Weekend Links 23/4/22-25/4/22

So this weekend links is very similar to last week’s, mainly because I haven’t been reading as much and because lasts week’s were really earlier this week’s and got mostly ignored due to other posts being funnier and pithier.

The non-nation:

Subversion – how aresholes try to change you by changing the people around you

Mandatory COVID vaccination is an abuse of human rights as confirmed by the NZ High Court and:


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So Alan Kohler thinks soaring house prices have changed society for the worse. What a fucking genius that man is. Where would we be without his razor sharp insights? Coming soon from Alan, breaking reports about the sky being blue and water being wet.


With a whore like profession being economics, there will always be someone that will argue the benefits of high housing prices.


Thanks for putting together the Weekend Links Robert.


Yeah – looking forward to crawling through them all.


I mentioned seeing some work a few days ago indicating that the vaccines were causing immune suppression, resulting in increased risk of some cancers, and a variety of other bugs like hepatitis.

The nad cat has started to do a breakdown on this to explain the suppression mechanism for non-brainiacs. Well worth looking at.



Hey lswchp, the other day I shot some tin cans with a .22 rifle – I found it great.

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Hector Lancebottom

Reported to the appropriate authorities as a potential mass-shooter and terrorist.


If you want to have some real fun, use unopened cans and hollow points 🙂


Most people find firearms to be a lot of fun, particularly little guns like .22 rifles that are cheap to shoot, relatively quiet and have no recoil.

Balloons full of water are very entertaining targets. 😊

Agent 47

So are old cars.

Btw what are you paying for .22LR in ACT atm? Ammo is fucking insane here. 3x pre COVID on some calibers. Can’t reload because there’s no fucking powder or primers anywhere.

Good thing I stockpiled last year because I saw it coming.


I have a…errmmm…very large stockpile of. 22LR, .22WMR and .17HMR, so I haven’t bought any for about a year and can’t recall what I paid. And I saw the component drought coming too so stocked up there as well. I shoot about 6000-7000 rounds per annum, and I have a few years supply. Hopefully ADI will get their shit together and start making pistol powder again sometime in the next couple of years.


Something in the 40-watt range?


I think we should all switch to high powered capacitor lasers. Internal combustion weapons contribute to global warming.

Yeah….but they don’t go Bang!!

Where’s the fun in that?

Aussie Soy Boy

They’re still blaming lockdowns and lack of exposure to usual bugs via socialising for the sudden proliferation of these viruses, but it’s been open slather in the UK since ‘freedom day’ last July, and they never had lockdowns or adherence to lockdowns like in Australia to begin with. Much of the population never took it seriously. Much of the US never locked down, lot of people have never changed any aspect of their life.

If they’re going to blame lack of social mixing, then the UK and US are probably the two worst examples to use in the western world.

They can’t rule anything out at this stage it could be a vaccine side effect, maybe past COVID infections triggering it a year or two down the track.

To pin hepatitis on a lack of social mixing (in the UK no less) doesn’t make much sense to me.


The vaccinators have certainly created a situation where there isn’t a clean control group. Most likely by design.

and yet, different states in the US have had markedly different rules and behaviours (as have some countries in Europe) and so smart cookies have been able to find signal within the noise and obstruction.

so far it’s been around things like masking (and not-masking), but I’m sure as time wears on the cookies will look at outcomes from “vaccine” interventions.

Aussie Soy Boy

McGowan’s son sounds like a real wimp. Or maybe just made from weak DNA.

Only 11 of of the COVID deaths in the past 2 years have been in people 19 and under. So you need to be conceived from some weak sperm to die from this virus.

What goes around comes around.


Weak sperm is generally a let-down.

sure, it might work well as a light sauce for roast lizard, but for all other purposes, it’s not what’s required!


He may have a pre-existing medical condition. The poor kid is sick. I don’t care anyone’s politics, I pity any parent with a deathly sick child.

Aussie Soy Boy

McGowan fucked with many people in a way not seen before in this country. He showed no mercy, no compassion. Fuck him.


That’s pretty much how I feel. No sympathy for tyrants.


thanks for these

I liked the last 4 articles – I think 2 of them I hadn’t gotten around to last week.

