Bitch Ute … funny name, seriously quirky site

Alright, so I watched the cannibal warlord film.


(the same video on BitchUte was prefaced with a long antisemitic rant, which I did not understand)

I’m not exactly sure what to take away from it the video. In a sense, it’s a typical story playing out.

Some relatively advanced people come to an undeveloped land and colonise/subjugate the locals for profit. Violence and poverty is created in the proces.

The only “twist” here is that the colonisers/subjugators were themselves ex-slaves, but that’s a purely moral angle that the filmmakers are trying on, in order to be edgy. The incentives associated with enslaving a bunch of people are just too awesome, so of course it is something that is likely to happen where the circumstances permit. And the enslavers can just as easily be black (or ex-slaves) as white (and not ex-slaves). ….Show me the incentives, and I’ll show you the outcome and all that….

Also drugs can be a part in people doing bad things.

am I missing something?

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Hi Peachy!

Thanks for watching the docu I recommended.

The reason I found it interesting is because it shows that there are differences between peoples. Most people after watching will probably say: “Oh, but in every war terrible things happen. Just look at WWI, WW2, Vietnam, Yugoslavia and now all the horrible wars in the Middle East.” et cetera.

But I can’t remember any stories where Officers and their soldiers in the regular line of duty would:
-kill an innocent child and drink its blood so as to get more fighting power,
-nor sacrifice a baby for the same reasons,
-nor can I remember stories of the enemy’s liver or heart being removed and eaten to receive their strength,
-nor remember where it was a normal procedure to chop up enemy officers and eat them whole.

Of course if you drive people hard enough everybody is capable of doing horrible things, just the degree is different.

And I don’t want to live in a society where cannibals are welcome, sorry, but that’s just me.

BitChute for sure is a ‘quirky’ site. I think because free speech has been throttled everywhere there are now only a few places left for ‘quirky’ people so the sites that are left over are flooded with ‘quirkiness’.

BitChute reminds me of how YouTube was 10 years ago, although it was never that quirky.

At Weekend Links I put up a bit of fun regarding BitCoin, I hope you don’t take it personally. One of the problems with social media is that sometimes it’s hard to say if someone is serious or just joking when you can’t see their facial expression. The face emojis can sometimes assist.

Also sometimes I wonder if you are still happy with your site and what it has become. I know you set it up as a contrarian to the MB site.
Sometimes your creation can take on a life of its own after you set it free.


If you equate:

-kill an innocent child and drink its blood so as to get more fighting power,

-nor sacrifice a baby for the same reasons,

-nor can I remember stories of the enemy’s liver or heart being removed and eaten to receive their strength,


As to drinking human blood and eating the flesh to partake in mysterious powers, that is actually a weekly occurrence for many. The Eucharist involves drinking the blood and eating the body.

And can’t differentiate between the symbolism and the practical application in real life then I can’t help you see.

Killing innocents/civilians is frequent too. Famously the Japanese did lots of that in China and throughout Sth Asia. And our very own EZFKA SAS have* a running custom of “blooding” younger troops by having them kill civilians. (

Yes, I know all those stories. War is horrible and ‘normal’ people are capable of terrible atrocities.

I wouldn’t be surprised if under special forces personnel there is a higher prevalence of psychopathy/sociopathy. Maybe you can even find that to a higher degree in professional armies relative to armies where people are required to do regular army service.

But please read again:

-kill an innocent child and drink its blood so as to get more fighting power,

-nor sacrifice a baby for the same reasons,

-nor can I remember stories of the enemy’s liver or heart being removed and eaten to receive their strength,

-nor remember where it was a normal procedure to chop up enemy officers and eat them whole.

And point me to a source where it is stated that above is SOP for regular Western armies.

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It’s not formal SOP for regular Liberian army or or regular armies of other countries in the region either, though.

Maybe not, but the docu was a good example IMO that showed the savagery that is just below the surface in Africans.

All peoples have a capability of savagery, only the degree is different between peoples, that was my whole point.

In Western Europe we had a lot of Yugoslavs that came over after their war. I worked with and had friends of Serb, Croat and Bosnian extraction, a lot of them ex-fighters in ‘bands’ and regular army. Some of them I knew them intimately and they never told me stories about them having knowledge of fighters drinking child’s blood before going into battle.

Never, never, ever, not even after copious amounts of slovovits.

They would hate each other though but even then I have never even heard them accuse their enemies of doing such things.

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Does it really matter if the body is eaten (Africa), thrown in a river/unmarked grave (Europe) used for practice with edged weapons (Asia)?

Here you yourself give nice examples of differing grades of savagery between peoples, thank you.
And yes, in my opinion it does matter.

The whole discussion here on EZFKA is always about immigration and what people should we allow in.

If Africans want to eat each other I really couldn’t give a toss. If they want to be savage in their own country go ahead. Frankly I wished they cooked each other until there were none left to be honest.

But I for damn sure don’t want these people living with me in the country I happen to reside in.


To you, getting eaten seems worse than being chucked in a river.

To me it does yeah.
It’s about the respect you show your fellow human being, even in a terrible war setting that can be ‘dehumanising’.

yah, but you don’t need to assume that those blokes are all just a bad day away from eating you and your mates.

