Why the proles will not revolt

The proles are either the offspring of legacy EZFKA units or recent imports. Recent imports will be put down if they revolt, and most are factory seconds so they are glad to be here almost regardless of conditions. Legacy EZFKA units are usually one of only one or two offspring so the inheritence will see them housed mortgage free eventually. They aren’t going to rock the boat because there’s no reason to.

So why does MB think that “Australian youth may be brainwashed by woke ideology, but at some point, self-interest will kick in. How can they support AlboGreens’ lunacy when they are its number one victim? No housing, lower wages, crush-loaded public services and environmental destruction.”? Why do the commenters assume that the woke brainswashing is the main actuator?


EZFKA units know which side the bread is buttered on.

Now get back to work.

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its been cope for a while that most australians arent happy with the current state of australia

65% or so are homeowners or paying off the mortgage, renters are a minority, politically divided, and do not vote along their interests regardless

even if the ezfka units who bought in werent happy with the price they had to pay theyre locked in now, last thing they want is negative equity, why would they revolt

generally most peoples lives aer good enough that they wont revolt no matter what, and those whose lives genuinely suck are powerless or too lazy/povo to do anything

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Aussie Soy Boy

Every Aussie should have a PPOR as part of their portfolio. If it is too expensive to buy, look at a cheaper part of the country or a flat.

You’re on easy street when you’ve got your PPOR paid off. Even if financially it somehow doesn’t work out, you don’t have to deal with property managers.

With what most people earn, there’s just no reason to rent long term.


I think most men will be satisfied living in just about anything and anywhere, but many women simply won’t settle for living outside of a select group of high social status suburbs, this would drain many couples’ finances.

Aussie Soy Boy

No doubt. It’s not easy to find the right one.


It’s quite sad with some of the couples I know… usually the woman is earning much less but pushing her man into taking on the absolute pinnacle of debt available to him because she just can’t live 15 minutes further away from the city or in a suburb that still has bogans.

I mean none of the options are gonna be affordable but one of them is at least financially bearable.


You just got an Asian one didn’t you ?


The right house or the right woman?


The first one is much easier to find.

Gruppenführer Mark

Men are like oil. Sure, when introduced into the world in an uncontrolled manner they my cause a disaster but properly processed they contribute to progress of the society. And they become rarer and more expensive as the time goes by.

Women are like oil wells. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to find the right one, drill it, develop it, but there always comes the time where it is more economic to cap it and move on to the next one rather than keep investing in diminishing returns.

Ironic Boomer

There’s no such thing as the right one.

Aussie Soy Boy

There are plenty of reasonably priced properties in the west of Sydney, in Melbourne, but of course if someone wants to live in the most in demand areas in the country then yes it’s going to be impossible to buy and very expensive to rent. Duh! Just have to go without the cool bars and cafes within walking distance. The outer suburbs can force you to save because there’s not really anywhere to go. Eliminates the temptation to waste money on stupid shit you forget about within 15 minutes of arriving home.


wouldnt call them truly reasonably priced and often theyre full of scum, but yeah compared to spewtown brunswick etc they’re cost effective

adelaide even more so if you can stomach living there, and i wouldnt mind it

if you want a reasonably priced metro to live in america is the place to go but good luck getting in there or having to deal with yankee bullshit, have to have the mindset for it

Agent 47

This. ‘Save mone’ by living in an outer suburb and the costs are massively outweighed by just about everything else – fuck all infrastructure, higher crime, bigger chance of shittier neighbours etc.

That argument is like the boomers who tell everyone to ‘lower their expectations and live 60 mins from the CBD in some falling apart shit box when there’s fuck all hope or chance of upward mobility.

That being said would go regional in a heartbeat but work/family keeping me in Hellbourne for the time being.


wont find a woman either

Aussie Soy Boy

Stay renting then champ if you can’t live without brunch and your $25 omelettes.

With all the money you waste renting you could have paid off a starter home and move into something bigger and better.

Gruppenführer Mark

Perthians will get this.

Had an article come across my news feed yesterday


New land release in Claremont! Lot sizes 400 to almost 1000 sqm! Priced between 210K and 300K.

Was going to buy site unseen, but just to google. Tassie, not Perth.

Are we running out of town names in this country?


Yeah good observation and post by Robert123, middle class Australia with pre-existing exposure to real estate through their parents will probably inherit enough to get by, especially if there is only one or two kids.

The ones who will cop it in the nuts will be the working poor, high land prices will appear to entrench the divide. But over the longer term the middle class will not escape it either.

Many of those two kids will sacrifice having kids for life style and have 1 or none, over time that middle class with land exposure will atrophy away. The winners will be those who are own enough land to ensure that the and their off spring are positively carried from here to eternity.

The middle class are just as doomed as the lower classes to eventually be turned into tax donkey’s, so while we work, while we plow, while we harvest, it will all go to our elites to they can sit like an effendi and eat.

the arborist

Yep, the middle class is a recent phenomenon and it is only a temporary aberration. Serfdom is the default state and we’ll be there again shortly.


I remember when people shat from a great height on the Castle Hill area (kath & kim anti mcmansion stuff) now it’s one of the most desirable in the country.

So there’s that. The entirety of western Sydney don’t really give a fuck about the easts obsession with suburb snobbery.


one of the most desirable in the country.

let’s calm it down a bit mate


When you count all the Asians and well enough to do white people it is. Median is about $2.2m now. There’s enough going on that you can live your life around those parts and never put up with the venal and severely class conscious lower north shore and eastern suburbs types ever again.

There’s really fuck all in the city except a fucken Opera House, Harbour and Bridge that everyone’s seen 50 million times. Wank.

It’s pretty Christian too so a decent place to bring up some fairly clean kids.


that does not make it one of the most desirable in the country

didn’t see mike cannon brookes buying up houses in castle hill

I guess its what poor people can realistically aspire to


anywhere mike cannon brookes doesnt want to live is desirable in my book


dubbo fits the bill then


This. Coming clearly has a taste for land whales with champagne tastes on a beer budget like Bridgeett thingy. He probably thinks the inability to walk more than 350m is aristocratic. What a faggot.

Coming should go and be Alan Jones’ bum boy.


There’s a lot of examples of trashy things poor people would do if they actually got some money one day

like wearing Gucci or driving a Ferrari

living in castle hill is sort of in that category
not really but it made me think of that

Why haven’t you got off the fags and on to nicotine spray?


Depends how rich you get. Well you could pay $5m for a basic house in Willoughby. Or get 2 McMansions in Castle Hill.

Macquarie Uni and Microsoft is only about a 1/2 hour away.

A lot of people would rather be a king in Castle Hill than a shit kicker in Willoughby.


why would somebody like you live in castle hill?

what other smoker single losers live in castle hill that you can hang out with?
There’s nowhere for you to go and nothing for you to do

and you don’t need a mcmansion
what are you going to do in all those rooms?

it makes no sense unless you’re a boring plod christian with a few kids and you have a mediocre salary in the range of 200-300k

it isn’t for rich people


For you I’d recommend St Ives. They seem to act pretty posh even though they’re just a bit above middle class. Median 2.8m. Get your polo shirt and boat shoes out. Fag.


