has been deemed to be a valid movement restriction in this judgement, but inability to collect unemployment benefits as a result ?


They are NOT legal. Hazzard’s barrister acknowledged that the mandate cannot be legally enforced, but that the Health minister had authority to apply restrictions on the unvaxxed in the interest of public health. ie – so while Hazzard cannot force you to take a vaccine, he can make life very very difficult for you.

So mandates are legal in the sense that a mandate means to do job X you must be vaxxed.
Compulsory is different to a mandate.


Yah. Maybe they can’t literally hold you down and inject you, yet.

But they can do a lot of other unpleasant stuff if you have not chosen to let them inject you. And you don’t have the right papers to prove what you have or haven’t done.

And this is basically the essence of a social credit scoring system.

Now, whether this particular injection being rolled out today is good or bad is one matter. Another matter is whether, tomorrow, they will decide that there is a need to use similar coercion mechanisms for something else. Being the EZFKA, it is quite likely that they will.


To be honest, I don’t think a lot of the non compliance is based on the upholding of individual choice and freedom. I think most people would comply (unfortunately as most if not all people take the route of least resistance) if only they were not so suspicious of vaccine safety, and if they did not have first hand experience or knowledge of people suffering very bad and enduring side effects of the vaccines.


To be honest, I don’t think a lot of the non compliance is based on the upholding of individual choice and freedom. I think most people would comply (unfortunately as most if not all people take the route of least resistance) if only they were not so suspicious of vaccine safety

on one hand, I know what you’re trying to say, but on the other, if there were no suspicions surrounding vaccine safety, people would quickly line up to get it amd the government wouldn’t need to try to coerce anyone.

that is, the situation that might be a prompt for people to defend personal choice, etc, would not arise in the first place.


The reason NSW Health dept is able to “get away” with this high handedness is because people have just outsourced their thinking to mainstream media. The majority of people in NSW are very supportive of these restrictions because they have NO IDEA how these “vaccines” work and the true nature of sars cov 2 infection. Even if NSW took a very different position, many people will still be demanding lockdowns and restrictions and vaccinations. It is that giving up freedom for security conundrum. People are starting to “wake up” and sense that something is seriously wrong, even those vaccinated, when they see all that silencing, shaming and censorship of the vaccine injured and dissenting doctors. I do think that eventually the tide will turn, but how much damage would have already been done.


I don’t agree with the judgement of Beech-Jones because like others have observed, authority would inevitably push the limits of what can be legally defined as “coersion” or “conscription”.
I guess this particular case did not convince Beech-Jones that the public health requirements were unreasonably onerous since people could always change jobs if they did not wish to comply. Of course people would not have that options if all jobs had this vaccine requirement,and so this would fall under “coersion”. Unfortunately, this was not the legal argument that was made, I guess because there are still professions that do not require the vaccine.
The plaintiffs did run with the argument that the health orders were unreasonable due to the nature of the disease and other options for treatment besides vaccines. Unfortunately again, the court did not see itself as the arbiter of what consitutes effective and reasonable treatment, and deferred to the UNSW “specialist” in infectious disease and vaccinology, and the NSW Dept of Health


I can mostly nod along to that, xxxxx.

I did tune in for one of the early days of the hearings and I thought that the plaintiffs were poorly represented. So I strongly suspected that this is where things might end up.

if this stuff is to overturned, it’ll probably require a different plaintiff, different counsel, and possibly different grounds on which to challenge. Or new evidence.


I did not livestream the hearings due to work but did read up on discussions people were having about it. The lawyers ran with the constitutional guarantee argument which led to Beech-Jones making the point about Australians not having bill of rights (don’t know how true this assertion is). Yes, I think it was tricky using consitutional guarantee in the plantiffs’ circumstances, because their lives and safety were not at stake. Yes, their livelihoods were threatened, but they could exercise options in regard to this.
I think the only way to stop this particular vaccination rollout is on the basis that they are unsafe. The problem there is that this argument does not specifically address the rights of individuals to personal autonomy vs the common good.


if this stuff is to overturned, it’ll probably require a different plaintiff, different counsel, and possibly different grounds on which to challenge. Or new evidence.

