Weekend Links, 30-31 October 2021!

Welcome to the weekend links everyone! Pleasure to have you here, and we hope you like the contents we have put up today.

Lots of exciting things have been happening in the last week or so. So lets get into the excitement. Putin is now apparently a good guy, and headlines this week calling out the current year stupidity we are all living through.

Putin Fighting The Good Fight!

~~Vaxholes Unite~~

J&J is down to 3% efficiency!

The above is well worth watching. The video came out on Oct 25, and already has ~800k views, which is very impressive because this content creator has 1.23M subs.


Operation Commence Ass-Covering

As all the issues come out, expect more lying. When this story is complete, the history books will be full of ‘modelling’ which shows the vaxx saved millions. Of course they will lie – what else do you expect?

Worlds Top Freediver, mr10minutes… Poor Bastard They Destroyed His Livelihood…
Maybe this can help you?

~~Who Owns The World~~

Nice Job With The Avatar!

~~Faucists Unite, And Torture Dogs~~

This Psychopath Needs To Be Put Down


When they cut the vocal cords of dogs, as they scream in pain, its called De-Barking.
Why Does A Psychopath Kill Animals First?
Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming…

~~I Like Orangutans~~

Otters Rescue Family Of Orangutans

~~Culture Wars~~

Watching the Phoenician Cult Fall Apart Is Fun!

Happily, people worldwide are rejecting the ‘Great Reset’ and embracing the ‘Great Awakening’ 🙂 🙂


The Feminists Must Be So Proud!
They have lost the culture war and they know it.

So for my money, the reason we are seeing the pivot to the climate change lies again, is because the Covid scam has run its course, and the criminals have already made the money.

Bits are still being played out, but largely the medical profession is going to get fucked pretty impressively going forward. Just a guess, could be very wrong.

FBI Larping Homo’s Strike Again!

~~Girlfriend Life Simulator~~

Many Lols Here!



This is going to be bad…
No Loss, He Worked For The ABC
  • Jacinda Ardern using all the big words. Stupid phoenician/cabal/peerage whore.
Horse face will get you Ivermectin!
Many people feel this way unfortunately…

~~Red Pills Getting Distributed Liberally~~


~~Have A Good Weekend Everyone~~

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Reus's Large MEMBER

You know the world is upside down when Russia has a better leader than the US


Absolutely. Putin’s speech made a lot of sense unlike what we get out of our leaders.

I said the same when people begun defecting to Russia.

What Putin said but it is hard for westerners to comprehend, it is that the westworld is in the early phase of slow motion October Revolution.
The communism has nothing to do with this as it is just an underlying ideology and it can be any, say Wokeism or Overinclusivism or any -ism.

Chinese Astroturfer

Let’s face it the Global Times makes more sense than most western media organisations.


Lol at the ASX dummy spit over the possibility of a tiny interest rate rise coming a little sooner that expected.


The boffins at MB must be pissing their pants. Are they still calling for negative 4% OCR and MPLOL?


For an economics blog from guys that worked in finance, could they get it anymore wrong?? MB has been wrong at every turn for the past 10 years and it’s embarrassing! I feel bad for anyone that trusted their money with the fund…


They actually can’t be wrong

their predictions seem to be

-asset price collapse
-negative interest rates

one of those will be correct, so they can claim victory either way

it’s just that it’s impossible for both things to happen

it’s always been the macro business cognitive dissonance – refusing to accept that interest rates determine asset prices


Isn’t Staggie in the fund?


yeah, i don’t think it’s = the rhetoric on MB, not sure if DLS has a lot to do with it.



Martin North and Tarric Brooker on the yield curve (first 15 minutes) – the absence of this being discussed or explained on any Australian media platform by anyone else is telling.

Potentially 4-5x rate hikes next year, although a lot can obviously happen in the interim, and will be interesting to see if the RBEZFKA stick to inflation targets or revise their no rate rises until 2024 position.

Incidentally, just noticed today that a brand of drink I like has gone up 40%!


