Woke Weekend Links (5/5/21-6/5/21)

With some trepidation, I have tried to put myself in the shoes of some of my more social justice oriented acquaintances to compile a weekend links that reflects their interests. I’m not going to throw in many critiques – that’s your job. I don’t do pics and videos. Sorry.

Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion used to mean making disabled people more able to participate in society. It now means anyone who is not part of the majority. In a diverse society like Australia, like it or not, inclusion is not an option for most businesses. Searching for “inclusion australia” still yields a lot of disabled oriented results. Here are some examples from the broader definition.

The Diversity Council of the Australia did a survey which said that 66% of organisations had a designated manager with diversity and inclusion responsibilities. Of these, 70% were women and typically have and HR background and report to HR.

Diversity benefits are said to include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Increase in marketing opportunities

McKinsey published a report called “Diversity Wins” in 2020. They suggest a correlation between diversity and financial performance. You can see the infographic and links to the report here:

Boston Consulting published a report in 2018 which reached a similar conclusion. “How Diverse Leadership Teams Boost Innovation” can be found here. It has a nice chart showing the effect of different types of diversity in leadership teams in the companies studies impacted the results.

The University of Melbourne cites a 2017 McKinsey diversity report along with some potential pitfalls to avoid on the road to diversity here: https://www.unimelb.edu.au/professional-development/insights/society/making-diversity-matter-for-business-outcomes

Points will be awarded for those who can spot any flaws in the reasoning of these linked pieces. It’s important that weaknesses in arguments for maximising diversity be brought out into the open so that they can be dealt with appropriately. Extra points for supplying data that either confirms or contradicts the claims made.

The ABC publishes a steady stream of articles on their news site addressing the plight of international students, particular those from India, resulting from Australia’s closed border. Many are human interest stories. The results are markedly different for searches on Chinese student news. Is this a form of racism at play in the ABC?

Everyone knows that vaccines are the best way for the world to defeat COVID. Here’s a lovely chart that shows the progress of vaccination around the world:


Behind this rosy picture, the technology that underlies COVID vaccines could be used as a bioweapon. These papers explore some of the possibilities.

and to cure cancer:



If #getwokegobroke is a thing, maybe woke corporate press releases are tradable.

On the other hand ethical investing can do quite well: https://blog.stockspot.com.au/sustainable-ethical-etfs/

Elon Musk saying a few weeks back that BTC’s use of electricity was a bad was part of the fall from $64k to $30k. Now, BTC seems to have levelled out and is holding $36k quite well. Doomsayers had it going back to $20k. I sold mine. If it gets back above $40k and holds it, might be worth another look.

Gold is holding close to $1900. A strong uptrend for a while now. The US Inflation report for June is expected to be epic and might push it up some more.

China might start exporting inflation. Businesses all over were stung by COVID and appear to be maintaining higher levels of input inventory. This is causing higher input costs, which if sustained will flow through to prices. Just-in-time won’t be relied on as it was before COVID.


US politics

Trump bad:



Biden good:


Conservatives are stupid and wrong:


How white Americans think their whiteness is percieved:







…..and that’s all I’ve got. A lot of reading was involved in choosing these links. Far more than I expected. Hope they are useful and interesting.

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The woke weekend links must’ve been a pain to compile by outr dearly beloved non-menstruating member robert.
We should all hold hands together and be grateful that some members are more inclusive than others.

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Given the pain in compiling, is this a one-off or will there be more?


It was good, but must be painful for you. Every so often would be good.


Yeah man. It’s a perspective right. If possible, based left wing stuff if you can. Old school look out for average joe left.

I’d be grateful for the content, and think others would too.

I mean the woke stuff, it’s quite boring tbh you know. Egregious woke is funny like a train crash, horrible but you can’t look away, but can only deal with so much at a time.

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i feel bad, this must have been very difficult to compile without puking at least once lmao


Kudos to NSW government for advertising jobs specifically for identities. Indigenous, disabled, etc. I look forward to applying for jobs reserved for middle-aged-white-men.


Have you considered self-identifying as an elderly-Torres Strait Islander-woman, if necessary to get a job?

(not to imply that there is a man-woman binary, of course, just picking an example from the spectrum)


I have indeed told my work colleagues that I identify and an indigenous lesbian. They occasionally see perving at other women so I think they believe me.


Lol 😂


*With Tourettes.

Then they can’t get ya for jackin it.



Reminded of a guy I worked with from Iran – funny as hell and he’d go around telling people he was a lesbian because he loves women. But that was 10 years ago when people had a sense of humour – would probably get complaints and HR hammering on him now.

