The EZFKA lens…

EZFKA – or the Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia is a conceptual framework for looking at the post modern economies of Australia and indeed the rest of the West:

“Face facts, we no longer live in a society and nation by the name of Australia – we now live in the ‘Economic Zone Formally Known as Australia’. Once you start looking at social and economic policies through the lens of a MultiCult Mass Migration economic zone, where citizens have been reduced to atomised consumers, and cultural cliques have been inserted into consideration for all aspects of decision making, fracturing what was once previously a relatively homogenous and united society and nation, then EVERYTHING about EZFKA’s Corporatocracy soon starts making sense.”

This is a framework that looks beyond what progressive liberals regularily shoot jizz over as they look around their increasingly atomised, deconstructed nations and full of self importance say to themselves; “We are the inheritors of the enlightenment.

It is easy to identify other social commentators who celebrate their progressive ideals through the ‘Western Liberal Order’ yet purposefully turn a blind eye to the cancers that are hollowing out our nations, even those who proclaim themselves as heterodox thinkers fall victims to it. Because to think such thoughts and recognise that there are differences in population groups that extend beyond cultural differences is an affront to ‘their’ conditioned values and indoctrinated beliefs.

We know they are indoctrinated, because instead of having fair, good faith discussions over such concepts and issues, which frankly will never be resolved, we are instead told by our elites via their superstructure aka ‘The Cathedral’, that the matter is settled. We are told that not only there are no differences, but if you think or even suspect that some of the differences in life outcomes between population groups may be due to inherent human biodiversity, then you are a bad person.

Basically ‘progressives’ have come to believe that “All men are created equally” is a truism in all respects, legal, cultural and biological, when in fact the enlightened viewpoint was that it was only in the eyes of the law, all men are created equally. This is something that those who were actually responsible for the enlightenment as opposed to calling it down as a justification for their refusal to address unpleasant realities, understood. Outside of that TRUE social construct, law, differences remain – cultural and biodiverse differences that are both real and fundamentally impact that direction and functionality of our societies as these imported differences are added to our social narrative.

The elites resisted the enlightenment because it actually gave power to ordinary people WITHIN THEIR SOCIETY. It was literally a transfer of unfettered power from the elites to the people as “All men were created equally“. This transfer was of course imperfect, in that those of means were still able to wield significant influence, but for a while it worked, because it added the voice of the majority to the social narrative and decision making, not just those who would rule over them. Those who actually passed through the enlightenment also had the luxury of being able to be fairly liberal with their application of these concepts, because they still lived as a majority IN THEIR SOCIETIES due to the lack of mass migration – a reality that only really became available within the past 100 years for most of the West and more importantly accessible for the rest of the world within the past 40 years.

But globalist elites and bankers have been playing this game for a long, loooong time, and no sooner had the West thought that it had won the war over and relaxed its eternal vigilance against ‘a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy’ than that conspiracy set in motion social change that used the very values of the enlightenment to hand them victory over the masses of the West.

Here James Kirkpatrick outlines the process of EZFKA from the US’s point of view, or EZFKA US version:

My revised plan to destroy America would have three parts:

First, make sure ordinary Americans can’t own property and thus build wealth by increasing equity in their homes.

Second, immiserate Americans with low wages and create a second permanent underclass by what President Joe Biden has called “unrelenting” mass immigration.

Finally, systematically teach those groups who are already given special privileges, protections and set-asides by government that they are actually oppressed and need to demand more.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it – it is bleedingly obvious to all, yet when have ANY of you ever heard it uttered by anyone in the mainstream media?

The moment commentators anyone cottons onto this truth, the elites, their catspaws and lick-spittles in the media, their AntiFa bully boys not to mention hysterical over emoting cat ladies, start dog piling on them calling them out as being racist or weak minded conspiracy theorists:

Some people get it, others don’t. Conformists are the death of both civilization, advancement and free societies. Democracy and freedom are ultimately only ever defended by disagreeable people.

