Weekend Links, June 26-27, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for June 26-27, 2021!

So this week got exciting. Mostly because of a bloke called John McAfee pulled an Epstein. What is an Epstein you ask?

An Epstein is when you are rich and powerful, have potentially incriminating evidence on other rich and powerful folks, and then Madame Clinton has you put down in prison. Normally, this involves committing suicide by two gun shot wounds to the back of the head.

We call it Clintoncide in these parts. Lets see what John McAfee had to say about this himself.

Damn Clintoncide! I hate it when that happens… but why would this happen you ask?

Well, ZeroHedge has a theory – John McAfee Found Dead In Prison Cell After US Extradition Approved | ZeroHedge. But is it right?

Anons on 4chan have a different theory. For more on this – McAfee’s Deadman switch has apparently been flipped… – Centipede Nation – including image below.

And the Q folks have another theory.

Who knows what is happening? Ben Garrison chimes in with beautiful artwork as per usual.

~~~Medical Malpractice~~


Fine… actual lol…

~~I Should Have Been A Chiro~~

No really. That is what I should have done. FML.

~~World War 3~~

You know it. Or something like that. Links:

~~ASMR For The Win~~

A rug gets a makeover. Seriously.

You know it. I think its awesome. We might do a segment on cleaning processes. Let me know in the comments if you’d like to see it.

~~American Civil War~~

A Leftist Perspective?

Its not bad. I saw this on Vox Days site, and his points are well worth reading. Well worth the read – George Packer: The Four Americas – The Atlantic, and then read Vox Day, whose criticism is quoted below.

It’s impossible to resolve the situation through dialogue because all of the assumptions upon which the dialogue is based are fake. The Smart Americans are not that Smart and their beloved credentials are fraudulent. The Free Americans are not Free. Many of the Real Americans are not actually Americans, and the Just Americans are neither just nor are most of them even actual Americans.

Vox Popoli: The liberal perspective on US decline (voxday.blogspot.com)

~~This Is A Big Bull~~

I mean really. Its a big bull. Huge fan of the channel! Like, Share And Subscribe 🙂

~~Markets Are Getting Ridiculous~~

This article was poignant… Frenzied Crypto Traders In South Korea See Coins As Their “Last Chance Of Escape” | ZeroHedge … The realitiy is that this is the only way people can see to move ahead in life.

But even more of a stand out is the 15% who referred to crypto as the “last chance of escape” from their current social status. ….. You have people in their 40s and 50s speculating on housing upon which our citizens livelihood depends, yet it is inappropriate for people in their 20s and 30s to invest in coins? There’s a whole lot we can learn from The Grown-Ups

Frenzied Crypto Traders In South Korea See Coins As Their “Last Chance Of Escape” | ZeroHedge


~~Cult News For This Week~~

Of course the Prog cult would get up to this kind of nonsense. Watch the video. On the plus side, leftism is becoming uncool very very quickly.


Reporters waiting for Biden arrival joke about their questions: “What did you think of the vice president’s trip, Mr. President?” “When are you going to the border, Mr President?” *laughs* “Where’s Hunter?” “What ice cream did you…” “What kind of gift did you bring?”


Well worth the read – Big Pimping – The American Mind – but could be uncomfortable for some.

Funny how grooming is now being paired at the institutional level with mental health interventions. Almost as if there is a causal link between early promiscuity and mental problems! Could being exposed to disease, pregnancy, premature relationships, heartbreak, and shame be bad for kids? Rates of depression and prescriptions of anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs are all skyrocketing among young people.

Big Pimping – The American Mind


Ah f it…

~~Have A Good Weekend Everyone~~

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First day of lockdown begins at midnight.

Great job on the links BTW!

Last edited 2 years ago by canuckdownunder

Yeah great links T – look forward to working through them over the weekend. That first one on McAffrey having a potential deadman switch, that is not as far fetched as it would seem. McAffrey was as paranoid as fuck and had considerable programming and IT skills, it is just the sort of thing that he would do. Will be interesting to see if this progresses.


