New Australian study shows new COVID variants arise whenever it’s politically convenient

A breakthrough new EZFKA study has shown that COVID variants arise whenever the political situation in EZFKA is inconvenient.

The study, conducted by the Cash For Comment institute, has found that the latest Omnicron variant has appeared just as protest numbers nationwide reach record numbers and Victoria is set to vote on the permanent pandemic legislation.

“It’s really blatantly obvious now that a new COVID strain has shown up right as the fear index in the ruling class has gone to record levels and consent needs to be manufactured for more restrictions,” Dr Mick McGuire said.

“We’ve also found a direct correlation between that and the arrival of boosters. They aren’t going to sell themselves, so a new variant to the rescue it is.”

Mainstream media outlets have said they are ready with more fear porn already being deployed.

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Agent 47

The only question now is lockdown before, during or after Xmas.

Pretty good bet.


Pre and during Xmas would be political suicide

Early Jan at the earliest

Agent 47

I generally agree, however things are just accelerating every day.

If anything it will be restrictions again then lockdown sometime in the next 6 weeks. Boosters will be pushed aggressively.


Victoria’s CHO Brett Sutton says “vaccine coverage will offer protection” based on zero data whatsoever. No comment on how much protection is needed to justify vaccine mandates. Do they have a threshold in mind? Was debated by democractically elected representatives? Or maybe it doesn’t matter: we do as we’re told so you will too because “you can’t keep the borders shut forever”™


Nothing to worry, folks, Fizzler is on it already!

Pfizer signals it can have Omicron vaccine ‘ready in 100 days’


BioNTech said it and Pfizer had taken action “months ago” to adapt the mRNA vaccine they developed together within six weeks and to ship initial batches within 100 days, in case there was an “escape variant”.

I wonder if they have started on the Omega booster shot yet?


Sounds like plenty of time to check for any unintended side effects…

Ning Nong

The satire on this site is tryhard Betoota and not funny. The more serious articles / opinions of readers are much more interesting.

Agent 47

Betoota is only funny if your IQ is midwit range and you’re a progressive.


It’s not satire. They’re previews.


It’s EZFKA, you get what you pay for.

Of course, anyone can contribute articles so if what’s on offer isn’t to your taste… 😉

A fly in your ointment

if what’s on offer isn’t to your taste… 

One gets the money back?

For a critic to be constructive it has to suggest a change rather than to just make an assessment

Agent 47

Guarantee it’s one of the Betoota writers seething that the content isn’t their standard fare of snarky progressive whinging.


the land of the ning nang nong lol


pretty alarming, though not yet a causal link to heart attacks

still I’d be getting nervous if I was public health official or politician with all the increase in cardiac deaths, and soccer players dropping on the pitch

Agent 47

It’s the jab. Thesis being posited by a few people is that the cardiac stress in football is the highest of most team sports. Therefore, that’s why they are going over quickest.

Wait until there’s one in the AFL.


Wait until there’s one in the AFL.

so, while it’s the AFL off season and before the propagandists have had the chance to spread misinformation and alter historic now would be a good time to do some quick research to document how many on-field collapses there have been in the last 10 years.

Agent 47

Yep. However, AFLW starts in a couple of weeks. Imagine the look on the AFL face if the women’s league has one.


I’m predicting on-field collapse and possibly death of players across multiple sports in the EZFKA over the next year. Tennis, League, Union, Basketball, AFL…


Blame that on the weather, I’m sure. Gets quite hot in EZFKA… doesn’t get that hot anywhere else.

poor local athaletes aren’t used to it, either.

oh, and global warming! 🤣


alex berenson describes the mechanism by which these things fuck up your heart here:

Reus's Large MEMBER

So a black supremacist kills kids and no word from Biden condemning him, if the Dems did not have double standards they would have no standards.


Surely there is someone in position of power in the DEM party, who is worried about the mid-term election next year.
Looking from the outside in, I don’t know how the GOP won’t slaughter them


Didn’t the Dems lose something in Virginia and almost lose something in New Jersey?

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that the ones pushing the agenda i.e. the squad and Soros DGAF about what the people want, they want to ram through socialism and chaos before then with the hope that it will be too late to change the path by the mid terms.

