Weekend Links, 20-21 November 2021

Welcome to the Weekend Links for the 20-21 of November, 2021. The date kinda makes a pattern so that is cool.

We are really happy to have you here, and hope you are looking forward to a good weekend. Weather was a bit meh here in Sydney today, but hopefully it will be better tomorrow for the big rally in Hyde Park.

Shoutout – United Australia Party grows membership to 80,000 – United Australia Party – to Big Clive!

The videos/images from the Melbourne are pretty good too, but Sydney will hopefully turn out tomorrow.

PSA – The powers that be are waiting for you to do something they can call ‘violent’ and use that as an excuse to shut you down.

Remember, there was no violence at Melbourne, so there is a decent chance of a false flag. So, stay safe, don’t do anything even remotely violent, but take lots of pictures and keep mocking them. Its far more effective. They can do nothing against civil disobedience.

Mock, laugh at, make memes, speak to them with utter contempt, but politely 🙂 🙂 You cannot beat them with violence, but you can cut them with speech.


Sydney High School teacher Mack Christensen founded the Reclaim the Line freedom movement in Australia please watch the video above it’s really good any if anyone knows this bloke I’m sure he would appreciate a message of support!



Craig Kelly’s speech 13th Nov Melbourne, its actually pretty solid.


Fake News Getting BTFO’d… Excellent!

~~Flying To 17,500 Feet on my Paramotor~~

This bloke had bowling balls between his legs!

~~Branch Covidian News~~

Daniel Andrews ‘outplayed’ by Somyurek on pandemic powers bill


  • But be cool. See it turns out, the people telling us off for taking horse-paste, are taking horse-sterilization medication. I swear to you this happened this week. FML.
  • And it turns out, we continue to live in clown world. FML again.

PSA – Below, I urge you to read this pdf – rsgt0w.pdf (catbox.moe) – for more information. Folks put in lots of work here…

~~A Spy Speaks~~

This bloke was a Pakistani soldier (of Bangladeshi descent) who defected and became a spy for his country. Fascinating story and a real gentleman.

~~Dead Queen~~

Apparently the old biddy is dead. Seeing as the peerage is basically a pedo network of fake Jews, and a bunch of other satanic shit, good riddance. With luck her master has fun with her for the rest of eternity.


~~New Planet 9~~

This is plausible…

~~World War III~~

Lots of explosions in China. No one knows why, but lots of good info from Indian ex-mil.


It should be remembered, major corporations are as much players in the ongoing conflict as nation states. Is is what it is.

~~5 Years Living Off Grid Building A Sustainable Smallholding~~

Man builds his own hydroelectric plant!


True dat!
Well… it’s not the worst idea!
Well, at least someone other than Big Pharma is getting paid!

~~Have A Good Weekend~~

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Merlington Quoffa

Happy International Mens day 2021 everyone

A Royal Australian Navy Commodore loves you

Defence EIG IMD 19112021.jpg
Chinese Astroturfer

No kidding.



if the roles were reversed the elite would be screaming for blood.

Agent 47

Victorian politics is wild. Andy Meddick’s kid has pulled a Jussie Smollett!

Timbo, Sinister do your thing



This is exactly what I thought when I heard the news and I came here to post exactly that Jussie smollett comment

When I heard that “she” is trans gender , any doubt in my mind was completely erased


Mr Meddick has campaigned for LGBTQI rights for years and recently, last year, announced the “birth” of his transgender daughter Kielan.
“Both our children are trans and both are perfect,” he said.

BOTH of them

This is a fucking MP with the balance of power. Can’t even raise his children to be normal
what an absolute fucking clown show Victoria is

it’s a fucking embarrassment to the whole country

bogut is hilarious

everyone should listen to his podcast where he spends 2 hours sinking the boot into his local council and the NIMBYs who opposed his house renovations
really gets to the very heart of the Victorian Chardonnay left


If anything signals a heavy infestation of the post-modernist mind virus than both of them.

Read the police version of the events, which were considerably different to what is being reported in the msm.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie
Agent 47

Shout out to Timbo/Sinister for some gold that got menthrough this week.

On that note, two pointless anecdotes:

1. Mate I had coffee with during the week said “he’s really into this new website EZFKA” and he’s glad someone is bashing Andrews. I just smiled and said I’d never heard of it.

2. I’ve noticed that the other satire sites are doubling down since EZFKA is getting retweeted by some pollies/celebrities. So I think you should do the EZFKA thing and charge Betoota and the Chaser the rent.

