Weekend Links 3/12-5/12

South Australia let in COVID from the ponzi states this week, but only to the fully vaccinated. Notice the big yellow bar on the right of the graph. Pass the popcorn!


As we all know, the vaccine isn’t very good at preventing infection. This paper says there is a reduction in the infection rate from 38% unwaxed to 25% if waxed. But of course if 25% is still a lot of infectiousness.


The Doherty report recommendations, which the governments and CHOs base their decisions on, used much older data from a paper in which the population hadn’t been fully waxed and it reckoned infectiousness was reduced from 10% to 5% by vaccination. If those levels had proved accurate Europe wouldn’t be enjoying its latest wave of the infection. By comparison, the measles vax gets the infection rate down from 52% to 3%.


Maybe you saw this:


or this:


r/pics - Table football in 2018.
Pfizer Table Football

Aussie dollar is down quite a bit, but still above $0.70 cents. I saw at my local 7-eleven that Fuel prices had gone up alot, presumably as a result. Makes me glad I drive a diesel vehicle.

These are the actual prices, and this is the actual display at my local 7-eleven. I just didn’t want to drive there to take the picture because fuel is too expensive right now, plus climate change.

VR is a good break from R
Some nice VR sites that should work in any headset (or google cardboard). Many work without VR too.

The Sainsbury wing of the National Gallery in London: https://my.matterport.com/show/?m=miZxkq7DLCv

Ancient Egpytian sites:

Mars: https://accessmars.withgoogle.com/

Youtube has a few cool 360 videos.

I discovered this week that many Australians do not know who Oliver Cromwell was. Time to educate yourselves. The beginning of democracy and the end of monarchy happened in England, not France or the USA. I’m not giving you a link because this guy is huge – find your own and start reading.

This guy helped hang Charles II, an event which marked the end of monarcharic autocracy in England.

Pauline Hanson’s animated cartoons are more fun than anything I’ve seen on TV for ages. Maybe you can recommend me some better TV? Here’s episode 1. So far there are 5.

Raoul Pal had some neat things to say about Ethereum. Namely that its chart is the same as the bitcoin chart offset by about 4 years, lining them up based on adoption stats. Based on that he reckons a final blow off top could appear in March.

He had some other things to say too. This video is hugely long and some of it is a bit one sided, but still gives food for thought. The first comment on the youtube page links to different parts of the video. I can’t remember exactly where he said that about the Etherum – but it’s in there somewhere.

Enjoy your weekend!

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South Park episode, new variant panic Delta Plus Rewards!


Wut-Da-Fafaq the link!
U-Tyoube duped me.

Da rite link here:


Trans University of Pennsylvania swimmer sparks outrage after smashing women’s recordsOf course, what could go wrong if one opens a can of worms?

Gleichschaltung is a German word with a rich history. It stands for the coerced harmonisation of all forms of public expression with the official line. That concept is currently undergoing a renaissance, but not in the “captive nations” of the East. (link here)

but then again why is YT the only platform many want to post? Alternatives galore… abandon the sinking ship and go elsewhere.

There are two main reasons for the latest German legalese gambit of suspending the certification of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

  1. Retaliation, directly against Belarus and Russia, “guilty” of the disgraceful refugee drama at the Poland-Belarus border.
  2. Politicking by the German Greens.

(link here)
When common plebs are held hostage to political games. Of course, high LNG prices can only make US deliveries competitive… free market et cie


Will be the end of the Olympics and competitive women’s sport. The women’s tennis association though gave the NBA a lesson on values and leadership this week.


Laytona Hewitta?
Felt like a sissy all life….
Imagine how many records Djokera or Nadalia could break?


Great work putting together the weekend links Robert.


Feel your pain with petrol prices. Was that price here one and a half weeks ago.


