Alan Kohler agrees: #putlaberallast

Kohler, who writes at the New Daily and appears on ABC TV wrote this today: “Perhaps the best permanent answer to branch stacking is more independents, so they get the balance of power in the lower house, and the stackers and stackees can’t run the country unconstrained.” Slowly but surely, the tide is turning.

COVID Spike Proteins and vaccine spike proteins

OK, so in response to Stewie’s concerns about the spike protein and my own, I did some reading. Here’s what I found. First, the spike protein can do damage on its own. SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Induces Degradation of Junctional Proteins That Maintain Endothelial Barrier Integrity SARS-CoV-2 spike protein alone may cause lung damage Spike Proteins … Read more

Beware of non-natural nucleotides

Since it looks as if I’m going to be forced to take the jab, I’ve been doing some reading about mRNA vaccines and came across this paper, published in March. It’s quite long and I can’t claim to understand all of it. I’ve clipped the section on safety below and noted in particular a … Read more

Election Campaign: #putlaberallast

I’m with the MB commenter formerly known as Gunnamatta: the best way forward for us is to campaign to reduce the liberal and labor parties’ primary votes down. Their mutual connivance around property and migration has gone on so long and is now so deeply embedded it is now no longer unreasonable to suggest that … Read more