Weekend Links, June 5-6, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for June 5-6, 2021!

We are very happy you decided to join the motley crew here, and hope you have a good time flinging poo around!

This weekend seems weird. The world is weird too – calm before the storm and all that. News is slowly stopping making any sense to most people, and the sheer madness is taking its toll all around. Well, that is what it feels like for many is the sense I get.

The markets no longer even pretend to make sense, culture wars seem to be at an interregnum, the Rubicon may have already been crossed in the United States, and China is staring down the barrel of being the first country to have used a bioweapon.

Pharma/Doctors/Journalists/Scientists world wide are starting to panic, as the Great Pandemic is starting to get the whiff of Chernobyl.

The global warming / climate change scandals mean that no one trusts environmental scientists anymore, GFC onward shenanigans means no one trusts the Financial System anymore, the destruction of men by family courts means no one trusts the Legal System anymore, the Fauci emails leak means no one is likely to trust Medical Experts anymore.

What do I mean by this? Just as Chernobyl killed the nuclear industry for a few decades, the Great Pandemic is likely to do to medical/scientific expertise. No one believes the scientists anymore as decades of fear mongering and expert lies. Not that in this corner of the internet any respect is paid to the experts, but its nice to see the rest of the homies come to the same place.

Good. I find great pleasure in watching experts squirm. Let it burn.

~~Medical Lies And The Liars That Spout Them~~

You all know what is going to happen now. The wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine. For my money, it’ll turn out that not just is this a bioweapon – there are variants, but these variants can be racially targeted.

I don’t know this, of course, but this is my suspicion. Also, there is no way Obama did not know about all this, would not be surprised if that faggot is the driver behind this ‘Global Pandemic’.

But for the moment, lets return to bashing experts. We got plenty of time to go after big O and Michael later.


~~Did You Pay Attention In Biology Class~~

If you’d like to know more about the Fauci emails, use Yandex (https://yandex.com/search/?text=fauci%20emails&lr=10145) as Google will simply censor anything embarrassing to the left (i.e. reality).



Do you want to help…

~~1970 Watch America’s “Silent Majority” Speak Out. How They REALLY Felt.~~

~~This Week In Leftist Degeneracy~~

Unfortunately leftist degeneracy hurts normal people. And more in the water is wet section.

But are then surprised when others use the same tactic. Well, they are not surprised, but like to pretend so.


The best bit, ‘She fucked damn near everybody in LA’. Its hilarious, read more – https://en-volve.com/2021/06/01/watch-judge-declares-kamala-harris-fed-her-way-to-the-top-then-slams-joe-bidens-racism/ – here.

~~World War 3~~

Its all going pear shaped pretty quickly. Links:

~~The Best Game Ever~~

It could be… really nice rundown if you don’t know what is going on in Star Citizen.

~~Markets And Technology~~

From ages ago, but I’m a fan of this guy.


Are you a prepper…

More in the war is coming dept…

~~Culture Wars~~

So I’m a big fan of this guy – an Australian YouTuber, his content is really speaking to me…

And links:

This bloke founded Black Lives Matter… hear his story and why he walked away from the left. In case you are wondering, this is so we always have a minority, woman or elite mocking the progressive cult every week.

And some more…


~~Hydroxychloroquine Is Bad For You~~

Honest. They would never lie to you. Lol.


Something unusual happened this week. I’ve never been prouder of everyday Australians fighting the good fight. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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First and out! Have a good one!

Chinese Astroturfer

Brit managed to get herself back in the news!


yeah more convinced than ever she’s just an attention scab, same with grace tame. oh my god i am sick of these pompous whingers in the news. piss off – next time maybe not get black out drunk whilst hanging around scumbags.

peachy should be australian of the year instead.

Chinese Astroturfer

Maybe Brittany went to hospital because she has a binge drinking problem! Treat her alcoholism. Good on her!

Loses all control when she drinks starts sharing cab rides home with co-workers that look just like her partner at 1am then decides to go inside Parliament while the co-worker picks something up rather than just pay the lousy $15 for an Uber lol.

It’s not like she’s living in a big city where you might share a cab to split an $80 fare. Everything is 5km away in Canberra. Young professional like Ms Brittany wouldn’t be caught living in Queanbeyan! But even then it wouldn’t be an expensive fare.

No, she certainly wasn’t tricked into getting into that cab and wasn’t doing it to save a few bucks lol!

Last edited 3 years ago by Chinese Astroturfer

checked into the same rohypnol bruce facility too.

and what a pearce weak response from that other thing ..had the abc and that milligan on toast and lets them off


A colleague of mine, a 60+ catholic, was horrified that Grace Tame was made Australian of the Year. She felt it should have gone to one of the firefighters.


