Weekend Links, 13-14 November 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for the 13-14 of November 2021. We are really glad you are here, and are hoping for a good chat this weekend.

Unfortunately we are still in clown world. Fortunately we can still make fun of it. It is what it is.

This week, lots of things happened, and too many to count. One event which was big was a number of people died in a satanic ritual at Astro World, which is a music festival in the US.

This is how the mainstream covered it.

Deadly Crowd Surge!

This is what it was actually about. Note the butterfly on one side, which represents the idea of metamorphosis or inversion to satanists. The other side is a phoenix, which represents the Phoenicians – one of the old names of the Baal / Tanit worshipers of ancient Carthage and their human sacrifice rituals.

Maybe Don’t Go To A Music Festival Which Literally Channels The Gates Of Hell?

Lets see, what else happened this week?


The video above is probably a valid reflection of the current state of AusPol. Links:

On the plus side, the Maori are protesting against the horse faced whore. Heartening to see…

Scott Morrison flies into a remote country town for a photo op. He asks locals if he can do anything for them.

“Well yes,” says the mayor. “We have two problems. First, we have a hospital but no doctor right now.”

“Right,” says the PM, who whips out his phone, talks for a couple of minutes, then says: “Fixed it. A new doctor will be here on Monday.

What’s your second problem?”“We have no mobile phone coverage.” #LiarFromTheShire

Joke Of The Week – think I saw it on twitter somewhere?

AussieCossak tears DickDan a new one. Well worth watching for lulz

~~Adorable Overdose~~

Yeah. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.

~~The Coof~~

Dr. Suneel Dhand is a medical doctor who specializes in lifestyle and preventive medicine and has a popular YouTube channel. He previously worked in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, and has also served in Australia with the Royal Flying Doctor Service, flying on airborne missions to the Australian Outback. He is extensively involved in medical education and has held faculty positions at two major Massachusetts medical schools as Clinical Assistant Professor.


Clearly everyone believes the media. Lol.


NZ is F’D
Do Not Comply.

PSA: This is pretty scary – How are they going to explain all the newborns with cardiac problems? – by Steve Kirsch – Steve Kirsch’s newsletter (substack.com) – note nearly impossible to get data, so not sure about accuracy.

Not sure about data, but…

~~JP Making His Comeback~~

Well worth the watch. He is back on his A-Game here.

~~WW III: Invisible War Edition~~



She’s cute too!


Inflation is a good thing plebs!

~~Have A Good Weekend Everyone~~

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As I recently posted at The Other Place…

All hands email from the CEO came around yesterday advising that they’re getting legal advice about making the Vax mandatory. It is to laugh. I’ll sure be glad to see the back of the place.


.The company is apparently 90%-ish vaccinated. If you choose to keep your medical matters to yourself you’re also regarded as unvaxxed and will be terminated. What was once considered normal (doctor-patient privacy)is now something to be punished with loss of livelihood. The hubris of the management, who deem themselves able to direct employees to be injected with drugs, is astounding.

Even though we’re 90% vaxxed, the vaxxed must be protected from the foul unvaxxed. Which seems to imply that being vaxxed is completely meaningless, but that cognitive dissonance hasn’t made its way to the primitive nerve cluster emulating brains of the people making these silly decisions.

The bloke who took over as CEO a few years ago has gone completely nuts.
My first question to him will be an enquiry about the amount of insurance the company has taken out as coverage in the event that I suffer an Adverse Event due to receiving the mandated vaccine. I’m pretty sure the c0ck-swallowing gobbling noise he makes in response will resemble a flock of turkeys being chased by a fox.


The hubris of the management, who deem themselves able to direct employees to be injected with drugs, is astounding.

what the fuck is wrong with people, eh?!

oh… I remember they’re not people, they’re EZFKA-units and they are plentiful. And if ever they are not plentiful, more can be imported!

The bloke who took over as CEO a few years ago has gone completely nuts.

I’ve been leafing through my copy of the Peter Principle. (https://www.amazon.com/Peter-Principle-Dr-Laurence-J/dp/0553054333) Describes/predicts a lot of EZFKA matters.


You are on the right track in the last paragraph except the question you should be asking is, how much insurance do they have to pay if you don’t get vaccinated?


I can only wish the question you will ask will matter.
As someone who saw several employees being sacked, I can attest they will not ask you to be waxed or anything close to that. It will be if you are compliant or not as per PHO or whatever in your state, Bon compliance leading to a failure to follow legal and reasonable instruction leading to serious misconduct then unceremonious sacking. There are at least 3 complaints for unfair dismissal at the FWC and we are to see the outcome yet. I saw a document advising employers how to sack employees whom “fail to comply”.

