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The narrative seems to be that markets are now betting on the Fed doing a U turn. I’ll wait till the next inflation figures and interest rate announcements before throwing money around.

Other things I thought interesting the last couple of days:

Apparently ANZ has developed an AUD stablecoin. Seems pretty pointless given that you can’t seem to buy it anywhere. I have the impression that corporates think blockchains could be used to make settlement faster and cheaper by eliminating some backoffice ops. I wonder they’re discovering that shared ledgers don’t work without built in methods of paying the network maintainers, and a diversified network of such people.


Interesting story about a guy who develops modular banking software and sells it to the banks. Begs the question: Are banks now much more than software platforms?


“Capitalism” isn’t an ideology or an organised political movement and there is no “capitalist manifesto”. This guy writes as if there is such a thing, that people agree on what capitalism is, could be or should be. I think this is sly propaganda. A capitalism that is defined, moulded and dictated by elites is communism by another name, especially when people apply words like “stakeholder”, “inclusive” or “conscious” to it. Far too much of this around.


I was playing Borderlands 3 since it was given away on Epic Games a few weeks back. The gun play is still fun, but like Star Trek Strange New Worlds, it’s very chick heavy. Chicks are the main players, men are the bit parts. I’m so over it. Increasingly, I walk out of movies and drop games without completing them. Not sure whtehr I’ll stick around to complete this one yet. Some reasonably intelligent, albeit necessarily partisan, commentary:

A Cancer Grows in Gaming – Social Justice Warriors (SJW)

The Real Reason SJWs Have To Ruin Your Childhood

I predict that as disgust deepens on both sides, what has already happened with news (Eg Sky vs Guardian), and increasingly education (home schooling is massively increasing), will happen with entertainment media, and given what happened with the COVID vaccine mandates, eventually jobs too: a massive chasm dividing us in two.

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That’s pretty good!


Absurd decision – convicted at 101, no crimes can be proven.


Gruppenführer Mark

“The man, identified only as Josef S. due to Germany’s strict privacy laws is believed to be the oldest living person to be tried on charges from the Holocaust era.”

They finally got Stalin!


It’s a pantomime – has been for years. I distinctly remember when they upped the tally to 6 million in the early 80s.

I remember watching the news as a kid (I absorbed all my information back then from watching the news and reading the newspapers) and being horrified when they announced that as a result of a recent Israeli study they were revising upwards the estimates of the Holocaust from the Soviets 3.2m tally, to the magical figure of 6 million.

I remember it because afterwards I went out into the kitchen and having one of my first ‘grown up’ conversations with my mother about how unfathomably large the revision was and as a consequence how much more evil the Nazis were then everyone ever imagined.

Of course the Soviets own atrocities in Eastern Europe and the Hodomor was the reason the tally was rounded up to 3.2m rather than the official tally of 450,000 according to the detailed Red Cross records that were used to convict and execute Nazis at the end of WW2, was because of European ‘antisemitism’ in ‘disregarding’ the true numbers.

Couldn’t have the ‘Bolsheviks’ looking worse than the Nazis…


I thought the official red cross total number of deaths were around 240,000 in these work camps, which includes other groups being about 50%.


A number between 240,000 and 450,000 for everyone who was sent to one of their work camps and subsequently died of Cholera is a pretty realistic, though still horrifying number, to me.

I went to Auschwitz as a dutiful tourist to marvel at the horrors of Nazism and be instilled with Goyish hatred of the inevitable evils of Nationalism when I was younger.

The first thing that struck me, even then, was the lack of infrastructure needed to dispose of 8000 bodies a day. I worked in industrial agriculture at Uni for years before I went on that trip and the infrastructure to process those sort of numbers was completely lacking.

To say nothing of the enormous amount of energy required to dispose of the evidence as they supposedly ramped up the final solution right when they lost their Romanian Oil fields.

Always struck me as weird that the efficient Nazi War machine, that was fighting for its life, instead priortised the oil it manufactured by converting coal to oil, with getting rid of Juicies instead of trying to win the war.

