Australia needs to brace for Schwabbian cyberattacks, CBDC’s and Digital ID’s

As attention spans in Australia have now been shifted from non-stop COVID fear porn to some corrupt Eastern European shithole famous mainly for human trafficking, dodgy gas deals and the Holodomor, the economic situation continues to go all over the place.

However, said shithole and the conflict within it may have actual repercussions for the rest of us and not just those on Twitter exchanging the syringes for Ukrainian flags. The EU have now apparently had Russia kicked off the SWIFT system which will make it hard for some to purchase commodities. Conveniently, Russian gas and oil was left out of the sanctions because billionaires lives matter. This just hurts the middle class in Russia and no-one else really.

I’m interested to see what it does to EU food prices given that Russian fertiliser bankrolls a lot of the EU’s food production. However, China also has the CIPS system which Russia may start using more of and will be interesting to see what it does to the petrodollar long term. We also have apparent bank runs beginning in Russia.

As it stands we now have the media planting the idea of cyber attacks as part of the conflict, which is an amazing coincidence because this is just what the World Economic Forum was war gaming just last year.

Catch up on Cyber Polygon from everyone’s mate Klaus here:

My 2-cent opinion: brace yourself for a ‘cyber attack’ targeting the financial sector that will likely be blamed on Russia, but originating from the basement in Davos. I don’t care for Russia or the Ukraine and both leaders have made appearances at Davos in the previous few years, however any such financial chaos that may ensue will present the perfect opportunity to present Central Bank Digital Currencies and tie it to pending Digital ID legislation. These won’t go in the front door, so they’ll need to manufacture consent from a catalysing event as usual and sneak them in the tax payer’s rear end.

What’s inflation again?

The Queensland government already has digital drivers licences being trialled at the moment, so we’re well on the way. Here’s a preview of what Justin Trudeau’s WEF Canadian chapter has been suggesting for it’s citizens:

Based Gym Bro on top of it again. There’s a better quality original video somewhere but I can’t find it.

Happy to be wrong about any of this, but volatility reigns at the moment. Position your money as best you can.

And I’m sure Klaus and the WEF are glad they are no longer on the front page. For the time being anyway.

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The new digital strategy in Australia means all directors have to have digital id by November. Global government is here.

Agent 47

Yes. That’s happening at my work. Even the board are like ‘wtf’.


Yeah my accountant sent that to me. No way to get out of it afaik. The language in the letter made it very clear that I was responsible for meeting the reporting obligation so if it was not filled in, would be very much my problem.

Did not leave a lot of wiggle room, but its end of this year so still got time.

Agent 47

Good read thanks.

I agree that we will see an attempt at digital ID before end of year.


Digital ID by year end and full social credit scores by 2025.

Agent 47

Yes or at least an attempt at it either way. I’m not sure it will be successful given too many people know about it now. Usually they have to blindside people with these things.


It will be like QR checkin, they will make it compulsory. You can not renew your passport etc without an Ozzie ID.


IMO a cyber-attack on the financial system would be contrary to the interests of CBDC. They need to prove system stability before abolishing cash and moving us on to a CBDC.

Regarding digital id. Recall they tried to introduce an Australia ID a few decades ago that was rejected by the public. We ended up with a Tax File Number instead. So my question is, in the context of already having a TFN, Driver’s License, Passport, Medicare Number, and a Mobile Number that can be geolocated and increasingly required to register for anything else digital. Then what is the advantage of having a generic Ditigal ID?

Agent 47

My understanding is most of this stuff exists in silos that have pesky things like the privacy act and law enforcement warrants required to be accessed. They essentially want it all accessible in the one place 24/7 and they want to add bullshit like meat consumption and carbon emissions to it. China on steroids basically.

Canada was the prototype.


My question was mostly rhetorical. Everything is linked. You need to provide ID to get a mobile number. Just about everything meaningful in cyberspace now requires a linked mobile number.

The authorities already have access one way or another to everything else they need. e.g. ATO has the authority to data match across systems. If you have a photo ID then they have the capability to use that information to track your movements via facial recognition. Just about the only thing they can’t do is track every financial transaction, which is where the CBDC fits in.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

I think that you can’t demand someone’s TFN if you’re not a tax officer, can’t demand for Medicare number if you’re not a health provider, can’t demand for drivers licence if you’re not a police officer, etc.

they’d love an ID number that is not restricted like that. Tattooed on the forearm (or barcode on forehead) would be ideal, of course. But they’ll take a digital things, if they must settle.

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Shae The Burmese

In theory yes, however as of last year medical records are now open to access from employers and small business owners via “proof of vaccination”.