It will be big the more people are sacked. Coming to your neighbourhood soon.


There are at least 3 complaints for unfair dismissal at the FWC and we are to see the outcome yet.

they pre-emptively suspended the judge who expressed concerns about jab coercion, didn’t they? So the fix seems to be in.

It will be if you are compliant or not as per PHO or whatever in your state, Bon compliance leading to a failure to follow legal and reasonable instruction leading to serious misconduct 

to any thinking person, there is, of course, light years between “reasonable instruction” and submitting to medical procedures. But in the EZFKA that’s not how things roll.

I saw a document advising employers how to sack employees whom “fail to comply”.

Not surprising. They are, of course, trying to create false urgency by making people decide NOW between having an injection and not having a job. Artificially removing the sensible “wait and see” option for most.


FWC and Aussie Ceauşescu gave businesses urgency by saying that an employee whom is infected at workplace can sue the employer is what made the difference. The key is that minimal safety is required with 100% participation in waxing clinical trial but if there is only one pure blood the requirements are bizarre and complex, almost as if being unwanted is a sure sign one is infectious. To get this craziness, one has to read pages of Vic’s PHO’s. They made it bad for employers and impossible for employees, all about a jab that is not compulsory!


Unwanted = unwaxed


lol suck a fat bag of dicks ya dumb old cunt


Look Mum, this was funny for a while but I think it’s time to give it a rest. The ladies at bowls are starting to look at you a bit funny.


Fuckin lol, broke your own rules and responded to me, fail.

C’mon cobber, stop being such a weak old man, recognise your own frail age and acknowledge that you and your aged work colleagues are the very epitome of capitalist excess that has dominated Australia since the 80’s – overfed fat cats that can’t recognise their own hedonism and its results for what it is. It takes a toll, you die “suddenly” in your 50’s despite having the same beliefs as the golden generation you don’t have the same bodies or lifestyles.

Wake up you fuckin idiot.

Stop reaching out feebly for anything else to blame lol. Sure, this covid vax isn’t all it was supposed to be but it isn’t some silent killer of the majority, the stats prove you wrong, no matter how many deviant samples you can provide.

It’s funny, you pride yourself on your macho gung ho ex serviceman persona and yet every single vet I know is vaxxed and think tyou’re a fuckin idiot. Why are you better than them? Why can’t you just stfu? Why are you special?

You aren’t.
Get vaxxed.
or at the very least shut the fuck up.

Agent 47

FWIW mate, a bird at work in her 40s dropped dead last week. Was only announced yesterday in the good old Friday 4pm email.

She wasn’t in the greatest shape and slightly overweight but only 10 days post jab. Leaves behind two kids and a husband.

That’s the third that I know of directly.


Three people in their mid 50s at my workplace in the last 4 months, the third being last week and her husband also works there. All just dropped dead without warning. This is after 2 natural causes deaths in the previous 30 years.

Agent 47


Ours had the good old “short illness” line in the email too. A couple of phone calls sorted thatout pretty quickly.

One guy that still reports to me has been off sick with some kind of bronchial infection for about a month. double jabbed a couple of months ago. Not an unhealthy bloke either.

Leads me to believe that next year’s winter many will not survive, especially when boosters will be mandated easily in the next month or so.

Chinese Astroturfer

I went to a funeral this morning for someone in their late 30s who suddenly dropped dead. “Still searching for answers” is what they’re saying. They don’t know why, I’m not asking the vaccine question out of respect it changes nothing but odds are she is fully injected.

It’s beyond tragic leaves behind a partner and young child the suffering will be felt for years to come.





The tide is turning. Scomo now has to make a decision.


Potentially nice.

but likely to be subverted and co-opted, because EZFKA.

Agent 47

In any ordinary time I would agree, but it’s quite obvious to me he doesn’t give a fuck because the orders are coming from overseas.

Hard pill for many to swallow as they still naively believe in democracy but whatever, they have to walk through that door themselves.

I don’t believe there is a political solution anymore.

Trebor Strut

Agreed, the pollies, judiciary and medical admin are bought and paid for already. Not to mention the fact most of them are pedos and into SRA. The only way out of this is mass non-compliance at this point, people are slowly realising they actually hold the power after being brainwashed all these years. We let these cretins ruin our lives by doing what they say, to turn this around all we have to do is start ignoring them and turn them off.

