Australia: from rugged individualism to a nation of compliant cowards

We’re all witnessing and experiencing Australia being ground zero for Bolshevik Russia 2.0 and seeing the shock come in from around the world. A lot of this commentary has ranged from genuine insightfulness, to mediocre outrage from commentators that don’t address the real issues beyond harvesting easy likes from their social media following.

The behaviour of the National Cabinet and Public Health authoritarians continues to descend into an unhinged, farcical tyranny with a throng of presstitutes cheering the communism via medical tyranny on.

However, the public compliance with this nonsense is by far the more concerning, and indeed, embarrassing.

For instance, ask most people quietly why they got the jab and they will, for the most part, tell you it was ‘so they could go travelling’ or to ‘get their freedoms back.’ The former is purely selfish and the latter is breathtakingly naïve and historically ignorant. Both are nothing to do with health and when you realise this, you begin to understand the mess the country is really in.

From where I sit, if you made the choice to go ahead and get the jab, then that’s purely your decision and should be a matter of medical privacy – as it should be and I don’t care if you got it or not. In my experience, there’s a million questions still unresolved about the vaccines and I look forward to being an outcast in a society that pays lip service to equality and non-discrimination, should it get to the issuance of yellow stars for 30% of the populace that turn refuseniks and don’t show their papers.

So, in the words of V, how did Australia get here and who is to blame? And how did we go from the knockabout larrikin that distrusts authority, to a nation of compliant bootlickers snitching on their neighbours for not wearing cloth on their face?

Well, there are plenty of people to blame, most notably those looking in the mirror. But instead of pointing fingers, many don’t understand the basic process of the 50-year journey that has sunk the country to such an extent, that people like Kerry Chant and Annastacia Palaszczuk are allowed to flourish.

The old saying that ‘it’s harder to convince someone they’ve been fooled’ also applies here. There is a large contingent of the population that believe that everyone is as nice, caring and altruistic as they are. There is also a large contingent whose egos are so fragile, they don’t want to accept the possibility they may have been conned and coerced into doing some things they would not normally have supported, at the hands of some really nasty people.

This is not surprising when people have been so inundated with constant fear porn and threats about their own supposed mortality, that they are folding quicker than a Women’s Weekly. This is also an unfortunate insight into the moral courage of most modern Australians, ie they have none and a certain percentage of the population enjoys being subjugated and subjugating others out of fear.

Complying your way out of tyranny has never worked, so it’s always a great question to ask those same compliant people why the North Koreans aren’t the freest nation on earth? Blank stares usually follow.

In my view, Australia’s problems started back in the 1970’s with the Whitlam era. The signing of the Lima Declaration was a death sentence for our local manufacturing, technology sector and power generation capacity. We have 1.5 oil refineries, a power grid largely relying on unreliable renewables and almost no ability to produce large scale electronic or heavy industrial goods. We sent all that to a communist state that now hates us and could bring us to our knees with one PLAN blockade of oil tankers in the Straits of Malacca. We’re petrified of nuclear energy, despite being one of the best locations for it while at the same time selling uranium to India without batting an eye, because moral cowardice is virtuous.

On top of that, throw in decades of mass immigration and multiculturalism which has led to the glaringly obvious societal non-cohesion and division that has, until recently, been largely gatekept out of public debate by a compliant media.

Furthermore, we now own a culture that is anti-entrepreneurship, anti-small business, anti-technology and anti-risk of essentially any kind. Want to frighten an Australian? Say risk or responsibility out loud.

In my opinion, many Australians have never generally understood the concept of risk or trade-offs, which is how their obsession with ‘public safety’ has led them to their current predicament. ‘If it only saves one life’ is a tired, old Australian maxim that deliberately omits the realistic addendum of ‘I don’t care what it costs.’ You’re seeing that now in real time with the public health bureaucracy – Australians have no idea how to manage risk.

This has all been expedited after we traded most of our better firearms in, because the public were told (but were also the subject of numerous threats and coercion) they naively wanted a ‘safer society’. All we got in return is the concentration of the monopoly on force into the hands of the same increasingly hostile group of elites, whose true colours are coming to the fore right in front of your eyes. The behaviour of the Police the last 18 months, as well as some of the most draconian national security legislation ever being passed recently, is just a preview. This has been the same story of public disarmament for centuries and was the intention of the pre-written National Firearms Agreement, that was just waiting for the right moment of introduction.

Thanks, Comrade Howard.

Essentially, Australia traded in a society that prized rugged individualism, freedom and risk-taking for the totalitarian nightmare unfolding in front of us. It has honestly been this way for some time, it’s just that you’re only now being forced to finally confront it. We’re now at the last stop and it’s almost time to exit the box cars at Wellcamp and Mickleham, literally.