That is all.


A big shout out to Peachy for creating this site. Also to the contributors for the awesome content!


They’ve been absolutely killing it

without even a hint of hyperbole, they are the two most comedians/satirists in Australia

and on par or even better than the onion and Babylon bee

Last edited 2 years ago by Coming
Minister Sinister

Thanks guys. We’re just a couple of shitposters at the end of the day.


we’re certainly lucky to have you both here 😘


Yup – congrats on the following and reach guys. Nice to have some satire that isn’t just lame progressive whining.


Good links T – loved that paragliding one 17,500ft !!!!
Fark it would have been cold up there. How fucking surprised would you be on a jet liner passing by….

Larry Walters flight by weather balloon:

(starts at 40sec)

Agent 47

Balls of steel


anti-lockdown protesters are blocking the highways in the NL lol

crazy shit


Agent 47

Rittenhouse predictions? Likely walks and chimp outs begin


after chauvin, you just dont know anymore. he has a stronger case i feel like than chauvin but juries can be so politically compromised and unpredictable it’s impossible to guess. the fact that it has taken them this long to reach a verdict does not bode well.

Chinese Astroturfer

I’d be terrified being on that jury. I’d just say guilty no matter what.


I was wondering I’ve had a good run. Maybe someone else should do weekend links for a while and I can do specials?

you’ve had a great run and hats off to you for your efforts!

maybe fall back to a fortnightly schedule, so you don’t get too exhausted? Or just pull up stumps altogether for a while… and we’ll see if we can find some way to entertain ourselves while you’re on your walkabout… 😘

Chinese Astroturfer

T does an incredible job


Nailed it.

Hats off to the jurors. The Hero Kyle Rittenhouse is clearly innocent, but I thought the jury would go for guilty out of fear of reprisals.

Sometimes miracles occur, and there is justice.


The best part is that it put the fear of God into all those spineless demonstrators, who finally realised that carrying on like that was increasingly likely to get them shot. A large part of the aggressive protest destruction ended after this incident…

…which is what this is really all about anyhow, taking away citizens right to defend themselves against elite approved civil unrest.

The manner in which the msm has portrayed this case, and the political framing of it as an act of oppression by ‘whiteness’ only reinforces my previously uttered opinions on the state and nature of our hostile elites.

Agent 47


It was the 2nd amendment on trial more so than Kyle.

I hope he sues the absolute fuck out of every corporate talking head.

Agent 47

They also want mandatory vaccination for everyone by February 1st

A fly in your ointment

From a nation that managed to trick the world that Hitler is German and Beethowen is Austrian, what’s a little trick here and there on waxing


hitler identified as german, and frankly he was right. austrians are just germans.

this is going to happen here next year when the ALP gets into power though, just watch. we’re fucked.

Last edited 2 years ago by stagmal
A fly in the ointment

With all due respect, so does Bruce, I mean he identifies as Caitlyn.
It’s just a saying, not meant to be a pedantic approach.


Speaking about dead sportswomen…


Note the cursor in apparent email to China state media where she claims to be ok…



Does anyone care about “professional” women’s sports beyond virtue signalling

It’s basically no better than watching disabled sports


They are going to start paying women’s NRL origin players the same as the men. Utter false equivalence.


And hopefully the IOC dies along with it. And hopefully before 2032, so we don’t waste billions hosting the games in Brisbane.

Agent 47

This. Sydney was probably the last games that was worth it.

Been a slow descent into a woke shitfest with a heap of sports no one cares about.

A fly in your ointment

Not sure if this is for laughter or for crying out loud


A fly in your ointment
A fly in your ointment


Another one of those where I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry

“How to deal with unvaccinated family members this Christmas”

If only 10% are unwaxxed and the waxxing works, then why are people so fucking hysterical? Who cares if that one crazy aunty hasnt had it, it shouldn’t matter… That’s what this crap is now just mass hysteria and fear mongering!

klarse holl

Best I prepare my apology from now, when an unvaxxed relative is finally released from ICU months after Xmas.

Uncle Bob, sorry I had no idea that, me being double vaxxed had an enormous viral load up my nose, and managed to off load about 80% of it up your nose. I’m deeply sorry the covids didn’t kill you, instead, it left you with half the organs you once had, and you’ll never recover, sitting your days out in a wheel chair.

Then to really twist the knife.