Completely illogical when you think about it, but 6 million has been repeated as a mantra in the news ever since, and everyone knows after COVID that the news never lies.

On the magic number.

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Is mikemb still around? Town’s “real” population more than double because of illegals.



clued into mikemb being right by looking up dubbo census indian %

its waaaaaaaaay more walking around then the census says

non- pr visa jumpers = huge % of resident population

Reus's Large MEMBER

Having lived in a 3rd world country, I know nicely that when census night comes around those that are “not part of the legal system” have no inclination to advertise that they are 10 to a 2 bed flat and as such the real population of immigrants is always much higher than stated. In SA the census counted 30 mil, the real number done by a independent survey put it closer to 45 mil, not that there would be that much difference here but you can bet that there are at least 1-2 mil that are “outside” the system.

banana man

Makes sense as it has always been a town where you could get cash work and disappear. Lots of dodgy stuff going on there, the local mafioso keep a lid on it not to attract attention.


Occurs to me they have a big problem getting this through. A not insignificant minority I reckon will do the exact opposite of what Lydia Thorpe wants (although she wants a treaty first anyway).

And what does the average resident in Harris Park or Greenacre think? Over 50% are born overseas or have a parent born overseas now.



Yes, she’s the NO vote’s best asset.

Same as that FitzsFW for the Republic referendum.

I’m all for genuine equality, but these people are about anything but that.


The delightful Sam Bankman-Friend has basically come out and said a couple days ago:

Bankman Fried denies any active merger talks with Robinhood but tells Forbes that more crypto exchange failures are coming. “There are some third-tier exchanges that are already secretly insolvent,” says Bankman Fried.

versus what I said a couple days ago:

“I expect this to continue as more and more dead bodies start floating to the surface, there will be multiple exchanges that imho will be found out to have passed or loaned funds out to these staking platforms, thinking they are earning yield when in reality all they are doing is providing exit liquidity.”

Likewise, SBF is also doing what I predicted, in that he has his collection of companies are the main liquidity providers in the Crypto space, and that if the market were to be stablised he would be the only one capable of doing it:

Three Arrows’ had borrowed large sums from numerous crypto firms including New Jersey’s Voyager Digital and New York-based BlockFi. In order to survive Three Arrows default, the two digital asset exchanges turned to billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of FTX and the richest person in crypto, worth some $20.5 billion. Between FTX and his quantitative trading firm Alameda, he provided the companies with $750 million in credit lines. There is no guarantee that Bankman Fried will recoup his investment. “You know, we’re willing to do a somewhat bad deal here, if that’s what it takes to sort of stabilize things and protect customers,” he says. Bankman Fried’s cash infusions are far from altruistic.

Only point is that the “lines of credit” that SBF has provided has not included one dollar of fiat. If you look into the details of the deals announced so far, every one of them has involved credit and crypto loans extended from FTX, or simply funny monopoly money.

Basically any exchange that lists USDT in any way shape or form, is imho, already insolvent – including Coinbase.

Bodies are going to continue rising to the surface in this space, and imho it will only be a matter of time before the last of the real liquidity in this space is drained and despite how many lines of credit for more sETH or wBTC that Sam offers to provide, the remainder of the industry will collapse.

If for no other reason the mere act of “mining” BTC is still consuming around $30m of hard fiat currency every day that has to leave the eco system in order to pay miner’s electricity costs, with the stink that crypto has become I would be very surprised if retail is pumping in $30m a day simply to keep the price treading water.

Much of the recent ‘support’ in terms of real fiat inflow has been in the institutional space as Corporate bag holders like Saylor and Novogratz pumped hundreds of millions if not billions into the space – that is over now. Retail is dead, there are no new marks for the ponzi bloom.


The delightful Sam Bankman-Friend has basically come out and said a couple days ago:

versus what I said a couple days ago:

how prescient…. Has anyone seen Stewie and Sam in the same room at the same time?!


It’s rare, but it’s been known to happen.




USDC apparently looking a wee bit shaky….


Honestly I find this very believable. The ‘grit’ in terms of establishing a private stable coin in terms of administration, financial charges, credit risk, etc versus simply holding fiat imho makes it inevitable that these schemes, even when run legitimately, are doomed to fail.

This is especially in the low interest rate environment and where they only have a handful of major clients (despite thousands of retail using their product, their customers are the likes of Celsius, 3AC, Alameda Research, etc

Capture - Copy.JPG
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“The competitive exclusion principle tells us that two species can’t have exactly the same niche in a habitat and stably coexist. That’s because species with identical niches also have identical needs, which means they would compete for precisely the same resources.”

In such a situation the more aggressive of the two species will be the one that ultimately dominates.

It is exactly the same with culture, in the MultiCult stew that our elites are breeding for us, eventually only one will come to triumph. Maybe that will eventually be a good thing if it results in our hostile elites being expelled, but the nation, people and culture that achieves that will be radically different from the society our ancestors built.

But back to Muslims, not only are they a social and economic drain on our welfare state, as they grown in percentage terms they become increasingly militant in terms of arguing to push their values forward into the future, in competition and against the values of competing cultures and people.

They need to be expelled or immigration frozen until they are absorbed or dissipated .

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this is going to rile a few up but.

It’s JWA : revenge fantasies ahoy!!

For the slow

Jews Wogs and Asians. And Abdul rivzi eff off. Who votes for these self serving plicks!!!

I honestly have no beef with any racial group, /I’m brown myself/ only when ,/insert JWA representative/ trying to shape Australian society with their revenge fantasies.

What do you reckon if an ab0 like myself went to Israel and started demanding my community be catered for. My Pommie mate (when I lived in England/said Jam why do you work so hard, what you got to do is pump out five kids claim asylum the govvie will give you a three bed semi a 5yr old second hand BMW and all you’ll have to do is pick the colour.


Honestly I see MultiCult and mass migration as a continued crime against Aboriginal Australia.

Australia would be a whole lot more unified today if they’d sought to unify and reconcile the two people and cultures who have contributed the most to the creation of the Australia we have today, Colonial Australian culture with Indigenous Australian culture.

Immigration would then be carried out on the expectation that no matter what colour or creed you were, if you immigrated to Australia you would become one of us…. but that wouldn’t have left room for the diversity that our Juicey elites crave for their own wellbeing and profit (not to mention preservation of THEIR identity).

Fact is there are thousands of white Australian with Indigenous ancestry (myself included), which is not an uncommon or unexpected outcome when your ancestors along the frontier who were heavily involved in building the Australia we have today.

What I’m pleased that in today’s day and age, and grateful for past reforms and struggles that have changed popular views, is that someone can be open or indeed proud to have such ancestry, where as in more backward times it would have been a source of shame.

Instead the path we Australia has gone down is one of attributing all that Australia is to some sort of generic “immigrant” and instead treating indigenous Australia as some sort of spiritual sacred cow which was wronged in the past and lacks all agency today and who thus need to be ’empowered’.

IMHO this is encouraging successful white Australians like myself, with tiny bits of genetic indigenous ancestry, like that white bitch on Master Chef, to claim indigenous ancestry simply so they can carpet-bag the sympathy and privileges that are now bestowed on that particular identity.

Meanwhile we continue mass migration, further dispossessing indigenous Australians, even going so far as import other needy population groups, like hopeless Africans en-mass purely in the name of “diversity”, who instead chew up social resources that could instead be used by needy groups in Australia – especially rural and outback indigenous communities.

My biggest fear is that if there ever is an elected third chamber for indigenous Australians, it will instead be filled with these carpet bagging whites wearing their so called ‘aboriginality’ as a totem to their power.

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Gruppenführer Mark

Stewie, it took me a few reads to digest your post. You always have a unique view on an issue, and a way to convey it. Appreciate you being here, and, of course, Peachy for making this platform available.

Now on the subject. There are a few parallels with other prominent heavy immigration country – the USA. But the parallels are just that. The USA have started to get colonised ~150 to 200 years prior to Australia, and it was a more inviting and fertile land. Australia, with its massive largely uninhabitable middle is vastly different from the “flyover states”, where agriculture and manufacturing is possible and viable. Couple that with a head start of millions arriving from Europe on their own accord on a rather short journey to the USA, rather than a band of undesirables arriving to Australia, and the nature of colonisation is starting to look quite different.

Now, I am no expert, but having read a bit of history, can form my own (however flawed) opinion, so here it goes.

In the USA, the colonisation of lands was driven by the desire of the new arrivals to expand into fertile lands, thus pushing the American Indians out into less habitable areas, so the new arrivals can get into what was then a profitable enterprise – agriculture and extraction of mineral wealth. In Australia, by the time the critical mass of new arrivals was reached, these enterprises were still profitable, but the industrial revolution had diminished the returns, thus making the feat of acquiring new territories from the indigenous populations driven by fear, rather than economic benefit.

In the second half of 18th century, the American states have secured its independence from the Crown. By late 1800s, the USA has started to establish itself as an economic powerhouse. Australia, on the other hand, just started its journey to become a colony in late 18th century, and did not gain a sort of independence until, well, never. The lands here are not as plentiful, once you move out from the coast, either, mainly due to rainfall and ability to produce crops.

By the turn of the 20th century, the USA was a booming economy, and became the world leader in mid 20th century due to its massive war effort – Lend-lease, etc. Australia has never approached this effort, even with whatever manufacturing capability we once possessed.

And herein lies the issue with indigenous populations. There came a time in the USA history, when it became less advantageous to destroy American Indians, as the returns were greater when those efforts were channeled into other enterprises. Australia has never got to this point (or if we did, I am not aware of this). Australia did not seize becoming a pure colony until the 1970s, whereas the USA had accomplished this feat some 100 years prior.

Another angle is the legislature. I have personally been in the casino in Miami area, built on Indian land (who runs this is another story), while gambling is expressly prohibited in Florida. Yet, in a settlement deal between the USA and the indigenous population, the American Indian, having gained control of whatever shit lands they were given, had full autonomy of how they use these lands, and have their own code of laws. Australian indigenous population was never given this chance. Moreover, the State (a collective) to this day controls and regulates the way the Australian indigenous community lives and functions.

The largest colonising country that has kept its colonies so far is, drum roll, Russia. Same story – once you cross the Urals, or south in the Caucasus area, the local indigenous population has autonomy, albeit guided by the Federal government. Australia never got there. Instead, we got to a new philosophy of what you are so fond of referring to as MultiCult, where the needs, desires and future of the local indigenous population got trumped by the social narrative.

In conclusion, creation of the third chamber of Parliament representing the indigenous population of our land will be (I believe) a third rail that can throw the whatever social order that was built here in disarray, because it will be done, if it will ever be done, to serve a purpose, just like you describe, of posturing, rather than real co-existence.

Our governments have miserably failed at integration, probably led by the big brother(s) on the other side of the world preaching their success, but not accounting for historical, economic and timing differences.


Gruppenführer Mark

Perhaps. But there are plenty of examples of armed conflict between the settlers and the indigenous population.


I think I’ve already posted enough to this thread to ensure most people’s eyes are already bleedings, so I’ll apologize for a brief response that fails to do your comment justice.

Basically agree – the 3rd chamber is anti-democratic. It is imho yet another step in the gradual separation of state and institutional power, ie vested in the will of the majority, towards a system where the notion of “Democracy” is one where power is shared between ethnicities, effectively turning our Democracies into the sort of Ethnocracies that dominate the middle east.

The US has already entered this route with the DNC capturing 90% of the black vote, and their ongoing strategy of creating a coalition of the fringes who are inevitably turned towards fighting against the majority.

In Australia this process has been hidden by the transfer of significant amounts of institutional and authorised power, from things like the Federal Govt and our Courts, to national bodies like the anti-democratic Administrative Appeals Tribunals.

Thanks to the adoption of social and employment policies based around MultiCult and DIE (diversity, inclusion, equity) these bodies are increasingly being stacked not only with insiders, but insiders who meet the correct ethnic diversity requirements.

Basically the “3rd Chamber” will be used in the same way, only it will be stacked with political insiders that are over-whelmingly white, apart from the fact they based their self determined identity as being indigenous on the basis of the tinniest slither of legacy genetic heritage.

This is the inevitable end point where the pursuit of policies like MultiCult, Mass Migration and Equity come together at.

Failing to accept the validity or even the belief that natural population intra-group diversity exists, means that the only remaining explanation explaining difference in outcome is oppression.

When your narrative is increasingly controlled by neurotic, hysterical young women obsessed with injustice, and an indigenous community that is being empowered with supra-democratic powers while universally being told that ALL the differences in life outcomes between their groups and others are the result of ‘oppression’ then IMHO it is inevitable that my vision of where our “democracy” is headed will eventually come to be realised.

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My now ex workplace has an “indigenous” woman in HR. She has a fancy french name, an elite private school background pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. And yet she makes much of being a proud Whoopdedoo woman etc.

It is, of course, all bullshit.


White women carpet bagging indigenous privilege is about as low as you can get.

Agent 47

That’s what most of Melbourne’s indigenous are. Few actual communities out near Shepparton but that’s it.

Whole bunch of white women looking for victim status is exactly that until they move on to next attention seeking fad to give their lives meaning.


bigger news

Almost 40 per cent (38.9 per cent) of Australia’s population reported having no religion in the 2021 Census, an increase from 30 per cent (30.1 per cent) in 2016 and 22 per cent (22.3 per cent) in 2011.


Can’t say I’m surprised. What would shock me is if the government decided to end the tax exemption status of religious organisations – that would be something.


Will not happen

Agent 47

Hope all those calling for the removal of tax free status of religious groups are willing to pick up the slack from the huge void left by st vinnies, st johns, salvation army etc and the rest that require it to maintain charity services they provide, they will disappear overnight.


Not looking good..


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You guys are killing me!

Getting some John Barosa vibes from all this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxTQVFV2GMU&list=PLk5KvJPikK03FjuxoHgp57YswtdPJ10By&index=26


Chalk up the first EZFKA bank collapse of the non-zero-interest-rate period.



Good find. I’m expecting plenty of sob stories from the Bank of Mum and Dad.


Interesting – I wonder what the story is around that. Obviously not profitable, but I wonder what brought them down.


Unable to invest the deposits into something giving decent returns.


The banks use their deposits to fund loan growth and the spread provides the returns. What was Volt investing its deposits in?

Gruppenführer Mark

My bet would be that the previous loan book was lending out at lower rates. With global rates on the up, either the spread wasn’t as attractive, or the loan growth was subdued.



hard to understand from this why small banks should have trouble being profitable and therefore attract capital

I guess maybe it’s easy to do so while rates are falling but hard while people expect rates to rise

hard to understand from this why small banks should have trouble being profitable and therefore attract capital

I guess maybe it’s easy to do so while rates are falling but hard while people expect rates to rise

hard to understand from this why small banks should have trouble being profitable and therefore attract capital

I guess maybe it’s easy to do so while rates are falling but hard while people expect rates to rise

It is understood that Volt was spending $1 million a week on its people, systems and strategies to acquire new customers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Coming

The main reason is the ability of the Big 4 banks to use self assessment and in house risk models in order to determine the appropriate levels of capital to hold versus the more prescriptive requirements of “If you hold X then you hold Y% of capital against those assets” that smaller banks are required to hold.

It is a massive capital subsidy to the majors in giving them free reign to build and run their own capital models.

Gruppenführer Mark

My guess is you have to be “connected” to get the nod to get a banking license. Then you have to put up some capital as an underlying collateral and presto, borrow from gov’t at low% and lend out at a higher%. Pay a bit more attractive deposit% to grow the deposit base.

