Everybody is welcome to be nobody.

Have I encapsulated Australian multiculturalism in one pithy sentence? I asked DALL-E to draw a foetus growing in a plastic bag for the image. That, I believe, is the ultimate destination of multiculturalism: the detatchment of humanity first from the land and then from family, with the goal of permanent attachment to systems run by … Read more

A Tribute To MikeMB

One of the most legendary commenters on MacroBusiness. We all knew this guy. We didn’t know who he was, where his numbers came from, and how much of them were embellished. He was the boiler plate man; a guy who would repeatedly post some modified/varied statistic heavy spiel in nearly every thread detailing the horror … Read more

Inflation Burns On!

Today’s CPI update is out – https://www.abs.gov.au/statistics/economy/price-indexes-and-inflation/consumer-price-index-australia/dec-quarter-2022 “Inflation rose 7.8 per cent over the last year, the highest peak since 1990, driven by pricier domestic holidays, international travel and higher electricity prices. Inflation in the December quarter rose by 1.9 per cent taking annual growth to 7.8 per cent according to the Australian Bureau of … Read more

Celebrating Australia Day!

With all the usual commentary by empowered white aboriginals in the media, criticizing Australia Day and generally spreading their hatred and ill-will towards a people and culture that immeasurably improved their lives, I thought I would celebrate Australia Day by reading the “Occidental Observer’s” recent essay on the ‘Aboriginal Worship and the Flight from Whiteness … Read more

Boats are about to start again as Andrew Giles is likely to give permanent residency to thousands of illegals in Australia

So, I just got back from holiday with the family to this email from a very well politically connected ex-colleague in the legal circles down in Canberra: “As we were talking about the other day regarding the federal court Pearson decision, I have learned that Immigration Minister Andrew Giles is allegedly planning to give permanent … Read more

Foreign workers prevented from working

“Every time one of the international community of instructors has tried to take a lesson, they have been harassed, to the extent that they can’t teach their lesson,” Mr Todd said. “They’re physically intimidating us, threatening us, trying to take away our lift passes, trying to remove our ski equipment and stopping us from being … Read more

A New Winter Offensive Imminent?

Part 2 Time for a wider lens to see what things are happening outside of the immediate SMO zone, and implications thereof. I welcome your comments / debate. Geopolitics Negotiations As many of you will know, the first and only opportunity for a true peace settlement was in March 2022.  Following three rounds of negotiations … Read more

Meme feast!!

The last thread was getting pretty long and hard to read, so I thought I would start a new one. I’ve been so inspired by the meme’s produced by the @auseconomicunit EZFKA account that I’m going to do a homage to them. I’ll start with one of my recent favorites: It is simple but effective, … Read more

A New Winter Offensive Imminent?

Part 1 Muscling in on stagmal’s turf here…. There is a lot of ground to cover, so I will break this piece in a couple of parts.  My information comes from a variety of sources, both Western MSM, Russian MSM (if available in English), independent blogs, and a variety of Telegram channels.  For Russian side … Read more


Most commentary I’ve been following says that an American recession is on the cards, but they argue about its depth. Nouriel Roubini (https://nourielroubini.com/a-stagflationary-debt-crisis-looms/) says that the world is in deep shit….but he always says that. I think it’s too early to call inflation baked in. We’re only just exiting the post-covid boom…and China is just … Read more

EZFKA and the World: A year in review

It’s the end of 2022! Another year at this place. Man this year has seen a lot happen, or not happen. This thread will be a runover of every major notable thing that has occured over the last year which has gripped the interest of this blog. I’ll provide some brief commentary and perspectives on … Read more

The Great Australian Dream Back?

https://www.smh.com.au/property/news/why-nobody-expected-the-sharpest-property-price-falls-in-decades-20221226-p5c8u3.html The bears are taking their victory lap and basking in the sun. They reckon their predictions have finally come true and that the great property crash is unfolding before us, but is it? Some bold calls that 50% crash is already well and truly under way and that prices have already dropped 30% in … Read more

Merry Christmas EZFKA folks

Wishing everyone happy holidays and lots of BBQ chats about propadee with beautiful people! Wishing youse and yours heaps of good presents, too! Do what you must to keep the revs up on the mighty economic engine of the EZFKA – consumer spending on imports.

The biggest Dildo in Crypto: Part 3

It is with great pleasure that I announce the formal arrest of Sam Bank-Friendman pending his extradition to the United States, who have formally applied for it today in the Bahamas. It also effectively closes the circle in terms of the SBF case study, and speculation around the toxic role he has played in crypto. … Read more

OpenAI chatbot predictions

Stagmal’s and Coming’s chatbot written stories were pretty funny, but given all it has learned maybe the chatbot can make decent predictions. https://chat.openai.com/chat Here’s some I tried:Me to chatbot: With a population breeding below replacement, the government decided to increase immigration to keep the economy moving and house prices rising. What happened next? As the … Read more

What will they do next?

Today’s the day Peachy tells us her insider information… So what will the RBA do? 30% chance of holding rates or will they hike the usual 25bps? It will be funny if they do hold and end up shitting the bed early next year.

Hungry Higgo journo pushes agenda

https://www.smh.com.au/national/women-are-furious-about-the-lehrmann-trial-outcome-men-should-be-too-20221202-p5c39i.html Mostly a bunch of disingenous words from an activist pretending to be a journalist. Let’s start with the headline: “Women are furious about the Lehrmann trial outcome. Men should be too”Which women? Which men? She never says. I’m sure some women are furious (and aren’t) and the same for men. The piece begins with … Read more