The article about toxic feminism and philosophy I really liked last week. But I tend to like that subject matter…


Been reading some interesting speculation and Chinese whispers emanating from Turkey (of all places).

Supposedly one of the reasons why the Russians have chosen to seal off the Iron Works factory in Marupol, rather than storm it, is that because two French helicopters were shot down trying to evacuate Ukrainian fighters.

Supposedly there are already a number of other NATO soldiers trapped within the Iron works, which if true basically means NATO has interposed itself into the conflict to the point of direct combat against Russian troops.

The French apparently don’t know what to do:


For the moment Russia is supposedly trying to calm the situation by claiming they were Ukrainian helicopters.

Turkey is apparently going to release news tomorrow, so we’ll find out shortly whether this is just rumour and scuttlebutt and/or Russian propaganda, or whether they are telling the truth, and NATO has actually engaged the Russians.

(I am now running a deep virus scan after reading some of those sites)

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I vote that it’s scuttlebutt.

at worst, there may be a handful of foreign mercenaries in Ikraine.

I think they don’t want to storm the metalworks because it will be too costly. Embarrassingly costly. Gallipoli-type stuff.

besides, if they really have it surrounded (which is, apparently, contested) it shouldn’t take too long to starve them out especially while they prevent civilians from leaving


I can’t vouch for the veracity of the information provided on this site….but it does provide “the view from the other side”:


Gruppenführer Mark

The Saker is a really good site to get the information from the Russian point of view. Yes, it does lean to be a pro-Russia site, but it provides documented evidence of daily occurrences, rather than what we get to read in our MSM that is very much aligned with USA/EU. As an example, what we heard about “Russian Bucha atrocities” a couple of weeks ago has been entirely debunked with videos/statements from the Ukrainian side as a false flag op.

Another English language source of information is Moon of Alabama.

I find that reading both sides of the story and making up your own mind tends to lead one to their own conclusions, rather than following the official party line, depending on which side one is on.



An open mind.jpg

There definitely seems to be an effort to suggest NATO involvement in Ukraine, from the sinking of the Moskva and now this. It has the whiff of Russian propaganda.

I’d believe that NATO could potentially be involved in non combat operations, like evacuations in Ukraine, but any suggestion involving actual combat I’m skeptical of.

It seems more likely that Russia is looking for excuses to explain what has so far been a poor showing from their military.


I think the Javlin anti-tank weapons and backpack drones they have been receiving as military supplies have had a big impact on the Russian performance and why they have been so patchy.

Ironically I also think that this ‘success’ that the Ukrainians have had in stalling or slowing Russian advances and making them pay for every mile of territory gained, has resulted in the Russians defaulting more to their armillary barrages and much more widespread destruction of Ukraine.

Once again, while I don’t condone Russia’s actions, I condemn the US’s use of Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia knowing that it will result in the destruction of Ukraine in the process. Which is broadly what John Mearsheimer outlined back in 2015:


It is immoral to use a people for your own ends, knowing it will destroy them in the process and you will face little chance of blow back in your own back yard. That is what I will condemn the US and particularily the elites within the ‘Democrat’ and US institutional bodies.

As to the truth, I believe it probably lies somewhere between what we see and read in our msm, and what we are forbidden to read and hear about from the Russian media.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Gruppenführer Mark

Stewie, the patchy Russian performance or the Ukrainian success in slowing them down can be put down to one reason only: Russian forces are explicitly trying to avoid civilian casualties. They are not engaging in “shock and awe” type or warfare that has been seen is Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria where entire cities have been bombed into the ground (or Dresden, if you want to go that far in history).

Remember, these are two countries that are inhabited by the same people. Aligned through history, culture, language and customs. This is not bombing brown people half way around the globe. The stated goals of this “Special Military Operation” did not include killing off the civilian population, no matter what we are being told. Hence, the progress is presented as slow, although so far, after 2 months, Ukraine already lost ~25% of its territory, and the most productive part of it, with very low casualties on the civilian side.


Thousands of hours of MSM bullshit dispelled in two succinct paragraphs. 🙂


I would largely agree with that – that was sort of the point I was makingm in that the ‘resistance’ that the US is encouraging and facilitating, is ensuring that Russia is forced to use more aggressive tactics.

That said, I do believe the drones and Javlin anti-tank weapons are causing the Russians problems, which are in turn forcing the Russians into using more brut force tactics than they would probably have liked, for all the reasons you describe.