Lololol absolutely zero chance this happens

fuck me north is an idiot


Martin North and Tarric Brooker on the yield curve (first 15 minutes) – the absence of this being discussed or explained on any Australian media platform by anyone else is telling. 

Potentially 4-5x rate hikes next year, 

the “translation” of the change in pricing of that bond to 4-5 rate hikes is extremely optimistic, to the extent that it seems to assume that RBEZKA is abandoning easy monetary policy.

all they’ve done is stopped bidding for one particular bond. Little wonder that the price has dropped – nobody else had been buying it, since RB had crowded everyone else out.

there is a lot of daylight between that and any rate hikes.

I’m yet ti see a persuasive case that rba won’t just let the low rates run. Falling exchange rate seems to be quite compatible with what they’ve been gunning for for years. There is easily 10c that can be lost out of there (0.75 to 0.65, say) to egg local assets and inflate away gov debt.


Was also going to add that Chris Joye has turned bearish, predicting a 20% decline in property prices for a 100 basis point increase, and there’s been other chatter that the RBA modelling predicts even higher falls.


Of course, theory doesn’t necessarily translate reality – and whether the RBA actually acts is really put luck. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no action for some time, and waiting until rate cuts next year may not be palpable for most, especially if one has saved substantially during lockdown and FOMA takes over.


Was also going to add that Chris Joye has turned bearish, predicting a 20% decline in property prices for a 100 basis point increase, 

that’s an interesting datapoint. Joye has a better track record than most on this stuff. He may have an inside line to RBA that he listens in on, too.

the other way to interpret this is as Chris not listening to the RBA, but sending his own message to the RBA, saying “don’t you dare raise rates, or you’ll see property lose 20%” (because of his bonds portfolio).

incidentally, my feels are that currently many would actually be unbothered by 20% being blown off the top of house prices.

That would not be a disaster. That would just be back to 2019 prices.


I think there being forced into it early due to rising oil prices, Australian economy runs on oil, most everything is shipped by truck,
Personally i thought the RBA would ignore it while the plebs suffered but i guess there computer told them otherwise.


But JL, everything everywhere runs on oil and trucks.

this is what rba has actually been praying for – a strong motive force to push prices across a wide range of sectors.

the only “confusion” seems to be that almost everyone has, over the years, bought into the RBA narrative of “we need some inflation!” and has begun viewing inflation as a good thing.

That is bullshit, of course. Inflation is the fucking devil and will hurt like hell.

it seems that now that we might be sailing close to something that looks like sustained price rises (through oil vector) that people are beginning to feel a premonition of the pain. That inflation isn’t a kindly uncle, but the callous robber….

Reus's Large MEMBER

It would be funny if it was inflation that ends up killing the housing market as it robs people of spare cash and they spend less and the feedback loop ends up crashing the economy.


OTOH, inflation fuels investment in commodities and physical assets….like houses. Few people I know who already own investment property now talking about pulling remaining retirement money out of managed funds and term deposits and putting everything in housing.


Yes it will be a problem everywhere I think Australia is more exposed than many others too high oil prices due to its Geography, lack of public transport in the regions as well as offshoring our refining capacity.
This is where i see a lot of pain coming for Australians, a falling dollar will greatly excacerbate the fuel problem. As well as prices of other imports.
Both political parties have doubled down on the ponzi, i dont see how we will get wage rises with 400k immigrants.
I didnt think the RBA would raise rates either, they are too committed to the ponzi/ afraid of the Ireland scenario.

In my opinion the Oil price is structural and mostly unrelated to Covid 19 disruptions. Development of new oil and gas fields/ expansion of old, fell off a cliff at the end of 2014 and has been below replacement levels since then, IEA has been warning of an upcoming shortfall in supply for quite some time.
Shale was supposed to be the new swing producer, however the current administration is hostile too it, and more importantly many investors had there fingers burnt with the sectors lack of discipline in times of 50 dollar oil, as well as the ESG thing.
It took roughly 4 years to drill out of the $ 90-110 dollar /barrel oil range last time with shale going full tilt.


