Weekend Links, 27-28 November 2021

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Weekend Links for 27-28 of November, 2021! As we get to the end of the year, we can enjoy the coming summer and it looks like its going to a be a decent next year too.

This weekend is a bit bittersweet. It will be last Weekend Links until early next year. I’m going to be taking the time off over the summer and probably restart in February next year.

If you are keen on writing the Weekend Links, over summer, please reach out to @peachy or @stagmal and they will set you up.

In the meanwhile, what else is going on?

Things are getting exciting…


Sydney March Reactions…


I personally spent 14 days in a hotel in Sydney. While not fun, this sounds way worse.

Drone footage of Melbourne Protest!

~~Un-Bearably Cute~~

Did you see what I did there… un-bearably 🙂

Yeah ok you probably did. But its the end of the year for me, so I get a few dad jokes.

~~Culture Wars~~

Putin does not like progressives…


Life comes at you fast!
Talking of Wall Street, maybe they are hiring…
You don’t say…

~~Crypto Astrology~~

Yeah yeah I know. The astrology for December are not out yet.

~~On Holidays~~

Someone got bullied as a kid, and now works at WaPo!
Ending this year on a good note!

Have a good weekend, but since I’m unlikely to be back before February or so, have a brilliant Christmas and New Year everyone – hope it is safe and filled with friends and family!

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Thanks for your work putting together the weekend links T. I look forward to them every Friday. Enjoy your break and look forward to you starting back up in the new year.


+1. Superb job T!

Agent 47

Second that

Chinese Astroturfer

I enjoy the links a good mix.


I think we all appreciate the tremendous effort that you put in week after week – no harm in taking a well deserved break to recharge and reflect.




Has anyone else noticed the irony in the antifa crowds counter protest? Aside from the fact they are supposed to be anti-racist, which was covered in a Rukshan video. But also antifa has traditionally been pro-anarchy and anti-government. Now they are pro-government, pro-lockdowns and pro-vaccines? Fucking bizarre times we are living in that’s for sure!

Agent 47

Paid for in my opinion. They want a confrontation to justify force and crackdown on protests.

Agent 47

Another player has collapsed in the UK, that’s two in two days and three in a row if you count the player from Sherrif Adamos in the champions league game on Wendesday night.


Chinese Astroturfer

Soccer is quite an aerobic sport, so will be interesting to see what happens in other aerobic sports like Aussie Rules which is very intense aerobically. Not many players would have been injected this season.

Agent 47

I agree. I think the AFL and AFLW may be in for an interesting season. I think the A League might be the litmus test, IDK.

What I find interesting is the major us sports haven’t had one yet. Which leads me to believe that there is some creativity going on with the team doctors. I know there’s the kyrie Irving thing on the NBA. I also know that big pharma have huge advertising interest in the NFL so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re looking the other way.

That being said there are incidents at the college level already documented.

Unsure if you saw This? Trevor Sinclair asked if the Sheffield United bloke had been jabbed and the censor cut the show off. Talk sport is one of the biggest shows in the UK.


Chinese Astroturfer

US football is an explosive sport where there are 15 minutes of activity stretched out to 3.5 hours, basketball is jogging up and down a court (need to be quite fit but nothing like soccer), ice hockey is just skating which doesn’t take much exertion compared to jogging or running, then baseball you might have to sprint to first base twice a game at most.

That could be my only explanation.

Agent 47

Hockey player died the other week in Slovakia. It’s intensity is just below soccer in terms of cardio.


NBA apparently doesn’t have a league mandate but it’s the cities enforcing it. Interesting because African Americans have the highest refusal rate. Anyways I’d expect more to happen and I’d be sweating bullets if I was gillon maclachlan.

Shae The Burmese


Mrna COVID Vaccines Dramatically Increase Endothelial Inflammatory Markers and ACS Risk as Measured by the PULS Cardiac Test: a Warning
Just an abstract at this stage but fairly clear given the influx of anecdotal evidence thus far.

Agent 47

Crypto question probably for Steele or anyone that can answer. Can anyone recommend a good exchange to buy Monero on as no Australian exchanges seem to like them?

I heard GUI Wallet is supposed to be good. Or is it just better going on dodgy Binance and swapping them over?


Changelly is pretty easy to swap for.



I recently stumbled across Kraken. Located in USA with an Office in Sydney. One of the biggest and oldest exchanges.

Monero Price Chart | XMR Price | Kraken

Edit: I just read about Monero being a privacy coin. I suppose it defeats the purpose going to a properly regulated exchange if privacy is your intention.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
Agent 47

Thanks for that. I’ll look into both.