Trebor Strut

There’s enough evidence out there to know it’s Russian roulette taking this shit. I’m shattered, my brother in QLD was holding out but just learned Friday that he took first Pfizer after his work made being jabbed requirement (their main supplier of work is the QLD Government so no surprise there). He has a mortgage, he succumbed to the pressure unfortunately. Hopefully he only got salt water. Many scientific papers out now showing the spike protein IS the pathological agent (causes clotting) so it’s diabolical that people are willingly injecting into themselves something that will massively increase your likelyhood of your blood clotting abnormally. It has to stop. It’s a no brainer to leave your job if your employer is nasty enough to become a government agent, there are other jobs around… If your health is destroyed by taking the gene therapy, there’s no getting it back.


thabks emusplatt – this sort of stuff is one of the things that the non-jabbers have been waiting for.

  • more safety data on first gen jabs
  • second-gen jabs
  • repurposed existing drugs for treatment
  • new drugs for treatment
  • for the virus to mutate in a favourable manner
  • etc

of course second gen jabs and new drugs are potentially subject to the same safety concerns as the first gen jabs… but they might have better understood action mechanisms, less persistence, etc

but, putting the EZFKA lens on – don’t be surprised if the embedded cuntery dictates that only the experimental jab recipients might get prescribed these treatments.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

Peachy, why can’t I attach an image anymore? I want to attach the link below.

Anyways, it is good chart that shows the inflation is no longer due to supply-side constraints. In fact there is now a lot more global supply than prior to Covid yet the demand is through the roof. Some economists suggesting it is all the stimulus payments.

So what happens when stimulus money runs out and demand collapses against a backdrop of record global supply?


Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

Peachy, why can’t I attach an image anymore? I want to attach the link below.

I don’t know, sir.

this thing seems to be plaguing a lot of people & it’s not been able to be fixed yet.

I guess more knobs will need to be twiddled….

here’s the chart.

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

so are you expecting demand to collapse?

Stimulus money doesn’t “run out” – it moves around the banking system

If there is more money supply, then assuming velocity stays constant, there will be inflation

So its a question of where the money is going to end up.
If wages are rising, then it ends up in the hands of the poors


There are two parts of the stimulus. The bond purchasing has forced investors to chase higher asset prices.

The other part which I am referring to is the stimulus cheques. That has created extra demand for goods. AFAIK the payments have already stopped in USA. It is just a matter of time before those savings run out and demand reverts to what people can afford to buy from their wages. Also compounded by other cost of living (fuel, rent, etc) rising much faster than wages.


So what is your final position ?

Inflation will be transitory ?
the cure for higher prices is higher prices ?

or the asset purchases have created new money that will now be in the banking system albeit with lower velocity still keep inflation going ?


I have always been in the transitory camp. The only inflation that counts long term is wage inflation, and big business will make sure politicians keep wages down once borders reopen. Everything else is bs asset price manipulation.

the cure for higher prices is higher prices ?

The supply side of the chart is a good representation of that saying.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

The only inflation that counts long term is wage inflation, 

yep, and this is the inflation that the central banks are (presumably) trying to “promote”.

of course, as you say, this is precisely the kind of inflation that is very unlikely to be allowed by the political classes and their master.

so we’ll probably have every other kind of inflation.


So , does that mean asset prices up or down ?

commodities down?

house prices up ?


No idea. The only thing I am predicting is interest rates will not rise substantially as there be no long term wage inflation.


The only thing I am predicting is interest rates will not rise substantially as there be no long term wage inflation.

it’s a funny game, innit?

the falling rates crushed wage workers as the asset prices devalued their salaries.

now, if wages start to rise, they will be crushed through increased rates.

Funny how no other emergency imaginable had been dire enough to warrant higher rates. Only rising wages.


now, if wages start to rise, they will be crushed through increased rates.

Definitely for existing asset owners. It actually makes little difference for aspiring home owners…as long as rates don’t continue to rise after they take out a mortgage.


An interesting turn of events…


A GP known for promoting ivermectin to treat COVID-19 has agreed to temporarily suspend his registration after having his practice raided by health authorities. Dr Mark Hobart has been a vocal critic of mandatory vaccination, as well as a director of the Covid Medical Network, urging doctors to prescribe ivermectin off-label to prevent or treat COVID-19.

But officials from the Victorian Department of Health visited his practice on Wednesday afternoon, amid allegations in the media that he provided bogus vaccine certificates and exemptions to patients without clinical need.