Ugh – I had some good links bookmarked to post this weekend, but twitter just nuked my account along with thousands of others. 🙁

Reus's Large MEMBER

I can see that when “Truth” is launched there is going to be a lot of people moving over to that to get away from the censorship on twitter


Nah – it will take me a while to reboot my new account and start accruing interesting factoids. 🙁

Well done on yours though, some good links in there.

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Thanks for stepping up this weekend! Great set of links.


Yeah, good onya @robert2013!


comment image


the flag is a ripper


Are the some of the pro vaccine crowd starting to ask questions?

Paul Kingsnorth: why I changed sides in the vaccine wars – YouTube

The interviews from some of the pro mandate people in Austria are scary.

Freddie Sayers investigates Austria’s lockdown of the unvaccinated – YouTube


freddy is such a great journalist, he’s really gathering a lot of steam with his excellent interviews. he’s polite and asks intelligent interesting questions w/o interrupting people every 5 seconds or giving his own takes, the focus is entirely on the people he talks to and its refreshing.


Yes. He’s very good at trying to be impartial like any good journalist should be, but you can see even him struggle with the lack of compassion from some of those people in Vienna.


Russel Brand has been good lately too even if his style is a bit more animated than Freddy’s.

Vaccine Mandates: What The F**K Is Going On In Australia??! – YouTube


Yeah that is a great interview!


tnx pnut5678, the Paul Kingsnorth is a superb interview


No worries. Glad you enjoyed. I found it timely as I’m in the process of trying wind back the indoctrination of my parents. They are in Ireland which has something like 92% vaccination rate. So they are finally starting to wake up to the scam after endless goalpost shifting and the realisation that the vaccines efficacy is no where near what was promised.
What is crazy is that I would have considered most Irish and Ozzies to have a certain degree of healthy scepticism of authority but when push came to shove the majority lapped it up without question. I suppose the colony and penal colony backgrounds of both countries is still engrained in the genes of the populace.
But in fairness there has been far more fight out of the Ozzies than the Irish so I’m proud of the fight back of my fellow Australians and I’m disappointed with the almost complete acceptance of my home countrymen.
I was at the protest in Perth in the hot weather last weekend and it gave me a certain degree of hope with what I saw. There was people from all backgrounds there. Normal people, family people nothing that should be demonised despite the efforts of the MSM to smear us.
I was speaking to a work friend of mine last week who is originally from the Netherlands. He said that the world can’t continue on this way. This has to stop. He also claimed that if mandates hit the Netherlands there will be bloodshed. The Dutch are liberal but will not tolerate this level of illogical bullshit.
I wish everyone here well because I have a feeling that there are some hard times ahead of us all. I had hoped that this would blow over by now but unfortunately we are still here nearly 24 months later. What a fucking farce.


Well put pnut!
People took 1/2″ musket balls to their chest at 50 paces defending these very same concepts! And they will again; it’s not a ‘position’ in a debate, it’s the heart of our existence while living! There is nothing but evil in what’s being instigated and people of valour will rise to defeat it.


And here we go, more madness. There has never been a good outcome in pharmaceuticals or medicine when there was this lack of patience.




they only ruled against it bc bhp didnt “consult” whatever the fuck that means beforehand, if bhp had gone through the needed hoops it’d of been all go mandate

it was not a ruling against mandates, just companies not going through the ‘steps’ required before they put one in place


Fair enough so only a brief reprieve for the people at that mine site and a potential redundancy claim for the people who refused the vaccine.


What is the severance situation for these employees? Are they entitled to redundancy if they refuse the vaccine?


That is almost off the table.
I got mine but my situation was a pickle for the employer. Employers have option for workforce shredding but it has to be voluntary (thus with lots of ‘motivation’) as otherwise it falls into unfair dismissal.

The judgement was a critical battle win because it makes it quite complicated for employers to just sack the recalcitrant but the war is far from over.


