Andrews installs new ‘Countdown to Next Lockdown’ clock in Federation Square

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has unveiled a new ‘Countdown to Next Lockdown’ clock in Federation Square, after the latest COVID ‘Omicron’ variant has been revealed.

The clock was installed to notify EZFKA units when their ‘time in the prison yard is up’ and when they will be forced to head back into house arrest. The countdown will start this Friday with many speculating as to if the lockdown will be before or just after Christmas.

“I’m so glad the experts and the science have provided us with the best health advice to install this clock,’ Andrews said.

“It’s very convenient when this has happened after record protests against me in this country, and we’ll be looking at bringing back the trigger-happy policing soon.”

The unveiling ceremony will take place this Friday, with Andrews and Anthony Albanese cooking a barbeque for attendees.

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Agent 47

The EU is getting a xmas lock down.

Id say the chances here are 50/50. Happy to be wrong but fk knows now.