LNP and Greens complete merger after realising policies now identical

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison and Greens’ leader Adam Bandt have announced a historic merger after realising their open borders, employment and climate policies are identical. The two parties announced the merger at the climate conference in Glasgow this morning, right after the LNP and ALP merged last month. It is also believed “The New Liberals” … Read more

Weekend Links, 16-17 October 2021!


Feeling a bit logie today, but this is normally what regime change looks like. Think of a cricket match. We know who the expected winners are, and who the losers are likely to be…. But sometimes, the expected winners have an off day. The losers happen to have a new gun player. That moment in … Read more

EZFKA Book club

Last week, Dictator Dave recommended A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic by Laura Dodsworth.

I thank Dictator Dave for the recommendation and now add Peachy Props to it!

“Australian vaccine statistics are completely legitimate” says country running million-dollar lottery begging people to get vaccinated

EZFKA Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced a million-dollar lottery with a “no jab, no ticket” entry, begging Australians to get vaccinated. Hunt has denied accusations that the vaccination statistics are massively inflated and that a million-dollar lottery to get vaccinated was not proof the the whole thing was a sham. “We’ve been very successful … Read more

Weekend Links, 9-10 October 2021!

IP Blocked

Hi everyone and welcome to another lovely weekend here in sunny Sydney! Everyone is excited about the fact we ditched one premier, and deputy premier… the consensus seems to be – I don’t want to know about that! – which is very EZFKA, so we approve! So in the spirit of EZFKA unity… I’m really … Read more