Stewie’s Crypto RoundUp

Since I’ve pretty much written everything I know about Crypto in previous posts, I thought I might just post a quick crypto roundup of the sector as I’ve seen it over the past week. Not going to focus on price or returns, although I might mention it, because although it can be fun it is … Read more

Tell Me It Ain’t So, HillDawg!

Did you assume my gender

Not sure how many of you folks picked this one up, but its absolutely hilarious. Also this weekend is likely to be focused on 9/11, so not sure there will be space for this one. To start with, ZeroHedge had this earlier in the week – While Biden Joins ‘Drone Club’ At 9/11 Ceremonies, Trump … Read more

NSW Goes Dark

NSW reported 1542 new local coronavirus cases and nine deaths on Friday, as Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced she would no longer be doing daily press conferences. “Sunday will be the last day we officially do a press conference in this way,” Ms Berejiklian said. Adopting a play out of the Trump play book? Glady B … Read more

NSW ICU’s overrun with journalists attempting self-harm after Sydney residents ignore lockdown

ICU’s at NSW’s hospitals are at breaking point this evening with a record number of admissions for self-harm from mainstream media journalists, after witnessing Sydney residents telling them to get fucked over lockdown. Journalists from across the media were admitted to ICU’s across Sydney, sparking a crisis and condemnation for ‘taking up ICU spots.’ “It’s … Read more

An Alternative for EZFKA?

UAP have started a heavy advertising blitz to position themselves for the upcoming Federal election. Seconds into the add they indicate they are far more serious about this than any of the other minor parties with the statement they will run candidates for every seat in the House of reps, and the senate. Whether or … Read more