Holomodor 2.0: The attack on Australian food supplies is escalating

The attempt to create starvation and a global Holomodor appears to have accelerated in Australia.

So now there’s allegedly a foot and mouth disease outbreak and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Gates has been in Bali recently:

“Viral fragments of foot and mouth have been detected in pork and beef products coming into Australia from China and Indonesia, ratcheting up fears the highly infectious disease could decimate the nation’s livestock industry.”

Better kill every last head of cattle then! This is after an apparent bee mite outbreak a couple of weeks ago:

“The varroa mite was detected at the Port of Newcastle last month and biosecurity zones are now in place around the Hunter Valley, Mid North Coast, Central Coast and Narrabri, where there are now 40 infested premises.”

And Japanese Encephalitis in pigs before that but everyone’s forgotten about that:

“Experts say Japanese encephalitis will impact pork supply as infected piggeries experience production losses of up to 80 per cent.”

That’s all in the space of a few months and surely just an amazing coincidence that it’s happening now. I personally don’t believe these are legitimate, they’re at least exacerbated or encouraged but I think they’re mainly fabricated, much like COVID stats.

What’s the solution? They literally want to jab cows with the MRNA poison:

“NSW Agriculture Minister Dugald Saunders said with 103 flights each week from Australia to Bali “foot and mouth disease is the closest it has ever been to our country. He said a potential vaccine was being developed using mRNA technology to tackle eight different strains of the disease.

Gotta find a way to inject those people who didn’t stick themselves and their kids with the vaccine (Jacinda Ardern wanted it in the water supply remember).

The old saying from Kissinger about controlling the food and controlling the people rings true here. I’m sure there’s a speculative element profiting from driving up the cost of food as well but I think that is secondary. This is on top of all the food processing plants going up in smoke in the US.

Privately owned farms and local food stands in the way of WEF corporate farming and agriculture and it appears to me they are going all in on the land grabs. It also explains why Mike Cannon-Brookes and co are really wanting us to eat bugs:

In the next few days, the first farmed insects will arrive at a new massive cricket-processing facility in London, Ont. At full capacity, Aspire Food Group’s facility is expected to house four billion crickets and produce 13 million kilograms of the insect each year at what’s believed to be the biggest cricket-specific processing facility in the world.

There is definitely a concerted global effort to attack the food supply and steal land at the same time. This also puts Daniel Andrews recent kulak legislation into perspective, as they expect resistance from farmers, which is already happening globally.

There is a global war on meat and if you think that the toilet paper shortage punch-ons were something wait until food gets out of hand.

Take the blackpill and hedge accordingly.

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Take the blackpill and hedge accordingly.

what sort of hedges are you thinking about? Small holdings with small herds on them?

doesnt seem really practical on account of land prices…

befriending small holders & sourcing meat from them, to have a standing supply arrangement?

coal man

 hedge accordingly.

Stock up on booze, hookers and cocaine and party like the worlds ending.
Or stockpile some actual food and stuff and live a little longer and a lot more miserably while the world ends.

doesnt seem really practical on account of land prices

Doesn’t seem really practical because if this is true they won’t let that happen either since it would interfere with their plans.

Agent 47

Nihilism is fake and gay.

Agent 47

The latter is more feasible. I read in Holland people are now just going direct to the farmers themselves. They’ll keep trying to come after them, I’m sure.

Learning how to hunt and fish goes a long way. Decent deer can last you months as there is plenty of them on the east coast.

coal man

Learning how to hunt

Hope you can hunt with a homemade bow and arrow because the first thing an authoritarian repressive government is going to do is confiscate all the registered firearms.

Angus Jung

There’s supposed to be 260,000 unregistered guns in Aus.
I’m guessing there may be more.

coal man

Probably. Going out hunting with one is a good way to end up getting it confiscated, and yourself thrown in jail though.

Agent 47

They literally pulled that number out of their arse and didn’t show workings.

David Leyonhjlem goes through that in his book. Real calculations have it close to approximately 2-3 million.

Angus Jung

Yeah, talking to the locals where I am, stores ran out of plumbers conduit when the Port Arthur ban came in.

