Weekend Links, 17-18 July, 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for 17-18 July 2021! We are really happy you are all here, and are hoping for a good weekend of argy-bargy.

So this week South Africa got exciting, but so did Cuba and there are rumors of excitement in Georgia and Tajikistan too. All this is happening as the stories of massive, industrial scale fraud in the 2020 US Election are coming out.

Lets be honest, this is largely Deep State shenanigans as escape routes are cut off, and the Great Awakening proceeds apace. Excellent. The panic is palpable, so your author remains long pop corn, and has put in for an extra order of marshmallows.

To track what is happening please use this link: Unrest Tracker (policylab.app)

The video’s are pretty scary, and the rumors are the Zulu leadership is trying to take out the ‘Whites and Indians’, so citizens are setting up patrols and checkpoints.

Really good debate here from a European perspective.

YouTuber “Paratus” describes ‘citizen militias’ are guarding communities as the police and government have failed the citizens. 

More craziness here, here and here and here. Its is quite unfortunate, but I’m glad the nonsense pushed globally about the terrorist Nelson Mandela is starting to get rolled back. It should be pointed out that Mandela was given the right to leave the Robben Island prison several times as long as he renounced violence, but he refused.

I’m no fan of saffers, they are racist sure. But I’m also pretty sure they have been at the receiving end of a massively brutal pogrom, and I guess that is enough to turn anyone racist. It is what it is. Several people were joking about how the architect of apartheid was laughing in his grave right now, and that is not a good outcome for any of us globally.


So clearly I’m a fan of Jordies. And clearly he is setting up for a Senate run. Ok. I wish him best of luck, but maybe he should stop only whining when his side of politics is attached.


~~Watch The Dominant Narrative Change~~

Women are starting to fight back. Props to this woman!

~~Second American Civil War~~


~~5 Acre Homestead Transformation – Timelapse!~~

Props to this young couple living their own dream. Its a magical story!

~~Culture Wars~~


The left will never punch left. The right has learnt the same trick. So everyone lies, all the time.

~~Bill Cosby’s Day Out – Lol~~


So I’m pretty sure he quite happily got in the sack with lots of women. Probably didn’t treat them well sure – but hard to say rape without a conviction. But the dodgyiness around his trial was off the charts, probably because he never played nicely with leftists.

Nothing to do with Cosby. Because lol.

~~World War 3~~


BLM getting wrecked on Cuba!

~~Cab ride Pfäffikon – Switzerland~~

Its a beautiful country!

~~Have A Good Weekend!~~

One more?

Too far?

Okay I’m done…

~~Iguana Loving (Why Am I Jealous?)~~


~~Be Good Everyone!~~

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I’m seeing a few diversity is our strength mumbles from the leadership, but doesn’t seem to be sinking in.


Agent 47

I’m sure Karen Keneally and Sarah Hanson Young will be first off to SA.

Chinese Astroturfer

What a shit show.

Imagine if Australia were 95% Aboriginal with Aboriginals in all the government positions.

Not saying anything one way or another, but just imagine what that society would look like, how well would the economy run.

Last edited 2 years ago by Chinese Astroturfer

i think if the whites revolted in SA, they would probably win and take the country back from the bantus. the indians/asians there would back them, and at least half or more of the coloureds would be on their side too, as well as some of the original native cape inhabitants (the khoisan).

and if that country existed itd be an absolute shithole, worst country in the world.

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal

There has been SA secession talk before, so perhaps it may gain new impetus. However imho in the long term it wouldn’t make any difference while those who have empowered the current black leadership, stretching right back to Nelson Mandela, remain in control on a global basis – they would simply deploy their lackies in the msm to restart the campaign against white oppression and apartheid.

Make no mistake, what they want for SA they want for the rest of the world. They simply use Africans as their Golems to do the dirty work – pile of shit or pile of gold, THEY don’t give a fuck so long as they are on top.

Without addressing the main problem the Hydra will simply grow a new head.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Any such legislation won’t actually empower real aboriginals, it will empower white people masquerading as indigenous Australians.

