Dom Perrottet says restrictions on unvaccinated residents will remain until the control group is eliminated

NSW Premier Dom Perrottet has told a press conference that restrictions on unvaccinated will remain until the control group is eliminated one way or another.

The Premier has made it clear that another move of goalposts is scheduled for December 15th, much to the dismay of copium addicts still believing anything the LNP says.

“Pfizer and the CCP have made it very clear to myself and Kerry Chant that the control group is to be eliminated completely for scientific purposes, so the goalposts will need to be moved again,” Perrottet said.

“This is all going to mean fuck all after Christmas anyway when boosters become mandated and we go back into lockdown like the northern hemisphere is right now. So, I’d advise the inmates to enjoy their fake freedom for a few more weeks.”

Perrottet says bans on unvaccinated individuals from voting in council elections are already in effect.

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Reus's Large MEMBER

Way too close to the truth to be satire.

I actually think that they will let us loose for the Xmas holidays and will start with the “booster” program going into Autumn and lockdowns in winter, and probably targeting the double vaxed and un-vaxed with extra restrictions.

Agent 47

Yep and hen they’ll all act shocked when the goalposts are moved again.

Northern hemisphere going back into lockdown regardless of vac status in some countries.

You’re right, they’ll give us Christmas and then lockdown some time after it.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yep like Ireland, the county with the highest number of cases has the highest vaccination rate. Just wait for the internet virus to come along too so that we can no longer get real information on what is going on.


Yep – its like a python right. They let their prey exhale, and then squeeze tighter.

Agent 47

That or battered wife syndrome.


Also – what is in the water in Victoria – VicForests accused of ‘spying’ on protesters and environmentalists (

the goddamn vic forestry people are spying on folks…

Agent 47

Every gov dept is being weaponised. Same trend as in the US with the FBI now arresting mothers at school board meetings.

A fly in your ointment

(businesses can still require proof at their own discretion).

yep, that’s all it takes

Agent 47

EZFKA offload the risk in full effect.

Having a look at that list and its basically the same as before. Real ‘win’ for freedom there.

A fly in your ointment

This was the way they chose to operate since VIC experience was positive on dumping the pressure on businesses.
My former employer was scared sheetless for being sued for infection on-site by a pureblood so no one is allowed from the control group to participate work (in VIC).

Ramsay Health has issued a letter stating unless *digital* wax participation is present, no-access to contractors (incl the chap that collects rubbish bins from outside the building) and exempted are all treated as deplorables unless their exemption is assess and approved on a case to case basis. Where’s an antifa when you need one?

Agent 47

Antifa are on the approved terrorist group list apparently.