If you’re rich you live in the eastern suburbs (NOT Randwick or Kensington or Waverley )
or some parts of Mosman (golden triangle etc)

next tier down is like northbridge or hunters hill type peninsulas
and maybe the northern beaches
(excl palmy/whale which is strictly for weekenders for the ultra wealthy)

if you’ve got heaps of kids and you’re a medium income white collar wagie then maybe like killara or Wahroonga

big houses near good schools

castle hill is fucking multiple tiers below even there not even in the conversation
but certainly not suitable for any of the childless incels on this website


lmao sydney suburb tier lists

god everyone there must be miserable af to be so self conscious of shit like this that doesnt matter

like take vaucluse for instance

super ultra expensive

but its shit

pokey little houses on winding narrow streets, concrete jungle with no trees and nature strip

basically no shops around, shit house traffic

compare to like a 800K house in an upper middle class suburb in some rando american 1m+ metro like kansas city

youd get your own fucking bowling alley in your house for that kind of dough

this is what sydney people aspire to. not even a quality house, just the ability to ‘live’ in some suburb of some b tier pacific economic centre

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Surely you could get that in Dubbo though

why don’t you compare to San Diego or Miami which is more equivalent to Sydney


nah bc its all price – income

dubbo price – income ratio is about equal to seattle

a city in america that is considerred notoriously expensive by the standards of that country


except tha building costs too high here
prbably 200k to build just for one bowling lane in Dubbo or Sydney

the land cost is equivalent Sydney to other premium us cities imo

you pay a premium to live near other rich people so you don’t have to deal with abos, lebs , loud cars, bogans etc

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You can’t compare median income

minimum wage in Australia is fucking 23/hr

That’s solid middle class wage in USA

No public health care
Higher land taxes

it’s a totally different society
meaningless to draw comparisons


wat you mean average income

median you can compare

hardly anyone in america earns minimum wage its nonsense


american wages are better for everyone who isnt a dropkick basically

highest disposable income on earth

go look at american gdp per capita its absurd for a country of its size

its up there with switzerland etc

i dont think australians are aware of the insane material abundance of americans

only eason people misestimate it is bc of black ppl who live in squalor and trash their neighbourhoods

alabama has a higher per capita gdp than japan


Except America has far more people living in poverty

despite having higher per capita gdp

just shows how differently shaped the curve is there


bc of black people dude

imagine if abos were 14% of australia not 3%


you wouldnt even be able to leave the house itd be so dangerous


Sure and if 14% were abos average house prices would be much lower and so would price:income ratios


land prices would still be fucked bc immigration = too high, american land prices cant be manipulated like they can in australia bc in aus the mate$ can just firehouse the joint with migrants due to how centralised aus is

america is too decentralised

thats the source of america power, theres like 115+ cities therer with a pop over 500,000

55 over 1million

thats insane


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Some of that GDP per capita is pure rubbish like medical expenses and military spending

All it shows is the US is more line go up than Japan – no big surprise there


yeah to an extent this is true and its artifical, but a lot of it really is due to american productivity which is super high both in services and manufacturing

japanese manufacturing is super productive but its service sector is not very, though obviously manu >>> services in importance


How many of those US services actually have any genuine purpose though?

Like in America everyone has to pay for tax services because it’s apparently borderline impossible to file your taxes without using a paid service

That contributes to GDP but is a highly parasitic industry

IMO, the only way a country’s wealth should be determined is via the buying power of the median person. And the US will probably still be ahead of Japan, but that will strip out a lot of the pure line go up hyper-capitalist bullshit that the US is miles ahead of any other country on.

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I don’t mean average
most of the comparisons I’ve seen are on median income
but mean is also skewed in USA Vs Australia

USA has more % people earning huge amounts and tiny amounts

Australian is much flatter


the gini index is barely that diff from what ive seen

high income to low income is a little better in australia but its not like comparing south korea to argentina like some people think it is

its like 2-3 points


Have a look at house prices in Miami for an equivalent to Sydney


Miami city (i.e miami beach) or Miami metro region

have to define your parameters here

sydney people often try to pull the wool over your eyes by comparing the total sydney metro vs an urban defined american city

so like NYC (8m) vs all of sydney metro (5m)

not the entire NYC metro (21 m) vs sydney metro (5m)


Whatever you like

Download the Zillow app and have a play on map view

waterfront block (no house) in Miami Beach is about $USD30m (just facing a shitty canal)

that would be extremely expensive on Sydney harbour basically $45m would be one of the highest prices ever paid

Go out back near the airport


$USD1.4m for $1000sqm


If anything is overvalued it’s probably Dubbo tbh

probably should be compared with some shit hole toen in bum fuck nowhere

but that’s because build costs are so high here because of the dole and minimum wage


The amount of oligarchs from around the world but especially Latin America interested in anything prestigious in Miami would far exceed the number for Sydney

Nobody here but you gives a f about the ultra high end market


Sydney get Chinese oligarchs instead

they’re very equivalent cities

Youve probably never been to Miami though


Latin America is way more corrupt and corrupt Latin Americans are way more entwined with the US than Chinese are with Australia

Stop trying to make Sydney happen


You’re so right
it’s an irrational bubble

crash any moment now

any moment


Sydney is a world city

Should be more expensive than London or NY

My real estate agent told me so


just need to save your money in bonds and one day you will have your pick or harbour front mansions

MB told me so


If anyone in human history has ever said that they would have been shilling gold bullion


Gdp all of South America $4.4tn

gdp of China $17tn

jesus you are a stupid faggot
you’d think living here you’d have some inkling of how much wealth is in China


Japan GDP is more than all of South America

So where are the Japanese going around swapping their country’s GDP for massive drug lord mansions


Japan is a lawful cohesive country


Yeh whereas China just loves it when people send out shitloads of money from the country

It doesn’t matter if a country has a lower GDP when all the money that is there is in the hands of highly corrupt people who can use it to buy real estate any time they want, and do

That’s why people piss and moan about Russian oligarchs, Saudi oligarchs and African oligarchs and not Jap oligarchs and German oligarchs


and yet…

what’s your fucking point here

oh there isn’t one


demographia survey

america is the only country left on earth really (or at least in the anglosphere) that still has a decent quantity of reasonably affordable markets

do you have the aggregate statistics for the miami metro region, not these selective comparisons which arent as meaningful


ok miami is listed

8.5 which is high for america

but still way lower than sydney, which is 14



note miami is bigger than sydney too and way more economically important lets be real

ill try to get a city by city GDP i bet miamis gdp is like 2.5x sydneys

i think even phoenix arizona has a bigger GDP than sydney lol


australians dont realise how little they matter




Sydney is $470bn

Greater Miami seems to have doubled since I was there so maybe it’s dramatically changed
but still less than greater Sydney

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isnt the sydney GDP number you gave there in aUD not USD

converted thats


quite a big difference

would have to adjust for PPP in both to actually find out the answer to this


it’s usd

but feel free to show your own data if you’ve got something different


Another stat I’ve seen is that Sydney is roughly one quarter of Australian gdp

which is 2tn USD

so it’s roughly 500bn USD

They’re comparable at any rate

Last edited 8 months ago by Coming

Again it’s all off median or even worse mean

it’s a meaningless value


for a guy who seems to think australia is so shit youre awfully defensive of it


I’m just saying on a like for like comparison the values are standard


You only see the real Coming when you threaten the thing he really loves

Sydney real estate


a lot of jealous loosers here

it’s the MB phenomenon

we all know you’d love to own a house in Sydney but it’s never happening so instead you’ll say bumfuck nowhere USA is so much better and there’s going to be a crash any moment

but you will never actually go there and there will never be a crash


I’ll take a waterfront mansion with my bonds once the crash happens

But the way people like you talk about bog standard suburban houses that Boomers didn’t give a fuck about 40 years ago is genuinely deranged


I’m not the one claiming rich people should live in castle hill



Nothing solid about that income unless you’re under 25

The advantage of the US is that there at least are large parts of the country where you can get by and own a house on that money

I don’t think that would cut it anywhere but the most miserable rural towns nowhere near anything in Australia

The US provides very good value for money in terms of real estate and Australia is way worse


>god everyone there must be miserable af to be so self conscious of shit like this that doesnt matter

They really are. It’s actually a pretty sad city. Everyone going hell for leather trying for something they almost certainly won’t get.