It has become so obvious that even offshore commentators are starting to notice:

“In my new column, I review how Australia has overcome its long-lasting problem with Aboriginal underachievement: by making it illegal for whites to make fun of other whites for claiming to be Aborigines”

– Steve Sailer


Essentially the media have turned indigenous ancestry it to societies must have ‘little black dress’ that any ambitious social climber MUST have.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

How the fuck Bruce Pascoe is given any legitimacy at all is mind boggling but unsurprising.


Imagine how low our carbon footprint would be tho

easy when life expectancy would be about 38 years

Chinese Astroturfer

COVID deaths in Britain on the up. 60 yesterday. Doubled in the last week. This is in the middle of summer too. They are by far the unhealthiest nation of slobs in Europe though.


arent they all vaccinated?!

Chinese Astroturfer

9 in 10 have had at least one injection. Most of the dead are vaccinated too.

Agent 47

Israel data is far more damning for the jab, particularly for all those vacuous dicks preferring Pfizer.


What do those data say?


What do those data say?

No idea what the vax rates are but a quick google shows new cases in isreal have gone from 19 a day on 16-jun to to 952 a day on 15 july with a steady increase across that time.


Dug a little deeper at https://ourworldindata.org/vaccination-israel-impact
Most of the data finishes around feb and they were 60% vaccinated then.
Weekly hospital and icu admissions are up to 11 july and show the same increasing curve as cases.
So much for the vax reducing hospitalisations.
90kw may need to do some serious pondering.


Just scrolled down the data – it’s a bit difficult to get a sense because, as you say, a lot of it ends 6 months ago.

but seems like they’re down to a couple of people kicking the bucket daily…


They’ve just spent a month or so with very low case counts and only just started spiking up, and deaths lag new infections by ??? weeks. I’m not sure but must be at least 2 maybe more. It doesn’t kill you in a day.
If cases continue upward at the current rate deaths will be ticking up much higher, as they already have a bit up from 0 to a couple of people.



Hospitalisations down in the UK versus 2020 by a mile despite similar case numbers. Deaths super dooper down.

Try again.


Looking at the long stretches of fairlyly consistent low numbers of cases they look almost the same to me pre and post vax, maybe half as many at most.
That isn’t super dooper down.

Care to provide some exact numbers for super dooper down.


Even a 10 times improvement doesn’t change the fundamentals of what will happen if lockdowns are stopped. Explosion of hospitalisations and deaths locally.
How many are acceptable to you before we lockdown again?


Even a 10 times improvement doesn’t change the fundamentals of what will happen if lockdowns are stopped. Explosion of hospitalisations and deaths locally.

I agree. I have been thinking about this in regards to Israel’s current wave, and what would happen after we open up post-vaccination.

Israel appears to have achieved a level of immunity (not quite herd immunity) where some social distancing adequate to take R0 below 1, and then comes along the more contagious Delta strain to take R0 back above 1.

It will enrage a lot of you but it seems inevitable that post-vaccination Aus govt will protect hospitals from being overwhelmed. That means fumbling our way in and out of social distancing and lockdowns. Although the lockdowns will more resemble what the UK did rather than the Aus/NZ total elimination variety.


Cases won’t change, people still get it with the vaccine. I never mentioned cases, you did.


Cases won’t change, people still get it with the vaccine. I never mentioned cases, you did.

How about deaths then, or hospitalisations.

Because if it’s ok to open up in 6 months time after a few more vaccines, its ok to open up now to nearly the same effect.
That is my point.


In case you ignored the article entirely, see below for hospitalisations which are down by 2/3rds compared to the last wave with similar cases. That is clearly the direct result of the vaccine.

If they are operating like Australia is, there are probably quite a few in there ‘just in case’ also. No evidence on that from me but just a hunch.

Deaths are barely budging however obviously that’s a lagging indicator by a few weeks I would imagine so there’s room for a gradual rise.

The point is, it would seem, for now, the vaccines are working well in the UK & USA overall however the next few months will be the big test. Australia has the luxury of being able to wait & see how it all plays out.

