Australia stands up: Some white pills among the authoritarians, gatekeepers, hypochondriacs and cowards

I wanted to take a little break from the usual piss-taking and cynicism for a bit of a happier/more serious observation. The usual caveats apply, these are just the musings of an average bloke with a family who is concerned for the future of the country and am happy to be proven wrong on anything. In many cases I hope I am, if that means anything for the five people who read this.

Perhaps the most fascinating view I’ve had of the past 18 months in the Economic Zone Formerly Known As Australia is that the authoritarian shitshow has gone to a level we’ve never seen before. I’ll spend the first half talking about my 5 cents worth on COVID but getting on Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, Gab or Telegram will provide much better enlightenment. If you’re still on Big Tech Facebook and Twitter then you get what you deserve.

Firstly in my opinion, COVID is essentially a World Economic Forum globalist takeover bid, using a pandemic as the trojan horse for a whole bunch of socioeconomic nastiness. It is the largest class war ever perpetrated in the history of mankind. If you haven’t heard of the Great Reset by now, you really should go and read up on it because it’s happening right now in front of your face.

Otherwise, you’ll own nothing and they’ll own everything.

Said Great Reset is perhaps epitomised by Blackrock and Vanguard owning nearly everything on the planet and buying up distressed assets all over the place thanks to forced small business closures, but you better get back under your bed and worry about case counts, pleb.

I agree with what others have said, the end goal of all this is neo-feudal centralisation of assets, digital passports (movement licences) which will lead to a global surveillance system and essentially a social credit score, central bank digital currency and a technocratic dystopia. You may argue that we always have had a soft version of a social credit score in the west and I would agree, however the level of centralisation, concentration of power and the amalgamation of all of this at a global level is unprecedented and incredibly dangerous.

It’s obvious to me that Scott Morrison, the state premiers, CHO’s and the rest are all getting their daily talking points and orders from the World Economic Forum and the increasing authoritarian synchronisation post-G7 meeting, further make the point. Some might call it, Operation Lockstep.

The response from the public down here in EZFKA has been concerning, until recently. What is EZFKA? In short, EZFKA essentially views each person not as citizens of a society but as a global economic unit of consumption. The sole purpose of each EZFKA consumer unit is to be laden with serious levels of debt to consume things for the benefit of a few wealthy types on the AFR Top 20 richest list, mostly via mortgages and the same is true for most western countries.  If you’re not familiar with how that works, read Stewie’s excellent article on said topic from a few weeks ago.

As for the vaccine, most people aren’t really taking the vaccine to survive a condition they had a 99.8% of surviving, they’re taking it because they believe they will get their freedoms back, they will be able to travel again and fear of social disapproval and the rest of it. In short, it’s self-interest and true to the EZFKA spirit. However, they will all tell you that it’s for the common good, etc and a host of other bullshit reasons, because they want to be seen as good people and not dupes to peer pressure.

Anyone who has read a history book (The Gulag Archipelago springs to mind) will argue quite easily otherwise. You can’t ask for your freedoms back, once they’re taken from you you’ll have to take them back.

Furthermore, the vaccine campaign in EZFKA is nothing short of a real estate industry-style “FOMO” marketing strategy. Essentially, they are trying to make you think you are alone and that if you don’t get the jab then you will be locked out of society. You better book in quick otherwise you’ll miss out! You also better get the Pfizer jab, even the though the inventor of mRna technology himself has said it should be stopped immediately as it is incredibly dangerous. That’s on top of all the indemnity for GP’s and vaccine manufacturers, TGA stats showing vaccine deaths and adverse reactions through the roof and Greg Hunt’s admission that it’s a clinical trial.

Vaccines only go up, mate, especially when there are endless boosters on the horizon.

Unfortunately, Australia has a shitty recent reputation for cowardice towards these sorts of things, where obedience has been treated as a badge of honour – boot polish on toast is the national dish.

From where I sit, the response to the lockdowns of the prior 18 months has largely been a cavalcade of cowardice, worship of authority and hypochondria. The country has frankly been quite an embarrassment from top to bottom and, along with Canada, is leading the charge into Klaus Schwab’s dystopia. It’s realistically been an embarrassment for years, it’s just that the façade of fake economic growth has been temporarily suspended and we’re finally getting a glimpse of what the country really has been for 40 years.

Australia has also long been a testing ground for globalist policies, most noteworthy in my book being the infamous 1996 gun grab where grown men turned in their private property for a crime that was never really properly investigated – it was dubbed compensated confiscation with the threat of imprisonment. To the wise, nearly every western country has suffered the same fate – middle-class disarmament followed by slow burn tyranny, which is just a modern day repeat of the same historical trend that we’re living in real time.

