Some recently miscellanous collected links

Since the long weekend is nearly over, I am not calling it weekend links. I’ve been saving these up to share with you for a while.

What an honest leaving-do speech would sound like | The Economist

Coalition senator blasts Liberal Party’s ‘mean girls’

Alan Kohler: Soaring house prices have changed society for the worse

Former SAGE Advisor Admits He Thought “We Couldn’t Get Away With” Chinese-Style Lockdown in Europe – Summit News

How philosophy gave up on the truth – UnHerd

No amount of alcohol is good for you, says this new study (the next thing to ban/make too expensive for ordinary people)

Young would REFUSE to fight for Australia against China because house prices are so high | Daily Mail Online (There a reason it’s called the EZFKA

Human Rights Commission is against Queensland’s vaccine mandate | Daily Mail Online

Romania’s most famous football team, Steaua Bucharest, announce a ban on VACCINATED players

With No Bill of Rights, Kassam v Hazzard Was Bound to Fail: An Interview With Professor George Williams

Joy at Coles checkout as Aussie youth gets a job at last (from our friends at MB)

Musk to take twitter (get stuffed leftist twats)

ABC personell bias for all to see

ESG risks put $4 trillion of Asian debt in peril

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Vineet says it’s not easy and it’s would take a whole custom configuration to make this possible.


The last link – the Michael West article about the ABC journalist having an anti-Labor bias and Twitter “shit list” solidifies my belief that the mainstream media have damaged their own reputation this election campaign. I suspect having Fauziah Ibrahim at the ABC meets a diversity quota, so the appropriate calls for her sacking will trouble left leaning types. However, the ABC were quick to get rid of that Abdel-Magied woman for offensive comments about ANZAC day and Sharia law so there is precedent for it.

On the election front it remains depressing – we have a choice between Albanese who forgets numbers, and Morrison who doesn’t even know where he is and appears confused in a sleepy Joe Biden kind of way. How good is EZFKA!

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A fly in your ointment

I glance at Fake News dot comau from time to time to check the movement of nemesis. As much as I deliberately avoid common politics, it was impossible not to notice a severe bias against the Albanese. What was different from the usual is that it was a carbon copy of US media proxies works in coloured revolution countries.

are we having a colourful revolution in live?

A fly in your ointment

all the predictions coming true so far… the process is still in its infancy but it seems that the only thing that can change is the pace of the selffornication of the encumbent power.
it also means that the war in Ukraina will not be over soon.

A fly in your ointment

you’re welcome. not that I did much… it is a staple source of information.

another one on the topic, cross posted elsewhere too:


I thought the criticism of Elena Nabuliva was very interesting. There were rumors she would loose her gig when the west stole $300b off the ruskies.

But putin reappointed her. so its very interesting glazyev is saying this. Maybe this bloke wants the gig. not sure.

A fly in your ointment

I do not have enough data to form an opinion on this. Geopolitical leverage and goals sometimes make great leaders do what is seemingly a mistake. It often is a mistake.


No amount of alcohol is good for you? Fuck that noise.

And you should all eat bugs, as per Mike Cannon-Ball. Fuck him too.


Look on the bright side….

If no amount of alcohol is good for you, then it doesn’t matter a shit how much you drink.

A fly in your ointment

is this it?

With all forms of common hepatitis ruled out, the current leading theory is that a different virus, called adenovirus type 41, is likely responsible, however, doctors said this set of symptoms is very unusual.

The WHO said Friday said that it was investigating 74 cases of “severe acute hepatitis” in children under age 13 in the UK and Northern Ireland.


I find it hard to rejoice at liver damage I kids…

Reus's Large MEMBER

Vaccines are killing the kids


I saw a recent report describing the mechanism by which the vaccines suppress the immune system. This results in increased vulnerability to things like hepatitis and a few other bugs, and also greatly increased risk of a range of cancers.

Doesn’t surprise me at all. I’m very happy to be unvaxxed, but very sad that my partner, my kids and everybody else I know got jabbed. I’m apprehensive about how things will turn out for their health over the next few years. ☹


I saw a recent report describing the mechanism by which the vaccines suppress the immune system.

That is a repeated concern that I’ve seen expressed by many credible people.

Even a rudimentary understanding of the gene therapy process should give rise to concerns that it is possible. Injection causes protein spike to be continuously produced throughout the body until pathogenesis occurs within the infected cells.

The protein spike is expressed on cell membranes and causes an immune response, that the body subsequently learns to respond to by through killing the cells where these protein spikes appear. Eventually the immune cells become exhausted, just like AIDs, only now it is called VAIDs.


Oi vaids!


Young would REFUSE to fight for Australia against China because house prices are so high | Daily Mail Online (There a reason it’s called the EZFKA

wow, that article is really something!

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Playing the victim is what they are good at, while they were beating each other with sticks we were going to the moon, it is not our fault they were not smart enough to invent things and progress the world.