Again, it’s about how close to the surface is that savagery and how easy is it to invoke it is a matter that sets different peoples apart.

its a bad idea to import big bunches of people who fought civil wars in any case (ie regardless of what exactly they did with the bodies of their victims). They are likely to be damaged & vulnerable; some of them dangerous.

I completely agree.


I understand the context of the video and the message that you were conveying in posting it, just as I understand Peachy’s response to it by posting an article expanding on it today (Peach common forgive me! I was ‘only’ arguing ad absurdum in order to drum up interaction 😉 )

You will get no argument from me in regards to the forever problem we are creating for ourselves by pretending that these differences between Africans and practically everyone else don’t exist, let alone that they don’t matter.

The only issue I have is the framing of the discussion in terms of ‘Savagery’ which is a term I try to avoid when discussing these topics.

‘Savagery’ is an emotive term, one which can apply to all peoples both in the present and in the past. No population group has exclusive claim to either savagery or civilization.

To me it is unhelpful in terms of defining the problem, due to its emotive nature and the lack of ability in terms of measuring savagery or even defining it. Boiling someone alive is most definitely savage, but then dropping a bomb that vaporizes 100,000 people and severely burning another 100,000 might also be construed as savage.

In this debate I prefer to focus on factual expression of differences in behavioural traits that can be accurately measured and hold statistical significance, for example population group IQ and propensity for violence. These are pertinent in regards to how potentially beneficial or troublesome a population of immigrants might be in respect of the nation to which they wish to move.

In these regards Africans are standouts in terms of lower capabilities in terms of problem solving (IQ) and a much higher statistical propensity for violence as an expression of dealing with life’s problems, than the equivalent IQ band of other population groups.

It is true that savagery is often associated with these two traits, dumb brutality, but it is wrong to characterise Africans as savage, because Caucasians and Asians both have their share of dumb and brutal people within their population groups.

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It is true that savagery is often associated with these two traits, dumb brutality, but it is wrong to characterise Africans as savage, because Caucasians and Asians both have their share of dumb and brutal people within their population groups.”

This is true of course, and I never denied that, I have commented here to that effect multiple times.

I used simple language but sometimes you have to in order to get your point across. For some simple works, for other more exact types it becomes too simple.

Yes, IQ is probably one of the best indicators that can be scientifically/statistically used to predict outcomes. This has been proven many times.

But in my view there is also value in empirical evidence without it having to be expressed in exact numbers.
Just by studying different peoples and their history, customs, culture etc. you can come to some valuable conclusions.

But then again it depends on who is doing the research and how it is interpreted, so then it becomes subjective again. Ok yeah, I see your point.

IQ for the win!


Again, it’s about how close to the surface is that savagery and how easy is it to invoke it is a matter that sets different peoples apart.

That’s far more a case of nurture than nature.
In a modern western society a large portion of the population would be unwilling to kill an animal, or drain it’s blood and carve it up, yet a few centuries ago it was common practice and anyone who didn’t was likely to starve to death.


How long have American blacks been nurtured?

How much more nurturing do they need in your best estimation?


Do you know what a slum is Sacha?
Inequality, poverty, no government welfare in a dog eat dog society.
Poor violent people are the product of american culture, be they black white or latino.


Yes, I do know what a slum is.
I have seen some on my travels through South America, most of them worse than US ghettos.

American blacks get all the welfare they can possibly want and still they amount to nothing after decades of this assistance.

My advice to them:
-Don’t make babies if you’re not going to look after them.
-Stay away from drugs/gang involvement.
-Do your best in school.
-Get a job


A fly in your ointment

It does not work like that.
They will not and besides cannot not listen to you anyway and poverty breeds the behaviour specifics.
Welfare does not fix anything underlying, it only provides safety net and even that is debatable


“As to drinking human blood and eating the flesh to partake in mysterious powers, that is actually a weekly occurrence for many. The Eucharist involves drinking the blood and eating the body.”

Good Lord Peachy, that is a particular long bow to draw and far from a reasonable comparison. I mean really?

Comparing or equating the killing of a sentient human and consumption of their flesh, with the eating of bread and wine in a religious ceremony where by the transubstantiation is pointedly described as a mystery of faith and that was established as a notion over 2000 years ago?

Arguably both ceremonies are affirming in respect of their desire to achieve group bonding, but they are poles apart and at completely different ends of the spectrum in terms of the ethical and moral means by which they attempt to achieve that bond.

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Transubstantiation is a religious mystery, whereby the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ. Christ being the church pertaining to the break away Jewish sect of Christians.

Eat this bread, drink this wine and through the mysteries of the holy spirit you will be partaking of my body and blood, in order to be filled with the power of the Church…. a bit different to eat this poor child’s heart, so that you will be bonded with me through this unspeakable crime against humanity.

No, just no.


it just looks different and foreign, but it’s the same thing.

No, just no.

but the violence against Christ is long ago and the violence against the poor child is more recent. 

The violence committed against Christ was done so by Jewish Sanhedrin and their easily motivated rabble – the modern day equivalent to AntiFa and BLM.

The ‘take of my body and blood’ was an entirely voluntary submission of his personal sacrifice, and the bonding element by which participants accept a mystery of the church into their lives, the church being Christ, or Christianity, and exists solely as an act of faith existing within an individuals sense of spirituality.

The other act is simply attempting to achieve bonding through the mutual commitment of an unspeakable crime against an innocent third party in the real corporeal world of the here and now.