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Gruppenführer Mark

La Resistance in Ukraine has three main goals:

  1. Offload all of the old weapons in NATO countries to Ukraine, so the MIC in US (and in Germany/France to the lesser degree) to get new contracts – just check the stock market price for major MIC companies!
  2. Cripple EU economy, as it heavily depends on Russian energy, which will, in theory, support the US LNG and shale oil production/supply.
  3. Keep Russia’s attention away from the Arctic, which is quickly emerging as the last area of ample hydrocarbon supply stil available and unsecured on this planet.

All in my opinion, of course.


2. Cripple EU economy, as it heavily depends on Russian energy, which will, in theory, support the US LNG and shale oil production/supply.

Objective 2 already progressing nicely, thank you:

Germany Borrows Another 40 Billion Euros To Cushion Fallout From War In Ukraine

Famously debt-averse Germany has decided that it will need to borrow nearly 40 billion euros ($43 billion) to cushion its economy from the blowback caused by the war in Ukraine.

They plan to use the money to blunt the economic and financial impact of the war (ie on more handouts for the country’s citizens), which has led to surging energy prices that must be shouldered by German companies and consumers, according to Bloomberg, who cited several sources close to the German government.



Have a look at the Duran and Scott Ritter too. Really good coverage about what is actually happening.


The rumours are castrateu spent 800 m cad training Azov. There are pictures floating around of avoz guys training with Canadian gear.


The rumours are castrateu spent 800 m cad training Azov.

This does not compute.! Why spend big money training people, rather than just importing 100,000 bods for free?!


Conscription touted as an idea to improve hospitality staffing. They’ll do anything to not increase wages…



It’s probably a good thing that our hospitality industry is forced to reduce its entrenched reliance on a continuous flow of backpackers, students and skilled workers (because that flow is no longer continuous), but it’s going to be a rocky road to recovery.

So here’s an idea. Sacrifice your kids. 

seriously… this guy wrote it. Those guys published it.

talk about saying the quiet part out loud!


Inflation will fix this problem. With less disposable income, people will be going out less and will have to prepare their own meals and drinks.

Take Melbourne for example, the population doubled in 20 years and the number of restaurants has more than tripled. A few less cafes, restaurants and bars mightn’t be such a bad thing.

Agent 47

Yep. Every second cunt decided they wanted to open up a restaurant.

There’s only so much demand and so many things you can do with food. Restaurant collapses need to happen, along with the stupid amount of gyms that have popped up on every second corner.


I would really look forward to that.

4% unemployment my fucking arse.

see how it looks after all the waitstaff are out on their fucking arses.

JJF is exactly right about a layer of debt froth… very very precarious.

A fly in your ointment

what an irony that the smarty pants that wrote this article has a name that means less than an idiot


The fact that they are considering a larger rate increase just proves the RBA have been asleep at the wheel.


The Reserve Bank is a 50-50 chance to deliver a late election campaign interest rate rise to millions of Australian home buyers with the nation’s second-largest lender warning people could face the largest one-off rate rise since the start of the century.

In what would be the biggest intervention in an election since 2007, analysts and financial markets increasingly believe the RBA cannot delay normalising interest rates and will have to move at its May 3 meeting to deal with growing inflation pressures.


EZFKA’s diplomatic performance so poor that the US is reopening their embassy on the Solomon Islands. Looks like both major parties are pro China.


Comments by Mr Morrison featuring similar language in an address to the University of Melbourne in 2019 have also resurfaced.

“We welcome Chinese investment. We have welcomed it for decades. The stock of Chinese investment in Australia in 2018 was more than eight times larger than a decade ago,” he said. “The infrastructure needs of the region are enormous and Australia welcomes the contribution that the Belt and Road Initiative can make to regional investment and to regional development.”


“We have welcomed it for decades”. I am sure the “we” refers to the elites. Most non elite do not welcome it. The elites will get themselves cushy jobs whereas the working class will compete with newly imported workers. ChAFTA had provisions for Chinese companies to bring their own workers.

Sadly white history is being eliminated from curriculum, but a decent history lesson is the Irish under British rule. When we sell off our critical assets including farmland we are going to end up like the Irish. If we have a severe worldwide shortage of food, do you think the foreign owned farms will provide food for locals?