But you did see that Sunrise report with Koshy, you should have stayed right away from the vaxxed!


And it begins again…


Victoria will join NSW in allowing fully vaccinated international students to move directly into the community without having to quarantine.

A fly in your ointment

Apparently TGA recognises Sinopharm and I believe Indian made waxing for foreigners but yet it will not allow us to have either one here.


“The amazing efforts of Victorians getting fully vaccinated has allowed international students to arrive without quarantining”. So EZFKA!

Reus's Large MEMBER

Well the whole push to get the country to 80% was so that they could open the borders, they had clearly stated this a few months ago, the lever was restrictions to force us to get jabbed, it had nothing to do with science or health and everything to do with money.


This country is so screwed. In a decades time we will have full blown no-go suburbs and the city infrastructure will be crush loaded.


Infrastructure is already crush loaded, just look at the hospitals. Imagine bringing tens of thousands more on substandard vaccines.


Yes but things were really under pressure pre-covid ie. hospitals, roads, public transport. They are going to super juice immigration to make up for the last couple of years lost. It’s going to be a nightmare in the cities.


In a few decades we’ll be back to a feudalism, it will be corporate feudalism where corporates and elites control everything and own everything.


I hope you’re all going to a protest on Saturday.

Agent 47

Went last week but couldn’t go today. Spewing!

Largest protest in Aus history and downplay from the corporate MSM.

They’re irrelevant now.


It was a great atmosphere in Perth.


Weak sauce on MB harry.
Sure skip’s a full retard, but calling mods? For real? All the circle jerk here lambasted me for doing and equivalent 1/10th of a mods call and you’ve gone full autist and cut and pasted the “rules” at MB.

Skippy is weird, he can ruin threads but fuck dude, it’s the internet, deal with it.

Agent 47

Rittenhouse acquitted. Let the law suits against the media esp MSNBC make him a mint


Yeah well, I’m unvaccinated and I don’t do masks any more, so I’ve been advised not to come to work on Monday while they continue figuring out how to get rid of me while not looking like bullys and fools. This is difficult, because they are bullies and fools engaged in bullying and foolish behaviour.

Clearly, the idiot captains of the ship assumed the sheep would all simply comply with their bullshit directives, because they have no plan, and no answers to my few simple questions.

Looks like my retirement will be coming a few months early. And with lots of free time on my hands, a bullying, harassment and unfair dismissal complaint to Fair Work seems like the only reasonable thing to do.

It will be soooo fucking good to turn my back on what was a great company that has turned into a toxic shithole over the last few years under the new management.


You are becoming more and more deranged every day

I understand you are old? like 50plus?

At that age you pretty clearly have a statistically greater risk from not getting the vaccine than from getting the vaccine

The same doesn’t hold true for children, and its probably borderline for 20-40yos. So its perfectly reasonable for them to not want it

But at your age you are actually stupid to not get it

But you can’t reverse course now without admitting that you were wrong, so instead you will cut your nose off to spite your face

Similar to the MB-tards who refuse to buy property – partly because of a pseudo-ethical position, and partly just for sunk cost and to save face

Btw I also disagree with mandates/passports/lockdowns/open borders etc, but I can understand the evidence

A fly in your ointment

But at your age you are actually stupid to not get it

But you can’t reverse course now without admitting that you were wrong, so instead you will cut your nose off to spite your face

Not that simple.

  1. Giving a choice between only 3 Westworld pharma waxes (of which one is has been banned in some countries) in the world where there are 3-4x more options and most with 0 (zero) adverse effects is the issue that is not a matter of reversing the course and wrong admittance.
  2. inoculation vs. treatment… the debate that was suffocated in infancy. What are the chances of survival in case of: waxing vs. not-waxing vs. treatment?
  3. what is the motivation to coerce people into experimental inoculation, a practice first and the only other time done only in Germany between 1938-1945.

Reports of people having not even a bad flu in case of those with a healthy lifestyle (and by that I do not mean only the food choices) seems a reasonable avenue. In a direct case of anecdata, 2 person very close to me aged 27 and 55 had some mild effects for 3-5 days and then fatigue and weakness lasted by about a month. Both consume healthy Mediterranean diet, regular outdoor (hiking at least once a week), regular weekends in nature, rare use of cars (walk and bicycle almost everywhere) etc… and then some acquaintances (of unknown health) in their early 30’s died, 2 of my school buddies too (one had asthma)…which all confirms that risk is not just the age and convictions related.

