As borders re-open, migrants and international students outraged there aren’t as many jobs to take from Australians

As EZFKA’s international borders re-open this week, migrants waiting offshore have expressed outrage at the lack of job opportunities being offered to them at the expense of locals.

Migrants from India and Nepal have blasted the EZFKA government as being selfish to it’s own citizens, and have demanded more opportunities for visa holders to take Australian jobs and drive wages down further.

“This is outrageous sir, I lied as much as I could on my visa applications about my qualifications and I should be entitled to a job over a local,” migrant Gurpreet Singh said.

“None of us were invited here but we have every right to come here and expect everything to be done for us. I mean I offer no real value to the country, but I offer plenty of value to a billionaire or two, surely.”

The ABC and SBS have responded to the problem, by letting migrants write stories about how they’re entitled to everything because they made a conscious decision to come here from another country for economic reasons.

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Agent 47


The ABC is basically that last paragraph. Immigrant sob story channel 24/7. We already have SBS, so why do we have pay for two?


I agree, they should merge.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Get rid of both of them they are blatantly anti-Australian

A fly in your ointment

Nah, blame the overlords for allowing the system to be gamed.
20yrs ago no one could do it. Frack, just last month even a known person that followed the rules to the dot could not be allowed to stay because overlords saw him as someone that would be dangerous for following his doctors orders.

Ask yourself:
Why are the undesired immigrants allowed to “gmae” the system. Cause let’s be frank, Nepalese Dick and Tom can perhaps bribe a Mick but not the system of 100s of Mick’s making and policing Aussie rules


Does anyone else believe that the elites will blame the downfall of Western society on climate change?

The multicult cult nor mass immigration nor wokeism nor neoliberalism will be blamed.


Let them take the abc and sbc jobs.


Should tell them that EZFKA is officially broke.

Here we have a government minister setting up a Go-Fund-Me for Queensland flood relief.

Of course, it could simply be an election stunt or grift towards another investment property.

Potential migrants could learn something from his example!


That’s a pretty bizarre stunt…

maybe I’m not thinking straight, but it doesn’t really compute!