Disney’s black Greta is all kinds of hilarious 🙂


How dare you!




For some reason Gladys can’t use the word “Lockdown”?



lockdown | ˈlɒkdaʊn |
noun North American
the confining of prisoners to their cells, typically in order to regain control during a riot: the lockdown has been in effect since October 1983.


In the spirit of Clintoncide…

“John McAfee’s prison guard looks oddly familiar…”
From Il Donaldo Trumpo… rumoured to be the real Trump’s alt Twitter account. I would like to believe it but I think it’s funnier than the real Trump could be.


Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I look forward to it. For some reason American discovering the metric system has entered my viewing algorithm, which is quite funny.



That account is hilarious!

Cackling Kamala dumped in Mexico:

Sniffy Joe in the Oval Office: Oooohhh what does this button do?… 


Guatemalan President: Send Hyena Harris to the border to scare illegal immigrants away:

Human beatbox DJ Sniffy Joe:

Thanks for the Weekend Links T.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Chinese Astroturfer

Hopefully the virus rips


Got a feeling it could get bad very quickly in NSW. Friend who was following India mentioned that it started off similar – quite a few days of low numbers, then accelerated quickly.


yep same

the more this virus is running rampant the more time we have till the borders get opened


Yeah nah. Just means vaccines will be forced on everyone harder to “fix” it and never repeat it.

Best result is small sporadic outbreaks every few months to buy the most time.

Also, as someone who has had to cancel their wedding for a 2nd time, it’s getting fucking tiring having fake non lockdowns imposed.


McAfee antagonised the US government, and also let every criminal in the world know that he had a fortune in crypto. I would classify him as a dumbarse. Probably tortured by inmates or corrupt prison guards until he handed over his bitcoin keys and then executed.


My own opinion was that he was as crazy as fuck. Very smart guy, who eventually succumbed to the cumulative lifetime effects of hard drug abuse. While he said some very stupid things, he also had some good insights from time to time:


(Il Donaldo Trumpo is on a roll in terms of links tonight!!)

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I just wonder if McAfee was one of those guys who obviously peaked early, and then was left with too much money and the rest of his life trying to find this next success or meaningful endeavour.

Figured he’d have access to all the good drugs, which probably didn’t help in the long run.

Agent 47

The story about him allegedly murdering his neighbour in Belize is an interesting one.

Nonetheless I agree he would be the exact type to have a dead man’s switch. Whether or not anything comes of it is another thing.


True to form, Morrison quick to back the truck over Gladys. More survival instincts than a cockroach.

“Don’t blame me for Sydney cluster, it’s NSW’s problem: PM”



the sydney shits gonna last like a week or two tops imo, no way are we ever gettting a repeat of melbourne last year.


Man, you really love this virus denial of yours. What you gnna say in 2 weeks if it is just like Melbourne last year? How will you move the goal posts then? Lol


ill be like

wow i was wrong but who gives a fucking shit anyway?


Was Dubbo ever affected by lockdowns?



brief period in april last year small businesses and gyms etc were closed state wide people were self-isolating out of fear (except me) but it wore off fast

i would walk around the main st like i was in 28 days later

people got bored pretty quick and everything went back to normal faster than even i expected


Sounds like it’s pretty normal then. Just spoke to a mate in Sydney who said his local Coles had been ransacked of toilet paper. Apparently people have gone nuts again and there could be a quick buck to be made.


yeah i sold stockpiled toiletpaper on gumtree when covid hit, $25+ profit margin per pack


Geez, quiet round here…..

Where all you virus deniers at?



rofl. but I was wondering the same… why so quiet

Last edited 2 years ago by ThePensum

I am under my bed, afraid to come out!


Same here!

Surrounded by baked beans and powder milk.