Some EZFKA units still love to trade off of our reputation at Kokoda and Gallipoli. However, those generations of men and women were a far cry from what we have walking around today, and would rightfully spit on us for what we’ve allowed the country we inherited from them to become. The cancellation of ANZAC day two years in a row with nothing but a whimper, most notably in WA and Victoria, demonstrated how far the country has fallen and just how much of a submissive, atomised wimp the average EZFKA unit has become.

COVID has also been a boon for those wishing to divide the plebs against each other – lockdowns vs anti-lockdowns, old vs young, state vs state, rich vs poor and of course, vaccinated vs unvaccinated.

In summary, we’re firmly in the ‘weak men create hard times’ phase of the cycle.

TL:DR this thread from Zuby, is well worth your time.

Now enough of that, onto the white pills.

Last weekend, we saw massive peaceful protests in the capital cities (and around the world) against this shitshow. I, and many others were quite surprised at the numbers in Australia, given our aforementioned reputation and the behaviour of the Police at previous protests, except those for Black Lives Matter of course.

What I saw last weekend from the Australian public was re-assuring, that there still remains the Australian rebellious spirit and rugged individualism that pre-1970’s Australia was built on and famous for. Despite the usual MSM smears from the ABC and the controlled opposition gatekeepers at Sky News, the powers that be actually got quite a scare as they, and certainly I, did not expect those numbers or the response. I am firmly of the view that those numbers will continue to get bigger and bigger in the coming weeks, as they should. Count me among them.

So, as encouraging as it is finally to see some rebellious spirit back in the country, where to from here?

It’s easy to sit on the internet and overdose on doom porn. While some of that is necessary, there are many who never get past this stage and are paralysed into inaction. Yes, things are bad – acknowledge it, get over it and try to do something about it. Fight now or face the wall later are your only two options.

Many of us waver daily from “we’re fucked” to “we’re going to be ok” and I think this experience is common. That being said, Australians need to acknowledge that and continue to push back any way they can – online, offline, socially, economically, politically, in the workplace, at schools, everywhere. Mass civil disobedience is the obvious and most effective weapon of choice. It’s not the only method but if there’s an organised protest, go. I will certainly be at the next one with my family and any after that, because I know we have little time and the stakes are essentially, everything.

The normies are pretty much fodder at this stage, so unfortunate as it is you can’t really do much about them and you’re wasting the little time remaining. Educate those are willing to listen, but some of them have to learn the hard way.

The predictable response from the ruling class will be more iron fist, because that’s mainly all they have. They also have an interest in keeping the plebs saturated with debt, sportsball and distractions although encouragingly, no-one gives seems to give a shit about the Tokyo Olympics. I’m convinced Job Keeper was a trial run for a UBI and the continued normalisation of paying people to stay home (while they steal your other wealth) is something they want to keep, at the expense of everything else.

I might be naïve, but I think EZFKA can become Australia again in many but not all aspects, and it will realistically take around a decade of consistent hard work to reverse – it’s been done before many times historically and you have to start somewhere. When you look at the alternative being proposed and laid out in front of you, it’s an easy choice to make considering that the digital version of Bolshevik Russia 2.0 is not something I, or many others want to experience.

Further, don’t subscribe to the globalists’ view of inevitability. That psychological meme is only pushed aggressively because it benefits them and promotes helplessness and submission. All of what we are seeing here is choice and consequence on a global scale. I am of the view that this is a huge historical nexus point with a million different possibilities.

It can wind up as Brave New World and it could also end with many of these globalists marched to the guillotine, the reality is probably somewhere in the middle. I would expect significant social and civil unrest in the interim with ever increasing staged cyber-attacks, supply chain fuckery and Cyber Polygon becoming a reality. I’d also suspect the hot war card, most likely with China, to come out as the COVID facade continues to crumble along with creeping hyperinflation. South Africa right now is what they want everywhere. Again, it may not come true but we’ll see what happens.

Ending on somewhat of a positive, I will say that things are accelerating phenomenally every day because of the public push back – they just won’t explicitly admit it. I don’t believe the vaccine uptake numbers are real at all despite the best efforts of the big tech bots, and I think they are much lower globally than claimed. Who is checking these numbers and how would you know? Portugal proved that case count numbers were massively inflated, the CDC has now revoked the PCR test because it can’t discern between COVID and the usual flu – all brushed off nonchalantly by Brett Sutton and Dan Andrews who casually reminded us the flu has also magically disappeared. If they’ve bullshitted about case numbers, ICU admissions and the rest, what else are they lying about? Everything.