I’m pretty evenly spread but do want some privacy coins and still trying to get my head around the whole Pow and Pos concepts.


I’m interested to hear where do people here see crypto going? A lot of talk about it being in a bubble and going to crash killing off shit/meme coins (like the dot com bust). Or do you think there’s more upside to come?

Agent 47

Too many coins now. I think end game is they want CBDC and stamp crypto out.

I’ve only just dived in recently and have other money in other assets so Stewie probably better placed to answer this.

Major coins may survive. Idk.


A few days ago I mentioned that it feels like dotcom and not in the way people think. The basic premise of dotcom was correct in that we “knew” the internet would be revolutionary. What nearly everyone got wrong was who the winners would be. Everyone backed Netscape as though it would dominate browsers, ditto Yahoo as the search engine. It took many more years for the FAANG stocks to emerge, and I could see some of those dropping off as well.

I believe the same thing will happen to crypto. The security and shared ledger technology will remain. Some of the existing cryptos might be allowed to dominate…or not. It won’t be obvious. There will be AML pressures, climate change pressures against mining coins, etc.


Interesting perspective I hadn’t thought of it.


Yes – as I’ve said before, and to a degree I am in agreement with the likes of bjw, most blockchains are little more than Rube Goldberg machines – making existing solutions to economic or transaction problems more complex than they need to be.

This issue even extends to many of the use cases being proposed for DLT on more efficient blockchains, which are really like Pets.com for the internet.

There are practical and useful use cases for DLT, but they are boring, boring, boring mundane things like plumbing solutions between two APIs.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

BTC was created by someone heavily involved in online gambling as a fully auditable solution for the regulatory requirements associated with participating in that industry.

There was a connection to the intelligence community. CSW gave the white paper to Gareth Williams to review and assist in regards to some cryptographic issues. In return CSW assisted Gareth in using some tools that he was using for his own purposes…. supposedly tracking payments from Putin to the Clintons.

Google Gareth Williams to see what happened to him.

Agent 47

I’ve always been of the view that the Satoshi thing is a pseudonym for a number of Intel agents and that’s who really developed bitcoin . Look at when it was rolled out, almost impeccable timing post GFC

Agent 47

It’s amazing how few Australians really don’t know that much about Soviet Russia or CCP and the history there because what’s happening now in my opinion is just a repeat of both of those two countries, on warp speed.

Getting a little sick of the whole Nazi stuff being thrown around because history isn’t just Germany in the 1930s.

Agent 47

Yeh that’s one of the trends I hope happens – homeschooling. I know most people in EZFKA are too debt laden to do it, but if it’s a choice between told you’re racist at school everyday and that I’ll take it for my little one.

Agent 47


Chinese Astroturfer

DLS got it all wrong again with his travel stocks. The MB Fund will eat it this quarter much like last quarter LOL.

I tried to tell him and Leitho all year that it’s a seasonal virus and the cold northern climates will have lockdowns and restrictions by Christmas that’s not good for your travel stocks and the reopening trade.

Agent 47

Travel is fucked for the foreseeable future, but youre right.

Be funny if their iron ore call from ten years ago ended up correct. It won’t but still be funny.

Chinese Astroturfer

They missed the meat of the bull run with their travel and reopening trade, overweight travel stocks now, got it wrong about the vaccine making COVID going away, going to have to take it on the chin now. Don’t think they’ll be able to make a hero sell again like February 2020.


Thats been MB s call for quite some time now, transitory inflation now and deflation later.
My opinion is while the RBA will look through inflation as much as they can , rising energy costs, rising costs of imported goods will be amplified by a falling AUD so much that it will be politically difficult for them to do so.

A fly in your ointment

A tiny Dymo handheld label printer I gout 6yrs ago was $25 bucks on special, “regular” $29.
Today: $50 bucks.

Anecdata abundant that there’s no inflation.


Diesel fuel in Canberra at $1.89 per litre at non-discount servos. There is no inflation.

Agent 47

Was 1.92 here in Melbourne today at a couple of servos. Sample size three different petrol stations.


Australia is now a prison island. We won’t be allowed out until the government has opened the tap for foreign students and immigrants coming in first.


Did he call you a troll? I remember calling him out that cheap gas and reduction in carbon emissions is like wanting lower house prices and lower interest rates. He called me a troll. Fortunately I didn’t invest with the EmBee fund.


It will end when peak woke bankrupts Hollywood and other companies that went full woke. Whilst the West is fighting with itself about pronouns, China will hasten its quest to be the superior superpower.