There is nothing to base it on. The government has legislated themselves this power and we don’t have anything constitutional preventing them from doing it that would require a referendum first.
Judges merely enforce the laws as they are written.


Court case is amusing but a total waste of everyone’s time, as from 1 Dec, unvaccinated have to my understanding the same rights as the vaccinated. So who cares?

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast

Same rights, except the right to work for NSW Health, etc, innit?

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy
A fly in your ointment

And pretty much everywhere else. Employee whom picks coidiot19 at work can sue employer if one unwaxed is employed. Soon all work will mandate no-jab-no-work but unwaxed will be free to do what they are pleased, exactly one thing left. Sly way to load all the pressure on businesses.


Employee whom picks coidiot19 at work can sue employer if one unwaxed is employed. 

They can do that even if no unvaxxed are employed. That’s like saying you can’t claim if you injure yourself at work if you follow all the safety procedures, That isn’t how it works.

A fly in your ointment

My employer is poised to ban unwaxed from sites, at least 2 are now banned for “OH&S”

Why do I think that the plan that Scotty is making to assist sued businesses will be excluding unwaxed…

klarse holl

Knew the onus of liability would fall into someone else’s hands. Not I, said the vaccine manufacturers, Nor I, said the government. Na-na-nana-na, they both said to the business that can barely pay its way, and now being sued.

Is it possible to unf*ck, or def*ck, a world? Non rhetorical, serious question.


Unless cases go up again and the Hazard requires everyone to be vaccinated or else they are under house arrest and no one is permitted to go in and out with police approval.


Unless cases go up again

until cases go up.


I reckon Perrotet is just going to override that sort of thinking now. The former treasurer will just be concerned about opening up and putting the economy first. Look at the rapid changes he’s already introduced.


I pray and pray that you are right. My child has a medical condition but doctor won’t give him exemption.

Agent 47

Judges are just blackmailed pedos. That being said, there’s already a federal court challenge filed but it needs to go to the High Court.

At the minimum this is revealing to the public that the courts are corrupt, as some still believe they aren’t impartial.

Chinese Astroturfer

Perrottet looks like someone who has said some twtsted things in confession

klarse holl

He went to all boys, private, religious schools. He probably didn’t have to use his own hand with certain things. Check out the Wikipedia page for him, the first line beneath, Early life and background,
Perrottet was born in 1982, and raised in West Pennant Hills, Sydney.[8] He is the third-oldest of 12 children.[9] His father, John Perrottet, works for the World Bank as the Global Lead for Tourism at the International Finance Corporation, in Washington, DC.[10] Perrotet’s family were members of the Catholic prelature, Opus Dei

was enough to scare me.



12 kids… jfc


romanov the fuckers


Yes, anything that goes against your loony libertarian views means the courts are corrupt…


check out the rogan – berenson podcast if you havent already, its essential listening

this guy absolutely knows his stuff, ive never seen anyone reasonably debunk anything he has said about these shitty ‘vaccines’


Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal
Agent 47

Gupta got absolutely bodied on his show yesterday as well.

Agent 47

Australia 2021


Unfortunately that is all too true.
We are in the middle of seeing HOW it happens now.


Does anyone know how Lib Dems went with the Vic government in the last few days?


They got fucked, mate.


But they plan to set up a Parliament-In-Exile soon, according to Tim.


All you Melbourne blokes should drop by.


He is one of the good politicians. Upper House member, been calling out both sides from the beginning.
One of his best interviews was about the right to access bill, he was open and honest about the pros and cons and the fact you had to stand for something.


Like I said yesterday in another thread, it’s all political now. If it wasn’t, then work from home or negative tests would be options.

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

No doubt. Seems to me not only political, but also the exercise of power for the sake of exercise of power.

a kind of sadism in power.


We are so fucked and the NPCs cheer it on. I want to check out so bad but what to do? Living under a tarp in the bush sounds pretty good to me atm


As good as a tarp is, it would be lacking some conveniences. You’d probably want that .357 rifle that LSWCHP recommends, to keep the pests away, too

How about the visegrad group countries or smth in that vicinity?