Very good post, JL. Much agreement from me.

they’ve bottled shale, and so over a few years we’ve come back in the hands of OPEC. And opec’s incentives are well known. And they don’t tend to lead to cheap oil.

Agent 47

Yeh I’d say we’re close

Chinese Astroturfer

They really are shameless blaming the clots in that pocket rocket on the pill. I’ve never heard of so many people being brought down in their prime from clots coincidentally days after ‘rolling up their sleeve’.

Medical professionals have no integrity in this country. I mean just look at that Coming who took the injections so he could keep making mortgage repayments. No integrity, no principles.

Agent 47

The upside of this is that the institutions are being exposed publicly for what they are.

They’ll never recover. But we have to eat solid shit first.


Reminded of “If you don’t like my principals I have others…”

However, it does seem that lots are caving in, at least in Victoria. One of the most vocal nurses I know was for months making a big song and dance about leaving and retraining if they were forced to get vaccinated went yet went and did it. Was really surprised as they were loonier than John Adams and didn’t have a mega mortgage or anything like that.

Spoke to a GP earlier in the week – told me half his patients are anti-vaxxers wanting exemptions. He says no, they try with anther doc who also says GP, yet someone how they change their mind and are booked in a week later. Can’t make any sense of it, except that perhaps people want to participate in society again.

Went out to get some groceries this evening. Bad decision – traffic nuts, car park was unusually full, with road rage, yelling and screaming and masses around the Kmart – have no idea why this is so attractive to EZFKA units.


They did not “cave”. They saw others without adverse effects and thought hey maybe it will be OK. I know two sisters with a history of blood clots but had no problems after Pfizer vaccines. For some, it may tip them over to the vaccine camp, for others, the risk of catastropic injury remains too high. I was damaged by medical malpractice in my 20s. I have never trusted the medical establishment since.

She is one of my daughters friends, who just told me that Pfizer is suing her for posting it on socials.

Probs why NSW government is thinking of pushing it out to 95% double vaxed before we all get our freedoms back, Pfizer must have give DP a call


Hmm… a lawsuit would be a terrible look, unless she signed some kind of non disclosure agreement?


Fuckin retard central round here lol. How the fuck do you cunts get by in your normal lives when you believe the dumb shit you believe?


Welcome back to our resident neckbeard virgin. I knew you wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about us…


I stop in at least once a week to 1 star the shit articles. Been too busy to comment.

In all seriousness though – who fits the profile of a neckbeard more – me or 4chan-dwelling spam posting creatures like agent 47/Fly in your ointment/ Fake Reusa? lol seriously cunt.

Yeah man, totally called me on that virgin thing, ya got me, it burns so bad. That’s the best you’ve got? lol

P.S. Tell that haggard old cunt LSWCHP to stfu, cunt is an idiot.


It pleases me greatly to know that I’m still occupying space in your head.


I know. That’s the best part of it.😊 free accommodation, and meanwhile I don’t think of him from one month to the next.

Fuckin retard central round here lol. How the fuck do you cunts get by in your normal lives when you believe the dumb shit you believe?

Mate, I believe in you…


Fuck off cunt, your brain is cooked dude lol. Learn to spell and punctuate properly, I don’t give a fuck if Engrish is your second language, put some fucking effort in. Hard enough to follow the thread of your LSD induced brainfarts without having to decipher your fucked up bastardised Engrish.

Stick to movie recommendations, it’s all of value you can add.

LOL, that was funny



Last week, the Reserve Bank purchased $1 billion of April 2024 bonds in an unscheduled market operation to reinforce its 2024 forward guidance. But with the bank now owning 64 per cent of the line, further intervention looks more challenging.”

RBA seems to be losing control of its yield control policy, it’s not really practical for it to continue fighting the market.

Giddy up.


