Deport the High Court: Murderer of pregnant woman let out of immigration detention as Andrew Giles goes MIA

This keeps getting better and better:

 “Former Malaysian prime ministerial bodyguard who was sentenced to death over a gruesome, politically charged murder has walked free from detention in Australia after being held for almost nine years.

Sirul Azhar Umar was released following a High Court decision last week that ruled that non-citizens who were unable to be deported could no longer be detained indefinitely by immigration authorities.

As many as 92 people – mostly refugees, but including some others found guilty of violent crimes – are as a result being released and permitted to remain in Australia under special conditions.

The best part:

Sirul, who is in his early 50s, has carried the secret with him since he escaped in January 2015 to Australia, where he was arrested on an Interpol notice and detained at Sydney’s Villawood immigration detention centre.

The Australian government would not send him back to Malaysia as he faced execution over the shooting of the pregnant Altantuyaa in a jungle outside Kuala Lumpur, where he and fellow hitman Azilah Hadri, who was also a government bodyguard, then blew up her body with explosives.”

List of who can apply for Australian citizenship needs an update then:

Child rapists


Killers of pregnant women

Andrew Giles appears to have gone MIA but that’s par for the course. Easily the worst middle management of EZFKA ever.

Not that normie left-right politics matters to anyone here, but the fact that Dutton and Pauline Hanson haven’t done anything with this ongoing clusterfuck on top of all the other immigration related issues (Dutton putting on a turban in India last week FFS) should re-iterate that there’s no political solution. Ditto the High Court.

$5 million median price hoooms in Sydney here we come.

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Intriguing. Claims to have been ordered to do so by a higher up in the Malaysian government, but has never said who.

“I’m not sure If I’m ready to tell all yet,” he tells me as we meet for the first time. “I was a member of the police force, we are bound by code of silence.”

What Sirul knows, though, has much broader implications than just for him. It has put the already unstable tenure of Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Najib Razak, on even shakier ground. It has brought one of Malaysia’s ruling elite, Australia’s old diplomatic foe, Mahathir Mohamad, out of retirement to speak against his former protege, and it has excited the country’s perpetually oppressed opposition with the hope that perhaps after nearly 60 years, the edifice of that country’s political dynasty is crumbling.

As Malaysia hangs on his words, Sirul is hoping somehow to trade his secret for a new life in Australia.

The story began at 4pm on October 19, 2006, when Sirul met his police partner Azilah Hadri in the bustling central market of downtown Kuala Lumpur. In the humid marketplace, Azilah told him the the pair had been ordered to eliminate a glamorous Mongolian translator who had penetrated the upper echelons of Malaysia’s political elite.

The translator was Altantuya Shaariibuu, the 28-year-old lover of one of Mr Najib’s closest advisors. Somebody important believed she knew about corrupt payments to government officials that had emerged out of an international submarine deal.

By 8:30pm on the night the order was issued, the pair had found Ms Shaariibuu and bundled her into a car. By 11pm she was on her knees in the depths of the dense tropical jungle that surrounds Kuala Lumpur, begging for the life of her unborn child.

One shot to the left side of her head should have done it, but her arm kept twitching. Sirul put another bullet through her skull before wrapping her head in a garbage bag to stop the blood soiling the forest floor.

The pair carried her lifeless body deeper into the undergrowth before attaching two sets of C4 explosives to her svelte frame and blowing it out of existence.

A decade later, the man I meet in Villawood seems almost gentle. His hair has greyed around the border of his face, but his face remains youthful.

“I was acting under orders,” he insists. “Those people who wanted to kill Ms Shariibuu are still free. I want the chance to redeem my family’s dignity … I am the scapegoat.” Sirul is dangling the possibility of revealing the secret of who issued the order, but says that, under the commando code, “you don’t tell”.