Luckily, pub owners run NSW

not like Victoria with its fucking teachers and nurses unions

so I think we should be right

zero hospitalisations too

as I have been saying for nearly 18 months now , the virus is only going to get more infective and less virulent with time , just as natural selection predicts

and that is exactly what the “delta variant” seems to be

of course, the retards at MB are only praising the vaccine for this


Gladys has let this rip to scare people into vaccines. Ruin people’s school holidays and lockdown while everyone was off work anyway, followed by massive push to get the vaccine so it doesn’t happen again. Things will be back to normal in 2 weeks.

Next is Qld, same recipe


as I have been saying for nearly 18 months now , the virus is only going to get more infective and less virulent with time , just as natural selection predicts

I have been thinking a lot about this and no longer so sure:

  • tribes have been wiped out by visitors carrying viruses as mild as the common cold. That means at least some of the evolution occurred on the human side.
  • earlier Covid strains did not affect young people as much as the latter strains. There was a transmission/mathematical advantage gained in becoming more virulent in younger people.
  • vaccine means people will not die as easy. More virulent strains could thrive?

There was a hair salon with three infected workers that served 900 clients in the last couple weeks. I reckon next week the reality will hit that it has spread all over Sydney and probably regional areas. The lockdown counter will reset. Also bear in mind that this is the more contagious Indian variant.


i dont know, sydney people almost never leave their suburb

most parochial city ever


Didn’t hear about this – NSW will have to be very lucky to not see a spike in cases with this sort of thing going on.

Agent 47

We’re all going to die! Stop living so we can survive!

64 weeks in and people still think this is about a virus and not everything else nefarious going in front of your eyes.

A fly in your ointment

Indeed it is about everything else nefarious.
But not a binary choice. Both it is.


Seems like a lot of work to wash a cheap rug. I’d rather buy a new one.


legend in the MB comment section today, which one of yuse is this mad cunt

Boom Times Ahead
June 25, 2021 at 2:58 pm
It’s always been preventable. It doesn’t just randomly kill the infected. Average age of death is something like 81. I bet the average age that people die of most diseases is very similar. Shock, horror, old people die and are vulnerable to something as harmless as the common flu, let alone a novel virus. COVID is less deadly in children than the flu. In time this virus will just burn out on its own because it’s nothing compared to the flu.
Young people that have died are almost always fat slobs with underlying health problems. To be a fat slob is a lifestyle choice and not my problem. Our hospital system should give priority to people based on their BMI. Fat slobs don’t care about their bodies so why should anyone else.

Agent 47


Go hide under the bed forever and let the rest of us get on with life. No reason to take the vaccine at all, least of which giving them an excuse to reboot migration again.

Middle class softcocks gonna softcock.


+1 for correct use of “softcock”

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Which incidentally reminds me of the fact that the classic
C&B pattern has been spotted on the Bitcoin chart:


Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 15.04.59.png
Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

So why was our plucky friend still here, instead of returning home with his “export”.



hopefully other ppl try to copy with shit like “someone gave that other fuckin guy a job, why not me too” on their signs


No wonder he couldn’t get work. His work ethics sounds a bit trash.


At the end of March, Mr Jhurani dressed to impress and alternated standing opposite Southern Cross and Flinders Street train stations with a sign saying “Looking 4 a graduate of architecture? HIRE ME”.

“I did that for three to four weeks,” he said. “I’d be out there every morning from 8:00am to 9:15am and sometimes in the evenings as well.”

Agent 47

And spent most of it on the phone to relatives back home.


And watching bollywood on speaker phone on the train in.


And… he’s gone!


He really could have learnt something from his Australian political counterparts who never resign. What a chump!


Also, how did the pigeon general take control of the state?
With a
.military coo!

Agent 47

Puns aside, anyone noticed Scomo threatening the Australian public into getting the vaccine by having a military commander do the press conferences.

I mean why don’t we just raise the Chinese flag now?


Previously another poster made the link with ending up in a Singapore style authoritarianism government, and when I look at things like the secret trial of Witness K, Dutton taking out defamation charges against refugee activists and the complete lack of transparency and accountability it’s hard not to assume this is eventually going to happen.