I don’t disagree we might have a more gradual & slower re-opening due to a lower risk threshold than the rest of the world but we’ll get there.


this is mainly because delta is less pathogenic/virulent

when you separate out the numbers you see that unvaccinated are only very slightly over represented in recent deaths (based on % of population)

the vaccines therefore having a minimal effect – it’s mainly due to natural evolutionary pressures making the virus less severe (and also the vulnerable population has already been killed off)

but in any case, it doesn’t seem to matter : the UK is again talking about lockdowns which is now even more absurd than it was 12 months ago


Interesting view, thanks. Curious on a source on that view?



see table 4

117 total delta deaths
44 unvaccinated

92,000 total delta cases (CFR 0.127%)
53,000 amongst unvaccinated (CFR 0.08%)

of course unvaccinated are mainly young people

6 deaths in under 50s unvaccinated (CFR 0.01% )

IFR in unvaccinated under 50s would be a tenth of that I estimate (as anyone uninterested in vaccination probably isn’t going to get tested either)

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming

Note that the stats are from February to June 21 – hard to estimate the percentages of population who were vaccinated during that period of time as it would have been rapidly increasing during that period


 see below for hospitalisations which are down by 2/3rds compared to the last wave with similar cases. That is clearly the direct result of the vaccine.

Last wave 60,000 cases, this wave 40,000 cases.
Guess what, 1/3 of 60,000 = 1/2 of 40,000.



And since you seem a little dense,
hospitalisation numbers are down by 1/3 because 1/3 less infections, and half as many hospitalisations per infected gets you to 2/3.
The vax literally halves the hospitalisation rate like I told you above.

Chinese Astroturfer

Something suspect about those June numbers. I think they just weren’t testing anyone.


i read something about how vaccines failed in the maldives too, haven’t heard anything about it since tho


It seems they aren’t the magic bullet that just makes it all go away that some think it will be.



Pfizer vaccine effectiveness against infection (sympt.+asympt.) is down from 94.3% in May to 64% in June. Probable cause: rise of delta prevalence.
Effictiveness against hospitalization down from 98.2% in May to 93% in June.


What’s the effectiveness of no vax at all against hospitalisation?

UK data august 2020: so presumably pre vax
110ish hospital admissions 900ish cases a day
around 88% effective against hospitalisation.


Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

I don’t know what the exact stats are for unvaccinated with delta. The figures in the Israel tweet I posted for mean:

64% show no symptoms at all, the other 36% show at least some symptoms range from very mild to severe.

93% means 93% less chance of being hospitalised than unvaccinated… or in other words 14 times more likely to end up in hospital if unvaccinated.

and just to clarify a misconception. You can still be infectious after vaccination. Maybe less infectious which could lower the overall R0 but still infectious.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

Based on a twitter post I can’t see and presumably doesn’t exist anymore, and nothing else.

Highly reliable source there.

Especially given that isn’t how percentages work.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

I don’t know why you can’t click that link. There are references to government official account in Hebrew :-). I can only confirm 64% and 93% amongst gobligook.


I translated the official tweet.


and yes the first definition was incorrect. It is always relative to placebo/unvaccinated group. So 64% less people show any symptoms relative to unvaccinated, and 93% less people end up in hospital relative to unvaccinated.

Chinese Astroturfer

It’s a novel virus. August last year the virus was taking out the dry tinder. It’s inevitable vaccine or no vaccine for the virus to burn itself out to a degree. It doesn’t just kill randomly it kills really old people with comorbidities and really fat slobs.


not any more a novel virus


ahh the religious~like belief in the powers of modern medicine in today’s societies hits nature and reality


Thank you for doing the Weekend Links T!

This link is for you, and all the rest of us that need some eye/mental bleach after this week’s ugliness:

(Warning: might cause compulsive watching)
Mostly animals, nature etc.

Have a good weekend all!


Don’t even worry about being a bit late, if anyone complains as peachy says they got what they paid for.


I’ll second that, great work on the links. Always a nice way to start the weekend.


Always a good selection. And if people don’t like it they should SUBSCRIBE!


Some more footage from South Africa (scroll down a bit):

Agent 47

The indians shooting bantus at will was a real advertisement for diversity.


Know quite a few white Saffers who had moved to Australia in the last few years. The reasons varied, but multiple home invasions at gunpoint seemed to be an all too common theme. I remember one saying that he couldn’t believe he would walk outside in Australia without packing a weapon.


I used to work with a bloke whose family had moved here from Seffrica when he was a kid. He went back for a visit about 2005 or so. When he returned he said every family he’d visited had at least one family member who had been shot in street assaults or home invasions.


Funny stuff. May the grift never end. “Freedom phone” found to be a cheap Chinese knockoff.