Agent 47

The West is fall of rome with all of its decadent bullshit.


Isn’t that the whole point of acting?

Chinese Astroturfer

Dangerous Dave and Lethal Leitho, both a menacing threat to your super fund performance.


Glad I didn’t put my money with them now. When it first started up I expressed interest and I’d get monthly calls trying to get me to invest. Had to block the number in the end.


When you look at a fund you look at performance amongst other things. How is Dangerous Dave going:
House price crash in 2011 ❌
House price crash in 2012 ❌
House price crash in 2013 ❌

House price crash in 2021 ❌
Iron ore to $20 ❌
A big four bank failing ❌
CBA share price to crash ❌
Afterpay share price to crash ❌
Bitcoin to crash ❌
Let’s Go Brandon being an amazing president ❌
Vaccine rollout allowing us to have a travel boom ❌
Power of EmBee ❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌

There is a trend there, but I am trying to figure it out 😂😂😂


I forgot add their endorsement of Ess Aye Pee ❌❌❌❌

What has Ess Aye Pee actually achieved? Have they written to Scomo telling how very angry they are that 200k people by June is in excess of their theoretically correct 70k?

Agent 47

You see how she allegedly bribed the media with 55 million for favorable coverage and then just brushed it off in parliament?

Agent 47

If SAP sellout in Vic over pandemic legislation then I’ll await the apologist article.


WES/COL demerger called a mistake ❌
Hydrogen is too expensive won’t happen❌

H2 cheap as bro


Don’t forget MPLOL… :p


The fund has been spinning its wheels for some time that is for sure as their timing of asset allocations has been off. Haven’t made any money in 18 months which is pretty poor.

Looking at it now, its asset allocation is pretty good I think although I’d like to see a little more into cash.

Think I’m going to pull the plug as they keep botching their timing for asset allocation changes.

Agent 47

Another suspicious package. Seems like blatantly manufactured to me the week before the vote.

Anyways there are people out there that pissed off but this seems contrived to me.


Agent 47

Paul Dimattina allegedly injured by booster shot. This guy was really vocal about small business closures too.


Chinese Astroturfer

That just shows it’s working!!

Agent 47

Convinced this new strain is partially an obfuscation for deaths during northern hemisphere winter. Will be watching.

Chinese Astroturfer

Last January they started blaming Delta.

It’s a seasonal virus and has been clear since the start. People are almost surprised about what’s happening in Europe.

The simple fact is vaccines are not working as intended (have two shots and the population achieves herd immunity and elimination of the virus at 70% exposure whether through vaccine or previous infection).

Instead they are planning to jab people in perpetuity, blame the unvaccinated, people not getting boosters, new variants for any surge.

At the start of the pandemic it was blaming people for not rubbing alcohol on their hands, not wearing masks correctly, not standing on the little sticker on the floor when in a queue.

The western world doesn’t really get it just yet. There’s no going back to life in December 2019 if the virus is lurking.


Last January they started blaming Delta. 

It’s a seasonal virus and has been clear since the start. People are almost surprised about what’s happening in Europe.

yes, it’s not really surprising.

Nor is it surprising that the scaring strategy involves wheeling out a “new variant”.


Paul Dimattina allegedly injured by booster shot

and the poor bloke then got Covid. I’m 99% sure that he got Covid in hospital, like so many many people have.


And the leaking of audit reports show our hospitals’ ventilation is not adequate:


Article says he’s receiving chemotherapy, so his immune system is likely already very messed up.

Agent 47

Yep, tgat would make him super ultra high risk then.

Hope he pulls through.


Lmao just watching the three legends of australian economics commentary: Martin North, DLS and Damien Klassen

New episode of Walk the World


The two D’s look absolutely fucking stoned out of their minds

EDIT: DLS calling house price falls again (tentatively this time)
Seems to be a likeable bloke tbh – I would sink some beers with him

DLS hit me up if you are reading this

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming
Chinese Astroturfer

Go long Uber Eats looking at DLS!!


No wonder he wants everyone vaxxed

Agent 47

Is it just me or is DLS stoned out of his mind in this vid.

A fly in your ointment

Sheet, Lewdo does quite seem stoned.

Check the “creativity bits” each time the nose or ear is rubbed!
Then check the Dutchman rubbing his nose when he disagrees.

A fly in your ointment

…and yet the nature strip in front of my home is devoid of any weed… in spite the hard rain


Wouldn’t be the first time. He’s been apparently drunk/stoned on a few shows.


u wot m8

link please


They might have had a beer or two, but they certainly aren’t stoned. They are too coherent and fail to wander off talking about distracting side stories and then forget what they were talking about, etc which stoners are prone to do.


beer makes people more animated and garrulous

DLS is the opposite of that

He has 100% either had a couple tokes, or else he is on some type of sedative/antipsychotic/antidepressant.