I can actually get a Eu passport but I think to live in those countries you really need to be able to speak their language.

Pretty sure I’ve posted this guy before in the northern states of US but given the current climate it looks like he’s living the dream – https://youtu.be/z2MztHA5Zew

For a southern hemisphere flavour – https://youtu.be/R8F2Ndq6-0s

Problem with off grid log cabins here is our wood is too hard… lol


I reckon it would take 6 months to learn the basic outline of the language. Another 12 to get to a tolerable level.

i think the difficulty with off grid log cabins here is that EVERYTHING IS ILLEGAL UNLESS THE GOVERNMENT HAD SPECIFICALLY GRANTED YOU PERMISSION… as has been aptly demonstrated in recent times. I’m sure that if you tried, you’d be prosecutrd for felling a tree for your cabin, fined for constructing something without the right permits or zoning, jailed again for lighting a fire in the summer months, etc, etc. And then the feral greenies would hound you because by being in the woods, you risk stepping on an endangered slug species.

In the US, at least in some states, it’s not like that, I gather.



Meh. There’s so much bush out my back doorstep and if you go deep enough not a soul around. Maybe I’ll just go all Malcolm Naden on them, it took them 7 years to catch him.

If you don’t have a letterbox or a phone it will make it hard for the bureaucracy to catch up with you nowadays…


I mean it’s illegal to go outside without a mask or have a friend over atm. So what’s to worry about living rent free in the bush anyway?


The worry is not that it’s illegal per se, but that they’ll harass you and make your life hard.

if it’s literally a camp under a tarp, there’s nothing they can do, because you can move overnight.

if it’s something more pleasant and of permanence – like a cabin – they will find it and destroy it.


NZ seems freer that AU.


Winchester Model 1892 or clone (mine is a Rossi Puma 92) levergun in .357 magnum. Hits like a train, high rate of fire, light and handy, can be topped off in action without removing the mag and looks like a harmless old cowboy gun versus an evil Black Rifle. Also ammo compatible with your revolver.

Every home should have one.


exercise of power for the sake of exercise of power.

Or more sinisterly
Breaking the will of the people to resist. Getting those already compliant to force those resisting to comply.
It’s all the fault of those dirty unvaxed, load ’em onto the trains for the camps and get the gas chambers ready…


So are they in exile until the 15 Dec?


where is the great post where the title implied that Australian citizens suggested nuclear targets to the CCP? was that put down? if so, why?


Stuff moves fast here, sis. and so that post has been pushed down off the first page (onto the second or third)

Here’s a direct link: https://www.ezfka.com/2021/09/30/china-threatens-nuclear-attack-ezfka-citizens-start-calling-chinese-embassy-to-suggest-targets/


Holy hell – faceless public servants will soon have access to your private medical records and they won’t even have to get your permission!

If Tim Quilty is really reading EZFKA, he really needs to do something about this.


The Health Legislation Amendment (Information Sharing) Bill 2021 is in the lower house of the Victorian State Parliament.

It requires the past 5 years of a patients’ medical record to be loaded onto a Victorian State database.

Of notable concern, there is no opt out clause nor is there any requirement for a patient to give consent!

My reading is that this will initially applies to the public health system, but there are provisions to extend this to all private health records with substantial penalties for doctors who not comply.


covid and the health emergency really accelerated this slippery slope. Bit by bit privacy and civil rights are going to be taken away. Next will be employers being allowed to access those records…


Google has a 10 year head start on any shenanigans some pencil pushers in the government might have to invade your privacy


Google doesn’t have guns.


True. Having said that, I wonder to what extent the government can obtain data from Google for use in certain circumstances?


I think they to a significant and increasing extent.

wasn’t there a hoohaa a couple of years ago when google postured/threatened about pulling out of China? If I recall correctly, they backed down and there are now CCP-compliant google products.

now, Ezfka govt would not have anywhere near as much clout with google as the CCP, of course. But they’d probably get to use the US govts back door, if needed.