The sad thing about it all is that at least Singapore looks after its youngsters, with specific social housing set aside for first home owners that can only be bought and sold within that market and kept away from foreign purchasers. There’s a lot of social engineering going on – eg. they favour young married couples, and I don’t doubt for a second that our leaders who love to implement the same kind of GPS tracking that Singapore has been using to let their returning citizens quarantine from home.

Last edited 2 years ago by Gouda
Agent 47


As you mentioned, some elements of Singapore are ok. I’m also fan of capital punishment for serious crimes. National service would be a long term benefit in my view.

The citizen surveillance and one party state nonsense on steroids not so much but we have that here already.

Agent 47

Odds on this transpiring in the next few weeks pretty high I’d say. The JBS Meatworks and pipeline shutdowns were trial runs. IMO they’ll use this to kick start economic chaos and push for CBDC more aggressively.


Agent 47

Interesting. Knew he’d have something like this but as I said above we’ll see if it’s sees the light.


What a surprise!


Higher education enrolments from China to Victoria have declined 5.74 per cent in the 12 months to March, the most recent figures published by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment show, while commencements have declined just 0.67 per cent. But as Chinese students wait and see, Indian students have abandoned hopes of an Australian education in droves. Enrolments from India fell 33 per cent, while commencements fell 56 per cent between March 2020 and March 2021.

Indian Students’ Association of Victoria general secretary Amo Chakravarthy said a qualification from an Australian university was much less attractive to many Indian students if they could not live and work here while studying.

Agent 47

Almost as if it was never education in the first place. Quelle surprise!

A fly in your ointment

All this decline is because Davo Lewd Smitty expose of the industry is getting some traction?


I suspect everyone’s favourite demographer with an unrelated doctorate has done more to spread concerns about rampant immigration than MB

Speaking of which, here is said individual engaging in a slanging match with Mike Carlton.


If it does get to defamation action, I’ll bring the popcorn.



Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Decisions, decisions…


So a deranged man goes on a murderous rampage with a knife in Germany shouting allahu snackbar and doesn’t even get mentioned on “our” ABC.

Stories that have made the cut this morning:

Mums in sport
Property handouts and sexism (a 2 for 1 special!)
How an American became a feminist icon
More UFOs!
Story about womyn
Another story about womyn
How Asian women are discrimanted against
Another fucking story about womyn…


This guy?


Not much to go on, but the combination of untreated mental illness and religious extremism seems likely.


I’m learning German and have a language partner from Würzberg so I woke up to a message about the attack. The only mention I’ve seen about the Islamic link so far is on the Deutsche Welle website.


Well I’m trying to point this out with these comments.

More subtly Tory is just dog whistling, blaming white, men, which is what hordes of fascists, angry incels, and enraged men’s rights dudes is code for.




Whether you think Jordies and his team are idiots or not, Barilaro’s actions demonstrate that our freedoms continue to be eroded as the path to fascism becomes ever more clear.


Agent 47

I dislike Jordies because he’s politcally inconsistent on this issue, but I’ll back him on this. If only he’d do the same with the shit going in Victoria.


Unfortunately I doubt that will happen as he’s based in NSW. While popular, it’s not like he’s got the budget of SkyNews who can afford to send Peta Credlin down to a Dan Andrews press conference on a whim.

The best hope is someone grass roots, but It takes a very long time for Youtubers to make a name for themselves and that’s compounded in Australia due to the timezone differences.


Progressive white woman syndrome i.e. toxic levels of openness and agreeableness.

Agent 47

The UFO stuff is really last throw of the dice stuff. I’m seeing a move away from COVID from the MSM with Ivermectin and MRNA discussions going mainstream. However, the iron fist is coming out harder in response.

In my view the vaccine uptake rates are woeful and nowhere near they are reporting. Now with more information about spike proteins and ivermectin etc there is a harder push for stick amd less carrot. The longer this goes on the harder it is to sell so the more authoritarian they have to become.

