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Aussie Soy Boy

Quite a turn of events. Even money is still good Peachy that’s a lot better than what they’ll be getting in a few weeks as Albo wishes his mother never banged that Italian deckhand on the cruise ship, but when it was $3.10 I had no doubt Scomo would win. I’ve said it for months, on MB too, Labor and Albo no chance.

I was making that call at the height of that hysteria about those two silly girls who leveraged their promiscuity into appearances at left wing press clubs, appearances on the Project, probably had dinner at Wilkinson and that creepy husband of her’s house (no doubt Brit helped herself to seconds and deserts ha!).

Scomo and the missus played it very well. They read the room, realised no-one gave a stuff about either of them.

Cutting the fuel levy a big winner who doesn’t like paying $1.50 instead of $2 for fuel I mean I like it.

They got rid of those silly tests you have to take at the airport starting today. Who wants to have a test at the airport when COVID is everywhere and the average person doesn’t give a crap about COVID. Big winner there. A vote for Scomo is a vote for going back to normal.

Can’t wait for the debates. Scomo will point to state Labor’s record on COVID mandates and lockdowns and say can you trust Albo not to lock down the country the next time we have a new variant, he’ll say a vote for Labor is a vote for people smugglers, a vote for Labor is a vote for critical race theory in schools, a vote for Labor is having your daughter share a school toilet with male to female transgender. There’s so many avenues for Scomo to rip Albo a new one.


Yep. Labor is going to get crushed. I think at a basic level they know this too, which makes it funnier.

Hilariously, I got in against Zali steggal at 6:80. Purely for the entertainment value. Apparently her ex husband is married to a political advisor for her opponent (lib).

Stock up on popcorn 🍿 this catfight is going to be one for the ages.


Zali has said its transphobic to oppose trans in women’s sport but won’t say whether she would have been okay with competing with them.

Woke are fucking imbeciles and the electorate know it.

Zali also won’t reveal who she’d support in a hung parliament. Meaning, if you lean to Labor, or LNP, you wouldn’t chance voting for her.

I’m revisiting my original view from 2020 when I lay bet Labor at$2.80 pissed. Labor’s going to get smashed.

Have you ever in your life witnessed such a wholesale and ongoing misunderstanding of a situation than MSM, polls, and Labor’s assessment of what’s going on? At the least vindicated 2019 election and hopefully 2022 too.

DLS. Moron.

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Or just have an open class. If women and men are equal then we no longer need gender segregation. Open class and you’re either good enough to compete or not…


Yep. This is where women start to reflect on what they’ve been supporting.


Rabid feminists will tell you women are just as strong as men. Let’s see it then? I’m over all this woke nonsense, where masculine men are demonised but masculine traits in women are championed. If they are good enough just make everything open class and it is trans inclusive so everyone is happy? Same events, same prize money.


Completely agree.

How about women’s sport for women only, men only, and mixed.

Then people like Zali get to choose. That’s what this is about isn’t it? Choice?

Feminists have ruined the world for men, but more so for women. They are really struggling. I’m seeing it everywhere I look.

It’ll probably settle down over time as women (and men) work out this isn’t working for any of us. Things needed to change in terms of opportunity, but have gone way too far. I wish I could give my 1000 personal anecdotes but can’t for now.

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Exactly. I don’t want any harm to come to anyone, and now trans are hurting women in sport.

Bandt said trans rights are not negotiable, then when asked what about women’s rights, he repeated “trans rights are not negotiable”…and refused to enter debate about rights clashing.

This is fantastic because Australia is seeing how these idiots (can’t) think. Like smithy.

IMO, many LNP and Labor MPs will be wiped out this election, with record numbers of Independents and minor parties.

As far as I know, MSM are yet to ask Labor about trans in sport, or define “woman”. Surely it’s coming?

Hopefully we are on the cusp of positive quantum change in Australian politics.

Destroying Labor is the start.

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A fly in your ointment

they’ll require equal share of winning to other sixes.

can’t win by yielding, a sledgehammer approach works the best


Aussie housing looking more and more precarious

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I found what gouda was talking about. If you’re a single parent with at least one child then only need 2% dep. Hence Aussie housing really is standing on sand foundations now


Of course it’s there! I’d have quoted it myself but you get what you pay for.

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Looks like lib-lab will get 33% each of the primary vote , so huge numbers for the minors

best we can hope for is that Pauline and Clive get a couple seats, rather than the greens

only chance of keeping the jimmies out

Clive Farrtwel

He’s in an induced coma on a ventilator. Its not mild, He’s fucked.

Aussie Soy Boy

Your dry humour didn’t quite translate there for Clive, but well done.

Clive Farrtwel

Im still not sure thats sarcasm.

Aussie Soy Boy

Never heard of so many relatively young people having heart attacks. Very odd.


Disagree. Plenty of people would ethusiastically vote labor if it promised lower immigration. Most people are sick of their children being priced out of housing and jobs.


That’s how I see it.

Labor’s betrayal of the plebs is 100% the reason we have political chaos.

It is critical they’re destroyed to save Australia.

Aussie Soy Boy

50 year old former cricketer Ryan Campell fighting for his life after a heart attack.