Grace Tame was sexually assaulted by a teacher in his 50s when she was 15, but I guess that’s probably ok by Catholic standards.


That’s very unfair on catholics. Having something horrible happen to you does not make you Australian of the Year. The way she made it a public issue is what did. My colleague felt that doing so was not a greater service to the community than what others had done that year.


It’s unfair, but that is just the EZFKA way 🙂

Well aware of her work in sexual assault victim advocacy, but there is no doubt in my mind that these national awards are heavily politicised, similar to the way Rosie Batty was picked some years ago to highlight domestic violence issues.

I don’t disagree that former NSW fire chief Shane Fitzsimmons would have been an excellent choice, although he publicly called out Morrison for his poor communication and inaction at the time – highly doubt those in charge would have wanted to upset their masters by bringing all that up again.

Grace would probably have been seen as a safe pick, yet ironically she has been doing the same with the government response against the Australia Day Council being swift and impossible to interpret as anything other than punishment for embarrassing dear leader Morrison.



 no doubt in my mind that these national awards are heavily politicised

How could they be anything but. That is their entire reason for existence, Do you really think they can:
a)objectively determine the most worthy australian from all australians.
b) would want to anyway.


Explains why Tubby Taylor got the gong almost two decades ago. Scored a triple ton, but did little else, so politically safe.
Tim Flannery was used for political purposes for his. I believe that there are thousands of EZFKA economic units that are worthy, but many don’t even get Orders of Australia.


It does strikes me as really strange to publicly announce that you’re in a psychiatric facility – the majority of regular patients keep it amongst family and have no desire to advertise it. Heaps of politicians, sports stars and celebrities have had admissions (mainly for drug detox) and it’s all kept in house. Seems to be a play at a sympathy card which has also been common with a few high profile Liberal pollies.


Thanks T, some good stuff this week.


How good is QAnon!

PM (holding beer weirdly) with QAnon conspiracy theorists burnedspy34



i love Qanon, not bc its real obviously but bc its hilarious. i support promoting it – what’s wrong with a conspiracy theory whos main target is scumbag politicians?


Also find Q hilarious and bizarre, but Morrison denying he has anything to do with it even though his best mate is a member is a recipe for more laughs especially given that the FBI have declared the movement a domestic terrorism concern.


Agent 47

Q is a cope strategy to get people to do nothing politically, specifically conservatives with a Christian bent. Similar to what was deployed by the Bolsheviks when they took down the Tsar.

That’s exactly why the key phrase is “sit back and enjoy the show.”

Yeh sit back, do nothing, be entertained over some thing that isn’t real and believe someone else is coming to save you and then nothing changes.


Yeah – I’m 50:50, not on whether it is real or not, but whether it was just an elaborate hoax or an active program designed to promote hubris and complacency among Trump supports… “Don’t worry, we’ve got it all taken care of.”

Movies for this weekend:

Queen of Hearts (2019) (Denmark)
Dronningen (original title)
We’ve all seen wicked, twisted, lewd Scandi’s in series like Broen and Millennium, Arne Dahl etc but this goes another level.
A successful lawyer jeopardizes her career and threatens to tear her family apart after engaging in an affair with her teenage stepson
These Euro’s can be pretty weird but the story develops in an interesting way and it sports some prown scenes that would shame even Deep Throat (1972)

A Fistful of Dollars (1964)
Per un pugno di dollari (original title)
A Spaghetti Western that made Hollywood production look like a bunch of big nose bald head circumcised inbreed cabal. Made on only $200000 budget in 1964 (about petty money even now)
First of the trilogy by Sergio Leone, shot in the deserts of Spain with remarkable authenticity and it casts excellent actors ensemble. A must see in a lifetime.

Last edited 3 years ago by A fly in your ointment

It was the lead for a heap of spaghetti westerns, including my favorite “They call me Trinity.”

A fly in your ointment

Bud Spencer and Terence Hill.
A bit different from Sergio but a class of its own.
Clint did a holyshitwood stint with Two Mules For Sister Sara which was good. USA-MX production, key MX ingredient was added.


‘A Fistful of Dollars’ you can watch on BitChute
(can’t post link without being put in moderation).

‘For a Few Dollars More’ (HD):

Last edited 3 years ago by BING!