Agent 47

Wiemar Germany. This is the Wiemar period, we know what can potentially come next.

A fly in your ointment

Dunno about your suburbs guys, In my neighbourhood the listings for sale went up 50%. It was 70ish until 2 weeks ago, 102 today. Surrounding burbs too…


Listings in my area look around the same, although there has been a lift in nearby suburbs. Price expectations are still high though. When I bought last year, there was one place I was looking at that was outside my budget – still on sale and price guide around the 2m+ mark almost a year on.

While I feel that I overpaid, looking around there are still some properties in a much worse condition going at similar prices – usually with shoddy photos and without a floor plan which is a giveaway. On the assumption it was going to be my first and last purchase, last year I was after somewhere with a ground floor bedroom and a dedicated office/study area.

Am still seeing a lot of 2-3 bedder townhouses that wouldn’t have met my criteria – these still asking around the 1-1.2m mark which was similar to mid 2021. However, it’s a very suburban/middle class area and it does seem like established homes don’t seem to go on the market all that often. 


everyone getting a bit nervous now I think

place around the corner sold for 3.7 last July 2021 is back on the market now so we’ll see how it goes I guess

couple of more expensive places have been sitting for a couple months now


On my walkies yesterday I happened to pass by a tiny villa (and I mean tiny!) that was open for inspection. I was very surprised to see around a dozen couples mostly in their 40s. I mention the age because at just over $1m this tiny home is still clearly out of reach of younger couples. The demand for a “house” is insane.


Sadly, many are accepting the fact that townhouses and villas will be their forever home. These will be the lucky ones. High rise Harry and our elites would prefer us all in kommunalkas.

Gruppenführer Mark

I actually quite enjoy my townhouse in 6006. Zero lawn maintenance, a very nice park nearby. I still cringe at the hours lost trying to maintain the lawn, shrubbery (c) and the like every weekend.

Gruppenführer Mark

That’s the one


comment image




I love it!


Deadliest self defence move…



‘Could you be a bit more Pacific?’



where do you start with this snot gargling regurgitation?

The global disruption caused by the war in Ukraine should prompt governments to reconsider their efforts to influence the crops farmers grow and move toward encouraging a more diverse food supply.”

Well let’s consider the fact that growing anything anywhere requires considerable acreages of arable fertile land that isn’t having the guts bombed out of it from within a warzone…..

then tell me choosing wheat as a preferred crop is the problem and not viable arable land.

Idiocy thy name is Jessica Fanz


Toxic feminimity influencing our society – better that we lower our living standards and prepare ourselves to eat bugs, than anything less than perfect equity exist in terms of accessing food throughout the world.

Toxic masculinity would have us saying, ‘Fuck off – it is not our problem to feed the world’. Better they starve than me…. and I consider being made to eat bugs a starvation diet.

Which leadership quality is the best for our society? I suppose that depends on whether you believe our society is a global one or a series of consecutive localised ones.

Expect to see a lot more of this stuff. WEF is very onboard with it, and has already made reference to the crisis in the Ukraine and the impact it is having as an opportunity to ‘reset’ global food supplies and production.

Obviously this comment by WEF has done wonders in the conspiracy theory part of the net. Jessica is basically just running with the WEF narrative that has already been circulating for some time.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

I thought wheat was a pretty diverse grain. Just look at what we make it into and how many countries will have a shortage of food due to a shortage of wheat. Additionally, the grain belts in southern Australia probably wouldn’t grow much else other than wheat. With the SMH publishing this crap, I am glad that I haven’t bought a Fairfax publication for years.

Gruppenführer Mark

Wheat is a fairly diverse grain, indeed. However, it needs pesticides (hello, Monsanto!) and fertilizer. It also needs land. And both of those (fertilizer and land) have been effectively taken out in the last two months, as far as the collective West is concerned.

Last similar experience I recall was the sweep of Arab Spring events that somehow strangely followed the US/EU mandate for “greener” fuel, where a lot of corn crop was transferred from food supply to fuel supply, severely limiting cheap food sources across a swath of nations, and raising prices of food staple directly affecting the poorest communities on this planet.