There was a interesting analogy about the Dems and the elections to the Japanese WW2 attack on Pearl Harbour, where they threw everything into the 2020 election for years leading up to it, seen as there were meant to win the 2016 election but did not cheat enough to beat Trump. Since then they have gone full ham and have nothing left so when the people start pushing back they are stuffed.


pfizer sez 100 days till it has a new vaccine ready for this, lol, so 100 days to prepare, how many more to ship, how many more to roll it out. this is why the vaccines will never keep pace with covid mutations and why this isn’t a long term solution, and that’s assuming people are going to keep taking these jabs forever. more and more people will be jumping off the train with every subsequent variant vaccine rollout.

let it rip is coming whether we like it or not, and all countries will have comparable death rates eventually. what a waste of time the last two years were.


No one wanted to hear it then though. I tried to tells ya…

And of course if they keep inserting new spike proteins into people with 50 days worth of trials eventually one of them is going to have some serious unintended side effects.(or more serious ones)

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

We’d do well to listen more to bjw 😌


let it rip is never coming. based on the experience of the last 18 months. governments and the wedbetters just can’t handle it.

Agent 47

It’s a Pfizer buy signal. At least do the EZFKA thing and extract the rent!


Let it rip 18 months away.

You guys simply don’t get it that they are not going to let hospitals overflow. Unless this new variant is less virulent to the point of much lower hospitalisation rates then there will be no ripping.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
A fly in your ointment

natural evolving is higher virility but lesser host murder rate.
time works


The hospitals were never overwhelmed

not in Australia

not in the uk or USA

all the temporary hospitals and hospital ships were closed down without ever receiving a single patient

it was a scam to push through tighter surveillance and justify financial bailouts

even you would have to acknowledge that at this point


Except in Victoria though. The hospitals’ ventilation was not up to standard like Hotel Quarantine and guess what happened in 2020? 10-20% of all cases were health workers in Victoria’s second wave.


Some parts of USA and Europe had overflowing hospitals with triage to decide who received treatment and who was left to die. This extended to people who didn’t have the virus such as accident, burn, and heart attack victims.

Australia opted for elimination which was actually a decision from treasury dept. I know that conflicts with your belief that every Australian would have gone about normal day to day life indifferent to the possibility of death with no impact whatsoever to the economy.

I do agree with the financial comments from a “never waste a crisis” perspective.


this simply isn’t true – where is the evidence of this?
Where is the evidence of increased deaths from accidents, burns and heart attacks?

It was all a lie

Hospitals go on bypass every winter – its routine to maximise efficiency and use of health resources across multiple sites

As far as your comment about elimination, I have no idea of what relevance that is. It was abandoned in any case, proving it was a stupid plan in the first place

No idea why this conflicts with what you claim is my belief – I believe some Australians would have locked themselves indoors, and good luck to them.


You have been right all along. There was never an elimination strategy. They were never going to wait for everyone to get vaccinated. They will not lock us down anymore to avoid hospitals overflowing. It is all a figment of imagination.

Please keep taking that medication.


 I know that conflicts with your belief that every Australian would have gone about normal day to day life indifferent to the possibility of death with no impact whatsoever to the economy.

That is a ridiculous statement. You think people would have voluntarily locked themselves down more than the restrictions put in place?
Sheer idiocy……


You seem to be confusing the echo chamber that this site has become to actually being a vast majority view.

That was the modelling done by Treasury for the earlier less contagious strain of the virus. Everybody locked down for 4 weeks less of an impact than a significant portion of the population perpetually at home. They abandoned it with the more contagious Delta strain, possibly opportunistically with the arrival of vaccine supply.

Next time you hear Perrottet speak note that all the medical advice is passed on for consideration by the Economic Recovery Committee. We do live in EZFKA after all.