But they’d probably get to use the US govts back door, if needed.

All they need to do is get a judge to sign a warrant and google will provide the requested info. Given their disregard for peoples privacy anyway why would they care?


hat extent the government can obtain data from Google



*Weird, this post got eaten by the spam filter.

While Google may contain personal information, it’s not bundled up in nice tidy packages.

As an example, my search history would include some specific forms of cancers, but nothing to say whether that is associated specifically with myself, a family member, friend, research project, side effect concern, dietary change or a myriad of other reasons.

If a government department or insurance company wants to use that against me, not just to access the information from Google to make sense of what it all means. Contrast that with an entry by a GP about a specific individual who might for example present with anxiety in the context of developing a rare endocrine cancer because they have specific symptoms that need to be investigated or a have a relatively recently diagnosed etc.

Of course, the brutal reality is that we live in the EZFKA and any such state system will either become a white elephant or yet another annoyance that can be irritable or be ignored by clinicians.

It’s almost been 10 years since the HealthSmart failure, a previous attempt to centralise medical records.



Of notable concern, there is no opt out clause nor is there any requirement for a patient to give consent!

My reading is that this will initially applies to the public health system, but there are provisions to extend

yikes. You’re right – no opt out and the extension of it looks like it’s only the stroke of a pen away.

looks like the Secretary (ie bureaucrat) will be able to extend it, without oversight by parliament.


why tf they want that?


I suspect that the story would be that it’s to create efficiencies and better patient outcomes.

so if you’re admitted to hospital one day, they can quickly look up what happened on your previous hospital visits (at other hospitals).


Yes, as it stands health information is siloed. If you go to a public hospital, a discharge letter gets sent out to your GP but there is often a delay in getting that information out to GPs. If you see a different GP or private specialist and they want that information it needs written consent and a freedom of information request. It’s tedious, but there’s a clear process which is at least workable in its present form.

While it sounds good in principle, unfortunately this sort of legislation is almost guaranteed to be abused by the non-government sectors – mainly third party payers (eg. Workcover, life insurance) who always want information but unsurprisingly never want to pay for it. I can also see this being a gold mine for private health insurance companies as they look for more avenues to reject claims.


Thanks Gouda – that’s what I thought happens with the info – 19th century type processes.

agree the “upgrade” sounds good in principle, but that’s on the huge assumption that the holders of the data can be trusted. We know that basically nobody can be trusted… especially government, given recent events.

Even if it won’t be directly sold/shared (although I’m sure, in time, that its wide dissemination through formal channels is very very likely) you can bet your bottom dollar that it will be stolen/hacked/leaked.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

I can also see this being a gold mine for private health insurance companies as they look for more avenues to reject claims.

The entire private health insurance industry is a waste of money and resources and really shouldn’t exist. The only reason for it to exist is to create a pathway to a US style health system and that is clearly a bad idea as even the US recognizes.


Perhaps, but this is also another EZFKA sponsored industry since John Howard introduced the Medicare Levy Surcharge for those without PHI and the Lifetime Health Cover loadings to get people to take it up as soon as they turned 30.

A fly in your ointment

From the forefronts of the gonzo journalism:

Went to Shopping mall today, to pickup trousers I left for alteration 3.5 months ago, to get a bicycle helmet, and more important to dip the toe in the cesspool..

So… I got an image of a fake exemption in my phone (the document is just a piece a paper one self-prints), I got a screen grub of the QR code I’ve taken last week at anther place, flashed the two and just got in.
Just to make it clear, I have indeed checked in via QR and indeed have an exemption… so all was legal underneath.

What should be a sign for worry for those whom think using their brain power, employees are now allowed to sue employers if they contract coidiot-19 at the workplace and this in return compels all the employers to mandate no-jab-no-work. See… it is not mandatory to get a jab. Best of luck living without one. The game is lost.
A colleague is probing the waters as he is stood down on that ground and he is about to get the employer limited indemnity for disease infection whilst at work… we see what happens

In other news, I asked a question earlier on about PHO’s, how many can be in place at one stage, the answer is: unlimited. There are currently 4 or 5 of them in place, all concurrent. (this is for NSW)


how did you get an exemption

A fly in your ointment

It is just a temp exemption, based on my history. My doctor did not blink but he has good data to support his decision. He knows I am not anti wax, I took 2 jabs recently.