Don’t bother…..
although attacking Learmonth from the SI is “interesting”

Who needs to attack the australian mainland to neutralize australia?

A fly in your ointment

…it’s like neutering a hinnie or a mule



interesting new study in publication which combined all the existing randomised controlled trials


they found a substantial reduction in overall deaths following virus vector vaccines (AZ and J&J)

but no improvement following the mRNA vaccines (Pfizer and moderna)

there was a quite bizarre campaign against AstraZeneca in the media and from government (perhaps as a reflex) which I never really understood at the time – I made sure to get AZ as my preference


You should know better than to read anything into generalised statistics that ignore age groups.



I can’t read ANYTHING into it ?

the first thing I would read is that , until more evidence becomes available, I would favour virus vector vaccines over mRNA


You have the memory of a fish. Due to blood clotting issues, in many countries AZ/JJ was mainly used for over 50s and mRNA for under 50s. We know that the vaccines have more efficacy for the elderly than the young.

There is enough evidence (Israel Pfizer only) to prove that mRNA has efficacy when data is analysed by age group.


The RCTs were conducted before any of that became apparent you imbecile

or you can just scroll down to supplementary table 1 and see that the ages of the groups weren’t significantly different (except for a South African trial with tiny numbers unlikely to significantly affect the results)

DLS-like in your arrogance and stupidity


Is that you Skippy?

Even the author is critical of the ageless analysis. Maybe they are also imbeciles.


The trials are all in healthy youngish people

hence fully applicable to me and almost everyone else here, who are also healthy and youngish people

of course it’s not true that you can’t take ANYTHING from it – absurd DLS absolutist hyperbole

If that were the case , then the vaccines should never have been approved because their approval was based on even less – or you’ll only rely on data when it suits you ?

just admit you were wrong , and enjoy having learned something today

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming

And yet you have previously stated that the vaccines are useless for young and healthy people.

For that study to be correct it would imply that every other study on mRNA is incorrect.


which study to be correct ?

this is a pooled analysis of all vaccine RCTs that have ever been performed

and is not necessarily discordant with the UK data I have previously cited – the mRNA deleterious effects have countered the beneficial effects of the virus vector vaccines in that combined population

also consistent with my decision to take a virus vector vaccine

but even if it was contradictory (which it isn’t) , when the evidence changes I change my mind . How about you ?


I am happy to change my mind based on evidence. Based on the evidence of age skews distorting vaccine efficacy to the point of it being the anti-vax propaganda tool of choice. Then I am quite happy to ignore any generalised statistics that ignore age groups.


An interesting study,Coming.
Thanks for posting.
Both the papers’ authors and the Brownstone reviewer clearly identify and acknowledge the limitations and weaknesses of this initial step in a much-needed post-pandemic review of all medical decisions taken in the heat of battle.
It’s good to see some open-minded scientists taking up the challenge….beats the hell out of ideological mental inertia.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
Will be watching this one with great interest.


West is right on the money (as usual) with his criticisms of the ABC:

“Every day, the broadcaster follows up the stories which have run in News Corp and Nine Entertainment media, and therefore Coalition agendas, with little scrutiny. They are a key part of the machine which fails to hold governments to account, and which favours the Liberal Party.”

That said, West suffers from the same problem as DLS when it comes to our media. They are all liars when it comes to domestic policies and issues, but the word of God when it comes to interpreting foreign affairs.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Lol ain’t that the truth 😂

Gruppenführer Mark

I think it all boils down to how close you are to what is being reported. On domestic affairs, it is quite easy to look around and call bullshit. On something further away, without putting a lot of effort into learning the history, the lead-in, the politics around a certain event, most just follow what is being fed to them.

I am, for example, in shock as to how little is being reported around Yemen/Saudi war that has been dragging on for a number of years. Or, most recently, the flame-up in Israel/Palestine conflict. Or Tajikistan/Kyrgyzstan border conflict in the last year or so. Or Armenia/Azerbaijan war that is on-going. Or India just yesterday announcing a military operation in Cashmere, with Pakistani forces being put on high alert – these are two nuclear armed nations! Yet, nothing or close to it in the MSM.


Caitlin Johnstone summed it up quite nicely:

The hyperbolic language westerners use to describe fairly normal modern warfare in Ukraine suggests they’ve invested exactly zero thought in what their own governments have been doing in the middle east for the last two decades.