If the Greens ran the country like they run their councils, we’d literally be living in our own filth.


Inner-city councils leading a push to introduce fortnightly waste collection to divert it from landfill are facing fierce opposition, with one council back-flipping and reinstating weekly pick-ups.

Agent 47

Councils dominated by career arts degree students and property developers come up with this shit all the time. Looking forward to that Muslim Yarra councillor getting fired for homophobia, or not.


How to embed images ?


You’re doing good!


Mildly sceptical of dls will get you banned way quicker that either of those.
I couldn’t help but notice his delusions of grandeur comin through again though.
Apparently mb have single handedly got the labor party to change their stance on china since no one else was criticizing them.
Pretty impressive with a readership in the hundreds?

Agent 47

Saw that too in among Every one patting each other in the back about vaccines and Scomo vs Andrews.



What I will agree with you is this. The delusions of grandeur at MB are strong.

Hard to be popular when you’re constantly wrong on most finance calls. Which leaves the blog as a ‘what ought to be’ moral lecture about Australia.. some stuff was good indeed but it left a bitter taste in my mouth in the end with the constantly wrong financial forecasts.

Last edited 2 years ago by The90kwbeast

and when you get banned for disagreeing…


Hard to be popular when you’re constantly wrong on most finance calls

There was a financial blogger recently talking about this on The Market Huddle. Negativity sells. Something like a ten-fold increase in clicks for negative vs positive financial articles. You end up with disingenuously negative financial sites.


the fund has done pretty well at least recently. i think it is decoupled from the clickbait rhetoric on the MB website.


Yes it is, but the themes still guide it…


Yes, do agree about the fund doing well. They went overweight travel stocks which have done well. However, one would think that the Sydney lockdown would bring travel stocks back down, but Qantas for example is still just under $5 🤷‍♀️
As for the website, it is full of poor Covid coverage. I commented that their coverage like MSM is poor random they weren’t impressed. DLS is a liability for that site. LVO writes pretty good articles, DLS is a ‘pen is mightier than the sword’ lunatic.


As I’ve said many times, I like the fact that they pulled the trigger ahead of the market rout. I agree that they were a little late getting back in, and that cost them, but there was significant market insecurity and they are hobbled by their legacy mainstream economic view that allows the possibility that Govts will allow markets to fail.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

It’s very impressive :p

Having read the incorrect predictions of multiple doomsayers like Keen, Dent and the Don’t Buy Now guy for years, I find that none of them have ever showed the same level of obnoxiousness or hubris as dls.

Aside from the plumber from Ermington, I think the only time anyone from Labor has ever read embee was Kevin Rudd who dls had to apologise to!

Even Liz Allen who is a joke by anyone’s standards probably has a wider readership through twitter and her occasional fairfax articles.

Names are changed to protect innocents

…was Kevin Rudd who dls had to apologise to!

lol, you believe that?




Whichever MP/public servant/bureaucrat is approving these kind of arrivals can just fuck off already.


Last edited 2 years ago by Gouda

This calls for some Steel Panther.

I keep saying it, this is one of the technically best bands in the world.



Fucking amazing, perfect weekend links soundtrack.

Agent 47

Love them. Props to them for coming up with new shit even 4 albums in.

Only so much you can cover in a glam metal piss take band.


Were they going to tour EZFKA?

id go see that spunky Michael Star!

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy

They toured a few years back, or more realistically a few pre covid.
Didn’t go see them though.


Lol, just saw your post on the “other site.” I like the creativity with some of the responses…

Agent 47



A colleague of mine in his late 50s dropped dead out of the blue last week. He had some health problems but this was completely unexpected.

I’m not going to suggest for a second that it was due to him being vaccinated.


So… he was vaccinated, yeh?


So I’m told, but can’t confirm it.

Agent 47

Someone else tweeted this earlier in the week and I’m paraphrasing, but the normies are so heavily invested in the vaccine emotionally and psychologically that any evidence to the contrary just bounces off them. They would rather be in the majority and wrong than be right. They’re so scared of possibly being lied to that they just choose path of least resistance.

Those videos of people being wheeled out shaking from vaccine centres and the rest not batting an eye, reminds me of many a time picking off foxes going after lambs at 3am. Rest of the flock just standing there watching or eating grass as if it’s normal.