Not having a wax so far is not necessarily a mater of being wrong or admitting it.
It can only be potentially wrong as observed from this very moment going forward.
It’s all about choices. Not giving them (rather preventing people to have them) when there are plenty available is a huge risk factor in itself.


I’m lean, fit, exercise constantly and eat well. Don’t smoke and drink moderately. My resting heart rate is in the high 50s and my resting BP is around 110/70. I’ll be doing a 17km trail walk in a couple of weeks. I have very high Vitamin D levels, which is very important. Etc etc…

Out of all the covid cases in the county there’s been about 50 male deaths in the 50-59 cohort. I’m going to avoid catching the bug as best I can, and if I get it, I doubt that it will bother me much.


If you think I take advice from rude and aggressive knobs on the internet, you’re sadly mistake .


Not advice

I couldn’t give two shits what you do

but spare us the whining


Your absurd characterisation of my description off events, which is quite relevant to the themes of this site, as “whining” to justify your incivility simply confirms my evaluation of you as a rude and aggressive knob.

You might’ve noticed that the grown ups have offered me advice and encouragement.0

Like so many others, you present as another mid-wit keyboard warrior with a large ego, the intellectual ability of my arse hair, poor reading comprehension and a pathetic need to demonstrate aggression with others rather than civil engagement. There’s millions of people like you, angrily tapping away at your keyboards. You’re almost a caricature of “angry internet wanker”.

Your childish level of engagement with adults is a probably a result of poor socialisation as a child. To put it simply, you’ve never grown up, and now you still carry on like a 5 year old bully in the school yard. I’d pity you, if I was at all interested.


Ok boomer

Chinese Astroturfer

Some people have principles. You don’t.

A fly in your ointment

Best of luck, I’ve walked that path and life is much better at the other end of it. When employers openly shows they see you as the sheep in the graze fields, there is no more going back.
Few points of my experience:

  • management, collection and retention of your waxing status has to be according to Privacy Act 1988 and as per AUS Office Of Information guidelines (hint: only few employers that already has this infrastructure is able to do so without significant costs) – this leads to their inability to collect the data
  • if you do provide(d) such data, condition it to be subject to your written approval for further dissemination within the organisation or outside
  • state that providing waxing status can lead to discrimination and ask them the policies they will implement to prevent discrimination
  • never say you do not want to take the jab, repeat ad nauseum “At this moment due to my health condition I am not in the position to take the covid treatment without a serious risk of adverse effect which may be death and I am working towards clearing obstacles and mitigating risks for my vaccination as we speak” (this avoids dismissal by “serious misconduct” for ‘failing to follow legal and reasonable directive by employer’)
  • never lecture them on how to handle anything as the less they know the more the chance they have to fcuk up something = better chance at FWC for unfair dismissal
  • set your $$$ figure for a farewell bid. FWC case will cost them at least 10-15k’s to begin with = good baseline target
  • directly imply that if all ends up at FWC, you may learn a few things for your $74 submission fee but if they ‘learn’ something it will be costly in $$ and in reputation
  • prepare to haggle $$ fleamarket style
  • do not negotiate anything other than $$$ as it serves to suck you down the rabbit hole and potentially make a mistake. Things are not repairable any more after you were subjected to coercion.
  • prepare not to be able to find another job for a few months at best.
  • you have more power than you think.
  • employer will think that they have much more power than they actually do (hiding behind the health order etc)

Thank you. Great advice and much appreciated.

The thing is, I’m retiring in January! I’ve only got 5 weeks left on the job, so this is entirely about management attempting to exert power over the staff. It’s childish, petty vindictive and stupid and I’m not backing down for this shit.

Agent 47

Yep. Go out on your own terms and fuck them.

I’m still waiting for a response from management ever since i served them a lawyers letter.

Agent 47

Largest protests in history. Melbourne easily 200k.

Doubt there will be any concessions but the message gas been sent. Only concern is now they’ll try something even more brazen, cornered dog and all.


Yet the media on the radio was saying a couple of thousand with the pro lockdown/pro vaccine protest being several hundred.

Agent 47

Huge turnouts across the country.

Good to see Sydney actually get it’s shit together for once.

Riccardo Bosi for PM not Craig Kelly.


If the protest continue to happen and grow in numbers, I think they will cause a shift in the political narrative. Already Scomo language has changed, someone must have told him that he’s base is moving to ONP, UAP, LD and a host of smaller political parties.
I’m in agreement with Riccardo, hopefully he can get in and be a man of his word.