I agree with what Riccardo Bosi is saying – we have to act now but we win with numbers and every week or day we buy by pushing back, the more mistakes they make and the harder they have to come down on things. The total clown show in NSW is a case in point. Admittedly, unity is harder in EZFKA due to the years of deliberate atomisation of society through financialization and mass immigration. However, it’s not impossible at all and when World War 3 has essentially been declared on everyone bar the billionaire class, you suddenly have a lot of strange allies. The rest of our issues can be sorted out later.

Lastly – show some minor daily courage and don’t check-in, don’t wear a mask, don’t get tested and for fuck’s sake, don’t take the experimental jab. If you’ve still weighed up the risks and go ahead with the jab, then your body your choice. I think you’re foolish, but that’s not my place to tell you what to do with the freedom of bodily autonomy that I still support, that they wish to take from you. If anything, not taking the jab delays the opening of the Australian border and sticks another stake into the heart of the mass immigration ponzi scheme that has been killing the country for 30 years.

Anyways, I agree with what others have often repeated, this ends when we say it does. You can’t comply your way out of tyranny.

To quote a more well-known Australian bard – Australia needs to harden the fuck up.

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Dictator David

Someone here posted recently wondering whatever happened to the flu and flu related deaths. Looks like you have your answer…


That was me. I suspect the whole “The flu will kill you if you don’t get this years jab” story is shit.

Yeah, people occasionally due of the flu, it’s a serious bug. But 2000 people are not dying of it every year in THE EZFKA.

Agent 47

Flu jab is a bit of rort. Never had it.

Dictator David

2000 probably do die from it every year, you just don’t know it because they were 94 years old bed ridden in a nursing home.

The reality is that majority of population isn’t at risk if they catch the flu if generally pretty healthy. The way they sell it is that getting vaccinated protects the vulnerable i.e. frail and elderly. So people coming into contact with these people often, like aged care workers are made to get it. The thing about flu vaccine is it only covers 1 or 2 strains out of ~20 every year so you can still get the flu. Notice any similarities to covid vaccine…?


2000 probably do die from it every year, you just don’t know it because they were 94 years old bed ridden in a nursing home.

And the premier wasn’t going on the telly every day to tell you some 80 or 90 yo died.


Yes, this super deadly disease has knocked off two people under 70 in this outbreak. One an obese Iraqi jimmy grant, the other all evidence points to an AZ death cover-up. Bring in the army!

Dictator David

You can’t ask for your freedoms back, once they’re taken from you you’ll have to take them back.”

Funny, over at MB DLS has been saying how there’s going to be violence in the streets of western Sydney. While in another breath calling anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine an anti-vaxxer fruit loop. The blokes bipolar and I have no idea what they actually stand for over there anymore!


I don’t think they ever stood for anything.

They want wealth and status, and as long as they stood within the system, the ‘slightly-lefter-than-the-powers-that-be’ schtick works really well for junior leftists looking to move up and get wealth and status.

The problem was they were not smart enough to understand its supposed to only be an act, and when their audience seemed large enough – well, they started to believe their own bull.

Unfortunately for them, this strategy only works when you actually acquiesce to the power structure. At this point, they were no longer welcome in the corridors of power, and … it is what it is.

The point of being controlled opposition is to be controlled, and cash that in for money and prizes.

You can’t be true opposition, and simultaneously also want to start a hedge fund and make lots of money and be a press darling banging some financial entertainment cheerleader mid-20’s energizer bunny. Someone has to pay for them too, right?

You know the ‘Smash Capitalism’ meme from earlier this week of the chick drinking Starbucks. They are the middle aged bloke version, i reckon.

They stand for whatever will get them wealth and status.


They stand for whatever will get them wealth and status.

They just don’t seem quite smart enough to actually work out what that is.


DLS (Delivering Loads of Sh!t) has not been able to deliver a coherent narrative for quite a while now. I don’t know what is worse him or the subscribers. The violence on the streets of western Sydney sounds very much like The Project.


Your family is fucked if they’re dumb enough to believe your dribble.


Gladys said we never need lockdowns again. are you saying she was wrong?


All I’m saying is you cunts have mental health problems. Get help.


lols nice projection brah


How’s the bin scabbing going?


Someone who goes out in “public” to rant at people is usually the one needing a mental health assessment.