And my favourite:
‘The Good, the Bad and The Ugly (HD):

They call me Trinity’:

My dad was traveling through Almeria, Spain early 70s and stumbled upon the set of ‘El Condor’, a western with Lee Van Cleef.
Because pop had a quite a remarkable leathered face, they asked him if he wanted to play a part in the movie; but he declined.
I’ve never forgiven him for that.


here’s a great flick for ya all – free on youtube

Look Who’s Back


Adolf Hitler wakes up to find himself in the 21st century where his bunker used to be, with no memory of anything after 1945. Interpreting modern situations from a Nazi perspective, he finds fame and success.

a genuinely great movie imo – they made a mussolini one too


Sounds hilarious, will have to take a look.


I loved it when they went to buy the dog.

Agent 47

If Australia is a tradieocracy, then Victoria is a footyocracy.

There’s my contribution to the EZFKA vernacular.


Yes, Australia is a tradieocracy. It is supposed to be a hard lockdown in Victoria and yet Bunnings is still open. Tradesmen are still working at building sites with no masks or social distancing.

As for footyocracy, I could imagine footy would have a key consideration when locking down with the clubs given sufficient notice and exemptions to travel interstate.


It is true, on this very subject…. with Jonathan Green being case in point



On the first ZeroHedge Ivermectin link, this does not come as a surprise at all.

Our own Professor Borody, a world renowned legend of medicine who developed the successful triple antibiotic therapy for peptic ulcer disease had suggested Ivermectin as part of a triple therapy combination with doxycycline and zinc – two other cheap and easily available treatments.

For all his troubles, the TGA did not like this starting an investigation into supposed advertising breaches that closed in November last year. All he had done was recommend a treatment regime to interested GPs at the start of the pandemic. Meanwhile, there are trials going on around the world.

I can recall one trial which found benefit on 12mg a day for 5 days. In Australia it comes in a 3mg dose, dispensed in boxes of 4 for about $22 (the current indication are for rare causes of scabies and some parasite infections). That means it will cost you $110 for a 5 day course but the challenge is to find a doctor to prescribe it on an off-label script.

Edited to include study link: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33278625/

Last edited 3 years ago by Gouda

Some more info on ivermectin. It clearly works but there are a lot of extremely powerful pharma companies that do not want it to get any attention.

Agent 47

*drsmithy voice* well there is a tiny minority of white people that do this too you bigot, so your opinion is invalid.


Spoken from his safe, white, north coast enclave.


Didn’t someone last weekend say it was a she?

A fly in your ointment

I said “it” could’ve been (s)he as there was never a single instance of sexual self-reference.
Mangina, if not a menstruating person.
I know this place is lurked by Smithy, it is a matter of time until Smity appears here. The lure of debunking and deconstructing everyone is too big,


He may have testes smaller than a fruit fly, but I’m pretty sure his gender identity is male(ish)

A fly in your ointment

You see.. you talk of gender and I talk of sex as in chromosomal old fashion way. Hence we could both be right


FFS, they specifically deny it’s caused by religion when, as any fule kno, they do it because mohammad married a cousin and all muslims want to emulate him.

This is one of the reasons muslims will always be at the bottom of the heap and the middle east will always be a shithole. They’re inbred imbeciles and always will be because their foul religion demands it of them.


Yeah….I shouldn’t have read that.


Sounds like a powder keg waiting to explode, and I don’t doubt we have pockets of this sort of thing in Australia either.

This quote sounds familiar –
Ed was told: ‘[Disabled children] are hidden away. Many of the Muslim parents just don’t care about these children, and take their social benefit money and use it to support their families, open shops, back in Kashmir.’ 


Purify with fire.


re the huMAN vid, this doesn’t have to be a battle of the sexes issue. you can easily apply his points to just about all men out there. the fact is that we’re all fcked up.

A fly in your ointment

I forwarded the video earlier to a MGTOW friend and he recons the same as me – that evolution has sifted women that are as per vid to the top of the survival list. Demand and supply.

Last edited 3 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Same as Coach Red Pill guy, or all the MGTOW videos out there. They are professional provocateurs. Create a false narrative that appeals to young men and bingo advertising money from Youtube. The young men who believe that crap and ruin their love lives can get stuffed.

Also, previous generations of women all asked themselves the same question of whether their partner has the means of being able to support the wife and children. From that perspective you could consider nearly all women materialistic, or you could just accept that males in nearly every species on the planet have a primary role of providing security for their family.