I won’t bother repeating more other than providing the link and this final comment, because James Kirtpatrick gets it:

Mass immigration means that we are importing another permanent underclass, incentivized and rewarded by academia, media and the government into destroying American institutions. The “country” will emerge at the other end of this process will be barely worthy of the name. It will be a landmass full of shiftless, random consumers desperately trying to flee each other but trapped by permanent financial serfdom. There will be no uniting culture, ethnicity, or even political myth. There will be just permanent, simmering conflict with an increasingly authoritarian government using naked repression against the naïve white Americans who keep the failed experiment stumbling along.

This is the world that progressive liberals so enraptured with their conceited false belief that the values of the ‘enlightenment’ are as transferable culturally as passing a bowl of soup, as opposed to anchored in biological realities, are ushering in as our future and that of our children. Because they are too afraid of being called out for recognising that truth that the societies we have today are a function of the people who built, not the people imported to consume it.

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Imagine if all the people of….oh…South Sudan were magically swapped with the people of Norway. I reckon Norway would immediately become a violent, dysfunctional hell-hole and South Sudan would become an agreeable and prosperous country with good social security. It’s not the geography or the climate that makes a country what it is, it’s the people who live there.

If we import people from these countries, their country doesn’t become like ours, our country becomes like theirs.

I’ve put this idea to a few people, including my partner, and it causes mental lockup that is awesome to behold.


Yes. It’s very difficult to see how importing half of India and Asia can possibly make Australia a better place for the existing Australians. You’ll make it bigger but unwind living standards. I fully expect our economic and political overlords to run Australia into the ground over the coming decades, since as long as Australia is better to live in that most other countries, there will be a queue of people wanting to come live here, and that desire will be exploited for economic gain

It’s not even multicultural by any reasonable definition when two countries make up at least half of the migrant intake over the past 5 years. Assuming being multicultural is desirable, which it isn’t.

Mass migration is the biggest con job out there

A fly in your ointment

I’ll focus on this only:

It’s not the geography or the climate that makes a country what it is, it’s the people who live there.

Ask yourself why is it that Mediterranean nations tend to work less and are somewhat laid back.
Of course that climate majorly affects all aspects of our lives, but it is not the only influence.


My luttle gedankan experiment was a great simplification, but I think it illustrates a fundamental truth.

A fly in your ointment

If fundamental truth is that Swedes would likely become like Sudanese….

Thanassis Veggos

That using a ten dollar word to describe a five cent idea is doing things bass-ackwards ?

Last edited 3 years ago by Thanassis Veggos

A Gedanken experiment involves proposing a hypothesis to aid in thinking through the possible consequences. People like Albert Einstein did it all the time.

It seems to me that Sweden is currently implementing the experiment and it’s turning out as I suggested, so maybe the experiment is a useful one.


Lol, deadset over simplified tripe. Fuck you’re an idiot.

Completely ignoring historical facts. You’re right, I have complete mental lock up pondering how you even have a job let alone a partner. You sound like a fuckin 12 year old conceptualizing the world with limited knowledge.

Fuck me dead you cunts come out with some weird and basic dumb shit for apparently successful people.


I find your ad-hominem gibberish incredibly amusing, random internet dude. Please carry on!


You’re a cunt, nuff said.


Oh c’mon. That’s pretty poor quality abuse. I expected better of you.


Looks like we won’t be able to get to Canberra this Friday, annoyingly. Both ACT and NSW have banned non-essential travel for my LGA.


Do point out said historical facts, with references and relevant statistics. Why not write a full post about it? Show us exactly how the uncontrolled introduction of large numbers of random people from anywhere into a pre existing society only ever benefit the society they have joined. I look forward to sharing the references and statistics that I have accumulated over years.


I’m not even touching immigration and cultural intergration you fucking muppet. Swapping the populations of entire countries to different geography and predicting how they’ll turn out is what I’m highlighting, oversimplified bullshit. Pull your head in you absolute fuckwit.


Mr Failing seems to have got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.