Chasing the dragon. That’s what the Chinese say drug addicts do.


Yeah noone cares bro.

You know the ultimate suburb is Point Piper. One of the people that lives there is a wog that made a heap of money out of car washes, exploiting immigrant labour, so some faggot could have a coffee while some poos washes his BMW X5 on a Saturday. Lives in the same street as Turnbull I think.


The funny thing is most of the people who live there paid to avoid living next to a Wog like that – apparently he’s an absolute fuckwit.

They really do need to build some housing commission towers and refo centers in these locations to enrich them culturally.


lol can youse name names? who is this guy

its not migtronix is it


Pfh the only reason Migtronix would visit point piper would be to suck dick.


 mediocre salary in the range of 200-300k


When I say rich I mean 8 figure net wealth minimum

you need $8.25m just to crack the top 1% in this country

and that includes all the absolute povos in regional areas etc
so in Sydney it’s probably double that

you are ngmi to that number on 200k/yr

and anyone who is top 1% is not going to live in castle hill

(I’m assuming that 8.25 is per household
if it’s per person then it’s absolutely fucking wild how rich some people must be )


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Kath and Kim has to be the ultimate elitist bullshit in Australia.

Classic ABC snobbery and hatred of the EZFKA proles dressed up as humour.

Every character being laughed at is a bogan, while the actors and writers are all sitting in their Toorak mansions.

None had the balls to do an ethnic or Aboriginal character. Not one. Ingrained hypocrisy from the Chardonnay Socialists, no wonder it was a hit in EZFKA.


Yeah it was disgusting. I didn’t mind Fast Forward where they’d take the piss out of pretty much everyone.


Yes. Here’s the guy who invented the Welcome to Country…



Yeah Australia would be one of the last developed countries to revolt, I think Japan might be even more orderly but we wouldn’t be far off in terms of docility.

Large parts of our society are really wealthy so they have little or no incentive to revolt, and will support crushing anything that could threaten their wealth and status.

The poor parts are mostly too dumb or too woke to consider doing something like that. There is the carrot on a stick of inheritance too for many.

We have a vast number of migrants who see this place as heaven and don’t know or care that it’s becoming shittier, especially since they wouldn’t have been let into peak Australia anyway.

Other than Canada and NZ, no other country comes close to Australia in being an unreformable neoliberal EZ. This is so deep in our culture that people wouldn’t even have any coherent cause for which to revolt.

Among developed countries, I think only parts of the US and parts of Europe which are both highly nationalistic and very socioeconomically in the shit like Italy have any realistic prospect of revolution. Any revolution that happens in the US/NATO sphere will almost certainly be coopted by elites however, like what happened with Brexit, if people got sick of high immigration from the EU and voted leave in protest, they now have the same level of immigration but from the third-world. They never had any power to compel their political class to fulfil their actual wishes so it was a pointless gesture in the end.


Your best post

the house price/banking complex has at least fairly widely distributed wealth in Australia (relative to wealth in other countries )

all you had to do was buy a home it’s actually quite democratic

it’s only the loosers on MB and adjacent spaces like this and Twitter who thought they were too smart to buy a house who are bitter


Yeah there was a pretty nice 30 year window there where one could obtain vast riches by taking from people too young to vote or yet to be even born

With Brisbane and Adelaide zooming up, the last holdout is Perth, idk why they’re so stagnant, maybe women don’t like to live in Perth, just a bunch of mining cavemen don’t know how to create a proper housing bubble.

It’s depressing that Australia’s upper middle class is just people who bought a second house in the 80s or 90s.


Don’t forget, there’s still large, home-grown middle-class that’s neither rich nor poor.


Well this is depressing and true.


heyyy harold


hey mate i do read this site but don’t comment much as everything is a bit too aggressive for me


the arena


Me too


come back more peachy wlu




Write us another song Harry

6 Oaks.png

i may actually do that but i’m fucked for time for a month


This is why we lose. You’re all a bunch of nerd pussies.

Far Cry 6:

A revolution is not won by the fearless, it is won by the *feared*.

Now who is the most feared today?

the arborist

Truth can be scary to some people. Much easier to live in the normie world of comfortable lies.


mate what are we supposed to do about it. not one person here would show up to a protest, there’d be 5 idiots standing around on the sidewalk holding signs getting ignored by everyone walking past

Last edited 8 months ago by stagmal

There will probably be protests against high rents or something sooner or later, I’d attend a protest on the subject of MB issues as long as it isn’t trivially easy to spin as being racist (e.g., anti-migration protest)

Don’t think there’ll be protests against high house prices because of the sheer level of withering disdain from every Boomer and most Gen Xers will make it largely a pointless exercise


if there were and you showed up to talk about immigration etc you’d prob get shooed off, theyll be totally co-opted protests by soros style globalist and developer yimby shills

but i doubt theyll ever happen at all, never heard of that ever

Last edited 8 months ago by stagmal

I think an anti-migration protest would literally get tear gassed and smashed with rubber bullets, normies and the justice system will have no sympathy whatsoever and the police are mostly zogbots and sociopaths who are happy to smash malcontents as during the pandemic

It probably is about time dissidents started taking to the streets over issues that can’t be spun as racist though, let’s say high rents, shit wages growth, etc.

I agree that YIMBY shit and unions and other vested interests will coopt the protests but w/e at this point. It’s still better than the status quo.

Could also try boycotting important vested interests like Qantas and Wesfarmers perhaps. But I doubt there are enough people who’d understand the logic of these being influential businesses that if punished for something they didn’t exclusively cause, still have enough influence to possibly get things improved somewhat.

If we had a population intelligent enough to boycott the mates for being mates, then the EZFKA probably never would have happened at all.

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Protest in Portugal over rents and house prices

Not huge but it would still be a pretty big achievement to match this in Australia

Europeans have their advantage from residual nationalism, we’re chockers with migrants who think they’ll be living like lords if they can stick out a few years hotbedding


interesting re: portugal, dont know what prices are like there compared to incomes or what could be causing that

was always under the impression portugal was pretty povo


Yeah it’s pretty cheap for Westerners but Portuguese make shit wages like many europoors

Apparently a lot of digital nomads are there now pushing up prices as well


europe is povo bc of how lazy those f uckers are, no one does f-all at work 4 hour lunch break on off maybe 1 hour morning 1 hour afternoon for actual ‘productive’ time then home again


It’s a genuinely pretty interesting question what makes different European countries richer or poorer than one another assuming they all have little in the way of natural resources

I think the fair judgment would be, how much better off is a middle-class British or German person than a middle-class Portuguese? How much can they buy with the income they have left over after paying bills/mortgage/rent?

As far as I can see, they’re all struggling now especially now that gas is so much more expensive (because the US screwed them).

It’s too bad for the Portuguese that unlike the Brits, their empire was a collection of poor countries that don’t particularly need the old metropol’s help and don’t feel much of a strong connection to it. Britain still benefits a lot from its former and current colonial possessions, France too but that is falling apart very fast.

the arborist

I don’t know what we can do about it, but these Welsh patriots are doing something about it.



Don’t know if Murdoch being a bit hyperbolic here

can you imagine the absolute meltdown that women and lefties will have if drumgold gets charged/disbarred

also I didn’t realise he was “aboriginal” or identifies as such

hes almost untouchable

But I fucking said it from the beginning – Shane is in trouble

how could he manage all his investment properties from prison



dailymail has all the details for free

he will undoubtedly be forced to resign

i very much doubt he will be prosecuted

will he be disbarred / censured ?
maybe I don’t know what kind of balls the legal society has

hard to imagine his next job he’s pretty disgraced at this point probably on the board of some aboriginal or women grifting organisation

Maybe he can retire on the income from his IPs

Does he get a state pension? Probably given this is ezfka the ALP will have to look after him

bruce will have to get a payout now – this is going to look very bad for Overseasy and Britt


Loved the way he wore a different tie everyday but each one was of an Aboriginal dot painting.



to think all the things that broke dan andrews back it was cancelling some loser sporting event no one cares about anyway


not the 2 years of lockdowns or obscene vax mandate rules

systemic corruption

nah some bullsh1t no one watches anyway

Agent 47

Manufacturing consent for him to resign. All stage managed bullshit in my opinion.

