Morrison vows to stand up to China by importing as many Chinese students as he can

EZFKA PM Scott Morrison has announced he will stand up to the ‘growing threat of China’ by importing as many Chinese international students as he can in 2022.

The move, which has horrified everyone at ASIO, will be ‘a boon for Australia’s strategic defence and real estate sector’ according to Morrison.

“We’re working hard with the United Front to bring as many in and work as closely as possible with our university sector, telecommunications and defence industries,” Morrison said.

“Clive Hamilton can attest to what a massive success it was last time around in terms of protecting our national security. Running your country as an economic zone and not a society, as we have shown, has far more positives than negatives.”

The ALP have also endorsed the move, and are currently preparing Aldi Bags for the return of Chinese migrants in NSW.

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Agent 47

Drew Pavlou ain’t going to like this one bit

A fly in your ointment

Who drew Pavlou?

Shae The Burmese

I had a 14 day forced ‘holiday’ at Howard Springs exactly this time last year when I returned from India. I can vouch for the quality of the food and also for the non-stop patrolling of ADF and AFP troops. Even worse though was the nurses in full PPE zipping around the complex in golf buggies, who would literally appear from nowhere screaming PUT YOUR MASK ON, if I dared to step onto my verandah sans-mask.

At the time I was there, windows of buses where not blacked out and forced vaccination was not a thing, but vaccines weren’t on the menu at that point either. I hope to God they are not force jabbing inmates now.

I am lucky, I spend much of my time by choice in similar deprived scenarios, ashrams and tiny rural villages with no power or running water, so for me, it was just an extension of my yoga and meditation practices to be detained in that way. Other inmates did not cope so well mentally, and rightly so. It is pretty traumatic and everyone has breakdown at some point.

As for the bill? I never paid it, still havent, and wont. When I received my invoice via email I stated very clearly that until it was shown in the letter of the law that I was financially responsible for incurring a cost for a product / service that I did not request, that was forcibly imposed on me by state / federal agencies I would not be paying. A few back n forth emails and they’ve left me alone ever since.