There is no comparison that any person acting or arguing in good faith could ever possibly stand by. None.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I’m not sure what difference this makes. Whether it’s the Jews or the Romans or the Rabble.

The difference is important, because you are making a false equivalency in the context of this statement you made earlier:

but the violence against Christ is long ago and the violence against the poor child is more recent.”

You are relying on a Red Herring fallacy, in that although it is a truth, it is not a truth related to the matter discussed.

The Sanhedrin committed violence against Christ, but that was totally separate event to the principals behind the Eucharist and Holy communion, which you bizarrely equated to Cannibalism.

The sacrament of the Eucharist is drawn from the last super, which was a communion between Jesus and his disciples, where he voluntarily passed over the leadership of his movement to them, and was performed as an act to establish a part of his church or movement, as his body, his blood, in each of them.

Your example would only be applicable from the point of view of a follower of the Sanhedrin, celebrating their bond with each other through the torture and death of Jesus (which had nothing to do with communion) like African cannibals did with the poor child.

Likewise the practice of Sati is another false equivalency, firstly because they were often involuntary sacrifices and secondly it is again unrelated to the proposition that African Cannibalism = Eucharist.

The Cultural relativism that your position requires in order to sustain as an argument is something I have written about before.

Such a culturally relativist comparisons requires significant displays of mental gymnastics to put aside the corporeal realities of murdering and eating a child versus eating bread and drinking wine, and equivocating them on the basis of some spiritual belief.

Those who make the facile, superficial and frankly offensive observation on the Eucharist as Cannibalism, are usually either Jewish comedians tapping their anti-Christian hatred, or ignorant atheists beguiled by said Jewish comedians clever anti-Christian hatred masquarading as anti-establishment posturing, and who are simply going along for the ride.

I’ll leave it up for others to decide if I have refuted your position or not. But I will leave you with my “Stewie’s award for futilely dying on a hill”…. no need to feel embarrassed, it is an award I have won many times myself.


Such a culturally relativist comparisons requires significant displays of mental gymnastics to put aside the corporeal realities of murdering and eating a child versus eating bread and drinking wine, and equivocating them on the basis of some spiritual belief.

Thank you. I forgot to include cultural relativism in my response.


I got “mate’ed” by Peachy 😉

The only point of interest I’ve taken in this post and subsequent discussion was the equivocation around this statement:

“As to drinking human blood and eating the flesh to partake in mysterious powers, that is actually a weekly occurrence for many. The Eucharist involves drinking the blood and eating the body.”

It is your right to see these two acts as having a morally indistinguishable component, but frankly beyond the arguably point that both ceremonies are affirming a desire to achieve group bonding (which could apply to any number of different bonding activities), they are wholly unrelated.

I certainly utterly reject any notion that there is any morally indistinguishable component that could link African Cannibalism to Christians belief in Transubstantiation.

The only reason I took issue with the comment is that it is one that I have seen used many times previously in one form or another, and I believe that it is fundamentally a form of anti-Christian ridicule wrapped up in facile, contrived reasoning that some secular atheists and many more fundamentally anti-Christian groups, like to use.

I’ll be clear, that that is NOT what I think you were doing, (ie anti-Christian). I believe you simply used it as a device to make your otherwise valid points.

However this is also the problem – it only persists as a device because it has been allowed to go unchallenged and uncritiqued, and thus become accepted as a valid analogy. When the time is taken to examine the validity of the terms of analogy they prove false in all but the most superficial sense, and deeper questions of the harmful purpose of the analogy, ridicule, arise.

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 so that you will be bonded with me through this unspeakable crime against humanity.

No, just no.

Ok, so eating someone bad.
Blowing their limbs off with explosives good.
Tearing their limbs off with 4 horses ???

Just to establish the moral absolutism here.


No disagreement that they are all terrible and savage crimes, capable of being committed by anyone of any race.

The issue I was discussing with Peachy was a personal Bugbear in regards to comparisons of ‘X’ with Christians being cannibals because through the mystery of Transubstantiation the bread & wine is supposed to be transformed into the body and blood of Christ.

I maintain it is a superficial analogy and that the origins and use of it are mainly rooted in anti-Christian posturing as form of ridicule, while masquerading as anti-establishmentism.

I don’t believe Peachy was deliberately doing this, rather I was making the point that the analogy has been normalised to such a point that people now accept it as valid, with no deeper considerations of its inherent truthfulness beyond the superficial or the bigotry that lies at its heart.


No need to apologise Peachy – I know you were arguing in good faith from your own viewpoint with Sacha, and then subsequently with me, I had no bone with that.

I have come across the analogy many times, but then I probably have arguments on a larger number of esoteric subjects like these than most people, which is probably why I have been aware and annoyed by it.

A fly in your ointment

But I can’t remember any stories where Officers and their soldiers in the regular line of duty would:

-kill an innocent child and drink its blood so as to get more fighting power,

-nor sacrifice a baby for the same reasons,

If you dig deeper into those wars you listed above, you may be surprised what they failed to teach ins school… To avoid cryptic-ness, look into WW2 and Yugoslavia (the Kingdom).


You’ll find more reports on the german side from ww2, ie concentration camps.
Victor writes the history and all that.

How anyone sees the organised societal treatment of the people in those camps as less savage than a group of tribal soldiers eating a killed enemy, civilian or otherwise is beyond me. And that was done by modern europeans.