Agent 47

> Can hunt without firearms or bow if you know what you’re doing
> Own a bow already
> If it comes to the point of further firearm confiscation, oops I lost them in a boating accident x 1 million. Police can’t do anything, mostly bluff.
> illegal firearms very easy to get

coal man

> If it comes to the point of further firearm confiscation, oops I lost them in a boating accident x 1 million. Police can’t do anything, mostly bluff.

If you say so. But realistically they can put you in jail, because you failed to secure, or anything else they make up.
If you believe they are going to control the food supply that would be a nothing to do.
They could even just throw all registered gun owners in jail or have them shot.

 illegal firearms very easy to get

Not so easy to hide if you use it to hunt though.

coal man

An if you doubt that:

watch this

Gruppenführer Mark

Not sure how this is relevant to the point you are trying to make.

Agent 47

Stabbing in a convenience store in NYC vs hunting in rural Australia.

Yeh nah.


Stabbing in a convenience store in NYC vs hunting in rural Australia.

Yeh nah.

Clearly self defence but in jail for murder. what the law says is kinda irrelevant.

20 years and illegal hunting is the rule not the exception and very little is done about it. Risk/reward is worth it.

Failing to comply with storage usually gets you a small fine at most or a licence cancellation

but what we are discussing is a future that is a lot more dystopian than the present.

Agent 47

Lol been hunting over 20 years and illegal hunting is the rule not the exception and very little is done about it. Risk/reward is worth it.

Failing to comply with storage usually gets you a small fine at most or a licence cancellation, which you can appeal and re-apply for. Helps to read the firearms act or actually have knowledge of it.


When I was at high school ol man’s best mate (through the dishlickers ) was a bank robber. True story tuff cunt went to jail and all.

Before that though I was having trouble with some try hard homies and tuff cnut sorted that shit out. I was boss.

Doubt we get that level of true diversity anymore with cctv and big brother.

One time had some mates over and tuff cnut smacked a fly on window and smashed window one mate was in proximity at same time ran into my room where me and the other were playing SNES. Cried and wanna go home.

Dad had to Burry the guns tuff cnut used, previously only used for ending the slow dishlickers.


Why would you want to hunt with a homemade bow……when you can get the real thing from hundreds of sports stores and eBayers:
Perfectly legit, and no licence required….not in Vic anyway.

compound bow.PNG
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Get a gun license, a gun cabinet and a gun. Learn to shoot. Learn to butcher.


Unless I’m eating long pig im going to be travelling a loooong way.

Angus Jung

There’s a linked conspiracy theory that the ‘buy local grown movement’ is a top down effort by Them to take us back to some povo agrarian state. Btw, I just noticed my local Coles has a shortage of eggs and a buy limit.

A fly in your ointment

The agrarian state would be a good thing. My great grandfather had only one worry each year: Springtime rain. If it rained, food galore. People spend more time together, family members bonded

Angus Jung

I dont want to go back there. Spend all day getting water, firewood, making a fire, harvesting your food – go to bed in the cold and dark.
Rock band Devo (de-evolution) was all over this.


And starve to death in times of famine…

A fly in your ointment

That’s the history from the Hollywood movies for dramatisation purposes.

Besides, the point was that agrarian lige makes plebs independent of the .gov. This is not the WEF desired outcome.


in my lifetime i’ve never heard of any primarily agrarian countries needing aid from worldwide agencies…

Basil Thistlethwaite

The whole local grown food idea is nice and romantic and all, but we need food grown at scale, otherwise gunna be some hangry people

A fly in your ointment

For every good and sound conspiracy theory, there is about a million of those that are insane for the purpose of smearing the good ones.

Aussie Soy Boy

When it descends into anarchy is will be African gangs with machetes, violent abo break and enters, gangs of tradies armed with cricket bats, chainsaws, crow bars, sledgehammers riding shotgun from the back of late model Hilux dual cabs with all the fruit.


After reading about all these firearms, bows, machetes, cricket bats, chainsaws, crow bars, and sledgehammers, all I can say is……

Cricket Burger….Yuuuum!

Cricket burger.jpg
Angus Jung

riding shotgun from the back of late model Hilux dual cabs with all the fruit.

