“COVID vaccines must be mandated for children” says coalition of childless, middle-aged women

Several high-profile, childless bureaucrats have again pledged their support for not-at-risk children to be vaccinated with COVID vaccines immediately after the TGA’s approval.

Annastacia Palaszczuk, Yvette D’arth, Jeanette Young and Kerry Chant have all joined forces to support jabbing kids with COVID vaccines, as soon as humanly possible.

“We’ve never known what it’s like to raise a child, so that’s why it’s important we get needles into the arms of everyone else’s children right away,” Palaszczuk said.

“Daniel Andrews has led the way locking them out of society already. We don’t have our own kids to experiment on, so yours will do.”

Kerry Chant has re-iterated her calls that she was ‘keen to get needles into kids arms’ as soon as possible.

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god they are all such nasty looking women

Reus's Large MEMBER

There will be more than just nooses if they come anywhere near my child !

Michael Williams

Under the Bio-Security Act they can take any person from a home that the authorities deem at risk.

Agent 47

All ugly AF.

Not to mention Jeanette youngs husband worked for Pfizer.


Maybe a few kids popping their clogs will get people to wake up. Before you call me heartless, they’re going to jab ’em anyway and there’s not much you can do.


Before you call me heartless, they’re going to jab ’em anyway and there’s not much you can do.

this is about right. A whole bunch will get jabbed anyway.

I estimate that about 30%-40% of parents are just sitting there hyperventilating while they wait for the jabs to be approved for primary-aged children. Occasionally posting of facefriend and instagram about how incompetent Morrison is for not ordering enough jabs for the kids and making them wait this long.

They will be making a booking with the jab jockeys as soon as they are able to.

Agent 47

I agree. And if its anything like what we’ve seen overseas they will be in denial too.


fucking lol this one was brutal


“The league of extraordinary barren spinsters”.
]sounds good for the next horror movie.

In other news, imagine the level of “i don’t want to look and see what is right in front of my eyes” to be able to ‘confuse’ Fizzler for Pentavalent.

Two Brazilian babies have ended up in hospital after a nurse confused the vials and mistakenly injected them with Pfizer coronavirus vaccine instead of their intended infants’ jabs.    

Of course, the principle of parsimony commands only that someone’s account somewhere has become fatter. As you see, I am obviously not in short supply of “joint criminal enterprise” theories.

Bar el Gil

Jealous frigid lesbian witches