It’s criminal that redundancy would be off the table considering that this wouldn’t have been a condition of work when the employee signed their contracts at the start of their employment. At the very least this ruling looks as though the employers will have to pay out any employees that refuse an update to their employment contract. Hopefully the rest of the employers were as arrogant as BHP about their consultation and that this ruling sets a precedent.


the catch (at least in VIC) was that it is not a change of employment terms. It is a gov requirement that has changed. A shield was given to employers to sack people under “failure to follow reasonable and lawful directive”. It comes down to: there’s a PHO and we cannot keep you employed so a ‘lawful and reasonable directive’ is issed to employees to follow PHO failing which a summary dismissal is the next step. Mind you, this pathway came by a design by .gov as it gives both parties in crime enough plausible separation from being the root cause.

The difference BHP ruling makes is that what was previously a disrespected area of the path to dismissal, the consultation, which was less than formal and often disregarded (my previous employer for one), has been indicated as important as any other requirement. In that consultation, there has to be a genuine attempt to find alternative solution (my employer did not and actively obstructed alternatives like limited work or work from office/home) and since it is a minority of the employees, they can almost all be temporarily deployed in alternative positions (and pay rates of those positions too).
In my example, I could’ve worked from office full time and never visit a customer until Novavax is approved – which would actually financially benefit employer but they said in a Freudian slip that they could not make a precedent thus make the option available to others…
For me… it is water under bridge, I got what I can live with and I have shed what I did not want (undue stress and toxic workplace) but there are other chaps that got sacked and FWC cases they have will involve me as a witness which I am more than happy to oblige. The riling gives FWC reason to slap employer and pay sacked employees a hefty sum. In the end, there are no winners other than the big Pharma


So basically the employees are having to rely on some breach by the employer which they can then get redundancy on a technicality. They have no chance of getting their jobs back or if they did the relationship would be done so it would only be a matter of time before they left or were pushed out.
The hiding of both the government and employers behind a PHO is a disgrace but does not surprise me in the least. I had to deal with a redundancy situation myself just before covid so I know how nasty employers can get when they don’t want to pay employees their due. Fair play to you for getting what was owed to you. There have been many that have not been as fortunate.
I’m currently part of the 25% of employees in Perth who are not mandated but I know it’s on the way. I would be able to work from home but I reckon it would be just a temporary arrangement until further restrictions are brought in and it will all come to head again.
The whole situation stinks and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon.


the bad part is that 11 yrs of employment way over the call of duty and excessive overtime was not worth even a private call to ask my concerns, let alone something more. It is a game to alienate employees to make the sacking easier (most people will react in a similar way) and it works.
My only advice is to use all the sick leave and any other leave entitlement, use annual leave (to get Super and leave accrual) and extract as much as possible in severance or redundancy. Once the Rubicon is crossed, it is the end of it.


Yeah I totally agree. Loyalty and hard work count for nothing.


The consultation means a sheet load. For argument they had to exhaust all the avenues of alternative deployment for pureblood employees. What happens next is pivotal for the future. If BHP is now allowed simply to follow the process to the last detail and continue, it will still be a small win as they will be unable to issue blanket summary dismissal.
Another win is that it creates a precedent for others and it will scare sheetless many daft employers (like the former employer for me). I hope it assist 2 of my colleagues whom were sacked as a gross misconduct for rejecting to take Fizzler and AstraZenga (but have no objections to No-vaWax)


“The consultation means a sheet load. For argument they had to exhaust all the avenues of alternative deployment for pureblood employees. “

could you explain this further? interested to know


A bit of clarification, I meant the consultation means a lot for dismissal to be squeaky clean.

Employer is required to discuss development of the situation, to try to find a working situation. Working in a less paid position is a valid option. This should be genuine attempt, e.g. redeployment in another role should be the centrepiece. Because sacking is easier this was hardly done in case of my employer and others that were sacked, I can attest it was actively refused.
FWC and FW ombudsman have all the info on their site and clearly states that every case should be unique.
Bu then, if you have to demand this procedure, you should look at other pastures and assess current employment situation. Retaining any employment until the shitstorm passes is probably the best choice here but I would be actively seeking another employment thereafter as you will remain to be a sore to their ego and remain just a number.


is anyone else around this weekend? what’s everyone doing


Scientists can never get it wrong….can they?