So it’ll be like Mad Max with late model utes with lift kits/spotties and all the off road gear? sweet!

Aussie Soy Boy

Probably a solar panel on top for their portable fridge and oven too

A fly in your ointment

For some reason I find it that homo-MtDruittus- boganum will be the one breaking and entering.


I’m in

A fly in your ointment

On average humans take nore tha 10× meat than required for that edge we have over other primates (and I estimate this ratio by pulling the data from my hindsight). For Americans that Iis probably 10× more than humans or approx 100× more than needed.
Ditching the excess meat is not a bad idea. We are biological vegetarians with meat supplement diet, not carnivores per se.
C9ntroling thr meat is the first step.

A fly in your ointment

The spell checker, LOL.
On average, humans take more tha 10× the meat required for that edge we have over other primates (and I estimate this ratio by pulling the data from my hindside). For Americans that Iis probably 10× more than humans, or approx 100× more than needed.
Ditching the excess meat is not a bad idea. We are biological vegetarians with meat supplement diet, not carnivores per-se.
Controling thr meat is the first step.


 We are biological vegetarians with meat supplement diet, not carnivores per se.

We are omnivores. not vegetarians. How sickly actual vegetarians get without careful selection of diet should tell you that.


Yup – we’ve been opportunistic carnivores and reluctant omnivores for millions of years. Chimpanzees are excellent templates for our early ancestors, meat is a regular part of their diet, they’ll even form hunting parties to get it… indeed most animals, even supposed vegetarians will consume meat if it is available – it is just too high an energy source to turn down.

As our ancestors moved out of he jungle into the savanna, meat, especially the consumption of high energy bone marrow that was often inaccessible to the predators that made the kill, became an important energy supplement – having a large brain is a particularly expensive organ to maintain. The easiest way to support it is on a diet with ready access to fat and protein ie meat.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
A fly in your ointment

That’s what I said.
Bottom line we are not carnivores and such diet is not healthy for humans.
Predominantly carnivorous diet makes humans less healthy than exclusive vegetarian diet.


Sorry to drag this thread back to Covid…..but just have a look at this latest episode in the ongoing bullshit campaign:

COVID-19 deaths in New South Wales rise 50 per cent in one week, new data shows……… (shock, horror headline)

Deaths from COVID-19 in New South Wales increased by 50 per cent last week compared with the week before, new data shows.

As the third wave of the Omicron sub-variant took off across the state, 142 people died with COVID-19 in the week ending July 16, compared with 94 people the previous week.

Can anyone see a tiny inconsistency in those two paragraphs?


Now, let’s look again at the definition of death by Covid:

Reported deaths were classified as COVID-19 deaths if they met the surveillance definition in the Communicable Diseases Network of Australia’s COVID-19 National Guidelines for Public Heath Units. Under this definition, deaths are considered COVID-19 deaths for surveillance purposes if the person died with COVID-19, not necessarily because COVID-19 was the cause of death. Deaths may be excluded if there was a clear alternative cause of death that was unrelated to COVID-19 (e.g. major trauma).

And let’s now look at the explanatory notes from the most recent surveillance report, which is the subject of the ABC “you’re all gunna die” article:

• Of the 142 people who were reported to have died with COVID-19, only 96 (68%) had received a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, while another 46 were eligible for a third dose.1

Seventy-one were aged care residents. Nineteen of these people died in hospital and 52 died at an aged care facility.

• Three of the deaths occurred at home. Of these, none were diagnosed after death.

• Eleven people aged under 65 years died with COVID-19. All eleven had records of significant underlying health conditions that increase the risk of severe disease from COVID-19.

Two of these cases had received four doses of vaccine.

Four of these cases had received three doses of vaccine.

Three of these cases had received two doses of vaccine.

Two of these cases were not vaccinated. 


Puts a somewhat different slant on the hyperventilating headline, doesn’t it.

Last edited 1 year ago by plaguerat
Agent 47

He’s not our guy. He cucked the other day to Ben Smith.


I don’t know – he’s talking my language:

Sometime around 1965, our leaders stopped trying to make the United States a hospitable place for American citizens, their constituents, to have their own families. That used to be considered the central task of leadership — perpetuating the population. If people are happy and confident, they’ll have kids….They’re vested in the society and if they’re not, they won’t. That was their job. So, they stopped doing it and instead they just imported new people.