However, despite the historical prison colony comparisons and cultural observations there is another factor that is not being touched on at all by many mainstream commentators.


Australians are the 2nd largest owners of personal debt in the world, most of it tied up in mortgages. This has been the result of a multi-decade, bipartisan effort which has relied on cheap money, high immigration, zoning laws, land banking, supply constraints and constant lobbying from the property industry at the expense of everyone else – it is the essence of EZFKA.

When the dominant cultural paradigm for the last 50 years, particularly the last 20, has essentially been to get yourself in debt with cheap money for a piece of shelter and watch it constantly go up in value while doing literally nothing in the way of value-adding, is it any wonder most people aren’t doing anything tangible a la the French about the state of the country? No, because like most things in EZFKA, they want someone else to wear the risk while reaping all the benefits.

Hence why the current and former governments have thrown all in behind keeping house prices high at the expense of everything else. Keep the plebs in the chains of debt and with a large enough margin of comfort to order their Uber Eats while watching Netflix and gambling on sportsball, and they won’t be frog marching you to the wall like most ruling class elites in history that have pursued this path. Which is why Scott Morrison and Anthony Albanese are going all in to protect property prices, until the next election and certainly beyond.

It also explains the tolerance for Mark McGowan’s China-lite policies in WA, due to a high iron ore price (that is currently dropping but we’ll see what happens there) because it underwrites the East Coast property ponzi scheme. It’s all kabuki theatre, which is why the S.92 High Court challenge threat went nowhere and, in my view, is sincerely needed.

In summary, Australia is now facing the wall due to debt, disarmament and division.

All of this doom and gloom aside, there are a lot of people who are actively trying to do something about the current state of play and more people are coming off of the bench as it directly impacts them, which is human nature essentially. Will it be too late? Who knows and I don’t believe in the fallacious view of inevitability, but we’re clearly in extra time.

As for the federal election in 2022, I remain sceptical. While I hope parties like the Liberal Democrats, UAP and One Nation as well as independents can expand their presence at the expense of the majors, I doubt much will change politically when a large number of our problems stem from the RBA’s monetary insanity and the AFR Top 20 rich list and the over-represented, non-productive industrial sectors (ie housing and retail) that make up most of it.

If Scomo drags it out until May 2022, which he likely will to protect house prices because that’s his only line of defence, then expect a whole world of pain before then.

Where we go from here is an open book, but I just hope we don’t have to read the same ending yet again.

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Agent 47

Great read.

Debt and comfort has been the downfall of the EZFKA.


Precisely and it is why we are risk adverse. Housing prices seem like a risk free one way bet, so why would anyone create a small business unless it receives government money.


The individualism koolaid. Read about the Fourth Turning and understand that you have got it arse about.

Agent 47

You got the jab so you could travel, didn’t you.


It seems you were hoping to be in a Libertarian echo chamber.

How about addressing the topic. Post-WW2 we entered a period of Social Democracy and we had the following Social Contracts:

  • guaranteed jobs with wages high enough to afford a house and raise a family
  • free education
  • free healthcare
  • frequent release of land to keep houses prices linked to wages
  • retirement pension high enough to actually be able to retire

These are the Social Contracts that Boomers thrived off. Repeat after me Social, not Individual.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy

Great read.

Is it true Kerry Chant actually referred to life under the New World Order in one of the press conferences?

Agent 47

She certainly did. Add on top of that Gladys threatening businesses for serving unvaccinated.

The threats are coming at an amazing rate. The longer this goes on the more unhinged they become.

Chinese Astroturfer

Ugliness is linked to low moral worth and psychological issues.

True story.

The two ugly stepsisters Gladys and ChUNT are exhibit A.


It happened.

Wonder if this will trigger more protests in the days to come.

Compliant Coward

So, people who would prefer to avoid a serious but preventable disease, and not be responsible for passing on said disease to their vulnerable parents, are “compliant cowards”? Oh, I see.


The vaccine stops you getting very sick. Doesn’t stop you getting infected or passing it on.

Chinese Astroturfer

People vaccinated with their leaky vaccine with 40-60% efficacy and requiring an injection every 4 months to maintain their vaccinated status, are as infectious as unvaccinated people.

Vaccinated people will be the ones in restaurants and bars spreading their disease and filth come mid October, not unvaccinated people.

Agent 47

Yep you’re a pussy who submitted. Enjoy your booster submission, economic unit.


The ones complaining loudly that everyone else should as well definitely are. And they are many.


Lord Elgin 8th
September 9, 2021 at 10:35 am
25% of the country is 19 and under – 6 Million people without vaccination ( I know it will be less).