Ok DjenkA.

But who wrote these stories.
Please be more specific.
I can find you any story about any subject telling you whatever you want to hear, or what your biases need confirmed.

To rile up the rabble the most horrific fantastical stories were produced in WW2 about the enemy. Every other country would accuse their enemy of bayonetting babies or smashing their skulls against walls.

Same in WW1 these fantasies were told about the Belgians, French, English etc. so the people would get mad enough to kill each other.
It’s called propaganda and is very effective. Not much has changed.

Even after WW2 a whole industry sprung up that would extort money from a country by producing the most unbelievable tripe about alleged war crimes.

Also ‘if you dig deeper’ It has also been well established that a lot of the ‘confessions’ at the Nuremberg trials of war atrocities were extracted by torture and in some cases by kicking of the suspects testicles into a pulp to get these confessions.

As Stewie always says: “History is written by the victors”.

So be careful what you believe in what you read and where the sources come from and what actual proof there is for the accusations.

But if you have any sources for:

-kill an innocent child and drink its blood so as to get more fighting power,

-nor sacrifice a baby for the same reasons,

perpetrated in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia I would be happy to look into them.

A fly in your ointment

Not a victor’s story, as told by the perpetrators, surviving victims and historians of all colours.

There the 550 “Ustasha” took small groups of prisoners to the pit and, family-by-family pushed them into it. The initial vertical fall was some 27 m, followed by a 100m steep slope to the base of the pit. Small children were thrown up into the air before falling into the pit. One women is known to have given birth as she fell into the pit. The newborn infant died with her under the crush of bodies.[5]

Note: Above is just one “pit” of them many.

Arthur Hefner, a German transport officer for work forces in the Reich, wrote on November 11, 1942 of Jasenovac: “The concept of the Jasenovac camp should actually be understood as several camps which are several kilometers apart, grouped around Jasenovac. Regardless of the propaganda, this is one of the most horrible of camps, which can only be compared to Dante’s Inferno”.

You’ll have to research further yourself. Atrocities recorded in that region during WW2 were on a different level from “known WW2 history as reported by western europeans”.
To further one’s knowledge, try to research >>types<< of atrocities committed by collaborators, quislings and particularly germans in USSR during ww2. Only sickening thing comparable to this is Belgian “works” in Africa


Thank you DjenkA.

I have read those stories before. If not these specific ones, at least similar ones. And they are all alike: despicable atrocities committed by people on other people.

You can find them in any history of any country if you dig deep enough. I don’t know what your background is, but I bet you can find some horrific stories about your fellow countrymen, as I can find horrific stories in the history of my own country.

So what’s your point?


that europeans are just as savage as any other ethnicity, whether you want to believe it or not?


that europeans are just as savage as any other ethnicity, whether you want to believe it or not?

I have never denied that in multiple comments here.

So what’s your point?

Thanassis Veggos

At this juncture the question is: what’s YOUR point.

A fly in your ointment

That too

A fly in your ointment

So what’s your point?

But I can’t remember any stories where Officers and their soldiers in the regular line of duty would:

-kill an innocent child and…

to provide data what the officers in regular line of duty could do…

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

-kill an innocent child and…

Why did you leave off the rest?

A fly in your ointment

Because the rest is just one of many manifestations of extreme primitive human behaviour. Drinking blood of one’s victims for super powers is in essence not different from ritualised murder or torture.

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Yeah the atrocities on the Eastern front and through the former Yugoslavia region during WW2 were horrendous…. but then the region has been at the leading edge of multiple waves of invasion from Asia, Arabia and Africa for millennia, so the potential for unequalled barbarity is tremendous. FFS it was that region that gave us Vlad the Impaler! Inter-racial, inter-cultural wars are always the most brutal.

A fly in your ointment

Awaiting approval, my response.

Thanassis Veggos

You are fetishizing SPECIFIC MANIFESTATIONS of violence as “primitive” to pretend the underlying issues are unique to a particular race, so you can ignore the multitude of historical and current examples demonstrating evil psychopaths with all variations of skin colour, eye shape, country of birth, taste in music, whatever.

Just a handful of highlights from the last century: the Holocaust, Soviet occupation of Germany, the Nanking Massacre, Japanese treatment of POWs, South American Drug Cartels, Catholic Church protecting pedos, the US prison system, the US separating migrant children from parents, Australia’s treatment of refugees, Australia’s most decorated solider…

Even the QAnon conspiracy has a key theme of child sacrifice and it’s DEFINITELY not the niggers supposedly running that.

The list of humans being evil cunts is ENDLESS.


That is why when assessing the behavioural characteristics of a population group and whether they will be a net positive or a net negative to any society they move to, we should refer to hard statistical FACTS like actual interpersonal violence committed by one person onto another.

When these statistics are observed, not only do Africans live in the most violent societies on earth, in terms of inflicting interpersonal violence on each other, they are also the leading cause of inter-racial, inter-personal violence on a per capita basis inflicted on members of other races within which every society they exist outside of Africa.

For example African Americans commit 560k violent crimes against whites, where as whites committed 99k similar crimes against blacks. This means African Americans committed 85% of all inter-racial violence in black/white crimes, despite only being 13% of the US population

Given African Americans are only 13% of the US population this means they are 27 TIMES (not percent) more likely to attack a white person, than a white person is likely to attack a black.