The catch is in juxtaposition.
Put any Cardinal next to Epstein and one is bound to be ‘milder’.


epstein fo sho

klarse holl

Relatively speaking, I remember Lucky Strikes being out right lung-busters, yet more milder than Pall Malls, and nothing compared to White Ox rollie tobacco. Then came the Winnie Reds, a far fourth. So, the ad is kind of right.


Anyone got first hand news from the protests?

You will not be able to stay home, brother
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and drop out
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip
Skip out for beer during commercials
Because the revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox
In 4 parts without commercial interruption
The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon
Blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John Mitchell
General Abrams and Spiro Agnew to eat
Hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary

The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will be brought to you by the Schaefer Award Theatre and
will not star Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal
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The revolution will not make you look five pounds
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There will be no pictures of you and Willie Mays
Pushing that cart down the block on the dead run
Or trying to slide that color television into a stolen ambulance
NBC will not predict the winner at 8:32or the count from 29 districts

The revolution will not be televised

There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
Brothers in the instant replay
There will be no pictures of young being 
Run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process
There will be no slow motion or still life of 
Roy Wilkens strolling through Watts in a red, black and
Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the right occasion
Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and 
Hooterville Junction will no longer be so damned relevant
and Women will not care if Dick finally gets down with
Jane on Search for Tomorrow because Black people
will be in the street looking for a brighter day

The revolution will not be televised

There will be no highlights on the eleven o'clock News
and no pictures of hairy armed women Liberationists and 
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The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb, Francis Scott Key
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The revolution will not be televised

The revolution will not be right back after a message 
About a whitetornado, white lightning, or white people
You will not have to worry about a germ on your Bedroom
a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl
The revolution will not go better with Coke
The revolution will not fight the germs that cause bad breath
The revolution WILL put you in the driver's seat
The revolution will not be televised

WILL not be televised, WILL NOT BE TELEVISED

The revolution will be no re-run brothers
The revolution will be live

(YT link)

for some inexplicable reason this felt appropriate.
It is a play list, enjoy this brilliant poet and musician


A Swedish lab study released in mid-October found that the spike protein associated with the COVID-19 illness, and its experimental vaccines, enters the nucleus of cells and significantly interferes with DNA damage-repair functions compromising a person’s adaptive immunity and perhaps encouraging the formation of cancer cells.

This is fine. Everything is fine.


Reus's Large MEMBER

World de-population is on track then, it seems they are going to normalise people dying with a “sudden illness” and doing the “mysterious causes” excuse to cover it up.

101 footballers in Europe dying in the last 6 months and 40 in November alone, surely the fans are starting to ask questions as to why. How many more will there be till such time as the revolution is to big to not be televised.


Not having a dig but post the actual article holds more weight – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8538446/#sec3-viruses-13-02056title

Our findings provide evidence of the spike protein hijacking the DNA damage repair machinery and adaptive immune machinery in vitro. We propose a potential mechanism by which spike proteins may impair adaptive immunity by inhibiting DNA damage repair. Although no evidence has been published that SARS–CoV–2 can infect thymocytes or bone marrow lymphoid cells, our in vitro V(D)J reporter assay shows that the spike protein intensely impeded V(D)J recombination. Consistent with our results, clinical observations also show that the risk of severe illness or death with COVID–19 increases with age, especially older adults who are at the highest risk [22]. This may be because SARS–CoV–2 spike proteins can weaken the DNA repair system of older people and consequently impede V(D)J recombination and adaptive immunity. In contrast, our data provide valuable details on the involvement of spike protein subunits in DNA damage repair, indicating that full–length spike–based vaccines may inhibit the recombination of V(D)J in B cells, which is also consistent with a recent study that a full–length spike–based vaccine induced lower antibody titers compared to the RBD–based vaccine [28]. This suggests that the use of antigenic epitopes of the spike as a SARS–CoV–2 vaccine might be safer and more efficacious than the full–length spike. Taken together, we identified one of the potentially important mechanisms of SARS–CoV–2 suppression of the host adaptive immune machinery. Furthermore, our findings also imply a potential side effect of the full–length spike–based vaccine. This work will improve the understanding of COVID–19 pathogenesis and provide new strategies for designing more efficient and safer vaccines.”