The RB-EZFKA will only do something when it benefits the elite. Given the new lending has been to FHBs and upgraders (ie non elite), I can’t see them coming to the rescue. If banking provisions skyrocket or funding costs skyrocket they will be there to rescue the banks that are owned by the elite.


They also need to get the government re-elected


Indeed. I am sure that middle income earners and aspirational home owners would be a demographic that would swing Liberal. Telling them to get a better job or lower their expectations might not go down so well.



Liberals or Labor, it is all the same. Just the elites are only slightly different.

she still don’t know why she lost but… she knows this
(courtesy of Craig Kelly)


Greg ######1 month ago

There will come a time when people who had their 10th booster shot will blame the people with 9th booster shot for the rise in cases”

YT comment on Zinc nutrition as we enter endemic phase

Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

0.7% increase of waxed in ICU in one single day in NSW.
Just yesterday it was 2.9%, today 3.6%

Please note that the data range is from the 16. June to obfuscate high numbers of current waxed in ICU.
Currenly only 80 persons in ICU which means jump is due to high numbers of waxed in ICU


Last edited 2 years ago by A fly in your ointment

my mistake, the sampling cycle is 2 weeks so 0.7% increase or nominal 75ish cases of waxed more than unwaxed within the period of 2 weeks as indicated,

Horsocope by Rux is not included, will it be next week?
It is available on YT already.

Good fun, she is interesting but at times I get lost as she pours a truckload of data on you before she gets on the point but it would be fair she got a few good guesses for me. I am interested only in good guesses and good news, I discard the rest, so no disappointment ever i guess… and I guess I used the word guess too many times.


The Catana Chetwynd comic collection is pretty wholesome, thanks for sharing that.


lol nsw already talking about backtracking on opening up for the unvaxxed. i am awaiting their call with bated breath, as this will be the impetus i need to finally getting a plan together to gtfo out of aus, forever.


Oh say it isn’t so. I was relying on that.

Reus's Large MEMBER

You and me both

A fly in your ointment

My doctor told me they begun talking Novavax behind the scene and that AsterixZenga is to be NLA.

Yeah Novavax to be available from December apparently

i have high hopes therefore I will get disappointed.


Ah, China…


Kimberley Chen sang her way into the hearts of millions of fans across Asia, but China’s censors want her kept quiet. The Chinese-Australian singer has been banned by Beijing, but she has no regrets about her new song, Fragile — or Glass Heart in Chinese — which has been accused of insulting China.

Her social media account on Weibo, where she has more than one million followers, has disappeared along with her albums on China’s music streaming platforms. It comes two weeks after her new song — a Mandarin pop music collaboration with Malaysian singer-songwriter Namewee — went viral in Chinese-speaking regions across Asia.

The controversial song, which includes lyrics about breaking a fragile heart, is believed to use symbolism and metaphors to not only criticise China’s nationalists, but also mock Chinese President Xi Jinping and his policies in Xinjiang, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


Things on my mind you might be able to make useful comment on:

  1. No vax no job – got me a bit worried in WA. I have enough savings to sit out 3-4 years if need be but would rather not. Hoping novavax gets their isht together before the mandate deadline, but nothing as yet. Lots of protests in Perth, will be attending some.
  2. Career politicians look for their cues from their peers – other career politicians, business bigwigs and MSM. They will continue to make lots of people angry with heavy handedness. Every time they do this they make a whole bunch of people switch to minor party 1st preferences. New unions are springing up to replace the Labor party supporting ones that dominate. Can’t be long before the laberals are forced into formal colition to keep out the deplorables. #putlaberallast
  3. Ethereum. You beauty!
  4. Rate hikes coming probably? Should I switch to fixed rate mortgage now?
  5. Too late to buy uranium and oil stocks? What about coal and gas?

For fixing your mortgage, it was cheapest several months ago. However, it depends on your rate forecasts compared with the banks.

There is probably some value to be had in energy stocks, but depends on your view of long term energy prices. The energy stocks still taking a beating are the ones that produce and retail. My view is that cheap oil is over and will remain elevated for a while. That is probably priced in anyway.