Last edited 2 years ago by Agent 47

Mate the whole world is invested in the vaccines. If they don’t work, which is looking unlikely anyway, the world is going to be a much shittier place to live for the foreseeable future.


As the “data” you provided above shows, the vax halves the hospitalisation rates, at current variants, who knows if it mutates again. Is that working?
Did we really need to lockdown the whole country to potentially half the death toll?
Another year or two and we could probably half it again, and another couple of years half it again.
After 7 years of lockdown we’ll potentially be able to save 90% of the potential deaths. Clearly we owe it to everyone to lockdown till then?


In 7 years, most of those who might have died if they caught COVID now would probably be dead anyway.

which is kind of your point, innot?

Last edited 2 years ago by Peachy
Agent 47

I doubt anything punitive will come from this but it will drive a stake through the heart of any confidence remaining in the judicial and electoral system.

Kushner, sorry, Trump won AZ and likely other states.


Not in the US(SR).
It will need to be blatant and at the election time (this exposure) to gain a critical mass. Yanks inherently believe in govt benevolence. Damage to Trump is permanent. He helped them. He had a chance for doing something extraordinary like pardoning a prominent person that drove a stake through bush-clinton kabal to cement himself as a St George of US(SR) slaying deep state, but he didn’t – he’s done.

My sense is that the yanks are inherently distrustful of government, rather than believing in benevolence….

unless by “yanks” you are referring to the inhabitants of the northern states as contrasted with the southern states?


Frydenberg can also fuck off.


The head of the Federal Government’s “independent review” into corruption at the corporate regulator has resigned after Treasurer Josh Frydenberg published a whitewashed and reworked “abridged version” of her “investigation” three weeks ago.

The Klaxon can exclusively reveal that Dr Vivienne Thom, a former federal Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, has quit her long-standing senior role at private investigations and “workplace review” company CPM Reviews.

Thom joined the Canberra-based CPM Reviews after leaving her job overseeing the nation’s major security agencies in 2015, but quit after Frydenberg on January 29 published a doctored version of her investigation into serious wrongdoing at the corporate watchdog.

Both Thom and CPM Reviews repeatedly failed to respond to requests for comment from The Klaxon over the past two weeks, however it can be revealed that Thom’s name has been scrubbed from CPM’s website and her biography has been taken down.

In October Thom and CPM were appointed to conduct what Frydenberg termed an “independent investigation” into revelations that Australian Securities and Investments Commission chair James Shipton had received $118,557 in personal “tax advice” at the public’s expense.


More on this…


Australia’s most senior Treasury official – and the entire new management at the corporate regulator – have refused to back Josh Frydenberg’s claim that the investigation into corruption at the top of the regulator found no wrongdoing.

Secretary to the Australian Treasury Dr Stephen Kennedy, who reports directly to Frydenberg, has distanced himself from the Treasurer, declining to stand by claims that no wrongdoing occurred at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).


I think there might be a few more “resignations” over this.


rightio then… that Klan geezer just got a new subscription


Some perspective of how much the market is betting on “transitory” inflation.


Can you elaborate on this?

clewrly earning index has gone seriously negative & apparently in the past this has corresponded to local equity price maxima…. How does this tie in to the “transitory inflation” tale?


My simpleton version. Stock market yields higher than treasury yields due to risk premium. Having a zero real yield could mean many things which typically results in share price falls:
1) rising inflation and hence eventual rise in yield
2) dividends being cut
3) share prices rising faster than income/dividends

NIRP would probably be an exception to the rule.

In this instance they seem to be betting that the current high inflation will fall without the need to significantly raise interest rates.


It is likely (3). The elite is so conditioned to cheap money there is no going back. The Greenspan put has basically getting better and better strike prices since Greenspan retired and the market knows this.


I like this view. The question as always is, whenever we do get inflation too big to ignore, what do the central banks do next? Raise rates and crash the system?

It’s hard to see any way for the current system of fiat currency to survive more than another 2-3 decades.


I just wonder what the known unknowns are that may trigger it… War could be one easily. If covid was more fatal that also could have done the trick perhaps.

But agreed it seems the inflation genie is in the bottle for a while yet.


Central Banks have already indicated that they would let the inflation run for a while before raising interest rates. Meaning, let wages/incomes rise to levels that could cope with debt repayments at higher interest rates.


