John Setka to enter witness protection program after selling out CFMEU members

CFMEU President John Setka has entered the witness protection program after running from angry CFMEU members protesting the no jab, no work mandate.

Setka was taken to an undisclosed location in EZFKA this evening by Victoria Police, after CFMEU headquarters was wrecked by angry protestors.

“Mr Setka was taken to a secure location and will remain there for his safety and the safety of the Victorian Labor Party,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

“Unfortunately, the bikies protecting Mr Setka were unable to provide adequate protection and I have instructed Victoria Police to oblige their requests.”

Mr Setka is believed to be recovering and finding his balls.

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Weird that NSW also made vaccines mandatory for construction workers in August, yet no protests or rallies by tradies then over there.


Here in NSW they just ignored the rules. Notice the protests started in vic after Dan complains about too much non compliance and starts a 2 week shutdown


Retards writing retarded satire about retarded actions of retards. EZFKA has hit peak stupid.


It’s ok you fat fuck. There’s too much walking involved for you to ever protest. Keep fondling your pin dick while coming back posting here to get your jollies.



Chinese Astroturfer

Most tradies are entitled scum that extort working people.

Fuck em.

These brutes will bend over and take it from their bosses and the union. Give them two weeks to wimp out.


Well, so far they’ve gone on with their protests two days in a row. Which is a better record than anyone else.

Seems like they’re the best chance of getting Dan to climb down from his bullshit platform.

and if they do, it’d seem to be bad form to complain that the knight in shining armour has an incorrect horse, is the wrong colour or smells bad….

You Know

Good work. Keep it up. Don’t give an inch to those tyrants and traitors. Do Not Comply. Do Not Kneel. They only have any power because YOU give it to them.
Stop Giving Them Power. Exercise Your Own. Bring Them To Their Knees.