Fetishization cuts both ways – pretending Africans don’t cause massive problems and violence wherever they move, is a form of sado masochism… except instead of inflicting it on yourself, you end up inflicting it on those members of a society who end up having to live with these African imports i.e. poor, lower working class white people.

That is why people like yourself enjoy arguing on behalf of Africans so much, your fundamental hatred of working class white people provides all the motivation for your ‘morality’ that you require.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Chart didn’t post


And when you account for wealth and income?
Is it a black person, or a poor person that is actually more likely to be violent?
Correllation, causation and all that.


Yes – as repeatedly stated and evidenced.

African Americans from the highest income tiers are more likely to be convicted of a violent crime than white people from the lowest income bracket.

There are 40m very poor white Americans, living in absolute destitution within the US. This is approximately equal to the entire population of African Americans in the US, from the destitute to the Oprah Winfrey’s, yet African Americans still commit nearly 50% of all murders in the US.


If we are already doing such a great job of being evil ourselves.

Don’t you think it would be a good idea not to import any more of it?


Well, this has been an interesting discussion.

I remember sitting around once with my ex wife and a bunch of her outrageously woke leftie friends. They were discussing in very hushed tones the problems caused by the new African (Sudanese I think) refugee students at the school their kids attended. They didn’t want to be racist, but they couldn’t help themselves because their precious children were being bullied, beaten and abused on a daily basis by a small group of dangerous thugs whose first response to almost anything was savage violence, and who were all black.

I nodded sagely and said nothing while chortling internally.


What, no well placed ‘rapid 5’ in response?

That’s how a lot of those discussions start: “Oh yeah well, of course I’m not racist but….”.

They can call me racist all they want, I’m beyond caring.

Also, how is your nose?
Are you still in hospital?

Hope your recovery will be swift.

Last edited 2 years ago by BING!

I think ‘rapid 5’ in a military sense refers to 5 particles of high speed lead expelled from a hollow steel tube in quick succession.

If I recall LSWCHP would often offer a ‘rapid 5’ to Dr. Demography in reply to one of her senseless Twitter blurbs.

‘A quick and deadly reply’


“5 rounds rapid” … a component of a section fire control order.


Out of hospital and at home for a couple of weeks recuperating. The flowing blood has stopped, but now dealing with oozing and encrustation…sorry…

Also feeling wonky still from the after effects of the anaesthetic and the other drugs I’m taking.

Thanks for asking…much appreciated.


An NZ mate of mine had just almost the same procedure done.

He was telling about the enormous amount of gunk/boogers (also sorry) he was blowing out still weeks after the op.

Look after yourself and take care.

A fly in your ointment

…other drugs I’m taking.

no need to brag 😉


Nothing wakes you up from a fantasy faster than someone breaking your nose or that of your sons’.


Speaking from experience? I can imagine you’ve had many broken noses with the bullshit you spew.

Or are you too much of a pussy to speak your mind in real life?


LOL you think I’m a barrel chested goblin like yourself? My nose hasn’t been broken yet – take that whatever way you want. I’ll stand my ground and had my fair share of altercations too.

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No way you dribble the shit here in real life. You’d get stomped hard if you even tried lol.


I’m sure you’ll go to sleep tonight with your dick in your hand imagining just that.


No way you dribble the shit here in real life.”

So what?

Are you always completely honest and speak your mind freely everywhere you go?
At work?
With your boss?
With your family?
Your mum and dad?
Your friends?
At the pub?
On public transport?

Do you tell complete strangers at the bus stop you jerked off watching midget tranny sex last night?

I hope not.

Different setting have different conventions.

You think muslims tell us honestly what they really think about us when we are amongst them?
Same with Chinese, Indians, Africans etc.?

Of course not! And thank God. It would be on for bloody young and old all the time.

Look, you are not a total retard. I have seen some comments from you here and on MB that were coherent writings in the sense of being clear and logical.

You seem unhappy in life. If you don’t like your job, go and finish your uni degree. If you’re too dumb to finish uni, like myself, learn a trade like I did. I have been on jobs where I made $1,400 a day. Not that money can buy you happiness, but it can help to make your life easier.
If you are struggling with drug or alcohol dependency, please get help.

Just do something with your life instead of just inanely shit posting here.


LSWCHP mentioned on MB that he had his nose or nasal cavity operated on.


“LSWCHP mentioned on MB that he had his nose or nasal cavity operated on.”

I didn’t realise that, although a broken nose is easy enough to do. I don’t think mine has been broken, it has been heavily bruised from time to time, but it remains fairly straight and unproblematic.

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“…but it remains fairly straight and unproblematic.”

Same here.

After a few useful but painful lessons I have learned that it’s a good custom to try and avoid stopping someone’s swinging fist heroically with your face.


After a few useful but painful lessons I have learned that it’s a good custom to try and avoid stopping someone’s swinging fist heroically with your face.

lol generally not, although that said I’ve used my head a few times on some dick head’s face, and I’m not talking about composing some witty riposte.

As I’ve gotten older I simply avoid places where dick heads congregate, pubs full of insecure young bucks or rapidly aging angry geezers like w@ffle. Life is too short to be spent in the company of dickheads.


Life is too short to be spent in the company of dickheads.”


Or take advice from Mr. Bean:

Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 13.49.58.png

Bilateral endoscopic sinus and turbinate resection and polypectomy or some such.