It’s like, yes, killing, violence and destruction is what war looks like. You’re describing the thing that war is. It’s creepy that you’re only just discovering this now. What did you think your government has been using to conduct its wars this whole time? Dank memes?



When you do those Mathematical proofs in High School, the sequence of proof is If Solving and true for n = 1, then true for all.

If the media narrative is corrupt at the micro level, local politics and issues, then you can safely assume that it is corrupt at the macro level too in respect to global politics and issues.

The same corruption and biases that exist in small scale must also exist at scale. Honestly, unless the news report is of Tornados, Floods or Earthquakes my starting position is that it is false, and that we are only being told half the story.

The issue is as you point out, how close people are to the issue impacting their ability to judge the credibility of what they are being told. The bloodiest conflict in the world at the moment is in Somalia, with 500,000 killed since January 2021. I think the total death toll in the Ukraine, not including Russian and Ukrainian soldiers, is still less than 5,000.


Young refuse to fight for Australia against China.

Young Aussies say they would REFUSE to fight for Australia and FLEE the country instead of resisting an invasion because of high house prices: ‘Send the boomers… they have the most to lose’


Absolutely – I would be fucking outraged if they re-introduced conscription. The Boomers sold out young Australians and then dissolved the nation in the MultiCult economic zone that is EZFKA today.

That is what post-modernist clap trap and MultiCult inevitably leads to. You have the DLS’s of the world standing, on the one hand standing on their soapboxes and as a form of virtue signalling say:

“I’m so sophisticated and wealthy as a Westerner that I can signal my worldly and wealthy independence, free of the needs of what welfare society provides to me (as I can just pick up and move to another part of the world) by saying Nationalism and homogenous, i.e. traditional White Western nations are a quaint things of the past and their dissolution is of no concern to me.”

Then the next minute he’s calling for invasion of the Solomon Islands, and would be scratching his head as to why no one would voluntarily turn up… or even give a shit if China take over the whole country.

He has cognitive dissonance greater than the grand canyon when he approvingly concedes of the dissolution of the West into a MultiCult Globohomo blob, and while failing to realise that it is only our unique sense of identity as distinct nations within that global community, that is worth fighting to preserve.

Post-Modernist Progressive Democrats like DLS are all for jumping off the cliff of relatively homogenous cultural societies, in order to signal their cosmopolitan sophistication, but a very much against land on the rocks of nihilism and division that lie below.

Nothing illustrates the impacts of the pursuit of MultiCult better than the massive decline in the willingness of young people to fight for their country, than the nations that have been most impacted by the pursuit of MultiCult.

Honestly a man has to be either obtuse to the point of being a vegetable, or as brainwashed as a MKUltra butterfly, to not be able to see that MultiCult destroys cohesive societies that people will sacrifice in order to fight to preserve.

Capture - Copy.JPG
Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Who makes up the army? Working class whites
Who will be conscripted in a war? Working class whites

Go to any country town, look at its population and how many men died in the wars and it was a significant part of their productive population. DLS won’t fight in a war, nor will most EmBee commenters. Nor will most men(???) in Fitzroy or Newtown.

Agent 47

This exactly. Although these surveys are partly demoralisation propaganda, it’s the poor of both countries that end up cannon fodder

DLS wouldn’t be able to shine his boots let alone know to operate a firearm.

Aussie Soy Boy

It certainly won’t be the newly minted ‘Australians’ who came here via China, Indian and South Sudan.

The same people who take offence if you don’t automatically assume they are ‘Australian’, won’t do anything to defend this country.

And it certainly won’t be white Australian women. If you look at how fat their arses get after the age of 21 I’m not sure any of them could pass basic training.

If they ever implement something like Ukraine where those 18-60 can’t leave the country, I’ll suicide myself before I ever spill blood to protect all those newly minted ‘Australians’, to ensure baby boomers can go on consuming until death, and to protect all the fat arsed women who can’t be fucked fighting.


Just imagine how much GDP that guys is generating. For every PlayStation that goes through his scheme, GDP doubles from $700 to $1500!

need more insane productivity like this in EZFKA


At least he’s having a go!

But I must say it is somewhat refreshing to hear about someone doing well who hasn’t gone down the buy lots of property -> “retire” -> start buyer’s agent business.