Supporters of the doctor, who is also under investigation by the Medical Board of Australia, live streamed the raid on Facebook. The authorised officers were in the clinic for several minutes, with Dr Hobart claiming to the camera that his practice had been “invaded” by seven officials.

He said they took his “confidential patient files and appointment book”. It comes after he closed his practice in Melbourne’s west a week ago, placing multiple signs on the building’s doors and windows stating it had been shut down by authorities.


Also this…


WA Police have charged a nurse with fraudulently recording that a teenager had been given a COVID-19 vaccine when the jab was allegedly never administered.

Christina Hartmann Benz, 51, was granted bail with strict conditions in the Perth Magistrates Court on Monday after she allegedly asked if she could administer the vaccine to family and friends at a private medical centre in Victoria Park on the weekend.
The police prosecutor told the court staff said they noticed up to 25 people come into the clinic specifically asking for the registered nurse. The court heard it raised their concerns and the clinic’s owner Sean Stevens indicated he would stay and observe her administering the vaccine.

When a man and his 15-year-old son allegedly asked for her specifically at 11:25am on Sunday, the prosecutor said Ms Benz initially objected to Dr Stevens being present, but he insisted. She was allegedly observed filling a syringe with the vaccine and inserting it into the boy’s arm, but not depressing it.

The clinic said they immediately contacted police after she allegedly removed the needle and disposed of it with the vaccine still inside, claiming she had administered it. Police allege she recorded the child had been given the vaccine and allegedly rote it had been administered by a different staff member. 

Agent 47

Doing God’s work.

Hobart apparently had Craig Kelly’s medical records so that says to me its partially politically motivated.


Dr Hobart is based in Victoria, yet Craig Kelly is from NSW so it would be odd for them to have any kind of regular doctor/patient relationship, unless he gave Kelly a vaccine exemption over say a telehealth consultation.

Then again, Kelly was apparently in Melbourne for today’s protest. Not sure what would happen if it’s found that he’s been issued a bogus vaccination certificate or exemption.

Chinese Astroturfer

DLS really stuffed up with his inflation prediction. Couldn’t have got it more wrong. What a fool.


Wait and see him being grande wrong on evergrande.
Or on housing again… or jobs which is one day having greatest erection in numbers only to be not the greatest erection on the next day…. go figure.
Then he’s “won” the debate which was a monologue with himself and Bleat v.0.


Being grande wrong on Evergrande is pretty much locked in. Smaller less important developers will be allowed to fold, but the banks and provincial governments will be forced to come to a resolution on Evergrande.

Agent 47


I’m of the opinion they’ll let their overseas positions go to shit and bail out their local assets.


@ ramjet and Agents

My take is that chinks are weeding out their crop to prepare for bigger fecal storm which is inevitable. This began prior to Jack Ma and it will touch every Chinese business. Doing this now gives them a better chance to minimise losses. When every house of cards falls at once, not much can be done, it is a chain reaction.
If successful this will give chinks solid and healthy grounds to stand on when storm intensifies. Otoh, Westworld will print more until no one wants to buy it and it comes to Wile E. Coyote levitation moment.


Haven’t read MB in a while. What was their position?

Pimped Out Platypus

That’s easy. Just spin a narrative that’s assumes that the original call was correct and the markets are wrong, for example, ‘fakeflation’. Then make a call about something that will happen in 18 months time which is currently un provable and expect people to beileieve him while he can’t get the current condition correct. And if someone respectfully points out the disconnect in the comments just delete the comment.

Smith is a bundle of sticks

Now it is dumbflation


His humour style is interesting. He ridicules in a way which will offend only those whom are intelligent but then if intelligent they would not be the subject to his humour.
The fact checking assertion is excellent


Hello Chaps




id like to go to the thing in melbourne tomorrow – apparently craig kelly is going, but dont think i can make it given its so far and i dont know where i’d stay when down there


You’d need to drive all night. And that’s not safe. We’d miss you if you ran off the road and wrapped yourself around a gumtree.


Ring Mig, he’ll sort you out


Weather is cold and crap too. Still, I reckon they will get heaps of protestors.


yeah wtf its 13 degrees here today this is worse than most winter days


C’mon mang, stop being a larping faggit. Either start nutting up and going to these things or stop posting fake intentions to attend.