That is pretty much 100% in accordance with what I constantly yammer on about – the purpose of society is to enable its members to project themselves and itself into the future.

Anything that works to prevent this is bad, consequently most of our leadership and current ‘values’ around things like immigration and MultiCult are actually BAD for us and bad for society. i.e. the policies are evil, ergo, we are ruled by a hostile elite.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie
Agent 47

I don’t disagree but there’s certain lines he won’t cross. That being said he did go after the ADL.

IMO I waver between him being a steam valve and a warner to the elite ie ‘don’t push it guys or the rich may lose everything if people get hungry enough’ etc


You take the leaders you are given, rather than the ones that you imagine would be nice to have.

By all means be critical of them and point out where they can improve, but I’ll never admonish them simply for showing up.


Here’s a theory for you. “They” want foot and mouth to get in. It will decimate our beef industry and mean that people are more reliant on eating insects and fake meat. The government has been so slow to act at stopping it coming in that it’s hard to believe that it is anything but intentional.

A fly in your ointment

Humans can survive on so little meat that probably 1/10 of current meat consumption would suffice for a healthy diet.
Current meat production is distributed amongst millions of farmers. Objective is to centralise production and prevent conventional meat production.
Printed and lab grown meat can be made in centralosed super factories owned by chosen few.

Soylent Green


Wow I like this one a lot

like the sudden increase of “fires” at power plants


I don’t buy the theory. My counter theory is that they are just greedy and/or incompetent that’s how it gets in. We have a great defence being girt by sea.


The government has been so slow to act at stopping it coming in 

When has a government been fast to act on anything ever except sticking their noses in the trough?


I have a baseball bat by my bed in case I need to play bedroom baseball, but that ain’t me.


A good article and observation Timbo.

There is a certain theoretical sociological strategy called the “Cloward-Piven” strategy, which is based around orchestrating a crisis so Government can “Solve” it.

Basically it was to ensure that everyone who was entitled to welfare within a society was enrolled to take partake of the system and what they are entitled to.

This strategy was built around the idea that the actual number of people who use societies welfare system is smaller than those entitled to use it, thus by forcing everyone to use it you can overwhelm the system, create a crisis, break the system and assume control.

The four steps were:

1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
2. Have Chaos Ensue
3. Take Control in the Chaos; and
4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force

There are suggestions that the WEF and their proteges in the Democrat party are trying to engineer a global ‘Camp of the Saints’ food crisis senario, whereby the West and our welfare system will be overwhelmed by starving refugees, which will act as a crisis catalyst for the Govt and WEF types to implement a new order around food security i.e. crickets for all.


Everytime I think of eating crickets I can only think of Snowpiercer


The wokeness of that series was too repellant for me to even complete the first episode. Basically every popular series at the moment, especially on Netflix has some young African American woman as the protagonist savior.

The only series I’ve been watching on Netflix are re-runs from the early 2000s or Korean Zombie films, where gender roles are still relatively normal and you’re not being lectured too by some plain faced, flat nosed AA while she saves the Universe.

Gruppenführer Mark

Try Better than Us. I found it quite good.

The 100, is also good watching, if you are into zombies then Van Helsing is a good option


The movie is much better imo, give it a crack



this is exactly what I was talking about with regards to the increased death rate recently

you can see how its not covid itself causing problems in the hospitals, its all the rules and regulations and isolation and mandates etc etc etc

it causes absolute chaos, which inevitably reduces the quality of care

this is really an issue when people are on death’s door anyway – eg elderly
Even a slight slip up is enough to kill them

Aussie Soy Boy

COVID, jabs and lockdowns have been a boon to your industry. Set your industry up for the next decade.


 is really an issue when people are on death’s door anyway – eg elderly

but the increased death rates are in all age groups, not just the elderly and already sick, or do you have some evidence to the contrary?

Or merely empty assertions as usual? Like babies having problems because they are exposed to novel viruses they haven’t seen before. That one doesn’t pass a minute of thought.


