The Age: transient crowdy foreigners define EZFKA

Today the Ministry of Truth officials Millar, Vedelago and Hall announce that it is foreigners crowding in small spaces that define the southern capital of the EZFKA:

We’d built a city on the very things that closed borders and COVID-19 have denied us: people, immigrants – international students in particular – gathering in number in narrow spaces.

Well, no shit! It is the very essence of an economic zone (like any economic resource) that it be exploited. And exploiting means all-comers and swarming, heavy use.

The Ministry of Truth was not able to find photographic examples of our defining narrow spaces, so, as a public service, we are providing some here:

The tragic part of these images is the economic activity and vibrancy that could be getting generated by those beds (and that tent).

This needs to be addressed quick, for the benefit of EZFKA asset holders.