Clearing up the results of a decade of chronic sinus problems. I spent two hours asleep while a bloke poked a Dremel cutting tool up my nose and cut away great chunks from the inside of my head. Now dealing with the world’s biggest ongoing blood nose.

Hopefully it will all be worthwhile in the long run.


That sound horrendous!

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A fly in your ointment

Dremel cutting tool up my nose and cut away great chunks from the inside of my head. 

Hopefully it will all be worthwhile in the long run.

…other drugs I’m taking.

Now all that gave it a much stronger perspective

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Here is another docu/movie about Africa with very nice original footage of the period shortly after decolonisation during the 60s:

Africa Addio is a 1966 Italian documentary about the end of the colonial era in Africa. The film was released in a shorter format under the names Africa Blood and Guts in the United States and Farewell Africa on UK VHS. The film was shot over a period of three years by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, two Italian filmmakers who had gained fame (along with co-director Paolo Cavara) as the directors of Mondo Cane in 1962.

From a comment on imdb:

Old Africa: Blood and Guts.michaelRokeefe23 August 2008

Warning: Spoilers

This documentary was three years in the making and is not for the weak of heart or stomach. You may find yourself so disgusted you’ll stop watching; or your curiosity will have your total attention to this offering from the directors of MONDO CANE. Africa in the 1960s was not only black and white, but also blood red. This film features glimpses of atrocities most only read about and things definitely hidden from tourists. There is scenes of violent unrest in the Congo; the final days of British rule in Kenya; the slaughter and displacement of the Watusi tribe; the grisly look at poaching and slaughter of once protected iconic members of the African animal kingdom; as well as executions of political rivals. You may be in the mood for a stiff drink; I doubt you will have an appetite.


it’s on youtube too, i’ve seen it, super duper fucked movie


Most of these movies on YouTube you have to sign in if you want to watch. I haven’t got a YT account and probably most haven’t so I always just link to BitChute.

It’s a great docu to watch, even if only for the old footage.

The human on animal cruelty affected me more than the human on human cruelty.

I must be a damaged and broken human being.

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One of the polygenic genetic traits associated with the concept of “g” as a function of general intelligence in a population group, or IQ, is an evolutionary process referred to as ‘Neoteny’.

Neoteny is basically a process of juvenilzation, which is the delaying or slowing of the physiological (and perhaps psychological) development of an organism.

It is a polygenic trait that is particularly pronounced in humans, relative to other animals. The long childhood and adolescence of human children versus similarily sized primates offspring is an example. The large open face and large eyes that humans have relative to other similar primates is a physical expression of it. East Asians experience an even more pronounced period of neoteny than Caucasians, and low and behold, they also supposedly have a higher population group IQ.

This is one of the polygenic traits that researchers are playing with as they attempt to ‘up lift’ the intelligence of other species, for example dogs. (BTW – the development cycle is also delayed in domesticated dogs relative to their wild offspring, as the adult features are also much closer to their juvenile offspring than the wolves are to their pups.

It is interesting to note that in terms of the development of African children occurs at a much faster rate relative to other population groups:

The tempo of growth among blacks is faster than among whites. Black girls are more than 0.3σ taller than white girls between the ages of 3 and 11. At age 9 this amounts to some 2.7 cm. White boys catch up to black boys at age 14 and white girls catch up at age 15 and are taller thereafter

While white boys might catch up in height by age 14 it has been my experience that it takes a few more years to catch up in mass, which Africans tend to stack on in the meantime.

Some people might say so what? But imho this goes a long way further in explaining what LSWCHP’s ex-wife and friends observed, than so called white privilege’s.

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There is a lot of interesting research being done.

Are we allowed to use it though?
We’re not, it is being censored, and if not censored simply denied, even if science demands it being looked at if science still wants to be taken seriously.
Science around race has become politicised, much like the science around the virus.

As I said before, I hope you keep feeding your library with this kind of research material for posterity for when, if ever, people become genuinely curious again to the question of why and where it all went wrong.


So do you do follow all this purely out of personal interest, or also in a professional capacity?


Mainly personal interest – I like understanding the world around us and that often results in you collecting facts in your head.

Facts are generally useless by themselves until you start tying them together with other facts, to create a web of understanding that helps explain the world and why things are the way they are.

At the back of my old biology book was a native American saying:

All things are connected. Whatever befalls the earth befalls the sons of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

‘All things are connected’ is a way that I took to looking at all things, in all situations. Once you start linking facts, so much of the mainstream narrative starts falling apart, with it often revealed to be nothing more than manipulative, emotional propaganda.

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I’ve seen parts of it. That guy hosing the .30 calibre Browning around like a water pistol was amazing.


Can’t recall.

Was that one of the mercs in Belgian Congo?


Yeah…very British looking white guy with a mo assaulting a village in the scrub with some others. Hard core stuff.


Read this today and thought it explained quite well how a handful of well armed and highly trained white mercs put in charge of reasonably disciplined team of black soldiers, could spend most of the 1970s toppling Govts throughout Africa.

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If you’re interested have a look at the Selous Scouts from Rhodesia. Small mixed army that pulled off some legendary feats.


I found this clip on youtube:

Other than the music it’s from the movie.

What you mentioned starts at 3.33 minutes in.