He should have been redacted long ago.


Can’t wait til the Vic Pol security on him gets dropped.


This is the last straw of clownery which finally discredited Andrews for a lot of people

It takes some serious fucking incompetence to sign up to an event like this with no redeeming qualities and then cancel a year later because it’s too exxy

The cancellation expenses would be enough to run the entire games if administrated by a semi-competent government

Victoria is both woke and broke


it aint really the last straw bc that implies its being stacked on the rest of the shit

the rest of the shit was GOOD to the morons in vic mostly


Well maybe but I know lockdown supporters and neutrals who have had enough of him so he’s beginning to grate on his base with his incompetence




Dan Andrews has built so much corrupt infrastructure around him it is hard to see they will revolt.

Last election he had CFMEU thugs threatening people on site (sorry, campaigning) to vote for him. He’s built a gravy train so big, you can’t walk 5m without tripping over a huge salary for an ex Labor mate.

Turkeys don’t vote for Christmas. It’s the mafia style network where everyone is in on the scam, to stand up and speak out is to literally get shot.

The Age did a piece on his actions in the public service comparing it to the Red wedding scene in GoT. In a day his henchmen had replaced anyone senior who had experience and skills, with his own people, including one guy whose previous experience was as a basketball coach.

He’s a revolting evil POS but Dan will step away when he damn well pleases.








Two thirds of all positions! Blah ha ha ha hah! The public service must be a shemozzle by now and certainly on a one way trip to hell.

I’ll never deny the existence of talented, motivate, rational women, not afraid to question or lead, Peachy being a fine nearby example.

However, the fact is society self sorted into the Patriarchy for a reason, men form stable hierarchies based around competence – and it has delivered us Civilization. There is not one Matriarchal society that has a level of technological advancement beyond the mud hut.

the arborist

Agree 100%. It all started to go wrong once women were given the vote. And the pill. The more women control things the more things are controlled by feelings rather than reason. More chaos and less civilisation.

Obviously Peachy is far above all that.


Such women are readily accepted into male hierarchies because of competence and leadership. Men are never accepted into female hierarchies because they don’t exist – they’re just ever shifting loyalties and allegiances.


I think they’d prolly still vote for him, the Libs are unelectable after all. Couldn’t vote for a private schoolboy even if it meant 100 more years of lockdown.


Dan banned gas this week as repayment for the Greens and Nutters supporting him to keep Victoria locked down.

I reckon the only way out for Victorians is to back an absolute lunatic who crashes and burns his way out. They will need a cabal of similar lunatics who can support them and actually get it done.

Otherwise it’s just regular stops along the way down to shitsville.

Nayib Bukele looks a good one to copy.


lebo legend


Bukele is a chad

I have hopes for millennial world leaders, so far they’re better than what came before


His policies have proven so popular that heaps of Central and South American countries are considering a similar approach – his achievement in terms of reducing murder rates from insanity to actually well below US is amazing.

There is quite a reaction building against the progressive ‘Human Rights’ movement and their panglossian view of their world.

Of course the West under the global Noah Hides Rainbow flag will never tolerate the suppression of ‘human rights’.

IMHO while the US is distracted with Ukraine they may mistake of ignoring off the appeal of Bukele’s Fascism in return for security and safety, and see it mushroom throughout the region.

From there it’s appeal in terms of brining order to those nations may actually start to see its appeal to radically increase in the US as it increasingly suffers under its own increased lawlessness.


Tepid inquiries legitimise the fake system to allow the graft to continue.


looks like gonzalo didnt make it

he’s fucked now unless the russians liberate him eventually



Lmao perfect

*chefs kiss*

can you tag Steve keen in this


btw I’ve never seen a more perfect tweet than this

perfectly encapsulates our current dystopia

Gonzalo is ngmi


Scott Ritter thinks he might be in one way or another, working for the Ukrainian SBU.

If not, Gonzalo’s got shit for brains.


pretty specious reasoning to me tbh. why would the SBU want some guy to give a platform to some of ukraine’s most serious critics?


Ritter’s argument is essentially

a) it makes no sense for Lira to be released and be treated with kid gloves unless he’s working for the SBU (voluntarily or involuntarily)
b) when Ritter worked in military intelligence, such people were a useful way of rounding up other dissidents

Meh, it’s weak tea but whatever.

Personally, I just think he’s an idiot. To review

a) he publicly bags the Ukrainian and American governments during the war they are backing and praises their Russian opponents while being in the hot zone
b) he gets arrested once and withheld for days
c) he gets out of that and continues with the public bagging
d) he gets arrested a second time and withheld for weeks; claims he was beaten during this
e) is released again and publicly announces he’s hopping the border even though ‘officially’ he’s not supposed to leave and also keeps bagging the governments

How many times does it take to learn? Infinite if you’re stupid. In addition, he supposedly has a wife and kids so you’d think he’d exercise some restraint for their sake even he doesn’t care about himself. So if he’s not a plant (fair enough), he’s the world’s dumbest moron. What’s next, a gay pride march with free opium held in Kabul?

I’ll reserve my free speech concerns for people beaten up by the Victorian ‘cops’.

My guess is that Gonzalo just likes hearing the sound of his own voice.


Haven’t followed one bit of this.

Can anyone outline who he is, what is happening, why it matters, etc.?


gonzalo aka coach redpill is an old school pua/manosphere commentator who was hanging out in ukraine at the time russia invaded (presumably to fuck young broke ukrainian girls) and he became a very active online critic of the govt there

and is now in very serious hot water bc of it


you left out his history without ultimate MB/doomer loser steve keen


That was hilarious – Keen a three time loser!


i was hoping you would cover of it

what a sketchy dude


Do tell?


Steve himself recounts the story in excruciating detail


just lmao



here’s some more on pro-Putin shill Gonzalo lira

he should start posting here tbh
would fit in perfectly


One last one I stumbled on this when I searched Steve keen Gonzalo lira


”NOT Macrobusiness”

Amazing the dedication to hatred for mb this guy has

interesting to go back and see how it all panned out

pre covid was a simpler time wasn’t it

very innocent

before everyone was force fed the black pill


Now that is a blast from the past.

IIRC “NOT Macrobusiness” was a guy who went by the name of Alex Barton/Shadow – permabulls who had a track record of trashing property discussion sites like Bubblepedia and Credit Crunch, and eventually went off to start the Australian Property Forums.

Back then can remember links to it being spammed everywhere, and fights flowing over to other Australian sites like Whirlpool. At one stage they also had a mock embee Twitter account as well as a Reddit page.

Seems there was lots of crazy shit going on – here gold bug Bullion Baron alleges he was impersonated by APF members, and apparently that was also going on at embee when it first started.




the internet was in some ways better before reddit and Twitter homogenised it

Just weird little corners , that were small incestuous communities of a few dozen people max

ezfka.com is a throwback


Very interesting, Gonzalo always struck me as a nasty grifter. Hope the Ukrainians are having fun with him.


Trudeau getting divorced

first all the billionaires (musk, gates, bezos, Forrest, cannon-jones)

seems a little odd doesnt it

maybe just the post covid yolo era


Nothing weird, she’s just got bored of his soft cock and he’s now got enough money and she’s got the blackmail leverage so he can’t say No. Same with Bondi Jesus. Strategic.