Bogut tweeted that there were something like 50,000 #IStandWithDan accounts at the pro lockdown rally.


Any chopper footage? Dunno about 200k, most of the photos I saw had 10-20k or thereabouts in shot so hard to get a feel for size



Scratch that this is really good. Yep 200k could be fairly accurate.


Tim, who is my Upper House Rep reckons that the number would be north of 300,000.
Can’t wait for Dan to explain why Covid numbers aren’t back in the thousands after all these protest 🤔

A fly in your ointment

haha, the same numberwang that describes number of “extremists” works in the oposite direction when it comes to counting infections and hospitalisation. Interestignly it again switches direction when it comes to counting the waxed in the ICU

A fly in your ointment

Largest protests in history. Melbourne easily 200k.

What protests?
I’ve seen nutting on news dot comau !!!

Chinese Astroturfer

The wax mandates are likely to cost the Democrats in the mid terms and politicians here will change course once it’s clear it’s going to cost them at the ballot box. Scomo being very clever here.


Agree, Scotty has read the tea leaves early. No one will remember how much he stuffed up at the start if he is the first political leader to change course.

Chinese Astroturfer

Libs have my vote in the federal election if Scotty goes hard on the wax mandates. All his failures will be forgotten. Federal Labor government is a terrifying thought when you see how the states have reacted with their limited power.



the corporate/woke response to this has been absolutely bizarre

gaslighting turned up to 11, or the majority of the population are genuinely all insane

“peaceful protest” but the town was on fire and one of the victims was pointing a handgun at Rittenhouse

“thoughts are with the victims families” you mean the family of the convicted child rapist ?

“stand against vigilantism” you mean the three literal vigilantes who got shot?

are these people just uninformed brainwashed by media ?
Am I the crazy one ?

Agent 47

Most people didn’t even watch the trial but have an opinion on it.

Kills a pedo, a DV offender and shoots a burglar in the arm.

Chinese Astroturfer

NBA full of n******

A fly in your ointment

The fear porn is ramping up, coercion for children to participate in the biggest clinical trial ever is here and it seems it is gaining momentum. Am I being paranoid?

Victorian child under 10 becomes Australia’s youngest person to die with Covid

  1. However, Sydney’s Children Hospital said at the time that while he was a confirmed Covid-19 case, it was not the cause of his death
  2. had “serious comorbidities”

How many punters understand the difference between “with” and “of”?


The linked article is weird. Starts talking about young children dying with Covid and then spruiks international students returning to Victoria.


Exposes the whole Covid fear as a scam

since it implies again that ALL the deaths are WITH not FROM Covid


An interesting update from my favourite nurse in Los Angeles.



The vaccinated are dropping like flies in the UK, compared to the unvaccinsted.



The same dishonest numberwang as was done with the Isreal stats. I suggest you look at the other age groups for a better idea of the vaccine efficacy, and stop reading sites that are intentionally trying to confuse you with misinformation.


he wasnt specifying death from rona but, i def think these vaxxes are killing young ppl a lot


You guys have a distorted assessment of risk. The virus 1000 times more likely to kill you than the vaccine yet the virus played down as “just the flu”, and the vaccine deaths are “a lot”.

Something else to consider. Close to 100% of people at high risk would be vaccinated and hence appear in the vaccinated stats, whereas the bulk of the “I am fit it can’t happen to me” types like LSWCHP appear in the unvaccinated stats.


You guys have a distorted assessment of risk. The virus 1000 times more likely to kill you than the vaccine yet the virus played down as “just the flu”, and the vaccine deaths are “a lot”.

there is some truth to this, I think. But the number is perhaps 50-500 if we compare like for like (death FROM virus & death FROM vaccine)

then discount that by the fact that even with the vaccine, 20-25% of the time the virus will kill ya anyway.

Something else to consider. Close to 100% of people at high risk would be vaccinated and hence appear in the vaccinated stats, whereas the bulk of the “I am fit it can’t happen to me” types like LSWCHP appear in the unvaccinated stats.

intuitively this is attractive, but don’t think it’s accurate. With the very high coverage rates that have now been achieved, most strong blokes like LSWCHP have been pressured to take the jab.

the unjabbed are most likely strong libertarians who are saying “you useless bureaucrats don’t get to tell me that I need to put shit in my body”, rather than “I am fit it can’t happen to me”.

in any case, c. 100% of the vulnerable being vaccinated seems like a good reason to bugger off with their mandates and passports, you’d think. Especially now that they’ve got their students back….


intuitively this is attractive, but don’t think it’s accurate. With the very high coverage rates that have now been achieved, most strong blokes like LSWCHP have been pressured to take the jab.