They will get to that


High court isn’t so high in NZ. Interesting to see if the crazy horse will go for an appeal.


My MB subscription expired today , after the last 10 months of it being banned from commenting

I feel actually much better
I used to go there to hate read and silently mock the people there
so I’m probably better off with it out of my life

I will miss their frequent copy pastes of the work of real analysts and investment companies however , with the two lines of DLS waffle at the end I could ignore (“yep that’s what I said” )

Agent 47

“(Some researcher) with the note:”

Is basically 90% of DLS content now, in between kvetching about Scomo and fondling himself about Jacinda.


How many members would you guess they have?

At $200, it can’t be that lucrative surely.

Is that idiot Gunna on the payroll?

Agent 47

Under 100 I’d guess.


Not even pocket money.

No wonder they fought to keep my $200 after banning me.


yep f-all

subtract operational costs and its likely barely turning a profit, they have to be making money some other way on the side


They’ve probably both been leveraged into Australian property for the last 10 years so they don’t need an income

they’re just doing it for laughs

Max Payne

Probably explains why a lot of their posts are such low effort. As Coming mentioned their contribution largely revolves around pressing Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V on the keyboard. I’m guessing that was impetus to setup Nucleus Wealth and grab some investment money from their fanbois.


I’m banned too. It’d be great if someone could post there on my behalf.

…..”MB is sssoooo boring…and…DLS is a weak minded weasel”…..

….”city centric 2PP is meaningless”….

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

I posted there last week and one of their talking lettuces accused me of being you – he obviously was new around there.


I saw that. What a goose. They think there’s a lone person in Australia that doesn’t like Labor/woke!!!!

He’s a special kind of idiot that Mr Tezza

Last edited 2 years ago by Totes

Oh fuck yeah he’s dumb – on par with a sea sponge.


Half the country will hate Labor/woke after Labor implement their woke manifesto after the election.


If they win. I’m still not convinced they will. Not easy to undo the memories of Rudd and Gillard.


My last alt account got banned for giving DLS aa heap over his renewables costing so I won’t be commenting there any more either. Not giving them even a single $ given tthe way they treat their audience.


What, is this some sort of MB-hater site?


Quit MB in Feb 2021 as I was sick of the MB promoting hiding under the bed for c19…. so the WFH crowd could feel “safe”


Honestly though, that can be said for so much of the media – it is just unrelenting corporate and Govt propaganda in the msm, and a series of little fiefdoms in the independent space. I’ve cut way back on my msm, and feel better for it.

The msm is literally the Silicon Chip they insert and update in every NPC’s mind every night.

Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

This site has some interesting insights from time to time but it is also quite obvious why a lot of you fucked up spastic cunts are blocked on MB.


Heheh 😸

why? Because they are full up already?

Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

Oh and that too! I blame Labor for that though!


In support of my assertion that the pretentious use of Kyiv rather than Kiev is pure political signaling – I give you ‘Chicken Kyiv’:

There is reason why the msm are referring to it as Kyiv, but not Moskova for Moscow. Ukraine “in” hence Kyiv, with own special culture worth honoring in our now MultiCult English, while Russia “out” and must continue to wear the shame of being referred to in Anglicized format. Honestly the simping is pathetic.

The same people calling Kiev Kyiv would be the same ones who referred to ‘French Fries’ as ‘Freedom Fries’ when France rightfully questioned the United States last globalist escapade.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Nah. My guess is because it was easier to make kyiv trend without setting off people alarms.

Can’t find what you can’t spell!


Hi Dave!


some eerie similarities with the Clinton 2016 campaign here

Seems like a strategically very bad move for Albo to have gone to this, since its full of the kind of people that Aussie battlers absolutely DESPISE

But the party is so out of touch, they probably have no idea, think this is a ringing endorsement instead

if the ALP loses I will laugh harder than I have in a very, very long time


It will be a wokefest should Labor get elected. This is just confirming that Labor are not the party for the working class, they are now the party for people like hanky head.


ukraine is now releasing convicts with military experience as long as they agree to fight in the army lol

totally sounds like something a country that’s allegedly taking out 500 russian tanks an hour would need to do

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal
Luke B

I have been following this and it seems incredibly odd… Also the recycled stock footage, there are recycled clips from Syria and even a little girl berating soldiers and telling them to go h ok me was in fact footage from Gaza against the IDF. The lenient side of me thinks this is just lazy journalism, but why the need to go to these lengths? Surely France News 24 know the difference between Arabic and Russian and the difference between a Ukraine winter and Gaza field…

Something is definitely up here.