I think a proper (staged) cyber attack is the next move and what comes after that I don’t know but it won’t be good. They are really moving at a pace I’ve never seen before.

Also I think the Arizona election audit is going to prove very interesting. Not that I care for q or any of that copium, but they are turning out significant fraud. July will be crazy in my view.

Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 47

A digital surveillance control grid is in the works and everything will be done to force it upon us.

Agent 47


I fluctuate hourly from blackpilled to white pilled about the situation. We’re clearly in the largest spiritual battle of all time and it’s picking up pace.

I do not want to live in total slavery but I think the nexus point window of opportunity to turn it around is narrowing. It appears that way anyway.


This article is a very close approximation of my own thoughts and ideas about what has been going on:

“The globalists are not moving forward because they’re scared. They’re moving forward because the initial reaction to the scam was perfect. I believe COVID-19 was a test run. But it went so flawlessly, so swimmingly for them, that they decided to fast-track their plans.”


“The lesson here, as I see it, is this: do not give in to hope.

There isn’t time. This is the endgame, the finish line, and many are acting as if the starting gun just went off. Fall on your sword for your friends and family if you wish. But you are almost certainly doomed to get sucked into the same black hole.”


Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
Agent 47

I agree. The other side of the coin is they want you to believe that it’s inevitable. 90% of the battle is a psychological one.

Break the enemies will and you win. We can still win but putting your faith in gay shit like q and white hats is retarded.

My best advice is help out those of a similar mind and fuck the normies – they’ve been warned repeatedly and they’ve chosen convenience and comfort. They get what they deserve in my opinion.


👍 All very true!

My best advice is help out those of a similar mind…”

Too much time wasted otherwise.
If people don’t want to see then not my problem.


No idea why uptake is so woeful when you have such compelling videos like this…


I think if you look closely you can spot DLS


A musical PSA from the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus reminding you to VACCINATE!

They were gay?


I did notice in this latest piece of vibrancy, that the crowds started to pursue him. Also in the UK one with the narwhal tusk.

I wonder if this means people are losing faith in the authorities, and have mentally switched over to self defence.

And I also wonder what would have happened if they caught him.


Also I found this comment amusing.

Standup4your-rights , Perth, Australia, 3 hours ago
If he yelled MEOW would it have made him a cat? Just the same as this does not mean he is Muslim .. islam condemns murdering – it is a peaceful religion portrayed wrongly by media…


The funniest bit is that this idiot was wearing a face mask!

You know that if this happened in Sydney Gladys and her lackey Chant would be fronting the media and praising the attacker for adhering to health protocols.

Last edited 2 years ago by canuckdownunder

The public need to start publicly lynching these fuckers.


This has been festering in Europe since the early 1970s.
In France it started mid 1950s.

It was all there for people willing to see what was happening, and what was going to happen.

I have been waiting almost my whole life for people to finally get angry, 40 years at least, let that sink in mate, 40 years…

I have lost faith, but if popular attitudes ever do change in a big and meaningful way, I’ll go back and help out wherever I can to do my bit for Europe.


Hungary seems like it might be a good bolthole, they’re one of the few countries that seem to put up a fight.

1000 years of fighting off hordes from the ME yet portrayed as racists because they don’t want their country overrun with Islam.


Yes, Hungary is one of the more sensible European countries where it involves immigration.

Good thing also is that they still have their own currency. But if they ever get tangled up in loans from the European Central Bank (ECB) or EU the financial dependency will be used to force policy of diversity, inclusion, immigration etc. down their throats.

Have a look at the cute new and improved logo of the ECB on their Twitter account:

You’d hope that central banks are a-political, think again.
Debt is slavery, and can be used agains your best interests.

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 12.56.40.png
Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

That is why Hungary is such a threat to the West – it shows what a nation can achieve when it makes economic decisions outside the neoliberal lens and actively support their existing society and values project itself into the future, instead of trying to turn itself into a series of tax farms and make profit from it.