Unless they also don’t allow unvaxxed onto their premises after 1 december then they may as well not worry about the workers.

A fly in your ointment

None is about workers, it is all about pressure.
1. Dec is the key. If they remove *all* restrictions aka. back to times as it was before the PHO and lean on “you had your chance for waxing – now suffer”, it is about managed euphemistic walk-back.

When(if) Novavax arrives, I will probably be at the forefront* of takers for my own sake as I want some protection that bears some semblance of a vaccine.

* = subject to novavax delivery as advertised – only a variation of the tetanus/HepB shot


Just heard on the wireless one of the health minister ( not sure which one) saying if people who have chose to step down from there jobs because they will not get the jab, think they can wait this out for it all to go back to normal better think again.
This is just pure politics now, and if they keep pushing people hard enough something will go Amiss sooner rather then later.


I believe it was the Victorian health minister. Thought it was a toss up between NT and Vic and whaddaya know. The Dan has staked so much on this total elimination thing that he just can’t backtrack or re-assess/reposition. Boosters and more and more boosters await Victorians until there are no more cases I tell ya, No more !!! Sure there will be no more cases when all Victorians are dead.

Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

Agreed, if they push too hard it will happen here too


i walked into a mall today to see what it was like. everybody still wearing masks, security guards stalking around the mall corridors, bigger stores have lines of warning signs out the front of them leading to somebody standing at the door checking papers as they come in. it has the creepiest and most uncomfortable vibe to it whatsoever, and not just because of the face diaper you’re forced to wear.

funniest thing is im fully unvaxxed and can only go inside supermarkets, but because you have to walk through the mall to get to the supermarket, but you can’t go inside any of the stores besides coles/woolworths and the pharmacies, making the whole thing completely fucking pointless. like wtf, unvaxxed people could just march around in mall public areas, but for some reason it’s too dangerous if they step over the line into a kmart. what’s the point; it’s all hygiene theatre, absolutely meaningless.

i swear, some bright light is also going to notice this problem eventually and we’ll see people unironically proposing sealed off walking tube corridors that unvaxxed people will have to pass through in malls to get to the “essential” outlets, or something like that, and people will say its a good idea.

A fly in your ointment

Nah, they will set a food bank outside major cities to keep them away from “normies” who “took one for the team”. Unemployed unwaxed will depend on soup kitchen and those that assist by buying food for unwaxed will be imprisoned for 3 months for each item supplied to unwaxed.

Those that had to take one to protect their families will seed the resistance movement.

Escape from NY

There’s a nice recommendation for this weekend movie.


but for some reason it’s too dangerous if they step over the line into a kmart. what’s the point; it’s all hygiene theatre, absolutely meaningless.

It’s about maintaining pressure on people to get vaxxed for just a little bit longer, but most will be gone 1 december.
Lots of places are already not checking given in 6 weeks they don’t need to anyway. How many businesses are going to turn away paying customers after being closed for months?


A mate was telling me that he went to Hardly Normal and was stopped at the door and asked to show the Vax pass. He told them he didn’t have one yet as he hadn’t had his 2nd jab. The guards didn’t know what to do. After having a quick discussion among themselves, they asked him what he was there to buy. He told them a fridge, the guards smiled and said that it was definitely an essential purchase and let him in.