Albo blocks Qatar Airways from new routes into EZFKA, giving Qantas more monopoly then Qantas gives Albo’s son Chairman’s Lounge freebie.

Albo has a long way before he’s as corrupt as Dan Andrews, but he’s learning…


its absolutely incredible watching the smh froth over the trump indictment and the “dark threat to democracy”

while this is going on under their noses


WEF chicks suck cock to get where they want to go, Justin knows that. He’ll be fine.


What sort of a poof would fly Qantas. I’d go Singapore Airlines or Emirates, Qatar is probably Emirates 2 so…

Aussie Soy Boy

The highest aspiration for a legacy unit is business class on Poofter Airlines. Even more savvy if you can do it on points.


Corporates in EZFKA can do whatever they want as long as they spread ‘The Message’. Qantas is up there at the top along with banks. However seems all the top corporates are on board. Customer service and reasonable pricing seems to be down the list of priorities and ‘The Message’ is top priority number 1.

the arborist

Great post. I’ve wondered why all the corporates push THE MESSAGE so hard as I couldn’t see how they benefitted from it. Now it seems kinda obvious. They can get away with almost anything as long as they push THE MESSAGE.

But who is enforcing this strange regime? And why?

Gruppenführer Mark


Dictator of Canada and Dictator of France!



Always thought Macron had a serious MILF thing going on addiction, but maybe she was a fag hag.

Obama wrote letters once about his homosexual fantasies so…

Good review of Obama’s life (and lack of any scrutiny) here:


Then there is the more conspiracy stuff on Obama being gay here:



Yeah I read that ‘Obama is Gay’ article somewhere else. Nowadays I wouldn’t put anything past the press to ignore or falsify.


I’d say girls don’t really like simps unless they are too ugly and Karen-like to get anything better.



That was pretty good, for them.

Qantas owns EZFKA Fed Gov, years ago I was at a bus lunch wherever the Transport Minister was introduced as the “Minister for Qantas” and he just laughed.

Aus air fares are at all time record highs, no impact on inflation surely.

In June 2023 the ACCC reported that they had received more complaints about Qantas than any other company for the year. At that date, Albo’s Minister for Qantas Catherine King then dropped all funding for the ACCC’s airline monitoring program.

Don’t forget Qantas illegally sacked 1,700 Baggage Handlers in 2020 after Joyce had sucked up $2.7b of Gov Covid subsidies.

Qantas appealed that in the High Court in May this year, every Judge presiding is a member of Qantas’ Chairman’s Lounge…

Albo’s son is a Uni student.

Nothing to see here…


I love your posts Drago

the best on here

also don’t forget which cunt sold QANTAS in the first place

the cunt that started them all


Just listening to Alan Kohler

He was forced to admit that he is also a member of the chairman’s lounge

But yeah no worries, let’s listen to him about central banking and climate change


ugh.., Alan Kohler…why do it to yourself?

The guy wears terrible shoes, he’s basically an arrogant Leftie teaching economics to high school kids (under educated public servants who watch the ABC).

Ironic Boomer

Wonder which half of the country she will get. Maybe she will get vengeful and turn it into the opposite of trudeau land.


When a Nutter MP unearths something like this, you know it’s all too weird but will not get any mainstream coverage.

Pfizer imported a special batch of vaccine just for its own employees.

Wind back the mental clock to when the media was finally dribbling out the facts, that the vaccine wasn’t safe and wasn’t effective.

Majority of EZFKA is too mentally tired to cope now, no new revelation will have any impact. The rest are so rusted on they can’t cope with facing their own hypocrisy, or that their idols are false.

Makes me wonder if Trump will have any effect like he once did. The shock value is gone, maybe people are less keen to take a strong view and just want theirs? Better minds than me can comment.




I hope they do intervene, I’d fucking love to see NATO get caught up in a neocolonial clusterfuck war in Africa, would be hilarious. Imagine how hard black people will riot in France, millions of cars will burn.


I would add a Niger flag to all my profile pics



We should take some Nigeran (Nigerese??) refugees.

you know, the democratic freedom lovers who are now being allegedly persecuted by the alleged military alleged junta


What a waste

Send them to France where they can express their emnity against the country that colonised them all of those years

It’s established precedent that countries should seek people who despise them for their refugee intake


Bon chance Mon amis…

Ironic Boomer

They just want their gold back but the best NATO can do is foreign debt, sodomy and fake democracy.


I like to pronounce Niger with a short “i” and a hard “g”. It makes me feel good.


Legacy EZFKA units are usually one of only one or two offspring so the inheritence will see them housed mortgage free eventually. They aren’t going to rock the boat because there’s no reason to.

yes, this is so.

it’s an interesting (medium-term) dynamic which undermines social cohesion and striving.

…because if society doesn’t have a surplus of kids to accommodate, why try to be a society or build anything or invest for a better future?


House prices can always go a little higher, the Gini index can always get nearer to perfect inequality

I have faith, total faith, that the powers that be will keep us striving towards social decay even when it doesn’t serve anyone else’s interests but their own

How much better is it to be a 0.01%er in a country of 150 million, compared with a nothing 25 million? So much better.


I’m not convinced by the argument legacy ezfka units are happy not to rock the boat because they’ll inherit. By the time these people inherit they’ll be over 50.

What’s the point then?

Ideally we want people to own a home and to start a family and be putting down roots in the community by their late twenties. But we tacitly gave up on this ideal when we decided the housing market was just like any other asset class.

I’m seeing people in their twenties begin to realise what’s happening to them, which is new. They haven’t yet figured out where to direct their anger, but at some point they will be a group that’s too large not to be politically taken advantage of.


ill be like 70

idgaf at all tbh


Need a short sharp crash or there’s no point, and atm that would be at least 50%. Anyone who’s gonna dick around(like Shorten) can go to hell and obviously isn’t serious.


Shorten is just happy his rape case got squashed. He’ll never be a serious player.

He will however do his best to fuck to the retirements of millions of EZFKA coupon holders when he controls their Superfunds to blow their cash on Labor policy ideas.


I just assume any male accused of rape is innocent unless they look really weird and creepy. Shorten looks like a good person.

the arborist

Notice that a lot of the anger has been directed at ‘boomers’. Because they made all the decisions. Not the politicians or their owners. It’s definitely the boomers’ fault. Let’s all gang up on the evil boomers.



Anybody who owns a house is very happy that the value of that house has gone up, let’s be quite straight about that. I haven’t found anybody in seven and a half years shake their fist at me and say [John] Howard I’m angry with you for letting the value of my house increase.

Maybe if someone had shaken their fist a little, all of this could have been avoided.

jk lol


I use to blame the boomers, then I realised they were ground zero of the culture war – the terminator economic and societal memes of neoliberalism and multiculturalism was implanted in them – mass migration and privatisation of social capital was inevitable.

the arborist

Correct! I’m not a boomer but it’s bloody scary how everyone was trained to hate them.

“The horrible thing about the Two Minutes Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in. Within thirty seconds any pretense was always unnecessary. A hideous ecstasy of fear and vindictiveness, a desire to kill, to torture, to smash faces in with a sledge hammer, seemed to flow through the whole group of people like an electric current, turning one even against one’s will into a grimacing, screaming lunatic.”


Not really, there are heaps of Boomers who are interpersonally absolute cunts

Most of them still won’t acknowledge that housing is too expensive

It wouldn’t take much training to convince the young masses that they are arseholes


yeah the 18% INTEREST RATES IN MY TIME cunts are the worst bc no matter how many times you explain to them the math they refuse to get it

why are these people allowed to vote? who does that benefit?