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Chinese Astroturfer

I watched that years ago when Vice when new and kind of cool. Then it turned woke before we all knew what woke was.


I’m massively impressed with the comments today!

I sometimes wonder what living in Renaissance Florence or Classical Greece, Rome or Vedic India would have been like, but I’m convinced history will remember 21st century Sydney as one of these.

We are the richest city in the richest country in the world, in the first planetary cultural high, sure it’s tale of two cities, but damn there is some amazing conversations and ideas and technologies going around.

The comments are provocative, charged and yet civil. It was a pleasure to read the give and take!

I’m so impressed by you guys. Also mildly annoyed how much I’ve come to care about this place. Bugger.


There’s certainly some interesting and unexpected discussions occurring here, and I’m enjoying reading and learning from them


It’s really nice to see your enthusiasm T.

Of course it will be interesting to see what the future is going to bring, and how ‘our’ times are going to be talked about in history classes yet to come.


I think caring too much might be grounds for eviction from EZFKA!

Seriously though, this is another great effort – 100 posts on a non-weekend links page.


Peachy, DjenkA and Thanassis Veggos.

To keep it simple, when I watched the Cannibal Warlord video years ago it was just another confirmation of my long standing question:
Why the hell are we having millions of these people flooding Europe?

What the video showed me was grown up men with mental, emotional and intellectual capabilities comparable to a European 12 year old (yes Peachy, this is a subjective observation, but IQ can build a case here) running around doing the most brutal killing and even drinking the blood of enemies and eating them.

So what use do we have for these people that can only do menial/simple work (again IQ), exactly the work that is all disappearing through automation and AI?
Most of them are going to end up jobless and they have a high(er) propensity for violence compared to whites/asians (also provable through crime stats).

Can any of you not clearly see how this is all going to end up?


with mental, emotional and intellectual capabilities comparable to a European 12 year old 

or a fully grown european from 200 years ago, in similar circumstance of education and opportunity…


Would you like your country to be flooded with ‘Europeans from 200 years ago’?

I wouldn’t.


Probably not, but genetically they are us.


genetically they are us.

I bet that made you feel good about yourself.

But, so what?

As we don’t have any use for Europeans from 200 years ago in our society, we also don’t have any use for these people.

Or you think maybe we should just nurture them for 200 years and hope that eventually they will become valuable parts of our community? Hmm?

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A fly in your ointment

Bringing in a knife in a fistfight never yielded a good result.
One thing is to oppose maladjusted immigration, another one is to bring inacurate and highly dubious racial perspective. There is nothing wrong with bringing people from those regions you mentioned, bringing them in quantities that prevents integration and without assistance to amalgamate good from host culture with good from original immigrant’s culture is bad.


…inacurate and highly dubious racial perspective.

That’s your opinion.
And that’s all it is, just an opinion.

A fly in your ointment

Indeed it is.
I am not a specialist in the area of human behaviour and genetics.
For your view to be any different, a specialisation in the field is compulsory.
We can all speak on this topic only from a perspective we assume based on own experiences and research.

Thanassis Veggos

“So what ?” Genetic difference is LITERALLY THE BASIS of your argument.

Don’t want Europeans from 200 years ago ? Other than the weekend links dude who’d consider it already on the slide into leftism, y’all are GAGGING for “Europe of 200 years ago”.

Besides, other than the practical knowledge of modern life, a European from 200 years ago would be nearly INDISTINGUISHABLE in modern society.


I would certainly prefer a large group of Europeans from 200 years ago migrating to Australia today over a large group of Africans – whatever social problems the Europeans posed on integrating would be gone in one generation, while the Africans would linger as a forever problem gifted to every future generation of Australians.

A fly in your ointment

…whatever social problems the Europeans posed on integrating would be gone in one generation…

Ivan Milat story is quite the opposite effect


Nope – entirely consistent.

There will be always be violent psychopaths in any society. These behaviors are most commonly found in people referred to as possessing the ‘Dark Triad’ of behavioral traits.

“Dark Triad Machiavellianism “shows relatively low heritability (.31)…only 31% of the individual variance on Mach scales can be explained by genetic factorsMachiavellianism is primarily a result of environmental effects.” “

So the sociopathic/psychopathic nature of people Ivan Milat is mainly a function of environment. My point on African violence is that it is broad based inter-personal violence, that exists on a large scale, across generations and is replicated in whatever society they move to.

Psychopaths exist in any culture or population group – they are produced mainly via environment.

…split in two because I want to post a second screenshot

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Part 2:

Now while I might be agreeable to Europeans from 200 years ago moving to Australia, I would probably have serious concerns about Europeans from 1200 years ago moving to Australia – why?

Because for the past 1000 years cultural values in Europe resulted in them executing or culling between 1% to 2% of the the population each and every year, who also happened to be the most violent criminal offenders . Basically over 1000 years Europeans domesticated themselves by eliminating the most violent from their gene pool.

Essentially Europeans domesticated themselves in a manner not too dissimilar to how long it takes to domesticate foxes in 12 generations. Twelve generations for humans in about 300 years, but I would expect it to take longer in terms of generational change within human populations as there was no deliberate eugenic breeding program as with foxes, other than simply executing the most violent.

There have been many studies done as to the decline of violence within the West. These studies are easy to do both through examination of blunt forced trauma as cause of death through skeletal remains and through court records.

