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so is 0.25% a lock?


It seems that way. The money markets are still betting the terminal rate will be above 4% but getting there a couple months later.


on another note, isn’t the federal budget released tonight?

Would be a very bad look for chalmers if lowe slapped on a 0.5 or 0.75 a few hours beforehand

so almost guaranteed we get 0.25
Or maybe we even get 0

Looks like the federal budget isn;t going to be particularly disinflationary

He’s already promising to build 1 million homes – aren’t homebuilding costs already through the roof?
Where will the materials and tradies come from?


and wheres the land going to come from. 1 million houses is a whole adelaide sized area, theres not going to be that area alotted by all of the collective local councils in all of aus

total fucking bullshit

also i havent been to sydney in ages but ive got a feeling its full of ugly new apartments now and generally looks like shit, it has to be like that now


from what i have been reading today it sounds like there is going to be some federal mandate that will force councils all across the country to provide a certain amount of sites for greenfield and brownfield development

Sounds like an absolute honeypot for developers and land bankers

Still also good to see the greenie/woke/nimby councils and residents get fucked over

So im conflicted in how I feel about it


sounds well in good in theory in practice it will be stonewalled and fought over and nothing will get built, no way

a much better solution would be to stop immigration then eventually we wouldnt need to build anything anymore, like in japan

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ill be interested to see how they handle it in a legal/constitutional sense since I don’t know that the federal government has legal oversight for zoning or whatever

I guess they will probabably tie it to state funding, and force the state governments to get the councils in line


its amazing the pointless hoops we force ourselves to jump through just so we don’t have to appear racist

all of this could be solved by stopping immigration


i think the bigger problem is that debt-based money systems fall over without constant growth (gross not per capita)


probably the best thing about the covid era was showing us even temporarily all of the things we’re afraid of aren’t really that bad

no immigration didnt cause society to explode

showed the irrelevance of most of the economy, bars, restaurants etc

the freedom protester retards werent really that concerned about lockdown perse they were just using it as an excuse to procure attention and be aggresive/histrionic (cluster b personality disorder)

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its about to explode though so they need to do something


whats about to explode


inflation, sovereign debt, interest rates etc

Gruppenführer Mark

Oooh! That gave me a brilliant idea!

Strike a deal with Japan to declare it a regional Australia for migration purposes. Reroute flights from subcontinent to Osaka, etc. Japan, being a homogeneous society, is less likely to put up with non-integration, plus it will prove that migrants can integrate, and learn to work – Japan’s working culture is a bit more rigorous, should I say.

Once 5 years have passed, extend the opportunity, but not a guarantee, to integrate into Australia. Or stay in Japan. Or go home.

Irrational, I know, but a girl can dream!


That’s a great idea.

Maybe Japan could give us back all our gas while they’re being generous.


It will be more of the same. Trashing of our suburbs to build dog boxes. Suburban councils will be made to increase their height limits.


oh the other interesting thing was that they were going to fund all the housing through superannuation being used to fund build-to-rent projects

So the ALP mates at the super funds can get their snouts in the trough


Either them or BlackRock.


so it was politically unpalatable to allow punters to withdraw from their super to buy houses … but in a roundabout way, the same thing is happening, where the big super funds are going to do it, and the punters are going to pay those super funds the rent. kind of lol


It was politically unpalatable because not enough tickets got clipped with the former suggestion, while the later has plenty of stubs to collect.


Meanwhile mortgage holders are paying the banks 3% more than the interest earned on their super cash balances. But the obvious solution to address that don’t ever get mentioned because it implies a reduction in bank profits.

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I was there on the weekend.



Spot on, this is a ridiculous cheque the ALP should know they can’t cash.

No way one single Council will get on board, why should they? Rezonings are 3 year (minimum) with Council support, but zero without their support (there is no ability to appeal).

Not one house will come from this, as usual with Labor and most governments there will be huge leakage (just like the Department of Defence spent $37m on KPMG fees last FY).