100% agree with your comments about career politicians and I guess I am a deplorable (grew up in the working class and not enough assets or wokeness to be elite).

My sinister view is no jab, no job is a ploy to engineer a skills shortage and then import more compliant workers into the country.

A fly in your ointment

in VIC no wax = serious misconduct = grounds for unceremonious dismissal and no termination notice or redundancy. I opens grounds for employer claiming losses incurred from some employees for loss of business. Lunacy.

in NSW not as clear, all employers sheet themselves. apparently all are within duty to allow use of *all* leave entitlements incl sicko before being sacked.

knowing all this, if no chance for redundancy and sacking is imminent, “resigning under duress” and stressing that duress still offers avenue for unfair dismissal but not an easy one. Good choice for those that want to move on anyway. Not the best for others (no good choices anyway). Being actually sacked may offer other better avenues with Fair Work Commission case (e.g. if employer does not follow the rules to the dot and crosses all T’s and dots all the I’s) but it is a game of poker faces and wielding phalli. Advice should be sought from professionals.Being on leave until Novavax becomes available may be the best option if novavax offers you informed consent. All this is subject to employer’s cooperation and it is a true test of one’s position in organisation. I heard someone in VIC took sicko until December and successfully evaded impending sacking. Must be kosher and halal in every way though (e.g. certificates and stat-dec’s are compulsory).

Which way will WA go is as good as anyone’s guess. They may surpass Dan ‘the Ceausescu’ Androos or may become less restrictive than NSW. Methinks the second is less likely but who knows.


Background research of Novavax Vaccine

👉 Manufactured by COVAX facility who is co-led by Gavi, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) and WHO.

👉 The Gavi COVAX AMC, which was launched in June this year, is also backed by billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates’

👉 Novavax Vaccine is using nanoparticle technology ( genetic sequencing), which contains the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

👉 Novavax is a protein based vaccine. BUT uses genetic sequencing coding. It is a gene therapy vaccine without the mRNA component.


This blokes not a fan of Novavax. Something to do with prions.

hold the line


#4 is an interesting topic. First I mean you are referring to mortgage rates? And yes they are coming eventually, the $1t question is when.

In general I’d suggest locking in a fixed rate now at least on half your mortgage makes a lot of sense. Rates are potentially at cyclical lows so you should be looking to take advantage of that. If you’re wrong at least you have 50% variable.

My personal take is as usual the RBA will look through the current bout of inflation and resist jacking up the cash rate for as long as possible. Like the other satirical piece written here, inflation only affects poor people and the RBA only cares about not crashing house prices now.

Most of the inflation we have is due to supply chain disruptions completely outside of the control of Australia, so I can’t see the RBA jacking up interest rates as actually fixing anything anyway. And if they increase the cash rate to say 1% by the end of 2023,

I think in summary a lot of the fretting economic commentators are just creating the usual song and dance sideshow


so I can’t see the RBA jacking up interest rates as actually fixing anything anyway. 

this is in stark contrast to when they were cutting rates. That definitely fixed things!


I think in summary a lot of the fretting economic commentators are just creating the usual song and dance sideshow

Too right! this is true.

the RBA only cares about not crashing house prices now.

Generally, yes, but as I’ve said elsewhere, my feels are that the RBA are currently least sensitive in living memory to a drop in prices. I reckon they could stomach 15-20% down.


Indeed to your comments – in particular dropping rates.

I do get the feeling that a controlled plateau or mini correction is about to be engineered, in order to claim that the the powers to be are ‘responsible’. Something like a sideways movement to perhaps a 5% drop. 20% sounds like a lot though – don’t need that much to virtue signal as 20% will start doing some damage to those that bought this year (i.e. all equity is evaporated).

Whether this is done via jawboning, a piss weak 0.15% increase to 0.25% cash rate (still absurdly low), or whatever – in order to say they are being ‘responsible’ – whilst waiting for the planeloads of immigrants to resume later next year for the next mega boom etc etc.