And some interesting data from Scotland. Short story, it’s not going well for the vaccinated.



Yes the UK stats have born this out now for some time also.

The argument presented back still is that the per 100k cases vaccinated figures are far lower, so ultimately the vaccine still ‘works’ as no vaccine is perfect. But it is not as good as everyone perhaps wanted to believe, and I think looking at some of the raw numbers from Europe now, shows that vaccination alone won’t work. Even ultimately 85% or whatever the heck it is efficacy isn’t actually all that great.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that given Scotland is 80% vaccinated, and 90% of deaths are vaccinated, you can take it that there are more vaccinated dying per 100k. I think that the greater concern is the absolute numbers, so if last year when no-one was vaccinated and there were 100 deaths per week and now that 80% are vaccinated and there are 200 deaths per week then the vaccine is clearly not working, this seems to be the case in Ireland and highly vaccinated states in the US.


Your assertion is invalid. Go and revisit the discussion we had a few weeks ago on Israeli data, and the need to compare same age groups.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

Did you know that if 100% of people become vaccinated that only vaccinated people will die? I know, it is a damning revelation against getting vaccinated.

Pg 55 of that report shows the death rates are about 4 times higher for the unvaccinated.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

Really have to wonder where to from here going forward right.

The spanish flu ripped through teh world in 4 waves over about 2 years, 15-25m died, and then it was over.

Here we are 18 months later, 5m dead from perhaps 3 waves thus far, and no end in sight, with vaccines only semi effective and no milder variant arising yet to replace Delta.

Omicron could be that but if it’s at least as bad as Delta, then 2023 will be just another shit year of restrictions and smaller scale lockdowns and borders being open and closed. Fun times.

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast

As of yesterday there were still no confirmed deaths from Omicron. There is still a chance it is the milder version that can do away with vaccinations and social distancing.

Omicron also appears to be a lot more contagious that Delta. There is also a chance we all catch it regardless.


The spanish flu ended when the people it was going to kill had all died.
We are doing our best to prevent reaching that point so it’s unlikely to go away anytime soon, if ever.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Pandemic of the overfed and nearly dead means that there is plenty of cannon fodder to work through.


Now if we are somehow able to find out how good at prevention from hospitalisation are DNA based waxes in comparison to other treatments like healthy lifestyle, IvMcTn HCQ, Vit D3/C/Zinc etc…
Alas, __________ has made sure we will not find out soon.

Wax was offered to early adaptors as a 100% eradication vessel, then 80% to the next lot… until it came to only protect hospitals from being overwhelmed (the factor that is mitigated easily and readily in 3rd world countries as needed).

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am pretty sure that the Australian doctor who did the study of 600 people with covid, where 300 got Ivermectin and of that group there were 17 that went to hospital and one death vs the control group of 300 where there were 150 in hospital and 30 dead would say that the other treatments are more effective than the mRNA poison.


that’s so convenient, to use the borderline unwaxed for PR.
If those that suddenly and inexplicably died had a chance to have a final say, wouldn’t it be that they regret being jabbed by Fizzler or AZenga?

I had contemplated the same situation and how would I react; bottom line it is a gamble of a lesser evil. The likelihood of me regretting being pureblood on my deathbed is trivial in comparison to regretting waxing. Perhaps because I do almost everything possible to boost my immune system and have a lot of faith in it. If anything, I’d condemn those that prevented us from using the ‘horse paste’ and other known safe medications.
Lots of people just assume other people’s opinion in good faith and then have doubts. It is normal for a few to regret choices. What is not normal is misrepresentation of those 3-4 of them in media as the “growing numbers” without juxtaposition to the onset “sudden droppers”.