What is the fuckin point of your OP if you don’t go because it’s cold and you’re too soft to sleep in your car? Seriously man? I know you’re bored and all but why pretend, just post any other random shit and someone will likely respond and gratify your need for human connection lol


when did i say the cold was a prob lol. i dont care about that, that’s not stopping me from going

ive slept in my car btw it’s not that bad

Agent 47

I’m going. Will report in if I get a chance.


im looking forward to dispatches from the trenches!

Agent 47

It’s the biggest one yet. Huge numbers and the rain has held off so far.


Not being reported anywhere I can find?


Thanks, yep most media outlets just picking it up the last 15-30 minutes

Per comings comment ABC conspicuously absent as usual


I guess that’s one way to kill your legal career…


A Sydney lawyer who unsuccessfully challenged the NSW COVID-19 vaccine mandate has had his practising certificate suspended, after posts on his law firm’s social media accounts claimed the vaccine decision “basically said it is ok to kill anyone you like”.

Nathan Buckley, the high-profile principal of G&B Lawyers, raised more than $575,000 in crowdfunding to challenge various COVID-19 public health orders, including vaccine mandates.

In October, when Mr Buckley’s client lost the challenge to the NSW public health orders which required vaccination against COVID-19 in certain industries, G&B Lawyers made a range of posts on social media.

In one Facebook and Twitter post, G&B wrote: “Justice Beech-Jones today said that no one in NSW has any rights. No one has a right to bodily integrity. He basically said it is ok to kill anyone you like.”

When a Twitter user responded, asking if it meant someone could cut the testicles off paedophiles, the G&B Lawyers account replied: “You’re correct based on today’s judgment. Go for it. Pedos have no rights.”

Another Twitter user asked if the judgment gave them a green light to go on a “rampage” against people who have wronged them. G&B wrote: “Yeah. [Justice] Beech-Jones said no one has any rights in New South Wales. Do as you please.”

The Law Society wrote to Mr Buckley on October 20, arguing the posts demonstrate that Mr Buckley is unable to fulfil the inherent requirements of an Australian legal practitioner.


Fuck, the senior lawyers are a bunch of bootlicking pussies.

Agent 47

Where’s the lie though?

Bloke has more stones than most. He’s being derailed because he’s challenging the mandates, that’s all there is to it.


True that, about having balls and bolds.
In contrast, advising people to commit crime is asinine. (today I heard this luvly word for the second time)


I have a question.

Why does the marsupial cunt feel a need to attack me?

I don’t engage with the fuckwit.

And can’t stand being in the same room with it.

As far as I can tell, I never abuse anybody.

Fuck me, I have zero interest in anything coming out of that thing’s mouth.

That thing is an unmitigated cunt.


Don’t like it, don’t hang out there.

Who knows how that cunt’s mind works but he never seems to get banned and you either need to give up on that joint or deal with the attacks.


One thing I learned is that bitches are just going to bitch.

and, similarly, cunts are going to cunt.

as the great poet wrote

I hate the world today
You're so good to me
I know, but I can't change
Tried to tell you but you look at me like maybe
I'm an angel underneath
Innocent and sweet
Agent 47

He’s insecure.


why do people still visit macro

the whole site is more locked down than melbourne circa jul 2020

its a complete corpse and theres nothing interesting on there anymore, they ran out of steam when covid didnt bring the housepocalypse which was their last chance to “get it right”

idk id rather just ride my bike then read about most of this shit these days it never ever comes true anyway.

Agent 47

Their immigration stuff had its use in highlighting the ponzi and shifting the Overton Window on the debate.

Other than that i agree. It died some time ago. Banning paying subscribers for asinine stuff was it for me.

When you have the subscription model only it usually spells death imminent.


Their immigration stuff had its use in highlighting the ponzi and shifting the Overton Window on the debate.

there’s some truth to that, I suppose. Although I don’t know if there is any real “debate”… real, in the sense that it can produce any different outcome.

I actually think that the blokes’ inability to acknowledge and own failure and the associated descent into rigid orthodoxy is barely surprising. This sort of thing happens all the time and everywhere.

Agent 47

Don’t disagree. I meant more in the minds of the average punter. It was unmentionable three years ago and now most of the comments across even the inn city wankers at Fairfax and the Guardian are against it.

But it’s only the consensus view at the AFR that matters in EFZKA though.


Ah, I see what you mean.


Hmm, you will find a lot of comments still pro immigration, but yes there are anti immigration comments. But it really doesn’t matter what EmBee or the commenters in newspapers say as there are more than enough useful idiots who will call you racist for dare mentioning a cut to immigration.