What really fucking gets to me are the ones who say that housing was just as expensive in their time, every single year without changing their arguments, even as housing goes up massively, or now interest rates have gone up an asstonne so nobody can even borrow enough to buy anymore, it’s always no worse than they had it

the arborist

Yeah, those ones are easily hateable. But who thinks the entire generation is like that?


Those are pretty much the majority of Boomers online from what I can see, go to the FB comments sections or whatever, you’ll rarely see a single Boomer say anything positive about the youth or acknowledge that anything has become harder since they were young

There would be lots of kindly grandmas sitting at home upset that things are hard for the grandkids but they ain’t posting so they’re not there to make their generation look like humans rather than killbots

the arborist

If you’re going to hate on boomers, then you have to also hate on white men, because loads of them say stupid shit online too, right?

the arborist

But yeah, join the pile-on if you like. Just don’t complain when you’re made the designated pariah.
Meanwhile it’s ok to use violence on old people, because they’re just boomers, yeah?


Boomers seem to be doing OK out of being the designated pariah, everyone still needs to pay for them


They are one of the very few demographics that the government gives a fuck about

Didn’t see any worries when HECS debt was indexed at 7.1% a few months back.

the arborist

Not all of them are doing well – just the noisy ones. The government are pandering to them because they’re a large cohort – so they’re being bribed. It’s not their fault they’re a large cohort. Govt panders to immigrants too.

the arborist

Again though, this is a government decision. The boomers didn’t decide. But yeah, go ahead and blame citizens for what the government is doing. Sounds fair.


I’m just saying that this “designated pariah” status means as much as a wet fart if you still get every advantage in the book

The real pariahs aren’t even my generation. We at least had a brief window to get in.

What the fuck are the Zoomers gonna do in this country? It’s virtually not even talked about how these people are gonna avoid being lifelong renters

the arborist

Yeah, but boomers don’t deserve to be hated because the government is trying to bribe them. I think everyone knows zoomers are fucked through no fault of their own – but blaming old people for government actions isn’t the right or smart thing to do.


I bought a block and built at 17% with a deposit from surplus money I hadn’t managed to spend pissing on as a young bloke. Lunch at work, out to dinner, cars etc.

It was so ridiculously easy.

Not everyone remembers it that way, but that sure was my experience.


I think a lot of the Boomers who claim it was really, really hard were absolute deadshits who genuinely struggled to save money aside from booze, ciggies and cars. And usually from poor families too so they needed to live in what were then poor and far away suburbs.

They would go ballistic at a young person who spends anything like what they did.


and smoks back then werent $50 a pack

booze too

so they got to have fun on the cheap then pulled the ladder up on everyone else

the arborist

They didn’t pull any ladders up at all. They’re just denizens of EZFKA like everyone else.


Most simply voted for what they thought was a good way forward for their families.

Boomers aren’t to blame. The Labor party is.


I’m not blaming Boomers for how the EZFKA turned out, IMO, they had a little bit more but not much more influence over the government than what we have now. So they can’t be blamed for what it did.

I’m only blaming Boomers for their shit attitudes.



I do remember living in the house without proper curtains, carpets.

Big deal. I owned a home in the burbs where I chose (could have bought at Bondi, same price) with easy repayments.

Australia has been destroyed by that filth that STILL HAS enough people conned to win an election.

I seriously had more faith in Australians than this. We are soon fucked IMO…..all comes back to one thing.

Labor’s betrayal and deceit of their voter base.

the arborist

Totes gets it. Bless the Totes.


I’m close enough to a boomer to have seen and heard what happened. How people chose to vote.

Other than being dumb, and voting for the filthy Labor party, boomers didn’t do much wrong.

As always, Labor destroyed Australia by betraying the working and middle class.



Labour was simply one of the mediums by which Australia’s cultural values were reset, reprogrammed and repointed by their donors. Basically our neo-cultural and business elite.

the arborist

Absolutely correct. How sensible people can blame normal citizens for what the government did absolutely baffles me. Normie herd behaviour.


At the end of the day, people direct their country. Not necessarily through democracy but just as a culture. We consent when we do nothing rather than fighting back, either through some political means or just by burning governments to the ground. That’s true even when a lot of effort goes to keeping us weak and divided.

It’s bleak because we haven’t accepted the need to fight back yet.


Culture matters.

the arborist

So what exactly were the boomers supposed to do about it? And what are you doing that the boomers didn’t? Sitting on a website and complaining? I think it’s pretty likely that all but the most cashed up of boomers are sick of all the immigration and corruption like the rest of us. But like us, they’re powerless.


It’s not a blame game, it’s just trying to understand it and figuring out how to unite.

Me? I’m doing nothing about it; if I knew what to do, I’d do it and tell others to do it too.

The hard part is uniting 10 million people behind a common set of values. Or at least an influential subset of that 10 million.

the arborist

And to be fair, boomers never had the internet in their productive years, so nobody should be surprised by them being dumb. It’s not even being dumb. It’s simply a case of them not having access to any information at all apart from the approved mass media.


I don’t buy into the boomers vs others false dichotomy. In many ways the boomers had it better since they had a common culture with many social organisations (unions, churches and other community organisations). The internet seems to divide and distract, dunno.

In any case, it’s for current and future generations to figure it out.

There’s a few green shoots of hope but still a long way to go.


It wasn’t Labor, they just saw the writing on the wall. Every Western country went down this path. Countries that didn’t do this tend to be the ones we wage war on.

I have yet to read Michael Hudson’s book Super Imperialism, first written in 1971 or so but it looks interesting. The gist I got was that there is a competition between financial vs industrial capitalism and we are the cannon fodder.


Russia’s industrial capacity, mocked compared to the US’s financially inflated GDP is doing a good job and proving this theory out in the War against the Ukraine.


and to think russia’s industrial capacity now is still a shadow of what the soviet union’s was

whole economy geared to materiel armament production

the only state with the political and industrial capacity to defeat nazi germany even if it came down to the knife’s edge

Last edited 8 months ago by stagmal

Financialization has really hollowed out the West in terms of ‘real wealth’ being the ability to make stuff. We’re just selling dreams and aspirations now.



america still has a pretty significant industrial sector so i wouldnt say its all fake but its a shadow of what it used to be


The main threat is OTHER vested interests who want to get their snouts in the trough


The Aged and Community Care Providers Association has released an issues paper recommending that super savings be specifically set aside for aged care and withdrawn as a lump sum to pay for residential accommodation.

‘An alternative could be a compulsory saving approach for which a proportion of superannuation guarantee contributions is ring-fenced to pay for aged care costs,’ it said.

The issues paper also suggested an inheritance tax be charged to a deceased estate for ‘superannuation if it is not used for retirement as intended’.

good tbh

that money can go towards employing filipinas who migrate here


And for those younger generations expecting to inherit a big property inheritance, the cost of a nursing home bond is going to take a lot of that.


They will be feed drugs and video games…. ready player one is Spielberg’s idea of the future for good reason.

The few who engage will be misdirected into a war against legacy Australians – you should see the training we have to do. Basically have to admit to Genocide.

Corporate training is often the first instance that many migrants ever have of being exposed to Australian history – what are they taught. That white Australia unquestioningly pursued genocide against the aboriginals.


Late response which will probably not be read, but…

I’m not convinced by the argument legacy ezfka units are happy not to rock the boat because they’ll inherit. By the time these people inherit they’ll be over 50.

What’s the point then?

the point is that it becomes the best option. There is no viable alternative.

The older the ezfka units get the more they have to lose, both in terms of own increasing accumulated wealth and also increasing proximity to inheritance. So the more conservative they grow.

a 25yo can afford to be unemployed for 6, 12, 18 months and to watch everything come crashing down around them. They have limited commitments and their whole life and career ahead of them in any case. A 40yo or 45yo can’t do that any longer – there’s the wife and kids to support right now and little more than a decade of prime earning ahead.