I’m not sure what this is… is it the inverse of the CAPE ratio?


Sort of. Inverse of PE minus inflation.


ok same thing more or less


In shit you just can’t make up they are releasing a pregnant man emoji, ’cause diversity.

Reus's large member

Stupidity / woke is a cancer, they should remove all warning signs and PC BS and let the smart survive


Apparently wearing hi vis is as good as being vaccinated:

Let’s remove the charade that we are all in this together.


Yep – one rule for the elite, one for the plebs.

Deputy Premier Barilaro’s daughter breaks Covid rules twice, gets a slap on the wrist.



The elite pleb difference is shown through the Tokyo olympics. The pleb ie Japanese people don’t want the games. The elite ie Olympics committee are pushing forth anyway no matter how bad the Covid situation is.


For those interested in the interface of blockchain technology with AI this is an interesting project called ANNE or the Awareness Neural Net Explorer. I have been loosely following or aware this project for a couple years, as I have been told that blockchain technology has enormous potential within AI, but I didn’t really understand where the interface, linkages and benefits resided.

Apparently the appeal of the blockchain in regards to AI is firstly it standardises data storage that info miners can crawl through, and secondly the indexing power that exists within it. Supposedly there are more possible Bitcoin addresses than there are atoms in the Universe.

I have spoken about the difference between UTXO and State based systems before, and how with UTXO systems the only processing occurs as ‘the edge’ being only those transactions that remain unspent. In contrast state based systems require all components, including those that have not experienced any change, to be agreed on.

From what I understand, and I could be quite incorrect here, one of the theorised biological expressions of how intelligence or ‘consciousness’ manifests itself in a biologicial neural network is through ‘the edges’ of activity within that system or state i.e. neurons firing up simultaneously in organised patterns, often with inter-related pathways.

From a conceptual framework blockchain addresses act as the neurons, and firing UTXO’s between them are essentially lighting them up, creating an awareness ‘edge’.

Essentially AI researchers are investigating using blockchains indexing powers that are greater than the Universe to systematically and standardisedly store data.

For those interested the interviewed by Kurt Wuckert from Coingeek starts from 12min:


(I’ve only listened to half of it, while the first bit was good it eventually got a little too esoteric even for me)

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Moon when


Apparently the appeal of the blockchain in regards to AI is firstly it standardises data storage that info miners can crawl through, and secondly the indexing power that exists within it.

That sounds in a similar vein to the claims made for xml.Probably turn out to be about as true as well, as exemplified by someone making the same claim about something else years later.


Quite possible – I wasn’t commenting on their likelihood of success, merely on the fact I’ve observed a lot of occasions that have referenced AI and the blockchain in conjunction with one another. I was just sharing a little insight I gained into the supposed motivations behind their use together.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

AI and blockchain are the current hot buzzwords, along with crypto, scrum and agile.(and probably others that haven’t become so ubiquitous I am forced to see them)
The motivation for their use is to separate people who don’t understand them from money, for the most part.


There are people who understand them, but have reservations about them. I see vendors and consultants try and sell things like machine learning all of the time. Given the poor take up, they have become new age techniques to infer those who have reservations are in the dark ages*. Most business problems only really need a simple solution, but lucrative consultancy fees are absent from these solutions.

’* The dark ages were not really dark. Many civilisations actually flourishes such as the precursor to the Byzantine empire. The History Matters YouTube channel has an excellent video on this.


1 death and a hundredish new cases a day in NSW and we need stricter lockdowns to prevent this.

There is no way we are getting out of lockdowns in the next year or 2 at least.
No one in power has the stomach for the reality that entails.

For context Israel is about NSW population, and is averaging over 1 death a day and has 900 new cases a day at them moment with a high vaccination rate. Both of those climbing.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

I can’t see the states going from zero risk to let’s live with the virus. No matter how horrible the premiers become to the minority i.e. banning returning citizens returning home, it is politically popular. They talk about they agreed to at national cabinet knowing full well they’ll do their own thing.
I can only see lockdowns, lock outs and all this sort of stuff occurring for the next two years. There will be a stage where a less risk adverse country is holiday and enjoying themselves in Bali and then people will start to question why it isn’t us?


