The forces at play in the housing market

Thoughts: Ownership market Rental market I don’t have a read on the weights of each of these factors or a model that can combine them. My gut feeling is that rates will resume rising after a lull caused by the Chinese resumption of production following the end of COVID zero and the working out of … Read more

We all live on a nuclear submarine

So why haven’t any of the armchair generals here commented on the AUKUS submarine deal Subs are completely useless in modern warfare right? Like drones will easily find and destroy them, especially as nuclear can’t be turned off so they’re always traceable via sound Seems absolutely retarded for a country like Australia, which has relatively … Read more

SVB Crisis

It’s all over the news, we’ve all heard about it. Now they are predicting no more rate rises and cuts on the horizon which means more inflation. I’m seeing a few people say more liquidity being pumped into the system and that it’s a good time to buy hard assets i.e. gold/silver, RE etc. But … Read more

Why crypto will not die

From Kaiko Research via Zerohedge: “On Monday, Hong Kong made its intentions clear to open the door to crypto trading for retail. Reports claim that China is quietly encouraging the move, using Hong Kong as a testing ground for what safe crypto trading might look like. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) outlined … Read more

And on the Pedestal These Words Appeared

My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings Look upon my works and despair. So basically labor want to reform the entire immigration system to make it even more fast-tracked, more facilitating to migrants and even easier to rort. You won’t even need to rort it, because it’ll be so easy to migrate to Australia after … Read more