An open letter to Madeline King

My MP, Madeline King, sent me this in an email: Last week, the Albanese Labor Government set out the next steps in our plan to endfamily, domestic and sexual violence in a generation – and I wanted to makesure you heard a bit more about it. Too many women in Brand, and across Australia are … Read more

Where to get quality news for free?

I first went to MB when Alan Kohler’s site (forgot its name) became the paid for “Eureka report”. Then MB went paid, and I was happy to pay at first. Then most zerohedge’s good stuff became paid as “the market ear”. Bloomberg went paid. The ABC went so far left that I can’t even read … Read more

Woke “capitalism” will destroy capital.

While Australian media tend to portray oil, gas and coal as dinosaur industries destined to go bankrupt, other, more savvy commentators point out that they are more likely to become highly profitable with increased margin, just like tobacco companies since the 1990s. But investors in Woodside seem determined to cripple it by forcing … Read more

Was coming right?

It seems more people, some credible, are arguing that higher interest rates are stimulative right now, to a point. From bloomberg via yahoo: Didn’t coming say something like higher interest rates are inflationary? Can anyone remember exactly what coming said about this and where? I haven’t kept any links.