It seems in Victoria though there will be a two tier red zone system. It will be based on science political science. Basically a set of rules for exempted workers ie construction workers and another for the plebs.


It will make a lot more sense if you accept we are going with an elimination strategy until everyone has had an opportunity to be vaccinated. It then becomes a question of when is the best time to lockdown. I believe the current answer is a soon as Contact Tracers have lost control. There is no point whining about “only 1 death” because that is clearly not the method being used.

The CFR for Delta strain a lot lower than Alpha strain (I recall 0.2% vs ~1.6% according to UK stats). Combined with vaccine efficacy I believe we will be out of lockdown next year. There will just be a bit of fumbling in and out of lockdown to make sure hospitals are not overwhelmed. i.e. the original “flatten the curve” idea.


Every at risk person in Australia has had ample opportunity to get the vaccination

just they were too fucking precious for astra Zeneca which has a one in 100,000 risk
(Minimally worse or identical to Pfizer)

like my own mother an overweight 70 year old who refused astra Zeneca because she’s “waiting for Pfizer”

this was a bizarre marketing exercise by Pfizer that the media was complicit in , diminishing and deliberately white anting their competitor

any healthy person under 50 can harden the fuck up, or lock themselves away for all I care

if we had just let it spread amongst young and healthy people , they’d all be immune by now with 0.001% deaths in that group (better or identical to their risk from receiving the vaccine)

from UK data

92,000 total delta cases (CFR 0.127%)
53,000 cases amongst unvaccinated (CFR 0.08%)
of course unvaccinated are mainly young people

6 deaths in under 50s unvaccinated (CFR 0.01% )
IFR probably a fraction of this 0.001%)

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming

Did your mother ban you?

My mother was the same but eventually decided she just wanted to get on with her life.


 Combined with vaccine efficacy I believe we will be out of lockdown next year. 

You are delusional. We are literally getting STRICTER lockdowns as the vax rates increase.
Also at lower infection rates than previous wave.
NSW hasn’t shut down construction until now, hence the hissy fit from the tradies.

Stricter lockdowns at lower infection rates while vax’s are well distributed does not lead to a conclusion of let it run being policy anytime soon. no matter how many vax’s happen

If I could be bothered I’d look for the comment I made previously that lockdowns would get stricter rather than not.
Success and popularity will make them double down. They will get crucified if they allow a 100X or 1000X the current cases anytime soon, or ever(possibly).

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10% vaccination is not the same as everyone having had the opportunity to be vaccinated. Neither is 50%. Anything less than giving everyone an opportunity for vaccination is an election loser.

Infection rate is also largely besides the point. It is choosing an optimal time to lockdown. Too expensive to lockdown every time someone catches it. Also too expensive to let it spread because it results in a longer lockdown. I believe the method being using is as soon as contact tracers have lost control.

In regards to harder lockdowns. Previous lockdowns got us down to just under R0=1. The Delta strain is more infectious than previous strains. Self-explanatory that harder lockdown required and nothing to do with your social control theories. If anything NSW tried to get cute with their minimalist lockdown approach which has backfired into needing a much longer lockdown.

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Ok so after we reach 50% or 80% vax how many infections before it gets out of control and we have to lock down?
Pretty close to the same amount as now, so lockdowns will occur as soon as we are at dozens of infections, the same as now. Vaccines won’t change that in any way at all.
Letting infections get into the thousands a day is an election loser no matter what the vax state is when you have PROVEN you can do better than that.

Too expensive to lockdown every time someone catches it. Also too expensive to let it spread because it results in a longer lockdown.

This doesn’t change with level of vaccination, you do realise that right. The UK and isreal are proving this as we speak.

Or as you are saying, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”
Soon enough actual reality will be revealed.


Pretty close to the same amount as now, so lockdowns will occur as soon as we are at dozens of infections

I don’t believe that will be the case. We will switch from an elimination strategy to trying to throttle hospital admissions. If we lockdown forever I will join in on the outrage.

Letting infections get into the thousands a day is an election loser no matter what the vax state is when you have PROVEN you can do better than that.

I have also previously stated that I don’t expect it to happen before the election unless there is bipartisan support.

The only policy difference between Labor and LNP is Labor not wanting to open up the borders until we have capability of producing our own mRNA vaccines. I suspect Labor will backflip as soon as 2023 doses are secured.