A fly in your ointment

I fo agree that YT revenue is likely the primary focus here but disagree on the role of males.
Males testing in most species go by genetics and a possibility to provide for the young whilst mother is unable to provide and until offspring is self supporting with assistance (I.e. up to 5yrs of age for humans). With humans, this 5yr period is fluid as males are active part of the children rearing and mothers are exclusively needed only during lactation (up to 1yr age).
Not every woman is the same when she clutches to the male wealth, some will treat it only as a teat and this is the part in the focus of the above video.
There’s more to this but time constraints force me to make the response brief


Men who have been in relationships and decided they prefer their freedom would not waste their time with those channels in the first place. They have learnt that life lesson for themselves.

Those channels are discouraging people from even trying in the first place. The same shit as feminism encouraging women into a solitary life with cats. Replace women with men, cats with playstation.

Last edited 3 years ago by Freddy

A community for people going their own way is an oxymoron.


Quite a lot of the species don’t even have a “family”, let alone require the male to provide security. But it’s still true for quite a few of them.


I guess I just took that vid as another variation on the theme: “women who want it all.” I don’t pay too much attention to this stuff. There is probably a lot of appeal to young men of this type of vid/narrative who have been shafted by the system, so to speak. I have a number of friends who unmarried and single and will be lifelong bachelors, certainly, will never have a family. All nice guys with jobs etc. Just for whatever reason, not the type women go for these days? I dunno.

My original point though, is that you can just as easily find fault against men. i.e. isn’t it true that most men now just only want to date an instagram model? That of course just isn’t possible unless you’re earning $$$.


Wasn’t there a show on SBS called “Are you the one” or something like that? It was from China and the women always had superficial excuses for not dating a guy. It only took about 10 minutes before it got cringeworthy.


I can really believe that.

I guess the excuses differ across culture. that would be interesting.


On the Men’s rights You Tubers, I find Better Bachelor more entertaining. I think T shared a link in one of the first weekend links, and after finding out he was working on a bus to travel around the US I was hooked. Also a little bit more light-hearted and while anti-marriage was and pro-male in the sense that he’s always encouraging young guys to look after themselves.

On the HuMan link, I had a friend who was into the whole “Secret” believe enough/you’ll get it mentality (Spoiler: he didn’t) and I just think that those who aren’t prepared to work and just sit and wait for things to come will always be disappointed. Have never met any woman with a visionboard – that sort of thing just screams crazy.


I think it is a cultural issue, as opposed to specifically a female issue, and the overall trend of society to gain its values from the book of SBS or the Gospel of CNN, as opposed to more traditional cultural indoctrination institutions, Where the emphasis is now on your rights, your identity, the list of grievances against your identity, as opposed to the older message of “Life is hard, this is what you do to find meaning.”

That said, this link isn’t going to help sway the argument away from the ‘women are vane, selfish, self centered creatures’:



lol 5 new cases hahahahaha

we’re never eliminating this shit

Agent 47

Whenever the state of emergency powers are set to expire they find a new case so they can extend it. it’s a total fraud.


it’s the Hong Kong approach.


It’s absolutely incredible that with hundreds of known exposure sites and after testing tens of thousands of know. contacts per day they only manage about 5 cases a day, most of those either unrelated or “false positives”

and still nobody has actually symptoms

this descended below the level of farce quite some time ago
yet our media still seems to breathlessly admire the emperors new clothes


Given we have gone for zero risk and elimination, one must wonder what people will do when we open our borders. The media has been running constant stories about open up or be left behind. Yet places that have opened their borders have had an increase in cases. Conveniently not mentioned by the media.


Thought I’d do my civic detail and try to install the state covid app. Nope, doesn’t work on my phone.

Can use a normal QR code reader, but doesn’t do anything but give a link… to install the app. Which again doesn’t work on my phone. Kind of useless.

Haven’t seen anyone scanning or checking anywhere I’ve been going, although a few places are taking down written details so you get to see some punny fake names.


The media is fully behind elimination, but want the borders open ASAP. I guess you don’t have to make sense if you are the media.
The media is also showing cases of it being in nursing homes and yet wants borders open ASAP. If we open borders ASAP, where do people think this will end up?


The confusion of the media reflect the state of the government. Morrison drops a story each night, and they repeat it. The problem is the government takes a poll each week and different groups are probably giving them conflicting information. Opening borders is popular with the usual EZFKA property/business/immigration booster crowd, but the elderly and average quiet Australians want the virus gone and don’t mind inward flights stopping.


I’m assuming we’ve all seen this

from the inaugural Miami Bitcoin convention



The irony of Dogge coin is that it is actually a closer representation of what was described in the original BitCoin white paper than what masquerades as Bitcoin under the BTC ticker.