Maybe the latter

Agent 47

Isn’t he a surfer from years ago.

Weed it is.


ALP are part of the elite and the elite have found a perfect policy for themselves through mass immigration. Mass immigration causes investable assets inflation and produces negligible real wage growth particularly for non elites. Given wages are really the only way to generate wealth for the non elite, there is little chance of them becoming the elite particularly because of Covid. Covid just made the divide even bigger and more noticeable.

Agent 47

Yep. The IBAC and Somyurek revelations about jownits just a migrant exploitation party says it all.


Embee retards are already frothing about the new Covid variant in the weekend links

“the real deal this time”

fucking hell they just never learn


I think they are worried that they’ll be forced out of hiding from under their beds. They are out of touch with reality especially that lamb king or whatever it calls itself. Most people just want some normality and are increasingly ignoring the fear porn.

Agent 47

How the fuck that Lamb King guy gets through life I have no idea. Imagine being that much of a pussy.

Don’t worry I’m sure Sweeper will be astroturfing the comments saying how Dan Andrews will save the day.

A fly in your ointment

Lamb King is not a person, just a personality.


pretty sure lamb king is a shill, though it’d be hard to believe the government would care about spreading propaganda on a site as tiny as macro.

Agent 47

You would hope so because I can’t picture anyone being that much of chickenshit and being able to get through life

Oh hold on, the last 18 months makes that statement redundant.


Haha. So true , esp. LK. I used to agree with Stewie on economic zone formerly known as Australia and then found this site. Love the Friday links !

A fly in your ointment



It means a new Em Are En Aye jabberwocky is on the way.


87 year old Bill from Hunter’s Hill is a legend:

Agent 47

LOL. I like his trolling of Ray Hadley


The Bad Cat injects a touch of reality into the latest African variant bullshit.


Agent 47
Agent 47
Chinese Astroturfer

Wow. That’s incredible.


Redefining pedophiles as “minor attracted persons” is the next big step towards normalising sex with children. One U.S. professor recently tried this – and fortunately, was put on leave by his university.

Old Dominion University placed Dr. Allyn Walker, asst. professor of sociology and criminal justice, on leave following a November 8 interview in which he stated that people can be sexually attracted to children (he called them “minor-attracted persons”) without acting on the desire. This echoes the argument in his book, A Long Dark Shadow: Minor Attracted People and Their Pursuit of Dignity.

Civilization always crumbles from the inside out.

Agent 47

This was the end game and they’ve used the alphabet crowd to piggy back off.

A bit different list today:

Behind the Green Door (1972) (sorry, only a decent documentary behind the link)
Based on a urban legend story, Marilyn Ann Briggs better known as Marilyn Chambers plays in this movie with a title referring to the song “The Green Door” by Jim Lowe (about the lure of seeing what’s behind the green door). A young socialite is taken for a trip behind the green door, a place that everyone desires to go to but only few chosen can. There she discovers new levels of experiences, a physical transcendence.
some trivia:
Made with only $60000 (about half a mils US today) it earned well over one million bucks (about 6-7mil bucks US today).
It was screened at Cannes festival

In a similar story based on the novella Traumnovelle, Stanley Kubrik ventures on a very similar premise of experiences behind secret doors but it expands the story by making it about the doctor whom is shocked by his wife’s admittance that she contemplated adultery and then ventures on a nightlong trip and ends up in a very strange but alluring place

Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
Kubrik died days after the film was finished and it is a great injustice that he did not get to see the success of it.

In the very next year, brothers Carlos and Emilio made a tv movie about making of the “Behind The Green Door (1972)” in roles of Jim and Artie Mitchell brothers and Artie’s descend into drugs (not sure if Carlos Estevez acted or was just plain ole himself).

Rated X (2000) (available only at some special place)

As an olden goldie, here comes a gripping story of great US depression, travellers, hobo’s, rivalry, trains and hatred. Lee Marvin, Keith Carradine and one of the best B-grades Ernest Borgnine.
Emperor of the North (1973)

for wrap up, some videos:

Kevin Turvey The Man Behind The Green Door (1986) Australian VHS
for some old BBC comedy

The Sound of Your Voice by Hunt Beaty (more here)
An interesting short story…

This post will be delayed due to a number of links… splitting it would not suit the narrative.