Lets say they all get covid – that would be 120,000 children in hospital.

42.6% of Children will get a long term debilitating effect from covid….. ranging from extreme lethargy to chronic heart, lung, kidney (etc) conditions.

UK has just set up a $70 Billion annual tax to deal with long covid and the destruction it will have on the health system from not being able to deliver standard (non -covid) health care.

Its a monumental crisis that the media is failing to address.


Absolutely demented

what fucking planet does this bloke come from

this is worse misinformation than the 5G bill gates microchip conspiracy theorists


That is quite funny. I might get this bloke to do my tax return.


“Lets say they all get covid “…????
why say that? because its endemic might be an answer.
but over what timeframe? coz it won’t happen to all simultaneously

Lets say they do not all get covid and can the bullshit


I am not subject to coercion.

Just saying.


September 9, 2021 at 9:13 am
Since ScoMo won’t give Victoria more Pfizer, the only way out for Victoria is to forcibly inject AstraZeneca into anyone caught violating the health directive.

the embee cucks are absolutely losing their fucking minds over there

reckon they might just pass around some sacred kool aid on October 17 so they can be part of the rapture

this ronin bloke has it the absolute worst

Agent 47

Himself and swampy and that Arthur Schopenhauer tosser.


Top essay!

Our rugged character that was born in the coast to coast ‘outback’ died a long time ago yet the mythical perception still persists thanks to all our visitors (and selves) who ‘wish’ it to be so. We drink too much, insert the F bomb in everyday discourse and wear blue singlets and Blundies like characters in an endless stage play. In reality, we’re soft and timid ‘city folk’ who possess a peculiar acquiescent devotion to any authority that traces back to our colonial days. And that’s why we are the ‘test case’ for those hoping to re-feudalize the world’s democracies. If we can be brought in line, the others will surely follow.


Great scree Timbo.

The propaganda to take the vaccine is immense – how do we know it is propaganda? Because there is ZERO balance in the media.

There is no discussion around the long term health implications of these new vaccines. There is no discussion around the fact that these vaccines have near zero impact on the intensity of the virus in young people, and that complications from the vaccine are is the same range as the probability of serious outcomes from getting COVID for those age groups. Finally there is no discussion around alternative possibilities to the vaccine, like say Ivermectin, is completely discounted and not only that but smeared as ‘horse dewormer’ when the fact is its a human approved medicine that the discovers of received a Nobel prize for.

The only positive thing to come out of this debacle, is that it has reinforced my belief that the media serves no function other than to drive hysteria and corral the public into following a narrative chosen by our elites.

Last edited 2 years ago by Stewie

Stewie, did you read the discussion Israel stats in the weekend links where some posters were buying in the numberwang that Israel stats “proved” vaccines didn’t work at all? The propaganda works both ways.

A few years ago I had an interesting discussion with a world-renowned genetic scientist. This person specialised in cancer genetics and noticed a lot of “science” articles on the topic had dodgy statistics, and upon further investigation noted that the articles were referencing each other with none having a link to a peer reviewed study. She then started a major project using AI to track all these articles and report them as falsified studies. I asked whether it was possible that a vested interest could pay for an “independent” study with a predetermined outcome, and then pay peers to “review” it. Of course it was a rhetorical question with an answer of yes. I wish I could have taken a photo of the scientist’s realisation that we can’t really trust any information.


Seems to be that way for most science. After following a bit of the climate science for a while, I quickly came to the realisation that vested interests and their pseudoscience will always win. So much time and energy is expended on what should supply electricity and nothing on reducing demand. If we didn’t have mass immigration, then the La Trobe Valley will not need to burn lignite anymore.

This pseudoscience has been particularly prevalent in the Covid pandemic. Apparently it was unsafe to have my kids sliding down a playground slide, but perfectly safe for some tradies to renovate my kitchen. I had an argument with a ginger EmBee idiot about this who then called me a Liberal troll. Given all the construction exposure sites, I guess they need to make some new pseudoscience.


. I asked whether it was possible that a vested interest could pay for an “independent” study 

Most studies are paid for by parties with a vested interest. That is the reality. Why would you fund it otherwise? Beyond faking data merely framing the topic of the study a certain way can change the perception of the outcome, or the old chestnut no definitive results observed, further study needed to fish for more funding rather than a conlusion that goes against the vested interest that will dry it up.

Reus's Large MEMBER

I think that the most famous one was one about fat, where the sugar industry in the US paid for a study to show that fat was bad, so there was a big push for high sugar low fat foods, as it turns out it is sugar that is bad for you and not fat but it took 40 years for that to come to light.

The big problem with anything today, is that you have to follow the money to see who is going to benefit before you can believe anything that you read.