Was this about a boat? 😉

Just had a look out of curiosity and noticed that you’re not the only one being subject to harassment and the marsupial has been called out on this sort of thing on a few occasions.

The problem clearly lies with them, although victims of said individual are often left feeling like they are the one at fault. As such, the first thing that comes to mind is that they have traits in keeping with https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder

One thing that has always stood out is a preference for unnecessary complex and convoluted language – this might suggest one is attempting to appear intelligent but this comes at the expense of efficient communication. At times I feel they are overusing the thesaurus function to try and sound more sophisticated as the communication can come across as somewhat unnatural.

There is another possible interpretation – they are prone to using neologisms, which are new words or combinations that are meaningless except to the one who originated it. As far as clinical psychopathology goes, this may be an indication of a severe psychotic disorder.

Reus's Large MEMBER

He has the most appropriate name for one, I know that as soon as I see a comment I just “skip” past it, so it make it really easy to filter out the crap comments on that article

Agent 47


Tries to appear more intelligent than he is. He literally has been caught just copying and pasting stuff from other people’s work and trying to pass it off as his own as well.

He’s a midwit in the drsmithy vane, just goes to more extreme lengths than she does.

Pimped Out Platypus

My guess. You have rightfully criticised the noise coming from neighbours from their renovating. The marsupial spends his time essentially renovating for money.
On the bright side, you now know how to stir him up.

Movies for this week:

Yojimbo (1961) [jap]
What happens when a bit of brains above the average is used to exploit anger, vanity, hate?
Kurosawa made this brilliant piece which made a permanent impression on the cinematography. A movie to be seen at least once in life.

After seeing Yojimbo, but only ‘after’ seeing it proceed cautiously forward to th next instance of the same story but in totaly different way to make it a totally different movie but totally brilliant too. Lots of “totally” so I must be wrong, eh?

A Fistful of Dollars (1962) [ita/ger/spa]
Just 1 year after the brilliant Yojimbo, Leone made a frog-eater’s version of the story set in the wild wild west but filmed in spanish deserts and co produced with sour cabbage eaters to make a historically one of the best ever unauthorised copies of a great movie. Eastwood became a force to be reckoned with and Morricone became one of the world’s greatest movie composers. I’d go to see this one on the big screen even after seeing it dozen or more times

good 4 years later, Sergio Corbucci had a go at the same story set not so long after the period Leone chose and made an equally special movie which stands on its own:

Django (1966)
I’ve recommende this movie previously, I will just remind you that the gore and blood in this movie makes it notorious but Franco Nero made an excellent appearance. The name became one of the most copied and exploited name in the film history, being (ab)used for more than 30 times in unofficial se/pre-quels.

a bit of a fatigue ensued here, I guess, it took 35 years to make the next significant remake:

Last Man Standing (1996)Big wigs were brought in, Kurosawa himself too, to make an official “remake” and push a Jap ‘western’ to US western genre and make some bucks. Like almost every Hollyshitwood remake, it became a commercial and artistic flop. Of the two Bruce’s that were acting, only Dern shined, Willis being a poor casting choice and the story that serves as a filler between gunfights has lost its meaning. Here only mentioned as an omage to my favourite b-grader Bruce Dern (another one being Joe Don Baker) and as a notable remake (or better how not to make one).

Agent 47

Fistful of dollars and a few dollars more are classics.

Always thought Bruce Willis most sleeper good movie was The Last Boy Scout.

In the TV shows this week:

Goliath S04 (behind paywalls only)
In this legal drama multi season mini series, Billy Bob plays a witty lawyer taking on the big pharma. I guess the moment of opportunity was perfect and the story is great (unlike S04 which seems as if Lynch directed it himself).
predictable outcomes but still well executed. Perhaps not for a binge watch but one episode every 2 nights will be best pace to see it.
Edit: Bruce Dern plays a supporting role.

For those that like to see the craftsmanship and dedication coupled with serious research (not in obvious display but nonetheless there), go to this YT series:

Project Binky!
(filmed in colour)
witty humour, well acted, personality pairing, good editing and craftsmanship (if i missed to say that so far).
I’ve binge watched first 10 episodes then patiently waited for the next episode. Note that the first episode was filmed in 2013.

Mods, another post with 4 links i awaiting approval

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

Astroworld = Satanic ritual? Are you seriously that fucking retarded? Are the rest of you fucking spastics that post here gnna let that shit ride and not call it out? Seriously?

