Macrobusiness begins to grok EZFKA. Prays for Neutron Bomb – to eradicate EZFKA residents and remnants of culture, for the benefit of the FX rate, tradeables, financial stability

This morning at Macrobusiness, the boys have completely given up resistance and have immediately commenced begging to be assimilated into the EZFKA collective: my my, how the mighty have fallen. Luckily, the macrobusiness boys have a good chance of being accepted and assimilated on reasonably concessional terms, as the degree of their repudiation of Australia … Read more

Macrobusiness does the Humpty Dumpty on inflation. Poorly.

A good dozen years ago, my mate Mish wrote “Humpty Dumpty On Inflation“, where he lamented the slipperiness of definitions and the use of slippery definitions, by slippery types, to deny inflation or deflation, or any-other-flation: ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in a rather scornful tone,’ it means just what I choose … Read more

Macrobusiness true to form, 100% wrong on Bitcoin. Doubles down.

Well looks like Macrobusiness has done it again, being 100% wrong on a hysterically dramatic, deliriously hubristic call. In an unusual turn of events, this one took a whole 24 months to be proved 100% wrong, rather than the traditional 18 months. In compensation, however, the call has proven not merely 100% wrong, but more like 256% wrong!

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