Nah, I just think you’re a fuckin idiot. That’s some dumb shit you wrote, get fucked.


Of course he’s an idiot. He’s the moron from MB that used to get excited annualizing daily movements in Corelogic’s housing index. A complete fkn dunce…much like that retard brenten

Agent 47

Agree. Explains the UK to a tee. We should have seen riots after Rotherham and instead they all muttered under their breath because they were all afraid of being called racist.


((administrative appeals tribunals))) 

oh, come on! 😵‍💫


Stewie, I don’t disagree that there are important biological differences, but I think you underestimate the enduring nature of aspects of culture that get passed on. This applies to animals too. Be it learning the songs of their parents, or what foods are good to eat or not, or how to treat other members of the species, or other species. This can be and has been disrupted. John Stuart Mill in “On Liberty” summed it up (for me at least) thus: “This all but universal illusion is one of the examples of the magical influence of custom, which is not only, as the proverb says, a second nature, but is continually mistaken for the first.”


Also, I look up the domesticated silver fox. I like this and have saved for the future. It squares up nicely with Calhoun’s behavioural sink. If you put animals in cramped situations their natural behaviours stop and things get weird. Most foxes don’t breed in captivity, true also of many other animals. IMO, the evidence from urbanisation is similar. Even Indians and Nigerians are breeding less than they used to.


Shit bro, where’s the references for these statements you make in this full post of yours. Fuckin idiot lol


Click on Stewie’s link. Google “Calhoun behavioural sink”. Google fertility rates for India and Nigeria. Draw your own conclusions, offer an alternative interpretation.


That’s not references dickhead, don’t demand them of me if you won’t provide them yourself. Classic internet bullshit. Fuckin idiot.


Why you so angry, Winnifred? Out of 9 f-bombs dropped in the comments here, 7 are yours.

mare you OK?


Are you reading the shit written here? It’s just fucking stupid, hence the fucking fucks.

LSWCHP’s first comment is just ludicrous, absolutely juvenile. If he wants to say he doesn’t like foreigners and believes integration doesn’t work, just fucking say it. But some lame as fuck simpleton premise as his is just fuckin stupid, dead set stupid.

And that robert cunt is an idiot, nuff said. Asking for references from someone when you don’t provide them yourself…. laughable.

All these cunts whinge about MB being an echo chamber, this place is now mostly a fringe race theory and general old white cunts whinging echo chamber. Someone has to tell these cunts to get fucked and when I have the time I do.

Y’all fuckheads have fun now.


Lmao u are such a dik head, u talk about how we’re hypocrites with no position to attack MB but if we were really like them ud of been banned years ago

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Have fun in dubbo you bin scabbing social outcast, neck up cunt.


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A fly in your ointment

That’s lame, not necessarily an insult at all.
“Ur gay” your arse.

A faggot otoh is a different proposition. You could say that he’s an inbreed, goat fucker, sis-lover or whatever else but to call someone a gay is….


overthinkin it bruz

best insults are shit like “ur gay” etc


I do agree with you there bin scab

You both are lame, I therefore must conclude.

At least I got you two to agree on something,


W@F is just a variation of your garden variety specimen you find on the Loony Left in spades.

They have all grown up thinking they are special, which has given them a sense of entitlement. They secretly crave what some other people have, big house, nice car. But due to their horrible personality and making the wrong choices in life, or just plain laziness, they can’t have what they feel they deserve.

After having made those wrong decisions and living a dead end life, they don’t look inward to see if maybe they have any flaws, and how they could improve themselves. No, it’s much easier to blame something else, ‘the system’, ‘the patriarchy’, ‘the corporations’ et cetera, anything except themselves, because that would shatter their fragile ego. 

Due to his loser life W@F has developed a false sense of kinship with the other ‘oppressed’ peoples, which of course makes him laughable and pathetic.


Lol cool story man. Fuck you’re stupid.