Talks allegedly underway at time of writing. We shall see what comes of it


the talks seem like b.s and stalling, ukraine is apparently not ceding anything


Good read.

“Clausewitz pointed out that it’s important not only if you lost independence but *how* you lost it. If you submitted without a fight, you saved lives. But you killed your mythos. You’ll be digested by the conqueror.”


Really it’s driving me absolutely insane

like absolutely no recognition that the entire western world lost a war to fucking Afghanistan

and that the war was even more morally unjustifiable than this one

but Putin is literally hitler and Obama is a Nobel peace prize recipient
even fucking bush is a hero now

and no mention of trump having foreseen all of this, while Biden was on the corrupt Ukrainian government payroll

like honestly what is the fucking IQ of the average person on the street here
did they forget ?
NPCs incarnate

but at least it’s killed the Covid hysteria off stone cold fucking dead

and for that I salute you Vladimir


yeah putin is a fucking hero, he’s the st george who slayed the covid dragon, he’ll be remembered forever as a great man and a legend

Max Payne

That and them setting up the International Legion Of Territorial Defense Of Ukraine for foreigners to go over and fight.


I saw some idiotic MSM headline the other day that said something like “Russian Progress delayed and Putin is furious”.

Now, how would anybody outside of Putins inner circle know his mood? Maybe Vlad was in a red hot rage, but would anybody who knew that be blabbing about the Boss’s state of mind to western media?

So it was literally of the same level of credibility as the No Idea headlines screaming about “Palace Insiders say Harry and Megan to split” and similar. Or, more precisely, complete bullshit fabricated to follow a narrative

I think that most of the “Plucky Ukes fight Russians to a standstill” stories are very likely nonsense along the lines of the Snake Island Go Fuck Yourself dead heroes who turned up embarrassingly alive.

Believe nothing about the progress of the Ukraine war that is reported in the MSM.


I’m enjoying reading the ukrainian media. This was linked to from their MoD page: Sure it’s Ukrainian propaganda but the seem to be having some success and they aren’t as digestible as the Russians thought they would be. There’s a fun video clip of Russian soliders apologising to their Ukrainian captors.


All wars are fought through propaganda whether a shot is fired or not. This one is no different. I have stopped following it given there is no reliable source of information.

A fly in your ointment

Here is a good article by Scott Ritter that explains that Putin in not furious, he is just laying out what Russia’s response will be if NATO continues to be stupid American puppets.
Scott Ritter was the weapons inspector that replaced Hans Blix after the USA complained that the UN inspections in Iraq were not aggressive enough. Ritter also didn’t find any weapons of mass destruction and to his credit was very vocal about it. Not that it mattered as NATO with full media support attacked Iraq and murdered a few million people anyway.


Good read.


Similar themes to the article that someone (lswchp?) linked to earlier on the history of the regional tensions…


Here is another interesting read from a historical perspective.

Basically the US perspective on the Ukraine was shaped by Zbigniew Brzezinsk in the 1990s, where he said it was crucial that Russia never be allowed to reform with the Ukraine, as it could potentially give rise to a Slavic super-state that spans both parts of Asia and Europe.

From about the 5th paragraph down below the Dr Strangeglove poster it is quite interesting


Read an interesting article yesterday and been trying to find the thread it was on, but to no avail. Basically the gist of it is that Russia is using the same tactics that decisively won it the second Grozny war – encircle the cities, then do lots of small probing attacks that are generally repelled, but reveal where the fortifications and munitions are.

Apparently the ignorant Western media are interpreting this as the Russians are losing or being stifled. The reality is they are moving their missiles and artillery into position and will shortly begin destroying those targets that they are busy identifying at the moment… or so the theory goes.

The one thing I have learned is to completely discount the reporting that is being carried out in the West as to Putin’s progress – the fog of war is just too deep for these CNN pundits to see through.

Agent 47

Interesting video circulating alleging that human terrain mapping is going on in the Ukraine. Much like was done with the Iraq war.

Shae The Burmese

Great link. Brendon O’Connell is my preferred source of info.


The surgical artillery strikes commence.


Last year we had the EZFKA interests attempting to dismiss the flood as a “one in a 100 year” event so that they could build 100k+ houses in the flood zone. I noticed this week Perrottet calling the current floods a “one in a 1000 year” event. Now that those freak events are gone we are good to go housing young Australians in the flood zones.


If we are to believe climate change those one in 100 year floods could probably be one in 20, meaning those houses are worthless


el nino la nina shitshow ….5 to 10 yr floods …enjoy