If you want to extricate yourself away from neoliberalism a good start would be to have a central bank that’s not run by the BIS (good luck though), and to stay far away from any involvement with the United Nations.

I sincerely hope Hungarians will avoid giving in to the temptation of the EU credit carrot, which will come with ideological strings attached.

Go Orban!
How good is it that he kicked that evil ghoul György Schwartz out.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
Agent 47

Very interesting take. A bit blackpilling but does make sense in some regards. Still so many variables on the table though.




cow sloped roof.jpg

What a fuckwit.


Florida Pastor Rick Wiles has had a lot to say about COVID-19 over the past year and a half, but his news that he was in the hospital with COVID-19 complications on his website TruNews might be the least surprising thing of all. Wiles has been circulating conspiracy theories about COVID and the COVID vaccines, so the fact that he has ended up with the condition isn’t too shocking. It is somewhat ironic, as Wiles insisted coronavirus was intended to “purge sin” from the world. 


2pm predictions? I think Gladys is going to go hard.


I thought lockdowns were only a Dan Andrews thing? Gladys gold standard and all that.


Hey, she saved Australia!


Comedy Gold.

Who needs satire when we have the MSM doing it like a boss.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
Agent 47

Gladys and/or Scomo are probably being threatened by globalists.

We can’t let the normies see a local example that shows this whole thing is not about a virus and that lockdowns are bullshit.


Say – does anyone remember reading an article recently that outlined how if you take one or the other COVID vaccines, than it effectively eliminates all the antibodies in your system meaning that you can no longer donate antibody serum for COVID survivor therapy? I seem to remember reading something on it and not I can’t find it.
Edit: Never mind – was getting two separate stories confused.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

burkes backyard


I am 100% interested. I can do a little writing on it too if you were keen.

I was mocked at MB for my gardening posts so fuckem.


Gardening is sweet. My new place has a hedge out the front, so will need a set of hedge trimmers at the very least.The previous owners used to grow various herbs in small pots on backyard the fence which I’m going to try and replicate once I move in.


You still doing the microgreens?


Yeah but I don’t really like them!


Lol fair enough.

I just mowed the lawns and I’m pretty happy with how that grass seed is turning out (Mckays elite backyard blend), strong growth and green year round with the different species alternating between the hot and cold weather. Still got chillis fruiting too, don’t expect that to last much longer though.


rainbow from the backdoor of my slum apt


good reason to not want to be in the eu right there

Agent 47

Switzerland is quietly exiting even though it’s not a full member.

I give the EU 3 more years. A French civil war would expedite that.


“I give the EU 3 more years.”

Nothing would serve the countries of Europe better than an immediate break-up of the Soviet Union, sorry, I mean European Union.

And make null and void any agreements entered into with the United Nations.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!
Agent 47

Tower of Babel in Brussels. Could it be anymore obvious?


This is one of the earliest posters made to propagate the idea of the EU.

Also take note of the inverted pentagrams used to symbolise each individual country.
Another symbol well known to the initiates.

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 12.01.45.png
Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

Not to mention the incorporation of the Tower of Babel, yet another allegory that warns against the dangers of diversity:

“The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city.”

Genesis 11: 6-8

Diversity brings down cities – which were essentially nation states in the bronze age.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

If you look at the picture I posted above it becomes immediately apparent that the Tower of Babel is shown to be under construction again, the high-rise cranes signify that.

Which symbolises that the EU is finishing a work that in the Bible was forbidden. You could interpret that as being anti-Christian.

A fly in your ointment

You meant “one more good reason not to be in the EU”???

Agent 47

Queensland state of emergency powers expire Tuesday. No doubt Brisbane will get one. So predictable.

Normies will whine then comply because they’re retards.



A fly in your ointment

Yep, the sequence is quite visible. Every state will be in lockout for a few weeks. Queue for a mRNA jab at Sydney Olympic is apparently several hundred meters long.