They abandoned it when it became clear there was no other way to restart immigration and tourism and education

which is why it was a stupid plan because they never thought it through

again, where is the evidence of health care systems being overwhelmed (more than usual) ?


fmd. You are either a troll or a dunce. Do some basic maths on exponential growth and what happens if a big chunk of the population gets the virus at the same time.
‘Overwhelmed’ Italian hospitals are running at ‘200 per cent capacity’ | Daily Mail Online


Except these things don’t have exponential behaviour

they come in waves

my sister is literally a doctor in Italy, and says this was bullshit hype

the fact you are relying on a daily mail article says it all


You are a deadset narcissistic twat. Any lie to to try and discredit and push your agenda. Video footage of overwhelmed hospitals in Wuhan and Italy were plastered over every news channel on the planet, but in your fabricated world it never happened.


That was the modelling done by Treasury for the earlier less contagious strain of the virus.

Is this the same treasury that has modelling that immigration doesn’t supress wages, or inflate house prices…

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678

Is this the same treasury that has modelling that immigration doesn’t supress wages, or inflate house prices…

I think that this “treasury” must be a subsidiary or branch of the hallowed EZFKA Cash For Comment institute


It seems likely it’s effectively cash for comment given the assumptions.

modelling done by Treasury for the earlier less contagious strain of the virus. Everybody locked down for 4 weeks less of an impact than a significant portion of the population perpetually at home. 

All the lockdowns have been longer than 4 weeks and I really can’t see people being perpetually at home either, and anyone who would be still is given we still have more cases than started the lockdowns.

Last edited 2 years ago by bjw678


Hes talking about the Doherty modelling

Remember the modelling that predicted 1000 covid deaths in 180 days following reopening

Except we got, how many?

Similar to the modelling that predicted disasters in Sweden, UK, etc etc etc etc

aka a complete and utter fraud perpetrated on the stupid sheep of the world


You are also twisting the truth. Treasury have used immigration as a tool to successfully avoid a recession for three decades. They know what they are doing. They also raised concerns about exactly what you are referring to.

High immigration levels boost economy, but housing impact must be managed: government report | The Real Estate Conversation


Indeed – except the last 2 years waste of time thing. Needed to work out how bad it all was.


It was how bad it was likely to be, if you needed 2 years to work it out you were never going to. A disease that has a timespan of weeks does not take 2 years to understand.


Let me guess, I will support the bill as long as Kew, Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Malvern, etc. are not subject to housing more than 3 stories.

I am guessing that you still think that the push to vaccinate is based on saving people, when in fact I think that it is quite the opposite. Segregation the un-vaccinated and making us go too somewhere there is a low vaccine uptake might actually end up saving the un-vaccinated from the vaccinated.


That article really tickled my confirmation bias.

a long-form exposition of what I’ve been getting at in relation to:
> destruction of the control group
> immense political difficulty if backing away from the vaccine “solution”

it does take an interesting view on who remains unvaccinated, in spite of the coercion.

My sense is that it the most ideologically committed/opposed. Whereas the author expects it to be those too disadvantaged and disconnected by society to be affected by levers (no job, no money for services) & therefore likely in quite poor health….

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that the demographic of the pure bloods is different here to in Europe and definitely different to the US, given the large numbers that already had Whuflu in the US there is a lot more push back from “normal” citizens as well as the US being more “independent” when it comes to government control vs Europe where there is far more reliance on the government handouts so more willing so more like the scenario suggested, however here in EZFKA I think that Qld is more like the US, Vic is more like EU and NSW is just more red pill inclined so a lot more young and healthy that are sceptics.

Note though that the 80+ category is pretty meaningless in stats as there are un-vaccinated that are too sick to be vaccinated and will succumb to the nearest cough that will skew the stats.

TBH the only way that you can actually get the real picture is if you exclude all co-morbidities including being obese. Seen as the majority of the deaths are in the overfed and nearly dead category.


I think that the demographic of the pure bloods is different here to in Europe and definitely different to the US,

yes, I was thinking about the possibility of something like this as well…

it does seem quite possible. As someone used to say “culture matters”, hey…? 😉


Is it federal Labor who want 5 months between boosters instead of 6? It’s hard to keep up with all the crap slinging, there’s no scientific basis behind any of this stuff.



Reus's Large MEMBER

UK has just dropped the boosters to every 3 months now, by next year it will be daily boosters ….