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perottet is a coward of the highest order, a weasly, spineless beanpole following the ezfka script to the letter. i imagine he is incredibly impressionable and weak-willed, surrounded by health majordomo “experts” constantly whispering b.s into his ear at every given opportunity, which he obeys or yields to eventually without question. the man even has the physiognomy of a cuck. truly a fizzle, predictably disappointing.


More like, virus doesn’t care what politicians say will or won’t happen.

In fairness I don’t recall him every saying there wouldn’t be booster shots… At least mandatory booster shots.

Agent 47

He was always just a place holder. Gladys got the threats IMO after she kept Sydney open for so long and then did a 180 overnight and went USSR.

Anyways, genuinely interested to see what uptake is this time. I’m going to make a call and say 60%.

Aussie Soy Boy

He looks like a paedo


Why does he always look like he’s sunburnt


I can’t trust the deputy premier either

Aussie Soy Boy

And the predictions about 6 months becoming 3 months, and when that inevitably doesn’t solve the pandemic it will be 2 months. Surely people are going to say enough it enough at 2 months though.


18 months!

Agent 47

I think this needs a TBC for the EZFKA prediction file:


EZFKA article:


Sure, some pilots would be rusty AF because practice and simulator time is expensive. But I think some of this down to jab side effects and we’re going to have some sudden diversions of flights because of med emergencies. Maybe already happen ing and not being reported, NFI.

Reus's Large MEMBER

You mean that you did not realise that when they have been saying not fully vaccinated for the ones in hospital the did not mean two jabs but three …

Aussie Soy Boy

They’re talking in some UK hospitals about 90% in ICUs being unvaccinated. Surely they don’t mean 90% unvaccinated plus those having not had their boosters?


Ahh statistics…..


“Most people use statistics like a drunk man uses a lamppost; more for support than illumination”
― Andrew Lang

Some interesting light reading on the subject:

How to lie with statistics

by Darrel Huff (1954)

Free PDF download here:


Reus's Large MEMBER

To clarify I mean the MSM / BS pollie speak, when they have a presser and say that the ICU admissions are not fully vaccinated it means that the 80/90 year olds that have 3 co-morbidities have not had their 3rd jab. I noticed it started in Vic with Dictator Dan, where they started it with “not fully protected” then the phrase moved to NSW and they went on to calling them not fully vaccinated.

It is very important to watch the language they use to twist the facts in favour of the narrative.

The other common thing is to make a statement that is false and then never walk it back in spite of it being proved false.

Case in point was the South American woman that died early in the vaccine rollout, the media said “Healthy 20 year old unvaccinated girl dies from Whuflu”, with the article saying about her wanting to be vaccinated when she last spoke to her sister 6 weeks before.

With the whole point of the article and Kerry / health Hazaard talking about it was to scare people into getting vaccinated.

As it turns out she was friends with one of my friends wife so I got the full story.
The truth was, she was 29 had presented at A&E with DVT / blood clot issues, had a heart attack and died on the operating table after getting the AZ vaccine.

Do not believe anything that comes from the MSM or government, there is always a agenda / narrative at play.


I believe it’s a case of numberw

Aussie Soy Boy

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) has recently started to report hospital admissions—not just those to intensive care—alongside vaccination status. The latest figures show that in the week to 29 December 2021 a total of 815 people with confirmed omicron infection were admitted from an emergency department to hospitals in England. Of these, 74% had not had three doses of vaccine—including 25% (206) who were unvaccinated, 6% (49) who had received one dose, and 43% (352) who had received two doses. Twenty three percent (189) had received a booster dose, and the remainder were unknown or had had their first dose less than three weeks ago.

So 23% of the population is unvaccinated, with 25% of hospitalisations being unvaccinated people.

But then they say unvaccinated people make up 90% of ICU admissions?

Makes me wonder if they are withholding medical care from the unvaccinated or prioritising the vaccinated which is leading to the unvaccinated ending up in ICU?


There was only ever one option and it is to do exactly what the Chinese did in Wuhan and have been doing ever since.

If your country is not doing that, then we enter the socioeconomic and political sphere, in which there are two possibilities:

1. Your country is incapable of doing what has to be done. In which case it is a failed state, by definition — it is failing at its most basic duty of protecting the life and wellbeing of its citizens.

2. The ruling class of your country does not want to do what has to be done. In which case that ruling class is guilty of premeditated mass murder on a scale never seen since WWII.

Those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive — it is clear that quite a few countries are both incapable of doing actual public health the way it’s supposed to be done and have leadership that does not want it anyway.

But there are clear examples where the virus was contained and then it was deliberately let loose.

Australia right now is the most striking such case since the beginning of the pandemic, but the same was done previously in quite a few other countries.

Anyway, because we have a socioeconomic and political problem that makes it impossible to apply the already worked out purely technological solution to the medical crisis, we have to first solve the socioeconomic/political problem.

But that takes us back to our current overlords carrying out a deliberate program of physical extermination against their own population;

I don’t see how that gets resolved without the population understanding that and launching a counterprogram of physical extermination of the ruling class 1917-style. The population has the advantage of raw numbers, but it is hopelessly misinformed and divided.

Where the vaccine features in this story is that it allowed the ruling class to pull the wool over the eyes of society and first, make it seem that it is doing something to solve the problem, and second, that its “solution” is sufficient.

But it is not, and that was known to everyone who understood the situation already in 2020. This is not measles, smallpox or polio, it’s a respiratory coronavirus, and we knew immunity against those is fleeting and unreliable.

At best we had a window of a few months in early 2021 when the short-lived protection from infection could have been used to help with an elimination program before major vaccine escape had evolved.