Holy fuck even crikey is calling for Dan to resign now


they’re even bigger labor shills than jordies

it must be really really bad
but the cunt keeps holding on


I think Keane is still pissed that his favourite Saint Gladys had to leave the NSW Libs. Then again, he might also be dementing. He calls for the resignation of a government for branch stacking and a relatively minor staffing rort. Not for pork-barrelling or funnelling tax payer cash into donor accounts. Not for having a romantic relationship with a corrupt former member of parliament. Nor for purchasing assets from donors at a 10 times inflated price, stacking boards with donors and friends or creating overseas junkets for mates.

The average EZFKA unit doesn’t give a shit about branch stacking or have any interest in the machinations of a political party. Show up to vote to avoid a fine, and you still get a politician, just one who wheels and deals behind the scenes. I doubt many in the state of Victoria give a care, especially when the alternative is Matthew “Mobster with a Lobster” Guy, and the most prominent member of the opposition is being booted out of the party after drink driving and crashing into a fence.


Granted that the EZFKA unit doesn’t care about branch stacking, but the issue is more than that, it is having public servants do political party work and employing mates.

The comments in that article were more around whaddabout such and such. No one is looking at the big picture that corruption is slowly becoming endemic in Australia. Supporting Dan because he’s on your side just ensures that Victoria ends up like Bjeke-Peterson QLD.


Ah, but does the average EZFKA unit really know or care what a “public servant” does either?

I doubt many can distinguish between a government employee and political party member or appreciate the nuance in how they are not the same, let alone have an understanding into why those roles shouldn’t cross.

Governments know that people lack curiosity and critical thinking skills leading to the formation of one who is fundamentally disinterested in anything that doesn’t affect their bottom line.

The bribery for votes has started long before any officially defined election campaign. People have been telling me about some kind of state sponsored dining-out rebate – and one can apparently use it on such fine dining establishments like KFC!

The other day I spoke to someone who was fairly critical about mask mandates and government overreach – but seemed to soften as they’d just been paid $250 for a power rebate scheme eligible to anyone in the state. Won’t be surprised to see more handouts for Victorians leading up to November.


No one is looking at the big picture that corruption is slowly becoming endemic in Australia.

lol. It has reached the point they don;t even bother trying to hide it any more. It’s been endemic for decades, or more.
As per JBP in QLD.


It ebbs and flows. Post Fitzgerald enquiry, there was a reduction in corruption in QLD, but has certainly increased again. Olympic Games are a perfect cover to give jobs to mates.


Former AFL player Justin Crawford dies suddenly, aged 45.

Aussie Soy Boy

If he had the jab — sucked in


There sure is a lot of suddenly going around at the moment.


Na, it was cause of regulations and overworked staff in hospitals…


Agent 47


As soon as he and Avi were teaming up it was clear.

Aussie Soy Boy

Evil acts done by sorcery can be lethal provided there are four ingredients combined for the purpose: fear, belief in magic power, a feeling of hopelessness, and self-suggestion.



Said it before and will say it again, “Magic” is simply using a deep understanding of human nature and inherent perceptual flaws like suggestibility, in order to get people to do something that you want.

Exodus 7:12 is a fine example – turning a rod into a snake is something ‘magicians’ have been doing for millennia. It is a trick and slight of hand, but to the uninitiated it seems like supernatural ‘magic’.

Black magic is using those same tricks and tactics and a little more to get people to do what you want, even when it goes against that person’s interests or well being.

It doesn’t require that the person being targeted by “magic” or “sorcery” need actually believe in magic, sorcery or spells, or anything ‘super natural’ – only that they posses the personality or preceptional flaws that allow specific tactics (spells) to influence their decision making.

Different people have different flaws or modes of perception, thus different tactics need be used.

Magic is real, but it is hardly supernatural. It is 100% based in understanding different people’s modes of perception and manipulating them in order to get them to do what you want.


He seems pretty direct, that bloke.


Honestly the goals of our elites are every bit as Eugenic based as the Nazis, only their goal is to genetically annhilate any European distinctiveness.

It’s simple – they hate Esu and the Amalek and seek to destroy him via cultural obliteration where ever they find him… just ask the Egyptians, Babylonians, Romans, Germans…

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie