Timbo’s Two Cents on Australian Federal Election: Let the chaos reign

Stagmal gave a good take on the election and now here’s my two cents.

Called the Albo-Schwab victory earlier in the week but that wasn’t difficult. Only 30% of the country wanted him, so the ALP voters out there can take that as a Bradbury victory.

As others have commented, EZFKA now has a contingent of privileged white women from wealthy inner city suburbs who are insulated from inflation and cost of living pressures (who are all focused on driving up the investments of a billionaire from WA) holding the balance of power. What could go wrong?

Morrison didn’t seem like he gave too much of a shit losing this election and I understand why. This is a good election to lose, and if there ever was one to lose then this one was it. Economic calamity is baked in for the foreseeable future. Dutton will probably get opposition leader but who cares really, will be a sideshow compared to everything else going on.

Anyways, as I said before this voting shit is realistically all an irrelevant sham to make normies feel good about having some illusion of control over the country. It should be obvious with Simon Holmes A Court’s self-interest that means nothing. Ditto Schwab and the WEF.

The best part about this election cycle is that the insane wokeness and destruction of Australian energy capability, industry, wealth and everything else that will be rammed down people’s throats in the next six months will alert more normies as to what is actually happening with the country. Teals, Greens and ALP will preside over the implosion of modern Australia.

Some people will go blackpill and think that’s bad and yes it is, but it’s the trend historically. However, I view it as a creative destruction nexus point that allows other people and philosophies to rise that gives an opportunity for rebirth, strong men-hard times and all that. Wait and see I guess.

As a footnote, I saw DLS’ take that ‘this is the worst behind us now’ and had a good chuckle. Another call that MB is going to get hilariously wrong, but don’t tell the centre-left simps in the commentariat that, there’s a Macro Fund to protect at all costs. I’ll await the begging for the RBA to not raise rates again at the next meeting in a fortnight.

In summary, forgive the crude analogy, but if you didn’t like the slow rape of the freedoms and wealth of Australians by the LNP, then you certainly aren’t going to like the Rotherham-style violent gang rape of the country by the ALP/Teal/Greens. Or maybe you will, if you’re a self-loathing progressive.

Either way, let the chaos reign. Food shortages, petrol prices and worsening supply chain havoc will be fun.

See you in the camps in a few months time for breaking climate lockdown curfews.

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lol. Glad they know what to do because that will the first time most of them have known anything.

Agent 47

The Karen Brewer GG crowd are just coping fags. GG is as corrupt as the rest of the institutions, standing and staring at the GG isn’t going to achieve shit.

Agent 47

Yep agree with most of what was said. Good election to lose, accelerated collapse baked in.

Albo won’t last the year. My guess is Plibersek gets handed the reigns that’s why they kept her out of the spotlight.

Either way buckle up or bend over, or both.


Stagflation is definitely baked in. Sanctions on Russia won’t be lifted any time soon, so prices in the West will go up even more. Not something easily fixed and rates will have to keep rising. A good election to lose.


Wasn’t it a year ago and we were going to have the Biden boom and everything was going to be amazing. If DLS is writing the worst is behind us, there is 100% chance that the worst will be upon us before long.

Agent 47

DLS has become Australia’s most reliable contrarian indicator.

A fly in your ointment

LOL, he is likely to add another line, “former EmBee strategic advisor” to his resume overweight with “formers”.

Max Payne

He’s the new Pascometer.


There’s nothing that’s going to happen that wouldn’t have happened anyway even if ScoMo won, except possibly a housing crash or something. When we needed him during the pandemic, he just enabled the premiers while firing off bitchy comments at them as if that was a good substitute for actually stopping tyranny. His solution to petrol prices was to cut the fuel excise. He created inflation with his retarded HomeBuilder developer pumping exercise that sent building material prices and tradie wages to the moon, and JobKeeper which was a deliberate handout to business owners.

On the plus side, we’re going to have an ICAC and some of the corrupt cvnts who’ve sucked the wealth out of this country will finally have something to fear.

I don’t live in fear of Penny Wong and Tanya Plibersek. What are they going to do, take away my religious freedom to sack gays from my business that I don’t own? ScoMo didn’t even get that bill passed so that freedom doesn’t exist. Bias the Family Court against men? It’s been that way for a generation.

Nobody can seriously believe ScoMo would ever do anything to fight the WEF even if he cared about the issue.


So yeah maybe Albo will be our Biden but ScoMo was definitely not our Trump. The only issues he ever rebelled from consensus on were to do with Pentecostal religious discrimination bullshit and supporting the super rich a bit more than Labor would. Everything else was astroturf that came up just before elections and would have been quietly wound up afterwards.

Agent 47

Federal ICAC is cope for normies. Andrews hasn’t gone down at IBAC despite the most corrupt government in probably Australian history.

Ditto Hayne Royal Commission.


If it’s so soft then why didn’t ScoMo go for a federal IBAC? Is he that fucking dumb?

Agent 47

Both ‘sides’ are compromised so it’s all dog and pony show. No one goes to jail, it’s just cope.

Given all the crimes of the last two years there’s no suitable punishment other than lamp posts although i doubt that will happen either.


IBAC doesn’t mean anyone would go to jail. So it’s soft.

on the other hand, it might cause some embarrassment/hassle/impact future grifting opportunities. So inconvenient and unprofitable.


Fact is… ICAC was always going to happen eventually. The traditional approach of the intelligent political crook is to institute a body that’s so weak or corrupted that it can’t fulfill its ostensible function. ScoMo admittedly did try to put in such a body but it was so obviously shit that he couldn’t advance the agenda. NSW ICAC does occasionally end the careers of NSW pollies so it probably has about the maximum level of power that can realistically be instituted in Australia. Now ScoMo runs the risk that he’ll get something on that level instead of an impotent Vic IBAC.


The traditional approach of the intelligent political crook is to institute a body that’s so weak or corrupted that it can’t fulfill its ostensible function.

yeah, this was the scheme of the Hayne RC, and it was implemented superbly in that example.

bank ceos were made to eat humble pie and prostrate themselves and grovel; then the emperor quietly pardoned them and allowed them to continue with the previous plunderous ways.

the point was made performatively clear – the emperor is in charge, not the merchants of debt. The merchants of debt owe their position to the emperor.


I agree with almost everything you’ve written, no1.


Time to form the Patriarchy Party:

  • Abolish Diversity & Gender Diversity Laws;
  • Slash Immigration to defend wages and stop housing competition with our children
  • Slash University positions
  • Tax Baby Boomers
  • Abolish the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Remove tax deductibility for all economic based think tanks
  • Federal ICAC
  • Abolish all private political donations – all parties must be wholly funded by AEC or sausage sizzles
  • Close SBS and role the funding into the ABC.
  • Repeal the active pursuit of MultiCult and return to immigration on the basis of Assimilation and Integration.

That would be my starting point – I reckon in the age of Diversity politics, the only identity that everyone is working as hard as fuck to deny, is masculinity and the stability and certainty, not to mention rising real incomes, that the patriarchy cumulatively delivered for all of human history.

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Agent 47

Got my Vote 1.

Openly state your cause instead of pussy footing appeasement bullshit that achieves nothing.


There’s no point even having a position if you don’t have a plausible plan to win and retain support, person by person. I believe one reason that the Greens did so well in QLD, and they themselves attribute it to this, is that they actively organised support and knocked on 90000 doors. They were following the example of my friend who was on their ticket in FNQ some years ago. It is as simple as that. Get support and organsie it, and hit the streets yourself. No politician or their organisation contacted me this election, the most I got was junk mail. The greens have a really good grass roots system. It is worth learning from. This applies whether you start your own party or join an existing one.

Agent 47

Don’t disagree about the greens being proactive but their coming along at the most economically unstable time in Australian history, promising free shit to a younger generation that’s essentially got no future and been indoctrinated to the hilt.

1920’s all over again.


What about a huge group of angry Australians handing out tailored versions of this in every electorate!!!!


As you know, that’s almost exactly what I was doing. IMO it’s not enough. Most of the people sick of the majors voted Green or Teal.


sausage sizzles

this is just a bogan name for a fundraising dinner…
so how would it change anything exactly?


I have been taking time to process this result. I spent the election handing out how to vote majors last (greens, labor, liberal). It is the most active I have ever been in politics. I am bitterly disappointed at the poor performance of the freedom parties, particularly PHON. With Greens and Teals picking up most of the seats taken from the LNP, one assumes that voters either think net zero by 2050 isn’t enough, that the LNP didn’t mean it, or maybe they didn’t even realise the LNP had changed its policy because they formed their opinion 2.5 years ago and switched off. In any case, implementing climate change mitigation reform as we go into a recession will be a total clusterfuck unless we build nuclear power stations or start making our own wind turbines and solar panels. Labor won’t do it, and they’ll f it if they try. So importing all the tech for our future industrial base is what’s going to happen, so they’ll make it really hard to mine or refine any fossil fuels. They’ll confidently predict that lithium and battery tech will replace coal, oil and gas, having done little or insufficiently rigorous modelling. When it fails, and wages flatten and unemployment rises, they’ll print money to mitigate and feed inflation as result. As this threatens rents and then house prices, they’ll import more migrants, handing out graduate visas and PR like lollies, to put a floor under the housing market, which will undermine wages even further and cause further deterioration in the housing market. They will be forced to make big ugly cuts to the NDIS and medicare, but it won’t matter because they’ll be accused of causing mass inflation if they don’t reform, and being heartless and against the people if they do. Anglo dominance in the anglosphere has likely passed the point of no return. We are not the first people to give up and allow ourselves to be overrun (Aztecs, Anglo Saxons and Danes in England after the Norman conquest, others?) and we will not be the last. I am ashamed of my parents, who hated their parents, each other and their society, the most just and fair that has ever existed, so much that they destroyed in 50 years most links with their centuries old culture that brought them power and prosperity, then failed to have enough children to look after them in their old age so they gave their children’s inheritance away to foreigners. Such utter scumbags. Then my generation, the people who stood for nothing so were called X. We had been poorly taught, knew nothing of facts or purpose of life and followed our parents over the cliff into demographic oblivion. The few children we did have hate their own bodies and suffer from anxiety because they are so alone. Disconnected from themselves, from family (many only children), and trying to fit in with a world that hates them because they are reminders that Anglos still exist. In 20 years time there will be very few Anglos born in Australia, the US, Canada or NZ, maybe not even in the UK. They will all be mixed race or foreign descent. Maybe in time they will create a new race and identity like Brazil (ish). But for me and mine it is curtains. Now it is our turn to be discriminated against and unable to fight because of the useless beliefs we hold. And because we use food to fight our anxiety. I’m almost certainly extrapolating too far, but such is my alarm at the obsession with a self defeating determination to lead the world in climate change mitigation when do so holds zero benefit for us. Putting that ahead of basic freedoms, housing, food and transport is beyond belief. Fuck you Australia. Fuck you.

Agent 47

Agree about the demographics but i dont think its over at all. Birth rates are plummeting everywhere bar a few countries in Africa.

Issue is going to be will food shortages cause invasions into western countries. I’d say the EU is about to get bent over from Africa.

Anyway you look at it, violence is inevitable.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Those that have money will have food, those that don’t will continue to starve, notably those in the 3rd world, the fact that the average first world person is fat / obese means that we could cut back a lot, but we won’t !


For sure, but what Westerner (including the migrants that got here yesterday, last week, last year) is going to give up what they’ve got to feed a growing number of starving people?

Alegra? Zali? Bandt? Smithy? LNP? Labor?

No. They’ll continue gorging themselves and nominate my kids starve to feed an insanely, stupidly, GROWING high global population.

We are in the top luckiest 1% of people on the planet, and we’re fucking it up to achieve zero. Nothing.

There’s only one solution. Depopulation; but no one (LNP, Labor, Greens, scientists, globalists, UN) wants to talk about it.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

“There’s only one solution. Depopulation”

That is what the jabs are doing, and I assume that being that we don’t have Elysium built yet to house the WEF and their friends, they have to make do with cutting back on the 8 billion of us. The jabs to reduce the first world population, food shortages to reduce the 3rd world population.

Note that we have exceeded the carrying capacity of the earth for many years now and manage to consume the years worth of stuff by around July, https://www.overshootday.org/ , we are well on our way to starving the poor


I purposely don’t know anything about any of that.

I had to be vaccinated to keep my job and feed myself. I looked down the rabbit hole, and decided it not a good idea.

TBO, I don’t believe any of it. I’ve got mates who have (literally) gone crazy fighting this. Whatever has happened, its dodgy, no doubt, someone is to pay, but I’m reasonably confident it’s not about depopulation. Why would the elites give a fuck about that? They encourage population for the benefit of themselves.


food shortages to reduce the 3rd world population”

Was entirely predicted with a growing population and collapsing environment.

Our turn is soon. Probably less than 50 years.

Alegra, Penny, Zali, Tanya etal won’t be hungry.

Anyone challenged fat boy/girl Smithy about eating more than its share?


The elites will be fine. They will be immune to food shortages. They will keep pontificating that the issue is working class white men eating meat and living in houses.


Exactly. They’ll have adequately fed military and police protecting them too.

Maybe that’s a good future for a pleb. Military and police serving the elites.


Wouldn’t go the military, they’ll find some proxy war to get you killed in (see Ukraine)


Yes. There will be war.


Yes, the question is where and the timing.


There’s been extensive modelling, its just a secret Victoria.


Hey – when this website started, I said pretty clearly. Find a way to monetize, even if its $5 per person. That way you can pay for talent, tech etc.

Several people have offered to pay money. You want to make a change, go do it. But you need a structure, and you need to fund it.

Obviously, only do this if you already have a business and some support shored up, otherwise they will bone you good and proper.

Most folks who see what we all see here are doing just that. Finding businesses which can exit the system for them, their families, and associates.

Given what we saw in WA and Vic, during the time Scomo did squat, its pretty clear Aus will not survive as a single entity if pressure is applied.

The smart money sees this and is busy preparing. Let the sandgropers and whatever the f is in the water in victoria deal with the consequences of their stupidity.

You can take the horse to the water, but you cannot make it drink.


“Finding businesses which can exit the system for them, their families, and associates.”

I have aspired to be free of elite control my whole working life. I haven’t achieved it yet. I keep trying because TINA.


Do you have an image you’d share of the..”how to vote majors last”?






I handed out cards from RDA: https://majorslast.com/


The freedom parties doing badly shows that EZFKA units put security above freedom. Perfect for the WEF. Most people were actually happy with lockdown. They were better off financially, so who cares about child development and other issues caused by lockdown.

The need to lead the world in climate change could easily be done by cutting off rapid immigration. Melbourne’s population increased 50% since 2003. Its suburbs have had a substantial reduction in canopy cover, roads are widened, more apartments requiring aircon. The people who want drastic climate action are also open border nutters 🤡🌎


I’ve been sent YouTube of this dodgy pro Labor FW Jordies by my young bloke. Says lots of young people have been talking about him.

Says….”have you seen this guy dad? He seems really good”…

Need to make some YouTubes debunking this wanker.

Labor versus Liberal


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Yeah but he correctly refers to Leigh S as ratface. And that short haired liberal member, his take down of her was splendid.


Jordies can’t believe an ABC employee isn’t extreme pro Labor.

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Wish I’d thought of how to vote cards outlining how to vote against the majors.

Such a clever idea.

Be great to get support for this going forward. It’d take nothing to do it. No affiliations to appease. Just get them printed, turn up at your electorate and hand them out. Recruiting people across Australia would be pretty easy too I think.


Its pretty telling that ALP lost nearly as much primary vote as the libs this year (and were already behind them in primary vote last year)

The highlight was, of course, kristina kenneally losing (even though she is a milf and I absolutely still would)

But the “independent” that beat her (Dai Le) is actually a former liberal party member and liberal party candidate

Which, and I think you would be interested in this Stewie, very much highlights the problem with multiculturalism

The vietnamese of Fowler identify as Vietnamese first, and working class Australian second
Hence they’d rather vote for a vietnamese Liberal than a white Labor

Even these capitalist running dogs who abandoned Vietnam to “escape communism” will never fully identify as Australian
So the issue will be even worse for the chinese and muslims who have emigrated here to take advantage of economic opportunities

There is therefore no hope for proper class identity and people’s politics in Australia, and that was probably the whole point of multiculturalism



Watch for…”migrants to the regions”….as the next big political push. Only then can the vote be controlled right across Australia.

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Simon Holmes A Court the key. I was initially happy to see LibLab primary vote get smashed as they don’t deserve to be major parties. But looking closer I see the Teals are effectively another party captured and paid for by vested interests. No different to LibLab captured by the banks, mining, property, or unions.

Simon Holmes A Court another sociopathic rich man’s child looking to make a name for himself. Last election it was Alex Turnbull using his wealth to subvert democracy and enrich himself with climate policies.

Also, last week John Adams capitulated and predicting property price “hyperinflation”. Election results have caused the last remaining bear Martin North to capitulate. I think it may be finally time for a housing market crash.


to be fair to him, didn’t adams call for house price rises in the immediate post-covid period too?
So he was right then (though obviously he is a bit of a bumbling idiot)

Northy is still a permabear as far as I can gather, typical negative/pessimistic englishman.
Bloke is an absolute flog as far as I’m concerned, I’d rather listen to Adams

I can see a scenario where house prices hold up quite well
-wages start rising under ALP
-ALP opens the gates
-building material costs remain high due to ongoing supply chain issues
-building industry remains in chaos

obviously interest rates will be high, which might hit the top end of the property market in the eastern states quite hard, but could be good for outer suburbs, the lesser states and apartments


If Adams was right during covid then I guarantee you it was for the wrong reasons. He is another idiot who preaches the price-to-income metric which completely ignores interest rates and mortgage repayments.

This is not the 70s where we had strict lending criteria (less leverage) and unions ensuring wages tripled within a decade. Nor is the early 2000s where lending standards were relaxed to the point of 105% LVR.

ALP will no doubt increase minimum wages. But they cannot legislate a pay increase for everyone else. We will potentially have Interest rates higher than what many people are expecting and no corresponding wage increase for middle-high income earners.

Of course there are many other things in play like ALP buying 40% of houses, tax cuts which effectively a rise in disposable income, etc.


He is another idiot who preaches the price-to-income metric which completely ignores interest rates and mortgage repayments.

yes, that’s right. price-to-income is not the right approach. In reality there are a number of things going on, the principal ones being:

1. operating spend budget –Households have weekly housing budget (say $700/week) – this determines how much they devote to housing each year.

2. Capital spend budget – interest rates/lending structures (eg IO availability, deposit requirement) then determines how much that weekly spend grosses up to, in terms of debt principal & asset capital value.

3. Asset thereby afforded – with the above financial aspects defined (or at least sketched out), the households go and see what physical asset they can get in the market. Maybe it’s a small apartment, or maybe it’s a nice well located house… real physical housing supply and population size (demand) come into this.


Is it just me, or is the site running like crap for everyone (again)?

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes it is, how can we donate, and not in worthless coin …

Joachim Peiper

I would donate if we rename the site to
“House Of Hate”.


would donate if we rename the site to

“House Of Hate”

you must be Joakin!

…..what’s your bid?

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Joachim Peiper

Five Mefo Bills.


But EZFKA only accepts worthless coins, because… reasons!


It’s not just you. I’ve had a couple of failures to connect due to “server resource limit exceeded” or some such shit, and page loads etc can be astonishingly slow.