“Black men raised in the top 1 percent — by millionaires — were as likely to be incarcerated as white men raised in households earning about $36,000,” explained a New York Times article, complete with graphics to let you follow different kids’ paths.”


One theory holds that these black millionaires are oppressed.
The opposing theory holds that there are simply differences both within AND between population groups i.e. diversity in behaviour, abilities and biology.
One of these theories is correct.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie



‘Facing Reality’ is about two realities: racial differences in IQ and race differences in crime rates.

Dr. Murray thinks that decades of denying and even concealing facts about race has led to a frightening crisis:

“I am now slower to assume that we will avoid catastrophe,” he writes, adding, “The prospect of legal secession may be remote, but the prospect of reduced governability from Washington is not.”

“Well-meaning people on the right are as uncomfortable confronting the reality of group differences as well-meaning people on the left.”



Keep banging that drum.

Don’t know why you bother – everyone here seems to agree with you or (like me) don’t agree and nothing you post will change their mind.

So why do you keep posting more of the same shit? How many times do you need your opinions validated? You never add anything new, it’s always the same shit or the same shit from a slightly different angle, hence the yawn.

It’s fuckin boring.

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming2

Fuck that’s rich coming from the cunt that literally hasn’t added a single thing of value here.


Pot kettle lol


I posted the first article because I found it interesting.

I posted the second one in response to you because I knew it would annoy you or draw a response, either way it was a win. Plus it too was an interesting article. Charles Murray has a point – if no one speaks the truth then it will be forgotten.

This is the entire purpose of the media and elites posturing on this subject and entirely the reason why weak minded fools blame racism for all the worlds inequality, rather than recognise the possibility the world, like every chaotic self organising system, has simply ordered itself according to how nature intended.


Keep schooling them Stewie.

Facts over feels for the win.


Religious branch stacking thwarted in SA.


The South Australian Liberal Party terminated the membership of 150 Pentecostal Christians a fortnight ago, while it has further asked 400 more recently signed up members to show cause as to why they shouldn’t be turfed out as well.

The purge comes after more than 500 people signed up to join the SA Liberals earlier this year. This seemingly coordinated infiltration is significant as the total state branch membership is around 5,000. And it’s been perceived as an attempt to sway policy in line with faith doctrine.

Conservative Liberal MPs requested last week that acting PM Josh Frydenberg step in and call a halt to the action, claiming it was an attack on religious freedoms, which will certainly add fuel to the attempt of Pentecostal PM Scott Morrison to see religious privileges enshrined in law.

However, senior SA Liberal, Senator Simon Birmingham, has defended the move. The moderate said that he’s aware of allegations that the suspended members were planning to campaign against endorsed candidates for the next election, while some didn’t even support the party.

Agent 47

That’s ok, they’ll find a heap of Indians and/or Chinese to replace them with.

Diverse branch stacking is all the rage these days.


So the limo driver and the company he works for will not be charged. Apparently the rules relating to airport workers needing testing/vaccination doesn’t apply to private workers?!?

This is just massive stupidity or corruption right out in the open and nobody in our media questions anything. What are the chances this company has ties to someone in the LNP?


imagine making it illegal to get sick


Much easier to blame the individual than to take responsibility for government failure and lack of appropriate policies.


My latest view on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has been whipsawing in a slightly descending channel that started slowly and embryonically to form at the start of May this year of the Lord 2021.

After extensively researching mathematical formulas and algorithmic trading programmes as to calculate future projection possibilities I have come to the tentative conclusion that Bitcoin will reach it intrinsic value of 0.naught between mid December AD 2021 and mid January AD 2022.

If any of you are interested in receiving my weekly Bitcoin newsletter, please don’t hesitate to send your email address to:


Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 13.45.14.png

The FED mentioned Tether by name in some slides on Friday as a risk or Challenge to Financial Stability. In terms of Fedspeak this was practically painting a bullseye in terms of ‘watch this space’!



The net is closing.

Also the Financial Times from last Wednesday:

‘Central Banks Step Up Fight Against Cryptocurrencies’
‘Battle for control of global monetary system escalates as BIS warns against private innovation.’