Also, you need to hold an insignifican % of your loan book as a deposit base – circa 10%? Maybe lower. Fractional reserve banking at its finest.

But step 1 – have to be “connected”.


Nah – no connection. It actually much easier than it use to be.

It DOES require an enormous administrative over head, so if you decide you want a banking license you’re gunna want to make damn sure that your business model is profitable before deploying the capital to apply and maintain a banking license.


Why not return to the model of local branch managers who know everyone in the community ?

for instance I’m sure an MB bank providing loans to all the public servants that frequent there would be very safe and therefore profitable



Gruppenführer Mark

We actually had an idea with a mate of mine to start a cemetery. Easy, right? Buy some land, zone it, get proper approvals, sell forward to the people securing their last resting place – you wouldn’t imagine the mafia around those places. Had the cash, weren’t “in the know”.


Probably you can read Basel 3 and work it out

probably needs minimum capital

maybe instead of an MB super fund , we should set up an EZFKA bank

with peachy and Freddy overseeing our regulatory requirements

purely lending for asset price speculation


Minimum capital is the easy part. Managing risk around lending long and borrowing short is the harder part.


People underestimate how many financial risks arise from a loan. Borrow funds from offshore in order to make a loan onshore in AUD and you multiply the types of financial risks you are taking on tenfold.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stewie

It’s all good, just gotta take out a “salary” for all of us every year in the good times(millions of course) and then let the gov guarantee sort it out when it goes tits up.



Probably nothing new for many here, but worth a listen


who is the most boring Australian economic commentator?

for me its a toss up between martin north and heisesays

no better cure for insomnia than either of these guys


Has to be Northy

And the cunt still crams in as many ads as YouTube will allow

even the video he made about his wife’s death was heavily monetised

that grift mentality never stops


I don’t why more people don’t just install an adblocker?


Explain how I do this on my iPhone to avoid YouTube ads

A fly in your ointment

Brave or Firefox with add-ons.

Next time get an Android, more options, m7ch more options

Agent 47

Only worth watching when tarric Brooker is on.

Edwin Almeida is just awful to listen to. Whole bunch of stuttering about rumors on wechat. Same shit every week.


I have a very soft spot for john adams

really such a likeable character, stuttering and all

can’t fucking standing northy himself though

Bloke has all the charisma of a turd in a swimming pool

Agent 47

Heise is retsrded. His whole model is to literally read articles off the internet that you can read in your own time, then say “what do yo think guys” and then ask for money.

Adds absolutely no value at all.


The Barilaro case is hilarious. This is what came out of the inquiry today:

It heard the job was first offered to senior executive Jenny West before being retracted and handed to Barilaro because of a “government decision”

“She was verbally offered the role and then I was given direction to cease recruitment due to a change in government policy,” Investment NSW’s Amy Brown told the inquiry.

“It was a decision of government, it would have come through the responsible minister being the minister for industry and trade, (that was) Mr John Barilaro.”


The mainstream media has avoided the multiple corruption scandals associated with Barilaro. So far he’s gotten aware with everything including wins against Friendly Jordies and Google, so he obviously believed he was untouchable and could get away with anything.

Gruppenführer Mark

WA had advertised 6 of similar roles in the last few months. I actually applied for one of them. They were based in Tokyo, Singapore, New Dehli or Dubai, New York, London and somewhere else, from memory. Got a “Dear Mark, thanks but no thanks” but haven’t seen anything about who was appointed.

edit: Ah, here is the press release


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I hope landlord Frank doesn’t get audited by the tax office…


A rental listing in inner Melbourne is offering capsules that contain just a single bed for up to $900 a month. The Abbotsford house, which is advertised privately, offers traditional rooms for $400 a week or $1500 a month, or the single pod capsules for up to $250 a week or $900 a month.

The six capsules are stacked on top of each other in a downstairs room of the house, while the three traditional bedrooms are upstairs.The house is advertised as sleeping 12 people and currently, all the pods are full.


As soon as they start laughing at you….

Gruppenführer Mark

And now apparently Iran and Argentina asked to join. BRICSIA?