Case in point is Ivermectin, whuflu treatment aside, why the “horse paste” etc. carry on about a drug that is massively successful in treating many other ailments and has received a Nobel prize, it is when you realise that the drug company does not make any money out of it and therefore neither can the competitors that you understand the reasons.

Note that Pfizer is releasing “Pfizermectin” and antibacterial / antiviral treatment that can be used against whuflu, which I am sure will be the panacea that everyone was waiting for and will cost a bomb, but will be the same as Ivermectin in reality.


I recommend reading about Leaded Petrol. The scientist who determined the age of the earth using Lead-Uranium dating had anomalies in his test results, and eventually realised it was caused by air contaminated with lead. He had indisputable scientific proof that leaded petrol was causing dangerous levels of lead contamination. Yet the oil companies paid off scientists to fabricate contradictory evidence and delay the banning of leaded petrol by many decades.

Last edited 2 years ago by Freddy
Reus's Large MEMBER

Yes I had read about it, as always it is about the money.


which I am sure will be the panacea that everyone was waiting for and will cost a bomb, but will be the same as Ivermectin in reality.

In reality it will quite probably be less effective. For a new drug to be approved for use it has to be better than placebo, not pre existing treatments.
The industry has a long history of discovering new wonder drugs when the patent is about to expire on an existing one, and often they don’t actually work as well as what they replace.
The industry also has a disincentive to fund trials of anything out of patent for any uses at all.


did you read the discussion Israel stats in the weekend links where some posters were buying in the numberwang that Israel stats “proved” vaccines didn’t work at all?

No I didn’t see those comments – I think it is obvious that the vaccine works in respect of minimising harm in terms of at risk individuals. That isn’t anything I dispute.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head though, “vested interests” and that is what it is really about. There are vested interests on both sides of the argument in terms of vaccination or the use of other prophylaxes treatments, like say Ivermectin, which the msm does a good job of totally ignoring which one my points.

The other is, when you look at the vested interests – where does the current choice skew towards? Who benefits most? Those pushing vaccines and the billions in revenue that they will generate or…. those pushing prophylaxes treatments like Ivermectin – whose patent expired in 1996?

The way the discussion is framed in the media only serves to reinforce my maxim of “Assume every mainstream media narrative is false, until it is possible to be independently verified”.

PS: Just because I mention Invermectin doesn’t mean I necessarily believe the properties that it supposedly posses are real or exist, just that the possibility of it having some effaciency is being universally discounted by those who control our social narrative.

PPS: Interesting that Google, which is usually very good at searching for the correct word when you might have miss-spelt it, suddenly cannot find an alternative spelling for “Invermiercin” Duck Duck Go can…. search engines are without a doubt also being used to shape our narrative.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Aha, as a good example of this google, white couples, click on images and see how many white couples vs mixed race couples, then do the same with black couples and note the difference.

For those that are too lazy to do this, white couples = 3 white couples and the rest mixed, black couples = only black couples and no or possibly one mixed, because to return white only couples is racist somehow if that is what you search for.


Yup – they’ve been gaslighting the public for years. Nowadays if I am trying to search for any information on any slightly controversial subject I to use one of the alternative search engines to Joogle.

Chinese Astroturfer

It’s a bad joke that Pfizer ever had something like 97% efficacy.


It was pure lies and marketing – hopefully someone will go to jail for it, but I doubt it.

These lies, once entered into and amplified by the mainstream media narrative become gospel…. just like so many other supposed historical events.


I mentioned the lack of media balance about the Vax at MB, and that drsmithy idiot fired back with “there’s lot of anti-vax stuff on MB and in the United Australia party”. FFS.


The professor has always been ground zero for the MB midwit brigade – Swampy, Slurpy and Sucky all follow his lead.


In all fairness smithy is a straight up idiot so what would you expect…


*moralising straight up idiot


“The signing of the Lima Declaration was a death sentence for our local manufacturing…”
you betcha


And how did we go from the knockabout larrikin that distrusts authority, to a nation of compliant bootlickers snitching on their neighbours for not wearing cloth on their face?

I think the distrust of authority is myth, much like the US claim of equal opportunity for all in their egalitarian society. A close examination shows it really aint so.
Every time we’ve been called by foreign powers for faraway wars we have simply asked how high and sent the troops.


In an interesting development the daily NSW propaganda show to be ended.
Just before the stats start going really bad, or after they have achieved their vax targets? Probably both.

Agent 47

Or before Chant goes even further off script and starts saying more of the quiet part out loud.

Reus's Large MEMBER

Yeah the “New World Order” slip-up was quite telling, me-thinks that we are going to be seeing the last of her, as for health hazard it would never be too soon for him to go.


Great read!