“Central banks have intensified their criticism of cryptocurrencies as battle over the monetary system escalates, arguing that digital tokens such as bitcoin have few redeeming features and “work against the public good”.

“In a report published today, the Bank for International Settlements, the global body for central banks, also dismissed stablecoins — a link between crypto and conventional assets — as an “appendage” to traditional money.

The strongly worded report was the clearest signal yet from central banks that they are ready to fight any effort to undermine their key role in the global financial system.

Cryptocurrency prices are under pressure because of investors’ growing fear that they face increased regulation. …”

… For the remainder of the report:

https://www.ft.com/content/b6a3bf06-ad6b-4ab4-9ae3-15aca453f50d (behind paywall)

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Using all the usual excuses:

“…facilitate money laundering, ransomware attacks and other financial crimes.”

They do love their own crypto currency though:

‘Central Bank Digital Currencies Get Full BIS Backing’:

So lucky that CBDC will never be used nefariously.
For sure these people have our best interests at heart.

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 13.35.44.png

They don’t need to attack BTC directly to destroy it – all they need to do apply the law in respect to existing monetary transfer and custodian services and expose the Tether fraud for what it is. Once done and Tether’s malign influence is ended, everything else will follow. At some point after the immediate aftermath that will inevitably follow, true price discovery will finally be possible.

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This is also an interesting development…. death spiral anyone?


Just had a look at that Twitter account.
Hash rate still dropping fast.

Maybe all the farms/mines in China are being taken off-line?


If the hashrate drops then doesn’t the reward increase?

Ditto, if not mined via subsidised China electricity then it must be mined using higher cost electricity.

Correct me if wrong. It just seems like one of those unintended consequence things.

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No – the difficulty adjustment associated with the Hashing algorithm rebases to a lower setting, however the maximum rebase it to 75% lower, which it is rapidly approaching, if it falls beyond that then the remaining miners will have to mine at a loss until the next difficulty adjustment after that. The mining reward remains constant, in accordance with the constantly declining block reward, however the economics of each reward changes due to the change in accompanying hashing difficulty.

We will find out very shortly whether hash follows price or price follows hash.

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You could be right Freddy.

I saw that some miners were moving out of China, even going to US.

I only know the most basic stuff in regards to Bitcoin and crypto/alt coins in general, so maybe Stewie can elaborate.

My weekend YT video suggestion:


Been watching Miata crases all weekend. A naturally sporty and responsive car can make everyone feel like Nikki Lauda instantly. Most will turn a blind eye to his tempting the fate and a narrow escape


What’s grey smoke?


A fly in your ointment



Wishing all of you an enjoyable week.

And who said chivalry is dead:

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 10.50.50.png

Movies suggestion for the weekend and the coming week are:

Planes, Trains and Automobiles (1987)
A movie that set John Candy as a comedian worth his weight in salt and cemented Steve Martin’s reputation.
John plays a laid back easy going phlegmatic trouble magnet optimist and Steve is a neurotic hopeless pessimist annoyed even by the air he breathes.
Excellent casting pair for an excellent story, well filmed.


The Maltese Falcon (1941)
Early noir film where there are no heroes, just various degrees with different absence of morality level. A crime story with a few twists, excellent Bogart and probably one of his best ones where he was not paired with Lauren Bacall.
>B&W filming obviously was not inclusive of rainbow colours of LGBTQWERTY community but life was such in 1941.

Both fims are on my recommendation for “must see” for those enjoying the film art.


The Maltese Falcon was my first case study of the McGuffin. Planes, Trains and Automobiles was awesome, John Candy was great and his death at such an early age was a terrible loss.


Gotta love John Candy.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles:

Uncle Buck:

Other good ones:
Stripes, Who’s Harry Crumb, Armed and Dangerous, Brewster’s Millions.


Last week I posted a chart that showed the stock market peaks lining up with Margin Lending peaks. This week the number of loss making companies seeking to raise capital also lining up.

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