Some poll from the Huffington post. Probably not the most scientific study, but it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it were true. It accords with the general individual national surveys that I occasionally come across on on the subject.



“(the next thing to ban/make too expensive for ordinary people)”

In the feminocracy that we are now living under, you can only expect ever greater crack downs on risk, no matter how neurotic or microscopic those risks might be. Frankly, I am surprised there hasn’t been campaign started yet to end the terrible risks of riding a bike!

The extreme reaction to COVID, the extreme reaction to the vaccines and the extreme reactions to social injustice, no matter how residual or how small, eg BLM, provokes a huge response.



It is a question of who should pay. The bike thing already happened 35 years ago and is a good example. If a child hurts themselves riding on a footpath and becomes permanently disabled then who should pay?:
1) Council pays because it was their footpath. i.e. Public liability.
2) Tax system pays for healthcare and permanent disability support payments
3) The parents of the child pays

The solution ended up being reduce the public costs by forcing everyone to wear a helmet, eliminate council liability by forcing everyone off the footpath, and the cost of being run over covered by Greenslips. It is also no coincidence the costs of injury were shifted from car rego (state) to Greenslips (private) soon after.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
Gruppenführer Mark

Witnessed the saddest thing in Perth a couple of years ago. On a Sunday, in CBD, completely empty, a bicycle rider was being fined by riding on a footpath by two horse-mounted cops. The cops arrived via a footpath, judging by piles of horse shit a few hundred meters from where the event took place, as they could not use the road, being one-way (Hay Street for those in the know).


These are state rules. NSW was also one of the first places in the world to implement seat belt rules. There is definitely history there but I believe it to be more about $$$. They don’t really GAF whether we live or die as long as we don’t cost them money in the process.


Lockout laws were introduced to kill nightlife and push up property prices for dictator Baird’s property owning mates. Petty tyranny was the bonus.

The voters need to be accepting of it as well. Most people either don’t GAF or actually want it. A bit like majority voting asset owners actually wanting house prices rises despite it lowering quality of life for younger Australians.


Lockout laws were introduced to kill nightlife and push up property prices for dictator Baird’s property owning mates. Petty tyranny was the bonus.

they go well together. The preceding tyranny laid the ground for apathy and resignation towards the lockout corruption.

the tyranny of the lockout will, in turn, pave the ground with apathy and resignation towards the next piece of graft and corruption


I think that the 1850-1940 period was a very traumatic time for women due to home appliances and the wars among other changes in society.

It’s very unfortunate, but there is also no scholarship about these events so it is very hard to say.


No amount of MSM consumption would be good for you.

Gruppenführer Mark

Aw, shucks! Thanks. “blush”

Don’t have posting privileges, but can do a weekly column of Conspiracy Porn, I guess. Followed by a final link of some out of here music.

brilliant follow up video on above twatter link about “woman” reductio ad costuming


and my favourite schadenfreude:

If CNN+ had pronouns they’d be was/were

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Matt Walsh is doing good work.


I know that a few on here read Strategic Culture.org.

Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be some tomfoolery going on with the site?

For the last few days, when I tried to view the site, I was getting a login box requiring Username and Password….with only the option to sign in,not register.

Then it briefly returned to normal yesterday…….but now, trying to access the site yields “403 Forbidden”.

I know that this couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the fact that Strategic Culture is run by a Russian think tank, or that it regularly carries articles by a range of writers critical of Western policies and actions, particularly in respect of Ukraine of late.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

A fly in your ointment

since the invention of Telegram I stopped the website bit. The links from there worked.

20. April

💡Dear followers,

Due to migration to another server ⚙️, our website may be temporarily unavailable. Please, don’t worry, we continue as usual!



Danke DJE᳆KA

A fly in your ointment

DDoS it was… working again

Agent 47

Pretty sick of the musk simps. Just an actor playing the good guy.

Agent 47

Still a few of these around


Imagine bending over backwards to congratulate and kiss the rim of someone who called you a liar to a global audience.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you the Prime Minister of EZFKA.


What a wuss, and on ANZAC day of all things.

A fly in your ointment

it is his sigh of relief as Macron will do Micron sweet f-all (about subs) but not the case with Le Pain-dans-la-dernier