That laughably fake grauniad article finishes up with the unnamed nurse talking about a “young man” gasping his last as he was shipped off for some treatment that most don’t recover from. Shipped from rural NSW to Melbourne for some reason.

Assuming a “young man” is under 30, that bloke must have had a miraculous recovery, because there have only been 6 male deaths under age 30 to date. If we include anyone under 40 as “young” then there have been 18 male deaths in that age cohort during the entire pandemic. It seems unlikely that this random nurse being overwhelmed by covid cases treated one of those people.

I wish we could at least be subjected to competent propaganda, rather than this arse-dribble. These so called “journalists” making shit up to frighten the sheep should be ashamed of themselves.


It should be no surprise that this is indeed a competent propaganda.
The cerebral activities with most people has boiled down to Siri and Davo Kochie from 7 which makes the above article quite well tuned.
The movie Idiocracy is based on such discrepancy between normal mediocre* thinking people and those with cerebral activities on machine support.

* not in a pejorative meaning of the word

Reus's Large MEMBER

It was probably the same actor that channel 7 used to drive up the fear early on in the Delta “outbreak”


The spoon lady is amazing!



Now that was fun.


Soooo….when fit young 11 and 12 year old kids start dropping dead of heart attacks on the soccer pitch, it will presumably be due to Post Pandemic Stress Disorder, which is apparently why it’s happening to adults.



This article from the NYT contains some of the most self-serving bulkshit I’ve ever read, combined with a picture of the most physically hideous academic I’ve ever seen.

Worth having a look, just to see someone who makes our own Dr Demography look like Miss Universe.



Hundreds of protesters (that is several hundreds of hundreds of protesters) have swarmed and descended on the tiny regional city of Ballarat and caused major havoc.

Mitchell Van Homrigh reports that lesser minds can now congregate on a soon-to-go-online website “Pure. We’re coming soon. Pre-register for Australia’s first unvaxxed matching site” (no link provided) where they can discuss other conspiracies like moon landing or flat earth deniers. Of course, in Mitchell’s long career of about few seasons, UN-waxed and anti-waxed is Tomayto-Tomahto. Impecable education on display.
comment image


in absence of Siri, cortex activity or any other absence of something, here’s a digest of Q&A that passes the litmus test in pure purple:
To spare you the boring reading:

  1. Tits don’t grow from Fizzler, it was just a smart ploy to get more cerebrally challenged to make a choice that is more equal than others.
  2. waxes are not “experimental”!!! it is just that they were provisionally given emergency use with absolute absolution of Pharma-MIL from any lieability (nope, that is not a typo) and the idea of novel wax has been with us for decades but we just did not have the emergency use available to be able to leap over decades of research in lab to be able to have long term safety record… you see science!
  3. Joe Rogan’s experience with horse paste and HCQ needs to be able to be replicated multiple times to become valid data. So unless Joe goes to re-infect himself several times it is all rubbish “unless a person has real evidence, from reputable sources, and can be reproduced whenever required, then it’s not science. It’s misinformation. You don’t need a degree to question the validity of what you’re told and who is benefiting.” I tend to agree that Cui Bono applies quite well. I heard that Joe is actually now dead as his data on successful recovery is invalid. His ashes were scattered all over Utar Pradesh province in India.
  4. Viral shedding is impossible from EmArEnAye and vectored waxing and one needs to be waxed with “dead virus” wax like those from China with ending names in -pharm and -vac.Vaccine shedding is real, but not in the case of Covid-19 vaccines.” reputable GP said and did not lose his licence on the spot.
  5. LIghtening must’ve struck here, Omicron* is apparently something we have to wait and see. On a second thought, this means that we have to wait and see how the variant is gong to be used. Early indication is that it will be used to coerce into waxing children.