Have another get fucked as well.


this thread is hilarious 🤣


If you are presenting this based on studies done in America then there is a much larger and more significant selection event that happened much more recently. People of african descent in the US are predominantly descended from slaves, i.e. people that were the ones caught and transported by the slave traders. What sort of selection pressure do you think that applied? The best and brightest got caught?


What sort of selection pressure do you think that applied? The best and brightest got caught?

I had assumed that the bulk of the slaves were not “caught” by the white slavers, but were captured by locals in the course of local warfare & then sold to the white traders.


A fly in your ointment

There was a reason why slave markets were open every day of the week except Saturdays

A nice subtle and succinct way…


Quite possibly, but does that change the result? I would say it further increases the likelihood that the best were not going to end up as slaves and therefore in the US for studies than if europeans turned up and took everyone they could find and catch.
This of course assumes warfare is determined by intelligence in some way, but I’d say that is fairly likely.


I dunno, could be quite the opposite.

Perhaps the warlike tribes of meatheads tended to raid and enslave the (relatively softer) local tribe of artists needs and philosophers…?


The meatheads tend to end up in these if they annoy the people with the smarts too much.
Meatheads have never been very successful when pitted against smarts.
Elite military units today tend to be full of high IQ people, not meatheads as brute force really doesn’t work very well compared with intelligent use of strengths and weakness of yourself and your enemy.

A fly in your ointment

Apologists for the African slave trade long argued that European traders did not enslave anyone: they simply purchased Africans who had already been enslaved and who otherwise would have been put to death. Thus, apologists claimed, the slave trade actually saved lives. Such claims represent a gross distortion of the facts. Some independent slave merchants did in fact stage raids on unprotected African villages and kidnap and enslave Africans. Most professional slave traders, however, set up bases along the west African coast where they purchased slaves from Africans in exchange for firearms and other goods. Before the end of the seventeenth century, England, France, Denmark, Holland, and Portugal had all established slave trading posts on the west African coast.

Yet to simply say that Europeans purchased people who had already been enslaved seriously distorts historical reality. While there had been a slave trade within Africa prior to the arrival of Europeans, the massive European demand for slaves and the introduction of firearms radically transformed west and central African society. A growing number of Africans were enslaved for petty debts or minor criminal or religious offenses or following unprovoked raids on unprotected villages. An increasing number of religious wars broke out with the goal of capturing slaves. European weapons made it easier to capture slaves.


I have no clue of reliability of the source, it just offers another perspective

A fly in your ointment

What sort of selection pressure do you think that applied? The best and brightest got caught?

Of this is even true, it is just a small fraction of the big picture.
South African tribes were easier to divide and “capture” but were generally slow, fat and short in comparison to central Africa muscular strong men and women.
The tech available to captors was by far advanced at the time westworld was developing on the back of slave trade and colonialism. It would’ve been easy peasy for English crown and US to abduct and enslave undeveloped nations at the time – and I am certain the only choice was health and strength to endure several months without food and minimal water across Atlantic.


This implies that all are equally easy to catch.

Despite many attempts europeans have failed the world over to completely wipe out native populations, despite a massive advantage technologically. Everywhere that they came and displaced the locals wars broke out.

It’s like the old proverb.
Why are you putting on running shoes, you çan’t outrun the lion.
I don’t need to outrun the lion, I only need to outrun you.

A fly in your ointment

I don’t agree with implied part.
Southern Africans would’ve been easier to enslave because of those traits as per previous generalisation.
Quality of slaves steming from physical and mental traits is the key ingredient.
I also don’t see anything to support a desire by western cultures to wipe out colonised populations and a source of slave labour. It is like saying a cattle farmer’s aim was to slaughter and wipe out cattle.

A fly in your ointment

I dont deny that in places where a substitution was the target that indigenous people were open for 100% culling, like this place.
I pointed that where indigenous people were seen as a commodity (Africa), there could’ve been little initiative for extermination.


i think this is a possibility, the idea is that african americans are actually downward selected from overall africans, as they probably derived from lower status ppl, so you can’t extrapolate them to other SS-africans (also bc they’re ~20% white)

Last edited 3 years ago by stagmal

I was hoping someone would recognise the Magic Dirt thesis, which I believe is attributable to the great John Derbyshire.