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment
Agent 47

Eyes Wide Shut aka Kubrick revealing what the globalists really do

multi link post awaiting approval. I did not want to break the narrative so…


The movie reviews could be worth its own stand alone article given that T is taking some time off from the weekend links. Would also get around the link limits too.

Managed to see the latest Bond this weekend – was surprisingly ok given my interest in the franchise has taken a hit due to the rise of more exciting alternatives in the action genre (eg. John Wick), although clocking in at nearly 3 hours is a bit of a stretch.

Chinese Astroturfer

I watched it last weekend I liked it as far as blow em up action movies go. I’m so out of touch with popular culture that couldn’t help but notice they’ve made Q a poofter and the 007 replacement was a token ugly black woman of indeterminate sexuality. There was also another token black woman in the main cast as well the social conditioning and agitprop was full on.

Agent 47

Bond is lost. Another franchise that surrendered. Last good one was skyfall.

I do recommend the many saints of Newark. Sopranos prequel with none of the woke shit.


From the endless and beautifully written 10 Points, it became clear that the flag between inclusiveness and fairness is finally shifting towards the first,” wrote Stepanova.
“Now any comrade with all the primary and secondary sex characteristics of a man can declare himself a person of the opposite sex and enter the competition as a woman.
“In theory, there’s a point under which a person may be denied the right to feel like a girl in a race – but the organizers will have to prove that he’s a swindler in pursuit of medals – he doesn’t need to prove or show anything at all, it’s enough to declare that he’s felt like a woman for a long time.


FIFA and the IOC have long been incredibly corrupt bodies that are for themselves. I am hoping that this is an own goal for the IOC and the Olympics ceases to exist. Who is going to watch the women’s 100 metre sprints knowing it will be won by a man who has self identified as a woman for the last six years.
There will be women who voice concerns, but I am assuming they will be steamrolled by the IOC.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Cool this means it is easy to get a job now as I can identify as “something” and get preference over actual people with the best skills for the job.


I identify as a vaccinated multi gender petrosexual


This version of what happens as a result of leaky vaccines seems plausible.



This is scary, it explains quite a lot in a way that drowns even last little bit of optimism.


Don’t think the USA will like down again

Reus's Large MEMBER

I am guessing that the Dem voters will hide under the bed and the Rep voters will say GFTO and continue life as normal


Welcome to the CCP, Australian style. Must be nice to have Parliamentary privilege so you can slag off anyone you want.


Anonymous online trolls will be unmasked in a new social media crackdown that will hand Australian courts the power to order tech giants to identify perpetrators or risk bearing the cost of defamation payouts themselves.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Sunday that under the new laws, to be introduced to Federal Parliament, people who believe they have been defamed online will also be able to get court orders forcing social media giants to reveal who is responsible for the posts.

Announcing the measures on Sunday, Mr Morrison said the internet should not be a “wild west where bots and bigots and trolls” can harm people without consequence.

He said women and children were the people most affected by anonymous bullying and defamatory abuse online and there needed to be a “quick and fast way” for people to raise these issues with the platforms and get it taken down.

“Free speech is not being allowed to cowardly hide in your basement and sledge … and harass people anonymously and seek to destroy their lives,” Mr Morrison said.

“That is cowardice — and there is no place for that in this country.”


Better sledge while the sledging is good then.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, is a worthless fucking dog, a liar, a cheat, a psychopath and overall just a complete cunt of thing.

Angus Taylor is a thieving mongrel. He isn’t worth the steam off my piss.

As far as being the leader of the opposition is concerned Anthony Albanese is a better option than two knobs of goat shit, but only by a little bit.

The only good thing that Christopher Pyne ever did in Parliament was leave it, the worthless little pool of vomit.

Feeling good here! Join in if you feel like it.

Agent 47

Unsure if it will pass due to all the senators and Mps withholding their vote

klarse holl

He isn’t worth the steam off my piss.

…two knobs of goat shit

…worthless little pool of vomit.

I have learnt some new expressions today.

LSWCHP, sounds like you speak from the heart, as well as being well thought out. Your, “Feeling good here!” Has rubbed off on me too.

I guess, lower than a footprint, is old and bland compared to the above.

Agent 47

Yep essentially this is just CCP style internet monitoring that doesn’t apply to the ruling class.

Said the wrong thing online? Gulag and fined social credit points. Dissent silencing writ large.

Fuck em.

Pimped Out Platypus

Define ‘troll’.

Agent 47

Reddit is the toilet of the internet. Unhinged central.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Funniest thing, it was two fully vaccinated people that brought in Omicron, so now this is a pandemic caused by the vaccinated ….. LOL