Yep, you’re totally handling this lockdown fine aren’t ya bud lol. Getting heaps of constructive stuff done and definitely not spending your every waking minute obsessing over things you have no control over and ranting all over the internet…..

Fuck me dead man, you need help.


You are one step away from stewies number 1 fan in terms of mental health.
You are literally obsessing over other peoples obsessions you have no control over and ranting on the internet.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Check my comment counts faggit and then look at yours. Fuck me dead you are dumb.

Seriously cunt, get help, you are losing your shit.


lol faggit. think you have already lost yours.


Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Get help man, you clearly are not handling the lock down.



lol faggit


Seriously man. Look at yourself and how you’ve been carrying on since you got locked down. You are losing it and legitimately need help.

I’m more than happy to punch the fuck out of you regardless of your mental health status but deadset cunt, do yourself a favour and check yourself. You are fuckin up.

For real, you cunts have created a circle jerk echo chamber that is not doing any of you any favours. Objectively read this article you fuckin spastic – grand conspiracies by the WEF, covid isn’t real, etc – it is next level retardation.

You think covid is just the flu and hate the lockdown? Well nut the fuck up and get out there and do whatever the fuck you want. You won’t because you’re a faggit.


That’s what I was gonna say. Nice work. 👍


I’ve worked for the same company for 30 years. In all that time we had 3 staff members die…2 heart attacks and a drug overdose….until last month.

Last month, two employees died. Both men in their 50s. Both with underlying medical conditions, but both deaths were completely unexpected. No “died after a brief battle with x” or anything like that. Neither of them had Covid. They both just dropped dead out of the blue without warning. If I understand correctly, one of them died mid-sentence.

Something’s going on here.

Agent 47

Same at my work mate. Two hospitalised post vax, one of them dead within two weeks of the Pfizer jab.

Every one knows but no one wants to admit it. Eerie as fuck vibe.


The 50s is when common heart conditions can start to manifest, including infarcts and sudden cardiac death. Even not working in that speciality I do hear about it from time to time – that is people collapsing on the job and not being able to be revived. Most probably have underlying physical issues but I do wonder if it’s a byproduct of work culture, stress, overworking to pay off that IP/mistress etc.

About 5 years ago a couple of medical professors had incidents in their own private hospitals –overweight, sedentary and liked their alcohol. Probably had high blood pressure from the work and high cholesterol from the trappings of a good life too.

Agent 47

Can’t like this enough.

And now we have troops on th streets in SW Sydney.

“She’ll be right mate”


Look, the troops are just there to protect the house prices.

Agent 47

Looking forward to the inspections at gun point.


I’ve been sharing this around:
The COVID fatality rate for people aged 0-59 was ~0.1%.
The death rate increases dramatically after age 70, but there are plenty of comorbidities in those figures. Just 12.8% of all COVID deaths had no other conditions listed.”

This is the most recent ABS report I could find. If anyone complains about it being too old, I follow up with:

Viruses typically evolve to be less lethal over time. Confirmed by this report:
“Looking at the 28-day follow up after infection, the death rate for the original variants was 1.9 per cent mortality. So far the Delta variant is showing 0.3 per cent mortality.”

Those over 70 probably do benefit from the vaccine, as do vaccine makers.

Last edited 2 years ago by robert2013

Good summary Timbo!

Agree with everything you said.

Thanks for the uplifting words too, it’s easy to get despondent in these times, especially for a glass half empty kinda guy like myself.

Just one thing. I don’t know how old your kids are but if still young I would reconsider taking them to a protest, as it could get ugly at some point.


Great summary of what’s going on.

The social medias have their uses though, they provide a window into how people are responding to what is going on. The karens not only push their woke views, but the creeping authoritarianism is no surprise when you see how these people push their views on social media.

For the majority of them the rules aren’t going far enough and people legally bending the rules are scorned and abused. A large part of the EZFKA is masturbating to their state health officer, the whole thing is fucked up right now. They want to be controlled.


 the whole thing is fucked up right now. They want to be controlled.

They want to be SAFE.
They believe the lies told with the accompanying promise of safety.

ie. “we have to get vaxd so we can be free”. from the same person merely weeks earlier “we never need to lockdown again”


Good Article Timbo – hopefully more people will come to understand how EZFKA is designed to work against the people who live here.


What’s really disturbing is that they have stealthily introduced children into this bullshit experiment.

All of a sudden in this mass vaccination push “herd immunity” now included children and they are planning to have a vaccine for children under 12 by the end of the year. If they think opposition to the vaccines is bad now wait until they try and pull this shit off.