Just got to remember that we are in ezfka and if you can frame as much as you can in that light it shouldn’t be too hard to get around.


if you get a cunt of a guard though you’re fucked

a lot of businesses are shit scared of getting fined and wont be letting anyone in under those circumstances no matter what

A fly in your ointment

think they fear scenes at the entrance where passing trade will see them remove an unwaxed person. Luckily for them, I doubt there will be any unwaxed bogans to confront them… I also doubt that there are many whom still think unwaxed are the threat to the society, irrespective of the msm propaganda turned on 11. In my current view the next lockdown has a chance to topple governments because end of lockdowns was likely what drove swathes of otherwise informed and intelligent men* to give in. Perhaps pollies know this too.
(excuse a bit of incoherence)

* = that means male and female


Aye. It’s kind of hard to imagine them doing another straight-up lock-down.

that’d seem too much like an admission that the vax were poxy.

but, that said, EZFKA should be in a good position to fuck the locals over again in a few months time, once they’ve got a solid down payment on the 2m imports. …Over the northern winter they will see how other places fare with new post-vax lock-downs (what works, what doesn’t [politically]) and they’ll roll out whatever they reckon they can best get away with.


Lmao that’s a ripper story

Agent 47

The cops are checking coffees now. Fucking pathetic.


klarse holl

Police: Stop there, is that coffee?
Person: It’s pissoffee offissa.
Police: What?
Person: Its my piss mixed in coffee, anything else? Can I get you one?

Ah fantasy, if only I did have the gonads to do things like that.

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Chinese Astroturfer

One of the worst countries in the world. I’ll never stand for the flag ever again.


Does Victoria even count as part of Australia anymore

perrotet and scomo are still doing ok (relatively)


its just one of those super boring days jeez

A fly in your ointment

Hou don’t have a harbour to be by the water, perhaps see Burrendong Dam and just look into distance… it is healing to be outdoor. No wonder so many people rolled up their sleeve…


i go out and do whatever the fuck i want anyway it dont matter



Vote 1 Tim Quilty.

If there is anything to come out of this political madness it’s that there are some good people left.


Very impressive.

Perhaps bloke is not a natural orator, but he definitely knows what he stands for.


Actually that’s one thing I like about him, someone had to publicly draw then links between what the Libs/Lab are doing and 1930’s Germany. At least when this time period is study in the future, they will be able to see that not everyone in the public square was insane.

A fly in your ointment

That other chap(ette) with movies can’t be bothered so I’ll recommend moveis for this week, courtesy of Wes Anderson

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
Ralph Fiennes plays a concierge whom gets to be framed for a murder, a drama with witty comics, plethora of brand name actors with short scenes, typical of Wes’ movies

The Dajeeling Limited (2007) (YT link behind the paywall)
another typical Wes’ drama-comedy, almost a road movie drama about 3 reunited brothers traveiling through India on a spirtual journey.

A fly in your ointment

Second lot:

Bob Le Flambeur (1956)
A  Jean-Pierre Melville’s movie about a thief with a good heart and not so much luck and how some good deeds can bring you luck… a feel good movie about good thieves

This brings us to a quite good remake

The Good Thief (2002) (only trailer, available elsewhere “down a large water mass following rain etc)
Nick Nolte plays Bob from the previous movie, Nutsa Kukhianidze still does not have a movie where her prime real estate is not covered in the full length of the movie and a well made remake of the original

A fly in your ointment

Hatfields & McCoys (2012) (YT trailer only)
miniseries, The History Channel, may be available on VoD subscriptions

Yet to see, seems promising

A fly in your ointment

Does anyone remember that Woolongong chap, Martin North?
Few years ago I got interested in his video blog and I even paid some relatively small fee for I liked his videos and then bam, he begun to bring the Lewdo’s bigger better stronger older brother, Salvatore Baboone, a chap that is as US apologetic as one can be and I lost interest. I also liked Edwin Almeida rants, which are quite amusing but in general a full remake of the previous episode with some rolling addition in every show. Other interesting chaps are Tony Locantro and a journo Tarric Brooker and some other interesting chaps like Van Metre and Harry Dent. But once seen one or two episodes every new one seems a rerun.

I don’t doubt his data and analysis on RE, I reckon is one of the most neutral and exhaustive available for a fee but other than that… like the taste of coke that was opened 3 days ago and cap was never replaced. Taste is there but fizzle is gone.

Agent 47

Agree. It’s sorta died.

He was like MB banking on a housing crash.


He’s even stupider than John Adams

but less entertaining



holy shit the dailymail is just so unbelievably fucking based sometimes

god bless them and their pop up ads