Which election?
The states have spent the last 18 months giving the federal government a big fuck you over this and they control virtually all the lockdown stuff.
You really think the federal election will change the response of the states, especially when the current state govs have won elections with the lockdown policies.


I meant federal election. But fair point, the states need to agree.

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vax rate% is not necessarily indication for lesser infection rates, it is randomness of distribution that matters more.
e.g. if all the Philistines in Eastern suburbs got vaxxed but non in the westies, the infection rate would be unchanged from rampant as before the jab got introduced.



Twitter going nuts with Katie Hopkins coming to Australia for the latest season of Channel 7’s Big Brother.


Is this the impetus the Left needs to get tough on immigration?


The average Aussie battler will be pissed off for 30 seconds and then think, cool, Big Brother is going to be on soon.


And probably be happier than we are…
Ignorance is bliss and all that.



I wouldn’t be surprised, but some journos seem to be getting more cranky.



The comments that she is taking up one space that could be used for a returning Australian. People need a sense of perspective: what is the French rugby team doing here and how many spots did they take? How many athletes are going to Tokyo along with support crew? Why did we have the tennis, its consumption of HQ resources caused Victoria’s third lockdown. Why were cricketers going to India knowing they will consume HQ spots on return. How many spots were taken for the summer’s cricket.

Katie Hopkins should absolutely not be coming to Australia, but let’s really put in perspective who is taking the HQ spots.


Gotta keep the circuses going…






A record number of French citizens booked vaccine shots Monday after French President Emmanuel Macron said that starting in August, anyone who wants to visit cafes, bars or shopping centers must show a “health pass” that certifies they’ve been vaccinated or recently tested negative for the coronavirus.

“Get vaccinated!” the president said in a live address to the nation, warning of a new coronavirus surge fueled by the fast-spreading delta variant.

Many French people got the message loud and clear. On Monday, 926,000 people booked their first dose through the online medical platform Doctolib — “an absolute record,” the site says. Hundreds of thousands more have continued to book slots on Tuesday.


Disappointing. I’d have hoped the french would man the barricades instead.


Apparently this was happening all day in Sydney, but nothing in our mainstream press.


Co-ordinated rallies have erupted across Sydney demanding tough Covid lockdown restrictions be lifted – with trucks blockading the city’s bridges and protesters clashing with police. 

A convoy of trucks stretching hundreds of metres caused havoc for commuters on the Anzac Bridge on Saturday afternoon with similar scenes at the Harbour Bridge. 

Simultaneously in the city’s south-west – where locals have been hit with harsher restrictions than elsewhere – scores of protesters flooded a community park in Bankstown. 

The protesters directed their anger at NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian chanting ‘Freedom, Freedom’, ‘No to the vaccine’, and ‘P*** off Gladys’ as they marched through Paul Keating Park. 


roll there’s a park named after Paul Keating?
I’m getting old….


and the park is in bankstown? haha


Most of EZFKA is Banks’-town now.

Couldn’t have done it without Keating. Need some statues put up in that park


Didn’t see any truckies or tradies giving a fuck when it was me being locked down, but now it’s them as well…

Fuck them to put it bluntly.

Movies for this week:

First Lot:
‘Mud and Blood’ trilogy from Sergio Corbucci.
Corbucci is known for the most violent Spaghetti Westerns ever and then a series of comedic Bud Spencer/Terrence Hill movies.

1. Django (1966)
with Franco Nero – the movie will makes violent scenes from Seth Efrica look like a picknick. An unusual movie. More Blood than a vampire movie.

2. The Specialists (1969)
With Johnny Halliday, the prolific Frenchman
Movie of revenge and lots of blood

3. The Great Silence (1968)
Starring Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski and Luigi Pistilli.
Revenge once again served cold.

My suggestion is to watch them in the sequence as I list them

Second Lot:

1. Wag The Dog (1997)
A political satire and a black comedy, often confused for a documentary. 2 years later it proved to be a leaked script for plans!
Dustin Hoffman, Robert DeNiro

2. Our Brand Is Crisis (2015)
Sandra Bullock, Billy-Bob Thornton, a nice modern political satire (not at the first sight). Another one which may have been based on real events.

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Beet-Shoot link:

Django (1966)