Councils will be on board. Victorian councils are cash strapped due to rate capping. They would be more than happy to get extra revenue from fees for developing new property and also extra rates.


I disagree. Councils in Vic haven’t done so, in fact the opposite. The festering breeding grounds for State Labor spastics like Yarra (the Peoples’ Republic of, as it’s widely known) have Socialist Leftards like Stephen Jolly refusing anything they can. Boorondara, Glen Eira, Bayside, they’re the base of Save Our Suburbs (oppose all development). I’m in that side of things, and can assure you not one Council has a drop of commercial sense.


is the call today? isnt it next week?


ah yeah its next week lol


so whats this thread about


ask the rba insider

should have been a federal budget megathread


budget doesnt interest me whatsoever

is bruceys verdict finally fucking done yet

im convinced the jury is likely bullying the not guilty holdouts


i will be happy whatever the verdict because its going to be hilarious
either a chubby liberal party suck is going to jail, or a chubby liberal party suck is going to be branded a liar

I’m more concerned with what kind of shitfuckery the ALP is going to come up with to save house prices tbh


Brittany will either win by Brucey being guilty or win by Wilko telling everyone that the burden of proof is too high and that women are disadvantaged in these cases which will be the final chapters in the book.


This. And then they make believe all women law. Not far from that already wrt family violence. It’s only ‘logical’ to extend to rape



fucking lol they wanted an early minute

the jury system is an absolute farce
I would love to know what the current voting is, and the gender breakdown
They should definitely publish those details

The judge should tell them to fucking get on with it
Probably some bludger who doesn’t want to go back to their real job is holding out. Can’t go on covid leave anymore


theres no way it should take this long lol what the fuck are they even talking about

what more is there to say


to be fair, bruce was definitely lying at the time too

probably why he refused to testify

He probably did it, to be honest
and if i was a woman on the jury i’d try to nail the fat little shit


you never testify as a defendant even if you’re 100% innocent it is always a stupid idea

idfk if hes guilty or innocent or not but higgins is a really bad, not credible witness at all
you never testify as a defendant even if you’re 100% innocent it is always a stupid idea

idfk if hes guilty or innocent or not but higgins is a really bad, not credible witness at all

both of them are completely unlikable power hungry fucks

the justice system shouldnt even cover them, they should be denied any access to it

to send a warning to people not to be like them

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i don’t know that’s 100% true

anyway lot of inconsistencies in his statements to police and employers

and he looks/acts like a creepy rapist imo

im 70% that he raped her or at least tried to jam it in


hes a lib party staffer who wanted to be a big power player in politics, same as britt

i know these types they want power and fame theyll do anything to get it

both of them were working towards careers where they would fuck over the little guy, can you imagine them sitting in a backroom somewhere brainstorming marketing ideas for a new FHB grant

for society’s benefit the medieval concept of TRIAL BY COMBAT should be brought back exactly for cases like this

brucey bc he is a man might need a handicap (though he is quite soy) so you could stab him in the leg before the fight or something like that

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yeah the coke dick creep tried it on


what more is there to say

Probably nothing, but they clearly haven’t unanimously agreed. Hung jury here we come…


luv clarity



note this part:

Overall, it has nominated a target of 1 million new homes by 2029, but that is largely consistent with what has been delivered historically — in the five years prior to the pandemic, just over 985,000 homes were created.

so the “plan” to build 1 million houses is just giving an official government direction over the standard number of houses that get built in a 5 year period anyway LOL

Robert Plant

Wow one million. I am so impressed by the size of that number, much girth, much ambition. Of course one question that is not asked by the courtesan EZFKA media, “one million houses at what per house price?”.


No one is asking what type of homes and whether they are appropriate. Much of the homes built around me have been apartments which replaced family homes.


Sounds like the 1 million jobs that Abbott promised. They would have been created anyway.