Thanassis Veggos

I’ve put this idea to a few people, including my partner, and it causes mental lockup that is awesome to behold.

It probably is difficult to come up with a way to respond to that sort of racism and stupidity (and aren’t you supposed to be a uni prof or something ?), especially for someone you care about (it is for me whenever my parents regurgitate whatever the outrage of the week is on Sky News), so a “mental lockup” is understandable.

They’re probably just being polite. Do they try to immediately change the subject ?


I’d give your views a bit more credit if you would explain why my thought experiment is wrong, rather than just assuming a posture of virtuous superiority and calling me racist and stupid. You say it’s difficult, but give it a shot. See what happens. Maybe you could change my mind.

Thanassis Veggos

It’s like that old joke:
“How do I get to a good gedanken?”
“Well, I wouldn’t start from there.”

That magic dirt y’all are circle jerking around upthread ? NOBODY ACTUALLY THINKS THAT.


Stewie, it’s one thing to be raw, it’s another thing to be mean.

stubble headed, chimping out … 😕



Please search for:


on BitChute and watch the first 5 minutes if nothing else.

When I post link it auto deletes after put in ‘waiting for approval’.

Last edited 3 years ago by BING!

I’m a little scairt!


😀 No need to!

It’s a Vice documentary from before Vice went off the rails.

Thanassis Veggos

You created this website to foster these unflushable turds and you’re… sad? upset? disappointed? one has bobbed up ?

and yet you’re here regularly.

Welcome to the Unflushable turds club and thank you for taking the lead

A fly in your ointment

I get confused.
A “Dr” professor?

A fly in your ointment

Mkay, that clears what I already thought it was but was unsure

Nope, she won’t come. She needs a safe space where censorship is strongest argument

Last edited 3 years ago by A fly in your ointment
A fly in your ointment

Not sure what your repsonse relates too.
DrSmithy never explicitly said anything about his sex (or lack of it), as well as strange beyond-reasonable obsession with homos, wafting like (s)he’s in bed with Skippy (too many tangents) or it is alter ego of the same physical person.
I mean I am not trying to be judgmental, I could not care less of other people’s sexual preferences or biases, it is just an observation.

Smithy will never post here. He’d be devoured without censorship safety net and he knows it. Same for Skippy.
Again, their choice. Some just don’t like a debate or discussion


the liberal monopoly on ‘the enlightenment’ is a mischaracterisation as well; in truth, the enlightenment spawned two other great ideologies along with liberalism, being fascism, socialism. it’s easy now to see liberalism as the only true path, but there were times when both fascism and socialism presented serious challenges. liberalism has clearly been decaying and corrupting for some time, which makes me wonder whether a political system that really has only existed in practice for a hundred years or less (in only some parts of the world) is really the be all and end all its proponents make it out to be.


Monarchy keeps cropping up for a reason!


Saw this earlier and had a lol at how very EZFKA it was. Median house prices extrapolated to 2043…


What a chart. I can’t see $6.4m for Sydney because wages growth won’t be there to support mortgage serviceability, even with 0% interest rates.

Someone can model this but the cash rate would need to be negative 7% or something plus decent wages growth to get there.

My dart on the board would say $2.5-3m is within reach however.


There would be people in EZFKA that would take that chart as gospel. They believe in the property religion “property prices double every 7 years” and will be going all in on houses.

Sometimes I feel like I’m living in the real life version of the movie Idiocracy… 2043: Nathan Birch will be the wealthiest Australian and probably PM too.

Chinese Astroturfer

Buy now or miss out forever!

a FOMOF???


just lol, its scary that i feel as though things have ascended to such absurd levels this is actually possible


Is that a forecast or unofficial policy?