Fuck me dead. Retards.

klarse holl

The world would be a much better place if we lived by,

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

  1. Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
  2. Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
  3. When in another’s lair, show him respect or else do not go there.
  4. If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him cruelly and without mercy.
  5. Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
  6. Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and he cries out to be relieved.
  7. Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
  8. Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
  9. Do not harm little children.
  10. Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
  11. When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask him to stop. If he does not stop, destroy him.

Go Satan!

Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

Can you elaborate on 5. What is the signal. Asking for a friend who is not named Mathias…


Inclined to agree with you on this one (minus the profanity).

Agent 47



That is excellent!


The twelvth dose takes you to heaven.

A fly in your ointment

Depends, some get taken there after only 2 jabberwockys



If your in Melb and are going to attend the rally, it would be good to hear from you about how it went.

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COP26 in a nutshell


Nailed it!

But don’t worry, the cost won’t be to the elite, it will be paid for by the working class. Subsidies for Teslas whilst large tax rises on petrol cars. Better feed in tariffs and subsidies for roof top solar.


I’d like to start a collection of pro vaxxers hating on the pure blooded, followed by their death notice.

Like this guy….scroll down for some of his work.



lswcph, those are great. Have you got more?!


This guy mocked the ant-vax brigade, wrote his own ironic obituary, then ironically died at age 48 after being jabbed.



I’ve seen probably a dozen of these over the last few months. Pride cometh before a miserable death.

If you try to search for them on Google, it always shows the converse…ant-vax people who caught the bug and died. It’s hard to find a search string that will bring these up because, as we all know, Google isn’t an honest actor.


This dude had a video made of him being jabbed and saying it would also protect him from 5G networks and autism and microchips etc. Dead two weeks later.



these are great!

This guy mocked the ant-vax brigade

What’s that they say… Pride comes before the bahahahahhaha!


Ee Zed Eff Kaye Ay

If only Annachook would succumb….

I doubt that the pollies got anything other than a placebo

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Anyone seen this in China? I’d say some of these are due to shit safety but some others are deliberate given the blast size and location.

Probably a few angry locals tgat lost their shirts on evergrande I would think.



Didn’t the russkies pull this exact stuff a while ago… half a dozen apartment buildings exploded.

  • evidently inside jobs
  • formally labelled “gas leaks”
  • informally attributed to internal terrorists and used to spook the population and get them aligned with the war against local muslims

does China have a similar problem with any local muslims?

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evergrande insurance scam???


Livestreams on YouTube for the moment


she cute af


The shenanigans during Pfizzlers Vax trials are starting to get some more attention.



And here we have a young woman who was a participant in the Pfizzler trial who suffered a serious adverse effect, but was told it was psychosomatic. In that case it wouldn’t have been attributed to the drug.


Agent 47

Protests yesterday were great. If estimate North of 50k, no idea on exact numbers but definitely the biggest so far.

Will it stop the bill? likely not and they’ll probably just water it down temporarily in the interim and amend it next year Some time again.

However, on the practical side it shows that there is a level of civil disobedience that will be hard for even Dan to crack down when push comes to shove. Camps won’t hold that many people.

Anyways, good to see there is still some spirit left. My 1 cent opinion.


I have heard that there are 3 ALP upper house members who have threatened to go to the cross benches if Dan goes ahead with the vote.
Not sure how Dan gets out of this without being totally comprised. I think a ‘Gladys’ moment is coming up for him

Agent 47

Believe that when I see it. The amount of bullshit rumors I’ve seen floating around social media about ‘a mate who knows someone who works somewhere and knows something about Dan and it will be huge when it gets out’ the last few weeks makes me very sceptical.

Hey, will be great if it’s true but business as usual is my bet.


Believe that when I see it.

that’s probably sensible.

if it does happen, best one can sensibly hope for is a DanLite replacement.

DanLite mite walk back some of the most egregious elements, but most of the human rights crimes will remain, yet progressives will be lining up to blow DanLite, just because he’s not Dan.


You are probably right. The same person also told me that Dan’s wife and kids have been living it up in Qld for quite awhile now.
That rumor should be easier to prove/disprove.


Next week should be even bigger, as November 24 is “Freedom Day” but the ability for unvaccinated to participate in society also begins.

I don’t believe it will change things, as politicians have never bothered to listen to protest movements – they wouldn’t have voted for us anyway is what they typically say, or comment about the “silent majority” who didn’t attend.