“At the moment I am grateful for the protection the Australian government has given me, my lawyers have said that I could be able to stay.”


qanda tonight lol, might be one of the only reasons to ever want to tune in on that shitty show but itll probably suck and be boring in all actuality

Agent 47

I heard there was no audience? Small hat Leibler probably couldn’t handle the heat.


really? wow, i didnt watch it

Agent 47

Actually forced myself to watch it. Leibler can’t debate for shit tbh. I mean he can twist and pilpul like any Jewish lawyer, but his arguments were really weak. Pulled the Holocaust card in the first 2 minutes predictably.

This leads me to believe that it’s more about Jewish mafia/nepotism than the bullshit high IQ meme that gets thrown around.

Aussie Soy Boy

Imagine caring about this. I’d love to have this guy as a neighbour.


Perfect match. If he’s a danger to women, he’ll never see any around your house




Not judging on this particular case, but if someone is knocked up that absolves them off all sin. K. Hiding behind kids is so brave.

Aussie Soy Boy

The woman was probably the mistress of someone high up, accidentally impregnated her, needed to make the problem go away.

Rather than get the death penalty, claims political asylum, some BS story about her knowing too much.


Assange just needs to murder someone if he wants to come home

Agent 47

This is worthy of a satire piece


I’ll just focus on brevity

Agent 47

Did a few Interpol red notices back in the day, 99% never make the media. You’ll be amazed or not at the amount of crims that hide out here.

This whole ruling is basically saying you can just murder or rape anyone you want, piss off to Australia and claim you’ll be persecuted because you’ll face actual punishment back home.


Waiting for dole bludger sexual pervert “coming” to low effort troll this post with, “So,what’s wrong with having sex with goats?”


He is very posh. He makes $189k a year as a GP giving boomers blood thinner pills. If he didn’t have to give it to Sydney hoomers he’d be giving it to BMW for a i5 m60 full electric so he can get massive revenge on the bogans as he has a foundation caked and cellulite riddled 5.2314454666/10 posh bitch in the front passenger seat.


Rent free




Hoomers vs MB. Robocop is severe multiculturalism and white death.


Hoomers after every 0.25% rate rise.

A fly in your ointment

the thickness is immense.
no one sees this as a failure if a system. (or is it a failure?) to locally prosecute people whom cannot be deported because they face death penalty.
it’s a massive loophole where a cuntry which wants to paint itself as democratic (as if that has any meaning). In developed cuntries loopholes exist only by design.

I wonder where should we deport Ashley Paul Griffith


Foreign murderers should only be able to access a half-arsed Aussie prosection if they buy a property locally

Otherwise they get deported


EZFKA twitter knocking it out of the park.

Wonder how many get the Falling Down reference.

Agent 47
Agent 47

Wow you guys think you can write good satire
Have you read today’s SMH article on Export Controls
Appearently (according to SMH’s expert Matthew Knox) having new highly restrictive export regulations is the best way to expand Aussie market share in Defense and dual use technologies (anything that some third party might want to use to enhance their defense systems)
And they write these articles without even a hint that it’s satire.
wtf seriously, nobody ever expanded their business by restricting their sales to countries that don’t traditionally buy Aussie tech/product.


The Defence export control regime is driven by Australia’s membership of a number of international treaties aimed at preventing the proliferation of weapons and associated tech to hostile regimes such as rhe CCP and the Norks, and non-state actors such as Hamas.

It’s immensely complex and burdensome, and overall probably a good thing.


Maybe “a good thing” in your world but it’s definitely a disaster in mine.
In all seriousness, what does Australia manufacture that China needs?
And if there happens to be a couple of narrow areas of expertese we’ve just slammed the door shut on anyone commercializing the advantage.
For what? A chance to make nuclear subs in SA? give me a F’ing break.
What about long standing defense arangements with companies like Thales (a French company)
Unless there are a million exceptions then this is just prepackaged stupidity. Perfect fit for Albo.