Dr Zac is a reputable online telemarketinghealth professional with experience in being “expert” for sites like Daily Phonograph and News’R’us…

(* = is it not Omega because nothing from Africa can be mega, can only be micron? <-hint for BLM-other lives don’t members)


Huh, this guy advertises his own “Concierige” medical business yet I’m sure doctors aren’t allowed to advertise their services.



There is a lot of doctors on YouTube. Just saying.


Perhaps, but it doesn’t seem quite right in what looks like an advert for a national publication.

Then again, in what seems like a massive overreach, AHPRA is threatening to jail Dr Mark Hobart for using his titles and post nominals on a letterhead!


While I don’t necessarily agree with everything he’s doing, tertiary and postgraduate qualifications are not somehow rescinded when one’s medical registration is suspended. There’s also the sense that this is a no-win as he’d have to inform his patients about his suspension so they can arrange to seek care elsewhere, yet can’t use his letterhead.


What is happening with Bitcoin does anyone know?


It’s probably just the usual volatility, giving back some of the frothy gains.


too much frothing and milk becomes this tasty fluff which settles a glass-full down to just a tiny little patch of milk at the bottom of it.

Divya Pathak

Has anyone here seen bcnich?


I think bcnich has dropped by here at least once or twice, but he never comments. 😢

Divya Pathak

Rats. Must be same on mb but no comments for a while. At least he’s alive then. Thanks.


I hope so…


Must say that the thought of bcnich crossed my mind this morning when I heard a radio piece on sunning one’s perineum.


I had a bookmark saved for my annual keep bcn honest post on MB. But now I have to pay MB to see old posts so cbf. According to bcn in December the crash was meant to be in full swing and it was going to be end of the world… I guess it’s another 18months away lol


What’s the page that you have bookmarked?


It’s going to be in full swing in 6 months according to bc, triple your value compared to the 18 month alternatives…


Particularly good pointer to Oliver Cromwell… I have certainly found that studying the various major and minor revolutions in history to be a great place to learn about humanity, society, politics, etc, etc.

it is also a great opportunity to realise how subjective history is. Many books paint Cromwell as a power hungry demon. Many, as a patriotic saint…

same with Bonoparte, etc.


Cromwell Bans Fun

by Horrible Histories


checked. It was Charles I not II


and he was beheaded not hanged

yep, in the western tradition beheading was much more honorable(?) & apt for monarchy and nobles. Hanging for traitors and peasants.

interesting the orientals and others did things differently. Chinese courtiers and emperors harem ladies were hanged. Turkish sultans had their brothers, etc, strangled… Mongols had an aversion to spilling noble blood as well.

culture matters, I guess.


History is the story told by the victors, and reflects that. No one is truly objective, and the nasty stories about ourselves tend to be buried and forgotten. What happened to the native populations when europeans arrived for example.





Now I have a vague idea of what Bradman must have felt when he walked to the crease

Reus's Large MEMBER

Victoria has already, if you note the language that they use to describe the deaths, they don’t say unvaccinated they say not fully protected which for the elderly means no booster.

As with any BS narrative to try to manipulate the population you have to read between the lines of the “speak” to see what they are really saying.


That “fully protected” language will probably need to change, probably. Unless it is being deliberately ironic.

it should be obvious to anyone, on either side of any conceivable dichotomy (left-right, libertarian-authoritarian, science-religion) that full protection doesn’t exist in any event.


The people that propaganda is aimed at have the memory of a fish and the reasoning power of a rock. It would seem a much larger proportion of the population fit that category than many people think,
for instance:

Gender is not a thing, people can chose to be any gender they want.

Men are evil and responsible for all the problems of the world.

A stunningly large number of people seem to simultaneously believe these 2 facts and see no problem at all…


comment image

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think there must be a large number of low IQ people around to believe the crap being dished out about these vaccines

Take this for example