Interesting that the uptick at the end also correlates with increased mass migration into Europe from Africa and the middle east

The US incarceration rate of African Americans is arguably a more human method of achieving the same outcome – it is quite possible that in 1000 years there will be no noticeable variance in violence between African Americans as a population group and other Americans.

PS: The chart looks quite flat because it is a log scale graph. The decline in violence has actually been quite spectacular, from around 500 per 100,000 people to less than 10 per 100,000 people. Other assorted criminal behaviours have also shown similar declines.

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So we only have to wait a 1000 more years.

I was feeling a bit down going into the weekend but this just cheers me up completely!

Multi-cult for the win!

🌈 👍 👍🏻 👍🏼 👍🏽 👍🏾 👍🏿 🌈


DjenkA, bjw678 and Thanassis Veggos.

When in the not too distant future the bodies are piled up high in Europe once again, I will know who are to blame, people like you.

Because you want to believe in fairy tales and feel good about yourselves and what’s most important: don’t want to learn from history.

Don’t forget to ask yourselves then:
Was it all really worth it, just to feel morally superior?

Are you going to admit that you were wrong when you see the results of your foolishness?

Of course not.

But that’s ok, I will remember people like you.

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A fly in your ointment

No need to get emotional if people do not agree with you. In life the majority of the interaction is disagreement. It is a key ingredient for a discourse.

It is either that argumentation was not presented well or it does not hold the water, by all parties.
I am quite happy for participate in the discourse if we all are to learn something new. Blanket dismissal like above is appeal to emotions and bears no value in discourse.

If you think something is incorrectly rebutted, please respond.


No need to get emotional?

Excuse you me but in my lifetime I have seen the whole of Europe turn into a disaster area.

You think I should just disconnect myself from my people, my culture and my history and have a nice little chat with you about how Europe is slowly but surely being erased in front of my eyes and not get emotional?
That’s rich.

If you can honestly deny that Europe is a shit hole that is ready to explode you don’t really know what’s going on, and that is the whole problem: you just don’t know what’s going on, but you keep commenting here like you do.

Even if I would show you statistics (if they still exist and not censored/sanitised in the mean time) about how criminal offences went through the roof after immigrants and refugees started pouring in, or show you the racial background of prison populations, it still wouldn’t matter to you because you will find some way of saying that it could have been whites doing those crimes, or they are poor or some other excuses. So what use is it for me to keep engaging with you?

I’ve been trying to warn people for 40 years what was happening and what was going to happen. Trying to have discourse with people like you. People that are not willing to see and that are not willing to ‘learn something new’ as you put it. Although I don’t know what new you need to learn if all you need to know is history. You don’t have to be ‘specialist in a field’ as you seem to insist.

Why don’t you instead try to prove history wrong?

You really think people have fundamentally changed over the last 2000 years? You really think we are all going to live happily together like a big multi-cult family now and race/tribal wars will be a thing of the past just because you want it to be so?

Sorry but I’m over having discourse.

Again, you will see the results of your own opinions soon enough: In Europe, the US and I am very sorry to say probably here in Australia too.

This is the last thing I am going to say here in this post on this topic.

I wish you all a good day.


Hi Sacha, I’ve generally found both DjenkA and bjw678, to both argue from points of goodwill, in that they try to critically explore ideas and statements from their own point of view and life experience. (Djenka can get a bit cryptic and bjw a little pedantic, but then I’m sure they have their own views on the way I convey my views and ideas).

Generally people who will enter into a discussion with you and concede points or take the time to explain their position I’ve found to be acting in good faith, even if they come from opposite ends of the issue – thesis, antithesis and synthesis i.e. the Hegelian dialectic. I enjoy these discussions as the offer an opportunity to critically re-examine just why I hold the views that I do… I life unexamined is a life unlived. Such encounters enable us to sharpen our minds, and strengthen our arguments for the next time we are needed to call up them.

It is only when interlocuters start to insert their own moral biases or personal insults into the debate, e.g. questioning your intelligence or morality in order to undermine your position on the basis of their own contrived moralities that I tend to become offended – Thanassis or the Professor or DrSmithy or whoever it is, would be a good example of such an individual…. by all means unleash on such nobs with fair abandon.

Topics on race, immigration and identity are all sensitive issues, for a variety of reasons, some of these are personal some of these are structural or societal based conditioning. Yet despite this it is important that these conversations are still had. We cannot force people to swallow the black pill and see what we see, we can only encourage them to discuss these issues, and if they are arguing in good faith like we are, there remains the possibility that we will change their minds…. that is all we can do.

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Thank you for your considerate response Stewie.

As I said I have been having these discussions for a long time, mostly to no avail. Seems that most people unfortunately can only learn by experiencing the real life fact, but by then of course it is already too late, and that is what is so frustrating to me.

I also know they argue from points of goodwill. And maybe that is the whole problem, they are good people trying to see the best in others.

I guess you are lucky that Australia is about 20 years behind Europe regarding these issues, that’s maybe also why people can’t connect the dots yet, and see what’s coming.

Please keep up your good work, you’re doing an outstanding job, and I genuinely admire you for your perseverance when you were on MB and here.

But the older I get the less patience I have.

I’ll chat with DjenkA about movies and bjw678 about Bitcoin but not this subject.

See you all at Weekend Links!

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A fly in your ointment

To add to above, none of the above should discourage you to participate in future discourse

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