Part 1/3
Who Will Be Brave in Huxley’s New World?

Where does one start in discussing the famed fiction novel of Huxley? Although most agree that there is a definite brilliance to the piece, most are also confused as to what was Huxley’s intention in writing the extremely influential dystopic vision. Was it meant to be taken as an exhortation? An inevitable prophecy? Or rather…was it meant as an Open Conspiracy?

Part 2/3
The War on Science and the 20th Century Descent of Man      

…what exactly were Aldous’ views on such matters, did he in fact believe in the need for a scientific dictatorship? A scientific caste system? Was he actually warning the people that such a dystopia would occur if we did not correct our course or was it all part of a mass psychological conditioning for what was regarded as inevitable, and that Aldous’ role was rather to “soften the transition” as much as possible towards a “dictatorship without tears”?

Part 3 not published as yet


feel so bad for that poor cienna knowles girl who got the jab now she’s fucked, only 19, hot and super fit, had a great life ahead of her now it’s potentially ruined over this shit. doctors should be made to pay for what they have done.

Movies for this week:

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
It’s a feel good movie set in India, about rise from rags to riches based on own experience of it, probably designed to cause pretend and extend the dream that class movement is still possible and easy, hence oscars galore. One of those movies that is to be seen at least 2 times before forgotten.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
a hectic black comedy of ballistic outcomes and correlations… Downey in his prime, Michelle Maughnahan and the rest of the cast is perfect.

Walking Tall (1973)
Joe Don Baker, a lifelong supporting actor in A list movies and a rare Starring B-grade role which he made perfect.
A rerun was made with ‘The Rock’ but the story seems a bit forced and unnatural. Perhaps it requires a b-grade actor, who knows

Dial M for Murder (1954)
A movie revolving around the last Englishman to actually win something in tennis, betrayal, adulterating wife, blackmail, shady characters and Alfred Hitchcock.

In cheap trick movies:

Crank – High Voltage (2009)
As much as this is probably the best of the series, it is still no different from the comic strip from daily newspaper inlays running over several weeks – portrayed as a movie. It is actually quite reminiscent of some comics I read in my youth. Worth watching for what is supposedly the second best prime real estate Amy Smart has and some semi naked scenes. If taken as a pulp comic converted to a movie, it is well made. Otherwise, worthless

In TV series:
Life on Mars (2006-2007)

A nice concept to up-ease wicked woke and still have a tv series that can use toxic masculinity and a life depiction as it was just before cancel culture begun its wicked ways. A copper is ran over by a SUV and miraculously remains alive but in coma… only that in his mind he’s gone to toxic 1970’s and it seems as real as it can be. A variation on Quantum Leap and even the name is similar, but different enough to make it interesting. Short run, 2 seasons of 8 1hr episodes guarantees that the story will wrap up before we forgot the original premise. Remake galore, almost every filming television probably have made its own version. I pencilled in a Russki version “the Dark Side of the Moon” as a must see.

A fly in your ointment

I changed my name spelling and now all my posts disappear “waiting for approval”

perhaps someone has to click someplace?


Book club comment

I worked my way through Lifton’s “Best Evidence” about the death of JFK.

the positives are:

  • I knew nothing about jfk shooting, now I am familiar with the events and also the matters that have given rise to controversy over the years

the cons are:

  • it’s 50,000 pages
  • it should be 400 pages.
  • it’s bogged down by minutiae
  • the medical/anatomical minutiae are hard to follow
  • I wasn’t quite ready for the graphic description of the injuries and medical procedures… eg the blase way the author talks about a bullet hole in the dude’s throat; how his brain had to be held in so as not to flop out, steps for removing the brain in the course of an autopsy…
  • its 50,000 pages
  • its 50,000 pages
  • its not a short book

Looking forward to this week’s suggestion.


Peachy would you be remotely interested in my response to/review of Steven Fry’s Troy and David Malouf’s Ransom in reference to The Iliad?