Not sure if having Trump/MAGA flags and advocating for hanging/violence , satanic ritual stuff will necessarily get too many others onside either. Just like the vegan protestors who go around covered in blood, if it’s too off putting it can alienate potential supporters.


I don’t believe it will change things, as politicians have never bothered to listen to protest movements 

yes and no. Mostly yes, teeny bit no.

yes, mostly they dgaf about protests. But mostly protests are about things that local pollies can’t influence or sensibly deal with anyway, due to the nature of the “demands”.

like the vegan freaks or the carbon freaks or the fracking freaks.… what do they expect, the state government to ban meat? Ban cars? Ban fracking (whatever the hell that is). Not going to happen.

this otoh seems to be a profoundly local/state govt issue. And if the protestors grow from 50,000 to, say, 250,000 – those sorts of numbers are enough to swing an election. Even if labor dgaf about the protestors, it creates the chance that the Libs will look to seize this and enlist the group of people as voters.

edit: the local Libs probably don’t have enough cojones to do it. But they might do it at Scotty’s command, if it forms part of his reeelctions ruses.

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Local libs are useless private school unemployable twats. All that will happen is some window dressing of the legislation that they are protesting about and then a change in four months when no one is looking or cares.


Rising inflation has driven down real wages for American workers for the past year, giving the lie to the universal media narrative that a “recovery” is lifting wage levels. The October consumer price index (CPI) from the Labor Department was accompanied by a press release on real wages. For all wage and salary earners, they are down by −0.6% from October 2020 for the average hourly wage and by −1.6% for the average weekly earnings. But for “production and non-supervisory employees,” real wages are down by −0.9% for the year for the average hourly wage, and by a significant −1.9% from October 2020 for the average weekly wage.
This triggered President Biden’s odd statement that his “new priority” is “reversing [!] inflation,” and he wants regulators to cut off speculation and drive down energy prices—as if he were in China, where it would be done! His fear is that the latest inflation surge threatens the $2 trillion “family spending bill” he wants next week (the half which remains of the “Hyperinflation Act of 2021”).
While energy, food (especially meat, poultry and eggs, the most cartelized agribusiness sectors) and used cars again drove the monthly CPI increase to +0.9% in October and +6.2% for the year, it can’t be forgotten that shelter cost inflation is essentially concealed from sight in this index by the Labor Department. As computed and publicized by the biggest rental ownership companies in the United States—the ones actually imposing the said rent increases—the inflation in rents over the past year is +15-17%. But in the CPI, it is currently an absurd +3%, because of the nonsensical way by which the Labor Department claims to determine it.
Economist John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics reports that if inflation were being calculated today by the U.S. government in the manner that it was done until the early 1980s (this is Williams’s special expertise), it would be running at +15% annually now.

And they wonder why the plebs are getting restless.

A fly in your ointment


Imagine if Kim of Korea said this 3 yrs ago?
Of Assad, Qaddafi, Sadam, Milosevic, Pyoutin, Xi…

A fly in your ointment

Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg earlier signposted that locking down unvaccinated people was “probably inevitable”, arguing “two-thirds of people should not suffer because others were hesitant”.

Soo… why are you waxed if unwaxed are still a clear threat after waxing?


Agent 47

This is all psychological warfare and an old Bolshevik tactic. Which leads me to believe that jab numbers are nowhere near advertised. They aren’t going to matter when boosters begin anywau.


Pretty strange, huh?

data from 3rd world countries doesn’t seem particularly concerning wrt dangers of having an unwanted population…

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They have Ivermectin though … as well as the overfed and nearly dead with weal immune systems are already weeded out.


Yeh, I know – they have nice healthy and young populations.

ivermectin… yeh, it seems to help too. Unfortunately, I suspect that just as much as ivermectin has biased detractors (with an agenda) it also has biased boosters (with a different agenda).

this means that the truth is hard to get to. But it is probably somewhere in between – it is not a miracle cure, but it is far from useless.

A fly in your ointment

If it does reduce symptoms and reaction to the point of “a very bad flu” with majority and with many to the asymptomatic level, it works better than any other proposition. The relative safety it has makes it further more better proposition.
I doubt we will know with certainty as the suppression of its effects is on par with anti Trump propaganda.

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Maybe not all that young and healthy but the ones that have weak immune systems die early so the chance of the numbers being close to the “keep them alive at all costs” first world countries is low. I really do believe that the whuflu is really a pandemic of the overfed and nearly dead (including comorbidity).

However on the other hand the “treatments” that are currently being forced on the populace seem to target the youth more than anything.


Agree with all this.