Study finds Australia’s totalitarian COVID response being prolonged by hysterical white women

A study has found that Australia’s ridiculous COVID response has been prolonged purely by hysterical white women reacting to COVID fear porn all day.

The study, commissioned by the Tired of This Shit Institute, found that white middle class women comprised most of the COVID dob-ins, public shaming of mask wearing and general social media pants-pissing.

“The data clearly shows that neurotic white women really are to blame for all this hysterical carry on and some of the worst supporters of the most draconian measures,” Dr Mark Ragonich said.

“There are an awful lot of males in this boat too, but we found that their oestrogen levels are on par with that of a normal female. Overall, it’s the usual entitled middle-class white women, working-from-home in their pyjamas telling everyone else to ‘just get fucking vaccinated’ after their third wine.”

The study also found that 85% of the audience for the daily press conference comprised of white females, with most of those being Labor and Greens voters from Melbourne and Sydney.

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Agent 47

Holy fuck this is accurate





High Neuroticism.
High Openness.
High Agreeableness.

I wonder what happens when we force feed these traits into our social narrative and decision making?

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Can confirm it’s true in my family


Oh, Mr PumpIt has come out to play in the comments?!



the protesters have fuckin shut down the freeway in melbourne lol, watch it live as its happening its unreal


Is that an important freeway?

also, I wonder how many arrests will be made & fines will be issued today.

Betcha it’ll be A LOT less than in days when the police had softer targets…


Yes, it is an important freeway. Freeway to the west, so has a lot of traffic.


Nice. Tomorrow they should do the one that goes East!


see for yaself peach, the roads are clogged

police arent doing shit, they’re nowhere to be seen

Agent 47

See my link from last night

the news poll shows basically equal support for lockdowns amongst men and women
and amongst old and young

it’s an issue of psychotic vs non psychotic to be honest, not a gendered one


Probably far more a employment type thing than aything else. the tradies were fine with it when it applied to other people…

Anyone now working at home on full pay is probably AOK with lockdowns as well.

Dan Andrews Social Media Team Member #33

This is fake news. Check #PRguy on Twitter to see the real state of affairs.


PRGuy is part of your social media team.


TOTSI should be incorporated and take on charity status for donations and progress into the religion space…..$$$$ for nothing


Will you take the position of inaugural/founding head pastor?