It’s Saturday…

….lets see what fascinating behaviour we can uncover today! This started as a comment, but since it is Saturday I thought I might make it into a post. I read this article during the week and it reminded me of the objectives I was wrote about in ‘The Golden Guardian‘ the other week. Here the … Read more

House Price Falls are Slowing

According to the ABC anyway. You know what this means. These falls will no longer be falls in probably one year and will resume their inexorable rise shortly after. We’ve got more migrants than we’ve ever had preparing to flood into Australia on top of what looks like a petering out inflation ‘crisis’ (could MB … Read more

post mortem

“The fact that Victorians stuck together … looked out for each other … went and got vaccinated because vaccines work … because as a community were not divided but united in our faith in science … that sense of kindness and connection has been confirmed today.” Then he directed five words at the Coalition who … Read more

The golden guardian

I don’t know if anyone else shared the same misfortune that I experienced last night when they turned on the ABC. Watching TV is something that I rarely do nowadays but with the missus out I was going to watch some telly with my daughter and it initially turned on still on the ABC. It … Read more

Boycott Cadbury Roses this Christmas

Aboriginal themed ‘limited’ edition Roses tins on sale at supermarkets just in time for Christmas. I will not pay to subvert my culture any more. This post is brought to you by the need to post something somewhat genuine after Stagmal’s total bullshit ‘new thread’ where someone had the nerve to say that MB was … Read more

The end of democracy

Democracy only works because the losers are prepared to accept the rule of the winners on the basis that they are the same people, representing the same goals, albeit with a different view on how they can best be reached. There are more and more people in Australia (eg most contributors here) and other democracies … Read more

Daily Thread 14 November 2022

Daily Thread

Clown world continues to exceed all our expectations… So it turns out FTX was primarily a progressive money laundering operations. BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Tens of Billions of US Dollars Were Transferred to Ukraine and then Using FTX Crypto Currency the Funds Were Laundered Back to Democrats in US ( [HOLY SHIT!!!] Ukraine invested in top Dem … Read more

The biggest Dildo in Crypto: Part 2

Been a while since I’ve run a crypto article, but given it is my favorite nefarious figure getting pole axed and the opportunity to recycle my favorite past art, I thought I would trot out a quick article. Basically this one should be considered as one of a series starting here: here: and here: Anyhow, … Read more

Daily Thread – 8 November 2022

The Love Hammer

The love hammer is in the house. Also, if two men are caught at 2:am with the love hammer in their underwear, they are definitely getting it on! In Emma Renay news… the house of cards is falling – MEP in English. Dems are trying to cheat… again… Meanwhile – National Guard to Activate Cybersecurity … Read more

Daily Thread – 4 November 2022

Know Your Enemy

Lots of funny stuff has been happening, so I figured another daily thread was required. Still super busy, but with luck that changes in new year and can start doing weekend threads nicely again. Bit shoutout to Timbo/Mister Sinister for triggering the Victorian Election Commission with the below – nicely done gents! In the meanwhile, … Read more

Daily Thread – 28 October 2022

New daily thread for all your shit posting needs heading into the weekend. What’s your RBA rate prediction? Will Peachy get it right again with her insider knowledge? The war in Ukraine will inevitably ramp up again in next couple of months which will impact fuel and energy prices no doubt. I also saw USA … Read more

The doom loop

Way back in 2008 the power of good government was used to rescue the finance industry by effectively buying all their bad debt. Government paper was printed by the trillions and by some miracle it never resulted in inflation, because it never got to the man on the street, only to asset prices. Then came … Read more

Daily Thread – 24 October 2022

Go Forth And Meme

This is the daily thread to put all your comments/meme/brain farts in – go forth and meme! Hilarious stuff that is happening. Apparently Ukraine is planning a radioactive false flag in Mykolaiv – Russia Warns Of ‘Dirty Bomb’ False Flag Plot In Flurry Of Rare Calls To Western Leaders | ZeroHedge – the thinking is … Read more

Daily Thread – 20 October 2022

Pfizer Kill Shot

Todays date might be important if you are into numerology! I’m not, but feel free to contribute if you are! So what has been going on? First, I can’t really embed YouTube links anymore, not sure why. But we persevere: (1) Liz Truss finds out hard way she will be scapegoat for Ukraine disaster – … Read more

Daily Thread – 18/10/2022

Daily Thread Oct 18 2022

Because its really hard to keep track of all the comments on posts more than a day or two old. Mostly afaik, (1) Emma Renay still causing chaos (2) Ukraine still loosing to Ruskies, still getting money from PedoHitler (3) Germany still going to freeze/starve this winter (4) UK still going down tubes, Liz Truss … Read more