Agent 47

lols the war on “sprawl” is pure ezfka- land supply restrictions, “upbuilding” by increasing density in already developed areas (which takes 50505050 years and never outpaces demand), only result is prices to the fuckin mooooooooooooooon as no one ends up with anywhere to live as a consequence




At least the comments are on point in that article. Turns out everyone is sick to death of self interested developers. Pity the average prole has no real say in anything.

in other news on a more positive note, this behemoth got knocked back. Sucked in Harry:

Last edited 3 years ago by The90kwbeast

Not sure that’s a more positive note, just reinforces that the already wealthy get preferential treatment.


Pretty much. Grattan institute keeps advocating densification of the middle ring ie where non wealthy live.


Little bay and the whole area down that way is a bit of a mixed area though, it’s not the eastern suburbs. Yes mostly white but I wouldn’t consider it to be upper middle class necessarily either.

median house price $1.915mill rent $1100/week
median house$1.2mill $600 rent.

I wouldn’t call little bay middle class based on costs.
Maybe it was 30 years ago, but things change. All of the terraces in inner sydney were heavily working class at one point.


Yeah but how many are buying at current prices? By definition most people in a suburb bought at prices from the past not today. It was probably still a $1m suburb 10 years ago granted but it’s no Randwick etc.

Guess it also depends on how you define upper middle class also – asset values or income.



Lines are blurred.
Crossing between ideas of a limited immigration and “wrong” ethnicities rejection is what makes everything being pasted with a racism easier. Racists will oppose some or all non desired immigrant cultures but support unlimited immigration from selected choice.
It cannot be racism if ethnic and cultural quotas are introduced because it allows better absorption into host culture. But if that quota is not supported when it comes to Brits and Yanks then we have….


Our elite are pretty much wedded to mass immigration, where they differ is who they want and what visas. To ensure a certain elite group gets what they want they conflate racism with an opposing immigration and visa view.


At least they smoked the miserable piece of shit.


I wish you’d get smoked….


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…


Or in other words, money is our real god now.


The tv show American God’s revolves around this idea.


I was sure your article came out first… :p


Aha, so the tables are turned. It is Stewie who is the shameless flatterer!


I’ll take your word for it. I guess I don’t really read embee that much these days.

Should also say 100+ comments on a non-weekend links article is also quite impressive!

Last edited 3 years ago by Gouda

Really? The majority of comments is right tard circle jerking on hating darkies couched in fake science. It reads like a /pol thread and those cunts pump out way more comments per thread.


“fake science”


I think for the most part comments have been respectful aside from Mig wanting to fight everyone and a few people swearing at each other using language that would likely be unacceptable on MB.

With platforms like these, I suspect that viewers are less interested in the articles themselves as opposed to the thoughts of others – hence higher comment numbers for whatever reason may cause people to look and possibly contribute. Over time, I would expect this to even out and it’s a positive that there are more new names appearing.

One thing I’ve noticed is that at times Peachy (and others too) take the time to reply to and welcome new members – it’s this level of engagement that makes EZFKA more promising as opposed to constant demand to “subscribe.” To me MB has stagnated – DLS is still going on about MPLOL, and now LVO has gone with an anti-Dan Andrews slant that is more in common with the Baxendale/Elsworth school of twitter gaslighting. Maybe they’ve been going on too long or have enough subs to just phone it in. This isn’t to say EZFKA is perfect or won’t end up in the same boat, but at least for now I feel like it’s taking steps and will continue to improve.

John Snow

Too right, the real debate about this is always suppressed by cries of racist or similar, we should be investigating this more and getting to solution of how we can actually change the situation rather than throwing money and tolerance at the problem.


we should be investigating this more and getting to solution of how we can actually change the situation rather than throwing money and tolerance at the problem.

(emphasis added)

The trick is that there is no universal “we”.

the “we” (we#1) who should be investigating and changing things is presumably the government.

but the “we” (we#2) for whom there is a problem is the pleb EZFKA units.

They are different groups. We#1 can investigate and change things but sees no problem. We#2 sees a problem but has no power to investigate or change jack.

neat, huh?

it’s the EZFKA way.


no canada day huh? dopey woke beavers