LSWCHP’s take seems correct to me.

it is dumb to help your potential enemies arm themselves.

im pretty sure that CCP aren’t exporting any of their hypersonic shark-lasers to EZFKA, so EZFKA shouldn’t export any boomerangs or woomeras to the CCP either.


Blind leading the blind ….I don’t know why I bother.


Blind leading the blind

I know I’m selfish, I’m unkind.


Lets talk about one specific new Aussie company that could fall foul of these new rules.
The one that comes immediately to mind is “Advanced Navigation”.
They’re a startup doing Navigation systems targetted at the commercial space (but with mil spec accuracy)
They combine Inertial Navigation (Accelerometers / Electronic Gyros) with Satellite navigation (GPS/GNSS) and other sensors to create sub 1m accuracy even when satellites are unavailable.

There are lots of commercial application for these systems, Drones, self driving cars, Surveying, Mining automation ….
BUT there are definitely military uses for these systems.

They fall foul of several catagories in the Defense Export control rules (almost every one with the exception of Nuclear materials)
Yet they have made huge strides and are on the cusp of really going global. There just aren’t many other companies matching their accuracy and basically nobody else is matching their cost. In my world this means they have the product to be successful yet appearently we (rest of Australia)wants to kill off this startup before they have a chance at greatness. To somehow protect what?

WHY? Why do this? Why care about (other possible Defense uses) for a unique product from a 100% Aussie company.

And if you do shut them down what message are you sending to other Aussie technology startups?


WHY? Why do this? Why care about (other possible Defense uses) for a unique product from a 100% Aussie company.

And if you do shut them down what message are you sending to other Aussie technology startups?

Why? Because things have costs, that’s why. Because some things can be more important than profits. Because pushing back on “muh free trade, muh free markets!” can bring advantages in the form of greater security, self sufficiency, employment stability, culture.

thats in theory, anyway. In practical EZFKA terms, expect all of it to be captured by a few local vested interests and oligopolies.

Seems to be little point in restricting technology sharing with people who are not US, UK or Aus nationals, when you’re importing wholesale lots of people and making them “Aus nationals” every year. Unless this marks a turning point in that approach, which I doubt.

still, your chosen company will be Ok:


I’m lost, completely lost
Do you understand that these proposed changes will have the effect of killing off Australian companies and thereby handing the market to their US/UK rivals?

There are very few areas where Austral;ian companies best their US rivals at the defense contracts level. Basically there’s no product which a company like Advanced Navigation produces which bests the best that Lockheed or Raytheon can make. this means that there might be speciality applications where Lockheed uses Advanced Navigation product as a building block (but it is nothing that they couldn’t do without, as in it does not expand their capability so it just enables them to make a bigger profit.

So sure Advanced Navigation is a small company and they’re going to sell to Lockheed if they can get a sale. Why not? but here’s the thing that sale is only really important because of the product validation that comes from the sale. As in we’re good enough to be used inside Lockheed’s products. That’s a huge endoursment but a tiny market. Lockheed might want 10’s or 100’s of units where as a commercial partner in the drone space might be talking 1M or even 100M sales.

here’s the point I think you’re missing. There is nothing that Advanced Navigation is doing that isn’t well understood from a technology point of view. They’ve just built a good system and combined hardware/firmware/software to get the best out of what are basically commercial cell phone bits’n’bobs. If they (Advanced Navigation) fails to commercialize the product then somone else will, and they’ll do so very quickly because this Aussie startup has done the hard work of proving the commercial/technical viability of the product.


avi Yemeni just cannot stop grifting
even using the suffering of his own people to get paid


if you look at his yt channel hes not getting anywhere near the number of views he used to. the grift really dried up after covid

Gruppenführer Mark
  1. Get born into the right family
  2. Go to the right school
  3. Join the right secret society / golf club
  4. Get some kompromat collected on yourself
  5. Profit!

or be jewish

or be female/aboriginal


imagine what it would be like to be a rare full blooded abo with an iq above like 120 and no mental illnesses etc, no blinders, completely rational

im sure at least one of them has existed in history, maybe more than one

you would be as a god


you probably would have been raped and bashed into oblivion by your family


lmao even white men will fuck anything

British citizen David Degning, 57, has spent the past 16 months in Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre

He was set to be deported back to the United Kingdom after the Department of Home Affairs moved to have his visa revoked in 2016.