I know 0.005% of the history/archaeology, but it is a fascinating/gripping story.

All three books are well worth reading, including the Iliad , but you just have to skip over the boring bits like the list of ships.

klarse holl

Give the Mahabharata a go. That’s one (hell of a) story that takes many pages to rev-up, but when it does, you’ll come out of it a different person when you finsih it.


Give the Mahabharata a go.

thats Not something that I’d heard of, but I’ll put it on the list.

klarse holl

OK, let me warn you that, the Peter Brooks movie interpretation of the text is about 6 to 7 hours long, and there is a lot he left out it. I’ll leave you with an enticing quote (NOT!),

Arjuna: Krshna, my illusions vanish one by one, now if I’m capable of contemplating it, show me your universal form.

Peter Brooks Mahabharata: Krishna talks to Prince Arjuna

I’ll warn you again, the book is hell to get through.

Last edited 2 years ago by klarse holl

Peachy would you be remotely interested in my response to/review of Steven Fry’s Troy and David Malouf’s Ransom in reference to The Iliad?

of course i’d be interested, but could you do something with no spoilers first, so I have a chance to read these 3?

by the way, this is a good opportunity to actually move the Illiad from the “to read” list to “read”. 👏👏👏



does anyone think this seems improbable?

the MP speaking out against Dan’s new dictatorial powers is conveniently busted for drunk driving and forced to retire

not that I doubt he was drunk driving

but probably only a few km from a nearby friends house

dan cronies know that he likes to hit the piss and reckon he’s still right to drive

they get a tip off from one of his “mates” and have the cops conveniently waiting on a suburban side street

very KGB , very much believable that Dan would do this



and yet ms Andrews was not breath tested when she hit a boy riding a bicycle (again, on the Mornington peninsula)

jesus he is creepy as fuck


Tim Smith incident is not dodgy, but this one is.


they get a tip off from one of his “mates” and have the cops conveniently waiting on a suburban side street 

the story says that he hit another car and a fence. So little wonder the po po got him.

…But perhaps the “collision with fence and with another vehicle” code for “while reversing out of mate’s driveway after dinner, he clipped the mailbox and the mate’s girlfriend’s Lexus”… who knows?!

very KGB , very much believable that Dan would do this

Regardless of whether, in this particular case, Smithy simply scraped the lady’s Lexus or had a horrific head-on with a Hino, i Have no doubt that Dan does have “secret police” type units monitoring persons of interest, and bureaucrats assembling kompromat on many of those who are politically threatening.


Unlikely that Andrews sees Tim Smith as any kind of threat. Even the strongest Dan haters I know think Smith is an idiot, and an overall net negative for the Vic state Liberals.

In his statement, Smith said “After dinner with friends I believed I was under the legal limit to drive home.”

Now if he was 0.131 when tested at the police station, it means he was likely much higher when he drove home. My guess he regularly drinks a lot, and has built up a high degree of alcohol tolerance so his body has adjusted to functioning at that level.


I drink a lot, and definitely if I was 0.131 I would know I am over the limit.


Agree, the Vic LNP needs to remove Smith and that would be seen as a big positive.


Nah, Tim Smith is just a tool. He just self destructed and Dan didn’t do anything.


Nah, Tim Smith is just a tool.

I’m guessing that the refrain about “useless private school boys” applies to Smithy in spades?


Absolutely, he would be Exhibit A. Unemployable other than being a party apparatchik.


are we talking about dr smithy here lol


Lol, both are equally abhorrent

Shae The Burmese

FDA has approved the addition of Tromethamine to the jab juice for children, in a (misguided) attempt of mitigating those pesky Pfizer-induced heart-attacks and heart-inflammations. Conventional use of Tromethamine is its administration via the bloodstream aka intravenously, however, in this instance it will be delivered as part of the vaccine intra-muscularly. Good times ahead folks!


Matey, you may want to put this in the latest weekend links, which are here: https://www.ezfka.com/2021/11/12/weekend-links-13-14-november-2021/