A fly in your ointment

I often identify as a 20yo, 2m tall, 70kg muscular trans-lesbian trapped in a short fat man’s body.
It does trigger some.
Had a bit of fun when I took my girl to Sydney Luna and I was asked to not enter female toilet when she needed it. I outright asked if they imply I am a man. The faces turned pale and they ran for cover. Bloody _______-phobics.

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A fly in your ointment



Tried to edit something and lost it – ended up posting in the forum instead.


Also let me tell ya something about diversity. I’m the only locally born (and anglo) in my team, I have never been more isolated at work. My “team” mates however, all have a great old time.

Now, it’s lucky I don’t need interaction, personally or at work so it’s OK, but local born kids are fucked, if they can get the job in the first place.


You work in IT?


Yeah but not straight programming, doing DB queries in SQL mostly and data maintenance from sources like ABS.


Makes sense. You’re on the front lines for the previously 457 vida program and whatever the new skilled visa program was/is.

Ultimately doesn’t matter what people’s ethnicity is, it’s how people behave that really matters. Hopefully the lunchtime conversations are in English for starters…


Interesting article. But comparing grown adults who one would hope are better educated to babies who obviously aren’t at all isn’t the greatest comparison point.

That article actually concludes

“The sweet phase of simply noticing racial differences fades, to be replaced either by a higher awareness of the meaningless of such matters or a toxic descent into assigning ugly, negative values to them. Which way any one baby goes depends on upbringing, community, era, temperament and a whole range of other variables. What we will never be, like it or not, is an entirely post-racial species. Our better impulses may wish that weren’t so, but our ancient impulses will always test us. They are tests we must, from babyhood, learn to pass.”

Or in other words to reference Stewie, culture matters. But by extension, ethnicity should not when you’re culturally aligned, unless you’re an identify politics critical race theory nut bag determined to somehow eliminate racism but continually reminding each other that there are different races…

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast

New levels of racism.
How van someone be soooo emotionless???

(Sorry for ad ridden link)

Thanks for your suggestion in your email below that I give black students special treatment, given the tragedy in Minnesota,’ he wrote.

‘Do you know the names of the classmates that are black? How can I identify them since we’ve been having online classes only?

Are there any students that may be of mixed parentage, such as half black-half Asian? What do you suggest I do with respect to them? A full concession or just half?’

Klein asked the students whether any of them – black or otherwise – were from Minneapolis, where Floyd was killed at the hands of police on May 25.

‘I assume that they probably are especially devastated as well,’ he wrote. ‘I am thinking that a white student from there might be possibly even more devastated by this, especially because some might think that they’re racist even if they are not.

‘My TA (teaching assistant) is from Minneapolis, so if you don’t know, I can probably ask her.’


Things just get stranger and stranger. If students are affected by traumatic events or suffer from a mental illness, most universities have polices allowing applicants to apply for special consideration which usually requires presentation of medical evidence to support said claims.

But what happened next?


The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education stepped in, and boy is this response an absolute ripper.


At the same time a competing petition that Klein be reinstated garnered 3x the support of the first one, and Klein was reinstated by UCLA who admitted that his actions didn’t warrant investigation. His reputation however, will take a lot longer to recover.

A fly in your ointment

His reputation however, will take a lot longer to recover.

That depends.
In the eyes of those racists he will probably gain on reputation???

A fly in your ointment

Tax for better linx


America’s news sacred cow, too holy to criticise or offend, but completely lacking in agency to do anything for themselves and so delicate that the slightest offences justifies their all to frequent chimp-outs.


I suppose this could go in either links page :p

Third wave feminist Naomi Wolf gets booted from Twitter for peddling Covid19 conspiracy theories and being bizarre in general



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Agent 47

Naomi Wolf is actuslly relatively based imo. Her drift into ID politics aside, she went hard on Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the privatization of the US military in the bush era.

She’s one of the few lefties i have anytime for. she’s correct on vaccine passports. Can’t really comment on her other views though.


She, like David Cole, is proof that the small hats while bonded by culture are all individuals as well, and that as individuals are capable of standing for reason in this culture war. Unfortunately where Wolf fails to act (and imho Cole has a better record) as an individual is speaking up and condemning the cultural origins of the ideas behind these movements, which means that the same toxic ideas and values will constantly re-emerge, like the heads of a hyrda growing back time and again.


Woke because it has Waleed


Also, man doing an egg impersonation suggests splitting vaccine doses in 2 to make them go further.