But that would have required the kind of NPIs that the vaccines were used as an excuse not to implement…

To help illustrate the problem better, what happened before vaccines?

The following countries completely eliminated the virus, many of them multiple times:

China, Taiwan, Australia, NZ, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, Montenegro, and several others in Eastern Europe got it down to 5-6 cases a day.

Again, that was before vaccines.

In 2021 we had vaccines, and what happened?

All of those countries except for China and Taiwan abandoned containment, which has resulted in a lot of deaths in many of them, and they are just getting started. NZ has not yet experienced it, but will inevitably have the opportunity to enjoy the experience unless it reverts back to elimination.

We don’t know how exactly the decision making went in most of those cases, except for NZ and a little bit in AU — in NZ the scientists all of a sudden were left out of the loop and the government announced it is abandoning elimination. Clearly against their advice.

And you see what is happening now with Omicron — absolute records of infections all around the world.

So what has the net effect of vaccines been?

Kind of negative in terms of public health outcomes.

For which the vaccines themselves are not to blame, but again, they were used in order to provide and excuse for the policies that brought us to where we are.

As we’ve said, the “Let ‘er rip” policy means every man for himself. Take heed.

Pretty good summary of where we are at.


In 100+ years we haven’t eliminated the flu, including when international travel took days or weeks not hours. how the hell do you think covid is going to get eliminated?


Seriously cunt – you’re an unhinged retard and need to shut the fuck up.

Have a geez at this ya fuckin numpty:


Wow, shock horror! Lockdowns eradicated a flu strain, if implemented correctly/globally we’d have a chance at defeating most flu strains and this is for something that has a CONFIRMED AND RECURRENT zoological resevoir. Seriously man, you’re a fuckin dickhead lol.

So far, barring however the fuck the species barrier was crossed, covid is human to human transmission, until we know more I’m sticking with the fact you’re mentally handicapped and need to get punched in the face repeatedly.


So the majority of the population have decided it isn’t worth the COST to eradicate flu.
Maybe you should take the hint…

OR even better, isolate yourself, eradicate it from your life and leave us the fuck alone.


And of course the ABC is a completely unbiased peer reviewed scientific journal that has never pushed any agendas with bullshit…


lmao you are one delusional fucktard if you think we can get rid of the flu, fuck off


we could,
if we all never left our homes…

It’s a cost/benefit thingy
He just wants everyone else to bear the cost for his benefit.
He is perfectly free to never leave his house and will have no problems and never get covid but that doesn;t suit him, he needs everyone else restricted so he can still do what he wants to.


I got the virus lads. I don’t see what the big fuss is? It’s no worse than a moderate flu. (I actually thought I just had the flu)

I’m meant to have the booster, I wonder how long I can go without it now I’m positive.

Last edited 2 years ago by DictatorDavid

On current rules 6 months, you can get a temporary exemption.

Got a feeling this might be changed, as there are people with positive RAT and negative PCR.


So if you test positive now they are saying you can get it sooner? Makes perfect sense…


The six month rule is apparently true only if your name is not Novak and surname is not Djokovic

I had symptoms last week, could not get to a trying place and it is gone by now. Tomorrow I go to get the antibodies test.


I need to find this 6 month rule in writing. All I can find is that your GP can grant a temporary exemption if you are still suffering from acute illness post infection.


Yeah no stress. I actually feel pretty good during the day. Night time is a bit worse but just got to ride it out.

Funnily enough I said to my wife the night before getting symptoms “We are all going to get it sooner or later and I want to get it over and done with”

Talk about jinxing myself lol


Day 2


I dare you to find the way to this file beginning at the health.nsw.gov.au webpage


kind of supports getting vaccinated though doesn’t it?

since 5% of population are unvaxed

But we don’t know how many of these are incidentally infected with covid, or FOR covid


Not sure that benefits outweigh the risks particularly when the risks are unmeasurable at this moment and benefits do not seem to meet bare minimum expectations.
My tetanus jab gives me ~90%+ infection protection for up to 10yrs, no need for booster and the risk of death from tetanus is much higher than the 99.998%ish.
I’d take Mr NA at any time if it was for late stage cancers…

the data tells you that 30% are still pureblood aka what 95% jabbed: if Omicron don’t give a fornication about Mr NA and Astra Zenga defence, the representation of unpureblood vs pureblood in hospital must be proportional.

My expectation from a half arsed wax would be no less than the 2/3 or 3/4 of UnWaxed in hospital

Agreed, data alone is insufficient for the full picture. It does confirm, though, previous propaganda with false numbers of under 4% of waxed in hospitals as a gross misrepresentation.


99.998 % risk is inversely presented there, a typo


since 5% of population are unvaxed

It would appear not…..according to the linked document, 22.4% of the NSW population were not vaccinated as at Dec 19, 2021.

The virus doesn’t give a shit whether you are “eligible for vaccination” or not.

Notice that the “Rates per million” qualify “vaccinated” as (aged 12+), but provide no qualification for the “unvaccinated number.

Equally, the Hospital Admission and ICU numbers make no such distinction…….they simply state “unvaccinated”.

So, unless the “unvaccinated numbers/percentages throughout the document are clearly stated as being taken from the aged 12+ cohort, then those numbers would apply to the 22.4% of the NSW population that was unvaccinated, for whatever reason, at Dec 19, 2021.


kind of supports getting vaccinated though doesn’t it?

That depends on what side effects the vax has.
The claim vaxxed 18-59 are dying at twice the rate of unvaxxed in the UK makes a pretty strong case against vaccination.


Great work finding that info