Shane Patton gives bravery award to Victoria Police officer for pepper spraying grandmother

A Victoria Police officer is in line for a bravery award, after Commissioner Shane Patton recognised him for pepper spraying a prone grandmother on the weekend.

First Constable Mark Jenkins will receive the highest honour available to Victoria Police officers, after knocking down and pepper spraying a grandmother at anti-lockdown protests during the weekend.

“This man’s heroic efforts against the elderly will not be forgotten,” Patton said.

“Pepper spraying a prone grandmother after knocking her to the ground is an amazing act of courage and should not go unrewarded.”

The award will be given at a ceremony later this month.

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Wasn’t it proven that this wasn’t the officer ?

he actually wasn’t working that day or something


Apparently Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have issued a joint statement apologising for the mistreatment of this woman, after it was conclusively established that she is a property investor.


You are writing satire now?


Serve and protect


Ya know, that pic isn’t the best optics, eh.

And I support pepper spraying boomers on principal.


Anyway, what’s the chance our dog-kicking friend has a first initial of “M”?


“ya! it was the only language he understood!”

Keith Courte

The grub in the black uniform must consider himself a hero for this attack on a Granny. He should be dismissed and charged with serious assault. If the Commissioner does not do it he belongs on the same Tree. If they did not have the other grubs who hide them they would run a mile from such as the Granny. I believe the Commissioner said they do not come to work to be assaulted. The people do not come and expect to be /capsicum sprayed after being thrown to the ground.