Ideally we want people to own a home and to start a family and be putting down roots in the community by their late twenties. But we tacitly gave up on this ideal when we decided the housing market was just like any other asset class.

That’s right. So, in reality There is no longer a relevant “we” that has any significant political clout.

Last edited 8 months ago by Peachy

Given the number of men that I’ve met that are excited by comic book movies, I’m convinced that we’re a society of children.

Ironic Boomer

For men to be responsible they need authority.


The sub cultures (?) on social media around ideological maleness, proper RW thinking, doing big weights/gym, etc. is interesting. Seem to be a response to the faggot culture, and spikes more every time a faggot tries to do a story on them.

Seem to be a lot on Twitter.


I don’t belong to any cultures, let alone sub cultures, but I’m undoubtedly an ideological male bloke, a right wing lunatic, I own a shitload of guns and I lift weights like a bastard at my gym 4 or 5 times a week. And I sure as he’ll don’t like faggots.

Such is life.


Bloke !!!


Nah backwards, only men who understand responsibility should be given authority.


I don’t mind a movie now and then. It’s a couple of hours of escapism, B grade storylines and special effects, then you forget about it and get on with life.

But as of late I’ve noticed that some people take it really seriously. Marx said religion is the opium of the people, but I wonder in these modern times if pop entertainment has essentially become a new religion for many. There are plenty out there quoting Star Wars, dressing up as their favourite superhero characters and visiting movie set sites. Years ago I can remember Lord of the Rings fans telling me they were heading off to NZ where the movie was shot – not unlike a religious pilgrimage.

One just has to look at the online rage generated when a director changes the gender or race of a character. How else can one explain death threats to directors not unlike when certain religious figures are parodied?


I don’t think the MCU etc are religions but I think they are intended to be extremely engrossing distractions from real life, to stop people from engaging politically with the real world. To actually keep up with all aspects of the CMU would essentially take up most of someone’s free time. It’s depressing to imagine there are people trying to do that but there must be a lot around the world.

Metaverse would be the most extreme manifestation of that goal


Movies are fine, but there is no substance to most of these movies and they only make the same nonsense over and over again. There is no appetite for anything that requires thought. If it was merely scum movie companies, well whatever. But the soy boys actually get excited about it. They embrace this shit. It’s a substitute for real achievement.

The hatred towards changing characters is simple. It’s rejection of having culture stripped away. I can’t speak for movies so much as I don’t watch many of them these days, but when Roald Dahl books get changed to be less ‘offensive’, you wonder if there will be anything left.

No job security, no housing, reduced job quality, dead swamp politics, personal liberties gone, destruction of Christian values, destruction of laws and on and on it goes and you can’t even read a pleasant book or watch a cartoon with your kids.

Colonisation requires changing or destruction of language, religion and culture to destroy history and unity and it’s happening throughout the West.

But yes, you will be able to make a pilgrimage to some corporate holy site. You’re right about that.


aud now 65c


the MB super fund must be PRINTING


Is there anything important in the Fitch downgrade of US debt?

Ironic Boomer

The increase in us government spending in the last quarter to increase the gdp number, at a cost of course.


Probably the fact that a ratings agency actually downgraded the US and the rationale behind it. Essentially there is no path to fiscal responsibility and deficits are pretty much locked in. Also issues around governance. The Democrats blamed this on Trump, but how can funneling billions of $$$s to Ukraine without oversight be best practice governance?

Gruppenführer Mark

I found this little tidbit interesting

Key Rating Drivers

Ratings Downgrade: The rating downgrade of the United States reflects the expected fiscal deterioration over the next three years, a high and growing general government debt burden, and the erosion of governance relative to ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’ rated peers over the last two decades that has manifested in repeated debt limit standoffs and last-minute resolutions.

Kinda reads that USA is in trouble compared to even AA-rated countries because of governance problems. Or maybe I’m misinterpreting.


the arborist

You found a little gem of truth in the pile of dirt. Nice.

the arborist

This is the best Women’s Weekly story ever. A new instalment every week. I can’t wait for the next exciting episode.



how good is this

the inlaws and wife (all wogs) owned 24 properties in his own electorate including a 9000sqm development site

just having a go

the arborist

And the worst thing to happen to him is that he won’t be allowed to be a minister for a little while. Meanwhile, he’ll be replaced by a woman just as bent as the rest of them.


That’s weird. I thought Labor was fully into this. He went a bit overboard I guess like Salim Mahjeer woggy. Gotta still give that impression of being Australian and fair minded. 5 properties tops.


24 properties? Should have made Tim the new RBA governor!



imagine if ppl in australia was as outspoken about this shiela is about veganism when it come sto their own rent, immigration issues etc

govt would be so fucked they wouldnt be able to do jacksh_t


Lmao for Drago


the guy who authored the hawthorn “racism” stitch up

arrested and charged for defrauding some abo grifting body

you could never have predicted this


Most of the MSM keeps it quiet when these grifting trash get busted. So it’s still a win for the overall Jew agenda.


Good spotting.

What a scam.

The narrative of ‘white man bad Indigenous man saint’ has swept across the sport like the rest. This dose of hard facts will be hidden though by the media, because they all want the ‘noble savage’ concept themselves.

Two of the “victims” are not even indigenous. None of the white men accused have even been interviewed.

Regardless it’s amazing that some highly paid sportsmen (ie. $150k min plus housing etc) think they were kidnapped and somehow in a cult.

This is what they said – “We were separated from our families. We were told an unborn child would ruin our futures. We were treated as special projects and control of our lives was taken from us.
We told our truths in confidence, because we believed that it would bring change. And because we needed to heal and move on. That confidence was betrayed.”

Aussie Soy Boy

Imagine the media coverage of Drumgold if Lehrmann had some boong in him


Bingo. He needs to identify as one and who can question him?

the arborist

We all should. Next census.


The last Census was a classic, from 1.9% Aboriginals to 3.2%.

Amazing birth rate ey?

the arborist

Impressive! I wonder what the ratio is of actual race grifters vs people taking the piss. The real population change would most likely be negative.


honestly what the hell is wrong with victoria?


at a time people cannot find places to live they prioritise somewhere for drunks to sober up

Really a bukele like character is the only solution here to beat or kill the homeless and drunks/druggies


Bukele is actually fighting MS-13, he’s not killing weed-smoking basement-dwelling failsons or whatever it is you and Soyboy are backing

Aussie Soy Boy

I support capital punishment of someone in possession of more than a personal amount of illicit drugs. If caught in possession of a personal amount then a 10-20 prison sentence depending on past behaviour, whether from a good family or not, etc.

If that doesn’t work then extrajudicial killings.

the arborist

Failsons! Nice word.


lol yeah

he’s fighting ppl who legit decapitate kids in the street and use their heads for a football

not people who play their music too loud or own rottweilers that bark at you from behind a fence as youre walking around

kinda different stakes here guys


Would be good though.

A Punisher style lone operative wipes out 100 Bikies, Lebos Africans Druggies etc who are doing 80% of the violent crimes.


Makes me wonder if the reason the UN US etc got so mad about Bukele’s arrests are because they want countries like El Salvador to be weak crime ridden shitholes

These people never give a shit about the victims of crime but always arc up about the perpetrators

Similar game being played by Soros-backed DAs in the US, you can sap a place’s vitality by forcing it to be degenerate


What a fucking mess the AFP are.

The AFP advised in May 2023 at Senate Estimates, saying they had specifically briefed Minister for Home AffairsbDutton in 2018 about foreign bribery and a specific person of interest. The ABC then did a story on this.

