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doesnt that include returning travellers

A fly in your ointment

I doubt much immigration, 3/4 of India is not waxed and chinese are but are soon to become personae non grata


But the ones wanting PR will be waxed and we even recognise their waxes. Give it six months and the population ponzi will be running in overdrive.

Aussie Soy Boy

Liberals firming to $2.30 now, Labor $1.60.

Scomo has this one in the bag.

That was easy money at $3.10 for the Libs.

Libs might even be favourites come election day.

Agent 47

Hung parliament for mine. Expanded cross bench in Senate. Palmer will get a couple of lower house seats.

Not that any of that matters to Klaus and co.

A fly in your ointment

Hung parliament…

…not enough lamp posts

Agent 47



Yeah I got in at 2.80, but figure it’ll firm up much more. Scomo is going to run hard on gimmes until the election, and the war in Ukraine gives him the money to pay for it.

In the bag, or maybe need a little external support, but I think it’ll be clean coalition win.


Agree. The media has been jumping up and down pretty hard on Albanese mistakes, but the main killer that has hardly been mentioned is the drop in house prices that should spook the EZFKA units. Just like in 2019, the potential for price falls and future rate rises will be enough to scare people. They have rehashed franking credits/death tax/retiree tax etc in their emails – and why not, it worked once before.

Not sure about the final makeup – can see that some of the Teal independents will give sitting moderate Liberals a run for their money, and wouldn’t be surprised if a few of them got over the line. UAP a chance for some senate seats perhaps?


Labor haven’t yet been asked by MSM about trans in women’s sport, and old footage of Plibersek saying boat turn backs..”when safe to do so” haven’t been wheeled out yet.

Mate was telling me about interviews of young people in qld about who they’ll vote for, and it ain’t Labor; they want blood, and these votes will flow to LNP, or one nation and uap will support LNP in a hung parliament. Elite Independents will have to declare who they support before the election, either rendering them a no vote, or hurting their vote.

People who voted LNP last election might vote for others, but are unlikely to put Labor ahead of lnp. Australia is off Labor forever IMO.

Labor are stupidly short IMO.

Last edited 1 year ago by Totes

legacy parties will never see a first preference vote from me again.


Yep. Agree completely.


When LNP win, could someone post the following comment on MB for me?



the interesting thing to me is, if LNP win, they won’t have labor to blame house price falls on

IMO that means prices wont substantially fall

But not sure how they are going to justify inflation

Agent 47

I don’t trust government figures because it certainly isn’t the lived experience down here in my opinion.

Most industries still massively in shortage, unis dead and CBD still dead and roads shit but manageable.

I agree with others, mostly returning citizens some of which obviously recent citizens.


Most houses near me are selling and the shortages are low paid jobs. I reckon in six months the shortages will be gone and rental vacancies will be tight.

Agent 47

I would normally agree, however we are legit at the end of the road. Rate rises post election is going to wipe those at the margins out.

Sure, theyll throw 50 year mortgages at us but I think even that’s not going to be enough.

The supply chain is now taking an even bigger hit than before and we have legit food shortages up ahead.

Happy to be wrong, but I think it’s only downhill on all fronts from here.


The rates are going to be a disaster, but I reckon for a small minority. Everyone else will feel pain, but probably be ok.

If China goes hot, which is looking like part two of the Ukraine shit show… I’m seeing dead immigration and high commodity prices.

Better here in Oz than Europe to be honest.

by the way, the luxurious apartment on the image will soon be repartitioned to 2 smaller units. HongKongolese are already making beds that can raise into wall space (nothing new) but then they canbe flipped and dub as a lounge suite for 1.5 person or 2 ethnic SE asians (obviously just enough for 0.5 yanks) but can also remain lifted to allow use of the shower space.
Apparently this is about to pass the Aussie RE build code…


The jimmies were always going to come back as soon as borders opened. The issue has been lower number of flights compared to pre pandemic.

It doesn’t matter who wins the election, the jimmies will be on the planes.

A fly in your ointment

The jimmies were always going to come back…

should be actually:

The jimmies were always going to be brought back

May sound like hairsplitting pedantry selffornication but it is actually a major difference


You are right. However, most will come here on their own free will. A PR carrot is worth being exploited and they know after a few years of below standards wages they’ll get a PR visa pasted in their passport.


Remember a few years ago when there were widespread reports of Indian students in Melbourne being attacked? The numbers were tiny but it dampened things for a while.


Was never in doubt that they’d be back. The negative effect of a few historical bashings is outweighed by a Prime Minister who spams social media with Indian curries, and wants to bring in more Indian chefs and yoga instructors.

Agent 47

Just discovered the EZFKA Twitter account. Lol some gold there.


I wonder if we can get a feed into an article

Princeton Bibby

I’m ok with the Pajeet/Indian immigration.
When I see them out and about I just squint my eyes and pretend they’re ye olden time Aboriginals with clothes.