“Parents’ fury at NYC’s woke Dalton School after first-graders are taught about masturbation during Sex-Ed classes that also instruct kids they can’t be hugged ‘without consent’….. Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman’s Pershing Square Foundation provided the school, where his ex-wife Karen is on the board of trustees, with a $450,000 grant which reportedly funds Fonte’s work.”


Bill Ackman… I wonder what his cultural background is?

Agent 47

Small hats gunna small hat.

Keep naming them.


Who the F approves this shit?

Agent 47

I look forward to living as an untermensch who hasnt had this experimental jab.

Jon Faine, a Jew, saying you don’t get to participate unless you join the cult. Star of COVID then Jon?



Has anyone thought about why people haven’t been getting the jab? Maybe people are enjoying life in Australia without being crushloaded with mass immigration and don’t want the borders open anytime soon. These people in the media want the borders open ASAP and don’t want anyone to criticise it.

Agent 47


The quarantine facility stuff is farcical too. What’s the point if only the vaccinated are allowed to fly? They’re gulags plain and simple.


I’m considering getting the jab next week (if I can, under 40 in qld) because for me the writing is on the wall that they’ll be opening the floodgates asap and I’d rather have some “protection” than none. Also, if I get them blood clots I’ll get some time off work to sit around in hospital shitposting. If I die, meh, is it really a great loss?! (Funny shit for some regular cunts round here)


I am in the same boat. Had my first jab last week. Would have preferred more data on long term effects of the vaccine, but I think the borders will be silently opened. Why do you think the feds are paying for a purpose built quarantine hub in Victoria?



Can’t Get You Out of My Head (2021) – Adam Curtis documentary on how money replaced the grand dreams of the future, but then took on a life of its own.

I’ve seen that one… it is like a flat diluted coke 3 days later in comparison to previous work Curtis gas done. The decline of Curtis’ work is noticeable. This is not to say that this doco is worthless, it is just a commodore ZB, the shaddow of the WB and previous models.

Last edited 3 years ago by A fly in your ointment

I watched it a while back.
Not impressed, found it a waste of time (6 hours!). Some nice old footage, but not much substance. Nothing new if you’ve ever had a cursory glance outside the MSM concocted narrative.

I can’t believe how shallow Adam Curtis is. He is like a high school kid that has had a very protective upbringing; then gets curious about the world around him and after doing some of the most superficial research thinks he knows everything and insists on telling you all about it.

Here is a very apt and funny parody of Adam Curtis’ work:
Quote: ‘Adam Curtis believes that 200,000 Guardian readers watching BBC 2 could change the world.’


He is like a high school kid that has had a very protective upbringing; then gets curious about the world around him and after doing some of the most superficial research thinks he knows everything and insists on telling you all about it.

that is a top analogy, Sacha. I don’t know who Curtis is and haven’t watched his stuff, but the analogy is tops. Absolutely vivid.


Why thank you!

Wouldn’t hurt to watch some of his work, you can find most of it on YouTube.

The packaging is nice, if you grew up with MTV and enjoyed the clips. You can see that a lot of time has gone in finding footage for the visuals, that for me is the only thing that keeps it entertaining.

But in my opinion you will learn more about how the world really works by browsing EZFKA Weekend Links or BitChute for an hour than watching his whole oeuvre. 

Last edited 3 years ago by BING!

Check out this BS!


Property is one of the biggest engines of our economic growth, anchoring our economy with $235 billion of annual activity. Immigration has been one of the stalwarts fuelling that engine, along with its contribution to our rich and deep cultural diversity.

For economic reasons, an increase to net overseas inbound migrations should be a national goal and it could and should start with the return of international students. They could be a litmus test we could use to demonstrate Australia is safe and open for business.

The Purpose-Built Student Accommodation Industry Working Group, representing some of Australia’s biggest providers of student accomodation, has joined with education sector participants to develop practical solutions to COVID 19’s devastating impact on the flow of international students. This saw student arrivals plummet by 600,000 compared with 2019


Written by the Property Council of Australia. The fact that Fairfax publishes this crap with no alternate views show how much of a vested interest it has in this. I am glad I haven’t bought a Fairfax publication for several years now and it doesn’t look like it is changing.

Agent 47


Fairfax is now a hybrid of hand wringing inner city left woke aka drsmithy clones and super right wing Koch brothers econ9mics.

ie globalist. Feck them.


I came across a nice 2018 commentary on a hoax paper campaign about “grievance studies”.


Fuck that chimp looks like clownshoes.

Thanassis Veggos

Hey hazza, here’s that degenerate and filthy video about masturbation everyone’s freaking out about above. Can you give an assessment on whether it’s difficult, but not impossible, etc, etc ?