Beause it has become apparent that vaxing will not stop the virus, and max vax is approaching.
They need a new thing to dangle in front of the people to delay until.


Alternate theory – they are looking for a Rubicon that the EZFKA populace won’t cross.

once that thing is found (say EZFKA units refuse experimental jabs in their babes) they populace will be blamed for refusing to take the logical way out.

Then declare “On your head be it!” and reopen the slave trade.

this could also be done by setting an unrealistic vax target for adults (say 80%), but that might not be quick enough to fail to be achieved. If we go 3-5% percent per month, that’d mean 20+ months of no slave imports and, while numbers are slowly creeping up, no clear cause to declare that the populace is not compliant.


Alternate theory – they are looking for a Rubicon that the EZFKA populace won’t cross.

Speaking purely for NSW they really aren’t doing anything anywhere near that smart.
Before the current outbreak there was no urgency at all for vax and gladys literally said “we won’t need lockdowns ever again in nsw”.
She was clearly believing her own bullshit.

The current push for vax is because they literally don’t know what else to do, because there really isn’t anything else, besides lockdown.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Ah yes.

“do not attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity”

Stupidity is indeed very plausible here.

Large Member

I am not antivax, having grown up in Africa you either vax or die due to the high incidence of nasties over there. I had even had the flu vaccine, not that it made any difference to me getting the flu that year. However this whole Whuflu story has been way to off the charts for me, that it was supposed to come from the wet markets when there was a coronavirus lab doing research on enhancing bat coronaviruses to transmit to humanised mice in Whuhan, was the first big lie and I don’t think that it has stopped since then.


Yeh, vax are awesome.

But good ones.

Not just anything that is hastily bottled and labelled a “vaccine”. And “use at your own sole risk, holding the manufacturer and everyone else involved harmless.”

Had Enough

I think your premise implies far too much planning on the side of the Davos crowd. Having said that I am sure those that can will take advantage of a crisis. Just look at hedge funds and wall street buying up property in the US.

We have a *totally* broken financial system. Was not good in 2008 and nothing got fixed. The perpetrators got rewarded and we are dealing with the flow on from that now. Endless QE, endless bailouts, capital markets no longer price risk, politics totally privatised with barely lip service paid to respresenting the average punter.

No one has articulated a path back from the financial impasse of endless QE and super low rates. The handle will be cranked unless the whole shaky ediface falls apart.


Viktor Shvets (top Macquarie bank dude in HK) had some interesting things to say about that in macrovoices a few weeks back. He says it cannot be fixed because a political fix will ruin too many people too quickly. There will be more QE and everything will go to zero. Until there is revolution or war.


think your premise implies far too much planning on the side of the Davos crowd. Having said that I am sure those that can will take advantage of a crisis

yes, there may not be a single Uber-entity with an Uber-sophisticated plan, but there are lots of powerful entities, each one with some plan.

and those plans are being pushed, utilising the crisis for best effect.

Of course in EZFKA folk-political science/economy “planning=communism”, so automatically frowned upon and avoided. The expectation is that shit just happens, largely by chance or accident or in response to contemporaneous, unpremeditated decisions.

This mindset makes EZFKA units particularly ripe easy pickings for those who actually make and follow plans!


“The expectation is that shit just happens, largely by chance or accident or in response to contemporaneous, unpremeditated decisions.”

Which is why culture and controlling the narrative matters – if you cannot micromanage the system, then have it autoprogrammed to operate within certain parameters.


LMAO, so the police and army going door to door to enforce compliance aren’t required to be vaccinated. One rule for the elite, their whole facade is crumbling.


And if you’re keeping score at home:

Cases from protest: 0

Cases from jimmy grant family gathering of 50 people: 45, leading to hundreds of cases in community

No fines/prosecution of the jimmy grant family, yet all the gov and media care about is going after protesters. They can’t even pretend this is about disease control.


Very good point


No cases of outdoor transmission

It seems that this exact point was brought up in the Supreme Court today

And now the AMA is calling for compulsory masks OUTDOORS in Sydney

Agent 47

Timbo called it. Regular boosters required! LOL looking forward to the cult and DLS explaining their way out of this one.

Chinese Astroturfer

That’s been the case all along. Three in the first year basically.


Yes it will be never ending vaccine boosters, although I would have thought originally every 12 months not every 6 months.


the zuby twitter thread is right on the money.
never thought I’d agree with a rapper.


Great article and summary of the current state we find ourselves in. Kudos to you good sir. We need to stand together and unite against this open display of totalitarianism that is before us. I do believe it will get worse before it gets better but its encouraging to see more people wake up.