Agree to disagree on that one. The 10-59 age group stats is largely distorted because the unvaccinated group is dominated by young and healthy people. It is quite logical and highly probably that someone over 50 with diabetes for example, is more likely to get vaccinated than someone with no underlying health conditions.

strong libertarians 

Yep. Strong libertarians like John Bernard-K and his former NRL 1st grader father. Both could snap most of us in half and yet both still ended up in hospital.

Edit: Just adding that the whilst people with weakened immunity are more likely to die. It is also the inflammatory responses that can kill. And much like many healthy people don’t realise they have allergies (immune reaction) until they come into contact with the allergen, we won’t know if we are one of the unlucky healthy people that overreacts to the virus until we actually catch the virus.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

The 10-59 age group stats is largely distorted because the unvaccinated group

for sure, failing to stratify 10-59 will distort the hell out of things due to kids.

but something like 25-59 would be guided by the mechanics I lay out (all coerced into jabs except ardent ideological holdouts)

Strong libertarians like John Bernard-K and his former NRL 1st grader father. Both could snap most of us in half

some people wouldn’t mind being split in half by jbk… 😌

Chinese Astroturfer

He’s being as dishonest as the pro vaccine side.


That a good one. The middle chart shows the true picture.

To elaborate on earlier point, that chart clearly shows the vaccine works very well at preventing death. But even then, a vaccinated older person is much more likely to die than a young unvaccinated person. The problem with the UK stats is when you bundle the age groups together (10-59) the stats become meaningless because the older people much more likely to get vaccinated, and still much more likely to die than the young.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
Chinese Astroturfer

Anyone know when the next freedom day protests are planned I don’t follow any of these things on social media? I want to join in.


Next Saturday. Check telegram for news from your state. Reignite democracy a starting point.

Chinese Astroturfer

Thank you. I don’t have Telegram and never used it but I’ll take a look. Good time to figure it out.

best uncensored messenger so far.

Shae The Burmese

27th November. Millions March in you capital city

Chinese Astroturfer

Cheers. I’ll look into it all week and make sure I’ll be there this time. Thank you.

Movies for this week:

The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
A John Houston marble, the movie that set the benchmark for the future generations (kinda like Djokovic) and reaffirmed ‘noir’ in its usual cult-making genre. It is a spectrum of less known actors of the time and it features Norma Jeane Mortenson in her first movie role.
A bit more from my favourite Noir movie recommendation website:

Movies make a history by the way they are filmed, the story adaptation, particularly good acting, you name it. This movie has acting that has so little to offer it borders with Ed Wood. From today’s perspective perhaps the story is somewhat amusing but the movie was made in the peak of blaxploitation genre it made very little impact. But the major difference came from Curtis Mayfield whom made the soundtrack for this movie and cemented it in the cult following circles

Superfly (1972)
Ron O’Neal plays the lead character of a “pusherman” whom would like to do one last deal before quitting.

Ron O’Neal made appearance as Mustapha in the 1980 adaptation of “A Brave New World” and another move to be seen at least once in a lifetime, in my humble opinion:

Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)
Any resemblance to EmBee land and its own Jim ‘Lewdo-Smitty’ Jones is purely coincidental.
This is a movie about how bad it can go when people remove critical thought and assume others’ viewpoints tabula-rasa way.
Powers Boothe (later known as one more Philip Marlowe) is excellent casting and even better performance of portraying the leader Jim Jones in his way of leading his people to heaven and then pulling 999 of them to death.
This movie is rated PG30, parental advice suggested for millenials and Y gen’ers

Love’em or hate’em, these two bros of Ash Kenazee origin made some remarkable movies and what sets them from the mainstream is that there is ample conversation in story telling, something that became eradicated in the current millenium.

The Big Lebowski (1998)
If you’ve not heard of this movie, you must’ve lived under the movie goers rock. A ballistic story of mixed identities, interesting characters and good acting. I’ve seen it a few times, getting ready to see it just now.

for other fun watching ,see these oldies retouched to a 4K colour spectacle, somewhat surreal