Like the liberals promise of creating jobs a few years back, and they still didn’t hit it. lol


7.3% inflation



And much like US stock market the ASX doesn’t react to the possibility of even higher than expected rates.


I’m going with at least 0.5% then at the next RBA meeting. Maybe even 0.75% if we are lucky.


RBA did say they will be more data driven. They have the data to justify more than 0.25% but I doubt they will.

Gruppenführer Mark

Came across this great take on the bush poem.

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan

He sounded most forlorn

Outside the ASX while trade began

One chilly Monday morn.

The investors stood around about,

Coat-collars to the ears,

And talked of shares and interest rates

As they had done for years.

“It’s lookin’ crook,” said Daniel Croke;

“Bedad, it’s cruke, me lad

For never since the GFC

Had investing been so bad.”

“It’s bad, all right,” said young Whitehead

With timing so sublime

As everyone in chorus said

“It’s different this time”.

And so around the chorus ran

“The market’s stuffed, no doubt.”

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,

“Before the year is out.

“The shares have crashed; ye’ll have your work

To save your hard earned cash;

From here way out to Back-O’-Bourke

They’re talkin’ ‘bout the crash”.

“They’re cryin’ for rate cuts,” he said,

“They’ve gone and lost their nerve.”

The investors scratched their heads,

And awaited the Reserve.

“There won’t be growth, in any case,

Not a dollar to be made;

The market’s rigged – a gambler’s place

What is a guy to trade?”

“If shares don’t spike this month,” said Dan,

And cleared his throat to speak –

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan, ”

If rates don’t fall this week.”

A heavy silence seemed to spread

O’er all – it was a sign

As everyone in chorus said

“It’s different this time”.

“We want a small rate cut, we do,”

O’Neil observed at last;

But Croke “maintained” we wanted two

To put the danger past.

“If we don’t get 0.5%, man,

Or more to break this drought,

We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,

“Before the year is out.”

In Glenn’ Phil’s good time down came the rates;

And all the afternoon

In boardrooms of investment banks in town

They sang a happy tune.

And speculation continued still,

And lightsome, gladsome elves

On dripping spout and window-sill

Kept talking to themselves.

‘Twas exuberance all day long,

A-singing at its work,

Till every cabbie took up the song

Way out to Back-O’-Bourke.

And sure as sure wages ran,

Then inflation overtop;

“We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,

“If these rate cuts don’t stop.”

And stop they did, in Glenn’s good time:

And spring came in to fold

A mantle o’er the hills sublime

Fortunes made in gold.

And days went by as good times rolled,

With drinking from the cup,

As shares and bonds and bars of gold,

They went nowhere but up.

And, oh, the smiles on every face,

As happy guy and girl

Winning the share market race

Jumped online to buy and sell.

While round the bar well dressed and fed

They drank the finest wine,

As everyone in chorus said

“It’s different this time”.

“There’ll be a crash for sure, me man,

There will, without a doubt;

We’ll all be rooned,” said Hanrahan,

“Before the year is out”.

Aussie Soy Boy

The Higgins trial (she made it all about her and her book so it’s the Higgins trial) is a hung jury. If the jury after sitting through 2 weeks of evidence being presented, one week of deliberating the evidence, can’t find Brucey guilty beyond reasonable doubt, that is the decision.

I thought to myself what kind of judge would be pestering, perverting the course of justice, tampering with the jury here to force a result.

A sympathetic female judge was my answer. I looked up who the judge was and sure enough a female.



He had refused to bathe for more than 60 years, fearing it would make him sick.

For the first time a few months ago, villagers had taken him to a bathroom to wash,”

Not long after, he fell ill and finally, on Sunday … he gave up his life,” the report continued,

looks like he was right…


R.I.P Mighty Mouse – We Hardly Knew Ye.
Ha ha, just kidding. i don’t actually give a shit about people I don’t know who took the clot shot.