Degning, who has lived in Australia for more than 50 years, has a long criminal history that included having sexual intercourse with a person with a cognitive impairment.

Degning has also previously faced drug, drinking-driving and assault charges.

He was fighting to stay in the country, having spent the majority of his life in Australia where he has voting rights and Australian children.

Easy to see which culture drives the boganocracy

‘The whole idea that people with that level of connection to Australia can be deported on the most tenuous grounds when there is no cogent reasoning that they are a future risk to the Australian community is an extraordinary policy.

‘In reality, it’s a policy to break up families.

‘We have to deal with people who have chequered pasts in our community, we don’t solve any problems by sending them overseas.’

The Department of Home Affairs has been ordered to pay Mr Degning’s legal costs.

Degning’s lawyer Stephen Blanks said his client was now considering claiming compensation.



“It’s been ongoing trouble — fights, drunkenness, trespassing, breaking into people’s homes,” said a spokesperson for the Little Arrawarra community action group.

“We are outnumbered probably three-to-one by the labour workers. It’s like the Wild West, these big six-foot-three Pacific Islander blokes on this rampage. It’s supposed to be a dry site, it’s absolutely not. They are, for want of a better word, s**tfaced most of the time.”


Agent 47

Have a chat with anyway regional police highway patrol or major crash unit and you’ll find out how bad these guys are for fatalities in the country. But someone has to pick the fruit for some reason.

Aussie Soy Boy

I wrote on here a while back that for garbage humans Islanders are worse than abos. The abos are more degenerate but they are generally scrawny and out of it on piss.

But the Islanders are just scary and violent.


Speaking of islanders

does anyone know what the deal is with the Israel-islanders bond

why are they “Zionist” ?
Two seemingly completely unrelated groups


I guessed that it was to do with the fact that many of them are Christian*, and then watching the video confirms that.

(*Christian in a sincere way, not in an instrumentalist-cynical way)






Is Frydenberger going to be served up as the chosen one in the next election?


What do you mean? Like as the next partay leader?



party animals.png

Yeah, I know he has a cushy Goldman Sachs role now but if needed to protect interests in the Middle East would he be brought back into the fold?

Agent 47

Saw that. His Dark Companies series is basically a game of spot the gentile.

Agent 47

Lol even Israel getting pajeeted


So a Hindu-Jewish war around 2025 then.


Nice find. Incredible not even Israel is immune from this crap.


I think that israel is in a particular bind – in addition to being without 100,000 Palestinian workers, they are also without 200,000 (or more?) israeli workers due to that many people being mobilised into the army.

bringing 100,000 Indians in on a temporary basis would actually be the smart thing to do in order to keep the economy of the place from going spastic due to short term labour supply shock.

The big question is whether they are smart enough to make it temporary, though.


To replace 100,000 Palestinian workers lmao

just like the way Rome destroyed itself
and Australia

the native bogan gets too lazy/entitled to work
muh NDIS/jobseeker/DSP

so they import barbarians/slaves/Palestinians/pajeets

the convict model really was the best
the British empire was peak civilisation

Last edited 8 months ago by Coming

>the convict model really was the best
>the British empire was peak civilisation

That’s literally what it’s become. 1800s except with tech and plenty food and chink shit. That’s why I am not too concerned regarding stability.

It makes me wonder if by some fluke we did get a good PM, they might be sacked by the Governor General on instruction from UK/US elites.


Yeah, at least some of them live up to their beliefs. Like Zuckerberg marrying his unattractive Asian girl instead of getting a 10/10.