Potato head Dutton has been smashed by the LW media for this. Your ABC etc all lined him up, all the usual Tards on Twitter etc.

The AFP has admitted they lied. They did not brief Potato Head that this guy was under investigation.

Had Senator Paterson not asked in this hearing, it looks likely the AFP may not have ever corrected their answer.


the arborist

Good post. Is there any large / powerful organisation, government, private or religious, that isn’t bent all the way up to the top? The AFP being bent is particularly scary (although they kind of always have been).


For a mid like Senator Paterson to skewer this AFP copper so easily, that he looked like a genius QC, was scarey.

He is Chief Police Officer, AFP Canberra. This work is literally what that level of guy from the AFP does, goes to meetings and reports on work others have done. It’s not like they are investigating themselves etc.

He went to the meeting, lied about it and threw Dutton under the bus, then wasn’t going to even correct it, until he was caught out for it.

Meanwhile Albo gets his Voice debacle off the front page, the Greens even called for a Royal Commission FFS…

“I note that there has been some misreporting and commentary…we accept we should have used tighter language…”

the arborist

Yeah, it’s evil and disgusting. The fact that he lied so casually and brazenly shows that it is standard practice and there is no fear of being called out or any type of repercussion. EZFKA, as we all know, is well and truly cooked. When does someone play The Last Post?



Anthony Albanese said polling showing the referendum to establish the Voice could fail would turn around as people focused on it as voting day draws near.

aka the fix is in

There might even be a false flag closer to the day

maybe a “ white supremacist “ attack

I wouldn’t put it past them
he seems overly confident


Nice list of demands for the specific areas that they want The Voice to control, hidden by the NIAA :

I’ll remind you what some of these demands were:

•Aborigines paying only 50 per cent the rate of income tax;

•Aboriginal groups owning beaches and national parks, and charging the rest of us to use them;

•10 per cent of all judges, magistrates, police officers, ADF officers, vice chancellors and ambassadors to be Aboriginal;

•no entry tests and no fees for Aborigines going to university;

•50 per cent discounts for Aborigines going to sport and music events on public land;

•Aborigines to have first claim on all public housing in Australia;

•reduced age of eligibility for the aged pension for Aborigines;

•rivers and streams to be owned by local Aborigines, who will charge the rest of us for water consumption;

•the same for mining royalties;

•all new liquor licences to be vetted by the voice; and

•the voice office being the same size, and having the same budget, as the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.


The Voice to control national security, great idea

the arborist

Obese stone-age artists are always the best source of advice on national military strategies.


nuclear fission was created in the dreamtime when an abo used two lumps of uranium ore as clapsticks for a corroboree


That ought to kill the YES vote – if “Pay the Rent” and other proposed grifts haven’t done so already.


I was just watching Credlin addressing it on Sky


IMHO it all backs up what you’ve said as legitimate claims and concerns.


Jeez this Bruce Lehman story takes another wild turn…



Fair warning

this serkan guy is a fantasist grifter who is currently running a gofundme to pay for his “ back surgery “ and has been on dsp his entire life

his target market is lefties who believe his constant breathless promises that he’s about to break the biggest story of the decade finally we got muh scomo etc etc


Good tip, was unaware


Can’t Bruce sue this guy for defamation for calling him a rapist when that hasn’t been proven?

Maybe he has fuck all so it wouldn’t be worth the trouble


Definitely, but as you say might not be worth the trouble and he’s already focused on big organizations that would have the capacity to pay up. Then there is that issue of the Toowoomba court case that is still unresolved…


Pretty good I have to admit


Wouldn’t mind being a ghetto landlord tbqh. That way you get to insult as many people as possible while they’re so dumb they feed you as reliable as a cig addict.

Lol @ Gay Bears.

Aussie Soy Boy

Good call by me on Amazon at the start of January.


Those interest rate rises really seem to be hurting both consumption and asset prices



The contraction follows a 0.8 per cent fall in volumes in the March quarter and a 0.4 per cent decline in December, marking only the second time in the data’s 40-year history that volumes have fallen for three consecutive quarters. The other streak occurred during the global financial crisis in 2008.


Boom times


Lol yeah volumes down 0.8%

Meanwhile prices up 6%

so actual spending is increasing

muh disinflation


Meanwhile we have the highest immigration rate in Australian history

JB Hifi shares haven’t gone anywhere in 3 years

Harvey Norman shares at 2001 levels

Boom times


is it possible that the internet made physical shops redundant


Yeh gee someone should let JB Hifi know about the internet


amazon australia blows


is it legal to take coins out of the atm coin rejection shutes in banks?

i found about $200 worth of coins in there at commonwealth bank last night and no one else was around so i just took them all, stuffed them in my pocket and walked out of the bank

im still counting them heres the pile ive added up so far


What’s that Illuminati pyramid thing


some wooden pyramid i found in a shopping trolley outside of vinnies

idk its cool


It looks like a puzzle box – I wouldn’t try to solve it least it summon a Cenobite or some other demon.


It is illegal to keep anything that is not yours even if you find it on the footpath. Whether it can be proven is another matter.

Nice find btw

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all up – $330 lol

mostly from all the $2 and $1 coins that were in there

keeping them all

this has happened before with a similar amount, i figure some people put too many coins in the machine and it rejects them due to the weight and theyre too lazy to take them again

as a rule now i always run my hand through the rejection shute when i walk past the bank, someone in there yelled at me once when they saw me doing it saying i was stealing and they knew what i was doing and i laughed in their face

should have reminded them that commonwealth bank used to be publically owned and that i, a member of the public, am therefore entitled to the money

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Nicely done!

Most I’ve ever found is a dollar coin someone forgot to take out of a supermarket trolley.


They’re just paying the rent really


Banks steal anyway. If you withdraw cash from ATM and forget to take the cash, the atm will take the cash back after a minute, and they won’t credit your account unless you make a complaint.


Maybe it was Russian money. It’s okay to take Russian money since they’re the evil ones.

Agent 47

Yeh it’s illegal and I wouldn’t risk posting it, especially photos but whatever. Banks can wear the loss.


It’s reparations for having to put up with scum in Dubbo.


stealing this line

Aussie Soy Boy

What machines are these? I don’t use CBA so are these normal ATMs? I’ve used the Westpac coin deposit machines but they are always inside the branches.

I want to go hit all the machines up in one night.


its inside, but you can go inside at night, no staff are there


Pertaining to the discussion about house prices thought this was interesting with regards to USA Vs Australia


high earning not rich yet HENRY making $USD500k they discuss whether he should buy a $3m house

very interesting to see how different their thinking is there

some of the Americans just starting to realise that they’ve been priced out by rising prices and it’s only upgraders with existing wealth (from house price appreciation) who can afford

Australians worked that out 10 years ago
Well most of them did anyway

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i saw that thread on reddit, different attitudes at all levels from the individual to the banks


the situation is not so different
yes the attitudes are the Americans haven’t caught up yet

can a Henry on $AUD500k “afford” a $3m house here ?

not really imo that’s 280 after tax
let’s say 250 after minimum 30k living expenses excl rent/mortgage
(living like a pauper for someone on 500k)

take 3 years to save 20% deposit plus stamp duty

borrow 2.5m
intetest alone is 150k/yr 60% of disposable income

for someone in the very top income bracket

Americans only just now working out they’ve been fucked

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they are where the MB loosers were in 2012-2019

havent yet realised they are ngmi

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If there’s a silver lining it’s lefty millenial scum getting fucked.

They can make it they just have to live in a McMansion around dark skinned immigrants or go to a more bogan town like Perth.

Suck shit.


The left millennial scum are the ones fucking you mate. They just don’t know it.


They’ve fucked everyone except for people with a net worth above say $10-$20m.